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Jun 5, 2019 - that pipe organs can last for hundreds of years with proper .... recognizing graduates on June 9th and want to list all graduates in the bulletin.

First Presbyterian Church


Volume 56, Issue 11 June 5, 2019

Our youth and advisors are heading to the Dominican Republic from June 14 – 21 for a mission trip! Some details about the trip … § Location: Los Martinez, Dominican Republic. § Tasks: o Doing construction work on a community church that has been under construction for about 6 years o Conducting a VBS with the children and families in the community o Attending worship services and participating in worship service at the community church § And for fun…one day of free time spent at Salto Jima Waterfall, hiking and swimming, and enjoying the beautiful nature that the Dominican Republic has to offer!

An online Church Directory is now available to members through Realm! On your desktop… 1. Log into Realm 2. In the left hand column, choose “Groups” 3. Then choose “Church Directory” from the “Groups” menu 4. At the top of the “Church Directory” page, click on “Participants” On your phone… 1. Log into the Realm app 2. Choose “More” at the bottom of the screen 3. Choose “Groups” 4. Choose “Church Directory” 5. Choose “Participants” at the top of the screen

BIBLE JOURNEY: AROUND THE WORD IN 365 DAYS Many members of the congregation (and beyond) are enjoying the opportunity to read through the Bible together this year—and you can join in at any time! Sign up to let us know you are participating – either through Realm or by contacting Erin Bowers at [email protected] or 336-884-2248. There aren’t any meetings, just an occasional email. But look for preaching texts and Bible studies to focus on our readings from this journey this year!

Did you know… that pipe organs can last for hundreds of years with proper maintenance and updating? Our Schantz organ required periodic tuning because its metal and wood pipes are sensitive to the temperature and humidity in our sanctuary. Ideally, the organ should be tuned twice a year, but this can be rather expensive. The tuning is done by a certified organ tuner/technician and a complete tuning can take up to three days. At other times, we have what is called ‘touch-up’ tuning which entails tuning only the obviously out-of-tune pipes. To do a complete tuning, each of the over 2,000 pipes and each note on every manual (keyboard) and pedalboard are painstakingly tuned by hand. It is an intense and time-consuming endeavor which requires the services of a trained tuner and a helper who sits at the console and ‘holds’ each key as its tuned. STAY TUNED FOR MORE TRIVIA!

FPC Preschool If you are looking for a wonderful preschool with caring teachers, First Presbyterian Church Preschool is for you. Registration for 6 months – 4 years for 2019 – 2020 is happening now. Call Suzette Broman-Fulks, Interim Preschool Director at 336-884-2248 for more information and an application.

Welcome to The Café! The Café is open! Each Sunday morning we serve coffee and breakfast items in the Family Life Center from 8:45 a.m. until 10:50 a.m. Please join us!

Thank You Dear First Presbyterian Congregation, Wow! That is the word that popped into my head when I opened the envelope that contained the amazingly generous love offering that you gifted to me. I, of course know, from years of entering your contributions, that you are a “giving” congregation, but wow! As I look back over the 20 years that I have been a part of your church staff, the memories of celebrating births, weddings and graduations with you cause me to smile. There have also been times of mourning together with you at the loss of family, friends and congregation members. I have shared, with this congregation and staff, wonderful years of financial prosperity and difficult periods of financial struggle. And I will never forget our three Capital Campaigns! We have had a busy 20 years! But what stands out to me the most, is that during all of that time, no matter what the circumstances, you have always made me feel valued and appreciated. Thank you for including me in your church family and thank you for the wonderful gift! With thanks and appreciation, Sheila

Online Registration is now open!

The Workingest Church June 2019 Please make note of the date you are scheduled to serve in your area of ministry Ushers June 2 June 9 June 16 June 23 June 30

Gary Walker, Joan Walker, Mike Cook, Tricia Mendenhall Paula Hunt, Jay Lawson, Stebbins Lawson, Bill Davis Susan Osborne, Chris Osborne, Katie Mac Wright, Carol Wright, Emily Ann Wright Kay Willis, Billie Porter, Maria Puschinsky, Susie Hayes Peter Murray, Lisa Murray, Mimi Williams, Van Massey

Wee Kirk June 2 June 9 June 16 June 23 June 30

TBD Courtney Mendenhall Marianne King Daphne Roberson Sally Farrar

Acolytes June 2 June 9 June 16 June 23 June 30

No acolytes Bella Rowsey and Will Wesney Madeline Brady and Chase Redding TBD TBD

Worship SUMMER IS COMING… and so is Summer Choir! Covenant Choir takes a break from rehearsals in the summer and Summer Choir begins. On Sunday, June 16 at 10:15 interested singers are invited to join in the choir room to prepare music for the 11 a.m. service. This is a great time to join for those who cannot attend weekly rehearsals on Wednesday, those who enjoy a less formal choir experience, and/or those who just want to experience singing with a group – this is your chance! There’s no weekly commitment – but we do need to know when you’ll join so we have a robe and music ready for you. Please contact Elizabeth Gulley for more information: [email protected] or 336-884-2248, ext. 29.

