Occupational and Physical Therapy Referral Form

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Occupational Therapy/ Physical Therapy Evaluation Referral. Student: Parent/Guardian: Home Address: City: St: Zip: _. D.O.B.. Home Phone: School: Grade:.

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areas of building). | Muscle tone (floppy vs. rigid). | Safety (cumsy, bumps into objects or people, trips and falls easily) circle one. |Difficulty boarding/exiting bus.

Disorder, Post -Traumatic Stress Disorder, Substance Use Disorder, but not ... Yes ☐ No Client has a diagnosis of Adjustment Disorder, Mood & Depressive ...

disorders, expressive and receptive language disorders. (aphasia), voice disorders, oral mechanism disorders. Education on: ― Safety and risks for patient, staff ...

rThyroid Problems. Sugar. rUlcers/Stomach. rHead Injury. Problems. rHeart Problems. rMental Health Issues. rHigh Blood Pressure. rReflux. rInfectious Disease.

... Working with groups (Claire Craig and Linda Finlay). Section 4: Working with and within communities. Chapter 19 - Community development (Nick Pollard, Dikaios Sakellariou and Frank Kronenberg). Chapter 20 - Developing partnerships to privilege pa

2 hours. Course objectives. • Define multiple sclerosis. • Define the signs and .... (2001), there is no single clinical feature or diagnostic test .... 9-Hole Peg Test.

AGE: SEX: SCHOOL: TEACHER: GRADE: PARENT'S NAME: PHONE: ADDRESS: CITY: ZIP: The following section should be filled out by the student's Physical Education Teacher. (Please circle the most appropriate response). ALWAYS. SOMETIMES. NEVER. GROSS MOTOR P

Brandon Marsh, ATC. West Leyden Athletic Trainer. East Leyden Athletic Trainer. NovaCare Rehabilitation. NovaCare Rehabilitation. 419-699-2992. 708-315- ...

Lynsay R. Whelan, MS, OTR/L. Chapter 8 Assessing abilities and capacities: motor planning and performance. Khader A. Almhdawi, Ph.D, OT. Virgil Mathiowetz, Ph.D., ... Glenn Goodman, PhD, OTR/L. Bette Bonder, Ph.D., OTR/L, FAOTA. SECTION VI REHABILITA

physical and occupational therapy services in the civilian, non- institutionalized US Medicare population for persons over age 64 (the elderly) and under age 65 ...