Pitbull promotes FL in new million-dollar contract

Elie Hirschfeld is a real estate developer in NYC. President and CEO of Hirschfeld Properties, LLC, Philanthropist, Avid Art Collector, Theatre Enthusiast and Athlete http://www.eliehirschfeld.com/

Pitbull promotes FL in new million-dollar contract    Crossover marketing appeal has always been a part of the modern music game. Others came before, but  Michael Jackson wrote the blueprint for jumping off the stage and into people’s TVs. Others have tried to  pick up that gauntlet, hawking just about anything you can imagine from major market products to their  own clothing lines to a series of new diva-inspired perfume lines.       

    But some performers prefer to keep their love — and their marketing efforts — relatively local and  connected with what they love. Consider Pitbull. The hip-hop artist recently went public with his  million-dollar contract with Florida’s tourism marketing agency, in support of its Visit Florida  campaign. It appeared voluntary and celebratory, but there was a darker motivation to the issue.    Pitbull had been sued by Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran, seeking the inner details of the  agreement that enticed Pitbull to film his video for “Sexy Beaches” in the Sunshine State. In the first tilt  between Corcoran and Visit Florida, the tourism agency told Corcoran to go suck on a citrus sipper,  arguing that the details of the contract were a trade secret. Corcoran, who has a large amount of political  capital at his back, pushed more, arguing that Floridians had a right to know how Florida spent its  money.  Corcoran expressed regret that it took legal threats to get the information he wanted. “It is unfortunate  that it took litigation to lift the veil of secrecy on this particular contract… This was a long unnecessary 

journey through claims of trade secrets, threats of prosecution, and corporate welfare paid for by  taxpayers.”  Turns out, the outrage crossed political aisles. Florida House Democratic Leader Janet Cruz told the  Associated Press she was furious about the deal. “The state watches every pen that I buy. We’re subject to  approval for everything that we buy in our state office… Yet these guys have the audacity and the  arrogance to think that they could spend a million dollars on talent and not have to disclose it.” 

Cruz also objected to the content of the video, where the rapper sang about … what rappers tend to sing  about that gets politicians wringing their hands. 

Pitbull’s camp offered no public comment other than the tweet, which simply revealed the contract, and  Visit Florida didn’t want to speak to the media about this issue either. But it will be voters and fans who  get the last comment on this ongoing set-to in the Sunshine. 

Elie Hirschfeld​ is a real estate developer in NYC.  President and CEO of Hirschfeld Properties, LLC, Philanthropist, Avid Art Collector, Theatre Enthusiast and Athlete  http://www.eliehirschfeld.com/     

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