MUSIC & Art CAMP 2019 For Creation’s Sake Through music, art and outdoor exploration, children will explore caring for God’s creation!

Monday, July 22 – Friday, July 26, 2019 9 a.m. – Noon For Rising 1st – 6th graders $ 25 per child Registration fee Registration deadline: Monday, July 8 Registration Forms are in the Music Room and on the credenza outside the Director of Children’s Ministry office. Or, register online by scanning this with your mobile phone to access a registration link.

Finance Revenue and Expenses - January - April, 2019 If you have any questions, please contact Sheila Beane at 336-884-2248

Summary of our Operating Revenue and Expenses

Revenue: Pledges and gifts received Other receipts

Jan-April Actual

$ Total revenue

297,682 26,214 323,896

Total expenses

193,434 64,904 11,988 5,310 4,110 5,638 5,730 246 370 291,730

Expenses: Personnel Property Office and administration Worship Missions -Presbyterian Missions - Local Nuture & education Congregational care Evangelism

Net revenue (expenses)



Jan-April Budget


266,990 35,059 302,049

195,688 55,805 13,700 4,813 4,110 6,570 5,947 508 667 287,808 $


Presby-Getaways Due to a low response in the scheduled activities, the Presby Getaways will have three getaways for next year. They are taking a trip to Southern Supreme Fruitcake Factory in November, Old Salem in December and Bach’s Lunch in March. Stay tuned for details for these upcoming events in the Fall!

Upcoming News & Events Annual Yard Sale for Youth Missions Thanks to everyone who volunteered to help and everyone who participated in our yard sale fundraiser. It was a great success again this year thanks to our caring and loving congregation. We raised $7,124.84 for youth missions this summer! Notice: There were a few pieces of jewelry that were found in a jewelry cabinet donated to the yard sale. If you are missing any pieces of jewelry, please contact the church office at 336-884-2248. Flower Calendar The following dates are available on the flower calendar: June 30, July 7, 21, 28, August 4, 25, September 1, 8, 22 and October 13. If you would like to place flowers in the sanctuary on one of these dates, please contact Lynne Ledford at 336-803-2186. Church Mice EEEKKK! We’ve been invaded by “church” mice! Yes folks, we have a problem with those little critters. They may look cute in cartoons but not so cute in our pantry and other areas of the church. We are in “attack” mode and have placed numerous mouse traps on the floor of the pantry and we have been successful in removing one here or there. However, those tiny little creatures seem to multiply faster than our congregation and we need to go into “preventive” mode. Therefore, we are asking that if you bring food in the pantry or anywhere else, please put it in a sealable container. A few new containers have been put in the pantry; please feel free to use them. Thank you for your help! Graduates Parents or Grandparents of seniors graduating from high school or college: We are recognizing graduates on June 9th and want to list all graduates in the bulletin. Please contact Ashley in the church office, [email protected], so we can celebrate with them. For college graduates, let us know their school and degree, and for high school graduates, let us know their future plans. Summer Sunday School for PreK-5th Grades Starting Sunday, June 16th we will combine 1st-5th grades for the rest of the summer, until Celebration Sunday. We will meet in the Connect 4/5 room at the end of the upstairs hallway, on the right. PreK and Kindergarten will continue to meet in their God Play class. VBS Supply Donations Needed We need VBS supplies! There are items to be purchased and loaned. Please visit our VBS Supply List posted in the hallway outside of Heather Redding’s office. Items can be brought in now thru the end of June. Thank you!

