Scramble 340

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Jun 6, 2007 - the military aviation enthusiast were the Royal Saudi Air Force ...... Rental Group, Lysaker, Norway, operated by Air Greenland, Nuuk,.


Deadline Scramble 341: 18 September 2007

Welcome to yet another summer edition of Scramble magazine. We are slowly heading towards the end of the air show season again but the Airport Days at Hamburg are still ahead of us. A must see if you are into large propliners. A nice extra for the military aviation enthusiast were the Royal Saudi Air Force Tornado's at Lossiemouth and we can look forward to the next TLP at Florennes again.

Deadline pictures Scramble 341: 25 September 2007

Like everyone else our editors are allowed some time off as well. This leads to some regular sections being absent this month. You will have to make do without the civil movements elsewhere, the warbirds section and triptease (somewhat paradoxal since the input for this section is mainly produced during the current season...). No need to be disappointed though since this gives us the opportunity to print a record number of articles that have been waiting for the opportunity to crawl into our magazine. You will find an extensive report on a recent trip to Romania and the aircraft museum in Krakow. Two airfield guides will make sure you will not miss any relevant spots at Prestwick and Villavicencio. The regular air force overview deals with all Belgian military hardware. The recent EAA show at Oshkosh is dealt with in detail in a six page article. An article on Lockheed Martin production facilities in building B1 (birth place for the C-130 and F-22) gives details on the history of the building and its current function. The Super Etendard Combat Missions article gives the Argentinean view on the Exocetmissions during the Falklands War. We also give an overview of the production of all Italian SF260s and review all USAF deployments to the Netherlands. Last but not least you can read all about the Indian Air Force flight around the world by a Flight Design CTSW. The next Dutch Spotters Convention, organized in conjunction with Airnieuws, is scheduled for 10 November 2007 at Rotterdam Airport. More information on this event can be found in this Scramble. A tradition can only be called a tradition if there is some repetitivity to it... so here's another correction to a photo credit. The picture of the Indian Air Force IL-78 printed at the bottom of page 82 of Scramble 339 was not made by Jaco Haasnoot but by Arjen Sleeuwenhoek. Our apologies for this mistake.

Publication date Scramble 341 (with due reserve): 9 October 2007

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We hope to receive more suggestions for the front cover photo. If you are planning on sending us photos for the front cover please mail them ‘as large as possible’. Please do not crop the picture since we need some leverage to position it to fit the cover and the Scramble logo. The Radio Activity section will return. Henk Voortwijs will reintroduce this section as soon as possible. Radio Activity will keep you informed about a wide variety of subjects on aeronautical communications. We are also going to keep record of frequencies and call signs and their changes (both civil and military). We can not do this alone, we are going to need your help. So what we like you to do is send us your frequency lists and callsign lists. Every month we will try to publish an up-to-date list of an airfield, ATCC, etc. We are looking forward to your input on this. You can mail your information to: [email protected]

Cristian Schrik sent us this shot in the dark of a Royal Netherlands Air Force PC-7 at Woensdrecht. The thirteen PC-7s started changing colours from yellow and white to black a couple of years ago. Their black colour scheme makes them more attractive for the after dark photography practice. (Woensdrecht, 8 March 2007, Cristian Schrik)

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Movements Netherlands

Just like Continental and US Airways, Northwest introduced Boeing 757 services to Europe. By now three B757s a day fly to Amsterdam. Other destinations, in Europe include Brussels and Dusseldorf. (8 July 2007, Ramon Berk)

Amsterdam-Schiphol Addition

June 2007

23. SX-BKT


Olympic Airlines



B737-7Z5 B737-4B3 Ce560XLS BAe125-800XP CeS550 G200 Falcon 50EX DHC-8-402 CL-604 Falcon 2000EX G-IVSP IAI1125SPX Falcon 900B Beech 350 Do328-110 Lj40 Beech 200 Ce560XL Do328-300 A320-211 B747-412BCF Beech 400A B737-73S Ce560 Ce650 Lj36A SA226T CRJ200ER Beech C90 Lj45 Falcon 50EX Ce550 Bravo BAe125-800B B737-3S1 A320-232 B757-251 B757-251

Royal Jet 02 ROJ01 Jet4you dep JFU4733 NetJets f/v 02 NJE6DB Elbe Air dep Stuttgarter Flugd. dep FFD901 TAG España dep TGM041 Bramptonia 02 FlyBe f/v BEE1533/4 Swiss Air-Ambulance SAZ241/2 Broad River Aviation dep Heinz 03 dep Comtel COE842/3 Air Service Liège Sun-Air SUS9002/702 Execujet Scandinavia f/v VMP140 Aviator Airways f/v 02 AVW201 Interjet INJ3153/5 Icejet (n/t) f/v ICJ200 Israir ISR201/2 Dragonair Cargo f/v CPA039/4 NetJets f/v NJE4MR Hamburg Int’l HHI810F/218 Triple Alpha 03 CLU179F/679 Air Traffic ATJ022 Quick Air Jet Charter 03 QAJ367

July 2007

Air Nostrum

f/v IBE8464/5

Air Partner ACG21B/C Bramptonia 03 Mitre Aviation f/v 07 Yeates of Leicester 03 Bulgaria Air HMS0883/4 Air Via f/v FLM1111F/2 Northwest f/v NWA0098/35 Northwest f/v NWA0036/97


Scramble 340 - Page 2

Beech 400A Global Express Falcon 900C CL-604 B737-3T0F BAe146-RJ100 ERJ135LR B747-4EVERF B737-73S Falcon 2000EX Ce560 Lj35A Beech B200 Ce525 Ce550 Bravo Beech C90A Global Express B757-251 Ce550 Bravo B737-8Q8 G-V Beech F90 BAe146-RJ100 A320-232 B737-306 Ce750 B747-428 B737-808 B737-73S Ce525B P180 Ce525 Ce525 Ce560XL Falcon 900EX Ce525 B737-33AQC B747-428F B737-3S1 B757-23N B737-8Q8 Ce525B Beech F90

DFS Furniture CB Applications 2x NWD933 Flying Service Flying Service dep FYG351K TNT Airways dep TAY940E Malmö Aviation SCW1220/960 City Airline 03 CF890/590 Jade Cargo f/v JAE7431/18 Hamburg Int’l HHI8219/11F BASF Triple Alpha 03 CLU1679 FAI rent-a-jet IFA7357 Deutsche Rettungsfl. AMB528 Eisele Flugdienst 04 London Executive LNX766H f/v Churchill Aviation 06 Northwest f/v NWA0036/97 Koop Holding n/t f/v MPH0038 arr TAG Aviation f/v 06 TAG457 Air Service Liège Malmö Aviation SCW963/1223 THY f/v THY1951/2 KD Avia f/v AEN723/4 Flying Group FYG818V/9 RAM RAM854/9/8/5 Air Berlin f/v 05 BER9265/4 Hamburg Int’l HHI987F/8384 Aero Business GBJ801B/C MSR - Flug Charter EBF904 Eisele Flugdienst Lyreco Dassault DSO056 Centreline Air Charter CLF09 Titan f/v 06 EXS949/050E Cargolux CLX7893 Bulgaria Air HMS2883/4 US Airways f/v USA748/9 n/t f/v MPH0039 arr K.O.M. Activity Air Service Liège


CL-604 CL-604 A321-232 CRJ900 MD-83 A319-114 Global 5000 Ce525A Ce525 B737-4Y0 Lj55 B737-382QC Fokker 100 Falcon 50EX B737-3L9QC Raytheon 390 G-V Ce550 Bravo Falcon 900 Falcon 900C Ce550 Bravo Ce525B Lj45 Ce650 B737-8Q8 A340-311 A320-211 B777-258ER Lj35A Ce525A Lj60 Falcon 50EX Ce525A Ce550 Bravo BAe125-800B B737-33A Beech E90 Ce680 Ce525 Ce525A MD-82 B747-428 B737-4B3 B737-7Q8 B737-329 Ce560 Beech 300LW Ce525

Flying Service FYG352K/991K Flying Service 05 FYG992K/001K SAS SAS553/4 Adria Airways f/v ADR498/9 Blue Line BLE486P Rossiya f/v SDM0277/8 Cirrus Airlines f/v RUS8372 Herrenknecht MSR - Flug Charter EBF705 Olympic Airlines OAL151/2 Avies AIA3415 Axis Airways HHI8054/6F Air France Reg f/v AFR3480/1 Bramptonia 06 Titan TRA092/6331/2/091 Premiair BAT05B/C NetJets 06 Koop Holding Scotts Miracle dep Flying Service Flying Serv. FYG161L/2L/3L/221L Flying Service f/v FYG282N/3N Abelag Aviation AAB43P North Flying 07 NFA064E/6 Caribbean Al f/v 07 TRA051/65 THY THY1953/4 Israir ISR201/2 El Al ELY337/8 Skyservice Aviation 07 MSR - Flug Charter EBF606 Airlink Airways HYR60A Bramptonia Hangar 8 07 HGR811A/2A Jet Options f/v 08 ATX897/8 Gama Aviation GMA167 Titan Airways EXS949/50 dep Cessna f/v Fly Tyrol f/v FTY02 Air Service Liège 2x Tarhan Tower TTH217/8 RAM RAM854/5 Jet4you 08 JFU4732/3 Air Berlin f/v 08 BER9265/1788 Air Berlin f/v BER8369/8 Stuttgarter Flugdienst FLM Aviation EBF1107 Centreline Air Charter CLF09

G-VXLG B747-41R I-AIGG B767-304ER LY-DOT ATR42-300 N232DD CAP-232 N397DC Patriot 300 N900SN Falcon 900EX OO-CIV Ce525A OO-DDA Ce525A OO-TNI B737-301F OY-CKI Falcon 2000 PH-LSV Falcon 50EX 08. CN-ROG B767-328ER D-CCEU Ce650 D-IFKU BN-2B-20 D-IFOX BN-2B-26 D-IKJS Ce525A D-ILFA BN-2B-26 I-AIGG B767-304ER LY-DOT ATR42-300 N770BB B757-2J4 OE-ISN ERJ135BJ VP-CFZ Ce750 YL-LCB A320-211 09. C-GQPA CL-604 F-GTRY Ce525 G-DASO Falcon 50EX G-IWDB BAe125-800XP G-OLDK Lj45 HB-VNK Ce525 LN-XLS Ce560XLS LZ-HVB B737-3S1 N128AB G400 N451DC G450 N514MM IAI1125SPX N537US B757-251 N1852 Lj55ER OY-ICE Falcon 2000 OY-ILG Global Express P4-XZX BAe125-700B PH-DEZ Ce501 RA-82046 An-124-100 SE-RFI Ce680 10. D-IFHI Beech C90 F-GMLK MD-83 G-DASO Falcon 50EX G-JEBC BAe146-300 G-JMDW Ce550 Bravo G-KALS CL-300

Virgin Atlantic dep VIR812P Air Italy TRA096/187/8/097 Danu Oro f/v 08 DNU902/4721 Debby Rihn-Harvey f/v James Clark f/v SN117 f/v 09 Air Service Liège Sky Service TNT Airways 011 TAY964E Air Alsie MMD6244 Solid Air f/v RAM RAM850/1 Air Traffic ATJ082 FLN f/v OLT f/v MSR - Flug Charter EBF608 LFH f/v Air Italy AEY262/3 Danu Oro DNU4722/947 Yucaipa 09 Avia-Consult f/v 09 AJF851 FlyingGr FYG486V/7VA/654V/5V Israir ISR201/2 ACASS Canada 11 Airailes EOL800/10 Bramptonia 10 Markoss Aviation 10 Air Partner 10 ACG12B/C Albinati 10 LUC1347 Sundt Air MDT04 Bulgaria Air HMS0883/4 Prime Jet 10 Dow Chemical f/v Northwest f/v NWA0036/97 Hästens Air Alsie MMD6239 Execujet Scandinavia VMP963 f/v Stella Aviation Charter Volga Dnepr 10 VDA2569/606 EFS f/v Blue Line 11 BLE648/478P Bramptonia FlyBe f/v BEE1011/2 Xclusive Jet 11 XJC150/T London Executive f/v LNX779K

Easy to spot at Amsterdam is this Transavia Boeing 737 that is leased from Caribbean Airlines for the busy summer months. The aircraft still is in full colours, with just Transavia titles added and the registration PH-HSX. (8 July 2007, Edward van Altena) Scramble 340 - Page 3

Saratov Airlines Yakovlev 42 RA-42432 is taxiing onto Schiphol’s Sierra apron here, after arriving on a charter flight from Kaliningrad. (10 July 2007, Cees van der Bent) LX-ONE Lj35A Ducair DUK1AMB EC-IYB A330-202 Air Comet dep MPD001P LZ-BHD A320-212 BH Air f/v BGH5129/30 EI-DMN B737-3K2 KD Avia f/v AEN723/4 N92AE G-IVSP National Express 12 EI-IRE CL-604 Starair N457H G-IVSP Heinz F-GPLF Ce525 LVD N520AT B757-23N ATA Airlines f/v AMT6356 G-EZBY A319-111 easyJet Airlines f/v EZY4327/8 N538US B757-251 Northwest f/v NWA0036/97 G-ZAPW B737-3L9QC Titan Airways TFL249P OE-GCE BAe125-800XP Goldeck-Flug 11 GDK710/1 I-FARN Ce500 Aliven OE-LVN Fokker 100 Austrian Arrows f/v AUA373/4 N93LA Ce750 Williams f/v OH-LKF ERJ190LR Finnair f/v 11 FIN847/8 N125TM CL-300 EMC OO-DWC BAe146-RJ100 Brussels Airlines 14 DAT6001/2 N250AC PA-31 North West Air Charters 14 OO-DWK BAe146-RJ100 Brussels Airlines dep DAT6002 N300CR G-IVSP Crane f/v 15 P4-LJG Ce750 Venair 11 N536US B757-251 Northwest f/v NWA0036/97 RA-42432 Yak-42D Saravia 11 SOV2949/50 N580ML ERJ135BJ f/v 14 TS-INN A320-212 Nouvelair f/v LBT5208/9 OO-FPA Ce560XL Flying Service FYG854T/1T 11. C-GQPA CL-604 ACASS Canada OY-FFB Ce500 Karlog Air KLG1133/4 CN-RGA B747-428 RAM RAM854/9/8/5 OY-MKS CL-604 Execujet Scandinavia VMP711 D-IATT Raytheon 390 Vibro Air 12 VIB710 SE-DYO CeS550 East Air G-SIRA ERJ135BJ Twinjet 12 TWJ03/P TC-TTA MD-82 Tarhan Tower TTH217/8 HB-VNS Ce560XL Speedwings SPW11S VP-CFZ Ce750 Flying Group FYG982V/3V I-FARN Ce500 Aliven 12 14. CN-RGA B747-428 RAM RAM854/5 LX-LAB PC-12/45 Jetfly CS-TLX B757-2G5 Euro Atlantic f/v TAR638/9 N64GG Beech 350 Specsavers 12 SSZ05A/6 D-ABGE A319-111 Air Berlin f/v BER8369/8 N125TM CL-300 EMC f/v 12 D-ABKA B737-82R Air Berlin f/v 15 BER9265/1788 N490SJ Falcon 200 dep D-AIAX A300B4-605R Lufthansa 15 DLH4688/9 N770SC G-IV Vesey Air F-GMLI MD-83 Blue Line BLE342P OE-IKP CL-604 Amira Air 12 XPE852 G-FSEU Beech 200 Centreline Air Charter CLF03 OO-SAV Ce560XL FlyingServFYG774G/1G/2G/3G G-HCSA Ce525A Hangar 8 HGR831A SE-DRZ Ce500 West Air Sweden 16 I-VIMQ B767-352ER Air Europe TFL271P TC-TTA MD-82 Tarhan Tower TTH217/8 OO-DDA Ce525A Sky Service 12. CN-RGA B747-428 RAM RAM2636/7 OO-DWJ BAe146-RJ100 Brussels Airlines 21 DAT6001/2 D-AIAX A300B4-605R Lufthansa DLH4672/3 OO-MLG Ce560XL Abelag Aviation AAB61M LZ-HBA BAe146-200 Hemus Air LZB0461/2 OO-THB B747-4HAERF TNT Aw f/v TNT500P/UAE9990 LZ-HVB B737-3S1 Bulgaria Air HMS3883/4 OO-TNK B737-301F TNT Airways f/v 16 TAY948E N918CC G-IVSP Astor Street Asset 14 SX-BVD A320-211 Hellas Jet OAL155/6 OO-CIV Ce525A Air Service Liège VP-CHU CL-604 f/v OY-GGG Ce650 Air Alsie MMD6242 15. CN-ROG B767-328ER RAM RAM850/1 OY-MKS CL-604 Execujet Scandinavia f/v VMP711 D-CABB IAI1125 Vibro Air VIB818 TC-SUV B737-86N Sunexpress f/v SXS944/5 D-CAMS Ce560 Triple Alpha 16 CLU1533/F TC-TTA MD-82 Tarhan Tower FLM511/412 D-CWAY Lj55 Silver Bird 16 YL-LCB A320-211 Israir ISR201/2 D-IGME Ce525 Charter Service Hetzler 16 13. 4X-ECC B777-258ER El Al ELY337/8 D-IIVA P180 16 A7-ABX A300B4-622RF Qatar Cargo f/v QTR6055/6 EI-IRE CL-604 Starair D-CAMS Ce560 Triple Alpha CLU153F/3 LZ-HBA BAe146-200 Hemus Air LZB0461/2 D-CHDE Ce560 Stuttgarter Flugdienst N211DK G-IV Urban Zen 17 D-CWAY Lj55 Silver Bird OO-CIV Ce525A Air Service Liège D-IRWR Ce525 BZA251/2 SU-BPZ B737-86N AMC Airlines f/v AMV7352/3 Scramble 340 - Page 4


A320-211 MD-82 B747-2L5B(F) Beech 350 Ce425 PA-42-720 A320-211 A320-216 ATR42-300(F) B737-3L9QC Falcon 900EX B737-3S1 Ce560XL B737-42C G-IV Lj60 Do228-212 SA226T Beech 350 B737-3L9QC BAe125-700A B747-246BF G450 ERJ190LR Ce525 Beech 200C Beech B200 Do328-300 B747-428 Do228-212 PA-42-720 Ce404 Ce525 Raytheon 390 B737-3L9QC Saab 2000 BAe146-200 G-IV G-IVSP BAe146-RJ85 Ce525A Lj45 Ce500 MD-82 CL-604 Beech 200 G-IV B737-33A


Israir ISR201/2 Dubrovnik Airline f/v CTN458/9 Cathay Cargo 17 CPA002 WEKA AW Aerowest Clickair f/v CLI1204/107 Clickair f/v CLI1049/8 FedEx f/v 17 ABR8036/7007 Titan Airways TOM5343/4 Olayan Finance 17 Bulgaria Air HMS0883/4 TJH Air Aegean dep AEE805F 334sq 18 NAF011 f/v 18 Kustwacht f/v 18 Titan Airways Titan Airways CATEX Kalitta Air Verizon Finnair Silesia Air Sky-Service Sky-Service Icejet (n/t) RAM Kustwacht

f/v AWC933A/B TOM5343/4 f/v CKS206 f/v 18 f/v 18 FIN847/8 18 SUA260/1 SKS232H/3 18 18 ICJ100 RAM854/9/8/5 19

Aeroline 2x AWU402/F MSR - Flug Charter EBF918 Manhattan Jet MHN076 Titan Airways TOM5343/4 FlyLal f/v LIL0862/3 Hemus Air LZB0461/2 Int’l Group f/v KM Ventures Brussels Airlines 24 DAT6001/2 Air Service Liège Abelag Aviation AAB32P North Flying NFA033E Tarhan Tower TTH217/8 f/v 19 JEF066/7 102sq IRL240 334sq NAF011 Futura / Aerolinea Principal f/v VLG6506/21 Canadian Global Air Ambulance Daimler-Chrysler DCS114


Ce560XLS Ce525 Ce525A Ce525A Ce525 CRJ200ER B737-33A Falcon 2000 Beech 1900D Falcon 50 SA226T Beech 200 Ce525A B737-448 B747-230F Falcon 50 Ce550 Bravo G-IV G450 B737-3Y0 G550 A320-211 B737-33A

Daimler-Chrysler DCS916/A Charter Service Hetzler Triple Alpha CLU156F/857 Triple Alpha 20 CLU144F/3 MSR - Flug Charter EBF919 Air Nostrum f/v IBE8464/5 Olympic Airlines OAL151/2 Dassault DSO003 Twin Jet POF075 Mascaralain f/v Air Mana EFC401/2 CEGA Aviation CEG972 Hangar 8 HGR838A/B Thai Royal Flight VM904 Ocean Airlines VCX915/F Colony Capital f/v Koop Holding 3x WWI074 Avaya 20 Aegean Airlines 21 AEE800F/1F Trans World Oil 2x Israir ISR201/2 Futura / Aerolinea Principal VLG6506/21 CS-TMR L-1011-500 n/t dep D-CEEE Ce560XLS Daimler-Chrysler DCS916 D-CFAX Lj35A FAI rent-a-jet IFA7393 D-IDBW Ce525 VHM CLU167F/9 D-IPCS Ce525 MSR - Flug Charter EBF920 EI-CZD B767-216ER Transaero TSO9767 F-GDLR Falcon 10 AVDEF DEF29G/30G F-GESP Falcon 2000 Dassault Falcon Serv. DSO097 F-GNLH Fokker 100 Blue Line BLE344P G-LUXY Ce551 Mitre Aviation f/v G-PPLC Ce560 Sterling Aviation f/v SDL600 N5UU Global Express Final Sequel f/v OY-ILG Global Express Execujet Scandinavia VMP963 TC-TTA MD-82 Tarhan Tower TTH217/8 21. CC-CAL B737-33A Futura / Aerolinea Principal VLG6506/21 CN-RGA B747-428 RAM RAM854/5 D-ANFC ATR72-202 Avanti Air ATV4287/287A D-IAGG Raytheon 390 Vibro Air Flugservice VIB618 D-IDBW Ce525 VHM CLU1679/F D-IHRA Ce525A Triple Alpha 24 CLU1443/143F D-INGI Ce340A MSR - Flug Charter EBF121 F-GNLG Fokker 100 Blue Line AFR3484/5 G-OLDT Lj45 Air Partner ACG12B/42A HB-JEV G550 G5 Executive f/v EXH261/2 N184TH PC-12/47 f/v OE-GJA BAe125-850XP Hangar 8 HGR802B/A

Aerolinea Principal took delivery of this former Fly Me Boeing 737-300. Extra Futura titles have been added for the summer, CC-CAL was in Amsterdam on a Vueling flight. (19 July 2007, G. Stigter) Scramble 340 - Page 5

Bahrein Legacy 600 A9C-MAN visited Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. The airframe was delivered to Bexair in December 2006. (30 July 2007, Marco van Halum) RA-42427 Yak-42D S-Air / Marco Group f/v RLS9617/8 OO-SKV Ce560 Sky-Service TC-JDN A340-313X THY THY1951/2 OO-TNE B737-3Q8 TNT 30 TAY944E/941E 25. CN-RGA B747-428 RAM RAM854/9/8/5 PH-NZD S-61N CHC Helicopters HNL30A1/A//1 D-CABB IAI1125 Vibro Air VIB818 22. CC-CAL B737-33A Futura / Aerolinea Principal D-IMME Ce551 Commander Flugdienst VLG6506/21 F-GPUJ Ce525A Unijet LEA094J CN-ROG B767-328ER RAM RAM850/1 G-HCSA Ce525A Hangar 8 26 HGR855A/6A D-CKJS Ce525B MSR Flug Charter f/v 23 EBF522/3 G-MATX PC-12/45 Air Matrix 2x D-IQAS PA-42-1000 Quick Air Service QAJ400 G-SPUR Ce550 Bravo London Executive LNX728U EC-HPR CRJ200ER Air Nostrum f/v IBE8464/5 LX-HMS MD900 Luxembourg Air Rescue f/v EI-DMM B737-33A KD Avia f/v AEN723/4 LZ-HBZ BAe146-200 Hemus Air f/v LZB0461/2 F-GKHJ Falcon 900 Aero Services BES491 OM-NGN B737-7GL Sky Europe f/v ESK610/1 F-GNLH Fokker 100 Blue Line BLE346/P TC-TTA MD-82 Tarhan Tower TTH217/8 G-HCSA Ce525A Hangar 8 23 HGR844B/A/4/50A 26. T-264 KDC-10 334sq NAF044 G-JETI BAe125-800B TAG Aviation 23 D-ABBU B737-8Q8 Air Berlin f/v 27 BER9265/4 HB-JZQ A319-111 easyJet Switzerland f/v EZS1357/8 D-CSIX Lj60 Jet Connection 29 JCX626/9 I-AIGG B767-304ER Air Italy AEY262/3 D-ITWO PA-42-720 Air Alliance Express OK-VSZ Ce550 Bravo ABA-Air ABP551/2 EC-IZP CRJ200ER OY-FFB Ce500 Karlog Air KLG1222/3 Air Nostrum f/v IBE8464/5 SE-DJF MD-83 Fly Excellent f/v 2x 23 MPH0502/1 G-GHPG Ce550 Bravo London Executive LNX784H TF-FIZ B757-256 Icelandair f/v ICE0502/3 G-SAMM Ce340A Calverton Flying Group TF-JXC MD-83 Blue Line BLE482/P G-VKNG B767-3Z9ER XL Airways 27 XLA160P/1P YL-LCA A320-211 Israir ISR201/2 G-ZAPU B757-2Y0 Titan TRA072/5201/2/071 23. D-ANFC ATR72-202 Avanti Air ATV287B/4287 LZ-HBA BAe146-200 Hemus Air LZB0461/2 D-CKJS Ce525B MSR - Flug Charter EBF523/D N99UG CL-601-3A UIM Air D-CTEC Ce525B Aero Business 24 GBJ801A/B N402JP G-IVSP Colleen Corporation F-GVNG Falcon 2000EX Dassault f/v 2x N613H Lj60 f/v 27 F-HALF P180 Landesbank WadenN762KA Beech 200 Wurttemberg f/v N845CW BAe125-800A IOTC Aviation f/v G-CIEL Ce560XL London Executive LNX762E N845QS BAe125-800XP Netjets NJE8DW/GV G-EVRD Raytheon 390 Commercial Av f/v 24 MHN79C OH-LEE ERJ170LR Finnair f/v 27 FIN847/8 G-HCSA Ce525A Hangar 8 25 HGR850A/5A PH-MRO Ce421C Almag G-POWC B737-33AQC Titan Airways VP-BRZ A320-214 Aeroflot f/v AFL229/30 BAW8113/4/5/6 YL-LCB A320-211 Israir ISR201/2 LZ-HVB B737-3S1 Bulgaria Air HMS1883/4 27. 4X-ECB B777-258ER El Al ELY337/8 N773MJ G-IVSP Silver Stream Aviation CS-DMP Beech 400A NetJets f/v NJE4AL N784BX Falcon 2000 WFG Aviation Enterprises 30 D-CFFF Ce560XLS Daimler-Chrysler 29 DCS430 OO-ACT Falcon 900C Flying Service EC-IFS Global Express Gestair GES061/2 OO-SDU Beech 350 Bongrain Benelux F-GMLI MD-83 Blue Line BLE582 S5-BAS Ce525A Linxair f/v G-ELIS PA-34-200T Bristol Flying Centre f/v 29 24. D-CTEC Ce525B Aero Business GBJ801C/10B G-SXTY Lj60 TAG Aviation f/v G-DASO Falcon 50EX Bramptonia HB-JIC MD-90-30 Hello FHE6803/5803 G-ZAPU B757-2Y0 Titan Airways AWC813Y/1 I-SEAE Falcon 2000 Servizi Aerei SNM442/3 N441QS G-IVSP NetJets Aviation LZ-HBA BAe146-200 Hemus Air LZB0461/2 N546US B757-251 Northwest f/v NWA0036/97 N250AC PA-31 North West Air Charters 28 N827GA G-IVSP PPG Industries 26 N613H Lj60 28 N870CM G550 Caremark f/v 25 OE-FAD Ce551 Airlink JAR024 OH-LKH ERJ190LR Finnair f/v 25 FIN847/8 OY-CEV Ce500 North Flying NFA0029/P OO-ACT Falcon 900C Flying Service 26 TC-RKS Lj60 Riksos Aviation f/v 29 OO-DWG BAe146RJ100 Brussels Airlines DAT6001 TC-TTA MD-82 OY-REN Ce525A Amicorp Tarhan Tower TTH217/8 Scramble 340 - Page 6


KDC-10 G550 ERJ135BJ B747-428 B757-2G5 B737-36Q Ce525B Ce525 A319-111 B737-4Y0 Ce550 Bravo B737-3T0F Ce500 ERJ135BJ B767-36NER Lj35A BAe125-800XP Beech B200 A320-211 Lj60 CL-604 Raytheon 390 Ce525 Ce525 Beech F90 CRJ200ER B757-236 Falcon 900EX ERJ145EU Beech B200 B737-3S1 G200 Do328-110 Ce551 B757-2Q8 A321-232 A320-231 Ce525 Falcon 100 ERJ145EU Beech B200 Lj45 BAe146-200 G-IVSP B757-2Q8 Ce500

334sq 29 NAF044/6 ALN f/v 30 Bexair 30 BXA100 RAM RAM854/5 Euro Atlantic Airways TAR638/9 Air Berlin f/v BER8369/8 Aero Business GBJ805A/B Eisele Flugdienst 29 EFD201 Iberia f/v IBE3246/51 Olympic Airlines OAL151/2 Flying Service FYG841C/2C TNT Airways TAY941E/4E Karlog Air KLG1282/3 Bexair f/v 31 BXA102 RAM RAM850/1 Ducair DUK1AMB Netjets Aviation 30 NJE8GV Air Service Liège Israir ISR201/2 Eurojet Romania RDP147L Jet Link JEK578 Vibro Air Flugservice VIB618 VHM CLU133F/5 Bizair 31 BZA321 f/v Air Nostrum f/v IBE8464/5 Gadair RAM850/1 Aero Serv. Executive BES530 FlyBe f/v BEE1013/4 Flt Precision 2x 31 CLB091/178 Bulgaria Air HMS1883/4 Vista Development f/v 31 ex US Airways Express f/v Airlink JAR024 Air Finland TRA052/6115/6/365 SAS SAS553/4 Air Cairo MSC3179/80 Bizair BZA321/A Aero Services BES536 FlyBe f/v BEE1015/6 Flight Precision CLB178/A/A Hundred Percent Aviation Hemus Air LZB0461/2 Heinz Air Finland TRA366/051 North Flying NFA042E

July was the month in which Northwest started using their Boeing 757 for services to Detroit, Boston and Hartford. On the 3rd and 4th of the month the two Miami Air 737s arrived from Miami, to be used by Martinair. A few days later we could welcome an ATR from Lithuania, still wearing Antrak Air titles. On the 8th three (!) Islanders could be seen at Schiphol East. Two days later a nice Saravia Yak arrived and the first Finnair Embraer 190 could be seen nightstopping. On the 11th Falcon 200 N490SJ departed for the United States, via Iceland. This is ex PH-APV of JetNetherlands. The white Spanish A330 which arrived from Düsseldorf last month, left Schiphol on the 13th after a paintjob, now wearing the new Air Comet colours. They got rid of the “Plus”. One day later Euro Atlantic flew for Tunis Air and the second TNT Airways 747 arrived for the first time. On the 19th and a few more times a Chilean-registered 737 could be seen on the Vueling flight from Madrid, wearing Futura and Aerolinea Principal titles. There was also another chance to admire the Thai Royal flight 737, but only for 1.5 hours. The 20th was a special day in the history of Schiphol, because TriStar CSTMR finally departed after three years and two weeks, arrival was 07 June 2004 ! She safely arrived in Lisbon. Two days later Swedish start-up airline Fly Excellent flew for Martinair using an MD-83 without titles yet. On the 24th, another Yak-42, in beautiful grey/blue colours and small “MarcoGroup” titles, could be seen. The month ended with some exotic registrations: a Barbados-registered Gulfstream and two Legacy’s from Bahrain. Credits: Dirk Gortzak, Alexander Schelbergen, Gerrie Stigter, Joop de Vries, DSML and of course the ladies and gentlemen working at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.


