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ORGANIZATION, PHILOSOPHY AND GOALS. Policy 0350. School Board Organization. School Board Compensation. No member of the Board shall accept a ...


Policy 0350

School Board Organization School Board Compensation

No member of the Board shall accept a salary from, or be employed by the Board, or profit financially in any manner by reason of any dealings with the Board.

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ORGANIZATION, PHILOSOPHY AND GOALS. Regulation 0321. School ... Perform any other duties authorized by the Board or by State law. Vice-President.

Section 210.1 15.R.S.Mo. mandates certain professionals to report to the Division of. Family Services when they have reasonable cause to suspect that a child is being subjected to home conditions which contribute to school nonattendance. Along with o

Are pervasively indecent or vulgar (secondary schools)/contain any indecent or vulgar language (elementary schools). 4. Advertise any product or service not permitted to minors by law. 5. Constitute insulting, hateful or fighting words, the very expr

ORGANIZATION, PHILOSOPHY AND GOALS. Policy 0420. (Form 0420). Meetings. Minutes. Open Session Minutes. Minutes of the Board of Education meetings ...

... thereafter as appropriate. 6. The written determination of the review team is subject to an appeal to the Board of. Education where determination shall be final.

Field Trip Transportation in Private Vehicles/Common Carriers. The following requirements will be enforced when transporting students by common carrier: 1.

Field trip – A planned visit outside the classroom taken by students under the ... There are numerous study-travel-tour programs promoted and operated by ... a written request through the principal for approval by the Superintendent/designee.

The Board may appoint committees to assist it in carrying out the Board's responsibilities. However, the Board may not delegate those functions which, by law, ...

Suppliers or retailers selling rings, pictures, sweaters, jackets, school annuals, musical instruments, shoes and similar items, or renting of gowns, caps and other items which are for personal, individual benefit and use of a student, should include

ORGANIZATION, PHILOSOPHY AND GOALS. Policy 0310. School Board Organization. School Board Purpose and Roles. The School Board of Education ...