Roxboro Community School Board of Directors Meeting

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Oct 9, 2017 - Others: Anna Fletcher ... Mrs. Fox asked to remember the people of Las Vegas. ... Ms. Fox made a motion to approve the consent agenda.

Roxboro Community School Board of Directors Meeting October 9, 2017 6:30 p.m. Held at RCS Libary

Board Members Present: Dr. Tom Long, Dr. Kimmie Yarborough, Lin Cates, Chad Horner, Janet Clayton, Teresa Fox, Walt Rogers Staff Present: Dave Ebert, Darkarai Bryant, Phyliss Boatwright, Will Montgomery, Earl Whittemore Others: Anna Fletcher A: Call to Order: Mrs. Clayton called the meeting to order at 6:34 p.m. Dr. Long read the mission statement. Mrs. Clayton led the Pledge of Allegiance. A moment of silence was held for Suzy Horton, Betsy Carson, and Susan Marks’ husband, who was injured in a tree accident. Mrs. Fox asked to remember the people of Las Vegas.

B: Public Comment: None

C: Consent Agenda:

         

Approval of agenda Approval of 9.11.2017 minutes Approval of 9.11.2017 closed session minutes Approval of 9.25.2017 minutes Approval of 9.25.17 closed session minutes Treasurer’s Report Electric Bill Update RSB Fundraising Account activity Principals’ Report Facilities Update

Ms. Fox made a motion to approve the consent agenda. Dr. Long seconded. The motion passed unanimously. D: Welcome and Recognition Mrs. Clayton welcomed Mr. Ebert and said the Board was excited to have him here. He said he was excited to be here Mrs. Clayton thanked Mr. Bryant, Mrs. Ingram, Ms. Boatwright and the entire staff for their work during the transition. Business: E: Raise the Roof Report

Ms. Boatwright said total pledges were $1,612,118. Last month’s total was $1,657,118. A new staff member made a small pledge, which increased the total slightly. Total deposits to date equal $822,037.84. This reflects the fact that a few large donors paid off their pledges early. Land, in-kind remain the same. Arrears: $18,520. Write off: $30,981.92. Dr. Long has worked hard to get those in arrears to catch up. Ms. Townsend and Ms. Boatwright are working to establish a parent committee to get all parents involved. Work on this has been delayed a bit due to the recent transitions. F: Traffic Pattern Update Mr. Ebert said he and Mr. Bryant met with Roxboro Police Chief David Hess to discuss safety and traffic flow. Mr. Byrant and Mr. Ebert drove through the lot today. The lines are done, and fencing is going up. Mr. Ebert said he, Mr. Bryant, Mrs. Ingram and the RPD are now planning for moving forward. Mr. Bryant said administration was working in collaboration with the RPD, and believed the safest plan was for all student parking to be in the new lot. There is a total of 132 student drivers and 137 spaces. There will be handicapped spaces in the new lot. Mr. Bryant said the plan took into consideration safety, supervision, traffic flow, and the ability to add more visitor and handicapped spots in front of the building. He added that the school will no longer have to use the Grace United Methodist Church lot, but said the school was grateful for the use of the lot thus far, and all that the church has done to help RCS. The sixth grade drop off will be in front of the main building, and all others will go to the new lot. This should alleviate traffic jams. All traffic to the new lot will enter and exit on the Foushee Street side during drop-off. Everyone will be directed to go left on Foushee. There will be a police officer stationed on Foushee. Students will not cross parent traffic. Prior to opening the new lot, administrators will take student drivers out, show them where to park, and the pattern. Depot Street will be open from 8:15 to 2:15 for students coming in and out. Faculty will park in what is now the senior lot. This will afford more visitor and handicapped parking. Mr. Ebert said he saw, on his first day at RCS, the danger in young drivers coming off Lake, and turning onto Depot. Mrs. Fox said that had been a concern of the Board from day one. She said the new pattern would be much safer for students. Dr. Yarborough asked about the number of parking lot monitors there would be to begin with. Mr. Bryant said all hands would be on deck at first. Mr. Ebert said we may have to make some minor adjustments, but initially, a police officer will be at the Foushee entrance to help. Administration will monitor traffic and see if adjustments are needed. Staff members will be at the back door throughout the school day for students leaving for PCC classes, lunch, etc. If sixth graders have siblings, all siblings can either go to the sixth grade drop off or the new parking lot. Mr. Bryant said he would inform parents via the Daily Dog and web site before students begin parking in the new lot. Students will have the space number they currently have. Mr. Cates said next year, spots should be assigned on a first come, first served basis. He said he appreciates the amount of thought put into the plan, with safety considered first, and some flexibility built in.

