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Congratulations to Rodney Ditzler, Suzy Fox, and Vanessa Galvan on their accomplish- ments and our gratitude for their .... Contact: Harry Fox, 717-838-6217.

Volume 19, Issue 5 May 2019

Pastor’s Thoughts... Inside this issue:

Blessed Eastertide, Palm Lutheran Church!

Chicken BBQ


Camp News


Friendship Circle


Social Ministry


Caring Cupboard


Health Ministry


Stephen Ministry


Thank You Notes


Kids’ Page


Birthdays and Anniversaries


Offerings and Attendance


Mortgage Loan Update


Council and Committees


We’ve gone with our Lord from death into life, and along with that, we’re journeying into a new chapter of our lives and history as a congregation. I’m Pr. Carl Rabbe, your new senior pastor as of April 11, 2019. It’s been exciting to get to know this area a bit, get my office and my house unpacked slowly but surely, and to begin building some ties with people in the congregation and the community. If you’d like to say hello, join me for a good cup of coffee or tea, or point out something you think I should know about, my door and my email inbox are wide open! I’m returning to PA after having spent nearly six years in Chicago for graduate school and serving a parish there. Before that, I went to seminary in Philadelphia, and did my internship in Allentown, PA. So, in a sense, coming to Palmyra is coming home, but it’s not quite the same. Sometimes I think that’s how it must have been for Christ on that first Easter morning. You can’t pass through death, rise again from the grave, and be unaffected by it. Yet, he left the tomb, and showed us what our future, daily dying and rising, would be. We’re now following the Risen One to Galilee, and into a new chapter together. I don’t know what will happen in the months and years ahead, but I know that Christ will be with us. For that, for Palm, and for a whole world of new beginnings, thanks be to God. See you in church soon! Grace and peace, Pr. Carl

If Easter means anything to modern man, it means that eternal truth is eternal. You may nail it to the tree, wrap it up in grave clothes and seal it in a tomb. But truth crushed to earth shall rise again. Truth does not perish. It cannot be destroyed. It may be distorted. It has been silenced temporarily. It has been compelled to carry its cross to Calvary’s brow … but with an inevitable certainty, after every Black Friday dawns truth’s Easter morn. —Donald H. Tippet

Reminder: Spring Chicken BBQ Don’t forget the Spang Crest chicken BBQ on Friday, May 3rd.

by Jeanette Yewdall Zach Weiss is coming to Palm! Last year he brought a mystery box that kept us all thinking and puzzling. We also watched the camp video and looked carefully for our friends. Zach is always lots of fun. Come during the Sunday School hour on May 5 and see what he has in store for us this year. That is May 5, 9:15 AM, MPR. Everyone is invited especially parents and children considering going to camp. See you there!

Come to Palm’s parking lot between 5:30 and 6:30 PM for pick-up.

Friendship Circle

by Mae Rader We will have Melissa Weigle as our speaker on Thursday, May 9th, at 1:30 PM. She is the executive director of the Mohler Center in Hershey. She will update us on the new Hershey Community Center, which is to be completed in 2020. Hope to see you as we meet in the conference room for devotions and refreshments; fellowship will follow. May 16th, we meet at 12:30 for . They donate a percentage of the bill to our local charities.


to play in the Lutheran Camping Corporation’s 20th annual golf tournament, Saturday, May 11, at Manada Golf Club in Grantville, PA. The tournament format is scramble. The cost is $70 per golfer, $280 for a foursome. All proceeds benefit the Campership Fund, which makes available scholarships to campers to attend camps Kirchenwald and Nawakwa. A brochure is posted on the kiosk; more information and registration is available online at

UPCOMING EVENTS: May 3-4 May 11 May 18 May 19

We’d love to publish your high school or college graduation news! Please give your written graduation information to the office or email it to [email protected]

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Men’s Retreat (Kirchenwald) Golf Tournament (see above) Planting Day (Wittel Farm) Camp Kick-off Worship & Picnic (Kirchenwald)

Palm Parable is published monthly by Palm Lutheran Church [email protected] The deadline for article submission is the 15th of the previous month. Editor reserves the right to edit for content and space.

