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May 29, 2019 - John 17:20-26. Focus: Holy disrup on. Elder Loaf: ..... Cherilyn & John Dodson great-grandparents celebra ng the May 21 birth of Rachel Suzen ...

First Christian Church Fort Worth, Texas Embracing ALL by loving, serving, and growing disciples downtown

Volume 27, Issue 21, May 29, 2019 May 26, 2019 Worship Sunday School Needed to meet budget Offering received Difference

92 8 $5,321

The love of God extended through our members: Priceless.


Edu-Worship Elders Mtg. (1st Sunday of mo.)

9:30 am 10:50 am 4:00 pm

Sunday School Worship Prayer Shawl Ministry

Monday: Bell Choir - 6:30 pm Wednesday: Chancel Choir - 7:00 pm ________________________________

June 1: Men's Breakfast June 2: DWM Luncheon June 9: Pentecost Blood Drive June 10-13: FCC Family Camp (6-8:00 pm) June 23: Birthday Lunch June 30: Intergenera8onal Worship Cleaning for Quarters

June 2, 2019

Saturday, June 1st @ 8:30 am All men are welcome to join us for food and fellowship. Special guests - Christy Drechsel & family

DWM/DISCIPLES WOMEN’S MINISTRIES Summer Covered Dish Luncheon Sunday, June 2, 2019 A/er Worship in Anderson Hall Hostesses: Execu2ve Board All Women of the Congregation are Cordially Invited to Attend Our program will be the installa8on of officers for 2019-20, lunch and friendly fellowship as we recognize the ladies who have provided leadership for the past year and install and welcome the new leaders for 2019-20. The 8tle of the installa8on service is ECHOS, WHISPERS, and SHOUTS. Aendees are invited to bring an item from home that was passed down from someone and has special meaning as a result.

Summer Service Project - The Ebby House at Julie8e Fowler Communi2es The Ebby House is a residen8al home for young women who have aged out of foster care. It houses up to 16 young women for 12-24 months. The Ebby House provides housing, healthcare, educa8on, career guidance and job training. The JulieBe Fowler Communi8es in Dallas are supported by the Disciples of Christ. We will be collec8ng monetary dona8ons at our Summer General Luncheon.

Pentecost is Sunday, June 9. It is celebrated 50 days aDer Easter Sunday. Pentecost is considered to be the birthday of the Chris8an Church. We will celebrate Pentecost at FCC in some significant and fun ways, including a birthday party! You will want to make sure you are present to par8cipate in the celebra8on!

Scriptures: Acts 16:16-34 Psalm 97 Revela8on 22:12-21 John 17:20-26

Sunday, June 9, 2019 Anderson Hall, 8:30am - 1:00 pm

Focus: Holy disrup8on Elder Loaf: Marsha Stallard Elder Cup: Charles Everly

Blood Drive

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Tom’s Turn - Let There Be Lights I only caught the last minute or so of a report this morning on Na8onal Public Radio. What I heard was astounding. It was the voice of a Navaho woman. She said, “It’s so great to finally have lights aDer all these years.” I checked my calendar. It was s8ll 2019. I had not fallen back a century in some 8me warp. I listened intently. The story was not of a person quo8ng her great-great grandparents. No, it was about today. Just now. 2019. In the United States of America. I did not hear enough of the story to know how this family had goBen a connec8on to the power grid – just that it had only happened in 2019. In the Navaho na8on (or rather, the barren land which we “generously” reserved for them because nobody else wanted it, and someone that looked like you and me wanted the land on which they used to live!) most families do not live in clusters of homes, but rather at some distance from their nearest neighbors. That makes electrifica8on not only difficult but very expensive, about $40,000 to get power to one house, the report said. And virtually no one has a job, not because they’re indolent but because there are no jobs to be had. And this is not a feature of the recent Great Recession, or even the 1930s Great Depression. It’s the way it’s always been. These folks hadn’t just had their power shut off because somebody some8me long ago didn’t pay their bill. They had never had it! In the greatest, richest, and most generous na8on the world has ever known, they could not turn on an electric light bulb. We live in heady 8mes, when, despite our growing dis-ease with each other, most of us that go to First Chris8an Church or read this ar8cle are geRng our air condi8oners checked to make sure they won’t break down through the coming long, hot summer. We complain some and fret about how much of its savings the church will need to use this fiscal year. But the reality that is being obfuscated by all our aBen8on to shiny objects like inves8ga8ons into high crimes, and inves8ga8ons of the inves8gators, and The Wall, and a litany of other things we’re right to be worried about – the reality that gets masked by all of these other worrisome things – is the massively expanding gap in income between the richest one percent and the rest of us. That your average CEO made 20 8mes what the typical worker made when I was in fiDh grade, but that same average CEO today makes over 270 8mes the typical worker is going in the wrong direc8on. It is at best embarrassing and at worst immoral in a land that has always branded itself as a, no The, Land of Opportunity. But it also keeps us from no8cing things – things like the fact that the very, very, very poor are being ground up and totally leD behind. Jesus said, “Let those who have ears hear!” Fannie Lou Hamer, one of the women who led the Civil Rights movement, once said, “Chris8anity is being concerned about your fellow man, not building a million-dollar church while people are starving right around the corner. Christ was a revolu8onary person, out there where it was happening.” I’m glad NPR reported about that Navaho family that just now got power to their home. I wonder about their neighbors on the next mesa! We’ll see you and that guest you’re bringing on Sunday. Remember to share a ride, to wash your hands oDen, and to find a way to share God’s love even if only with a smile. Remember also that, for over a hundred years now, we’ve been “The Church with A Hearty Welcome for Everybody, Every8me!” To prepare for worship Sunday read Acts 16.16-34. Peace, Tom