Scramble 340 - Page 7

Beech 400A NetJets Europe 02 NJE4WM Beech B200 DRF AMB527 Saab 2000 Eastern Airways EZE520P/1520 Falcon 900C Flying Service Beech 1900D Air Service Liege Falcon 2000EX Jet Netherlands dep JNL643 SA316B 300sq Ce550 Bravo NetJets Europe 03 NJE1HC BAe125-800XPi NetJets Europe NJE5CX/315C Falcon 2000EX Heliavia HEA268/9 Beech B200 Excellent Air 2x GZA6115 Ce551 Commander Flugdienst 03 Ce525A Rath Aviation FTY21 Ce525 Air Service Liege 2x Lj45 MATS IRL258 Ce550 Bravo NetJets Europe 04 NJE1YW/Ce550 Bravo NetJets Europe NJE1MD Beech 400XP NetJets Europe 04 NJE4PK Falcon 2000EX BASF CeF550 Alsair LSR6083 Ce525A Rath Aviation 04 FTY21 Do328-300 Tyrolean Jet Service TJS31/2 Ce500 Karlog Air KLG1032/3 A321-231 Onur Air OHY601/2 Falcon 2000 Ashok Leyland G-IV 334sq 05 NAF11 Ce560XL NetJets Europe -/NJE6PG Ce560XLS NetJets Europe 05 -/NJE3VN CRJ200ER Eurowings RUS7105/2004 CL-601-3R Challenge Air CLS711 Ce551 Commander Flugdienst 05 Lj55 Sky Service Aviation SSA101/2 Falcon 900EX Royal Bank of Scotland DSO56 PA-31T Air Med MCD073 Ce525A Rath Aviation FTY-21 Do328-300 Tyrolean Jet Service TJS31F/31 Beech F90 Air Service Liege 05 Beech 1900D Air Service Liege Falcon 2000EX Danfoss - Air Alsie MMD6215 Ce500 Karlog Air KLG1043/4 Ce560 Solid Air SOX843 A320-232 Martinair Holland MPH182/1 Saab 340A(QC) Skytaxi IGA799/02 Beech 400A NetJets Europe NJE4PK Beech 400A NetJets Europe NJE4AL BAe125-800XP NetJets Europe 06 NJE5WU BAe125-800XPi NetJets Europe NJE7NG Ce525 Air Evex CLU1533 G550 G5 Executive EXH241/2 Beech F90 Air Service Liege 06 Beech 200C Sky Service SKS231/2/3/4 Falcon 2000EX Danfoss - Air Alsie MMD6215 Ce650 Clipper Air Trans. NFA064/064E Saab 340A(QC) Skytaxi IGA704/5 SA316B 300sq 2x Bluebird50 Ce560 Air Tasking Service Dortmund Ce560 Excellent Air 08 GZA5900 G550 G5 Executive 07 EXH252/61 TBM-700 Olivier Rochat 08 TBM-700 Stonehedge Aviation Ce414 Fly 4 U 07 B737-5L9 Air Berlin RUS2006/206 B737-8K2 KLM div KLM1598 Ce208 Tessel Air 07 Fokker 70 Dutch Government KLM7953/5 A300-605R Onur Air OHY601/2 Ce750 Flying Group FYG485V/6V Beech 400A NetJets Europe -/NJE4NF Ce525 MSR-Flug Charter EBF707 Ce340A Straten-Wiekenkamp Airservice BAe125-800XP NetJets 08 -/NJE8GV G-IV 334sq NAF11 Ce550 CCF Manager Al 09 CCF308/9


Ce525 MSR-Flug Charter EBF708 Beech F90 Air Service Liege 2x Fokker 70 Dutch Government KLM7956/3 Ce560XL LTDB SUI030 Falcon 900 NetJets Eur. 10 NJE309N/425H Falcon 2000EX Heliavia HEA283/4/6/7 Ce550 CCF Manager Al 10 CCF309/10 Ce560XL Industrias Titan 10 ITN101 Ce421C Schuite & Schuite Druckfarben Ce550 CCF Manager Al 11 CCF310/Ce525A Gerhard Schubert Lj45 Air Partner 11 ACG26E Falcon 2000 CFS Air 13 G-IV Swiflite Aircraft 12 PC-12/45 ELAS Prof. Services Network Ce550 CCF Manager Al 12 CCF311/Ce525 Rangemile - Volante Avn A320-232 Martinair Holland MPH182/1 Ce650 Solid Air SOX760 Do328-110 Solid Air SOX600 Ce560XLS NetJets Europe NJE3GX/971K Ce550 CCF Manager Al 13 CCF312/Ce525A Windrose Air Jetch. QGA537B/8B Beech B200 DRF AMB561 PA-34-220T Trans Euro Air TRJ412 CeS550 247 Jet Do328-100 Sky Work SRK357 G550 G5 Executive 13 EXH241/9 BAe125-800XP NetJets 13 NJE8DW Beech 350 Air Service Liege 2x BAe125-850XP Avcon Beech 400A NetJets Europe NJE859R/4VR Falcon 2000EX Heliavia HEA286/7 Ce550 CCF Manager Al 14 CCF313/4 Lj35A Senator Aviation Ch. SNA641 P.68B Lips Flugdienst P.68B Ruter CeT303 Ce340 16 Ce560XL Industrias Titan ITN101/2 Ce680 Cessna Aircraft A300-622R Onur Air OHY601/2 G-IV 334sq NAF11 Ce550 Bravo NetJets Europe NJE630W/1NH BAe125-800XPi NetJets Europe NJE5VQ/650W CL-600S Challenge Air CLS702


Scramble 340 - Page 8

(7 July 2007, Joost de Wit)

Ce550 CCF Manager Al 17 CCF314/7 Beech B200 Excellent Air GZA6172 Ce650 Solid Air SOX841 Ce560XL NetJets Europe NJE6RM BAe125-800XPi NetJets Europe NJE7MK/484F SA227AC Aeronova 16 OVAS62/G61 Do328-300 Sun-Air of Scand. SUS702/9102 Beech 400A NetJets Europe NJE4LZ Beech 400A NetJets Europe NJE4AL/389L Falcon 2000 NetJets Europe NJE454T/090M BAe125-800XPi NetJets Europe NJE6FE/365B PC-12/45 Future Finance Corporation 2x G-V Pfizer 17 Fokker 100 KLM Cityhopper div KLM1366 B737-86N Transavia div TRA406 SF260D 5sm BAF195 Ce550 CCF Manager Al 18 CCF317/8 CeT303 Gullwing Aviation 18 G550 JC Bamford Excavators 18 JCB1 Beech 200 Northern Aviation GPO22 TBM-700 Stonehedge Aviation 20 Do328-110 Solid Air 18 SOX895/934 A321-131 Onur Air OHY601/2 BAe125-800XPi NetJets Eur. 19 NJE7NG/290G Ce550 CCF Manager Al 19 CCF318/9 PA-42-720 Cirrus Aviation Ce525 Triple Alpha Aviation CLU1413 TBM-700 ETEC00.065 19 CTM0034 G550 JC Bamford Excavators JCB1 Falcon 7X Dasnair Lj45 WIV Air-2 dep G450 Rabbit Run Falcon 900EX SBC Communications A320-232 Martinair Holland MPH182/1 Falcon 2000EX Jet Netherlands Ce550 CCF Manager Airline 20 G-IVSP Lucent Technologies BAe125-800XP NetJets Europe 24 NJE8LG BAe125-800XPi NetJets Europe NJE9QF BAe125-800XPi NetJets Europe NJE5MB Ce550 CCF Manager Al 22 -/CCF322 CeT303 BAe125-1000B Gama Aviation GMA345 G550 G5 Executive EXH251 Falcon 7X Dasnair Do328-300 Welcome Air TYW552/3


A300-622R BAe125-800XP Falcon 900B Ce421B BAe125-800XP Ce550 DHC-8-102 Beech 400A Ce550 Falcon 50 BAe125-800B Ce550 Bravo Ce550 Bravo Ce550 Ce750 Beech B200 A321-231 Ce550 Bravo Beech 400A Do328-300 Ce550 PA-42-720 CRJ200 Lj40XR B767-33AER PC-12/45 A320-232 Ce650 Ce550 Raytheon 390 MD-90-30 Ce680 EC120B AS365N3 Ce550 Bravo Ce550 SA227AC Do328-300 Falcon 50EX A300-605R Beech H18 Ce680 BAe125-800XP Ce560 Ce680 Ce551 Hughes 369A

Onur Air OHY601/2 NetJets Europe Aero Service Exec. 22 BES491 NetJets Europe dep NJE270K CCF Manager Al 23 CCF322/3 Fly450 NetJets Europe NJE4YN CCF Manager Al 24 CCF323/4 Leadair Unijet 2x LEA048S Air Alsie MMD6279 NetJets Eur. 25 NJE1DV/780D NetJets Europe NJE445T/453F CCF Manager Al 25 CCF324/5 Oshkosh Truck 25 Air Service Liege 2x Onur Air OHY601/2 NetJets Europe NJE797R/860P NetJets Europe NJE699L/4NF Aero-Dienst ADN2385 CCF Manager Al 26 CCF325/6 Heli-Flight Citelynx Travel VIP602/Glass Investments 26 Global Jet Concept ELAS Prof. Services Network Martinair Holland MPH182/1 Solid Air SOX568 CCF Manager Al 27 CCF326/7 Von Essen Aviation Hello FHE5802/6802 Travel Service - UG Air TVS904J Helimo 27 N.H.V. NetJets Europe 28 NJE1NH CCF Manager Al 28 CCF327/8 Aeronova OVAC73 Welcome Air TYW552/3 Global Jet Austria GLJ27HH Onur Air OHY601/2 29 Travel Service - UG Air TVS905J NetJets Europe NJE448P/8MZ Excellent Air 30 GZA6226 EFS - European Flight Service Commander Flugdienst Trafficopters


Ce550 Bravo Ce525A Beech B200 Ce550 Global Express Beech C90 A321-231 ERJ135BJ CL-604

Flying Group FYG981B Turbine Aerospace arr Air Service Liege NLR/TU Delft Aeroempresarial Eifelair Onur Air OHY601/2 International Jetclub 01 VIP Avia PRX604

Eurowings operated a flight on the 4th, using a Cirrus flightnumber with an aircraft in Lufthans Regional colors. Skytaxi’s Saab on the same date was all white, without any titles. The same aircraft visited the airport on the 5th. On the 6th, a KLM 737 diverted in from Schiphol on a flight from Rome and departed an hour later to Amsterdam. Air Berlin operated a service for Cirrus with an aircraft, still registered to Maersk. On July 8th, coinciding with the ‘Tour de France’, CCF started a service to all finishes for Rabobank sponsors. Two diversions on the 16th, with a Cityhopper Fokker 100 followed by a Transavia 737. Both departed to Amsterdam the same evening. On the 23rd, a Dash 8 used the airport as a stop-over on it’s way to Kenya. The aircraft still wore the colours of it’s previous operator, Caribbean Star. On the 28th, the airport got a very nice visitor in the shape and form of a Beech 18. This aircraft departed to Tulsa (USA) on July 21st and arrived at Basel on July 29th where it will be based. A Mexican visitor on the 30th, with N975DN also arriving. This one was first seen again as G-EDCL on 3rd August. The last day of the month provided the local spotters with a Legacy 600, departing the next day. Credits: Rotterdam Airport.

Maastricht June 2007 01. D-BEST F-GLNF OY-NPD TF-AMD V-11 VP-CLO 02. EI-DHG 03. CS-TGV D-BEST N727M TC-MND

Falcon 2000 Beech 1900D SA227DC B747-243B(F) G-IV Falcon 900 B737-8AS A310-304 Falcon 2000 B727-221 A300C4-203

Bauhaus Twinjet North Flying Air Atlanta 334sq Lukoil Avia Ryanair SATA Int’l Bauhaus Nomads MNG Cargo

dep TJT43P NFA135 CLX711 NAF11 RYR6911/2 dep RZO004P dep arr MNB1907

Another Dash 8 on delivery through Rotterdam. Again a former Caribbean Star airplane. 5Y-BUZ was on its way to its new operator Fly540, of which small titels can be seen on the fuselage. (23 July 2007, Cor Mout) Scramble 340 - Page 9

A beautifull night shot of this Saab 340 freighter. LY-NSC of Nordic Solutions is construction number 037, which is over twenty years old, and even flew for Netherlines in 1989. (Maastricht, 4 June 2007, Arjen Sleeuwenhoek) 04. D-ICRK D-ISTB LY-NSC OK-TVF PH-ILI 05. D-ICRK EI-DHH LY-NSA 06. D-ICRK HB-FOQ LY-NSA PH-SOL UR-DWB VP-BTQ 07. D-ICRK EI-CSG LY-NSA UR-DWD 08. D-ICRK D-IHKM LX-LAR PH-DMT PH-KBX TF-AMD 09. EI-CSG OO-CIV OO-TCJ 10. D-IAOA 11. D-ICRK HB-VNY KAF325 LY-NSA N818TH OE-GPS 12. D-CBIN EI-DAI LY-NSD VP-BNO 13. D-CAAM

SA226TC Beech F90 Saab 340A B737-8FH Ce560 SA226TC B737-8AS Saab 340A SA226TC PC.12/45 Saab 340A Ce525 An-26B A319-114 SA226TC B737-8AS Saab 340A An-26B SA226TC Beech C90A Lj35 Fokker 50 Fokker 70 B747-243B(F) B737-8AS Ce525A A320-214 Ce525 SA226TC Ce560XL L-100-30 Saab 340A CL-604 Ce550 Bravo SA227AC B737-8AS Saab 340A G-V Do228-202

Bin Air BID2X/A A&G Bumüller Grossbäckerei Nordic Solutions NVD302/4 Travel Service TVS123 Solid Air SOX441 Bin Air BID2X/A Ryanair RYR6911/2 Nordic Solutions NVD302/4 Bin Air BID2A/B Lions Air 2x Nordic Solutions NVD302/4 Solid Air 07 SOX247/152 Aero Charter Al UCR2908/9 Rossija dep SDM6707 Bin Air BID2X/A Ryanair RYR6911/2 Nordic Solutions NVD302/4 Aero Charter Al UCR2908/9 Bin Air BID2X/A Porta Flug Ducair DUK3AMB Denim Air (VLM) 11 DNM123P/M Dutch Government KLM7954 Air Atlanta CLX711 Ryanair RYR6911/2 Air Service Liege 12 Thomas Cook TCW9167/917F Avanti Aviation CLU1T Bin Air BID1A/2A Jetclub Kuwait Air Force 13 KAF3210 Nordic Solutions NVD302/4 Oskosh Trucks 12 Tyrol Air Ambulance TYW812/3 Bin Air BID2X/A Ryanair RYR6911/2 Nordic Solutions NVD302/4 Gama Aviation Arcus Air AZE42K/43K

D-CBIN SA227AC Bin Air BID1A/2A D-ICTA Ce551 Flugbereitschaft G-CLKE R44 Clarke LY-NSC Saab 340A Nordic Solutions NVD302/4 N818TH CL-604 Oshkosh Trucks 15 RA-26142 An-26B Pskovavia PSW9555/6 TC-MND A300C4-203 Ceiba Cargo dep MNB132 14. B-MAS A300B4-622R(F) Air Macau 22 AMU888 D-CBIN SA227AC Bin Air BID2X/A D-GHSB PA-34-220T MSR Flugcharter EBF814 D-GRUS PA-34-220T D-ICHS Ce425 Aerowest EI-DHG B737-8AS Ryanair RYR6911/2 F-GYCA Falcon 20C Unimat LY-NSA Saab 340A Nordic Solutions NVD302/4 15. D-CBIN SA227AC Bin Air BID1A/2A ES-PVH Lj31A Avies Air Company 16 AIA583 146/XR TBM-700 ETEC00.605 16 CTM3815 MM62029 Falcon 50 93°Gr TS I2029 N190PA G-I Phoenix Air OO-FPB Ce550 Bravo Flying Group FYG492L/932L 16. EI-DHG B737-8AS Ryanair RYR6911/2 MM62204 P180AM 71°Gr GE I2206 18. D-CBIN SA227AC Bin Air BID3A/B D-IHRA Ce525 AvantiAv. CLU153F/1335/5/170F G-FPLD Beech 200 Flight Precision CLB106 LY-NSC Saab 340A Nordic Solutions NVD302/4 UR-DWD An-26B Aero Charter Al UCR2902/3 19. D-BADA Do328-310 Aero-Dienst AND6251 D-IBIN SA226TC Bin Air BID3A/B EI-DHV B737-8AS Ryanair RYR6911/2 LY-NSA Saab 340A Nordic Solutions NVD302/4 N77FK G-IVSP GAC 20 OO-VLK Fokker 50 VLM Airlines VLM123T/X P4-KAS Fokker 50 Air Astana dep KZR1386 20. D-CAAM Do228-202 Arcus Air AZE64M/21B D-IBIN SA226TC Bin Air BID3A/B D-IDIA PA-42-720 ACH Hamburg D-CSIE Lj31A Aero-Dienst AND3237

Scramble 340 - Page 10

LY-NSA Saab 340A PH-SOL Ce525 21. ST47 SF260D CS-DRG BAe125-800XP D-IBIN SA226TC EI-DHV B737-8AS LX-GCA Ce525 LY-NSC Saab 340A PH-ILI Ce560 RA-13392 An-12BP 22. D-IBIN SA226TC D-IKOP Ce525 VP-BYY Global Express 23. D-IFHI Beech 90 EI-DPG B737-8AS 25. D-IBIN SA226TC D-IHEB Ce525 HB-JEK DHC-8-315 LY-NSA Saab 340A PH-DEZ Ce501 PH-JXN Fokker 50 SX-BIR DHC-8-102 26. D-CAAZ Do228-212LT D-IBIN SA226TC EI-DCM B737-8AS LY-NSB Saab 340A 27. D-CHDE Ce560 D-ICRK SA226TC HB-VLZ Ce560 LY-NSA Saab 340A PH-JXN Fokker 50 28. D-CWAY Lj55 D-ICRK SA226TC EI-DHG B737-8AS LY-NSC Saab 340A PH-JXN Fokker 50 TC-OGF A320-214 29. D-ICRK SA226TC TF-ARW B747-256B(F) 30. EI-DAG B737-8AS

Nordic Solutions NVD302/4 Solid Air SOX681 5sm BAF195 NetJets Eur. 22 NJE5VQ/658W Bin Air BID3A/B Ryanair RYR6911/2 Serlux Nordic Solutions NVD302/4 Solid Air SOX665 Kosmos KSM9625/6 Bin Air BID3A/B Avanti Aviation CLU1T Mid East Jet Eifelair Ryanair RYR6911/2 Bin Air BID3A/B Silver Cloud Air FlyBaboo 26 BBO5101/2 Nordic Solutions NVD302/4 Stella Aviation Charter Denim Air a/w DNM101/2 Olympic Airlines Arcus Air AZE21Z/22Z Bin Air BID2A/B Ryanair RYR6911/2 Nordic Solutions NVD302/4 Stuttgarter Flugdienst 28 Bin Air BID2A/B Skywork SRK571 Nordic Solutions NVD302/4 Denim Air a/w DNM101/2 Silverbird Bin Air BID2A/B Ryanair RYR6911/2 Nordic Solutions NVD302/4 Denim Air a/w VGN904 Atlas Jet Arr KKK707 Bin Air BID2X/A Air Atlanta CLX711 Ryanair RYR6911/2

Turkish Cargo TC-JCT: 01-04, 06², 07, 09², 10, 11, 13, 14, 16², 17, 18, 20², 21, 23, 24, 27-30

Royal Jordanian F-ODVF: 03, 04, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 15 F-ODVG: 01 Cargolux LX-FCV: LX-GCV: LX-ICV: LX-KCV: LX-LCV: LX-MCV: LX-NCV:

05, 02, 14, 05 09, 19, 07,

28 12, 13 26 15, 21, 27 23 16, 22, 24, 25


19, 12, 10, 03, 11 06

20 17, 18 26 04

The SATA Airbus departed on the 3rd after a repaint by MAAS. The MNG bus, arriving the same day for a spot at MAAS, departed ten day later in Ceiba Cargo colors. Rossija’s VPBTQ finally departed on the 6th. The Thomas Cook bus on the 9th was the one in Kamagurka colors. One of the nicest military visitors was perhaps the Kuwaity hercules on the 11th. On the 14th, MAAS next job arrived in the form and shape of an Air Macau bus, departing the airport again eight days later. On the 15th the local spotters witnessed the last Royal Jordanian Cargo flight to and from the airport. The Air Astana Fokker departed on the 18th, after some maintenance by SAMCO. On the 25th, the Olympic Dash 8 made a testflight before departing home. MAAS last paintjob for June arrived the 28th, departing Juli 3rd in Spring Airlines colours. Air Atlanta also subbed for Cargolux on some flights. Credits: SG Maastricht/Treshold,


Ce402B ATR42-320 Lj60 A300B4-2C Falcon 50EX Ce560 Lj60 B767-204ER Fokker 50 BAe125-800XP Ce525A TBM-700 A320-214 BAe125-800XP

Coast Air CST1/2 MAPjet 02 MPJ101/2 Fly Air FLM611/2 Tidnish Holding 03 Stuttgarter Flugdienst FFD801 Premium Aviation PMU723 Thomsonfly arr FJE105P Virgin Nigeria 22 VGN905/2 NetJets Europe NJE3HE/460K Fegotila 09 JetFly Aviation Spring Al KKK708 NetJets Europe NJE5RH

B-MAS is the first Air Macau Cargo A300-600F. It was painted by MAAS after freighter conversion at Dresden. (22 June 2007, Arjen Sleeuwenhoek) Scramble 340 - Page 11

D-CSKY Beech 350 AeroDienst ADN4316 D-ICHS Ce425 Aerowest G-LGAR Lj60 TAG Aviation UK N999YY Global Express TAG Aviation 08 TAG501 RA-13392 An-12BP Kosmos Av Comp.KSM9630/29 05. D-ADCA G550 DaimlerChrysler Av 06 DCS266 D-GRUS PA-34-220T D-IBAD Beech 200 PTL KST203/4 D-IDMH Ce525A Herrenknecht LX-YSL Ce525 Yves St. Laurent N709EL Beech 400 Gal Air OO-DDA Ce525 Abelag Aviation RA-13392 An-12BP Kosmos Av Comp. KSM9625/6 TC-SKH B737-8BK Sky Airlines SHY438F/460 06. CS-DRO BAe125-800XP NetJets Europe NJE3NL D-CAIR Ce560XLS Airtrans HB-JEZ Ce750 TAG Aviation FPG638 PH-DMS Fokker 50 VLM Airlines 10 VLM278F/123M 07. D-GICE PA-44-180 German Flight Academy D-IFIS Ce525 Stuttgarter Flugdienst FFD525 N709EL Beech 400 Gal Air OO-CEJ Ce525 Air Service Liege 08. D-ITAN Ce525 Eisele Flugdienst N845QS BAe125-800XP NetJets NJE8GV/933P OY-NPF SA227DC North Flying NFA117/E TC-ACZ A300B4-103F ACT Cargo 09 RUN174 09. D-CSUL Lj45 Pro Air 10 11. 9K-AKD A320-212 Kuwait Government 12 KAC006 D-ILIF Ce525 Air Alliance LY-RUN Saab 340A Danish Air Transp DNU948/481 RA-13392 An-12BP Kosmos Av Comp. KSM9625/6 RA-26142 An-26B Pskovavia PSW9551/2 12. D-ANFC ATR72-202 Avanti Air ATV3976/976A D-ISHW Ce525 Siemag Verwaltung G-BPXX PA-34-200T Yorkshire Aviation 13 G-SLVR B767-204ER Silverjet dep FJE105P L4-01 L-410UVP-E 15BRVL L401 N19SG TBM-700 Walmsley PH-LMA Fokker 50 AircraftConversions tstflt ST47 SF260D 5sm BAF195 TC-SKF B737-4Q8 Sky Airlines SHY459/60 13. CS-DMC Beech 400 NetJets Europe NJE4VR/535Q D-IRKE Ce525 Avanti Aviation CLU184F/1843 14. CS-DMI Beech 400A NetJets Europe NJE4QG 15. D-ANFC ATR72-202 Avanti Air ATV977A/4116 D-IRKE Ce525 Avanti Av 17 CLU1843/130F OO-SKP Ce550 Bravo Sky Service TF-ELE A300B4-622R Maximus Air Cargo ABD621 16. G-BPXX PA-34-200T Yorkshire Aviation 17 LY-RUM ATR42-300 Danish Air Transp. DNU5512/3 N993EX Falcon 900EX General Electric 20 TC-ACZ A300B4-103F ACT Cargo 17 RUN175/175F 17. D-CALL Ce550 Bravo Hamburg Air Charter 18 HA-TCX An-26B Budapest AS BPS400F/4100 N19SG TBM-700 Walmsley N326EW Falcon 2000 Leco 20 18. D-CHEP Ce550 Avanti Aviation CLU500F/5001 N19SG TBM-700 Walmsley 19. CS-DHH Ce550 Bravo NetJets Europe NJE1NH PH-DEZ Ce501 Stella Aviation Charter ST47 SF260D 5sm BAF180 TC-SKH B737-8BK Sky Airlines SHY459/60 UR-DWB An-26B Aero Charter Al UCR2906/7 20. N125TM CL-300 EMC 24 N19SG TBM-700 Walmsley 22 RA-11115 An-12TB Avial NVI9731/626 21. N19UM Beech C90 O & D Bird Aviation PH-JXK Fokker 50 Virgin Nigeria DNM601T 22. PH-LMT Fokker 50 VLM Airlines arr VLM123M 23. G-IOOX Lj45 Hundred Percent Aviation N19SG TBM-700 Walmsley 24. D-IKOP Ce525 Avanti Aviation CLU1T/1843 25. D-IHRA Ce525 Avanti Aviation CLU156F/5001 G-CLKE R44 Clarke PR-LGD MD-11F VARIG Log VLO7439