Volume 19 Issue 5

by Dolly Donnald On March 28 Palm served 40 lunches of BBQ (turkey or beef), potato salad, pickles, chips, drinks, and desserts. The Noon Meals are a time of fellowship for Palm members as well as sharing with the community. Thank you to all who donated a total of 304 pounds of food for the Caring Cupboard Easter meals and monetary gifts toward the purchase of hams. The meals were to be distributed April 12, 15 & 17. Shut-ins were remembered at Easter with gift cards.

We have so many exciting things happening at The Caring Cupboard right now and we're so happy you're a part of it all! Thank you for having patience with us as we continue to build a program that we are proud of and we know is serving the greater good. Sometimes I'm slow at getting back to folks, or we don't publish a newsletter, or our thank you notes are behind. Please know that this is not an indication of a devaluing of the important community that supports us - we are working so hard to be sure that the gifts of food you give are getting into the hands of those who need it, the gifts of time you give are well-used minutes of your life when you come to volunteer, and the financial support is being used to ensure food security for our friends and neighbors. I am so very honored and privileged to work in a job that allows me to never feel like I'm working a day in my life. It is my complete joy to serve our community and I'm so glad to know that we have amazing community support to complete the work we set out to do. In 2018, we distributed more than 600,000 meals to our friends and neighbors. What you are doing to help us does not go unnoticed. You are making a difference in our community so thank you for believing that everyone deserves access to food. Peace and blessings to you all!

Shila Ulrich, MSW, Executive Director

• We continue to accept individuals or teams to volunteer time at Hersheypark in a fundraising a free Hersheypark pass for your 4-5 hour shift. Please email Shila at [email protected] to learn more about how to be added to the list of people who might be interested in participating in this fundraiser. Sometimes, these shifts offer more than one Hersheypark pass, making both worth your time and helpful to us! • The Caring Cupboard is seeking a volunteer coordinator for the Hersheypark volunteer program. The volunteer would be the go-between for the Park and volunteers. This would include sending out e-mails with shift opportunities to those who volunteer at HP and communicate to the Park times when volunteers can work. This can be done from home and would take approximately 2-5 hours per week during peak times (generally spring) and sometimes zero hours/week during other times of the year. • The Caring Cupboard is seeking substitute drivers for our pick-up routes. We have several local restaurants and businesses we receive food from and while we have regular drivers for these routes, occasionally those people are not able to go. Primarily, the days are Monday and Wednesday. Routes begin in the morning and take approximately 90 minutes to complete. One must have their own car, be able to get in and out of the car several times, and carry approximately 15 pounds at a time. • We are seeking volunteers to help with Summer Lunch Food Drive on June 1. We need lots of help so please let us know if you can join us! Palm Parable

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Nursing, a Calling

by Sandy Werkheiser, RN, BSN, MSN

Did you know that National Nurses Week is May 6−May 12, 2019? It is the week when we honor the work of nurses. May 6 is considered National Nurses Day while May 12 honors Florence Nightingale’s birthday. I think it is fitting that I share with you how this highly respected profession began and how it has changed it’s scope of practice. Florence Nightingale was born on May 12, 1820. Her family was British but lived in Florence, Italy at the time of her birth. In 1821 the family returned to England and raised their daughter in a time when daughters were growing up and mainly becoming wives and mothers. Florence announced that helping others to heal was her calling. Her mother in particular tried to convince her to follow the more traditional route of marriage and motherhood. Her father on the other hand encouraged her to follow her dream of caring for the sick. Florence recorded in her writings that she experienced several calls from God to devote her life to the service of others. And indeed she did. A turning point in her career came when she recruited 34 fellow nurses to accompany her to minister to the wounded soldiers during the Crimean War (1853-1856). They arrived only to find horrendous unsanitary conditions. Florence immediately instituted the necessary changes to improve the sanitation which with bad drainage, overcrowding, poor sanitation, and contaminated water supplies. She campaigned to improve sanitary conditions of India and decreased the death rate from disease as a result. And so she did and she is considered the founder of modern day nursing. Florence Nightingale died at the age of ninety in her home in England in 1910. She followed her calling all her life, both by providing handson care and by educating others in the art of nursing. Today we see enormous changes in our roles as nurses. Nurses today promote health, prevent disease, and help patients to cope with illness. They are advocates and health educators for patients, families, and communities. There are so many different roles and avenues to explore in nursing. Nursing jobs and opportunities abound. Today many nurses practice by specializing in patient care; health ministry, longterm care, critical care, neonatal, pediatrics, operating room, mental health, home health to name just a few. But when it comes right down to the basics, nursing can be a calling from God and it’s all about doing good for someone in need. The Florence Nightingale Pledge begins by saying, I solemnly pledge myself before God and in the presence of this assembly, to pass my life in purity and to practice my profession faithfully. So thank a nurse during Nurses Week or any of the other fifty-one weeks of the year for that matter.

