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630.5 Occupational safety and health standards, special Order. 6310 Retaliation for filing complaint prohibited. 6401.7 Injury prevention programs. CODE OF REGULATIONS, TITLES. 3203 Injury and Illness Prevention Program. Policy PALERMO UNION SCHOOL DISTRICT adopted: July 10, 2001 Palermo, California.

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Heat treating, tempering, or kiln firing of any metal or other materials. Gas or electric arc welding. Repair or servicing of any vehicles, machinery or equipment.

The Governing Board does not authorize payment for the reimbursement of employee personal property which may be stolen or intentionally destroyed or damaged while being used for work-related purposes. Legal Reference. EDUCATION CODE. 35213 Reimbursem

The Governing Board maintains a drug and alcohol-free workplace. In accordance with law, all employees shall render service without using, possessing, being impaired by or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. (cf. 4020 - Drug and Alcohol-Fr

45268 Salary schedule for classified service in merit system districts. GOVERNMENT CODE. 3540-3549 Meeting and negotiating, especially: 3543.2 Scope of representation. 3.543.7 Duty to meet and negotiate in good faith. Policy PALERMO UNION SCHOOL DIST

... Agreement). Legal Reference,. GOVERNMENT CODE. 3543 Public school employees' rights. 3543. 1 Rights of employee organizations. 53296 Definitions. 53297 Filing complaint. 53298 Reprisals. 53298.5 Violations, punishment. Policy PALERMO UNION SCHOOL

45 160-45166 Salaries and differential compensation. 451 90-452 10 Resignation and leaves of absence. 45220-45320 Merit system. 494.06 Examination for tuberculosis. 5 1760-5 1769.5 Work experience education. Policy PALERMO UNION SCHOOL DISTRICT adopt

6400-6413.5 Responsibilities and duties of employers and employees, especially: ... Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: National ...

... to establish new assignments or displace other employees. Legal Reference. EDUCATION CODE. 44984 Required rules for industrial accident and illness leave. 45192 Industrial accident and illness leave for classified employees. Policy PALERMO UNION

... strictly voluntary. (cf. 4161/4261 - Leaves). (cf 4161. I/4361.1 - Personal Illness/Injury Leave). (cf. 4261.1 - Personal Illness/Injury Leave). (cf. 4361 - Leaves). Legal Reference: EDUCATION CODE. 44043.5 Catastrophic leave. Policy PALERMO UNIO

Universal precautions shall be observed throughout the district to protect employees, students and any other persons in the School environment from contact with potentially infectious blood or other body fluids. Universal precautions are appropriate