RA-26134 An-26B 26. OE-GHU BAe125-800XP PH-JNE Ce525 PR-LGD MD-11F RA-26142 An-26B TC-SKH B737-8BK UR-DWB An-26B 27. CS-DMH Beech 400A EC-JHU B727-230(F) PR-LGE MD-11F 28. N154DJ CeT303 N303WL DC-10-30F N705CK B747-246F OO-HSK AS355-F2 PR-LGD MD-11F TC-ACY A300B4-203F UR-DWB An-26B 29. 4L-GAF CL-850 30. OE-GNF Lj60 OO-FPC Ce525 SE-RFH Ce680 VP-BNO G-V 31. 9K-AKD A320-212 D-IHRA Ce525 N19SG TBM-700 PH-FZG Fokker 50 RA-26142 An-26B Cargolux LX-FCV: LX-PCV: LX-RCV: LX-SCV: LX-TCV: LX-UCV: LX-VCV:

03, 10, 10, 12, 17, 13, 04,

Pskovavia PSW9551/2 Goldeck Flug GDK426 Jet Netherlands JNL926 Varig Logistica VLO9792/3 Pskovavia PSW9553/4 Sky Airlines SHY459/60 Aero Charter Al UCR2907/8 NetJets Europe NJE4PK Swiftair SWT231/232P VARIG Log VLO9791 Freeflight Aviation World Airways30 WOA6071/973 Kalitta Air 02 CKS4562/9203 Heli Service Belgium Varig Logistica VLO9794/9795 ACT Cargo 29 AZA9474/8832 Aero Charter Al UCR2907/8 Georgian Al n/t 31 TGZ1677/8 Vista Jet Flying Group FYG471N/2N Bookajet Gama Aviation Kuwait Government 01 KAC006 Avanti Avn CLU500F/5001/172F Walmsley VLM Airlines a/w arr DNM317P Pskovavia PSW9553/4

06, 07, 09, 14, 19, 20, 26 11, 22, 23 LX-GCV: 15, 16 LX-KCV: 17, 27 LX-LCV: 29 LX-MCV: 31 LX-OCV: 24

03, 24 28 01 01, 02, 05, 21, 25 07, 18, 31

Turkish Cargo TC-JCT: 01, 04, 05, 07, 08, 11, 12,14-19, 21, 22, 26, 28, 29 Nordic Solutions LY-NSA: 02, 10 LY-NSC: 05, 11

LY-NSB: 04

Ryanair EI-CSJ: 12, 17, 19 EI-DAT: 05, 14, 24, 31 EI-DHP: 26 EI-DHV: 03, 10

EI-DPG: 07 EI-DPI: 28 EI-DPM: 21

Bin Air D-CCCC: 02, 03 D-ICRK: 05, 24, 25, 26 D-IBIN: 04, 06, 9-13, 16-20, 27, 30, 31 Coast Air’s LN-FAO arrived on the first day of this month for SAMCO, to depart more than four weeks later, on August 4th. The 2nd day MAAS received it’s first customer for this month. This 767 departed 10 days later in Silverjet colors. On day three, an Atlas Jet aircraft departed after being painted in Spring Airlines colours. The VLM on the 6th was also a customer for SAMCO, just like the aircraft, arriving on the 22nd. On the 21st, the Virgin Nigeria Fokker performed a local testflight. A very nice visitor for MAAS arrived on the 29th, departing two days later. On the last day of the month, another customer for SAMCO arrived from Amsterdam, where its VLM coat had been removed by QAPS. Credits: SG Maastricht/Treshold,

Lelystad July 2007 02. D-IMME OO-GMJ 03. HB-GHD OE-GKK 04. PH-MRO 06. PH-ILA XB-ANQ

Scramble 340 - Page 12

Ce551 Beech 350 Beech F90 Ce550 Bravo Ce421C Ce560 PA-60-601P

Geko Trade Air Service Liege Air Evasion Jetfly Gouden Arend Solid-aiR

09 dep

After being parked for a few days at the ramp of Maastricht Airport, the Boeing 727 of travel club Nomads departed. The travel club organises tours to various parts of the world, and offers private and luxurious transport for its members. (3 June 2007, Arjen Sleeuwenhoek) G-FCED PA-31T2 Air Medical MCD075 09. D-GCCC PA-34-220T 09. 3B-VIP Beech 1900D Cato Air PH-ATM Beech 200 Skyline Aviation CS-DHO Ce550 Bravo Netjets Europe NJE611K 20. CS-DRW BAe125-800XPi NetJets Europe RA-76402 IL-76TD Volga-Dnepr Al 10 VDA4888/32 26. D-IIWB Beech C90B ACH Hamburg 11. 72+39 UH-1D THR30 Joker87 After a week at the airport, the Mexican registered Aerostar J-646 F-16AM 312sq went on its way. L-02 PC-7 131EMVOsq +23 *Diamond10 LX-N90455 E-3A NAEW&CF *Nato08 Credits: Barry Nab, Joost de Wit. C-FJOI Falcon 900EX Future Electronics 13 CS-DHA Ce550 Bravo NetJets Europe NJE370H Eindhoven D-IAAE PA-42-720 Air Alliance Express July 2007 N51WF RC690C Aviation Air Services 01. CS-DLC Falcon 2000EX Netjets Europe NJE529P OK-MIN Ce340 Aerotaxi D-CNCJ Ce650 ACM Air Charter Luftf. BVR303 OK-TLU PA-34-200T TL-Ultralight D-IATT Raytheon 390 Vibro Air VIB730 PH-MPF A320-232 Martinair MPH182/1 G-CHEY PA-31T2 Air Medical MCD053 12. ZZ171 C-17A 99sq 02. 50+83 C-160D LTG62 GAF331 CS-DHA Ce550 Bravo NetJets Europe NJE370H . N69516 Ce340 G-BMDK PA-34-220T Air Medical MCD081 OY-JRV Beech 1900D Danish Air Transport NTJ900Z G-HCSA Ce525A Hangar 8 HGR890A RA-3446K Yak-50 Yakkes Foundation arr N82AJ Ce501 FGS Intercorp-Holding RA-82079 An-124-100 Volga-Dnepr Al VDA4885/ RA-76402 IL-76TD Volga-Dnepr Al 03. 111/XM TBM-700 ETEC00.065 CTM0032 13. FF-3 F27-4000M TukiLLv 14 FNF155 H26 A109BA 18sq MRH AYB826 PH-MNZ Do228-212 Kustwacht *NCG01 MM62204 P180 71°Gruppo GE I2205 D-IAAC Ce441 CCF Manager Al CCF151/2/3/4 LX-N90456 E-3A NAEW&CF *Nato05 UR-CCP An-12A Aerovis Airlines TR.20-01 Ce560 403Esc AME0330 14. F-GTKJ Beech 1900D Twin Jet 15 TJT715A/B ZR323 A109E 32(TR)sq RRR1371 15. HB-LSD PA-34-200T Twin Flyer Club Basel D-CASA Ce560 Air Tasking Service Dortmund 16. PH-BXB B737-8K2 KLM div KLM1616 SE-DJO BAe146-RJ85 Transwede 12 SCW1250/ SE-DSR BAe146-RJ100 Malmo Aviation 25 SCW1250/1 TWE7500 17. LX-N90448 E-3A NAEW&CF * 04. PH-MPD A320-232 Martinair MPH181 D-IDRF Beech B200 DRF AMB577/83A RA-76402 IL-76TD Volga-Dnepr Al 05 VDA4830/86 D-IXXX PA-42-720 Leipziger Messe 05. 747 C-130H 356MTM 06 HAF356H F-OHFO Falcon 50 Adolf Würth LX-N20000 CT-49A NAEW&CF * Nato16 RA-76446 IL-76TD Volga-Dnepr Al 18 VDA?/4926 CS-DHL Ce550 Bravo NetJets Europe NJE270K 18. 92-3292 C-17A 437th AW 20 Rch640 D-CASA Ce560 Air Tasking Service Dortmund 71+20 UH-1D LTG61 Medevac7120 D-ITAN Ce525 EFD Eisele Flugdienst D-CAWU Ce560 Adolf Würth 06. F-GIZB Beech C90 Atlantique Air Assist. TLB221/2 D-HMUG Bo105CB Rhein-Ruhr Helicopter G-CDFS ERJ135ER Citelynx OO-PGG Ce560XL Abelag Aviation AAB31G OE-GJA BAe125-850XP Global Jet Austria HGR899A PH-MPF A320-232 Martinair MPH181 UR-CCP An-12A Aerovis Airlines VIZ2362/77 RA-3446K Yak-50 Yakkes Foundation dep 07. D-CPRW Do328-110 Excellent Air 08 GZA5778 RA-76402 IL-76TD Volga-Dnepr Al VDA4838/? D-IFFB Beech 300LW FLM Aviation EBF1107 19. N45JB Falcon 200 Barron Aircraft 08. G-CDFS ERJ135ER Citelynx 20. CC-2 C295M TukiLLv 21 FNF157 Scramble 340 - Page 13

D-IANA Beech B200 D-IBFE Beech B200 D-IFDH Ce525 OO-FPB Ce550 UR-CBG An-12BP 21. LX-N90442 E-3A CS-DMO Beech 400A OO-FPB Ce550 Bravo RA-76446 IL-76TD 22. OO-MLG Ce560XL 23. ZE380 Lynx AH9 CS-DHE Ce550 F-GZPE P180 LN-WFE DHC-8Q-311 24. J-011 F-16AM J-013 F-16AM J-142 F-16AM J-193 F-16AM J-511 F-16AM J-515 F-16AM HB-JRB CL-604 RA-76370 IL-76TD VP-BMZ RC690C 25. D-IBFE Beech B200 PH-MPF A320-232 RA-76446 IL-76TD 26. D-664 CH-47D S-457 AS532U2 1x AS532U2 CS-DNJ BAe125-800XP CS-DNN BAe125-800XP D-CHLE Lj60 N762KA Beech 200 27. FB21 F-16BM J-270 F-16BM L-05 PC-7 S-458 AS532U2 ZG889 Lynx AH9 ZG920 Lynx AH9 CS-DMO Beech 400A D-CCGN Lj55

Dix Aviation DIX520 Excellent Air 2x GZA6170 Dix Aviation DIX320 Flying Service FYG011L/2L Aerovis Airlines NAEW&CF *Magic01 NetJets Europe 22 NJE012C Flying Service FYG014L/5L Volga-Dnepr Al 23 VDA?/4840 Abelag Aviation AAB71M 1Regt *AAC111 Netjets Europe NJE307F Pan Européenne AS PEA182 Wideroe 02 WIF9011/? 312sq Sting21 312sq Burst21 312sq *Bonzo21 312sq Metal24 311sq Metal21 311sq Metal22 Swiss Air-Ambulance SAZ351/2 Volga-Dnepr Al25 VDA107/4930 Aviatica Trading 26 Excellent Air 26 GZA5930 Martinair MPH182/1 Volga-Dnepr Al27 VDA4842/932 298sq *Jigger2 300sq +27 *Wildcat22 300sq *Wildcat11 NetJets Europe NJE952P NJE067D NetJets Europe Hapag Lloyd Exec. 2x HLX572 IFF Flight Services 2w BAF225 313sq *Tiger81 131EMVOsq *Archer04 300sq *Jungleflight 1Regt *AAC144 1Regt *AAC144 NetJets Europe NJE094B Quick Air Jet Charter QAJ410

RA-76445 IL-76TD Volga-Dnepr Al30 VDA4931/844 UR-CBG An-12BP Aerovis Airlines VIZ2376/7 30. E113/314-TD Alpha Jet E EAC00.314 * E120/314-LG Alpha Jet E EAC00.314 * E137/314-LJ Alpha Jet E EAC00.314 * E142/314-LO Alpha Jet E EAC00.314 *FAF6443 FA115/FS F-16AM 2w BAF215 J-193 F-16AM 313sq *Sting22 L-07 PC-7 131EMVOsq *Archer02 D-CAIR Ce560XL Berner Group G-CHEY PA-31T2 Air Medical MCD075 N845QS BAe125-800XP Netjets 31 NJE341B 31. 84-00180 C-12U F/6-52nd AVN 2x Mirage F1CR ER01.033 *FAF7822 1x AH-64D 301sq *Redskin21 OO-FPE Ce525B Flying Serv. FYG163R/1R/2R/4R RA-3446K Yak-50 Yakkes Foundation arr RA-76446 IL-76TD Volga-Dnepr Al 01 VDA4933/4 OY-SRN B767-219ER(F) Maersk - Star Air Chalair F-GIJB F-GPAS F-BXPY

03², 10, 11², 12², 13 10 04², 05² F-HBCA


Corendon TC-TJA 07, 14, 21, 28 TC-TJB 03, 05, 07, 10, 12, 17, 19, 24, 26, 31 Iceland Express HB-JID 06, 13, 16, 20, 27, 30 HB-JIE 02, 09 HB-JIF Sky TC-SKD TC-SKE

28 21


03, 07, 10, 14, 24, 28, 31 03, 24, 31 TC-OAK 17 TC-OAY

Pegasus TC-AAB 18 TC-APU 04, 25



23 03, 10, 14, 17, 24, 31

10 17, 21 11

This new Finnish Air Force C295M CC-2 visited Eindhoven to pick up the Finnish soldiers that participated in the Nijmeegse Vierdaagse. This aircraft belongs to TukiLLv and was delivered on 29 March 2007. (21 July 2007, Jorg van der Schans) Scramble 340 - Page 14

As clearly shown on this Citation XLS the owner is Berner . A plastics producer from Tübingen. The aircraft is seen here at Eindhoven Airport. (30 July 2007, Niels Quist) Wizzair HA-LPA HA-LPB HA-LPC HA-LPE

21² HA-LPF 07² HA-LPH 03², 05², 12 HA-LPK 14², 19², 24², 31²

10², 12, 17² 26² 28²

Spectacular as ever is the amount of transport aircraft visiting the airport. On the third day of July a meeting was held for the European Transport Command at Eindhoven and Welschap was visited by not less than five foreign aircraft attending this mission. Three customers for a fresh paintjob this month, with SE-DJO arriving on the 3rd, SE-DSR arriving on the 16th and LN-WFE arriving the 23rd. This last one was probably the best for the local spotters, as it departed in Island Aviation colours, a local Maldives carrier. This month also the annual hikingtour in Nijmegen was held again and as usual the Finnish Air Force appeared with their Fokker 27 in the oh so wonderful camouflage colours. But after the tour, when the Finnish people went back to Finland a brand new C295 showed up. It was a little bit pity that the Canadians didn’t appear with an aircraft as usual, but the month was not bad at all. Credits: Eindhoven Airport, EWAS, Joost de Wit, Stefan Jongen, Rob Hendriks.

De Kooy July 2007 02. A-301 ES-YLZ G-ISSW 03. G-ISSV PH-MNZ PH-RPX 04. M2 06. G-273 09. M2 G-BWGL G-ISSU 11. ST43 12. Q-29 S-456 S-256 ES-YLZ G-ISSU

SA316B 300sq Bluebird59 L-39C Skyline Av EC155B1 Bristow BHL512 EC155B1 Bristow BHL92N Do228-212 Kustwacht +4-6,12 NCG01 Bo105CBS KLPD SA316B 40sm +5 NYB402 C-130H-30 334sq NAF33 SA316B 40sm NYB402 Hunter T8C DHHF * +23 Hunter22 EC155 B1 Bristow SF260D 5sm *BAF180 AH-64D 301sq Redskin43 AS532U2 300sq *Wildcat14 S Lynx Mk90B 722sq +17 DNY256 L-39C Skyline Av. Lion39 EC155B1 Bristow

PH-JAS PH-LBR 13. Q-29 R-01 S-456 N82AJ 17. 1x L-11 19. N707TJ N74189 20. E10/314-UL E22/314-LS E101/314-TT 3x Alpha Jet 21. ZF339 L-03 Q-24 R-03 S-440 T-235 ES-YLF ES-YLI ES-YLP ES-YLR ES-YLS ES-YLX 23. S-442 25. PH-EMS 26. A-275 83+21 N350AY 30. S-440 31. 2x

Ce208 Ce208 AH-64D AB412SP AS532U2 Ce501 SF260D PC-7 PT-17 PT-17 Alpha Jet E Alpha Jet E Alpha Jet E Alpha Jet E Tucano T1 PC-7 AH-64D AB412SP AS532U2 KDC-10 L-39C L-39C L-39C L-39C L-39C L-39C AS532U2 EC135T2 SA316B Lynx Mk88A AS350B3 AS532U2 Mirage F1

PCT T Air 301sq 16 Redskin43 303sq Gannet01 300sq 15 Wildcat14 SAC 5sm BAF195 131EMVOsq Dmnd04 Team Guinot * Team Guinot * EAC00.314 21 FAF6470 EAC00.314 21 FAF6470 EAC00.314 21 FAF6470 EAC00.314 21 FAF6470 1FTS *RFR7121 131EMVOsq *Diamond04 301sq *Redskin33 303sq *Gannet03 300sq *Wildcat02 334sq *NAF42 Breitling Jet Team 22 Breitling Jet Team 22 Breitling Jet Team 22 Breitling Jet Team 22 Breitling Jet Team 22 Breitling Jet Team 22 300sq *Wildcat25 MAA *Lifeliner 300sq Bluebird58 MFG3 GNY4612 privat 300sq Wildcat71 AdlA *FAF7822

Credits: Oscar Sannen, SGDK.

Leeuwarden July 2007 02. G-275 03. PH-RPH 04. ZE200/DB ZG799/HJ 05. 692

Scramble 340 - Page 15

C-130H-30 Ce182R Tornado F3 Tornado F3 F-16AM

334sq KLPD 111sq 111sq FLO

*+9,11 NAF35 05 RFR7426A 05 RFR7426B NOOW5002

09. J-061 J-196 10. G-273 11. 15118 2x J-146 12. FA133/FS J-270 J-515 J-646 16. 52/2-EH 61/2-FM G-FRAT 18. 59/2-EV J-058 S-442 U-05 19. Q-08, Q-09 S-453 20. CH07 J-055 J-514 23. J-511 J-864 25. J-653 27. 1x 30. J-008 J-193, J-196 31. J-142 J-640

F-16AM F-16AM C-130H-30 F-16AM Mirage F1C F-16AM F-16AM F-16BM F-16AM F-16AM Mir2000-5F Mir2000-5F Falcon 20 Mir2000-5F F-16AM AS532U2 Fokker 50 AH-64D AS532U2 C-130H F-16AM F-16AM F-16AM F-16AM F-16BM AS532U2 F-16AM F-16AM F-16AM F-16AM

313sq *Metal23 313sq *Metal24 334sq *NAF33 Esq201 12 AFP56 AdlA FAF7831A/B 312sq 07 aug Fist21 2w BAF221 311sq +18,27 Sting21 311sq *+25 Sting22 312sq *Fist22 EC01.002 17 FAF7101A EC01.002 17+18 FAF7101B FR Aviation 20 Vader1 EC01.002 19 FAF7101A 312sq *Fist1 300sq Wildcat11 334sq NAF50 301sq Redskin41form 300sq Wildcat11 20sm BAF660 313sq 25 Orange1 313sq 23 Orange2 313sq *Metal21 313sq 27 Metal22 313sq 27 Anvil2 300sq *Wildcat65 311sq *Sting22 311sq *Sting21 311sq *Sting21 311sq *Sting22

Credits: Richard Laskewitz, R. Oosting, Christian Schrik.

Soesterberg July 2007 02. J-368 J-511 J-653 J-864 50+83 FB04 03. G-CDEB PH-MAA 04. 1x 05. 1x 1x 06. G-273 T-235

F-16BM F-16AM F-16BM F-16AM C-160D F-16BM Saab 2000 EC135T2 SH-14D AH-64D PC-7 C-130H-30 KDC-10

312sq *Stingflight 311sq *Stingflight 313sq *Stingflight 313sq *Stingflight LTG62 GAF331 10w Tiger29 Eastern Airways EZE529P ANWB MAA MARHELI *NRN689 301sq Redskin22 131EMVOsq *Diamond12 334sq *NAF33 334sq * +23NAF41

D-IRKE 09. ES-YLZ PH-EMS 11. PH-MNZ 1x 12. G-275 L-10 Q-29 PH-RPS 16. Q-29 1x 84-00173 69-5795 17. PH-RPI 18. 1x 19. PH-RPV 59/2-EV 61/2-FM 20. 1x 1x 23. N13FY L-02 25. PH-WRW LX-N90449 26. PH-RPW 27. L-01 D-HRAM 30. U-06 E120/314-LG E137/314-LJ PH-WRW

Cessna 525 L-39C EC135T2 Do228-212 C-130H-30 C-130H-30 PC-7 AH-64D Bo105C AH-64D SH-14D C-12T-3 MH-53M Ce182R C-130H-30 Bo105C Mir2000-5F Mir2000-5F F-16 C-130H-30 AT-6A PC-7 EC120B E-3A Bo105C PC-7 AS350B Fokker 60 Alpha Jet E Alpha Jet E EC120B

Triple Alpha CLU1533 Skyline dep12 Lion39 ANWB MAA Lifeliner1 Kustwacht *+12 NCG01 334sq *NAF35 334sq *+13 NAF35 131EMVOsq * +24Archer08 301sq *Redskin43 KLPD +17 301sq *Redskin43 MARHELI *NRN535 OSACOM det46 17 Argus27 21st SOS 25 Spicy85 KLPD * 334sq *NAF35 KLPD +20 EC01.002 *FAF7101 EC02.002 *FAF7101 *M2929 Volkel 334sq NAF35 privat * 131EMVOsq *Archer08 Helicon * NAEW&CF *Nato12 KLPD * 131EMVOsq *Diamond12 Heli-C R * 334sq NAF50 EAC00.314 FAF6442 EAC00.314 FAF6440 Helicon *

This month had a real night visitor, the Ce525 did a medical flight and came in around midnight. The Coastgard Dornier on the 11th should come in for some practise touch and go’s but an unsafe indication in the cockpit occured regarding the nose landing gear. Therefore only a flyby very close to the tower was made, for some visual information by the tower personell. Afterwards the Dornier went to Schiphol for a precautionary landing. On the 16th a Mildenhall MH-53M came to Soesterberg for no less than a week. During this week some missions were flown sometimes together with the local 300sq Cougars. Also on the 16th was a USArmy C-12T which should be the 84-00173, what should say that it belongs to OSACOM det46. The month closed with two Tours based Alpha Jets, so not bad at all for a holiday month! Credits: Scramble Soesterberg Forum, Ernesto Bauer, W.P. van Houten.

Because of the small amount of military pictures made at Dutch airbases last month, we show here a take-off shot from Royal Jordanian Air Force C-130H 347. Together with aircraft 346 this aircraft brought two Royal Jordanian Falcon Extra 300s for the Volkel air show later that week. (Volkel, 8 June 2007, Niels Hoogenboom) Scramble 340 - Page 16

In last month Rotterdam June movements we forgot to mention an important military visitor, C-130J 03-8154 from 815th AS AFRC. This Hercules brought a Yugoslavian war criminal. The aircraft arrived under callsign Herky205 annd departed a few hours later as Crew05 to Sarajevo. (Rotterdam, 1 June 2007, Ronald Stevelink)


Woensdrecht July 2007

02. A-247 A-292 G-275 J-063 05. L-04 LX-N20000 06. 45+28, 45+68 G-273 J-251 J-253 J-269 09. FB14 10. 4009 4021 11. 71+72 J-146 J-362 J-873 16. FA86 FA97 18. FB09 268 J-203 J-868 19. 1x 21. LX-N90442 26. S-457 1x 30. 71+07 E120/314-LG E137/314-LJ S-453

SA316B SA316B C-130H-30 F-16AM PC-7 CT-49A Tornado IDS C-130H-30 F-16AM F-16AM F-16BM F-16BM NF-5B NF-5B UH-1D F-16AM F-16AM F-16AM F-16AM F-16AM F-16BM SH-14D F-16AM F-16AM F-16 E-3A AS532U2 AS532U2 UH-1D Alpha Jet E Alpha Jet E AS532U2

300sq +19 Bluebirdform 300sq +27 Bluebirdform 334sq *+9,19 NAF35 323sq Diana1 131EMVOsq *Diamond12 NAEW&CF *Nato16 JBG31 * 334sq +12 NAF33 PAF M2931 PAF Bonzo21 PAF M2920 10w *Tiger19 133Filo 11 +16 TuAF035 133Filo 11 +16 TuAF035 LTG63 +16 GAF395 323sq Polly1 323sq *AJ63 323sq *AJ31 10w Tiger31 10w Tiger32 2w *BAF451 MARHELI *NRN533 323sq *AJ06 323sq *AJ11 nn *BAF471 NAEW&CF *Magic1 300sq *Wildcat22 300sq *Wildcat21 LTG63 31 GAF515 EAC00.314 FAF6442 EAC00.314 FAF6440 300sq *Wildcat41

Turkish NF-5Bs at Volkel, these wonderful seventies aircraft came back twice this month. They attended the RIAT as well as the German Huey. The AWACS on Sunday was circling over the southern part of the Netherlands this day, because of an hold for the Texel Airshow. After the flyby overthere it went to Brussel for an army parade. The Huey on the 30th came also from an airshow at Weston-Super-Mare, were it was part of the Weston Heli Days. Credits: SG Volkel messageboard, Scramble messageboard.

July 2007 01. 70+65 02. G-275 D-ICOL LN-RNC OO-VLZ PH-KLD 03. LN-RNE 05. 693 71+19 ZF537 ZG917 1x 09. D-AGPQ 11. EC-JOM 12. T-255 PH-OFK 16. OO-VLO 17. 688 20. U-05 23. ZE380 PH-OFN 25. LX-N90449 27. ZG889 ZG920 G-MAMH YU-AOM 30. E113/314-PD E142/314-LO D-AGPR 31. LN-RNM

UH-1D C-130H Ce525 Fokker 50 Fokker 50 Fokker 100 Fokker 50 F-16BM UH-1D Lynx AH9 Lynx AH9 Fokker 50 Fokker 100 Fokker 100 DC-10-30CF Fokker 100 Fokker 50 F-16BM Fokker 50 Lynx AH9 Fokker 100 E-3A Lynx AH9 Lynx AH9 Fokker 100 Fokker 100 Alpha Jet E Alpha Jet E Fokker 100 Fokker 50

LTG63 *GAF205 334sq *+6,9,12 Kühn&Partners CLU1T SAS dep CN9270 VLM 13 VLM123M KLM Cityh. dep KLM7150 SAS 31 CN9125 FLO NOOW5003 LTG63 * 1Regt * 1Regt * 334sq NAF51 Air Berlin 20 GMI118P/581P Spanair arr GJT025P 334sq * KLM 13 FOP249/KLM7151 VLM 27 VLM123M FLO NOOW5005 334sq *NAF51 1Regt AAC111 KLM Cityhopper 27 KLM7151 NAEW&CF *Magic56 1Regt *AAC144 1Regt *AAC144 Mass Holding arr Montenegro Al arr MGX998 EAC00.314 FAF6441 EAC00.314 FAF6443 Air Berlin arr GMI118 SAS CNO9125

A nice amount of helicopters came across Woensdrecht in July, what could normally be seen as a very dull military month. The two Alpha Jets on the 30th were the highlights and both came in for a small stop. The German bizjet on the 2nd was a nice difference compared to the regular traffic. The Spanish Fokker 100 performed a test flight on the 19th. The English registered Fokker 100, arriving on the 27th, is one of four aircraft bought by Panta Holding. Credits: Pieter Alderen, Ernesto Bauer, Pieter van ’t Hof (SG Woensdrecht),Harro Ranter, Oscar Sannen.

