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Key Stage 3 Programme of Study. Geography ... What is Geography? What are Lines of Latitude and ... What is the European Union? What do we already know ...

Key Stage 3 Programme of Study



Year 7 Weather and Climate What is Geography? What are Lines of Latitude and Longitude? Michaelmas What is the difference between weather and climate? (Sept-Oct) How does it rain? What are the different types of rainfall? How do you measure the weather? What are microclimates? What are the microclimates around the school site? Christmas What is the UK’s weather like and why? (Nov-Dec) What are anticyclones? What are depressions? How do we revise effectively? What are maps and why do we use them? What are the different map symbols? Epiphany What is direction? (Jan-Feb) How do you work out 4-Figure references? How do you work out 6-figure references? How do you measure distance and scale? How do we show height on maps? Easter How to use thinking skills to solve the mystery of a dangerous (Mar-Apr) road? How do we revise effectively? Whitsun (May-Jun)

What is the European Union? What do we already know about Italy? What are Italy’s physical features? What are Italy’s human features?

Trinity (Jun-July)

What is tourism and how does it affect Italy? What are the differences between Northern and Southern Italy What is Italy’s climate like and why? How do we revise effectively?


Year 8 Development and Globalisation What is the difference between countries and continents? What is development? How development can be measured? What is the difference between GNP and social measures? What are employment structures? What is trade and how does it affect development? What a multinational company is. The advantages and disadvantages of multinational companies. What is aid? And what are the different types? What is meant by the term sustainability? How do we revise effectively? What is Earth Science? What is the difference between weathering and erosion? What are rocks and what are the different types? What is the structure of the Earth made up of? What are plate tectonics? The nature causes and effects of volcanic eruptions. The nature causes and effects of earthquakes. Hazard Management How do we revise effectively? What is Japan like? What are Japan’s main features? Japan’s physical features. Japan’s human features. Tokyo: Japan’s capital city. Japan’s level of development. What is the difference between the North and South of Japan? How do we revise effectively?

Key Stage 4 Programme of Study



Year 9 Challenges of a built environment


Year 10 Natural Landscapes

Year 11 Work and Development

What is housing tenure? What opportunities and constraints determine access to housing?

What physical factors lead to variations in climate in different regions of the world? Why does it rain?

Michaelmas How and why do these opportunities and (Sept-Oct) constraints lead to patterns in housing? How do quality of life and standards of living vary in urban areas? What issues arise from these inequalities?

How are services distributed in urban areas? What changes are taking place in service provision? Christmas (Nov-Dec)

What are the causes of weather hazards associated with both high and low atmospheric pressure? How do extreme weather hazards affect different groups of people?

What physical processes connect living and non-living elements of ecosystems?

How and why do patterns of employment structure vary over time?

How do ecosystem processes benefit people?

How might changing technology affect employment structures and opportunities?

How does human activity affect physical processes within ecosystems?

What factors influence decisions about where to locate different economic activities?

Why are these changes taking place? How and why might these changes benefit or disadvantage groups of people? How and why does access to services in urban and rural areas vary between different groups of people?

Controlled Enquiry (12 week Investigation)

How can ecosystems be managed sustainably?

How and why have the locations of different activities changed?

Which physical processes operate in arid regions that make them vulnerable to desertification?

What are MNCs and how do they affect patterns of work and development?

To what extent does human activity contribute to the problem of

How do MNCs affect the areas in which they operate, both economically and



How can environments that are vulnerable to desertification be managed?

What are the processes active within a drainage basin? Where are people migrating into urban areas? Epiphany (Jan-Feb)

Why are people migrating into urban areas? What are the impacts on the areas of origin and destination? Who gains? Who loses?

How do geomorphological processes contribute to the development of distinctive fluvial landforms?

What landforms are produced? What physical and human factors contribute to cause river flood hazards?

What effect does flooding have? How and why do conflicts occur? How might sustainable residential areas be planned?

How might environments damaged by economic activity be managed? What are the causes of climate change? What are the social, economic and environmental consequences of climate change? What steps can be taken to reduce the consequences of climate change to ensure a sustainable future? What is meant by development? How and why are countries at different stages of human development identified?

Who is involved in planning decisions in residential areas? Easter (Mar-Apr)

How does economic activity affect people and the environment?

How can river flooding be managed?

What are the main sources of fresh water? How does access to a sustainable supply of water vary? How might international co-operation improve future access to water?

How are countries interdependent?

Whitsun (May-Jun)

How and why are rural areas changing?

How does international trade operate?

What landforms are produced?

How effective is international aid in narrowing the economic gap between countries?

What issues are created by rural change?

Why do urban dwellers seek increased access to rural areas? What conflicts arise? Trinity (Jun-July)

How do geomorphological processes contribute to the development of distinctive coastal landforms?

How can rural environments under pressure from visitors be managed to ensure a sustainable environmental and social future? How do we revise effectively?

Why do coastal processes need to be managed? How are coastlines managed? Why does coastal management create controversy?

How might different trade systems affect quality of life for producers?

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