To Spur Your Thought, Your Prayer, Your Action: “According to the Talmud, every blade of grass has its own angel bending over it, whispering, ‘Grow, grow.’” -- Barbara Brown Taylor

Bible Quiz for the Week of May 27: (Let’s do a liBle “Who’s from where?” this week.) 1. Jesus was born in Bethlehem but was known as being from ________. a. Jerusalem b. Tiberias c. Nazareth d. Caesarea e. Egypt 2. Moses was from ________. a. Canaan b. Cairo c. Megiddo d. Egypt e. Alexandria 3. The city in which Abram (Abraham) lived before he leD at God’s urging was _____. a. Jerusalem b. Ur c. Babylon d. Damascus e. Chaldea 4. Where was King David from? a. Bethlehem b. Jericho c. Jebus d. Qumran e. none of these 5. The harlot Rahab, a distant ancestor of Jesus, lived in and assisted in the conquest of ___. a. Jerusalem b. Capernaeum c. An8och d. Haran e. Jericho Answers: The answers can be found elsewhere in this newsleer. Remember, these are intended to get more difficult as you move from #1 to #5.

Christy's Comics - It's Just a Phase… Don't Miss It For the second year in a row, Avery and I started off our summer on holy ground… beBer known as Disciples Crossing. This summer we introduced Daddy to the amazingness of Family Camp. Again, our 8me in Athens did not disappoint and we were able to push pause on the busyness of life – even if it was just for one weekend. As awesome as our weekend was at camp… there is nothing fun about geRng an over-s8mulated, excited, and exhausted 5 year old in bed at night. Add in the fact that her best friend was in the room with us and she was sleeping on the top bunk for the first 8me. Let’s just say I was feeling a liBle like Calvin’s mom in this cartoon. I might have been repea8ng in my head… “Love is pa8ent; love in kind; love is not… rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resenVul… It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things…” every 8me I had to get up out of my bed to make things right for her to fall asleep. Of course, my experience in the dorm was a perfect example of the lesson we were being taught by our directors. In an effort to make us feel beBer we oDen say to ourselves, or to other parents, “It’s just a phase.” It is usually followed up with something like “they will grow out of it” or “it won’t last long,” which makes the “phase” seem like something we need to endure/survive. What if we instead said, “It’s just a phase, don’t miss it.” helps parents, teachers, and other leaders reframe this conversa8on. “Every week leaders across the county spend countless hours and dollars inves8ng in kids and teenagers. Moms and dads hope their children will grow up with the kind of faith that transforms their decisions, enriches their rela8onships, and leads to a beBer future. But in spite of their best hopes and inten8ons, many kids s8ll grow up and miss experiencing God’s uncondi8onal love and forgiveness.” They work to help adults not miss what’s happening during the cri8cal phases of growing up so they can connect God’s love and forgiveness to the heart of the next genera8on. There was a visual at the front of the chapel during Family Camp to remind us as parents that we have 936 weeks from birth un8l our children turn 18 to lay the founda8on that will support them when they start the next phase of their life journey. That might seem like a long 8me at first, but as the years 8ck on, the weeks dwindle to nothing. PreBy eye opening! ADer the shock wears off, we must focus ourselves on the work at hand in making moments maBer. I used the word “ourselves” on purpose because I believe the church plays a major part in laying the founda8on. So church, we have 936 Sundays (if they came every week) to raise up our children to know God’s love and forgiveness. Let’s get to work and not miss a moment of it. Peace, Christy

