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what it does we need to understand the bigger picture: — The Diocese is the “Local Church”. — Annunciation is a Parish within the Diocese. But the picture is ...

Role of the Parish Pastoral Council


Annunciation of the Lord


So you want to know about the Pastoral Council….

Its Role The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) plays a vital role in the life of the parish. Before describing what it does we need to understand the bigger picture: — The Diocese is the “Local Church” — Annunciation is a Parish within the Diocese But the picture is even bigger… 15-04-30

Annunciation of the Lord


The Big Picture The Universal Church was establish by Jesus himself —  Through our baptism we are called to discipleship —  We are a member of the Body of Christ (1st Cor 12) —  Ordered Communion —  Sacrament of Christ Truly awesome is it not? Our mission was established by Jesus… 15-04-30

Annunciation of the Lord


Our Mission Go and Make Disciples The Church on earth is by its very nature missionary… since it has its origin in the mission of the Son…AG2


Rekindle Faith that has become Lukewarm

Initial Proclamation of Gospel

Ongoing Conversion

Evangelization Annunciation of the Lord

…the Church, endowed with the gifts of her founder… receives the mission of proclaiming and establishing among all peoples the kingdom of Christ and of God… LG5 5

Our Parish Structure Parishioners Staff/Parish Leaders Pastor 15-04-30

Annunciation of the Lord


A pastoral council does what?


Annunciation of the Lord


Canon 536 of the 1983 Code: Parish Pastoral Councils “The pastor presides over it [the council], and through it the Christian faithful along with those who share in the pastoral care of the parish in virtue of their office give their help in fostering pastoral activity .”


Annunciation of the Lord

The pastor seeks counsel. He ask PPC to help inform his thinking about a particular aspect of pastoral activitiy. 8

Why Consult? The pastor consults, not because he wants to surrender responsibility for the parish, but because he wants to exercise it wisely.


Annunciation of the Lord


The Role is a big deal… The council is representative in that it “makes present” the wisdom of the whole of the Annunciation community.


Annunciation of the Lord


What is pastoral activity?

—  Word of God announced —  Instruction through Homily —  Catechetical Formation

Code of Canon Law(canons 528-530) —  Catholic Education lists normative pastoral —  Evangelization —  Mass and Sacraments activity in every parish. —  Care of families The Pastor is responsible—  Consolation —  Care of the sick and dying for seeing that the —  Reach out to help the poor, lonely, activities are carried exiled, in any need out… —  Promote lay involvement —  Cooperation between parishes ,

diocese, and acumen partners 15-04-30

Annunciation of the Lord


The Pastoral council is not •  Responsible for the day-to-day activity or management of the parish •  A complaint board •  A project team for planning special events •  A board of Elders that governs the parish •  Made up of representatives from different organizations or ministries •  Permanent 15-04-30

Annunciation of the Lord


The Pastoral Council does not: —  Make decisions for the parish —  Set its own agenda —  Hire and fire parish staff, employees —  Meet without the Pastor —  Hold open meetings like a town council on a regular

basis —  Implement its recommendations —  Supervise ministries 15-04-30

Annunciation of the Lord


The Pastoral Council does: —  Listen carefully to parishioners —  Keep confidences —  Investigate and Study issues —  Prayerfully discern the best way forward —  Make practical recommendations —  Give their best advice to the Pastor about ways to

successfully implement something —  Cease at the death, transfer or retirement of a pastor

Annunciation of the Lord

The Pastoral Council does: —  Work closely with the Pastor —  Collaborate with the staff and finance council —  Help to keep the parish focused on the mission and

avoid “navel gazing”

Annunciation of the Lord

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