Prayer of the Faithful To God, the Father of mercy and the

Prayer of the Faithful. Father Tom. To God, the Father of mercy and the LORD of compassion, let us pray: Reader. For our Church and parish family, that we may ...

Prayer of the Faithful Father Tom


To God, the Father of mercy and the LORD of compassion, let us pray:

For our Church and parish family, that we may be a community of hope in the promise of Jesus' resurrection: let us pray to the LORD. For N., who in baptism was given the pledge of eternal life, that he/she may now be admitted to the company of the saints: let us pray to the LORD. For our brother N., who ate the body of Christ, the Bread of Life that he/she may be raised up on the last day: let us pray to the LORD. For N. and for all who have died in Christ's peace, especially our deceased relatives and friends, that they may find in the presence of God, light, happiness, and peace: let us pray to the LORD.

For N. and all the members of his/her family, and for all who mourn the death of a loved one, that, in our loving support they may find the strength to continue their own lives' journeys: let us pray to the LORD. For all of us assembled here to worship in faith, that we may be gathered together again in God's kingdom: let us pray to the LORD. For the prayers written in our Book of Prayer and for those we now make in the silence of our hearts

{Pause }:

let us pray to the LORD.

Father Tom

(will pray the closing prayer)

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