Reaction Stoichiometry Problems #5 Perform the

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Reaction Stoichiometry Problems #5. Perform the following calculations. Show your work. Given the following equation, perform the calculations shown below.

Reaction  Stoichiometry  Problems  #5     Perform  the  following  calculations.    Show  your  work.     Given  the  following  equation,  perform  the  calculations  shown  below.     AlCl3  +  AgNO3  à  Al(NO3)3  +  AgCl     1. Balance  the  chemical  equation.   2. If  3.4  moles  of  AlCl3  reacts  with  AgNO3,  how  many  moles  of  Al(NO3)3  are   produced?   3. If  3.8  moles  of  AgNO3  react,  how  many  grams  of  AgCl  are  produced?   4. If  12.5  grams  of  AlCl3  react  how  many  grams  of  AgCl  are  produced?     Ca3(PO4)2  +  H2SO4  à  Ca(H2PO4)2  +  CaSO4     5. Balance  the  equation  shown  above.   6. If  333.5  grams  of  calcium  phosphate  react,  how  many  grams  of  calcium   sulfate  will  form?   7. If  34  grams  of  Ca(H2PO4)2  how  many  grams  of  sulfuric  acid  were  needed?   8. If  6.7  grams  of  CaSO4  are  produced,  how  many  grams  of  calcium  phosphate   reacted?   9. If  9.4  moles  of  sulfuric  acid  reacted,  how  many  grams  of  CaSO4  are  made?     H2SO4  +  Ba(OH)2  à  H2O  +  BaSO4     10. If  23  grams  of  Ba(OH)2  reacts,  how  many  grams  of  water  can  be  produced?   11. If  32.4  grams  of  BaSO4  are  produced,  how  many  moles  of  water  are  also   produced?   12. If  95.0  grams  of  water  are  produced,  how  many  grams  of  Ba(OH)2  were   needed?   13. 84.3  grams  of  H2SO4  were  reacted  according  to  the  equation  shown  above,   how  many  grams  of  BaSO4  were  produced?    

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