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April 2013

Open Circle

The Magazine of The Tokyo Union Church Women’s Fellowship

Flea Market success!

Tokyo Union Church Women’s Fellowship 5-7-7 Jingumae Shibuya-ku, Tokyo TUC Reception Desk 03-3400-0047 Monday–Friday 10:00–14:00 [email protected]

Open Circle

April 2013

Elder’s Message A BIG THANK YOU, to each one of you (and some husbands!) , who have sorted clothes, moved shelves around, carried heavy boxes, made sales, donated clothes, sold baked goods & baked delicious desserts for our annual flea market. A very special thank you to Jo George for preparing for the flea market well ahead of time and to Vera Wolowec and Lynda Coffin for staying late to count the proceeds from our sales! We do not have the exact figures yet, but so far it looks as though we passed the one million yen mark. I heard so many happy shoppers saying that they WILL come again next year! Phew! March is busy – World Day of Prayer, Easter tea, the Flea Market, not to mention Holy Week and Easter! We hope you join us at Tokyo Union Church for Easter on March 31. Our service times are 8:30, 10, and 11:30. Our April program on the fourth is on the art of paper-cutting, Kamikiri. Please join us for an artistic performance! Happy Easter to all of you! May the blessings of Easter fill your hearts and lighten your burden! Tomomi Kumagai (Tokyo Union Church Women's Ministry Elder) Email: [email protected] 私達の恒例のフリーマーケットの実施に当っては、衣類の仕分け、棚の設置、重いダンボールの運 搬、寄付いただいた衣料品、焼き菓子やデザートの販売等さまざまな仕事があります。こうした大 変な作業を担ってくれた皆さんの一人一人に、また応援に駆けつけてくれた御主人方にも心から御 礼申しあげます。特にフリーマーケット開催のはるか以前に準備の手配をしてくれたジョー・ジョ ージ、遅くまで残ってフリーマーケットの会計の任に当たってくれたヴェラ・ウオロウックとリン ダ・コッフィンに厚く御礼申しあげます。まだ収益の正確な数字はわかりませんが、100万を越え たように思えます。多くの方がお買い物を楽しまれ、来年もまた来ると話しているのを耳にしまし た。 3月は忙しい月です。世界祈りの日、復活祭茶会、フリーマーケット、聖週間、復活祭と行事が目 白押しです。皆さんが3月31日に東京ユニオンチャーチで行われる復活祭のミサに参加されるのを 願っております。ミサは8時30分、10時、11時30分の3回行われます。 4月4日のプログラムは紙切りです。プロの芸術的な技をご堪能下さい。 素晴らしい復活祭をお迎え下さい。 復活祭の祝福が私達の心を満たし、抱えている心の重荷を軽くしてくれますように。

トモミ・クマガイ 婦人部役員 [email protected]


April 2013

Open Circle Monthly Program

April Monthly Program Thursday April 4th Coffee from 09:30am Program starts at 10:30am in the Fellowship Hall B1 “KAMIKIRI” ---Paper Cutting as Japanese traditional artistic Performance--Presented by Hayashiya Imamaru April Program will be a lot of fun! We’ve invited a professional Japanese performer who shows amazing skills of paper cutting using just a pair of scissors and a piece of paper. The flurry of snips produces various shapes and designs that are very complicated. His specialty is cutting portraits, animals, or Maiko (Japanese dancing girls in Kimono) or portable shrines for Japanese festivals. Imamaru was born in 1942 and he knocked the door of his famous teacher, Hayashiya Shozo to study Kamikiri (paper cutting) in 1960. He was given his stage name, Imamaru in 1966. He has visited many countries to show his creative performances and they were always popular and wowed people of all ages anywhere. Kamikiri also performs spontaneously, creating any designs the audience requests. You might get one of his works or your own portrait if you are lucky! Please don’t miss this special program! ALL WELCOME! See a preview on You Tube: 3

April 2013

Open Circle TUC News Shinboku-kai is back!