G: Budget Report Update Mrs. Clayton stated that Mrs. Ingram has worked with Mrs. Eggleston, Ms. Townsend, and Mrs. Rimmer to bring the budget up to date. She said the parking lot payments are showing on the expense side, but

the funds from savings and the construction loan are not showing up on revenue, so the budget appears extremely unbalanced at this time. We haven’t received several county allotments. Typically, one is received in October. Mrs. Eggleston and Mrs. Ingram are working with the accounting firm to break out costs even more so that the budget is clearer. There will be a separate revenue line added for the construction loan so that it is broken out for accounting purposes. H: Swift K-13 Notification System Mr. Whittemore did a survey of staff to see if they would use the system. Forty-eight filled it out and unanimously said yes. Seventy-one percent said they would use it for class. The system would be useful for parents to choose the way staff communicates with them. It would be useful for connecting to social media. The cost would be $1,347, which includes a $300 first year set-up fee. It would cost $1 per person to send out mass messages. Suicide prevention would be another $1 per student. The system can automatically send parents a message if a student is absent. It integrates with PowerSchool. Mrs. Fox asked where the money to pay for the system would come from. Dr. Long agreed. Mr. Whittemore will find out. The matter was tabled. Mrs. Clayton asked about an office software item that cost $5,000. Mr. Whittemore said he was not sure what the item is, but will find out. The technology department wants to purchase an additional network switch. Will Montgomery said there is a fixed port option or a modular option. They are basically the same, and cost about the same. With the modular option, we could expand on the same switch chassis in the future if needed, but with a fixed port option, we would have to buy a whole new switch. With recabling the building, more switches are needed, so the plan is to move current switches, and the new modular switch will replace to other remote parts of the building. This can be expanded on in the future. This will correct the problems that caused connection failure during testing. Mrs. Fox made a motion to approve up to nine switches. The technology department will come back to the Board if more are needed. Dr. Yarborough seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

I: Board Chair Remarks: None J: Board Member Remarks: Dr. Yarborough said she was proud of the tennis team and their sportsmanship. Parents from opposing teams have mentioned the behavior of the RCS team. She reiterated to staff and Board members how proud she was of RCS’s accomplishment of a grade of A+ NG on state accountability results, and expressed her appreciation for all of the hard work by the students, staff, and administration to achieve this goal. Mrs. Fox said she was proud of RCS students’ success in the Distinguished Young Women program this year. She said the Dig Pink game was touching, and she personally appreciated the efforts and the support. Mr. Rogers discussed the parking lot. He said he needs to talk with the state DOT, the City of Roxboro and the railroad to get the certificate of occupancy. Striping and numbering should be done later this week. Mr. Bryant asked that handicapped spots not be assigned a number.

K: Closed Session: NC G.S.143-318.11 (8) School Safety Plan Dr. Long made a motion to enter closed session. Mr. Horner seconded. The motion passed unanimously. Dr. Long made a motion to return to open session. Mrs. Fox seconded. The motion passed. The Board

returned to open session at 7:58 p.m. Mr. Rogers made a motion to approve funding, up to $7,000, for the IT Enhancements for school safety purposes. Mrs. Fox seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

L: Adjourn Mrs. Fox made a motion to adjourn. Dr. Long seconded. The motion passed unanimously. The meeting adjourned at 8 p.m.

The next meeting of the Roxboro Community School Board of Directors will be on Monday, November 13, at 6:30 p.m. Upcoming Events: October 13 – Teacher Workday November 3 – Holiday Extravaganza November 10 – Veterans Day, no school

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