Clinic Corner In my last board report I was proud to report the latest numbers from the Community Eye Clinic. These numbers serve as a reminder of what a bold vision and a lot of hard work can do for individuals’ lives. Since the Community Eye Clinic opened in the summer of 2013:  141 student doctors have been trained  There have been over 30,000 pa8ent encounters  The Clinic has provided over $4.1 million in charitable deduc8ons/donated care  In the last year (May ’18-May ’19) 1,221 pairs of glasses we donated or sold at low cost. Always in prayer, Christy

Prayers for the School Year This week's prayer for the children: Hebrews 4:14-16 - Temptations Many Blessings, Christian Education Team

I came to church today because…

To hear Bob Wilcox play the organ. To bring the light of Christ into the service. To enjoy an organ recital from a promising new talent - Mr. Wilcox! Joy of announcing new baby, Rachel, as great-great grandmother. Celebrate Memorial Sunday. Nourishment & valued time with Mom.

FCC Family Camp is for all ages. Check out some of the adult classes that will be offered.

6:00 - 6:30 pm: Dinner

 Service Project - Oh Paint, Can You Paint? - The youth

are moving to the old Sojourners classroom. One class op8on for adults is to help paint the room! If you can use a paint brush, consider helping during Family Camp.  Outreach Project - Disciple of Christ sponsored Inman Center in San Antonio has served families who are struggling to make a beBer life for themselves for over 100 years. Our dona8ons made during Family Camp will help the Inman Center provide summer programs, food, baby care supplies, health consulta8ons, disabled housing and housing for low income seniors.

6:20 - 6:35 pm: Welcome & singing 6:35 - 6:45 pm: Dr. Seuss Story Time 6:45 - 7:45 pm: Children's VBS and Adult Classes

Ken & Charldeane Simons 65th Wedding Anniversary Sunday June 2nd (Come and go) 2:00-4:00 pm

New Concerns Charlea Vedder Christopher Gonzales Rachel Suzen Flores (Simcox family)

107 Aquilla Drive Lakeside, Texas 76108


You are invited to join Myrna Hey and Family for a 2me of Reflec2on and Dedica2on on her late husband, Wayne Albert Hey’s First Death Anniversary Sunday, June 2nd, at 1:00 p.m. Longhorn Auditorium, Trinity Terrace, 1600 Texas Street, Fort Worth 76102 Recep8on to follow

Edna Ball, Linda Blocker, BeBy Booth, Bill Brazelton, Helen Fenley, Tuffy Green, Ted Klein, Joryn Koski, Gene Mason, Bob Meece, Marlene TuBle, Janet Ward, Mary Wilcox the unemployed in our congrega8on

Nonmembers: Stephen Bakajza, Ka8e Carrell, Cynthia Carter, Twilla Christy, Alex Czewski, Lewis Dooling, Lisa & Paul Eddy, Mary Gilmore, Janet Harvey, Jodie Lasater, Libby Mays, GarreB Perales, Riley Robinson, Steve Rousseau, Roger Ryberg, Debbie Sanders, Harry Sanders, Newt Sanders, DeWane Simmons

New Visitors May 26, 2019

Answers to This Week’s Bible Quiz: : 1. c. Jesus grew up in and was known as Jesus of Nazareth 2. d. Moses was born somewhere near the Nile River and grew up in Pharaoh’s palace, but Egypt has had many different capital ci8es. So the answer is simply Egypt. 3. b. Ur of the Chaldeans was his father Terah’s home. So it is assumed Abram came from there. Exod. 11.31 says he “went out from Ur,” but it does not specifically say he grew up or had lived there. 4. a. Bethlehem 5. e. Rahab sheltered Joshua’s spies prior to the Israelite conquest of Jericho.

