Resurrecting Hope

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ROCHESTER COLLEGE 47th PARTNERSHIP DINNER 2018 •. MICHAEL BESCHLOSS. April 21, 2018 • 5:00 P.M.. Michael Beschloss is an award-winning ...

“Resurrecting Hope” SERMON NOTES:

Bible Classes: Sunday morning Bible classes meet at 10am. ♦ Adult classes:

“Acknowledging God” taught by Mickey Ellison & Kim Breton, meets in the fellowship hall. ♦ “Effective Parenting in a Defective World”, by Chip Ingram, taught by David and Colleen Burton. This class is for parents of kids of all ages, meets downstairs. ♦ “1st & 2nd Peter”, taught by Gordon Wright, meets in Room 11. ♦ Grades K-6grd. meet upstairs and 7-12grd. meet in the teen room downstairs. Wednesday night: Classes begin at 7 pm. Ladies Class, "Bind us Together", led by Claudette and Beth, room 17. A class for men and women, discussing various topics, meets in the fellowship hall. ALSO.. join us for KISS dinner at 6 pm. No need to bring anything, just yourself. ♦ Tuesday morning Ladies Bible Study. All ladies are welcome. Class goes from 9:30 a.m.- 11:00 a.m. We also have a potluck luncheon the 1st Tues. of the month.

SPRING RETREAT! May 25-28 This is Mike’s last big activity with the teens as Youth Minister! Sign-up on the fusion board.

EASTER EGG HUNT & CONGREGATION PHOTO TODAY! Robert Bowden will be taking a group photo of our congregation today at the conclusion of service. This will only take a few minutes. Once the photo is taken, all KIDS 6th grd. and under should grab their basket & make their way to the playground doors for our annual Easter Egg Hunt! CONGREGATIONAL TALK & POTLUCK Sunday, April 29, following service. All members are encouraged to attend. Topics for discussion: MDYC will be here on April 22nd at 5:30pm. Every year we host a pizza dinner for the chorus members prior to the concert. Laura King & Rosemary will begin collecting donations to help cover the cost of the pizza dinner. Please see them if you would like to donate. This is also Katie King’s first MDYC concert here at LCOC. Don’t miss it!

Developing deep relationships with God and with each other.

Education Department…

 Supervisor Structure  Co-Teaching Opportunities  Expectations for teachers  Class Schedules Please use the following link to volunteer Remember to check your email for updates & reminders!

HOME GROUPS... Please call first to find out if a group is meeting and to verify meeting location.

Avery/Burton-meets Sundays, every other week, 6pm, various homes. 734-981-9686. Kaczmarek/P. Mays-meets every other week after morning worship. 586-917-9373 or 734-658-6400. Bennett/Sims-meets at the home of Rick & Jan Sims, usually every other week, 6pm. 39765 Pinewood Ct., Northville. 734-634-4671. O’Neill/Stephens– meets most Sunday evenings, 6pm, various homes. 734-261-6272. French–meets here Sunday evenings, 6pm. 734-367-9186. The Operations Team now meet the 1st Tuesday of the month, with the option of a second meeting the 3rd Tuesday of each month, as needed. Any member is welcome, with or without prior notice at 7:30pm. See J. French, R. Kaczmarek, C. Lapp, J. Oerline, L. Stephens for more information. The Shepherds meet the 2nd & 4th Friday of the month, from 7-9pm. Visitors are welcome with advance notice. ROCHESTER COLLEGE 47th PARTNERSHIP DINNER 2018 • MICHAEL BESCHLOSS April 21, 2018 • 5:00 P.M.

Michael Beschloss is an award-winning historian/author and currently serves as the NBC News presidential historian. Visit: for more info. See Pat Kowalewski for tickets. Please see the family board for details and to sign-up!

CRAFT NIGHT Monday, April 9th 7-9 p.m.

Easter Again… Everyone around you is celebrating

this joyful season. But in your life it is still lent. Will you ever overcome these feelings of pain and sorrow? A Stephen Minister would like to be there for you, to listen and to care as you sort through your feelings. Talk to Beth, Wallice or Larry S. today.