FREE Medical Care to ALL low income Lebanon County Adults Absolutely NO COST to YOU! Sore Throat, Asthma, Flu, Bronchitis, Urinary Tract Infection and other Minor Illnesses Call (717) 272-2252 Monday thru Friday 9AM to 4PM To schedule an appointment Lebanon Valley Volunteers in Medicine 711 S. 8th Street, Lebanon

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Alcoholics Anonymous Al-Anon American Red Cross Caring Cupboard Child Abuse Hotline Domestic Violence Hotline Poison Control Center Luthercare Narcotics Anonymous Suicide Prevention Crisis Intervention Rape Crisis of Lebanon

717-279-4989 717-270-4974 717-273-2671 717-838-9493 800-932-0313 717-273-7190 800-222-1222 717-626-1171 717-277-7500 800-273-8255 717-274-3363 717-272-5308

Volume 19 Issue 5

The Blessings of Serving as a Stephen Minister

by Ann Miller

On Sunday, May 12, three of our members here at Palm will be commissioned as Stephen Ministers. They have completed 15 weeks of training, following the curriculum of the Stephen Ministry Program. They have committed to the program for two years. These newly commissioned Stephen Ministers are ready to provide distinctive Christian care to those in need. They will use both words and deeds to express Christ's care for others--listening and comforting, calling on the training they have received and employing the tools of faith. Congratulations to Rodney Ditzler, Suzy Fox, and Vanessa Galvan on their accomplishments and our gratitude for their commitment to our congregation to offer care and support to those during the most difficult times. Since 1975, nearly 500,000 Christian men and women from all walks of life have trained and served as Stephen Ministers. Most become Stephen Ministers as a way to serve others—but quickly discover the amazing blessings God gives them in return. Stephen Ministry has been a part of Palm for many years. Today we have many men and women in our congregation who have served at one time as a Stephen Minister. Stephen Ministers work alongside our pastor to care, encourage, and provide emotional and spiritual support to people who are going through a difficult time, such as divorce, grief, hospitalization, unemployment, terminal illness, relocation, chronic illness, or loneliness. We all know that these times are a part of life. No one is exempt. Stephen Ministry is a way that the people of Palm can reach out and support each other when times are rough. All members of Palm can support Stephen Ministry. Here are some ways: ⚫ Pray for our Stephen Ministers and Leaders – the assurance of our prayers and appreciation will help them to keep moving forward as they support members of our congregation. ⚫ Affirm and show our appreciation for this valuable ministry. Tell them how much their dedication and hard work in the training and afterwards means to us as a congregation. Support the commissioning service. ⚫ Become involved in this special ministry. Be a minister of referral, be aware of people in need and alert our pastor to those needs. Some may recognize a call to use their special gifts to be a Stephen Minister – let Pastor Carl or our leaders know that you are interested.

Above and Beyond When 20-year-old Hunter Shamatt lost his wallet while traveling to a wedding last fall, he assumed its contents — including $60 in cash — were gone forever. But not only did someone return the wallet and everything inside it; the good Samaritan also added money. “I rounded your cash up to an even $100 so you can celebrate getting your wallet back,” read a note signed with the initials TB. was restored. The world’s “not as grim as it’s being made out to be,” Jeannie Shamatt wrote. Like the good Samaritan in Luke 10:25-37, “TB” — who turned out to be Todd Brown of Omaha — went above and beyond in expressing kindness to a stranger. May we do likewise, bandaging one another’s wounds, providing comfort, sacrificing our resources and showing mercy, all in Jesus’ name. —Stephanie Martin Copyright © 2019 by Communication Resources. All rights reserved.