Scramble 340 - Page 17

Movements Belgium

The Belgian holiday airlines operate a wide variety of aircraft this year, renting and leasing aircraft from many different airlines. This Boeing 737-800 of XL Airways Germany received additional TUI and JetAir logos just aft of the wing. This image clearly shows these extra features. (18 June 2007, Eddy Cuperus)

Brussels June 2007 01. B-536 ZZ172 CS-TMP EC-JVO F-GRSI S5-AAK 02. 130310 EC-JVO N203UW N713CK TC-SGD 03. R213 51+15 CS-TEB OE-LRW SE-RDG TC-SGD 04. 3209 99-0404 9A-BTE CN-RPB EI-CUA EI-DVA HB-JIA LZ-MDB OE-LRW OK-TVF SE-RDV SE-RFC TC-IEH 05. 12+04 50+35 MM62210 9A-CDB EC-IPT HB-JIA XC-UJB 06. 3209 12+04 50+07 50+35 50+96 101 9A-CDB 9A-CRO

C-130J-30 C-17A L-1011-500 BAe146-300 A320-214 CRJ900 CC-130E BAe146-300 B757-23N B747-2B4BF B737-48E C-160R C-160D L-1011-500 MD-83 MD-83 B737-4Y0 An-26 C-37A Fokker 100 B737-4B3 B737-4K5 B737-36E MD-90-30 A320-232 MD-83 B737-8FH MD-83 MD-82 A321-231 CL-601 C-160D Falcon 900EX MD-82 A310-325(ET) MD-90-30 B737-33A An-26 CL-601 C-160D C-160D C-160D Tu-154M MD-82 CL-604

Esk 721 03 DAF1640 99sq RRR6610 Luzair 02 JAF501/2 Orionair FTL151 XL Airways France TCW5472 Adria Airways f/v JP376/7 8 Wing 05 OSY16T Orionair FTL151 US Airways US750/1 Kalitta Air div CKS333 Saga Airline a/w for JAF ET00.064 ’64-GM’CTM2201 LTG61 GAF246 Euro Atlantic Airways MMZ3871 MAP Jet a/w LTE9420/1 Viking Airlines HJ3021/2 Saga Airline a/w for JAF 241.dlt CEF720 99th AS 06 SAM1508 SunAdria TDR460/TDR463 Jet4you for JAF Blue Panorama BPA852 Mistral Air BPA853 Hello JAF1743 VIA Airlines JAF2477/8 MAP Jet a/w JAF1861 Travel Service JAF2391/2 Flynordic LF5062/1 Flynordic LF5061/2 Inter Airlines OV175/6 FBS BMVg GAF612 LTG62 JGZ62 93°Gr I2210 Dubrovnik Airline for JAF Air Comet 16 MPD001P Hello JAF1744 CGTAP ‘TP-02’ MAF01 241.dlt CEF721 FBS BMVg GAF630 LTG61 LTG62 JGZ62 LTG61 36.SPLT PLF101 Dubrovnik Airline for JAF Gvmt of Croatia

D-ALIE ERJ170LR OO-JAM B737-46J . OY-RJD CRJ100LR PH-MPF A320-232 07. 12+02 CL-601 165829 C-40A 9A-CDB MD-82 EC-FTR B757-256(F) LN-TUF B737-705 LZ-BON B737-36Q OY-RJD CRJ100LR 08. 9A-BTE Fokker 100 EC-JRE A321-211 EI-DKL B757-231 F-GMLI MD-83 PH-BXI B737-8K2 OE-HTJ Do328-300 09. N249AU B767-201ER 10. F-GNLG Fokker 100 11. MM62171 Falcon 900EX G-273 C-130H-30 LY-AGU B737-322 TC-TJA B737-3Q8 12. 10+22 A310-304 10+23 A310-304 YR-BEA BAe146-200 CS-TMP L-1011-500 EI-DXB B737-36Q YR-BEA BAe146-200 13. 678 G-V MM62174 A319-115CJ MM62210 Falcon 900EX 69-024 C-160D 01-0030 C-37A 75-0125 E-4B EK-32012 A319-132 LN-WDC DHC-8-311 YU-BNA Falcon 50 14. 144618 CC-144C 0260 Yak-40 27 Falcon 50 10+22 A310-304 MM62171 Falcon 900EX RA-85426 Tu-154B-2 T.18-3 Falcon 900B T.19B-20 CN235M-100 102001 Tp102A ZE395 BAe125 CC3 06-6156 C-17A

Scramble 340 - Page 18

Cirrus Airlines DLH4578/9 Jetairfly basic ABB c/s JAF234 Cimber Air QI1213 Martinair MPH477 FBS BMVg GAF671 VR-58 Dubrovnik Airline for JAF Cygnus Air RGN9083/4 Braathens CNO9047/7102 LZB9007 Cimber Air QI1214 SunAdria TDR460/TDR463 Iberia div IBE3250 Blue Panorama JAF5243/4 Blue Line BLE901/558 KLM div KLM1694 Tyrolean Jet Services TJS31/2 US Airways USA750/1 Blue Line FTL161 93°Gr I2171 334sq TDY NAF33 Lithuanian Al ATA c/s TE480/1 Coredon Air OV175/6 FBS BMVg GAF901 FBS BMVg GAF903 Romavia RMV3PM Luzair JAF501/2 Blu-Express 20 BV002 Romavia RMV003 SMYP HAF678 306°Gr I2174 93°Gr I2210 221 Filo TUAF114 310th AS 15 Spar46 1st ACCS Hank25 Armavia RNV5151/2 Widerøe 14 WF8408/7408 Gvmt of Serbia 412sq CFC3705 241.dlt CEF05C/08 ETEC00.065‘F-RAFK’ CTM0004 FBS BMVg GAF883 93°Gr I2171 223 letny otrayd 15 AFL9006 Gr 45 ’45-42’ AME4518 Ala 35 ’35-38’ AME3501 F17M ‘021’ SVF21 32(TR)sq KRF17 60th AMW RCH279

06-6164 C-17A D-AXLE B737-8Q8 EC-JSJ B737-4K5 15. 15003 CC-150 0260 Yak-40 145-209 ERJ135LR MM62029 Falcon 50 048 Yak-40 CS-TMP L-1011-500 F-GMLI MD-83 N715CK B747-209B(F) YR-MDK MD-83 16. N535US B757-251 17. 01-0040 C-40B F-ODVF A310-304(F) SE-RDF MD-83 YR-MDK MD-83 18. 15003 CC-150 12+02 CL-601 MM62026 Falcon 50 87-24583 UH-60A(C) F-GIXC B737-38B(QC) 19. YU-BNA Falcon 50 20. EC-IPV Fokker 100 LZ-OOI Falcon 2000 21. 2801 A319-115X C-172 CL-604 1485 A319-115X 4588 C-130H 4 Falcon 900 10+22 A310-304 678 G-V 251 G-IV MM62243 A319-112X MM62245 Falcon 900EX 102 Tu-154M 17402 Falcon 50 T.22-2 A310-304 102001 Tp102A 102004 Tp102C ZD620 BAe125 CC3 ZE700 BAe146 CC2 9H-AEE Lj60 EC-IVO Fokker 100 EC-KEN A320-214 LY-AZY B737-548 OE-LIR Do328-110 OM-BYL Yak-40 SU-GAC A300B4-203(F) UR-86527IL-62M YR-ABB B707-3K1C YR-BEA BAe146-200 22. 15003 CC-150 2801 A319-115CJ 4 Falcon 900 SE-RAB ERJ135LR 23. D-BGAL Do328-300 D-ARTN ERJ135BJ 24. 27 Falcon 50 A6-RJZ B737-7Z5 D-BGAQ Do328-300 F-HBAC A320-214 F-RAFK Falcon 50 G-ZAPU B757-2Y0 OE-HMS Do328-300 RA-85631 Tu-154M VP-BHN B737-8AN 25. 0260 Yak-40 12+02 CL-601 12+04 CL-601 T-783 Falcon 50 90409 B737-448 TC-ATA G-IV HS-HRH B737-448 D-HEGA AS332L1 EC-JSS B737-4K5

60th AMW RCH280 XL Airways Germany arr for JAF Futura JFU2517 437sq CFC3327 241.dlt CEF08/05C SMYP HAF209 93°Gr I2029 36.SPLT PLF106 Luzair 17 JAF501/2 Blue Line Kalitta Air div K4329 Jetran Air div JOR123/4 Northwest NWA091/2 76th AS Spar70 Royal Jordanian RJ033/4 Viking Airlines HJ3087/8 Jetran Air div JOR121/2 437sq CFC3327 FBS BMVg GAF613 93° Gr I2026 Shape Flight Det. Shape3 Europe Airpost 22 FPO309T/8T Gvmt of Serbia 23 Girjet GJT3824 Gvmt of Bulgaria 23 BGF004 241.dlt CEF05E/08 Esk 721 23 DAF002 ETEC00.065 ‘F-RBFA’ 23 ET02.061 ’61-PM’ CTM2119 ETEC00.065 ‘F-RAFQ’ CTM0003 FBS BMVg 23 GAF817 SMYP 23 HAF678 102sq 23 IRL251V 306°Gr 23 I9002 93°Gr I2245 36.SPLT 23 PLF101 Esq 504 23 AFP06 451 Esc ’45-51’ 23 AME4510 F17M ‘021’ 23 SVF21 F17M ‘024’ 23 SVF24 32(TR)sq 23 KRF13 32(TR)sq 23 KRF17 Gvmt of Malta 23 JLN101 Girjet GJT4400 Iberworld (GoAir-c/s) IWD9651 Lithuanian Airlines LIL2501/2 Welcome Air23 WLC644L/662L Gvmt of Slovakia 23SSG002 Egyptair Cargo div MS520/1 Ukraina UKN3139/40 Romavia 23 Romavia 23 437sq CFC3330 241.dlt CEF08 ETEC00.065 ‘F-RAFQ’ City Airline 23 SDR591/2 Cirrus Airlines RUS7100/5023 Cirrus Airlines RUS8595/83 ETEC00.065 ‘F-RAFK’ CTM0007 Royal Jet 25 ROJ1 Cirrus Airlines RUS5024/7100 Aigle Azur HEJ3022 ETEC00.65 25 CTM0004 Titan Airways GJT221 Tyrolean Jet Services TJS41/2 Rossiya SDM9063 Saudi Oger 25 VPBHN 241.dlt CEF725 FBS BMVg GAF612 FBS BMVg GAF642 LTDB SUI002 602sq/Roy.Flt ‘HS-HRH’ VM904 212 Filo TCATA Royal Thai Flight VM904 Bundespolizei BP011 Futura FUA1477/8

TC-ATA Gulfstream IV 26. 5 Falcon 50 12+02 CL-601 12+04 CL-601 T-783 Falcon 50 ZE700 BAe146 CC2 CS-TLX B757-2G5 EC-JRT B757-236 RA-85631 Tu-154M SE-RDF MD-83 UR-YVA An-74TK-300D VT-VJM A319-133X 27. 0260 Yak-40 12+02 CL-601 12+04 CL-601 EC-IMU A320-214 EC-JRV Fokker 100 SX-DIE B747-230B YU-BNA Falcon50 28. 2801 A319-115X 68-023 C-160D 84-00163 C-12U-3 CS-TLX B757-2G5 D-ARTN ERJ135BJ SX-DIE B747-230B UR-VVO B767-383ER TC-IEG A321-231 TF-LLZ B757-225 29. 7T-VJY A330-202 EC-KDJ B737-301(F) TC-TTA MD-81 TC-JNC A330-203 UR-VVO B767-383ER ZA-MEV BAe146-300

Gvmt of Turkey 26 ETEC00.065 ‘F-RAFI’ CTM0009 FBS BMVg GAF630 FBS BMVg GAF642 LTDB SUI002 32(TR)sq RRR1957 EuroAtlantic Airways TU788/9 Gadair European OA145/6 Rossiya SDM9063 Viking Airlines HJ3089/90 Ukraine Gvmt 27 UKN7415/6 Kingfisher Airlines KFR11 241.dlt CEF05T FBS BMVg FBS BMVg GAF602 Iberworld IWD7305/6 Girjet GJT3820 Hellenic Imperial Aw for Fly Air Republic of Serbia 241.dlt CEF930 221 Filo TUAF378 F/6-52nd AVN Duke55 EuroAtlantic Airways Cirrus Airlines RUS8583 Hellenic Imperial Aw for Fly Air Aerosvit AEW807 Inter Airlines INX484 Girjet GJT037 Air Algérie AH2060/1 Flyant FYA202 Tarhan Airlines Turkish Airlines TK1939/40 Aerosvit AEW808 Albanian Airlines LBC820/1

Credits: SkyStef, The Florennes Aviation Society.

Kleine Brogel July 2007 03. 1x ST46 04. LX-N456 05. E25 CE02 06. CE04 ST48 09. G-275 MT35 12. J-146 J-646 603 43 CE03 13. 2x H41 16. 2409 4201 18. 6066 H33 19. E10 E22 E101 15202 15206 15227 15232 20. E-608 ET-615 A-906 A-908 A-909 A-911 A-912 A-913 A-914 A-916

Scramble 340 - Page 19

PC-7 131EMVOsq SF260D 5sm Hardship E-3A NAEW&CF Alpha Jet E EAC00.314 ‘314-TJ’ ERJ135LR 21sm ERJ145LR 21sm SF260D 5sm C-130H-30 334sq CM170 11sm +11,12,13 F-16AM 323sq F-16AM 312sq An-26 MH 59.Sz.D.REB +16 HUAF703 JAS39D MH 59.Sz.D.REB +16 HUAF ERJ145LR 21sm +17 AFB627 Mirage F1CR/CTEC30/ER33 * FAF7821A/B A109BA SLV AYB641 An-26 241.dlt +23 CEF4645 An-26B-100 241.dlt +23 CEF4646 L-159A,spec mks 23 CEF360 A109BA 18sq MRH Alpha Jet E EAC00.314 ‘314-UL’ 23 FAF6470 Alpha Jet E EAC00.314 ‘314-LS’ 23 FAF6470 Alpha Jet E EAC00.314 ‘314-TT’ 23 FAF6470 Alpha Jet A Asas de Portugal 23 Alpha Jet A Asas de Portugal 23 Alpha Jet A Asas de Portugal 23 Alpha Jet A Asas de Portugal 23 F-16AM Esk 727 23 DAF3278A/B F-16BM Esk 727 23 DAF3278A/B PC-7 Pilotenrekruteschule 23 PC-7 Pilotenrekruteschule 23 PC-7 Pilotenrekruteschule 23 PC-7 Pilotenrekruteschule 23 PC-7 Pilotenrekruteschule 23 PC-7 Pilotenrekruteschule 23 PC-7 Pilotenrekruteschule 23 PC-7 Pilotenrekruteschule 23

A-919 PC-7 A-922 PC-7 D-CBIG Beech 1900D C.15-27 EF-18A+ C.15-28 EF-18A+ T.21-08 C295M FB02/FS F-16BM FA121 F-16AM 21. L-03 PC-7 ZF339/339Tucano T1 FA101 F-16AM FA131 F-16AM MT35 CM170 22. Q-10 AH-64D ES-YLX L-39C ES-YLP L-39C ES-YLS L-39C ES-YLF L-39C ES-YLR L-39C ES-YLI L-39C PH-OUQ Spitfire IX N320SQ TB-25N N14113 T-28A OO-TUI B737-4K5 23. 1x E-3A 1x Gazelle AH1 ST42 SF260D 24. 92-3291 C-17A FB02/FS F-16BM 25. 71+07 UH-1D CD01 Falcon 900B M2 SA316B 26. D-664 CH-47D 27. J-270 F-16BM 1x A109BA 30. E113 Alpha Jet E E120 Alpha Jet E E137 Alpha Jet E E142 Alpha Jet E

Pilotenrekruteschule 23 Pilotenrekruteschule 23 LTDB/Swiss AF 23 Ala 15 ’15-14’ 23 AME1529 Ala 15 ’15-15’ 23 AME1529 353 Esc ’35-46’ 23 AME3532 2w 2w 1sm spec.mks 131EMVOsq 1FTS 23 RRR7121 1sm,spec mks 2w,demo c/s 23 11sm 23 DN12 301sq Breitling Breitling Breitling Breitling Breitling Breitling KLu Historic Flight DoBAF TUI Airlines Belgium NAEW&CF * Nato04 AAC * AAR030 5sm 62nd AW 25 Hard41 2w LTG63 21sm 40sm 298sq 313sq Wing heli EAC00.314 ‘314-TD’ FAF6441/42 EAC00.314 ‘314-LG’ FAF6441/42 EAC00.314 ‘314-LJ’ FAF6440 EAC00.314 ‘314-LO’ FAF6443

A real busy month at KeeBee, of course it has to do with the big Operational Integration Exercise which was held on the 17th. A full report with the participating aircraft can be found in our SIS-section. The Czech L159s stayed for more than a week and also participated in the Sanicole airshow on the 22th. Aircraft for this show arrived on Friday the 20th and for this happening, KeeBee could be visited again like on Tuesday. On the 30th three Alpha Jets honored Brogel with a visit. Credits: Toon Cox, Edwin Huskens, Koen Leuvering, Geert Louies, Mario Michels, Frank van de Waardenburg, Martijn De Wit, EWAS, EBBL-spotters.

Koksijde July 2007 01. E41/4 Alpha Jet E Patrouille de France * E75/3 Alpha Jet E Patrouille de France * E135/1 Alpha Jet E Patrouille de France * E158/2 Alpha Jet E Patrouille de France * E160/Alpha Jet E Patrouille de France * E162/9 Alpha Jet E Patrouille de France * E163/8 Alpha Jet E Patrouille de France * E165/7 Alpha Jet E Patrouille de France * 02. 46+39 Tornado ECR JBG32,emerg. landing 04 T.21-08 C295M 353 Esc ’35-46’ 03 A78 SA318C Wing heli FB12 F-16BM 2w G15 MD520N Federal Police H26 A109BA 18sq MRH 03. T.21-04 C295M 353 Esc ’35-42’ 04. 891/MCE PC-6 ECTM refueling CH05 C-130H 20sm 5x arr/dept* FA70 F-16AM 10w * 05. 71+19 UH-1D LTG 63 06,+09-10 XX371 Gazelle AH1 12 Flt ZG914 Lynx AH9 1 Regt ZF537 Lynx AH9 1 Regt A57 SA318C Heli Wing 06 CH11 C-130H 20sm * FA115/FS F-16AM 2w 06 FA133/FS F-16AM 2w 06 FA134 F-16AM 10w,spec mks 06 FB04 F-16BM 10w FB24 F-16BM 10w ST44 SF260D 5sm 06 ST46 SF260D 5sm 06 ST48 SF260D 5sm * 06. S-442 AS532U2 300sq ST42 SF260D 5sm 10. 2x F-16AM 10w 11. 71+72 UH-1D LTG63 +16 84+54 CH-53G MTRH25 +19 87+66 Bo105P KHR36 +16 Q-08 AH-64D 301sq +16 2x F-16AM 10w 12. G-BWUE/1 HA112 Buchon Private 13 9915 Mi-171SH 232.vrl +16 0788 Mi-24V 231.vrl +16 CE03 ERJ145LR 21sm 16. A66 SA318C Wing heli ST40 SF260D 5sm * 18. FA86 F-16AM 10w *

For the Czech L159s and JAS39s deployement at KeeBee their VIP-colored An-26 4201 brought in the usual toothbrushes and underwear. This Antonov arrived at the 16th and returned back a week later. (Kleine Brogel, 16 July 2007, R. Kolkmeijer) Scramble 340 - Page 20

FA97 F-16AM 19. 627/33-NT Mirage F1CR 1x Gazelle AH1 H02 A109BA ST18 SF260M ST42 SF260D 21. 91 SA365N 23. XZ663/I Lynx AH7 ZE380 Lynx AH9 ZA726/F Gazelle AH1 XZ338/Y Gazelle AH1 ZB673/P Gazelle AH1 XX447/D Gazelle AH1 25. 89+57 S.King Mk43 FA136 F-16AM 26. 71+07 UH-1D H23 A109BA 27. ZG889 Lynx AH9 ZG920 Lynx AH9 30. CD01 Falcon 900B 31. ST48 SF260D

10w ER02.033 12 Flt Wing heli 5sm 5sm 35F Blue Eagles 1Regt Blue Eagles Blue Eagles Blue Eagles Blue Eagles MFG5 10w LTG63 17sq MRH 1Regt 1Regt 21sm 5sm

* +1 +23 *

* +30

On the 1st Patrouille de France made a flypass during the defence days. The day after the airshow most visitors departed home again except for a German Tornado, French PC-6 and an F-16 that departed on the 4th. The Spanish CN235 support aircraft of the visiting Spanish Typhoons got stuck in the mud next to the taxiway while avoiding the Turkish Phantoms that were parked on one of the aprons. The following day another CASA came to help out his colleague and both departed the same day. On the 5th there was some kind of meeting with high officials bringing some F-16s and Marchettis for a nightstop. During the month we had some interesting visitors refuelling on the way to Fairford, Sanicole and Weston-Super-Mare. On the 12th a Buchon made a nightstop due to bad weather on the route to Berlin for a movie. Credits: Tom Houquet, Wim Houquet, Mike Derijcke, Michael Vaeremans, Kenny Plaetevoet, Jens Lingier, Filip Candaele, Steve Rottiers, Fabke.

Oostende July 2007 01. CS-DRR BAe125-800XPi NetJets Europe N522AC G-IV Pegasus Leasing RA-82077 An-124-100 Polet Cargo dep POT840 SX-BVD A320-211 Hellas Jet HJ3087/8 TC-SKF B737-4Q8 Sky Airlines SHY724 02. 9G-AXA DC-8-63F Air Charter Expr dep ACE109 CS-DRF BAe125-800XPi NetJets Europe CS-DRR BAe125-800XPi NetJets Europe EW-245TI An-12PS Gomelavia 03 GOM1576 G-LUXY Ce551 Plane Chartering G-ONPA PA-31-350 Synergy Aviation SYG896 N604GC DC-10-30F Gemini Air Carg. dep DSR2617 UN-11012 An-12TB ATMA 04 AMA3748 03. 9G-AXA DC-8-63F Air Charter Expr 04 ACE110/1 G-LUXY Ce551 Plane Chartering N604GC DC-10-30F Gemini Cargo06 DSR401/2614 RA-82045 An-124-100 Volga Dnepr 04 VDA4873/2626 04. M2 SA316B 40sm ST44 SF260D 5sm BAF182 CS-DFZ BAe125-800XP Netjets Europe N607GC DC-10-30F Gemini GCO4033/DSR2612 TF-AMI B747-412(SF) Air Atlanta Cargo MKA882 UN-11012 An-12TB ATMA 05 AMA3741/2 05. 9G-AXA DC-8-63F Air Charter Expr 06 ACE112/09 D-ICTA Ce551 Flugbereidtschaft TC-SKE B737-4Q8 Sky Airlines SHY455/6 06. M2 SA316B 40sm NYB402 D-CDLH Ju52-3M Lufthansa EC-KFM A320-212 LTE International LTE 9451 F-GLTK Ce550 Alsair G-FCED PA-31T Air Med MCD075 G-ONPA PA-31-350 Synergy Aviation N200BH G-200 R & R Transport

N560GT Ce560 TF-AMI B747-412(SF) 07. 34 A109C EC-JRX A320-232 N604GC DC-10-30F TC-APU B737-82R 08. N607GC DC-10-30F RA-82044 An-124-100 SX-BVD A320-211 TC-SKD B737-4Q8 TF-AMI B747-412(SF) 09. UN-11012 An-12TB VP-CNR G550 10. D-CFLY Ce560 G-PEAK Bell 206 I-OCEA B747-230F 11. 9G-AXA DC-8-63F G-OLTT PC-12/45 N604GC DC-10-30F VP-CNR G550 12. L966 PC-9 L969 PC-9 N200BH G200 N604GC DC-10-30F PH-RXB ERJ145MP TC-SKG B737-4Q8 13. G-CDEB Saab 2000 14. EC-JTA A320-212 F-GTEM Beech 350 G-CDEB Saab 2000 N604GC DC-10-30F TC-APU B737-82R 15. SE-RDG MD-83 TC-SKE B737-4Q8 16. N604GC DC-10-30F TC-ACZ A300B4-103F 17. D-CSFD Ce560XL G-ONPA PA-31-350 N606GC DC-10-30F 18. CS-DMI Beech 400A N606GC DC-10-30F 19. ST42 SF260D F-HEKO Ce525A TC-SKD B737-4Q8 YL-RAE An-26B 20. EC-KFM A320-212 F-GSMC Ce500 N100FF Falcon 900B UN-11012 An-12TB 21. EC-JRX A320-232 TC-APM B737-809 22. 9G-AXA DC-8-63F N100FF Falcon 900B N606GC DC-10-30F SE-RDG MD-83 TC-SKD B737-4Q8 23. G-OLTT PC-12/45 N606GC DC-10-30F 24. 9G-AXA DC-8-63F 25. D-CAAM Do228-212 26. TC-SKE B737-4Q8 27. EC-JRC A320-212 28. EC-KFM A320-212 OO-VLZ Fokker 50 TC-APM B737-809 UN-11012 An-12TB 29. N602GC DC-10-30F N604GC DC-10-30F OO-VLZ Fokker 50 SE-RDF MD-83 TC-SKF B737-4Q8 30. 9G-AXA DC-8-62 31. N604GC DC-10-30F Credit: EBOS Spotting

Scramble 340 - Page 21

Techni Airplane Air Atlanta Cargo MKA886/29 nn del SVF34 LTE International LTE942508. Gemini Cargo 08 DSR2603/17 Pegasus Airlines PGT5268 Gemini DSR2605/GCO4065 Volga Dnepr VDA2630 Hellas Jet HJ3087/8 Sky Airlines SHY724 Air Atlanta Cargo MKA888 ATMA 16 AMA3740 Rashid Engineering Excellent Air Techammation Ocean Airlines VCX984F/984 Air Charter Expr 17 ACE110/09 The Croft Gemini Air Cargo DSR2601/12 Rashid Engineering nn SF1 nn SF2 R & R Transport Gemini Cargo 13 DSR2623/14 City Airline Sky Airlines SHY456 Eastern Airways EZE156P/1566 LTE International LTE9425 Ovonnair Eastern Airways EZE1567/567P Gemini Cargo 15 DSR2625/17 Pegasus Airlines PGT5268 Viking Airlines HJ3087/8 Sky Airlines SHY724 Gemini Cargo26 DSR401/2614 ACT Airlines RUN334 Stuttgarter Flugdienst Synergy Aviation SYG508 Gemini GCO4020/DSR2612 NetJets Europe Gemini Cargo 19 DSR2623/14 5sm Jet Sollutions Sky Airlines SHY456 RAF Avia MTL1303/304F LTE International LTE9451 Wing Aviation ATMA 25 AMA3742/40 LTE International LTE9425 Pegasus Airlines PGT5268 Air CharterExpr 23 ACE119/109 Gemini Air Cargo DSR2605/17 Viking Airlines HJ3087/8 Sky Airlines SHY724 The Croft Gemini 26 DSR401/GCO7958 Air Charter Expr 28 ACE110/09 Arcus Air Sky Airlines SHY456 LTE International LTE9451 LTE International LTE9425 VLM Airlines VLM774P/774 Pegasus Airlines PGT5268 ATMA arr Gemini Cargo 30 GCO081 Gemini Cargo 30 DSR2605/17 VLM Airlines 30 VLM775/F Viking Airlines HJ3087/8 Sky Airlines SHY724 Air Charter Exp 31 ACE110/120 Gemini Cargo DSR401/2612

Military Movements Elsewhere

We open this month with a rare seen U-28A, normally known as PC-12. This 05-0573 operates with 319th SOS which is stationed at Hurlburt Field, Florida. (Mildenhall, 27 July 2007, Wim Houquet)

Germany Geilenkirchen 02. 57-1458 57-1494 59-1489 12+02 04. 51+13 09. 58-0040 58-0044 10. 97-00102 87-24583 87-24584 11. 910502 87+66 12. 0788 9915 ZH101 50+96 EW-239TH 20. UN-76024 23. 10001 57-1469 64-14840 RA-82007 24. 89-26142 25. 02-0042 26. 0260 50+29 S-453 27. S-457, S-458 30. 84-00163 31. E113/314-TD E120/314-LG EW-240TH

July 2007 KC-135E KC-135E KC-135E CL-601 C-160D KC-135E KC-135E UC-35A UH-60A(C) UH-60A(C) C-26D Bo105P Mi-24V Mi-171SH E-3D C-160D IL-76TD IL-76TD OS100 KC-135R KC-135R An-124 UH-60A C-40B Yak-40 C-160D AS532U2 AS532U2 C-12U Alpha Jet E Alpha Jet E IL-76TD

