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ORGANIZATION, PHILOSOPHY AND GOALS. Policy 0321. (Regulation 0321). School Board Organization. School Board Officers. Within fourteen (14) days after ...


Policy 0321 (Regulation 0321)

School Board Organization School Board Officers

Within fourteen (14) days after the annual Board election in April, the Board will meet to administer the oath of office to new Board members and to elect a president and vice-president. Thereafter, on or before the 15th day of July of each year, the Board shall elect a secretary and a treasurer, who shall enter upon their respective duties on the 15th day of July. The secretary and treasurer may or may not be members of the Board (RSMo. Section 162.301(2)).

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Section 210.1 15.R.S.Mo. mandates certain professionals to report to the Division of. Family Services when they have reasonable cause to suspect that a child is being subjected to home conditions which contribute to school nonattendance. Along with o

ORGANIZATION, PHILOSOPHY AND GOALS. Regulation 0321. School ... Perform any other duties authorized by the Board or by State law. Vice-President.

Are pervasively indecent or vulgar (secondary schools)/contain any indecent or vulgar language (elementary schools). 4. Advertise any product or service not permitted to minors by law. 5. Constitute insulting, hateful or fighting words, the very expr

ORGANIZATION, PHILOSOPHY AND GOALS. Policy 0420. (Form 0420). Meetings. Minutes. Open Session Minutes. Minutes of the Board of Education meetings ...

If the Board chooses not to list the unneeded real property with a real estate broker, the notice of the sale or lease will be published in a newspaper of general ...

The purpose of the committee is to identify instructional concerns and remedies; assist beginning teachers with the implementation of their professional development plan; serve as consultant at a personal teacher's request; arrange training programs

probationary period, the Board may terminate the employment of a probationary teacher. Prior to consideration of termination, the Board/Superintendent will provide the probationary teacher with a written Statement of Charges and Notice of Hearing. Up

Probationary teachers will be notified in writing of the Board's intent to reemploy them for the next school year. This written notice will be provided on or by April 15. Teachers who are not provided a timely notice will be automatically reemployed

Short and long term educational goals shall be presented along with ... regulations of the Board of Education, make recommendations for any changes of policy.

The following guidelines are to be used to determine whether or not a report is to be completed. A report should be completed when: 1. The accident requires ...