Group 4, please give your money to Lisa Stewart in April.

Order of Worship

Prayer Requests •

• • • •

The sick: Kathy Keyes, Ruth Green, Mona Griffin, Louise Coleman, Marge Baker, Susan Smith, Alice Eckman, Ellen (Paula’s mom), Christine (Lisa Steinkopf’s mom), Ruth and Luther King (grandparents of Chris King), Valerie (sister of Teri Carris), Sharon Steinkopf (mother of John Steinkopf), Dave Greer (father-in-law of Chelsea (Bennett) Greer), Leon Oerline (father of Jeff Oerline), Billie Peters (mother of Dave Peters), Garey Ware (friend of John Williams), Julie Jonassen (Carolyn Miller’s sister), Joe (friend of Mickey E., glaucoma), Kylie Lock (twin sister of Kelly Bennett, diagnosed with cancer). Our continued Youth Minister search. Our servicemen, their families and our country. Expectant parents: Josh & Amber (Wiard) Luongo. Engaged to be married: Hayley Steinkopf & Marcos Bonafede, Jacob Miller & Carissa Alcala, Emily Miller & Ezequiel Moncivais, David Kaczmarek & Stella Huizar, Anthony VanHooser & Kara Kurtz (grandson of Bob & Teri).

WEDDING SHOWER for Hayley Steinkopf & Marcos Bonafede Saturday, April 14 at 11:00a

Please add Dorothy Dyer to your birthday list for the month of April. Dorothy will be celebrating her 90th birthday on April 30th!

Please see Rosemary if you would like to take part in a group gift. How will you help save a life?

Run 5K/10K Chip Timed Race, then eat flying flapjacks! Fun Run/Walk the course, then eat flying flapjacks! Gather pledges by promoting your own FundEasy page. Create a church family team! To register or sponsor: ministrysync/event/website/home/?e=14517

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

March 25 Bible Class: March 25 Assembly: Wed. PM: March 25 Contribution: YTD Contribution: YTD Budget: YTD Contr vs. Bud. 2018 Budget:

112 174 28


Meeting Times:

Sunday Bible Classes: 10am Sunday Assembly: 11am Wed. Bible Study: 7pm

$6,265 Office Hours: $79,630 M-F 9a.m.-2:45p.m. $77,796 Guaranteed hours, 9am-12n $1,834 $6,428 Send all bulletin announcements or

office related requests to Tina at: [email protected] or call the church office at 734-427-8743. Thanks!

The Livonia Link Vol. LIII No. 13

April 1, 2018

Lord, I Lift your Name on High

Welcome Kids’ Praise Time Say Hello! #372

The First Lord’s Day

Scripture Reading

Luke 24:4-8


One Day!

Shepherd’s Prayer #344

Low in the Grave He Lay


This is a time set aside for Christians to remember the death of Jesus on the cross and His resurrection three days later. The bread symbolizes His body. The cup symbolizes His blood.

Tithes & Offerings

This is a weekly act for our members. Guests are welcome to participate if they wish, but it is not expected.


AAA Pregnancy Resource Center’s Race for Life!


Easter Sunday April 1, 2018


It Is Finished!


“Resurrecting Hope” M. Miles


In Christ Alone

And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.

Colossians 3:14

Sheep’s Prayer

Serving Today: Worship Leader: G. Campbell Scripture Reading: D. Roszkowski Kids’ Praise Time: M. French

Lord’s Table: M. Ellison Sheep's Prayer: P. Mays Nursery Attendants: T. Koroly B. Escobedo, C. Miller

Elder Chairman: Mike Bennett Shepherds: Mike Bennett, Michael French, John O’Neill, Gordon Wright Lead Minister: Larry Stephens Student & Family Minister: Mike Miles Deacons: B. Avery, D. Burton, E. Mittlestat, D. Moylan, D. Roszkowski

15431 Merriman Rd., Livonia, MI 48154 734-427-8743 Visit us at: or

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