Oragecrest PONY Baseball, Inc. here. ​Once we receive your

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Oragecrest PONY Baseball, Inc. 9069 Van Buren Blvd. # 114-424. Riverside, CA ... follow up confirmation letter. Below are a list of possible ways you can help ...

Oragecrest PONY Baseball, Inc. 9069 Van Buren Blvd. # 114-424 Riverside, CA 92508

Dear Potential Sponsor, We are pleased that you have an interest in giving back to the community! Our Youth baseball league is an IRS Qualified 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization. There are many ways that individuals and businesses can donate items or funds that can help benefit the kids who play here. ​Once we receive your donation we will gladly send our non-profit number in a

follow up confirmation letter.

Below are a list of possible ways you can help donate or sponsor individuals and teams: Monetary donations: [] $100 6 and under Scholarship [] $110 7-8 year old Scholarship [] $140 9-10 year old scholarship [] $140 11-12 year old scholarship [] $10 13-19 year old scholarship [] $ 1,500 Select Per Team Scholarship These scholarships will pay the registration fee for a player that might not be able to afford the cost to register and play in our league. This amount would pay any outstanding amounts due to payment plans or families with more than one child in the league. The registration fee purchases a child their uniform jersey, hat, and player picture package. [] Any monetary amount of $________can be applied to a specific purpose or teams at the election of the donor. Examples of specific purpose donations are: baseballs, umpires, field maintenance, snack bar purchases, field improvements, new scoreboard, new equipment for the teams such as catcher’s equipment, uniform pants for scholarship recipients, baseball cleats, gloves, bats, banners, etc. Team and Specific Purpose:​____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________


Any monetary amount of $________for any purpose as voted on by the board of directors.

Non-Monetary donations:


Gift baskets.

They are used for raffle prizes in our annual Spring Raffle Basket Fundraiser. Gift baskets are a way to help advertise local businesses who are offering free services, gift cards, or any other item of value which would be of interest to the winner of the gift basket. Our Opening Day Ceremonies is usually in February of every year. []

Gift Cards, Cash Prizes, Items of Value which could be used as raffle ticket prizes.

[ ] New Baseball Gloves, Helmets, Catcher’s gear, baseball bats, Baseball Pants, Baseball Belts, Baseball Socks. These items can be offered to those players in need of such items and or might not have the budget to purchase these items which would be required to play during the season. [ ] Banner or Website Advertisement. There are advertisement banners on our website that you can purchase to help promote your business and give those funds to the league to help pay for the website management costs. *See attached Form with more information. [ ] Snack Bar Donations such as cases of water, Bulk packages of chips, Candy Bars, Frozen Food Items, Soda Machine Syrups, ICEE Machine Syrups. All must be non-expired, and in new unopened condition. For a list of menu items in our snack bar, you can email the league president at: ​[email protected] Payment Information: Credit Card: Please refer to our website and use the one time Credit Card Authorization form for DONATIONS. Check: ​#_____________ Amount:_______________ Cash:​ ___________________

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Note: Submission of this form does not guarantee you will be given a team. Manager selection ... Signature: Date: Print Name: Team: Division: Other name(s) used in the past: Home Phone #:. Place of Birth: I hereby give Orangecrest Pony Baseball, Inc.

Pico Rivera Pony Baseball. Sunday select tournament. 12U Division. Team 1 Pico Rivera Pony. Team 2 RBA 12. Team 3 Montebello Brewers. Team 4 RBA 11.