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Jun 5, 2011 - 1000L Freestanding tank made from thick polytuff U.V stabilised polyethylene with large ... Diesel Engine (Yanmar or Subaru). Electric Start.

PRODUCT FACT SHEET Silvan Australia Pty. Ltd. 244 – 264 Greens Rd Dandenong South VIC 3175


Silvan 1000L Trailed Fire Fighters

Part Number (with 6.5HP Fire pump)


Part Number (with 5.5HP Fire pump, ADR lights and breaks)






1. Heavy Duty trailer mounted Fire fighting unit

1. Rugged design (trailer is ready for road registration).

2. Large capacity tank with calibrated sight lines

2. Ideal for Firefighting and Water Transfer, Dust suppression with small modification

3. Hose reel with 36m of 19mm hose and adjustable fire fighting nozzle.

3. Ideal for Fire fighting and control, wash down and watering


WITH ADR Break system and LED Lights.

Specifications Tank

Hose Reel

1000L Freestanding tank made from thick polytuff U.V stabilised polyethylene with large breather lid and strainer basket.

36 meters of 19mm I.D. delivery hose fitted with Fire fighting nozzle Adjustable spray from straight to conical pattern).


Quick Fill

Trailer with powder coated finish, heavy duty leaf spring suspension, and 10R15 Tyres with mud guards. Also features adjustable dolly wheel and 50mm tow hitch.

6 meters of heavy duty suction hose with a poly screen foot filter combined with two easy ball valves is specially plumbed to effortlessly allow the pump to quickly refill the tank on site from dams or creeks.

The STF1000D-1-BL (and other BL models) offer ADR approved Mechanical overrunn brakes and LED Tail lights.


(Note: The Trailer is road ready however is is sold without registration. Licensing is the responibility of the customer or dealer) Pump and Engine Product STF800D-1-BL utilizes the Davey/Honda pump and the product STF800S-1 utilizes the Selecta Power pump.










Weight (empty)





Selecta Power

Dimensions and weights should only be used as a guide and are subject to vary without notice


1 Self Priming

2 Self Priming

Warning ! Do not exceed the vehicle manufacturer’s specified safe load and carrying capacity.






2 x 1.5” & 1 x 1”

1 x 1.5” & 2 x 1”


Honda GX200

Selecta power



Output (open flow) Max Head (No Flow)

Horse power Fuel Tank Running Time (approx)

3.6L (ULP)

3.6L (ULP)

1hr 45min @ 3600rpm

2hr @ 3600rpm

Warranty 12 Months - For additional information please call 03 9215 2797 or free call 1300 745 826 and ask for the Warranty dept IMPORTANT : Additional freight charges may apply for East Coast dealers. For current costing please contact Silvan Customer Service.

Factory Fitted options Twin Impellor Davey pump Diesel Engine (Yanmar or Subaru)

Pump specifications are given as a guide; detailed pump data can be provided upon request.

Electric Start ADR approved break system (same as –BL models) ADR approved LED tail lights (same as –BL models)


Silvan Australia 6/5/11

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