Live Forward Give Forward Have you included the church in your Will? “How lovely to think that no one need wait a moment; we can start now, start slowly changing the world!” - Anne Frank Endowment Fund: a Willed gift that is invested to provide income to the named beneficiary. Also called a memorial fund, endowments can be named to honor a loved one. For example, “… to First Presbyterian Church, the sum of $ to establish an endowment fund in memory of my parents, to be known as the John and Jane Doe Memorial Fund. The income may be used for …” Did you know a Harvard study showed that giving is contagious? It found that acts of altruism can spread by three degrees - from person to person to person. That means one generous act from you can influence dozens or even hundreds of people. “What part of church life means the most to you? Is there a ministry or program that has made a difference in your life, or a family member’s life? A gift to the church in your Will can keep that vital aspect of our community growing so it can bless others in the future.” If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Kendra Biddle at 336-889-4035 or [email protected]

Missions FPC partners with A Simple Gesture to collect food for our local food pantries. To participate: 1. Fill out a registration card. 2. Get your green bag. 3. Fill your bag with food. 4. Put it on your porch on the scheduled collection day. A volunteer from A Simple Gesture will pick up your full green bag at your house and leave a new bag for the next collection. For more information or if you are interested in volunteering, please contact A Simple Gesture at 336-547-7000, or [email protected] If you prefer to continue to bring your food offerings to church, simply bring food to our pantry, and place it in the green bags there! Non-perishable items requested include: canned tuna, vegetables, fruit, soup, juice and tomato sauce; jars of peanut butter, pasta sauce or jelly; boxes of cereal, mac and cheese, or pasta; and bags of rice, sugar or flour. ACTS Ministry The unsheltered homeless in High Point are in need of tents, sleeping bags, and small portion food, water, and paper products for their nourishment needs. Members with items to donate can either call Dick Becker at 336-869-3145 for pick up, or drop them off in the gathering area.… also High Point Community Against Violence finds they are often in need of diapers. Diaper donations may be dropped off in the gathering area as well.

Youth Presbyterian Youth Connection- Middle Schoolers and Senior Highs, be a part of an awesome group of youth and advisors! We meet Sunday Nights at 6:00 p.m. in the Family Life Center for supper. At 6:30 p.m. each group has planned activities that help us grow in faith, friendship, and service to others.



Friday June 14th HSYG leaves for the Dominican Republic!

Sat Jun 8th MSYG end of year celebration at Carowinds!

Dominican Republic 2019 We are quickly approaching our trip and are getting very excited! If you have any questions regarding packing and/or logistics, feel free to ask. Please email [email protected] if you have any questions or need information. Dominican Republic Donations We are collecting medical supplies, school supplies, and monetary donations for our trip to the Dominican Republic. All donations will be given to the community we are working in! Medical supplies needed: adult/child multivitamins (no gummies), band-aids, antibacterial cream, cold medicine, allergy medicine, acetaminophen, and ibuprofen. School supplies needed: pencils, hand held pencil sharpeners, crayons, composition notebooks (not spiral), pens, rulers, and scissors. If you have any questions regarding donations, please email [email protected] Montreat 2019 As the end of the year winds down, it is time to start on Montreat planning. Please keep an eye on your emails for info regarding planning and payment of this trip. If you have not signed up or aren’t sure if you have signed up, please email [email protected] with any questions!!

Church Officers Committee name in parentheses indicates committee moderator for 2019. Elders 2019 Kendra Biddle (Endowment) Joan Burns Catherine Cheek (Administrative) Betsy Hunt Tim Mabe William Newman Billie Porter (Worship) Sharon Stover Chris Tuft (Nurture) David White

2020 2021 Neal Atkinson Doyle Early Carolyn Brockmann Willy Garrou Ann Byerly Ed Henriques Aaron Clinard (Long Range Plan.) Jay Lawson Carol Cox Patty Morris Bill Davis Daphne Roberson Sara Kelly Diane Spencer (Missions) Barbara McAdam Bonnie White William Robertson (Comm. on Comm.) Deacons

2019 Dick Becker (Property) Nancy Blue John Conrad (Finance) Mary Fraley Paula Hunt Debbie Mabe Bo Morgan Ed Swaim Jayn Swaim David Williams

2020 Victoria Christie Elizabeth Davis (Evangelism) John Farrar Kevin Harron (Stewardship) Jeanne Lassiter (Cong. Care) Bob Law Deborah Lucas Kyle Morgan Judy Smith

2021 Preston Brittain Lyl Clinard Mike Cook Sara Britt Grein Wiz Horner Amanda Magill Kelly Wesney Melissa Yancy

Memorials Memorials have been received from the following Randy & Page Redpath Presbyterian Women Circle 5 Paul & Katy Bobb Judith Millar First Presbyterian Church Staff Elizabeth Gulley Presbyterian Women Homer Holton, Kim’s Family & Dana’s Family Doyle & Betty Early Sara Forrest Hunt Dick & Sally Tarolli Maria Puschinsky Keith & Elaine Blake Leigh Anne Kasias Home Instead Senior Care, Patty Aiken