108th ARS IL ANG 108th ARS IL ANG 108th ARS IL ANG FBS BMVg LTG61 150th ARS NJ ANG 141st ARS NJ ANG E/6-52nd AVN Shape Flt Det. Shape Flt Det. Naples AOD KHR36 232.vrl 232.vrl 8/23sq LTG62 Gomelavia Asia International F17M 121st ARW OH ANG 121st ARW OH ANG ADB A/1-214th AVN 1st AS 241.dsl LTG62 300sq 300sq E/1-214th AVN EAC00.314 EAC00.314 Gomelavia

dep dep05 dep05 dep20 dep20 dep11 dep11 dep12 +16 +16 +16


After a very busy month because of the open house in June, a “normal month” again for Frisbee. The Bolkow on the 11th and the two Czech-Republic helicopters on the 12th made a fuel stop enroute to the RIAT at Fairford. At the 16th they returned. C-40B Clipper 02-0042 came in for an emergency stop after a serious birdstrike, something most Geilenkirchen spotters did not care, because it was a nice visitor. Credit: Bill de Koning

Köln-Wahn 03. 43+62, 44+33

July 2007 Tornado IDS JBG33


45+00, 45+09 45+21, 45+36 45+52, 45+66 45+94 50+07 50+33, 51+03 87+29 05. 45+81 50+87 50+90 09. 43+73 71+20 84+62 84+66 10. 80/ABY T-784 50+45, 50+77 72+39 86+11 11. 117/XN 84+11, 84+76 84+59 84+89 12. 50+82 72+39 84+11 14. 50+33 18. 50+89 84+48 19. 71+04 84+71 86+33 87+66 20. 15002 XS596 RA-76738 23. 1164/SU-BFD 251 24. 51+15 25. 70+51 84+45 85+01 26. 84-0110 50+71 84+63 27. 15003 28. 71+20

Scramble 340 - Page 22

Tornado IDS JBG33 Tornado IDS JBG33 Tornado IDS JBG33 Tornado IDS JBG33 C-160D LTG61 C-160D LTG62 Bo105P1 HFVAS910 Tornado IDS AG51 C-160D LTG63 C-160D LTG62 Tornado IDS AG51 UH-1D LTG62 CH-53G MHTR25 CH-53GS ISAF TBM-700 EAAT Ce560XL LTDB C-160D LTG63 UH-1D THR30 Bo105P1 EFAL TBM-700 ETM02.040 CH-53G HFWS CH-53G HFWS CH-53G HFWS C-160D LTG62 UH-1D THR30 CH-53G HFWS C-160D LTG62 C-160D LTG62 CH-53G MTHR25 UH-1D LTG63 CH-53G MTHR15 HFR26 Bo105P1 Bo105P1 KHR36 CC-150 437sq Andover C1PR Qinetiq IL-76MD 224OOA DHC-5D Nav School/2sq G-IV MATS C-160D LTG61 UH-1D LTG61 CH-53GS MTHR25 CH-53G MTHR25 C-21A 76th AS C-160D LTG61 CH-53G MTHR25 CC-150 437sq UH-1D LTG61

dep04 dep04 dep04 dep04



+23 dep21



31. 44+29 50+71

Tornado IDS JBG31 C-160D LTG63

This month a lot of German Air Force Tornados and this on an airfield which is almost entirely civil. The Tornados on the third diverted from Büchel, the one on the fifth came in for an emergency landing. After some technical checks, the Tornado could leave again. Also that day an CH-53GS departed for Afghanistan, although inside An-124 UR-82007. The Candid on the 20th could probably be seen as the most welcome military visitor this month. Credit: Aviation Friends Cologne

Stuttgart 02. 1285/SU-BAR 96-7323 05. 70-1260/RS 25. 96-1003 10+26 30. 85-0002 165835 31. 96-1002 165832

July 2007 C-130H C-130H C-130E C-130H A310 C-5B C-40A C-130H C-40A

16sq/Egypt AF 731st AS AFRC 37th AS 109th AS MI ANG FBS BMVg 436th AW Rch5002 VR-57 109th AS MI ANG VR-58

C-130J UC-35A C-37A C-130E C-130H C-130H C-130H KC-135R C-20G C-20B EC-130H KC-135R KC-135R UH-60A C-37A C-130E C-130H C-130H KC-135R MC-130P KC-135R KC-135R E-4B-BN P-3C

Esk721 +3 DAF1640 E/6-52nd AVN OSACOM/PAT dep2 PAT111 463rd AG dep2 Rch423 317th AG 118th AW TN ANG Rch221 118th AW TN ANG Rch415 155th ARW NE ANGRch921 VR-48 Navy JR690 99th AS SAM0513 55th Wing dep3 DOJO89 459th ARW dep3 Deecee91 155th ARW NE ANGRch921 nn Duke27 309th AS +8,14,23,27,29 463rd AG dep05 Rch923 934th AW dep04 Viking81 934th AW dep04 Viking83 155th ARW NE Rch3018 352nd SOG Roil42 128th ARW WId05 Rch2500 351st ARS 1st ACCS dep11 Bret63 VP-40

Ramstein 01. B-536 99-00102 04-01778 63-7769 73-1582 89-1182 89-1185 63-8018 165151 02. 86-0201 73-1586/DM 57-1512 63-8018 86-24550 03. 01-0076 63-7856 87-9281 87-9283 63-8018 04. 69-5828 62-3500 63-7987/D 73-1676 162770/770

June 2007

05. 078/YE 80/ABY 01-0028 62-1837 87-9283 06. CE04 45+96 84-00160 165152 07. CM02 84-00161 84-00163 99-00102 62-3500 08. 102/YS 99-00102 90-0165 09. 63-7833 11. 50+45? 84-00161 61-2370 59-1463 63-8033/D 12. MT49 13. FF-3 T-431 86-0413 86-0419 86-1398 58-0086 59-1464 61-0318 63-7979 75-0125 82-23750 82-23754 164997/AX 14. 84-00158 86-1395 92-0551 61-0272 15. CM01 ST24 93-1455 93-1458 03-8154 04-8153 16. 58-0065

EMB121AA TBM-700 C-37A C-130E C-130H ERJ145LR Tornado IDS C-12U-3 C-20G Falcon 20E C-12U-3 C-12U-3 UC-35A KC-135R Emb.121AA UC-35A AC-130U C-130E C-160D C-12U-3 C-130E KC-135R KC-135R CM170R F-27 T-17 C-130H C-130H C-130H KC-135T KC-135T KC-135R KC-135R E-4B-BN UH-60A UH-60A C-130T C-12U-3 C-130H C-130H KC-135R Falcon 20E SF260M C-130H C-130H C-130J-30 C-130J-30 KC-135T

EAT00.319 EAAT 7 6th AMW dep6 43rd AW 934th AW AFRC Viking83 21sm JBG31 dep6 F/6-52nd AVN VR-51 dep7 Racer01 21sm F/6-52nd AVN F/6-52nd AVN E/6-52nd AVN 128th ARW WI d11 Rch939 EAT00.319 E/6-52nd AVN Duke54 16th SOW dep9 Rch1009 43rd AW dep10 GAF JGZ61 F/6-52nd AVN 43rd AW dep12 155th ARW NE 12,14-17 351st ARS Beauvechain on trailer TukiLLV FNF120 FLSK DAF3278 911th AW AFRC dep29 Pit13 911th AW AFRC dep29 Pit19 139th AW MO ANGRch6398 92nd ARW dep14 Rch8086 92nd ARW dep14 Rch9464 92nd ARW dep15 Rch134 92nd ARW dep14 Rch3979 1st ACCS Hank25 C/1-214th AVN +22*A23750 C/1-214th AVN *A23754 VR-53 dep15 NAX300 F/6-52nd AVN +18,19 139th AW MO ANG dep29 463rd AG dep15 Rch2551 434th ARW dep15 Rch935 21sm BAF618 5sm BAF190 145th AW NC ANG Rch537 145th AW NC ANG Rch323 403rd Wing AFRC Rch176 403rd Wing AFRC Rch393 22nd ARW dep17 Kanza91

German Tornados are wearing different colours nowadays. This former MFG2 45+66 operates now with JBG33. In the near future Büchel will also receive the EF2000. (Büchel, 6 August 2007, R. Kolkmeijer) Scramble 340 - Page 23

62-3521 62-3543 63-8044 910502 17. 62-3510 18. 71+47 62-1851 58-0001/D 58-0124 60-0365 166766 19. 71+47 74-1671 93-1038 21. 10+23 51+15 62-3541 90-0827/SP 91-0414/SP 91-0416/SP 96-0083/SP 22. 96-00108 69-5795 23. 58-0035 61-0293 69-5796 1x 25. 50+87 64-14839 91-0412/SP 166377 26. U-05 96-00111 58-0095 27. ST40 50+44 1509 79-0473 94-7321 96-7323 97-1353 62-3529 90-0827/SP 90-0831/SP 91-0414/SP 96-0083/SP 165161/BD 28. 99-0404 63-8002 165829 29. 4x 2x 81-0991/SP 82-0656/SP 96-00111 63-7996 91-0481/SP 82-23756 30. 62-3580 63-8000 63-8032

KC-135R KC-135R KC-135R C-26D KC-135R UH-1D C-130E KC-135R KC-135R KC-135R UC-35D UH-1D C-130H C-130H A310-304 C-160D KC-135R F-16CJ F-16CJ F-16CJ F-16CJ UC-35A MH-53M KC-135R KC-135R MH-53M UH-60A C-160D KC-135R F-16CJ C-37B Fokker 50 UC-35A1 KC-135T SF-260D C-160D An-26 C-130H C-130H C-130H C-130J KC-135R F-16CJ F-16CJ F-16CJ F-16CJ C-130T C-37A KC-135R C-40A SA341F SA330 A-10A A-10A UC-35A KC-135R F-16DJ UH-60A KC-135R KC-135R KC-135R

434th ARW dep17 Rch925 459th ARW d17 Deecee92 927th ARW dep17 Auto72 NAF Naples NJM1S3 434th ARW dep18 Rch304 LTG61 GAF700 43rd AW dep19 Rch926 351st ARS *Quid74 22nd ARW dep19 Rch501 184th ARW dep25 Rch0365 VMR-2 dep19 Toiler25 LTG61 GAF700 317th AG dep22 Rch562 463rd AG dep20 Rch177 FBS BMVg GAF858 LTG61 GAF910 319th ARW dep23 Rch582 22nd FS * 23rd FS * 52nd OG * 23rd FS * C/6-52nd AVN dep24 Grit61 21st SOS Jeris81 22nd ARW dep24 Rch8035 22nd ARW dep26 Rch1293 21st SOS Jeris82 1-214th AVN Duke60 LTG63 JGZ61 107th ARW NY ANG 26-30 23rd FS * VMR-1 VM101 334sq NAF50 C/6-52nd AVN dep27 PAT56 319th ARW dep27 Rch548 5sm BAF190 LTG61 GAF910 13eltr PLF013 152nd AW NV ANG Rch473 302nd AW AFRC Summit19 302nd AW AFRC Summit23 175Wing MD ANG Rch7353 319th ARW dep28 Rch034 22nd FS Grizzly02/Harm02 22nd FS Grizzly01/Harm01 23rd FS dep29 Gamble01 23rd FS Gamble02/Jake01 VR-64 NJM229 99th AS dep29 SAM1589 22nd ARW dep29 Rch135 (VR-58) dep29 NJM315 ALAT *FMY8119 ALAT *FMY8119 81st FS * 81st FS * C/6-52nd AVN dep30 PAT56 434th ARW AFRC Rch930 23rd FS C/1-214th AVN *A23756 927th ARW AFRC Rch340 22nd ARW Kanza92 434th ARW AFRC Rch931

Ramstein serials June 60th AMW 84-0060 14-16 86-0014 14-18 86-0016 23-30 06-6154 06-6156 06-6159 06-6160

26-29 07-10 01,02 04,05,13-15,21-24

62nd AW 88-0265 02-06 90-0533 01 92-3291 01,04,05

C-5B 86-0018 06-09 86-0022 05-07 C-17A 06-6162 01,20-22,28,29 06-6163 01,08,09,14-17, 28-30 06-6164 17,18 C-17A 00-0179 13,14,21,22 00-0180 13 00-0181 12,21

93-0600 98-0049 98-0052 98-0055 98-0056 98-0057 99-0058 99-0061 99-0062 99-0063 00-0173 00-0175 00-0177 00-0178

03,15,25,26 13,15,29,30 19,26,27 08,13,18 26,27 21,22,27 08,23,24,28,29 13-15 07,08 19 05 16 06,07 20

305th AMW 79-1949 11,12 84-0188 27,28 85-0030 18-21 85-0031 30

00-0183 14-16 00-0184 02,03,20,21 01-0186 04,10-12,17,18, 20-22 02-1102 17,18 02-1103 02-09,19,22,23 02-1105 11,12,15 02-1107 03-08,11-13,17,19, 21,22 02-1108 01-10,13,16,17,26, 27 02-1109 01,03-09 02-1110 19-21,27,28 02-1111 01,02,22,29,30 KC-10A 85-0034 04-07 87-0121 18-19 87-0122 26-28

03-3125 02 03-3126 17,18,24-27 04-4129 01,02,05,06,24,25, 29,30 04-4131 29 04-4133 03-06,08,09,11,12

C-17A 04-4134 01,02,20-22,30 04-4136 07-09,19,20,24, 26-28 04-4137 13,14,20-22,26,29, 30

436th AW 84-0061 11,12 85-0005 08-11

C-5B 87-0043 19-22

437th AW 89-1190 08-11 89-1191 05,06,27 89-1192 23 92-3292 27 93-0603 02,03,08,09,12,13 94-0066 02-05,14,15,18 94-0068 29,30 94-0070 20-23 95-0102 15,16,23,24 95-0106 02,03,06-08,23,24 95-0107 01-06,22,23,28 96-0002 14 96-0005 17,22,23 96-0006 30 97-0041 15,16

C-17A 97-0043 97-0044 97-0046 97-0047 97-0048 98-0054 01-0188 01-0191 01-0193 01-0195 01-0197 02-1098 02-1099 02-1100

15th AW HI ANG 05-5152 27-30


105th AW NY ANG 69-0008 16-20,29,30 69-0009 30 69-0012 14-18

C-5A 70-0455 02,03 70-0460 01,14,15,28,29 70-0464 21-23

172nd AW MS ANG 02-1112 01-03 03-3113 30 03-3114 19-23 03-3115 01

C-17A 03-3116 26-29 03-3118 05-08,12-15 03-3119 03-05,12,16-19, 23-26

433rd AW AFRC 68-0220 16-21


439th AW AFRC 70-0447 09,10


24,26,27 30 01,02,06-08,11,12 21-23 01-03,13-15,26 26 15,16 11,12 12,13,16,17 14,15 04,23,24 02,18 17,18 27,28

85-0009 20-22,27-30

C-5B 86-0021 27-30

445th AW AFRC 68-0219 18,19,22-28

C-5A 70-0457 15,16,21,22,24,25

452nd AW AFRC 04-4138 17-20 05-5139 18,19 05-5140 01-06

C-17A 05-5142 24-27 05-5143 10-30 05-5144 03-07,09,10,12,13

July 2007 01. 57-1472 62-3580

Scramble 340 - Page 24

KC-135R KC-135R

434th ARW 927th ARW

dep2 Rch935 dep Rch2580

From the end of June until early August, six Swiss Flugwaffe Hornets were deployed to Wittmund. This J-5015 departs with full afterburner on a grey day. (Wittmund, 9 August 2007, Peter van den Reek) 63-8000 63-8032 64-14839 163691 900531 02. 97-01944 60-0314 64-14828 03. CM01 XS731/J ZH888 58-0036/D 163691 04. 94-1570 02-0042 86-0041/8 05. 1x 94-1569 63-8033/D 165835 06. 97-01944 63-8033/D 07. 01-0076 09. 50+48 58-0030 82-23756 10. 87+43 02-0203 62-3529 88-26023 11. 99-00102 85-0036 85-0039 95-1002 96-1003 12. 97-1353 60-0350/D 63-8003 91-0481/SP 13. 79-0473 94-7321 96-7323 60-0350/D 14. 63-7852 93-1041

KC-135R KC-135R KC-135R C-20D C-26D C-37A KC-135R KC-135R Falcon 20E Dominie T1 Hercules C5 KC-135R C-20D C-38A C-40B F-16D SF260 C-38A KC-135R C-40A C-37A KC-135R C-37A C-160D KC-135R UH-60A Bo105P C-40C KC-135R UH-60A UC-35A C-130H C-130H C-130H C-130H C-130J KC-135R KC-135R F-16DJ C-130H C-130H C-130H KC-135R C-130E C-130H

22nd ARW dep Kanza92 434th ARW dep Rch3032 107th ARW NY dep Rch142 VR-1 Racer01 AOD Sigonella NJM1S4 OSACOM/PAT dep3 PAT631 434th ARW dep3 Rch938 151st ARW UT +3-8 Utah61 21sm BAF668 55(R)sq RFR7104 LTW Ascot5074 351st ARS +4,25-27 Koo05 VR-1 Racer01 113th W DC ANG Boxer39 1st AS dep8,17 Spar86 Thunderbirds Thunderb.08 5sm BAF195 113th W DC dep9 Boxer38 100th ARW Koo06 VR-57 dep6 Navy RX890 OSACOM/PAT PAT631 351st ARS Koo06 SHAPE dep8 Foxy44 LTG61 JGZ61 117th ARW +10-15 Rch8030 C/1-214th AVN load. in C-17 KHR36 *GAr8773 113th W DC ANG dep14+23 319th ARW dep15 Rch2529 C/1-214th AVN *A26023 E/6-52nd AVN Duke09 908th AW AFRCd10/8 Toil36 908th AW AFRCd10/8 Toil39 133rd AW MN ANG dep10/8 133rd AW MN ANG dep10/8 175th W MD ANG d Rch167 351st ARS Quid43 22nd ARW dep13 Kanza93 23rd FS * 152nd AW NV ANGdep TDY 302nd AW AFRC dep TDY 302nd AW AFRC dep TDY 351st ARS Quid51 463rd AG 463rd AG dep16 Rch142

63-8044 15. 59-1448 63-8880 16. 63-7852 62-3513 17. 97-0401 63-8045/D 63-8879/D 163691 18. T-407 63-7817 63-7883 62-3553 19. 84-00160 59-1485 63-8879/D 21. 73-1598 22. 72-1292 60-0364 23. 63-8033/D 900531 24. 85-0038 58-0106 25. ST46 R97/61-ZA 99-0404 63-7868 60-0313 26. 84-00162 96-1007 58-0106 63-8008/D 27. 62-1823 59-1448 63-8880 30. 50+68 63-3188 05-0932 58-0106 59-1489 91-0420/SP 91-0421/SP 31. 62-1806 62-3541 82-23750

Scramble 340 - Page 25

KC-135R KC-135T KC-135R C-130E KC-135R C-37A KC-135R KC-135R C-20D MFI-17 C-130E C-130E KC-135R C-12U3 KC-135E KC-135R C-130H C-130E KC-135R KC-135R C-26D C-130H KC-135R SF260D C-160R C-37A C-130E KC-135E C-12U3 C-130H KC-135R KC-135R C-130E KC-135T KC-135R C-160D C-130E C-40C KC-135R KC-135E F-16CJ F-16CJ C-130E KC-135R UH-60A

927th ARW dep14 Rch593 134th ARW TN d16 Soda53 507th ARW dep16 Rch200 463rd AG 184th ARW KS d23 Rch2513 89th AW 19 100th ARW *Quid20 100th ARW *+18 Quid21 VR-1 Racer01 FLSK dep19 463rd AG dep22 Rch409 43rd AW Rch541 319th ARW dep19 Rch190 F/6-52nd AVN Duke66 108th ARW NJ ANG Esso76 351st ARS Quid41 317th AG dep22 Rch642 43rd AW dep23 Rch718 434th ARW AFRC dep23 351st ARS dep25 Koo05 AOD Naples 908th AW dep27 Toil99 117th ARW AL d26 Rch8106 5sm ET03.061 99th AS dep26 SAM1622 40th AS dep26 Rch254 22nd ARW dep26 Rch933 F/6-52nd AVN 133rd AW MN d27 Gofer07 117th ARW AL d29 Rch392 351st ARS Quid65 43rd AW dep30 Rch197 134th AW TN dep28 Soda57 507th ARW dep28 Okie51 LTG61 JGZ61 222Filo dep31 TuAF040 932nd AW AFRC Spar63 117th ARW AL d31 Rch632 126th ARW IL d31 Rch9489 23rd FS Lobo01 23rd FS Lobo02 463rd AG Rch971 319th ARW Rch2541 C/1-214th AVN *A23750

439th AW AFRC 70-0446 14

Ramstein serials July 60th AMW 86-0011 03,04 06-6155 06-6156 06-6157 06-6159

19-22,26-29 09,10,16,19,20 05-08,12,13 12,13,20,21,25,26

62nd AW 88-0265 17,19,24 93-0600 03,04,13-17,21-23 98-0049 03,09,10 98-0050 08,09,19 98-0055 26-29 98-0056 01 98-0057 04 98-0058 03,04,13 99-0061 04,05,13,14 99-0063 05 00-0174 01-03 00-0178 06,07,13-15 00-0179 25-30 00-0181 06,07 305th AMW 79-1712 10,11,21,22,24,25 79-1949 14-18,20,21 84-0188 01,02 85-0031 01,28,29 85-0032 17,18 03-3126 02,03,07,09,12,13, 25,26 04-4129 21,22,29,30 04-4130 22,23 04-4131 01,23-26,28-31 436th AW 84-0061 19,20 85-0002 24-26

C-5B 86-0022 C-17A 06-6160 06-6162 06-6163 C-17A 00-0182 00-0183 00-0184 00-0185 01-0186 02-1102 02-1103 02-1104 02-1105 02-1108 02-1109

C-5A C-5B


85-0009 01,02,12-15

13-15,17 19,21-23 01,12-15

26,27 07-10 05,06,27 01-04,08,09 04 14-16,20,22, 24-26,29,30 06,07,19,22-30 17,18 06,07,10,11,15,18, 20,27,28,30 03,04,10,22-28,30 09,10,24-26,28-30

KC-10A 86-0027 18-21 86-0036 30,31 87-0120 02-05,23-26,28, 29,31 87-0121 10 C-17A 04-4132 24 04-4133 01-05,31 04-4134 01 04-4136 02,07,12-14 04-4137 08-11,15,16,21-24 C-5B 85-0003 03,04 86-0022 24 C-17A

06-6165 01,02 437th AW 88-0266 08,22,24-31 89-1190 18,20 89-1191 11 89-1192 02,25,26 90-0534 03,04,28,30,31 92-3292 11,12,14-16,18, 20-23,25,26 93-0604 02,03 94-0066 03,04,20 94-0070 28 95-0102 24 95-0106 03-07,13,14,21,22 95-0107 25-27 96-0002 25,26 96-0005 20,27,28 96-0006 03-05 96-0007 06,07,11,12 97-0041 15 97-0043 17

C-17A 97-0045 97-0046 97-0047 97-0048 98-0054 01-0190 01-0191 01-0192 01-0193 01-0194 01-0195 01-0197 02-1098 02-1099 02-1100 02-1101 03-3122 03-3124

105th AW NY ANG 69-0008 01-03 69-0009 01,18-21 69-0023 07,08,14-16

C-5A 70-0455 06,07,15,16,29,31 70-0460 25-31 70-0464 11-15,21,22

172nd AW MS ANG 03-3113 01-03,07-10,14-17 03-3115 17-20,31 03-3116 03-06,10-13

C-17A 03-3117 24-27 03-3118 21-24

433rd AW AFRC 68-0220 08,09 70-0446 15,18,19

C-5A 70-0456 22,23

18-20 09,11,21 07,10,23 22-24,26,27 02,03,15,16,19 13 21,22,27,28,30,31 01,02,07 16,17,19,21,27,28 12,13,16 06,07 16,17 11,12 09,30 07-11,20,21,28,29 31 25,28-30 06,09,11,21-23

445th AW AFRC 68-0219 06,07,15,16 69-0003 14

C-5A 69-0005 21,22,27,28 70-0448 19-22

452nd AW AFRC 04-4138 15-25 05-5139 01-04,08-11,29-31

C-17A 05-5143 01-18 05-5145 22-31

Wittmund 10. MM7240 MM7253 MM7255 MM7258 61+20 20. 84+70 22. J-066 D-HVBC 30. J-5005, J-5006 J-5007, J-5014 J-5015 J-5017 J-5233

June 2007 F-16ADF F-16ADF F-16ADF F-16ADF Br1150 CH-53G F-16BM EC135P2 F/A-18C F/A-18C F/A-18C F/A-18C F/A-18D

18°Gruppo CIO 18°Gruppo CIO 18°Gruppo CIO 18°Gruppo CIO MFG3 MTHR15 323sq Polizei Fw Fw Fw FlSt17 Fw


The four AMI F-16s were a big surprise for Wittmund and what their purpose was is still not known. The Hornets at the 30th came for a deployment and departed the 10th of August. And it is still a very nice airfield for photographing and reading. The Phantoms still fly very often and the local based (civil) BAe systems Skyhawks are also still present. For more info, have a look at our airfield guides at index.html.

