November 23

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Nov 23, 2016 - Currently serving Vestry members are Susan Benson, Sherry Gillespie, ... Delsie Zahn (11/23), Evan Abood (11/23), Dee Milian (11/24), Sherry ...

Good Afternoon! I hope that each of you has a blessed Thanksgiving and that you are able to celebrate it with loved ones! Don't forget - Mother Kitty will be doing a Thanksgiving Eve Service at 5:30, tonight. She has asked that you consider donating a food item for use by the Friendship Dinner Committee. Welcome to our new choir members - Dawnell Graham and Lee Dayton. Thank you for joining our choir. Stewardship letters have been sent. Please return these by: placing them with the collections; handing to Mindy; or mailing to the church office. If you wish to order poinsettias this year, an order form is located in the bulletins. Please place your order(s) by Tuesday December 6th. The cost is $15.00 for an 8 1/2 in plant. Its also the time of year to consider new vestry members nominations. Please feel free to nominate someone, the Vestry Nominating Committee will contact the nominees for their approval to be placed on the ballot. Currently serving Vestry members are Susan Benson, Sherry Gillespie, Kathy Shesky, Evan Abood, Martha Staley, Jane Ellen Wiles. Retiring members are: Kelly Miller, Sr, Warden, must remain off a year Barbara Saunders, Jr. Warden, may run again Lee Donoho, may run again Robert Welsh, may run again Janet Stewart, must remain off a year Here are some dates you may want to mark in your calendar:

11/23 - Thanksgiving Eve service at 5:30. 11/24 - Thanksgiving 11/24 and 25 - office is closed. 11/26 - Friendship Dinner 11/27 - Nominations for Vestry should be submitted 11/29 - The undercroft has been reserved Christmas Eve services will be held at 4:00 and 11:00. Christmas Day will have a service at 10:00 but not 8:00. The Eve's 4:00 will be shorter and geared more to families. Our Eve's 11:00 service will be a more traditional service. INCENSE WILL BE USED DURING THE 11:00 service. No incense will be used at the 4:00 Christmas Eve service. Fr. Rob will begin using incense at each 4th Sunday of the month 10:00 service starting January 22, 2017. I'll place notes in the Mid-Week before those first few times to help remind those of you do are unable or dislike the use of incense. The service at 8:00 will NOT be using incense. Have something you'd like to include in the Mid-Week, please submit it in writing and I'd be happy to include it. Consider sharing events from school or other organizations. FROM THE FRIENDSHIP DINNER COMMITTEE - Our next Friendship Dinner will November 26th. Please consider donating your time to serve at this dinner. It's a holiday weekend and volunteers are needed! Carol Thompson has ask that I let you know that the last day to order the cross pendant is December 1st. The pendants will then be back in time for Christmas if you should wish to give one as a present. The back of the pendant is engraved with St. James and the years 1816 and 2016. The sterling pendant is $95.00, a white gold is $430.00 and yellow gold is $415.00. The dimensions of the pendant are 1 1/4" by 7/8". If you are interested in any of these items, please let Carol know.

On going ~ Becca Abele is working on a parish directory. She would like pictures of us. Please send a digital copy to me and I'll forward it on. If you are unable to provide a digital copy, I can scan and send her one from a printed copy.

Other information ~ The following people are scheduled for Sunday, November 27, 2016 8:00 service Chalicer, Lector: Nannette Sherman 10:00 service Chalicers: Nannette Sherman and Susan Benson Acolytes: Braden Sellers and Kaden Sellers Lectors: Barbara Saunders and Barbara White Ushers: Barbara Saunders and Barbara White Altar Guild: Pat Rush and Susan Benson Tellers: Barbara Saunders and Mindy Rush BIRTHDAYS AND ANNIVERSARIES for November 23rd through November 30th are : Delsie Zahn (11/23), Evan Abood (11/23), Dee Milian (11/24), Sherry Gillespie (11/25), Johnathan Gillispie (11/25), Tom Tompkins (11/25), Anita Steffy (11/26), Tasha Abood

(11/26), John Benson (11/28) and Chuck Winsor (11/28) PRAYER LIST: No new names have been added.

Community ~ The Salvation Army is looking for volunteers to "ring the bell". If you're interested let Mindy know she has information in the office. Holiday Events: November 28 through December 2 - The Festival of Trees will occur at the Welcome Center with the live auction on December 2nd from 9 to 6. December 1 - The Southeastern Ohio Symphony Orchestra Presents Holiday Favorites with guest host Phil Sakal on December 1, at Secrest Auditorium at 7:00 PM. Santa will also be present and should be fun for the entire family. For more information call 740-826-8197 or visit their web site at December 4 - at Brown Chapel in New Concord at 3:30 PM the Southeastern Ohio Symphony Orchestra will be doing some beautiful tunes for the holiday season. December 11 - Handel's Messiah, Chorus, Soloists & Orchestra, Sunday, Dec. 11, 6 PM at Central Trinity U.M. Church, 62 S. 7th Street Programs for the 2016 A Storybook Christmas are located just outside the undercroft or visit their website for a listing of events. Mindy

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