Sanders & Lane Dallas Patricia Austin John & Deborah Lucas Bruce & Nancy Laney John & Debbie Day Bill & Lyvonne Ruth Eugenia Q. Blake Doris S. Dees Ken & Jane Meeks, Jr. Patricia Hunt Kathi Morrow Dick Dickens & Brenda Poole Lou Ann Kasias Greg & Barbara McAdam

For the following Shirley Starr Laurie Lynch Edie Fulks Mary Burke Edward Wilson Bill Robbins Sam Kasias Eugene Hite

Hunter Davis Beverly Morrow Jane Hunt Dorris Koontz Rebecca Snyder Evelyn Thompson Sandra Lesler

A gift has been given in honor of Kathi Morrow by Jerry & Phyllis Robbins

Congregational Care Hospitalized: William Robertson, Moses Cone Hospital. Recovering at Home: Susan Key, 327 Old Mill Rd., High Point, NC 27265; Charles Fisher, 1575 John Knox Dr. WF303, Colfax, NC 27235. Continuing Prayer: Ryland Redpath, 910 Northshore Ct., High Point, 27265; Hazel Long, 1575 John Knox Dr. PB115, Colfax, 27235; Jan Cheek; Judy Haworth, 1575 John Knox Drive, PB118, Colfax, NC 27235; Nelle Bailey, 1575 John Knox Dr. PB215, Colfax, 27235; Joe Minchak, 630 Whittier Avenue, High Point, NC 27262; Jessie Lynn Simril, 100 Hedrick Dr. #133, Thomasville, NC 27360; Margaret Redpath, 148 Old Mill Rd., Apt. D, High Point, NC 27265; Lynda Bowers, 5302 Calvin Ct., Colfax, NC 27235; Carl Adams, 3518 Langdale Dr., High Point, NC 27265; Donna McCaslin, 1575 John Knox Dr. PB121, Colfax, NC 27235; Lib Linker, 1575 John Knox Dr. Pebble Beach 146, Colfax, NC 27235; Ruth Van Lehn, 1625 John Knox Dr. Muirfield #218, Colfax, NC 27235; Gloria Nunn, 1560 Skeet Club Rd. Rm. #17, High Point, NC 27265; Sara Forrest Hunt, 1575 John Knox Dr. PB125, Colfax, NC 27235; Art Cornell, 1795 Westchester Dr., Room 502B, High Point, NC 27262; Barbara Alphin, 5300 Calvin Ct., Colfax, NC 27235; Al Alphin, 5300 Calvin Ct., Colfax, NC 27235; Carol Harden, 3486 Wheatfield Creek Ct., High Point, NC 27265; Jim Harden, 3486 Wheatfield Creek Ct., High Point, NC 27265; Harmon Lehman, 1575 John Knox Dr. M107, Colfax, NC 27235; Pat Mann, 112 Oakmont Dr., Kernersville, NC 27284; Judi Ohmes, 4726 Abbotts Creek Church Rd., Kernersville, NC 27284; Scottie Tarbell, 1625 John Knox Dr. Pebble Beach #119, Colfax, NC 27235; Sara Kelly, 6105 Hedgecock Circle Apt. 1D, High Point, NC 27265; Tim Mabe, 1605 Heathgate Pt., High Point, NC 27262; Karol Laws. Military: Seth Hall, 6430 Northfield Ct., Fayetteville, NC 28303; Sergeant John Cooper, 10016 Windridge Dr., Fredericksburg, VA 22407; Gary Burnett.

Suzette Broman-Fulks, Interim Preschool Director, Ext. 26 [email protected]

Honey Humphrey, Morning Office Assistant, Ext. 33 [email protected]

Sheila Beane, Office Manager, Ext. 32 [email protected]

Ashley Beason, Church Secretary, Ext. 21 [email protected]

Heather Redding, Director of Childrens’ Ministries, Ext. 22 [email protected]

Drew Sessoms, Director of Youth Ministries, Ext. 24 [email protected]

Judith Millar, Organist, Ext. 28 [email protected]

Travis Jeffords, 1st Worship Leader, Ext. 34 [email protected]

Elizabeth Gulley, Director of Music, Ext. 29 [email protected]

Fred Horner, Parish Associate [email protected]

Erin Kesterson Bowers, Associate Minister, Ext. 25 [email protected]

Ken Broman-Fulks, Senior Minister, Ext. 30 [email protected]


PERIODICALS POSTAGE PAID AT HIGH POINT, NC USPS (020246) pub. Monthly by First Presbyterian Church, 918 N. Main St., High Point, NC 27262-3989. Postmaster please send address changes to: Presbygram 918 N. Main St., High Point NC 27262-3989.

First Presbyterian Church 918 North Main Street High Point, NC 27262 Phone 336-884-2248 Fax 336-884-0953

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