Palm Parable

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Dear Palm Lutheran Church, On behalf of the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge of Central Pennsylvania, thank you for your generous gift! We feel honored that you chose us as the recipients of the proceeds from your soup sale/fundraiser. Thank you for supporting our mission to give free lodging to cancer patients and caregivers during treatment! Sincerely, Hope Lodge Family

An “Operation Teddy Bear” notification was received from the Palmyra Police Department: “Girl was involved in a motor vehicle accident and was distraught. A teddy bear was given to the girl to help calm her down.”

Unsung Heroes/ God’s Humble Servants Here at Palm Lutheran, there is a transportation ministry when someone needs a ride to appointments, drugstores, etc. Members of that team have been driving my special needs daughter home from work, the eight or so weekdays a month that I work, for quite some time. Recently, I had a total hip replacement, and am still not able to drive as of this time. (I am the only driver in my home.) My sister was able to come and stay with me the first two weeks, driving Anna to and from work, and my husband to and from Physical Therapy and some doctor appointments. I put out a letter to the transportation team about the driving needs for the next two weeks. Of twenty-two time slots, they were able to fill fifteen of them! The remaining slots were filled by a neighbor and a man we know from Mechanicsburg. I write this article, first, that you would know about this wonderful team of God’s servants. Each one saw a need that he/she could meet, and then willingly and generously signed on. I consider these individuals unsung heroes: examples of how, when one person says “yes,” God can put many “yesses” together to answer a greater need. My family has been the blessed recipient of these many “yesses.” Two of my favorite scripture verses are those which tell me that God knows my need before I ask (Mt. 6:8), and that He will provide for all my needs (Php. 4:19). It is so beautiful to see how God often meets our needs through the willing hands and hearts of our brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you, Unsung Heroes! The light and love of our Lord shines through you! I’m sure His favor and blessing rest upon you. May others be inspired to say “yes” when the Spirit prompts them to serve as you so graciously have done! Your sister in Christ, Carol Harlacher+

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Volume 19 Issue 5

Palm Parable

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May Birthdays May 1 Judy Oliver Susan Williams

May 16 Todd Dowhower Larry Geib

May 2 Linda Black

May 17 Shem Kisekka-Lwanga

May 3 Amber Rexrode

May 19 Fran LaPine

May 4 Molly Bowman

May 20 Debbie Garrison Thomas Verderame

May 5 Jane Bomberger Diane Miller

May 23 Richard Kern

May 6 Suzy Fox

May 24 Bernie LaPine

May 7 Isabella Daubert Arwen Inglis

May 25 Patty Van Scyoc Ethan Walmer Michael Williams

May 8 Greyson Freeland Joanne Green May 9 Tommie Lauber Mae Rader Sara Robinson

May 27 Madelyn Fureman May 31 Alvis Elrod Sydney Rhoades

May Anniversaries May 4 Ditty & Gene Woolley

45 yrs

May 13 Tom & Connie Zelenak

31 yrs

May 14 Ann & Nathan Peric

14 yrs

May 17

37 yrs

May 20 Thomas & Suzanne Miller

30 yrs

May 21 Rachel & Dexter Daubert Stephen & Debbie Ricker

8 yrs 42 yrs

May 23 Logan & Christine Harmon James & Darlene Hinkle

10 yrs 49 yrs

May 27 Dorian & Alexandra Rhodes

8 yrs

May 28 Ted & Winnie Hermanson Meggan & Amy Steele

59yrs 3 yrs

May 10 Lorraine Moore Robert Nicely May 11 Shannon Orehek May 12 Duane Rexrode May 13 Valerie Rexrode

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Volume 19 Issue 5

Offering and Attendance Review May Ministry Meetings: Caregivers TBD Christian Education May 13 – 7:00 PM Church Council May 20 – 7:00 PM Finance May 13 – 7:00 PM

Offering Mar 21 Mar 24 Mar 28 Mar 31 Apr 4 Apr 7 Apr 11 Apr 14

$ 401.00 $5,512.00 $ 332.00 $6,838.00 $ 662.00 $5,158.00 $ 272.00 $9,165.71

Attendance 8:00 AM


10:30 AM



130 30










Money Matters …..from Palm’s Treasurer For the month of March, 2019 Current Fund Offerings $36,811.29 Expenses $27,697.01 Difference $ 9,114.28

