november minutes, FBC

Sherri Ross. Tricia Hall. John Zierdt. Mike Marshall. Jeff Mayo. Susan Page. Nicole Slyman. Jody Bridges. Darrell Brown. Cathy Hutchins. Mr. and Mrs. Jeffries.

The Falcon Booster Club met on the evening of November 15, 2017, in the MultiPurpose Room at St. John Paul II Catholic High School. Twelve people attended the meeting. The meeting began at 5:35 p.m. with a prayer by Susan Page. Sherri Ross, the vice president of the Falcon Booster Club, conducted the meeting. President Paul Andrzejewski was unable to attend the meeting because he was out of town on travel. The meeting opened with the approval of the minutes from the October meeting. Treasurer Tricia Hall gave the financial report. She reported, among other things, that the Winter Media Guide generated sales of $11,350. Of that total, there were donations of approximately $2,400 for meals to various athletic teams at JPII, leaving a net deposit of $8,925. She also reported that FBC membership was up five from last year, to 82. She said membership sales for this year was $14,280, compared to $11,085 last year. She said 69 mums were sold for the homecoming football game against Clements - not a big money-maker, she said, but the start of an annual tradition. Next year, said Sherri Ross, a homecoming parade, another tradition, is planned. Sherri Ross gave a fundraising update. She said the Winter Media Guide is about to be delivered and will be sold at home basketball games on Fridays. Gym signs will continue to be sold, she said. Plans for the Spring Media Guide are under way. She reported the FBC made $7,000 in gross sales from the 20/20 fundraiser, with anticipated net sales of $5,000. She said she is considering doing next year’s 20/20 fundraiser online to eliminate the costs of paper. Nicole Slyman addressed the new Chick-Fil-A store at the school, another new source of revenue for the FBC. She said sales were going great, with sellouts almost every day. There have been 14 volunteers working at the store. Tricia Hall also discussed the reserved basketball seating at home games. She said 43 reserved seats have been sold. There was also a discussion about Dancing with the Stars, another new fundraiser, which is scheduled for the spring. Work has also begun on that fundraiser. Sherri Ross said the first meeting on the spring golf tournament, another fundraiser, will be after Thanksgiving. There will be a change in venue for this year’s tournament - the golf course on Redstone Arsenal. John Zierdt said the change was necessary because the tournament needed a larger site than Huntsville Country Club. Sherri Ross gave the AD update for Paul Andrzejewski. She said the new buses are available to athletic teams. Harry Day is the point of contact for the buses. He is organizing the drivers and compiling guidelines for the buses. Sherri Ross said new uniforms - about $25,000 worth - will be needed for various athletic teams next year.

To date, she said the FBC has awarded $76,000 this year to various athletic teams. She said another $11,000 is in the FBC account. She said there are still challenges ahead, but that the FBC has had complete transparency in its business, as evidenced by the documents, such as the coaches’ wish list, that have been posted online. There was a discussion about fields and facilities. There was some news regarding the land swap with Madison Academy, with Madison Academy’s board approving JPII’s request to have power of attorney in the land swap. The next step is for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to survey to land and give a ruling about the status of the land. The hope is that the school can begin to make some progress on the fields at the start of the new year. The meeting closed with a prayer at 6:13 p.m. Attending Sherri Ross Tricia Hall John Zierdt Mike Marshall Jeff Mayo Susan Page Nicole Slyman Jody Bridges Darrell Brown Cathy Hutchins Mr. and Mrs. Jeffries

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