Ireland Shannon 03. 240 04. 99-0004 18. 159115 251 20. 02-0042 02-0203 22. 144618 63-7817 73-1598 23. 01-0040 25. 256 27. 92-3292 00-0182 85-0038 96-1007 28. D.2-03 160048/JT 29. 163692 31. 165831

July 2007 Beech 200 VC-32A C-9B G-IV C-40B C-40C CC-144C C-130E C-130H C-40B EC135T1 C-17A C-17A C-130H C-130H F27-200MAR C-9B C-20D C-40A

102sq/MATS *+30 1st AS SAM1597 VR-61,no mks NvyRS320 102sq/MATS IRL251 1st AS Spar75 201st AS DC ANG Boxer42 412sq CFC3770 61st AS +30 Rch409 39th AS Rch642 76th AS SAM1566 GASU 437th AW Rch953 62nd AW Rch323 357th AS Toil99 109th AS MN ANG Rch024 802 Esc 30 AME0218 VR-52 NvyJT690 VR-1 NvyVV692 VR-59 NvyRY690

A very unsual visitor for Shannon was the Gando based F27. It stayed a few days here, took off for a mission on the 30th but returned. Credit: Karel van Broekhoven

Italy Aviano 02. ZH105/05 Sentry AEW1 99-0060 C-17A 84-0082 C-21A 03. MM62151/14-04 B707T/T 84-0084 C-21A 04. 80-0320 C-130H 80-0332 C-130H 07. 84-00162 C-12U-3 97-00102 UC-35A1 10. 118, 120 F-16C

Scramble 340 - Page 26

May 2007 8/23sq Nato03 62nd AW +19,23 Rch227 76th AS +23 Jalop07 8°Gr +15 I2151 76th AS Bursa32 158th AS GA ANG Herky30 158th AS GA ANG Herky722 F/6-62nd AVN Duke11 E/6-52nd AVN Duke54 +25 346 Mira HAF346A,B

138 149 604, 617 84-0087 11. 84-0110 84-0111 14. 57-1430 15. 84-00160 83-00498 18. 077, 082 602, 605 21. 156767 06-6155 06-6157 22. 00-0173 23. 84-0112 25. J-055 J-514 26. 01-0186 27. 05-5149/HH 06-6161 73-1582 28. 06-6164 29. MM7243

F-16C F-16D F-16D C-21A C-21A C-21A KC-135R C-12U-3 C-12C F-16D F-16D TA-7C C-17A C-17A C-17A C-21A F-16AM F-16AM C-17A C-17A C-17A C-130H C-17A F-16A ADF

346 Mira +25 HAF346C 346 Mira +25 HAF346D 340 Mira HAF340,343 76th AS Spar91 76th AS +14,18,23,29 Spar91 76th AS +31 Spar24 133 ARS NH ANG Rch972 F/6-62nd AVN Duke99 USE Budapest Jgo26 341 Mira HAF341B,A 340 Mira 21 HAF340A,B 335 Mira HAF335 60th AMW Rch398 60th AMW Rch039 62nd AW Rch044 76th AS +29 Bursa30 313sq,demo c/s NAF313B 313sq NAF313A 62nd AW Rch497 535th AS HI ANG Rch198 60th AMW Rch500 39th AS Herky55 60th AMW Rch501 23°Gr Veltro11

June 2007 01. MM81291/72-28 NH500E 208°Gr SVE I1291 84-0112 C-21A 76th AS +07,28 Spar91 04. MM61971/51-71 S208M 651ªSC 06-6160 C-17A 60th AMW Rch912 05. MM54514/61-64 MB339A(MLU)213°Gr SVBIA 84-0109 C-21A 76th AS Spar91 06. 02-1104 C-17A 62nd AW Rch203 N732MA B737-800 Miami Air Rch720 07. MM7268 F-16B ADF 23°Gr Veltro11 08. 752 C-130H 356 MTM +29 HAF356A 7519 RF-4E 348 MTA HAF348 63-8045 KC-135R 351st ARS Quid95 09. 84-0111 C-21A 76th AS +15 Bursa46 63-8020 KC-135R 351st ARS Quid71 83-0018/LN F-15C 493rd FS Grim31-33 84-0019/LN F-15C 493rd FS Grim11-14 86-0156/LN F-15C 493rd FS Grim31-33 86-0160/LN F-15C 493rd FS Grim31-33 86-0164/LN F-15C 493rd FS Grim11-14 86-0167/LN F-15C 493rd FS Grim11-14 86-0178/LN F-15C 493rd FS Grim11-14 N403LC L100-30 Lynden Air Cargo Rch747 10. 86-0159/LN F-15C 493rd FS Grim21-24 86-0163/LN F-15C 493rd FS Grim21-24 86-0172/LN F-15C 493rd FS Grim21-24 86-0175/LN F-15C 493rd FS Grim21-24 12. 4119 C-27J 354 MTM HAF354 13. LX-N90456 E-3A NAEW&CF * Nato12 84-00156 C-12U-3 F/6-62nd AVN Duke32 84-00160 C-12U-3 F/6-62nd AVN Duke34 14. 082 F-16D 341 Mira 18 HAF341 15. 86-0413 C-130H 758th AS Herky30 18. 87-0027 C-5B 436th AW Rch442 N49082 DC-10 Omni Air Rch770 19. MM62026 Falcon 50 93°Gr I2026 00-0177 C-17A 62nd AW +22 Rch1025 20. MM81159 AB212AM 670ªSSC * 70-1260/RS C-130E 37th AS Herky11 61-0310 KC-135R 133rd ARS NH +30 Rch029 N739MA B737-800 Miami Air +27 Rch720 21. 84-0087 C-21A 76th AS Spar91 27. 86-1398 C-130H 180th AS MO ANG Herky40 28. 01510 F-4E (AUP) 338 MPK HAF338 N96 BAe125 FAA Flightcheck96 29. 62-3580 KC-135R 63rd ARS Rch310 97-0218/LN F-15E 492nd FS Trend63

United Kingdom June 2007 C-130H Hawk T1A

Hercules C4 LTW C-17A 36sq/RAAF 06 ASY668 Gnat T1 ‘XR538’ CC-150 437sq +04 E-3F EDCA00.036 FAF9018 CN235M-100 101sq +08,27 IRL253 C-17A 60th AMW 07 Covert17 Chinook HC2 in base hangar Tornado F3 to Leeming by road Apache AH1 3Regt A109A 8 Flt A109A 8 Flt IAR17 Hercules C4 LTW S.King HC4 ex Basra,off loaded C-17A Apache AH1 656sq AA954 S.King HC4 846sq Hercules C5 LTW/QinetiQ Gauntlet62 A340-213 1sq Royal Flt/RSAF BAe125 CC3 32(TR)sq Hercules C4 LTW Lynx AH7 671sq AA245 CC-150 437sq 18,23,27,30 CFC3333 An-30 Open Skies/Russ.AF OSY33T Lynx AH7 in base hangar Lynx AH7 in base hangar S.King HC4 in base hangar, ex Basra S.King HC4 846sq Tornado F3 111sq Tornado F3 11sq spec mks Export Tornado F3 ex 1435 Flt,in base hangar Spitfire PRXIX ‘PS853’,Rolls Royce Merlin4 An-26 Transp. Esk/Lith.AF LYF066 Merlin HM1 814sq 17 A340-211 ET03.060 CTM1011 Hercules C1 LTW 16 Tornad. GR4A13sq spec mks 17 Gazelle AH1 AMS Vigilant T1 637VGS KC-137 2°/2°GT BRS2402 CL-604 Esk 721 DAF2105 Hawk T1A 100sq Hawk T1A 100sq C-130H-30 334sq NAF33 A310-222 21sm 21 BAF603 Hercules C4 LTW +27,29 Lynx AH7 9Regt Gazelle AH1 8Flt Islander AL1 1Flt Merlin HC3 28sq Defender AL1 651sq +29 AA631 S.K. HAR3A 22sq B Flt 25 Alpha Jet E EC01.007 FAF6471‘ BAe125 CC3 32(TR)sq * Northolt43 Hercules C3 LTW RRR617 Lynx AH7 669sq AA919 Lynx AH7 672sq AA933 TBM-700 ETEC00.065 Griffin HT1 60(R)sq SBY94 S.K. HC6CR 846sq S.King HC4 845sq Hawk T1A 100sq Javelin99 Hercules C5 LTW Nimrod MR2 Kinloss Wing

A busy month at Brize. Starting with the first UK visit of RAAF C-17A on 2nd, for a stop over during a globasl airlift mission from Amberley via Kuwait, Ramstein, Brize Norton, Altus, Hickam and back home! Travis C-17A 06-6164 was stationed the same period until the 7th for flying missions with the Mildenhall 351st ARS KC-135R guys. On the 16th the stations Family day was held. A few aircraft which arrived on the 14 and 15th were present.


Brize Norton 01. CH01 XX351/CQ

ZH878/878 02. A41-206 G-RORI 03. 15002 04. 202/36-CB 253 06-6164 ZA718/BN ZG776/C 06. ZJ183 ZE411 ZE412 ZH875/875 ZF124/L 07. ZJ175 ZA310 ZH880/880 08. HZ-124 11. ZD620 12. ZH870/870 XZ663 13. 15002 87 XZ652/T XZ676/N ZB507 ZF121 ZE200/DB ZE734/JU ZG751 G-RRGN 14. 04 ZH856/266 15. 075/F-RAJA XV205/205 ZA401/XIII 16. ZB684 ZH123 17. 2402 C-172 XX247/CM XX248/CJ 18. G-273 19. CA01 ZH872/872 20. XZ193 22.XZ290 ZG844 ZJ137/W 23. ZG995 ZH543/X 26. E37/7-PE ZD703 XV202/202 XZ195 XZ673 27. 147/XS ZJ238/Y XZ580/ZB ZE427 29. XX222/CI ZH888/888 XV229/29

20sm 100sq


Additions 02. ZJ690 10. ZF137/137

Scramble 340 - Page 27

April 2007 Sentinel R1 Tucano T1

5sq * Snapshot01 1 FTS/207mks LOP23

ZF406/406 Tucano T1 1 FTS LOP42 11. ZG474/64 Harrier GR9 20(R)sq * Striker182 12. ZG752/129 Tornado GR4 Marham wg * MRH30 13. ZH665/113 Harrier T12 20(R)sq * Striker03 17. PS853/C Spitfire PRXIXRolls Royce +19,22-27 18. E49/314-LB Alpha Jet E EAC00.314 * FAF6412 ZR323 A109E 32(TR)sq RRR1522 ZF622 Pa-31-350 QinetiQ Gauntlet53 ZA594/060 Tornado GR4 Marham wg,2mks * MRH31 19. ZE342/FG Tornado F3 25sq Javelin25 20. XX346 Hawk T1A 4 FTS RFR7139 24. 98-0131/LN F-15E 492nd FS * Dirty33 98-0134/LN F-15E 492nd FS * Dirty34 ZE701 BAe146 CC2 32(TR)sq RRR1368 ZH662/110 Harrier T10 20(R)sq * Striker10 ZA552/XI Tornado GR4 Marham Wg/13mks * MRH30 ZG780/XXV Tornado F3 25sq spec mks 25. 97-0220/LN F-15E 492nd FS * Dude62 26. 69-5795 MH-53M 21st SOS * Knight51 27. ZR322 A109E 32(TR)sq RRR1385 XX191/CC Hawk T1A 100sq Javelin100 XW219, XW223 Puma HC1 33sq Warlock1-3 ZJ955 Puma HC1 33sq Warlock1-3 G-CCCA Spitfire T9 private ‘H98’ 29 Spitfire2 G-OXVI Spitfire XVI Spitfire Ltd ‘TD248’ 29 45(R)sq Beech 200s overshooters: ZK451/K 18 ZK454/N ZK452/L 02 G-RAFP

19 18, 23

May 2007 03. ZA602 ZG713/G-123 ZH553/RT 08. 91-0317/LN 00-3004/LN ZJ690 ZA472/031 ZD719/085 ZD843/106 ZD848/TI 09. XX162 XX200/CG XX327 ZG755/GL G-ATHD 10. ZE162 ZF511

Tornado GR4 Marham wg * MRH63 Tornad. GR4A14sq Lossie67 Tornado F3 56(R)sq 04 Scorcher2 F-15E 494th FS * Warman41/42 F-15E 494th FS * Warman41/42 Sentinel R1 5sq +11 * Snapshot01 Tornado GR4 15(R)sq,nmks 21 TDY Tornado GR4 14sq mks 18 TDY Mentor1 Tornado GR4 15(R)sq 18 TDY Mentor3 Tornado GR4 Marham wg * MRH74 Hawk T1 AMF Gauntlet20 Hawk T1A 100sq Javelin85 Hawk T1 AMF Gauntlet21 Tornado F3 25sq,43mks Javelin24 Chipm. T10 private ‘WP971’ Tornado F3 111sq Adept3 Tucano T1 QinetiQ Gauntlet61

11. ZE432 ZA398/010 ZA591/058 ZD790/099 ZE763/FJ ZE936/HE ZE968/HB 14. ZE982/FR ZR321 ZR322 15. ZA604/TY 16. ZA712/AT 17. ZG506/77 18. ZE701 ZD379/27 ZH664/112 G-BYVR 21. ZH659/107 XX263 ZE438/76 XV647/28 ZA560/050 22. 86-0165/LN 86-0176/LN ZG753/HH 23. 86-0154/LN 86-0163/LN G-BYXB 24. 91-0329/LN XS727/D XS728/E ZF264/264 ZF343/343 ZF448/448 29. ZD321/02 ZF210/210 31. ZR323 ZF622 XW232

BAC111-479FU QinetiQ/ETPS Gauntlet46 Tornad. GR4A617sq 14 Vandal1 Tornado GR4 617sq,31mks 14 Vandal2 Tornado GR4 15(R)sq,no mks 18 TDY Tornado F3 25sq Javelin25 Tornado F3 25sq,111mks 14 RFR7426 Tornado F3 25sq,111mks Javelin25 Tornado F3 25sq Chariot41 A109E 32(TR)sq RRR1488or1529 A109E 32(TR)sq RRR1488or1529 Tornado GR4 Marham Wg,15mks * MRH04 Chinook HC2 18/27sq SHF414 Harrier GR9 20(R)sq * Striker15 BAe146 CC2 32(TR)sq Harrier GR9 20(R)sq * Striker12 Harrier T10 20(R)sq * Striker29 Tutor T1 CFS * CWL24 Harrier T10 20(R)sq * Striker12 Hawk T1A 208(R)sq VYT60 Jetstrream T3 Heron Flt NVY750 S.King HU5 771sq NVY828 Tornado GR4 617sq Vandal1 F-15C 493rd FS * Deuce12 F-15C 493rd FS * Deuce11 Tornado F3 111sq spec mks LCH35 F-15C 493rd FS * Wasp21/22 F-15C 493rd FS * Wasp21/22 Tutor T1 SouthamptonUAS UAA91 F-15E 492nd FS * Bones11 Dominie T1 55(R)sq * CWL99 Dominie T1 55(R)sq * CWL.. Tucano T1 1 FTS LOP02 Tucano T1 1 FTS/72mks Swift1/2 Tucano T1 1 FTS/72mks Swift1/2 Harrier GR7 4sq * COT49 Tucano T1 1 FTS LOP41 A109E 32(TR)sq RRR1365 Pa-31-350 QinetiQ Gauntlet52 Puma HC1 33sq SHF334

On the 31st the 6sq Jaguar disbandment parade took place. There was a small static display with the following aircraft: XX112/EA, XX725/T in Gulf war-pink desert with a nose-art. A seven ship Jaguar flypast with callsings Boxer1-7 exists of XZ399/EJ, XX752/EK, XZ103/EF, XX835/EX*, XX840/EY*, XZ392/EM, XX970/EH. Airspare was XX724/EC (Boxer8). The past/present/future flypass consists of the following aircraft: PZ865/JX-E Hurricane II BoBMF (Relax2), XX724/EC Jaguar

Last month we published a three month movements review of Luqa, Malta. A few 4 FTS Hawks like this XX169 from 19(R)sq paid a visit here. (Luqa, 7 June 2007, Henry Spiteri) Scramble 340 - Page 28

The Turkish AF deployed six F-16s from 132 Filo via Lakenheath to Nellis for participating Red Flag. This air-to-air shot from 91-0017 shows us the full 132 Filo colors named ‘Hançer’(Dagger). These F-16s replaced the older F-4Es and operate now alongside the upgraded NF-5A/B-2020. (Air-to-air Red Flag, 9th July, TuAF-picture) GR3A 6sq (Relax3), ZJ911/BZ Typhoon F2 29(R)sq (Relax1). * = Jaguar T4. 45(R)sq Beech 200s overshooters: ZK450/J 25 ZK454/N ZK452/L 02, 25 G-RAFP ZK453/M 09, 24

03 08, 22

June 2007 01. ZR323 XZ675 G-RRGN 04. ZK452/L WB726 XS731/J ZG771/133 05. ZR321 XX247/CM ZE838/GH 06. E103/314-UA E112/314-TS XX191/CC ZE165/GE 07. G-BYWW 08. XW216 ZJ954 ZA591/058 11. 91-0603/LN 01-2003/LN ZR322 XX235 XX331/CP ZA401/XIII 12. FB18 XX248/CJ ZE288/HA ZG753/HH ZF205/205 ZF210/210 ZF290/290 14. TK.10-7/31-52 01-2002/LN +1 15. TL.10-01/31-01 C.16-21/11-01 C.16-23/11-03 C.16-25/11-05 C.16-28/11-08 C.16-30/11-10 18. C.16-04/11-73

A109E 32(TR)sq RRR1577 Lynx AH7 4Regt AA469 Spitfire PRXIX Rolls Royce ‘PS853’ Merlin11 Beech 200 45(R)sq +22 * CWL70 Chipmunk T10 as G-AOSK Dominie T1 55(R)sq RFR7101 Tornado GR4 Marham wg * MRH30 A109E 32(TR)sq RRR1563 Hawk T1A 100sq +12 Javelin87 Tornado F3 43sq 29 TDY LCH40 Alpha Jet E EAC00.314 * FAF6442 Alpha Jet E EAC00.314 * FAF6441 Hawk T1A 100sq Carbon1 Tornado F3 43sq LCH40 Tutor T1 Southampt.UAS +26 UAU91 Puma HC1 33sq Rider1/2 Puma HC1 33sq Rider1/2 Tornado GR4 617sq,31mks Lossie46 F-15E 494th FS * Shark41 F-15E 494th FS * Shark42 A109E 32(TR)sq Northolt20 Hawk T1W FRADU Yeovil60 Hawk T1A 100sq Javelin82 Tornad. GR4A13sq spec mks MRH81 F-16BM 10w,spec mksOCU BAF451 Hawk T1A 100sq Hawk1/2 Tornado F3 111sq 27 TDY LCH37 Tornado F3 111sq spec mks LCH37 Tucano T1 1 FTS/72mks Swift1-3 Tucano T1 1 FTS/207mks +19 Swift1-3 Tucano T1 1 FTS/72mks Swift1-3 KC-130H Ala 31 AME3118 F-15E 494th FS * Jazz41/42 C-130H-30 Ala 31 22 AME3119 EF2000 111 Esc 22 AME1117A EF2000 111 Esc 22 AME1113A-C EF2000 111 Esc 22 AME1113A-C EF2000 111 Esc 22 AME1113A-C EF2000 111 Esc 22 AME1117B EF2000(T) 113 Esc 19 AME 1121B

C.16-24/11-04 91-0315/LN XX316 19. ZF204/204 ZF347/347 20. XX278/CD ZF491/491 21. 81-0988/SP 82-0650/SP XX284/CA XW229 22. 01-2002/LN ZG472/62A ZH870/870 ZH871/871 ZF291/291 ZJ930/AA 25. 78-0701/SP 81-0978/SP 29. XS727/D XX315 XX346 9x ZA452/021 ZA549 ZA587 ZA612/IV ZG755/GL 30. XZ117/ES ZJ518 G-BYVW?

EF2000 113 Esc 22 AME1121A F-15E 494th FS * Shark41 Hawk T1A 4 FTS VYT85 Tucano T1 1 FTS Fetter1/2 Tucano T1 1 FTS +20 Fetter1/2 Hawk T1A 100sq Javelin85 Tucano T1 1 FTS Sabik1/2 A-10A 81st FS * Trek01 A-10A 81st FS * Trek02 Hawk T1A 100sq Javelin87 Puma HC1 33sq SHF219 F-15E 494th FS * Eagle01 Harrier GR7A 1sq * COT27 Hercules C4 LTW/QinetiQ RRR5628 Hercules C4 LTW RRR5626 Tucano T1 1 FTS LOP76 Typhoon F2 del. for 17(R)sq Typhoon17 A-10A 81st FS Duster02 A-10A 81st FS Duster01 Dominie T1 55(R)sq * CWL98 Hawk T1A 19(R)sq Thunder1/2 Hawk T1A 19(R)sq Thunder1/2 Hawk T1/T1A 4 FTS Thunder 1-9 form. Tornado GR4 Marham wg MRH85 Tornado GR4 Marham wg * Sultan1/2 Tornado GR4 14sq,no mks Snake2 Tornado GR4 Marh. Wg,2mks * Sultan1/2 Tornado F3 43sq LCH35 Jaguar GR3A QinetiQ * Gauntlet Nimrod MRA4 BAe * Avro26 Tutor T1 Wales UAS UAH425

Between 15th and 22nd seven Spanish Typhoons were on a bilateral Exercise called Lone Eider II with 3sq. The RAF 3sq Typhoons did first visit Moron in late April the first leg of Lone Eider I.

Cottesmore 01. ZF622 02. ZG474/64 ZG506/77 ZH659/107 G-BYWL 10. ZG530/84 G-BWXD G-BWXY 11. ZD712/080 G-BWXV 14. XW229 15. XZ210

Scramble 340 - Page 29

May 2007 PA-31-350 Harrier GR9 Harrier GR9 Harrier T10 Tutor T1 Harrier GR9 T-67M T-67M Tornado GR4 T-67M Puma HC1 Lynx AH7

QinetiQ Gauntlet62 20(R)sq +14 * Striker14 20(R)sq * Striker06 20(R)sq * Striker11 CFS * CWL39 20(R)sq * Striker11 JEFTS * BKH45 JEFTS * BKH11 15(R)sq,14mks Lossie09 JEFTS * BKH32 33sq SHF336 9Regt AA919

XZ673 ZJ253 G-BWXT G-BWXW 16. G-RAFP G-BWXZ 18. ZH664/112 ZJ120/D ZJ130/O G-BYVE 25. LX-N90450 30. ZH870/870

Lynx AH7 Squirrel HT2 T-67M T-67M Beech 200 T-67M Harrier T10 Merlin HC3 Merlin HC3 Tutor T1 E-3A Hercules C4

9Regt AA910 670sq AA224 JEFTS * BKH31 JEFTS * BKH23 45(R)sq +29 * CWL19 JEFTS * BKH16 20(R)sq * Striker04 28sq Rapier1/2 28sq Rapier1/2 Cambridge UAS * UAV24 NAEW&CF * Nato17 LTW RRR4844

Operation Herrick – Afghanistan. The latest swap of 1sq Harriers commenced late May with the following departing on the 31st: ZG500/71A (RRR9651), ZD378/26A (RRR9652), ZG472/62A (RRR9653). Support was provided by 101sq VC-10 C1K XR807/Q (RRR9190). On the 4th June three aircraft returned home: ZD433/45A (RRR9661), ZD437/49A (RRR9662) and ZG472/62A (RRR9663). The last one seems to have been the airspare for the fourth time!

June 2007 11. XZ210 ZJ120/D 12. ZJ234/S 13. ZK450/J G-RAFP XX263, XX301 G-BWXT 14. ZD379/27 18. ZG508 20. ZG501 ZH659/107 ZD476 ZD479 G-BWXD 25. ZK452/L ZA683 ZA705/AN 26. ZF377/377 28. XX234

Lynx AH7 Merlin HC3 Griffin HT1 Beech 200 Beech 200 Hawk T1A T-67M Harrier GR9 Harrier GR9A Harrier GR9A Harrier T10 S.King HC4 S.King HC4 T-67M Beech 200 Chinook HC2 Chinook HC2 Tucano T1 Hawk T1

672sq * AA933 28sq * SHF292 60(R)sq/DHFS * SHY94 45(R)sq +28 * CWL70 45(R)sq * CWL74 4 FTS JEFTS * CWL82 20(R)sq * Striker40 41(R)sq 19 Rebel82 41(R)sq Rebel71 20(R)sq * Striker10 845sq Avenger21 845sq Avenger14 JEFTS * BKH20 45(R)sq * CWL75 18sq Bomber 18sq Bomber 1 FTS * LOP14 FRADU Yeovil64

On the 2nd 4sq celebrated their 95 Anniversary event which included a small display with the following aircraft: ZA947/AI ZD348/15A ZD410 ZH543/X

Dakota C3 Harrier GR7A Harrier GR9 S.K. HAR3A

BoBMF 4sq 4sq spec mks 22sq B Flt


ZF295/295 ZF448/448 G-BWXB

Tucano T1 Tucano T1 T-67M


Lakenheath Additions 04. 64-14859 18. G-SIJJ 22. 60-0331/D 24. 84-0081

Vega1,2 Vega1,2

May 2007 C-130E P-51D KC-135R C-21A

67th SOS ‘44-72035’ 351st ARS 76th AS

* Shadow61 * Quid76 Jalop22

June 2007 Additions 07. E169/314-LE 84-0112 75-0019 76-0125 12. ZA597/063

Alpha Jet E C-21A F-15A-13MC F-15B-15MC Tornado GR4

EAC00.314 76th AS 159th FS FL 159th FS FL Marham wg

FAF6410 Bursa45 Zesty84/85 Zesty84/85 * Rocket2

A full review of the July movements will be in next months issue.


May 2007

03. ZF348/348 09. ZJ120/D ZJ129/N ZJ130/O ZJ137/W ZE255/GC ZG755/GL 16. ZA712/AT 30. XX218 ZD719/085 ZF292/292 ZF515/515 31. ZE395 ZK451/K ZA592/059 ZF142/142

Tucano T1 Merlin HC3 Merlin HC3 Merlin HC3 Merlin HC3 Tornado F3 Tornado F3 Chinook HC2 Hawk T1A Tornado GR4 Tucano T1 Tucano T1 BAe125 CC3 Beech 200 Tornado GR4 Tucano T1

1 FTS 28sq 28sq 28sq 28sq 43sq 43sq 18/27sq 208(R)sq 15(R)sq 1 FTS 1 FTS 32(TR)sq 45(R)sq Marham wg 1 FTS

01. ZG848 ZJ801/BJ 04. XX318 05. 638/3-IJ 655/3-IK 661/3-XI 06. ZJ929/QO-A 07. ZF290/290 12. ZF139/139

Islander AL1 1 Flt Typhoon T1 29(R)sq Hawk T1A 19(R)sq Mirage 2000D EC01.003 Mirage 2000D EC01.003 Mirage 2000D EC03.003 Typhoon F2 3sq Tucano T1 1 FTS Tucano T1 1 FTS

17 TDY 17 TDY 17 TDY 17 TDY * Garnecock1 Javelin24 SHF414 VYT63 Mentor1 * LOP70 LOP73Y RRR1312 * CWL75 MRH27 * LOP90

June 2007 * FAF7201 FAF7201 * Typhoon15 Cordite1,2

USAF E-3Bs are regular visitors to the Hall. This nice 78-0578/OK with a white fin shows that this E-3B belongs to 960th AACS based at Tinker, Oklahoma. (Mildenhall, 27 July 2007, Wim Houquet) Scramble 340 - Page 30

ZF144/144 18. 140102 XX335/CR ZF210/210 ZF264/264 20. ZK450/J ZK451/K ZK454/N G-RAFO 21. 237 ZE257/GI ZG798/GQ ZH555/PT 27. ZA683 ZA705/AN ZJ911/BZ

Tucano T1 CP-140 Hawk T1A Tucano T1 Tucano T1 Beech 200 Beech 200 Beech 200 Beech 200 Lynx Mk86 Tornado F3 Tornado F3 Tornado F3 Chinook HC2 Chinook HC2 Typhoon F2

1 FTS 407sq FRADU 1 FTS 1 FTS 45(R)sq 45(R)sq 45(R)sq 45(R)sq 337 skv 43sq 43sq 43sq 18sq 18sq 29(R)sq

Cordite1,2 * CFC1394 Culdrose45 Sabik1,2 Sabik1,2


TDY TDY * Typhoon312

On Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd 100sq 90th Anniversary celebrations took place. The following aircraft were noted on display: ZA708 XX246/CE ZA111/CU-565 ZA406 ZE257/GI ZG780/XXV ZH555/PT ZF209/209 ZJ807/BF

Chinook HC2 Hawk T1A Jetstream T2 Tornado GR4 Tornado F3 Tornado F3 Tornado F3 Tucano T1 Typhoon T1

18sq 100sq 750sq 2sq 43sq 25sq spec mks 43sq,111mks 1 FTS/72mks 29(R )sq

Flypass participants: 25sq, Tornado F3: ZE158/FF, ZE168/FA 100sq, Hawk T1: XX255/CR Hawk T1A: XX188/CF, XX190/CN, XX191/CC, XX222/CI, XX248/CJ, XX265/CK, XX278/CD, XX284/CA, XX329/CU, XX331/CP, XX351/CQ


April 2007

Additions 04. XX284/CA 05. ZJ955 ZA469/029 11. ZE785 ZE793/TE 25. XW219

Hawk T1A Puma HC1 Tornado GR4 Tornado F3 Tornado F3 Puma HC1

100sq 33sq 9sq spec mks 41(R)sq 25sq 33sq

01. ZG731 22. XS730/H ZF289/289

Tornado F3 Dominie T1 Tucano T1

41(R)sq 55(R)sq 1 FTS

Batman1 SHF357

May 2007 Rebel78 * CWL86 LOP71

June 2007 01. 63-8025/D 23. ZJ922/QO-C 27. XX308 ZF448/448

KC-135R Typhoon F2 Hawk T1 Tucano T1

Lossiemouth 01. XX329/CU 02. ZE341/GO 04. 51+02 09. FB12 160/62-IS 14. XZ304, XZ311 ZJ811/AZ 15. ZD467/57 ZG511/82 17. XX158 XX176 XX346 21. XW665 ZH554/QT 24. ZE838/GH 25. ZF378/378 31. 60-0331/D 63-8033/D ZA462/027

351st ARS * Quid54 3sq 25 Typhoon07 Red Arrows * 1 FTS/72sq spec mks

May 2007 Hawk T1A Tornado F3 C-160D F-16BM CN235M-200 Gazelle AH1 Typhoon T1 Harrier GR7 Harrier GR9 Hawk T1A Hawk T1W Hawk T1A Nimrod R1 Tornado F3 Tornado F3 Tucano T1 KC-135R KC-135R Tornado GR4

100sq Jester 43sq LTG63 GAF204 2w BAF275 ET01.062 COT3904 6 Flt Trooper Flt 17(R)sq 16 Typhoon51 4sq 4sq COT64 19(R)sq 19(R)sq 19(R)sq 51sq +23 * Vulcan51 56(R)sq 43sq 1 FTS LOP17 351st ARS * Quid43 351st ARS * Quid44 14sq,15mks MRH58

June 2007 05. 162784? XV299/299 07. 041 12. ZD703 ZD745 13. XX188/CF XX346 ZF171/171 ZF294/294 ZF287/287 ZF344/344 ZF407/407 14. E-016 E-107 E-189, E-599 E-198 E-606 ET-199 ET-204 87 bk XX222/CI XX285 XX331/CP ZA549 ZA585/054 15. FA127 FB12 ZK453/M 18. XX248/CJ ZA564 ZE728/FZ ZF378/378 19. 60-0350/D ZG844 XX265/CK XX278/CD XX351/CQ 21. ZH664/112 ZA373/007-H ZJ918/QO-L ZJ919/DC ZJ931/DA ZJ932/DB 22. XX313 25. XX318 ZF317/317 27. XV248/48 29. ZD620

E-6B VQ-3 Hercules C3 LTW RRR5110 Falc. 20ECM 717 skv NOW5007 BAe125 CC3 32(TR)sq +15 RRR1414 Tornado GR4 Marham wg MRH50 Hawk T1A 100sq +19 Aztec Hawk T1A 4 FTS +25 VYT63 Tucano T1 1 FTS +18 LOP10 Tucano T1 1 FTS LOP76 Tucano T1 1 FTS LOP46 Tucano T1 1 FTS LOP63 Tucano T1 1 FTS 15 LOP60 F-16AM Esk 730 Falcon1-4 F-16AM Esk 730 Falcon 1-4 F-16AM Esk 730 Tiger1/2 Falcon1-4 F-16AM Esk 727 F-16AM Esk 727 Falcon1-4 F-16BM Esk 730 Tiger3/4 F-16BM Esk 727 Tiger3/4 An-30 RussianAF OpenSkies33F Hawk T1A 100sq Aztec Hawk T1A 100sq spec mks Aztec Hawk T1A 100sq +18 Aztec Tornado GR4 Marham wg Rocket2 Tornado GR4 Marham wg MRH78 F-16AM 2w 18 BAF281 Flt F-16BM 2w 18 BAF281 Flt Beech 200 45(R)sq Hawk T1A 100sq Aztec Tornado GR4 31sq 22 MRH52 Tornado F3 25sq * Savage24 Tucano T1 1 FTS +27 LOP16 KC-135R 351st ARS * Quid22 Islander AL1 1 Flt AA589 Hawk T1A 100sq 21 Carbon Hawk T1A 100sq Aztec Hawk T1A 100sq 21 Jasper Harrier T10 20(R)sq * Striker24 Tornad. GR4A2sq Chieftain Typhoon F2 3sq Razor11-14 Typhoon F2 3sq Razor11-14 Typhoon F2 11sq Razor11-14 Typhoon F2 11sq Razor11-14 Hawk T1W 4 FTS,100mks 25 VYT66 Hawk T1A 4 FTS Snapper Tucano T1 1 FTS LOP75 Nimrod MR2 Kinloss wg * +28 BAe125 CC3 32(TR)sq KRF8R

Some Lossie squadron info. From 14th until 23rd six aircraft were deployed to Konya,Turkey for participation in exercise Anatolian Eagle. The following 14sq Tornado GR4s were present: ZA369/003, ZA395/009, ZA546/AG, ZA587/055, ZD847/108, ZG713/123-G.


