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Jun 1, 2019 - w/Pastor Laura. 1:30p Rosary w/Barb. 6:30p PAWS Pet. Visits. 10:30a Thursday. Twists & Turns. 1:30p Seminarians. 3:15p Rod - Massage.

Omaha Blondo June

SUMMER ADVENTURES We were blessed to enjoy a beautiful, relaxed May. It is always nice to see the new flowers, and watch our birds return after a long winter. If you're in the area- stop out & join us for a lemonade!

June in Omaha means that it's time for BASEBALL!! Omaha has been the host of the College World Series for over 50 years. We will root for our favorite teams & enjoy all the games in our Living Room.

We had a fun Ladies Tea & Tributes to celebrate Mother's Day! Please enjoy some of the photos of our fun day!!

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It was a LONG wintertime to go OUTSIDE!! We enjoy colorful flowers, socializing, and bird watching. Also- if you have kids visiting, we have outdoor games for all to enjoy (horseshoes, ladder ball, croquet, etc.) Please see any staff if the kids are wanting to enjoy these activities while visiting.

In the Good Old Summertime! Summertime is here! It's nice to be able to smell the flowers, soak up the sun rays, and enjoy some cool lemonade and ice tea! One of our favorite summer events is to have an evening of music & fun! Please join us and plan on having a great time! *****IMPORTANT***** Please stop by and update your loved ones Medicare card and information. If easier- you can fax info: 402-445-2412. THANKS!!

JUNE EVENING EVENTS: Fri. - 6/14 - 6:00 Dennell's Patriotic Sing-A-Long Thurs. - 6/20 - 6:00 Cathie FifeHumorist Fun!! Thurs. - 6/27 - 6:00 Pam Kragt- musical entertainer We hope that you're able to join us! If you have questions about any activities, please contact Cindy at 402-4910400.

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JUNE BIRTHDAYS: Maxine Goetsch - 6/1 Helen Bojanski - 6/7 Claire Barnett - 6/20 Dot Sandhoefner - 6/26 Carol Haney - 6/30 Our Facebook Address is: Many thanks of appreciation to our wonderful nursing & care staff! Every June National Nursing Assistants Week is recognized. We are so blessed to have the BEST and most dedicated staff in town!




10:30a Exercises 11:15a Catholic Services 1:15p Manicures/Eye Glass Cleanings 4p Church with Pastor Mark 30 10:30a Summer Stretch 11a Memory Game 2p Fontenelle Forest 5:45p Bickford Walking Club 3

10:30a Powercise 11a Tuesday Trivia 1:30p Christine Coulson - Music 6:15p Bingo

10:30a Exercises 11:15a Catholic Services 1:15p Manicures 3p Alex - Piano 4p Church with Pastor Mark

10:30a Soccer Kicks 11a Weekly Update 2p All Saints Communion Service 5:45p Bickford Walking Club

10:30a Chair Yoga 11a June Wedding Thoughts 2p Resident Council 6:15p Bingo



10:30a Hump Day Exercises 10:45a Visits w/Pastor Laura 1:30p Rosary w/Barb 2:15p Lemonade Laughs 5

Western Day 10:30a Rodeo Fun 11a Horse Tails 2p Lonnie Harmonica Tunes 6p Horseshoes

10:30a Senior Bootcamp 10:45a Visits w/Pastor Laura 1:30p Rosary w/Barb 6p Stephen- Guitar

10:30a Outdoor Exercise 11a Coffee Club 2p Spelling Bee 6p Music CD



Father's Day 10:30a Exercises 11:15a Catholic Services 2:00p Dad's Day Tributes & Drinks 4p Pastor Mark 16

10:30a Sittercise 11a Brain Freeze 2p Manicure Monday 5:45p Bickford Walking Club

10:30a Endurance & Flexibility 11a Garden Viewing 2p Douglas County Presentation 6:15p Bingo




10:30a Exercises 11:15a Catholic Services 1:15p Manicures/Eye Glass Cleanings 4p Church with Pastor Mark 23

10:30a Monday Moves 11a Daily News 2:30p June B-Day Party 5:45p Bickford Walking Club


10:30a Wednesday Walk 10:45a Visits w/Pastor Laura 1:30p Rosary w/Barb 6:30p PAWS Pet Visits 26

File: Bickford_PDF_order_56598_20190513_1751.pdf Date: 05/13/2019


11a Reflections 1p Seminarians Welcome!! 2p Bingo 6p CWS Final

12 10:30a Wake Up Wednesday! 10:45a Pastor Laura 1:30p Rosary w/Barb 2p Joe Taylor Entertainer

10:30a June Moves 11a June Birthstones 2p Chris - Piano 6p Lawrence Welk



10:30a Exercises 11:15a Catholic Services 2p River City Shakers - Dancers 4p Pastor Mark Church Service 2







10:30a Exercise Video 11a Parachute Fun 2p National Donut Day! Yummy!! 6p Dean Martin B-Day Video 7

10:30a Saturday Stretch 11a Water Flowers 2p Courtyard Swing Music Social 6p Lawrence Welk


Flag Day 10a Joslyn School 11a Pledge of Allegiance 2p Patriotic Movie 6p Dennell's Patriotic Music 14

10:30a Courtyard Exercises 11a US Golf Trivia 1p Men's Club CWS Baseball Game 6p Lawrence Welk

10:30a Exercise Video 11a Riddle Me This 2p RUNZA Outing 6p Wheel of Fortune

10:30a Baseball Exercises! 11a Rosenblatt Memories 2p Croquet Challenge 6p Lawrence Welk

10:30a Group Stretch 11a Name 10 Game 2p Summer Crafts 6:15p Cathie Fife Humorist


20 10:30a Thursday Twists & Turns 1:30p Seminarians 3:15p Rod - Massage Therapist 6p Pam Kragt 27 Music

10:30a Friday Fit 11a Jokes & One Liners! 2p Chair Dancing 6p Sing-A-Long




22 10:30a Balance Class 11a Saturday Sillies 2p Board Games 6p Lawrence Welk


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