Join us for MORNING T – that’s T for talking, drinking tea and trying new things. All welcome! This month’s hostess is Reiko Takahashi. Each month will feature a new theme with a different hostess. Date-

11th April (second Thursday)






Spring and Flowers

Flea Market update: Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers! We raised around Y1.3 million for our Homeless Programs, most of us picked up a few bargains and most importantly, we had fun!

Wanted: special ladies We have some tasks that need attention and we’re seeking some willing helpers who can spare a few hours one day. Anyone can help – you don’t need to be a church member. Pastor Gail will provide friendly instructions! One task is to sort the tablecloths. Bring a couple of girlfriends and enjoy some chatting time while sorting & labeling the tablecloths in the basement. To volunteer please contact Pastor Gail: [email protected] The other task is more creative – to update the Bulletin Board on the ground floor near the elevator. Please contact Pastor Gail: [email protected] 4

April 2013

Open Circle TUC Tours

MASHIKO POTTERY TOWN; SPRING TOUR If you’ve not been to Mashiko – you are missing out! It’s a pretty town which is famous for pottery but also has a traditional indigo dyeing house. The date is set for Tuesday 9th April, meeting at 08:00am from TUC, returning around 6.30pm. Cost is Y5000 per person. Payment & final sign up date is Thursday March 28th. Call Rose: 03 3400 0047 to sign up or email [email protected] More people are needed for this tour, so bring a friend and sign up!

Ashikaga Flower Park


Monthly Tour – Ashikaga Flower Park This park is world-famous for the incredible wisteria blooms, some up to 1 meter long! If it rains or we miss the flowering, this tour may be changed. Minimum 6 people required. Date: Friday 26 April Meeting time and place: 09:30am Kita-Senju Station, Hibiya Line at the front of the train. We’ll take the 09:52 express for 70 minutes. Program Fee: ¥500 + Admission ¥1600 + Train ¥3720 For more information & RSVP: Call Hiromi Sato 080-5502-5230 or email: [email protected] by Monday 22nd April please



April 2013

Open Circle Small Interest Groups

Ah Sew Every Tuesday 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., TUC Library This wonderful group of ladies works throughout the year on craft and sewing projects. The proceeds of these projects go to support our outreach charities. For more information, email [email protected] Tokyo Survival Tips Are you a newcomer to Tokyo? Are you just brimming with questions about living here? Where to shop, what to buy, what's an earthquake kit? Women's Group member Hiromi Sato would like to help you with your questions. Please contact her at [email protected] or 080-5502-5230. The Lunch Bunch Last Wednesday of the month The Lunch Bunch is a group of lovely ladies who like to try new restaurants and enjoy a chat. If you would like to join the fun, please contact Natsu to be added to the e-mail list. You'll be notified of the upcoming lunch adventure, and you can let her know if you'll be able to make it. Contact Natsu Kikuchi, 03-3913-0527 or [email protected]


April 2013

Open Circle TUC Classes - News

We are into the Spring Classes but if you have not already signed up there are still plenty of classes that are offered in April and May. There is still time to sign up for Japanese Wrapping, Jewelry Making Using Silver Clay, Kimekomi Dolls, Sashiko Stitching, Japanese Calligraphy, Kappabashi Kitchen Tour, Mashiko Tour and Ikebana Classes. Please contact Rose at the front desk (033400-0047). There is a correction in the catalog: The Kappabashi Tour has been rescheduled for April 24. If you have not taken this tour, it is very worth your while. The sensei is an extremely knowledgeable Japanese cook and she will show you her favorite places to buy unique kitchenware, pottery, lacquerware, knives, and more. We are currently working on the Fall/Winter class catalog and would love to offer new and different classes. If you have a talent to share or know someone who might be interested, please contact Debbie Ely at [email protected] We are also looking for one or two people to take over the job of class coordinator as current person is leaving in the Fall. This entails putting together the catalog and preparing teacher contracts. This is done twice a year. All the information necessary is already computerized and easy to learn. Please contact Debbie Ely at [email protected] if interested. It is a great way to get more involved and meet new people.