May 2007

06. 1211 C-130H C-130sq/UAE-AF 08. 1624 C-130H 16sq/RSAF 14. KAF325 L100-30 41sq/KuwaitAF KAF3210 16. 1284/SU-BAQ C-130H 16sq/EgyptAF 18 EGY1524 953 C-130H 335 skv NOW5042 17. ZE432 BAC111-479FU QinetiQ/ETPS * Gauntlet59 ZA367/002 Tornado GR4 14sq,no mks Lossie71 ZA546/AG Tornado GR4 14sq Lossie14 ZA596/062 Tornado GR4 14sq Lossie67 ZG756/BX Tornado GR4 14sq spec mks Lossie69 G-BYWX Tutor T1 Bristol UAS * UAD16 22. 4121/CSX62234C-27J 354 MTM HAF354 472 C-130H 4sq/RSAF 24 RSAF905 23. ZK454/N Beech 200 45(R)sq 24. ZE410 A109A 8 Flt * IAA74 G-RAFP Beech 200 45(R)sq CWL45 ZF511 Tucano T1 QinetiQ/ETPS * Gauntlet61 A few nice C-130s from the Middle East. The four 14sq Tornados on the 17th took part in exercise Early Resolve.

Scramble 340 - Page 31

A good close-up shot from Chinook ZA705/AN during the arrival day at Waddington for the annual air show. In the background ZA683 can be seen. Both Chinooks operate with 18/27sq. (Waddington, 29 June 2007, Geert Meuris)

June 2007 01. ZK454/N XZ320 04. 202/36-CB 05. 1622? 13. 1212? 64-17681/RS 26. 1623 1624 ZZ173 ZE439/77

Beech 200 Gazelle AH1 E-3F C-130H C-130H C-130E C-130H C-130H C-17A Jetstream T3

45(R)sq * CWL45 665sq * AA557 EDCA00.036 FAF9018 16sq/RSAF +11 C-130sq/UAE-AF 37th AS 16sq/RSAF RSF377,378 16sq/RSAF RSF377,378 99sq Heron Flt

15. ZJ917/QO-G ZG919/DC 18. ZD703 21. ZJ934/QO-T 24. H07, H44 XS711/L XS728/E ZG530/84 ZF139/139 ZF269/269 ZF378/378 G-BYXT ZJ929/QO-A +1 25. XS730/H 30. ZA410/016 ZH556/HT

Typhoon F2 Typhoon F2 BAe125 CC3 Typhoon F2 A109BA Dominie T1 Dominie T1 Harrier GR9 Tucano T1 Tucano T1 Tucano T1 Tutor T1 Typhoon F2 Dominie T1 Tornado GR4 Tornado F3

3sq +21 Havoc66 11sq Havoc65 32(TR)sq 3sq Chaos25/26 16sq MRH BA707 55(R)sq * CWL99 55(R)sq * CWL85 20(R)sq * Striker06 1 FTS LOP16 1 FTS LOP15 1 FTS LOP46 2 EFTS * 3sq 0FK06/07 55(R)sq * CWL98 15(R)sq QinetiQ/111mks

13. XX190/CN XX248/CJ

Hawk T1A Hawk T1A

100sq 100sq


May 2007

June 2007 On the 13th the Queens Birthday flypass rehearsals took place. A formation of nine Typhoons, a VC-10 with four Tornado F3s, a Nimrod with four Tornado GR4s and five Dominies flew 2-3 miles south of Marham. The following aircraft were seen: Typhoons (Typhoon1-11). Two spares took off from Coningsby, but were not in this formation. ZJ803/BA Typhoon T1 29(R)sq *

ZJ806/BE ZJ811/AZ ZJ916/QO-U ZJ919/DC ZJ922/QO-C ZJ924/DD ZJ926/QO-Y ZJ929/QO-A ZJ934/QO-U XV104/U? ZG780/XXV 3x XV248/48 ZA463/028 ZA562/XV ZA564 ZA592/059

Typhoon T1 Typhoon T1 Typhoon F2 Typhoon F2 Typhoon F2 Typhoon F2 Typhoon F2 Typhoon F2 Typhoon F2 VC10 C1K Tornado F3 Tornado F3 Nimrod MR2 Tornado GR4 Tornado GR4 Tornado GR4 Tornado GR4

29(R)sq 17(R)sq 3sq 11sq 3sq 11sq 3sq 3sq 3sq 101sq 25sq spec mks 25sq Kinloss wg Marham wg Marham wg,617mks 31sq spec mks Marham wg,XVmks

Mildenhall Additions 05. 84-0109 07. 88-0265 13. 84-0112 19. 03-3127 30. 95-0102 98-0054 02-1101

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

June 2007 C-21A C-17A C-21A C-17A C-17A C-17A C-17A

76th AS 62nd AW 76th AS 305th AMW 437th AW 437th AW 437th AW

+ 29Spar91 Rch475 Jalop07 Rch648 Rch5102 Rch8054 Rch2101

A full review of the July movements will be in next months issue.

Waddington 02. 91-0301/LN 91-0308/LN ZH880/880 ZE706 03. 62-3506 LX-N90445 04. XZ607 08. XX329/CU 09. ZR323 ZD703

Scramble 340 - Page 32

May 2007 F-15E F-15E Hercules C5 Tristar C2A KC-135R E-3A Lynx AH7 Hawk T1A A109E BAe125 CC3

492nd FS Warman22 492nd FS Warman21 LTW/QinetiQ * Gauntlet61 216sq * 133rd ARS NH ANG NAEW&CF 657sq AA673 100sq Javelin87 32(TR)sq RRR1576 32(TR)sq Northolt37

ZJ234/S XZ586/B XZ922/A ZG755/GL XV101/S XV105/V 10. ZH777 XX840/EY ZJ137/W ZJ929/QO-A ZA147 ZD242 11. LX-N20199 14. E25/314-TJ E69/314-TD E72/314-LA E109/314-UN XV305/305 15. 144416 63-8879/D ZE438/76 ZA546/AG 16. MM62244 17. XX200/CG XX265/CK XZ607 ZJ125/J ZE116/116 ZE936/HE ZE982/FR ZG757 18. ZD719/085 ZD790/099 ZD843/106 21. 102/YS ZA710 XX199/CC XX247/CM ZH878/878 ZD792/100 ZG771/133 ZE168/FA ZE728/FZ ZE838/GH ZH553/RT 22. ZF135/135 ZF171/171 ZF371/371 24. 054/YX LX-N20000 31. ET-199 ZE395

Griffin HT1 60(R)sq SHY96 S.King HAR3 202sq E Flt SRG128 S.K. HC6CR 846sq Commando26 Tornado F3 25sq,43mks Javelin24 VC10 C1K 101sq Tartan31 VC10 C1K 101sq spec mks RRR868 Chinook HC2 QinietQ Gauntlet64 Jaguar T4 6sq Turbo Flt Merlin HC3 28sq SHF311 Typhoon F2 3sq Fazer2 VC10 K4 101sq Tartan41 VC10 K3 101sq RRR868 CT-49A NAEW&C +18 Nato25 Alpha Jet E EAC00.314 FAF6440-6443 Alpha Jet E EAC00.314 FAF6440-6443 Alpha Jet E EAC00.314 FAF6440-6443 Alpha Jet E EAC00.314 FAF6440-6443 Hercules C3 LTW RRR670 CC-144B 412sq 17 CFC3093 KC-135R 351st ARS * Quid65 Jetstream T3 Heron Flt NVY751 Tornado GR4 14sq Lossie01 Falcon 900EX 93°Gr I2245 Hawk T1A 100sq Hawk T1A 100sq Lynx AH7 657sq 18 AA673 Merlin HC3 28sq Tornad. GR4AMarham wg,13mks +21 Tornado F3 111sq Tornado F3 25sq Tornado F3 43sq spec mks Tornado GR4 15(R)sq,14mks Mentor1-3 Tornado GR4 15(R)sq, no mks Mentor1-3 Tornado GR4 15(R)sq Mentor1-3 EMB121AA EAT00.319 Chinook HC2 18/27sq SHF555 Hawk T1A 100sq Javelin100 Hawk T1A 100sq Javelin83 Hercules C4 LTW Tornado GR4 Marham Wg,nmks Cobra2/3 Tornado GR4 Marham Wg Cobra1 Tornado F3 25sq Savage Tornado F3 25sq Savage Tornado F3 43sq 24 Scorpion/LCH40 Tornado F3 43sq Scorpion Tucano T1 1 FTS Tucano T1 1 FTS Tucano T1 1 FTS EMB121AA EAT00.319 FAF9090 CT-49A NAEW&CF F-16BM Esk 730 DAF3269 BAe125 CC3 32(TR)sq

01. 63-8025/D ZE432 04. 202/36-CB LX-N20199 ZD348/15A 05. 60-0331/D 63-8008/D

KC-135R 351st ARS * Quid54 BAC111-479JU QinetiQ/ETPS * Gauntlet89 E-3F EDCA00.036 FAF9018 CT-49A NAEW&CF Nato16 Harrier GR7 4sq,no mks COT25 KC-135R 351st ARS * Quid23 KC-135R 351st ARS * Quid24

June 2007

06. E103/314-UA E112/314-TS ZR323 XX325 07. 054/YX XW216 ZJ954 09. XX486/CU-567 12. 61-0314/D 63-8020/D ZH886/886 13. ZR322 18. ZJ922/QO-C 19. LX-N90456 63-8045/D 64-14828 20. 084/YH LX-N20000 58-0100/D ZE396 21. ZD328/09 ZD401/30 ZG472/62A ZH659/107 ZH872/872 ZH888/888 24. 203/36-CC 27. K2878/G 28. K2663 RK3451 RK3452 SB041 SB042 SB043 SB044 SB0103 SB0107 ZJ518 ZE168/FA ZE158/FF ZE254/FD ZE728/FZ ZE887/FX ZE982/FR ZG780/XXV

Alpha Jet E Alpha Jet E A109E Hawk T1 EMB121AA Puma HC1 Puma HC1 Jetstream T2 KC-135R KC-135R Hercules C5 A109E Typhoon F2 E-3A KC-135R KC-135R EMB121AA CT-49A KC-135R BAe125 CC3 Harrier GR9 Harrier GR9 Harrier GR7A Harrier T10 Hercules C4 Hercules C5 E-3F IL-76 IL-76MD IL-78MKI IL-78MKI Su-30MKI Su-30MKI Su-30MKI Su-30MKI Su-30MKI-3 Su-30MKI-3 Nimrod MR4 Tornado F3 Tornado F3 Tornado F3 Tornado F3 Tornado F3 Tornado F3 Tornado F3

EAC00.314 FAF6441/42 EAC00.314 FAF6441/42 32(TR)sq RRR1383 4 FTS VYT37 EAT00.319 FAF9090 230sq 33sq 750sq 351st ARS * Quid76 351st ARS * Quid77 LTW RRR520 32(TR)sq 3sq * Rampage NAEW&CF Nato07 351st ARS * Quid21 191st ARS UT ANG Esso82 EAT00.319 FAF9091 NAEW&CF Nato16 351st ARS * Quid01 32(TR)sq RRR1523 1sq * COT19 20(R)sq * Striker15 1sq * COT13 20(R)sq * LTW RRR520 LTW RRR521 EDCA00.036 FAF9024 44sq 29 Astra 44sq 30 Bison 78sq 02 Pluto 78sq Pluto 30sq arrTDY Titan2-4 30sq arrTDY Titan2-4 30sq arrTDY Titan2-4 30sq arrTDY Pluto2-4 30sq arrTDY Pluto2-4 30sq arrTDY Pluto2-4 BAe * Avro 25sq arrTDY 25sq arrTDY 25sq arrTDY 25sq arrTDY 25sq arrTDY 25sq arrTDY 25sq arrTDY

At the end of June Waddington received the highlights of 2007 for most of the military-spotters in Europe, the six Indian air Force Su-30 Flankers with their IL-76/78 Tankers. The Indians took part in exercise Indradhanush (Rainbow) II which was scheduled to run from 2nd until 12th July. During this time the Su-30s from 30sq based at Pune, together with the IL-78 from 78sq based at Agra operated alongside RAF 25sq Tornado F3s, 8sq Sentry AEW1, 100sq Hawks, 101sq VC-10 tankers and Typhoons from Coningsby. Their first activity was participation in the Waddington Air show while their last was at RIAT Fairford with three aircraft before departing Waddington on 17th July. A full report of Waddington Air Show can be found in our Showreport-section. Credits: Paul Coppin/Touchdown-news, The Fightercontrol Team, MAR, MSF.

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Civil News

This Airbus A310 was delivered to Air-India in August 1990. On 9 January 2007, the Airbus was ferried to Dresden for freighterconversion and was re-delivered to Air-India as freighter on 25 April. The aircraft was not only converted to freighter, but also painted in the new Air-India colour scheme. (Frankfurt, 11 August 2007, Walter Heukensfeld)

Manufacturers News Boeing



Citation XLS+

The tanker competition of the US Air Force has been a long story. In December the winner will be announced. The battle for this gigantic order will be between the KC-767 and the KC-30, with the former being a B767 derivative and the latter an A330 derivative. The KC-767 will be based on a new design, the B767-200LRF (Long Range Freighter). Basically this is a B767-200 with technology from the B767-400ER incorporated in it. Boeing has announced that winning the tanker order wil most likely result in an extended life of the B767 production line. Not only will the KC-767 be build in large volumes, the company also expects civil order for the B767200LRF.

The first flight of the Citation XLS+ completed early august.The aircraft performed as expected with the new modifications. In addition to new Pratt & Whitney Canada PW545C FADECequipped engines and a new Collins Pro Line 21 avionics system, the airplane also has a slight change to the nose section. Type certification is expected in the first quarter of next year, with deliveries to follow in the middle of the year. The XLS+ is priced at $11.59 million.

B777 With an order from an undisclosed customer, the sales tally of the B777 has passed the 1,000 aircraft mark. All flying products of the US airframe maker have passed the 1000 sales mark: 707 727 737 747 757 767

1,010 1,832 over 7,000 and counting over 1,500 and counting 1,050 over 1000 and counting.

Embraer Embraer announced at the Latin American Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition that the Brazilian manufacturer plans to unveil a full-size mockup of its proposed next business jet at the NBAA Convention in Atlanta. The mockup does not constitute an official launch of the as yet unnamed, nonderivative aircraft, which would fill the niche between Embraer’s Phenom 300 and larger Legacy 600. Embraer also added that the company is still considering plans for a second aircraft in that same market segment. Firm orders for the Phenom 100 have already passed the 500-aircraft mark.

MD Helicopters MD900

Of the latest Boeing model, the B787, nearly 700 have been sold. We reckon bookmakers don’t take bets this type not reaching the 1,000 mark!

B787 The maiden flight of the B787 has been further delayed to October. Initially the dreamliner would have taken to the skies in September, but the installation of various systems is causing some issues. Rolls-Royce has received certification for the Trent1000 engine that will power the dreamliner. The other engine option, the Genx from General Electric is scheduled for certification in September.

MD Helicopters has recently delivered its 100th Explorer to a customer. The latest delivery from the Mesa factory is c/n 90000120 registered N690BJ to Columbo Yachts Inc in Florida. This is the 120th serial number, but twenty serial numbers have never been delivered to customers.

Mil / AugustaWestland AM159 Mil and AgustaWestland are to team up on a 4.5 ton helicopter project, dubbed the AM159. A decision on launching the project is expected later this year. The proposed AM159 is likely to be

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based on the Mi-54 design that has been worked on for the past two years. The multipurpose civil helicopter is to be powered by a pair of Klimov VK-800 new generation helicopter engines. The Russian turboshaft design VK-800V, horse power class 500-800 hp, is currently undergoing rig testing. Certification is expected in 2008.

Sikorsky and China Aviation Industry Corp. II (AVIC II), parent company of Changhe. Changhe will build and deliver S-76C++ helicopter airframes for Sikorsky together with AERO Vodochody in the Czech Republic.



S-76C++ Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. has announced the selection of Changhe Aircraft Industries Corp. to supply S-76 helicopter airframes. The agreement is the second to result from a Memorandum of Understanding signed in June 2006, by

Xian Aircraft Chinese manufacturer Xian Aircraft has announced that it will be developing a 70-seat turboprop. The aircraft, dubbed MA700, will benefit from the company’s current efforts of development and building of the ARJ21 regional jet. The turboprop will be the succesor the the MA60 that the company is currently offering.

Jetliners Greece


Aegean Airlines will add two A321-200s to its fleet. Both aircraft will be leased from ILFC.

The Netherlands KLM Cityhopper will add the ERJ190-100LR to its fleet. Air France/KLM has ordered for subsidiary KLM Cityhopper ten ERJ190s with an option for nine more.

Austria Luxe-Aviation is a new operator to begin scheduled services out of Russia with an ERJ135BJ.

Belgium Cargo B will receive its first ex-Air France B747-200F at the beginning of september in full colors.

Italy Air One will lease two A330-200s from ILFC which previous operated with Etihad Airways. Alisardegna is a new arline that intends to begin scheduled services out of Cagliari with a regional jet. The new carrier reportedly is backed by Meridiana and the state government. Meridiana will lease an A330-200 from Eurofly to begin longhaul services from Cagliari to New York JFK.


MyAir has added a sixth A320-200 to its fleet. The new A320-200 will come from Windjet.

Istria Airlines is a new chartercompany to launch operations with a MD-80 at the end of the year.


Denmark Cimber Air will add four CRJ200s. Three of the four CRJ200s will come from Lufthansa and are leased from Nordic Aviation Contractors.

France Air France has ordered two A321-200s which will be leased from ILFC. Aigle Azur has add an A321-200 to its fleet. This is already the fourth A321-200 for Aigle Azur and will come from KTHY-Kibris Turk Hava Yollari. Air France has ordered for subsidiary Régional Airlines four ERJ190-100LRs with options for three more and six new ERJ170-100s with options for six more from Embraer.

Germany Blue Wings has leased an ex-TACA International Airlines A320-200. This is the sixth A320-200 in their fleet.

Montenegro Airlines will lease two ERJ195s. One ERJ195 will arrive in 2008 and the second in 2009.

Romania Tarom has reactivated both A310-300s for several routes in Western Europe.

Russia Atlant-Soyuz Airlines has signed a contract to purchase four B737-700s with Boeing.

Slovenia Aurora Airlines is a new airline to begin scheduled services with a leased MD-82.

Spain Hola Airlines will lease two aircraft. Hola Airlines will lease a third ex Audeli B757-200 and a fourth ex FlyMe B737-300.

Sweden Nordic Airways intends to begin long-haul charters from Stock-

A new DC-9 in the European skies is this ZS-GAL of Albanian Airlines. The aircraft was delivered on 10 July, and still flies with the South African registration of its previous operator South African Express. (Brussels, 5 August 2007, Niels Quist) Scramble 340 - Page 35

Since spring 2007 Virgin Nigeria has been operating two former Air Canada B767-300s. The aircraft are leased from Lat Charter and registered in the Latvian register. One of the two is this YL-LCY, photographed at London-Gatwick. (2 August 2007, Eric Raadschelders) holm. Nordic is planning to lease a B757-200 for its operations.

Switzerland Swiss has placed an order for nine A330-300s. The new A330-300 will be replacing the A330-200s.


China Southern Airlines has signed an agreement with Boeing to purchase 55 more B737-700s and B737-800s. The B737NGs will be delivered between 2011 and 2013.

India Air Frankfinn is another newcomer with the intention to begin scheduled services with an A320-200 or B737NG.

ACT Airlines Cargo has signed an order for a pair of A330-200Fs. ACT Airlines will use the A330-200Fs to offer long-range cargo services to New York and Hong Kong.

Air India will add an ex Iraqi Airways B767-200 from Teebah Airlines. Air India is also looking to lease several A330200s.

AtlasJet has leased two MD-83s from World Focus. This is a new type for AtlasJet in the fleet.

First Flight Couriers intends to add two B737-300s besides two ATPs they already have in service.

From the beginning of 2009 THY-Turkish Airlines will lease two more A330-200s from Calestiral Aviation Trading.

Jet Airways has leased two new B737-800s from BOC Aviation for eight years.



Aerosvit will buy seven B737-800s which will be delivered between 2011 and 2012. Aerosvit also has options for seven more.

Linus Air is a new airline to begin scheduled services with two BAe146s.

Khors Aircompany will add another MD-83 to its fleet. The aircraft is already delivered and leased from Sky Wings from Greece.

Lion Air has ordered more than 60 B737-900s from Boeing. This order comes on top of the 40 B737-900s Lion Air ordered during the Paris Air Show.

Mongolia MIAT Mongolian Airlines will add a second B737-800 in the next twelve months and a B767 in 2009 to replace the Airbus A310-300 to modernize its aging fleet.

Africa Egypt Egypt Air has decided to buy five A330-200 plus an option for three more. The first two A330-200s will be delivered in 2011 and the other three in 2012.

Ethiopia Ethiopian Airlines has signed an agreement with BCC to purchase one ex-TAM MD-11 freighter which will be delivered in December 2008, after the conversion.

Reunion Air Austral will add two more B777-200s to its fleet. Both aircraft will be leased from ILFC.

Nigeria It is not confirmed but Arik Air intends to order ten more B737-800s, one B777-300ER and four B787-900s. Arik Air already ordered three B787s and four B777s.

Pakistan PIA-Pakistan International will lease seven A320-200s to replace their seven B737-300s. All aircrafts will be leased from Alafco and will be delivered in 2009.

Philippines Philippine Airlines will exercise an option to buy five A320-200s. The planes will be delivered in 2009 and 2010. PAL already has ordered seven A320-200s from Airbus and leased two A320-200s and four A319-100s.

Singapore The first A380 for Singapore Airlines will be delivered in the second half of October. The first revenue flight will be from Singapore to Sydney at the end of October.

Taiwan FAT-Far Eastern Air Transport will lease two more B757200s from ILFC. Both aircraft will come from American Airlines.

Asia Afghanistan Newcomer Safi Airways has taken delivery of its first B767-200.



Bangkok Air will sign a contract with Airbus for six A350-800XWBs. For the gap period the airline is planning to lease six A330-200s. They want to launch long-range routes to Europe.

Cathay Pacific has ordered five new B777-300ERs with a catalogue price of US$1.4 billion from Boeing.

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Middle East

North America

Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabian Airlines has leased a B747-400F. The first B747-400F freighter in the fleet of Saudi Arabian will be leased from Air Atlanta Icelandic in full colors.

WestJet has signed an agreement with Boeing for the purchase of twenty more B737-700s for delivery in 2012 (fourteen) and 2013 (six). The order is convertible to B737-800s. WestJet has now ordered 80 B737NGs, 57 have already been delivered.

United Arab Emirates Emirates is very close on a deal for more than 20 B747-8 Intercontinentals. A definitive announcement will be at the next Dubai Air Show Etihad Airways will lease six A320-200s before the summer of 2008. Three A320-200s will be delivered this year and two of the aircraft will be leased from Air Malta. Maximus Air Cargo has leased a second A300-600F from Air Atlanta Icelandic that is currently converted to a freighter in Dresden.

Latin America Argentina Aeroiguazu is a new operator, preparing to begin scheduled services in late autumn with two ERJ145s.

Bahamas Bahamasair is negotiating to order the B787-8 Dreamliner and will be the launch customer for the Caribbean. Bahamasair intends to order four B737NGs and two B787-8s. The carrier will operate the 787 on routes to Europe as well as charter routes around the world. The 737s will be placed on routes to North and South American, as well as regional destinations.

Bolivia Lloyd Aereo Boliviano will return to the skies with a single B727-200 leased from Aerosur. The new startup will begin services with two B737-300s and two B767-200s.

Brazil BRA has confirmed its order for the ERJ195. BRA will buy twenty ERJ195s plus an option for twenty more, twenty rolling options and fifteen purchase rights. They also leased two ERJ195s from GECAS. Rio Linhas Aéreas is a new cargo carrier to begin scheduled services with a DC-10-30F.

Mexico Alma (AeroLineasMesoAmericanas) has placed an order with Embraer for two CRJ900s regional jets. Alma has already fifteen CRJ200s. Mexicana will lease four ex Air Canada A319-100s to replace the latest B757-200s which will leave the fleet shortly.

United States JetBlue is deferring sixteen of fifteen ERJ190s on order from 2007-2012 to 2013-2015; JetBlue has now 27 in service and 78 on order for 2007 (7), 2008 (6), 2009 (6), 2010 (8), 2011 (8), 2012 (10), 2013 (12), 2014 (12) and 2015 (9). JetBlue plans by the end of 2007 to sell three of its 103 A320s; it has additional 75 on order. Southern Air Cargo will be combined with Cargo 360. The combined airline will fly under the name Southern Air Cargo and will operate a fleet of 13 B747-200Fs. Southern Air Cargo will add another B747-200F and will lease two B747-400BCFs in 2008. In the near future Southern Air Cargo will operating the new B777-200F. UPS took delivery of its first B747-400F. UPS will take delivery of two more B747-400Fs this year and five next year. UPS also acquired five more B747-400Fs from other carriers by 2010.

Oceania New Zealand Air New Zealand will acquire four B777-300ERs to its fleet with an options for three more. The triples will be delivered in 2010 and 2011. Air New Zealand has already eight B777-200ERs in their fleet.

