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May 19, 2019 - Caleb and Aaron Dyrud. Announcements and Prayer. Pastor Amiot. Song. “Take My Life”. Preschool. Lord's Prayer. Song. “My Hope Is Built”.

OUR SAVIOUR’S LUTHERAN CHURCH A free and living congregation sharing God’s timeless message for changing times. The Association of Free Lutheran Congregations



Pastor Amiot

“What a Beautiful Name” Sharing

Tage Grahn, Lauren Jones “Shout to the Lord”

Lord’s Prayer

Preschool Song

“My Hope Is Built”

First and Second Graders

10 Commandments

Third and Fourth Graders

Apostles’ Creed “The Wise Man and the Foolish Man” “Zacchaeus” “Only a Boy Named David”


“Amazing Grace”

Caleb and Aaron Dyrud

Confession of Sin (Hymnal page 2)

Aaron Dyrud

God’s Word of Forgiveness

Brady Olson

Sharing (Seniors)

Alexander Dyrdal, Hannah Mauch, Isaac Mauch

“Take My Life”


Song by Seniors

“Above All” “Just as I Am/ Broken to Be Mended”

Caleb and Aaron Dyrud

Announcements and Prayer


Aaron Dyrud, Brylee Lingen, McKenzie Miller

Songs and Sharing

Fifth Sunday of Easter – May 19, 2019



“In Christ Alone” Becca, Caleb, Kendra, Karrissa, Mackenzie

Prayers *Benediction

Threefold Amen

*Congregation Stands


Cake and coffee served in Fellowship Hall in honor of seniors Free Lutheran Youth (FLY) Karrissa Adelman Rebecca Leier Alexander Dyrdal Brevyn Lingen Kendra Dyrdal Brylee Lingen Aaron Dyrud Hannah Mauch Caleb Dyrud Isaac Mauch Tage Grahn McKenzie Miller Lauren Jones Brady Olson Mackenzie Swenson

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