Thomas, Kathy, Anna & Noah Smith, Carter & Travis Andrews, Laura Aune, Stephanie, Libby & Bruno Rombelow

Joys 

Disciples Men's Retreat September 20-22, 2019

Lake Brownwood Christian Retreat 9030 Retreat Road Brownwood, TX 76801

To register, visit: and click on the Register Now button

DEACONS SERVING IN JUNE Daniel Choate, Tom Boozer, Marilyn Lansford, BeBy Bullard, Melody Moore, Janet Green, Janice TackeB, Pamela Kemp, Barbara BaBs, Melanie Peoples


June 2 June 9 June 16 June 23 June 30

Daniel Choate and Tom Boozer Marilyn Lansford and BeBy Bullard Melody Moore and Janet Green Janice TackeB and Pamela Kemp Barbara BaBs and Melanie Peoples

When someone took his umbrella to the glass on one of the front doors we and the police were leD with quite a mess late last Thursday night. Thanks to Rick & Jeanie Morrison for taking the call from our security company. They were in Colorado, so they called Tom who came up and caught the intruder trying to get some shut-eye in the Temple area. Many thanks to PaBy Plumbley for helping Tom clean up all the broken glass and put up some temporary covering for the door. Jasper Ausec later made the broken door at least as secure as Fort Knox. Thanks Jasper! We think now that the en8re building could fall down, but that darn door will s8ll be standing. A glass company is coming to restore the door a.s.a.p. JeaneBe Simcox is a proud great-great grandmother and Cherilyn & John Dodson great-grandparents celebra8ng the May 21 birth of Rachel Suzen Flores. Much of the clan was in worship Sunday sharing a rose with us. Last Sunday was Tyler Araki’s last Sunday with us. We’ve appreciated geRng to know this stellar young ministerial student. We will soon be asked to sign-on as one of the sponsoring congrega8ons for his ordina8on to Chris8an ministry. If you would like to have input on that decision, please talk to Tom.

Happy Birthday!


1 - Lori Nelson 2 - Jim Malmberg 3 - Eva MerriB, Tyler Jacquot 4 - Larry Robbins 5 - Sandy Robinson 6 - Donna Sims 7 - Jeri Lewis, Peck Brennan


8 - Ed Kolbe 9 - Tony MerriB 11 - Kala Whisenand 12 - Jax Berkebile 14 - Karen Crews 15 - Lani Bullock, Nathan Parkinson 16 - Phillip Smith, Nell Johnson




20 - Adam Plumbley, Lexi Mason 22 - Emily Bagley 23 - Janice TackeB 24 - Susan MerriB 27 - Madison Mason 29 - Jerry Nelson, Isa Villarreal 30 - Ginger Bihm


Sat 1 8:30 am Men's Breakfast

















NoonDWM Luncheon 6:30 pm Handbell practice 9


7:00 pm Choir Practice 11


June 10 - 13 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Blood Drive 16



6:30 pm Handbell practice 23


Birthday Lunch

6:30 pm

Breakfast for dinner Handbell practice

30 Cleaning for Quarters


7:00 pm Choir Practice 25


7:00 pm Choir Practice

First Christian Church 612 Throckmorton Fort Worth, TX 76102


Church Staff

Loyal Fellowship - meets in the chapel Contact: Ruth & John Park Winkler, 660-464-2471 or 660-464-2589 June Study: Lec8o Divina Faith Keepers - meets in the Philathea Room Study - “Feas8ng on the Word” Contact: Jeri Lewis

Tom Plumbley - Sr. Minister

CHILDREN & YOUTH SUNDAY SCHOOL Preschool:  9 - 10:00  9 - noon

Edu-Worship in sanctuary Nursery available

K - 5th Grades:  9 - 10:00  11:30 - noon

Edu-Worship in sanctuary Sunday School - Rota8on Model

Christy Drechsel - Assoc. Minister Charles E. Duke - Sr. Minister of Music Jan Shelton - Dir. of Music - Children & Youth Mary Mason - Dir. Burnside Handbell Choir Cindy Baker - Church Administrator Robbie Williams - Financial Admin. Rickey Sneed - Custodian

Junior High (Chi Rho) & Sr. High (CYF):  9 - 10:00 Edu-Worship in sanctuary  11:30 - noon Sunday School in Youth Room Christy Drechsel, teacher

CHILDREN & YOUTH CHOIR Preschool K-3rd grade 4th-12th grade

11:30 - noon 10:15 - 10:45 9:45 - 10:15

Church Office -- 817-336-7185 E-mail: /wfi[email protected] Web site: FaceBook:

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e tears turned to sobs. “I sat there watching its heart beat, and then it stopped. I didn't know what to do. And now I can't forgive myself.” She also couldn't stop.

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