Property May 7 – 7:00 PM

Mortgage Reduction Fund Beginning Balance $114,015.08* Deposits/Interest $ 7,135.97 Withdrawals $ 11,133.62 Balance $110,017.43

Worship & Music May 14 – 7:00 PM



Friendship Circle May 9 – 1:30 PM May 16 – 12:30 PM @ Pizza Hut

Sewing Group May 14 – 9:00 AM

7:00 PM 32

Capital Fund Beginning Balance Deposits/Interest Withdrawals Balance

$76,779.90 $ 1,926.72 $ 0.00 $78,706.62

Mar Designated Offering: National Youth Gathering


*Includes $150K transferred from Capital Fund on 5/10/2010

Special Designated Offering for May will be: Lutheran Camping Corporation

Mortgage Loan Update:

Service will be held on Monday, May 20. All services begin at 10:00 AM in the Home’s Chapel. Volunteers are always needed to transport our members who attend the service.

Palm Parable

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Committee Chair Directory Director of Volunteer Ministries Contact: Sue Nale, 469-0852 [email protected] Archives Committee Contact: Craig Meyer 717-867-1979 [email protected] Call Committee Contact: Cory Bender, 717-533-9234 [email protected] Casserole Bank Committee Contact: Patricia Gontz, 717-838-1484 [email protected] Caregivers Support Group Contact: Fern Baker, 717-838-1544 Christian Education Contact: [email protected] Finance Committee Contact: Harry Fox, 717-838-6217 [email protected] Friendship Circle Contact: Winnie Hermanson, 717-838-4734 Hospitality Committee Contact: Lori Orehek, 717-269-4255 [email protected] Lebanon County Lutheran Men Contact: Bob Baker, 717-838-1544 Personnel and Salary Committee Contact: Fred Tilberg, 717-838-1239 [email protected] Property Committee Contact: Tim Miller, 717-838-6273 [email protected] Quilters Group Contact: Patricia Gontz, 717-838-1484 [email protected] Safety & Security Committee Contact: Harry Fox, 717-838-6217 [email protected] Sewing Group Contact: Mae Rader, 717-533-5972 [email protected]

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Craig Meyer, President 1420 North Route 934 Annville, PA 17003 717-867-1979 [email protected]

Fred Tilberg, Vice President 1319 Mill Pond Way Palmyra, PA 17078 717-838-1239 [email protected]

Cory Bender, Secretary 267 E. Areba Ave. Hershey, PA 17033 717-533-9234 [email protected]

Steve Kahl 144 Schoolhouse Rd. Palmyra, PA 17078 717-838-2043 [email protected]

Sue Kotzatoski 809 E. Oak Street Palmyra, PA 17078 717-838-1530 [email protected] Kristin Catalani 119 North Chestnut Street Palmyra, PA 17078 717-838-3343 [email protected]

Logan Harmon 223 Fencepost Lane Palmyra, PA 17078 717-468-1319 [email protected] Linda Williams 83 Cambridge Drive Hershey, PA 17033 717-425-3734 [email protected]

Matthew Blanchard 59 Truman Street Palmyra, PA 17078 717-832-0548 [email protected]

Terri Long 2048 Wexford Road Palmyra, PA 17078 717-533-0488 [email protected]

Claire Hall 735 E. Cypress St. Palmyra, PA 17078 717-838-5068 no email Harry Fox, Treasurer 9 Star View Drive Annville, PA 17003 717-838-6217 [email protected] Michael Bratton, Asst. Treasurer* 122 N. Thistledown Drive Palmyra, PA 17078 717-838-7353 Rev. Carl Rabbe, Pastor 507-841-1329 [email protected]

Ben Ricker 717-838-8175

Scott Moody, Asst. Treasurer* 375 Springbrook Drive Palmyra, PA 17078 717-838-9386 [email protected] Fran LaPine, Financial Secretary* 307 Stone Harvest Way Palmyra, PA 17078 717-838-2030 [email protected]

Shawl Ministry Contact: [email protected]

Stewardship Committee Contact: [email protected]

Social Ministry Committee Contact: Sue Nale, 717-469-0852 [email protected]

Worship & Music Committee Contact: Sue Nale, 717-469-0852 [email protected]

Stephen Ministry Committee Contact: Kitty Wolf, 717-838-4186 [email protected] Volume 19 Issue 5

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