April 2013

Open Circle TUC Small Groups

INTRODUCTION TO CHRISTIANITY This small group will review major themes from the Bible and discuss questions people have who are new to the Christian Faith. When/Where: Wednesdays, 2:30pm-4:00pm in Tamachi/Mita area (family restaurant) Conveners: Chris Martinu & Rio Mitani ([email protected] or 090-4703-3427)

THEOLOGY READING GROUP This in-depth reading group will explore theological topics through group reading assignments and monthly discussion. When/Where: 7pm every 4th Wednesday of of Month in the TUC B1 library Convener: Peter Mathies ([email protected])

WOMEN’S BIBLE STUDY The Wednesday morning group is studying the book of Isaiah with the help of an easy-to-use workbook. The Thursday evening class is reading and discussing the book, "Sacred Romance". For more information or for a copy of the discussion questions for either group, contact the convener. When/Where: Wednesdays at 09:30am & 7pm Thursdays in the TUC 2F classroom Convener: Wednesday mornings: Tomomi Kumagai ([email protected]) Thursday evenings: Tiffani Anderson ([email protected])

MID-WEEK STUDY & PRAYER GROUP This small group meets weekly to join in song, spiritual reflection, and prayer. If you would like to join others in praying for the world, our church, or some joy or concern in your life, please join us. When/Where: Wednesday evenings from 7:15-8:45pm in the TUC 2F classroom Convener: Jean Wilson ([email protected])

“BIBLE AS A WHOLE” CLASS This class meets weekly to study the essential teachings of the Bible as a whole, with a focus on evangelism. When/Where: Tuesday evenings at 7:00pm in the TUC 2F classroom Convener: Suzie Kim ([email protected]) 8

April 2013

Open Circle TUC Small Groups

TUC MEN’S GROUP Friendship, Outreach and Service When/Where: 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month from 8:00-9:30am in the TUC Kitchen Convener: Peter Mathies ([email protected])

YOUNG ADULTS GROUP (YAG) A great time of friendship, study, and service for young adults. Visitors and guests are always welcome! When/Where: Every Sunday from 1:00-2:30pm in the TUC Fellowship Hall Conveners: Steve Wheeler & Yuka Shigeno ([email protected])

CHINESE/JAPANESE BIBLE STUDY AND FELLOWSHIP GROUP A basic Bible study group that is open to everyone, with a special focus for Chinese and Japanese couples and individuals. When/Where: 1st Sunday of the month from 1:00-2:30pm in TUC 4F classroom Conveners: Ryotaro and Mindy Sekine ([email protected])

MARRIED COUPLES HOME GROUP A Christian network helping married couples support each other and address some of the major relational issues of marriage. When/Where: 3rd Saturday of the month from 6:00-8:00pm at members’ homes Conveners: Ronald and Debbie Julian ([email protected])

INTERNATIONAL STUDENT FELLOWSHIP With plenty of food and conversation, this group serves as a spiritual home for international students going through cultural and academic adjustments while in Tokyo. When/Where: First Saturday of every month from 5:00-7:00pm in the TUC Fellowship Hall Convener: Suzie Kim ([email protected])


April 2013

Open Circle Calendar

March 2013 Friday 22nd

Homeless Luncheon Preparation

Saturday 23rd

Homeless Monthly Luncheon

Sunday 24th

Palm Sunday Service 8:30am, 11am Taize Service 3pm

Wednesday 27th

Lunch Bunch

Thursday 28th

Maundy Thursday Service 7:30pm

Thursday 28th

Monthly Tour – Kawagoe – NOTE CHANGE OF DATE! Last day to sign up & pay for Mashiko Pottery Tour

Friday 29th

Good Friday Service 7:30pm

Sunday 31st

Easter Services at 08:30am, 10am & 11:30am

April 2013 Thursday 4th

Monthly Program – Paper cutting extraordinare!

Tuesday 9th

Mashiko Pottery Tour

Thursday 11th

Shinboku-kai 10:30am Executive meeting 12 noon (BYO bento)

Friday 19th

Homeless Luncheon Preparation

Saturday 20th

Homeless Monthly Luncheon

Wednesday 24th

Lunch Bunch

Friday 26th

Monthly Tour – Ashikaga Flower Park

Monday 29th

National Holiday (TUC office closed)