Order overview Airlines


Number Remarks (options) ACT Cargo A330-200F 2 Air New Zealand B777-300ER 4 (3) 2010-2011 Alma CRJ900 2 Atlant-Soyuz B737-700 4 BRA ERJ195 20 (55) Cathay Pacific B777-300ER 5 China Southern B737-700/800 55 2011-2013 Egypt Air A330-200 5 (3) 2011-2012 KLM Cityhopper ERJ190 10 (9) PIA A320-200 7 2009 lsd Alafco Regional AirlinesERJ190 4 (3) ERJ170 6 (6) Swiss A330-200 9 WestJet B737-800 20 2012-2013

Global Jet Luxembourg received is first A319CJ early August. The Airbus is registered in Aruba as P4-VNL. (Basel, 22 August 2007, Sébastian Glaentzlin) Scramble 340 - Page 37

Aeroflot Don operates four ex Air France B737-500s. One of them is this VP-BLF which was delivered on 12 May 2007. Aeroflot Don was established as Donavia in 1991, but changed its name to Aeroflot Don when it was purchased by Aeroflot in 2000. (Frankfurt, 11 August 2007, Walter Heukensfeld) A300

B4-622R 601


B4-605R 747










-115X -111 -132 -211 -231 -213 -232 -223 -243

2921 3209 3231 342 363 3203 3208 223 832


-323E -313 -313E

857 93 646


-313E -229

651 21135


-301 -301 -3H9

23261 23507 23714


-2K3 -33A -53A

23912 24026 24788





-430 -33V -7AK -883

27000 29339 29865 30470


-883 -86N

32276 32658









Libyan Arab Airlines, ex TS-IAX of the same Company. Registered in Libya early 2007. Saudi Arabian Airlines. Noted with Saudi Arabian-titles and tail colours at Schiphol on 11 August. Aircraft was operating an Onur Air flight. Saga Airlines, ex PIA – Pakistan International Airlines. Returned from lease to PIA late July. Omni Aviaçao e Technologica, ex F-GSVU of Aero Services Corporate. Delivered early August. Global Jet Luxembourg. Delivered in August. Test registration was D-AVXQ. Iberia. Delivered on 28 July. Test registration was D-AVWL. SAS. Delivered on 20 August. Test registration was D-AVYV. Air Comet, ex C-FMJK of Air Canada. Delivered on 14 August. MyAir, ex Windjet, Delivered late July. Clickair, Delivered on 2 August. Test registration was F-WWIG. THY Turkish Airlines. Delivered on 14 August. Test registration was F-WWIS. TAP Portugal, ex OE-LAM of Austrian Airlines. Delivered on 31 July. Etihad Airways. This is the correct registration of this bird, and not A6-EYP (correction Scramble 338 – Page 55). Northwest Airlines. Delivered on 2 August. Test registration was F-WWYD. Aerolíneas Argentinas, ex 9Y-TJN of Caribbean Airlines. Delivered on 7 August. South African Airways, ex VT-JWB of Jet Airways. Returned to South African in July, after a two year lease to Jet Airways. South African Airways, ex VT-JWC of Jet Airways. As above. Jet2, ex European Aircharter. Leased from European since early August. Aircraft is all white with KD Avia , ex N324AW of America West Airlines. Delivered on 27 August. KD Avia, ex N327AW of America West Airlines. Delivered 15 August. Jat Airways, ex Aero Contractors of Nigeria. Returned from lease to Aero Contractors already in February 2007. Repainted in Jat colours early August. Jat Airways, ex Sudan Airways. Delivered in June. Aircraft is leased from Aviogenex. Olympic Airlines, ex Hola Airlines. Sub-leased to Olympic Airlines since early July. Aerolíneas Argentinas, ex F-GHXM of Air France. Delivered on 15 August. Between its French and Argentine registration it was registered in the US as N233BC of the Wells Fargo Bank. FlyLal – Lithuanian Airlines, ex N225DL of Delta Airlines / Delta Shuttle. Delivered on 17 August. Olympic Airlines, ex EI-DGD of Air One. Delivered late July. Norwegian Air Shuttle, ex 5N-VNB of Virgin Nigeria. Delivered on 2 August. Royal Jet, ex HB-IIO of Privatair. Delivered early July. SAS, ex Snowflake. Painted in SAS-colours again at Shannon late August, after more than four years flying around in Snowflake-colours. SAS. Delivered on 1 August. Line # 2331. Futura International Airways / Cirrus Airlines. Well actually 32903 was not the correct construction number for this Boeing (correction Scramble 339 – Page 41). Air Europa. Delivered on 7 August. Line # 2338. Scramble 340 - Page 38


B757 B767



-7GL -238B -SP-31

34760 21352 21961








-346 -281B

23482 23502





-412BCF 27070







-4R7F -256 -2Q8

35804 26252 27623


-222 -222 -2J6ER -23BER -33AER -3BGER -3BGER -35RER -35RER -333ER -233LR -258ER -237LR -237LR -100

21877 21879 23745 23974 27909 30563 30566 35159 35160 35242 35243 36084 36300 36302 E1035








-RJ85 -RJ85

E2231 E2300


SkyEurope Airlines. Delivered on 17 August. Line # 2352. Iran Air, ex Buraq Air. Delivered early August. Las Vegas Sands Corporation, ex N992MS of Interface Operations. Registered in Bermuda on 15 August. The aircraft has been painted in the same colours as Tristar N388LS and B767 N804MS. Interface Operations operates FAR125 contract executive flights for the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, so Interface Operations is in fact the flying division of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, a hotel, gaming, and resort development company. Aerolíneas Argentinas, ex EC-JJG of Air Plus Comet. Delivered early July. Before June 2005, this aircraft also flew for Aerolíneas Argentinas with the same registration. Blue Sky, ex F-GETA of Air France. Delivered late June and noted all white at Tehran – Imam Khomeini International on 1 July. The aircraft had been stored at Jakarta for more than six months. The Boeing is operating for Mahan Air. Transaero Airlines, ex JA8173 of Japan Airlines. Delivered on 17 August. Hellenic Imperial Airways. This is the correct registration (correction Scramble 338 – Page 57). Oasis Hong Kong Airlines, ex 9M-MPG of Malaysia Airlines. Delivered on 6 August. Leased from Malaysia for 18 months. Cathay Pacific, ex 9V-SPC van Singapore Airlines. Delivered after freighterconversion at Xiamen on 15 July. Yangtze River Express Airlines, ex B-18703 of China Airlines. Delivered on 27 July. Between its two Chinese registrations, it was registered in the US as N703CL of the Wells Fargo Bank. Emirates. Delivered to TNT on 31 July. The aircraft is operated by TNT Airways for Emirates in full colours. Line # 1389. Cargolux. Delivered on 7 August. Line # 1390. Privilege Style, ex Iberia. First noted in full Privilege-colour scheme at Madrid on 25 July. XL Airways UK, ex Finnair. Leased for summer season in a basic Finnair-colour scheme with large XL-titles. Gabon Airlines, ex N617UA of United Airlines. Delivered on 1 August . Kam Air, ex N619UA of United Airlines. Delivered on 21 July. Safi Airways, ex B-2554 of Air China. Delivered on 13 August. MAXjet Airways, ex 3B-NAL of Air Mauritius. Delivered on 28 July. VARIG, ex B-2495 of Air China. Delivered on 9 August. Ethiopian Airlines, ex B-2561 of Hainan Airlines. Delivered on 1 June. Ethiopian Airlines, ex B-2562 of Hainan Airlines. Delivered on 7 July. Jet Airways. Delivered on 29 July. Line # 650. Jet Airways. Delivered on 2 August. Line # 653. Air Canada. Delivered on 27 July. Line # 649. Air Canada. Delivered on 7 August. Line # 651. El Al Israel Airlines. Delivered on 19 August. Line # 655. Air-India. Delivered on 27 July. First B777-200LR for Air-India. Line # 610. Air-India. Delivered on 28 July. Line # 629. Air France by Jersey European. Finally scrapped after three years of storage at Exeter in July. Transwede Airways (SAS-c/s), ex EI-COQ of the same company. Registered in Sweden late July. ClubAir, ex EI-CPK of the same company Redelivered after 8 months storage at Exeter and registered in Italy on 15 August. Transwede Aiways not Mälmo Aviation (correction Scramble 337 – Page 38). ClubAir, ex EI-CNJ. Re-delivered later July, after seven months storage at Exeter.

On 1 August, Club Air restarted their operations after a shut-down of eight months. Their first aircraft after the re-start is this RJ85 with a new revised livery and a new Italian registration I-CLBA. (Paris-Charles de Gaulle, 1 August 2007, Eddy Cuperus) Scramble 340 - Page 39

Since June 2007 this MD-81 SE-DMT of Nordic Leisure has been flying around as a logojet for Purobeach – Oasis del Mar. Purobeach is a hotel and beach club with resorts in Palma de Mallorca and Marbella. Mallorca is very popular with Germans, so this aircraft is a regular visitor to many German airfields like Cologne. (Cologne, 6 August 2007, R. Kolkmeijer) -RJ85



-RJ100 850 800

E3340 8046 8055


702 900 -32 -82

10264 15091 47601 49138


-82 -82

49144 49569


-87 -87 -83 -83

49606 49611 49628 49668

















145505 14500998 14500999 145039 145237 145394 145482 19000093







Air France by CityJet, ex N516XJ of Mesaba Airlines / Northwest Airlink. Delivered on 11 August. Between its Irish and American registration it was registered in the UK as G-CEFL of BAE Systems. (Addition Scramble 330 – Page 48). Brussels Airlines, ex SN Brussels Airlines. Repainted at Amsterdam in August. Georgian Airways, ex OY-YVI of Execujet Scandinavia. Delivered on 31 July. Corporate Jet Management, ex N850RJ of the Aero Toy Store. Registered in the UK on 21 August. Air France by Brit Air. Delivered on 9 June. Sevenair. Delivered on 26 July Sevenair is the new name of Tuninter. Albanian Airlines, ex South African Express Airways. Delivered on 10 July. Onur Air, ex Alajnihah Airways. First noted in full Onur Air- colour scheme on 15 July. The aircraft is leased from Best Air. Tarhan Air, ex Eram Air. Returned from lease to Eram Air early June. Bulgarian Air Charter, ex Mahan Air, Returned from lease to Mahan Air and back in full Bulgarian Air Charter-colours since this summer. Spanair, ex SE-DIF of SAS. Delivered in Star Alliance-colour scheme ion 16 August. Spanair, ex LN-RMG of SAS. Delivered in Star Alliance-colour scheme on 18 July. Air Memphis, ex Air Luxor. Delivered in June. EuroAir, ex F-GJHQ of Air Liberté. Delivered on 25 July. Between its French and Greek Registration the aircraft was registered in the US as N978PG of Pegasus Aviation Inc. The aircraft had been stored at Tucson (AZ) for more than two years. Meridiana Air, ex N531LS of AFT Trsut Sub 1. Delivered late July. Former PK-FED of Air Efata and SU-BMF of Air Luxor. TAB – Transportes Aérreos Bolivianos, ex N68044 of Centurion Air Cargo. Delivered in July. ATA Airlines, ex N234NW of Northwest Airlines. Delivered in an old Northwest bowling-shoe colour scheme with small ATA-titles late July. Sishen Iron Ore Company, ex OY-NCP of Sun-Air of Scandinavia. Registered in South-Africa on 5 June. Flew for Sun-Air in basic Hainan Airlines colour scheme without titles. Altarello, ex G-REUB of Seafire Intertrade, Reregistered on 7 August. K2 Smart Aviation. Delivered on 30 July. Jet Alliance. Delivered on 3 August. FlyBE, ex BA Connect . British Airways. FlyBe-titles since July. FlyBE, ex BA Connect / British Airways. As above. FlyBE, ex BA Connect / British Airways. As above. FlyBE, ex BA Connect / British Airways. As above. FlyBE. Delivered on 28 July.

Credits: Skyliner, Airline-List, Civil Spotters en Dutch Spotters.

Propliners Finally a new commercial seaplane operator in Europe. Canadian based Harbour Air has set up a new subsidary called Harbour Air Malta. One of their Turbo Otters was ferried to the Mediterranian island of Malta this summer. C-FHAH left Canada enroute to Europe mid May using a normal undercarriage. After some work by Medavia on Malta-Luqa, the airplane was put on floats in the harbour of Kalafrana on 24 June. It was presented to the press in the Valetta harbour on 28 June with a flyby and a picture perfect landing in the port. Prepara-

tion work continued, as the cabin had to be refitted. More room had to be created as the airplane was fitted with a cabin for sightseeing flights, Harbour Air Malta is now expecting passengers flying to Gozo to use the service with baggage. The Turbo Otter entered the Maltese register as 9H-AFA on 18 July. The first commercial flight followed on 23 July. The airplane is scheduled for five daily return flights between the port of the islands capitol Valetta and Mgarr Harbour on the neighbouring Island of Gozo, costing about 35 euro for a one way.

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This TriGear Beech 18 made a ferry flight from Tulsa (OK) to Basel Mulhouse (Switserland). The flight originated on 22 July, with stops in Indianapolis, Buffalo, Quebec, Wabush, Iqaluit, Sondre Stromflord, Keflavik, Wick (Scotland) and Rotterdam. The Trigear Beech finally landed at Basel on 29 July. BAe 748-2 1602 3X-GEE Guinee Air Cargo, ex- 3D-POZ. Seen parked at Conakry-Gbessia, Guinee 7 June 2007. Served in the Australian Air Force as A10-602 until 2004. 748-2A 1678 G-AYIM Ex- Emerald Airways, ferried Blackpool to Norwich 27 June, where it was painted white. Returned to Blackpool 22 July. Canadair CL-66B CL-66B-4 FAB-74 Fuerza Aerea Boliviana, ex (YV191T), HP-1468, HP-1468APP. Slowly we discover more about last months published Canadairs from Panama. HP-1468APP was registered to Parkwood in early 2006, who probably bought them as an investment rather than from an operational point of view. We doubt YV191T was ever applied to the aircraft. It flew from Panama City to Bolivia in feb06, and entered service in new TAM colours soon after. It was seen April 2006 operational at Santa Cruz, El Trompillo Airport. CL-66B CL-66B-7 HP-1445APPThis Canadair was still seen stored at Panama-Albrook Airport in April of 2007. Where it has been stored for a while now, so YV190T is not painted on aircraft yet. CL-415 2045 I-DPCX SOREM, Italy, Crashed during fire fighting mission in Sirente Velino regional Park on 23 July. CL-415 2055 2055 Greek Air Force, Crashed during firefighting mission on the island of Evia also on 23 July. Convair T-29B 27 N153PA Desert Air, flew from Columbus Rickenbacker (IN) to Alaska 31 March – 2 April. Operating local flights out of Anchorage eversince. DHC-2 1178 C-FYRR Ex N481G, arrived in British Colombia on 19 July. Colours have not changed only the tail number and the owners. The Blueskyview Software Corp. from Vancouver. 1261 C-FSHC Ex N85HC, registered in Canada on 10 July, to Les Oies du Nord Aviation of Québec. 1306 N345KA SeaWind, crashed near Ketchikan (AK) on 16 August. This airframe was already considered w/o after a crash on 17 July 2000, but was rebuild. 1360 VH-CXS Tropical Aviation of Cairns, ex N211AW registered Down-under 1 August. Crossed the Pacific in a container. -III 1578TB7 N812LT Turbo Beaver C-GDOV of EV Air was sold across the border, and moved from British Columbia to Montana. Seen Oshkosh (WI) on 24 July, on floats. DHC-3 397 C-FQEI Cancelled from Canadian register on 15 August as sold to Switserland, not yet entered in the register there. T 406 9H-AFA Ex C-FHAH delivered to Harbour Air Malta. See text below. Douglas C-47A 9276 N8WJ ex XB-JSJ, last noted operational in March 2007, flying in former Mexican Air Force colourscheme. It has now been registered to World Jet of Wilmington Delaware on 6 August. Their intentions with this airplane are unknown. BT67 19227 C-GAWI Basler Conversion project #50 was delivered on 7 May, from Oshkosh (WI) to Oshawa (Ont.) , the home base of Entreprise Air. The registration N79017 was cancelled as sold to Canada on 18 July, and entered as C-GAWI, under the name of Triumph Airways. But intended for Alfred-Wegener-Institut für Polar- und Meeresforschung as Polar research aircraft. Due for delivery to the Germans later this year. In Bremerhaven instuments will be installed. First mission will be Antarctica.

Roger Brooks has added two DC-4 aircraft to his fleet this year. The market for hauling freight and especially fuel to remote corners of Alaska is very good, and is big enough for more big props. The first of the two new Skymasters was former tanker 160, N96358 that was delivered this past winter. It is seen here slowly climbing out at its homebase in Fairbanks (AK). The second one was Tanker 162, N3054V that was delivered in last June. (Fairbanks, 24 May 2007, Frank Schuchardt) Scramble 340 - Page 41

The two famous Timberland Martin Mars Flying Tankers from Sprout Lake, Canada were bought by the Coulson Company earlier this year. Subsequently Coulson-titles were added to this legendary aircraft, which are shown here on C-FLYL.. (Sprout Lake (B.C.), 10 June 2007, Walter van Brempt) BT67

































Lockheed Howard 18-2347


ex N40386 of Basler Turbo Conversion operating for the USAF Special Forces. Conversion # 35 returned to Oshkosh 27 February 2007. On 13 August in was registered to Triumph Airways in Canada as C-GEAJ. It ferried Oshkosh (WI) – Oshawa (Ont.) on 17 August. Seen operational in an all white livery at Oshawa at 19 August. Aerovanguardia. w/o after crash landing near Puerto Concordia enroute to Villavicencio. Of the three Dakotas parked at Villeneuve, Alberta N47SJ has been sold as first. It flew to the Estrella Warbirds Museum at Paso Robles (CA) on 27 June. N215CM and N269LM remain for sale. The aircraft is ex US, Belgian and Israeli forces. Performed an engine test run at Mendoza, Argentina late July. A good step in getting it back in service. Anglo American Mining, seen at Zambezi, Zambia 25jul07, in full Spectrem 2000 Microsurvey cs with this brazilian registration.Ex ZS-ASN, registration cancelled 6 July. The airplane is heavely modified for scientific research. The aiircraft has carried temporary Brazilian registraions in the past. (PR-MGF & PT-WXE) This Buffalo Airways DC-4 crash landed Carat Lake, (Nunavut) in 29 December 2006, sustaining severe damage to the nose and cockpit section of the aircraft. Another mishap in the Buffalo Airways DC-4 fleet happend on 05 January 2006, when C-GXKN overshot the runway at Norman Well after an engine failure. C-GXKN was later shipped back to homebase at Hay River on a barge. The Nose section was literally cut of and transported by road to Carat Lake in March 2007. In July ground crew replaced the WHOLE nose section of C-GPSH. Millardair, Restoration had started on this DC-4, but will not be completed as too much stuctural corrosion has been found. Engines have been overhauled, and will probably be up for sale. Hopefully the airframe will find a good home. Seen at Toronto (Ont.) still inside a hangar in bare metal, 21 August. Brooks, in addition to last month reported sale of this DC-4, we can now confirm that it has been delivered and is fully operational out of Fairbanks (AK), noted there in August. Parked outside at Toronto Pearson Intl Airport (Ont.), in faded Millardair colours and without engines. Airframe cannot be restored to flying conditions, as too much structural corrosion has been found. Long time resident of the Arizona Wing of the Confederate Air Force XA-TDR, was cancelled earlier this year from the register but was put back on in July as N48AW. Reason unknown. This Air Atlantique DC-6 unexpectetly showed up at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in the early evening of August 16, and disapeared into the spraybay of Hangar 14 at KLM Maintenance. It is rumoured to be painted into old KLM c/s to feature in a film about immigration in the 1950s called “Bride Flight”. Somebody is putting life back into this old Howard. The airframe has been derelict at Little Rock (AR) for 16 years. Has received new engines and props and has been running. Originally a Lockheed 18 or C-60, delivered in February 1943 as 42-32213, converted to Howard 250 in October 1963. Scramble 340 - Page 42

L-188AF 1039 L-188AF 1145



7158 7218

N4235N N702AU






JRM-3 9267 Visc. 802 170


ex-OE-ILB of Amerer Air registered to Buffalo Airways, 3 July. ex-OE-ILA of Amerer Air registered to Buffalo Airways, 3 July. Both aircraft had been in Canada for a while already. Prop struck runway while landing at Billing (MT) on 14 August, damage unknown. AeroUnion, registration cancelled 6 June, physical scrapping at Chico (CA) confirmed. Last year could have been the last for the famous Martin Mars flying boats at Vancouver Island. But in May this year the Coulson Timber Group took over the flying business from Timber West. Both aircraft were noted with their new titles during the open house of the Coulson Flying tanker base at Sproatlake Vancouver Island (B.C.) on 8 July. C-FLYK already noted with new titels on 10 June 2007. Also noted with new Coulson titels at Sproat Lake (BC) on 8 July. This Viscount was noted in good condition at Lubumbashi, Congo in July. This is former 3D-PFI now probebly operated by FARDC.

Credits: Ruud Leeuw, Micheal Prophet, Aad van der Voet, King Sasha, Times of Malta, Blackpool Spotters. Warbirds and Propliner community boards, and Skyliner.

Commuters Arik Air, the Nigerian airline, has put in an order for four Dash 8Q400s to operate the route Lagos-Port Harcourt. It is about time ATR

42-310 42-310

005 024


42-320 066 42-300M 131








72-212 72-202

212 256











72-202 493 72-212A 572


72-212A 575





they start using some own material, the last few months has seen Arik leasing a variety of aircraft from mostly Denim Air.

DOT Danu Oro Transportas, ex EI-SLD Air Contractors. New per August 2007. Jetcraft Aviation, ex EI-SLE Air Contractors. We have identified the new Australian operator, and this will be ATR number two for them. The long journey started at Shannon 2 August, which is also the date of register. Update Scramble 337-Page 40. Aérospatiale/Aeritalia, ex D4-CBS TACV. Registered May 2007. Forces Aériennes Gabonaises – Gabon air force. Arrived Toulouse 28 July and left Dinard for Algeria again 17 August. A quick maintenance visit. Danu Oro Transportas, ex ES-KRD Aero Airlines. Put in storage and returned to Finnair in June and delivered 13 August from Helsinki to Billund. Southern Aircraft Consultancy. Ferried from Roswell via Bangor and Keflavik to Dinard where it arrived 29 July. Hansung Air, ex ES-KRH Aero Airlines. Update Scramble 339 – Page 46. Air Contractors, ex N817FX FedEx Express. Cancelled from the States beginning of August. Air Deccan. Flew 30-31 July from Kuwait via Paphos and Bastia to Toulouse after the lease came to an end. Air France / Airlinair, ex Europe AirPost. Transferred in May this year and was seen at Paris-Orly in June wearing Air France c/s. Air Deccan. On Scramble 334 – Page 46 we mentioned that this aircraft had been returned to ATR as it arrived in February this year at Dinard. However, it ferried from Dinard to Paphos via Bastia on 3 August on its way back to India, because it has again been leased from ATR. NAYSA Aerotaxis, ex Binter Canarias. And another one for the island hoppers! Jet Airways. Did not return to ATR but simply stopped by at Dinard for some maintenance, and it left again 29 July. Update Scramble 338 – Page 59. Jet Airways. Ferried to Dinard via Sharjah, Larnaca and Rome-Ciampino 4 & 5 August. JCA visited last month, so with a bit of luck others will follow and you don’t have to go all the way to India to see Jet Airways’ ATRs! Azerbaijan Airlines, ex F-WWLA. Seen at Toulouse 25 July in full c/s with the name ‘Zagatala’. Delivered 21 August and is the first ATR42 for AZAL!

In May 2007 a special colour scheme was applied to this DHC-8-400 G-JEDP of FlyBe. The airline is promoting the ecofriendliness of their DHC-8s with the slogan “Low cost, but not at any cost”.(Amsterdam-Schiphol, 11 August 2007, Ton Jochems) Scramble 340 - Page 43

Tassili Airlines of Algeria are set to receive their first Bombardier Q400. The airline ordered four in July 2006, and the first is ready for delivery. Tassili is an Algiers-based outfit founded in 1997 that specializes in the transportation of employees to oilfields in southern Algeria. The Q400s will be used primarily to carry workers from the capital to the oilfields, while four Q200s will operate between the oilfields. The airline plans to gradually expand its operations to include scheduled domestic and international service. The purchase of the Q200s was announced in April and they will all be delivered in 2008. Tassili has used Dehavilland products in the past, having leased a Dash 7 and Twin Otters several years ago. Its current fleet consists of PC-6 Turbo Porters, a Cessna 208B Grand Caravan and a Beech 1900D. Factory fresh Bombardier Q400 DHC-8-402 c/n 4169 is seen here with Canadian test registration C-FMIV. It will become 7T-VCM during its flight test program at the Bombardier plant at Downsview Airport, Toronto (Ont.). (25 July 2007) 72-212A 754 VT-KAJ Kingfisher Airlines, ex F-WWEO. Delivered 17 August. Update Scramble 339 – Page 46, the WW-reg is now known and in stead of VT-KAM it is now KAJ which makes more sense if you look the previous deliveries, the last one being VT-KAI. 72-212A 758 F-WWES Kingfisher Airlines. Seen Toulouse 17 July in full colours. 72-212A 759 F-WWEV Kingfisher Airlines. Seen Toulouse 10 July in full c/s still without the tail. 72-212A 761 F-WWEX Azerbaijan Airlines. Noted Toulouse 25 July and once delivered will be 4K-AZ64 with the name ‘Gabala’. BAe 4101 41047 ZS-NOM Nomic 177, ex G-MAJO Eastern Airways as of 27 July. Update Scramble 338 – Page 59. ATP(F) 2011 SE-MAO West Air Sweden. Now finally delivered after conversion. ATP(F) 2013 G-BTPF British Aerospace. Ferried from Bucharest to Coventry 21 August after the conversion to freighter was completed. Perhaps destined for Atlantic Airlines? ATP(F) 2045 SE-MAL West Air Sweden, ex G-MANE. Another one for the Swedish cargo operator. Beech 1900C-1 UC-166 EC-IAH NAYSA Aerotaxis. Ferried from Las Palmas to Reykjavik 10/11 July. On its way to the States after the ATRs start arriving at NAYSA. 1900D UE-349 F-GTVC Ministère de l’Interieur, ex Twin Jet. Seen at Nuremberg 7 July a/w, n/t and with a French military logo in the tail. It’s not sure if the Beech is operated by or for the French police. BN-2 A-21 533 G-BDZK B-N Group, ex B-09 Belgian Army. Registered 10 August. A-III-2 1035 G-RBCI Aurigny Air Services. Repainted in the new Aurigny c/s and is no longer a logo turboprop. It was flying around with Royal Bank of Canada c/s. A-26 2020 D-IORF Luftverkehr Friesland, ex Ostseeflug. Leased as a replacement for crashed Islander D-ILFB. B-20 2240 TF-… ?, ex G-BSPT George Cormack. Cancelled from the UK 16 July. B-20 2305 G-CEUA Britten-Norman Aircraft. B-20 2306 G-CEUB Britten-Norman Aircraft. B-20 2307 G-CEUC Britten-Norman Aircraft. B-20 2309 G-CEUD Britten-Norman Aircraft. B-20 2310 G-CEUE Britten-Norman Aircraft. Five newly built Islanders on the British register per 27 July. Dash 8 -311 464 S2-ADX GMG Airlines, ex G-BRYZ Flybe. Arrived at Exeter 3 August after a repaint at Eindhoven were it was seen 2 August. Wasn’t wearing S2-ADX just yet, but could be seen underneath the sticker. Also carried the titles ‘In Memory of HZT Saha Jalal’. -311 491 8Q-... Island Aviation, ex LN-WFE Widerøes. Soon to trade cold Norway for very warm Maldives! -402 4167 7T-VCL Tassili Airlines, ex C-FMIT Bombardier. A very nice visitor for Europe as this Dash 8 visited Reykjavik and Paris-Le Bourget and onwards to Algiers on delivery to Tassili. Do228 -212 8181 D-CNLA Dutch Coast Guard. Was seen in full colours during a night shift at Amsterdam 9 August, after it completed an acceptance flight. By the time you read this the Do will be as good as operational. Do328 -100 3006 TF-CSD City Star Airlines, ex N470PS PSA Airlines. PSA is losing a couple of Dorniers to Europe, with this 328 going to Iceland. The Do ferried from Reykjavik to Aberdeen on 15 August. -110 3058 D-CIRE Cirrus Air, ex N440JS PSA Airlines. Arrived Amsterdam-Schiphol 30 July. Was painted in basic US Airways Express c/s, but not for long as it was moved to QAPS to be painted in the exciting Cirrus livery. Scramble 340 - Page 44









227AC 227DC


Saab 2000 Shorts 360-300

... SH3733


Private Wings, ex N404SS Bellsouth Corporation. Another American Dornier moving to the German register. It arrived at Oberpfaffenhofen 3 August. Weinberg Martin Trustee. Was seen flying from Egilsstadir in Iceland to Aarhus, Sweden 17 August. It might be heading for Russia to start flying for Atlant-Soyuz. Top Fly, ex Artac Aviacion. Seen March 2007 in full c/s. Manx2, ex FLM Aviation. Leased to Manx2 and seen at various UK airports over the last few months. Still carries FLM-titles on the nose. Lithuanian Airlines. So far the former ID is unknown for Lithuanian’s latest addition. BAC Express. Update Scramble 339 – Page 46, registered 17 August.

Credits: Scramble Message Board, Skyliner.

Fokker News Great domestic news: Panta Holdings, of which Jaap Rosen Jacobson (remember Rekkof ?) is the big boss and which owns Denim Air and VLM, has acquired four Fokker 100s! This can only mean one thing, Denim Air is finally getting jets for the first time in its history. The three that will come back to their F27


-500RF 10630


-500RF 10631


-500RF 10642








-050 -050

20232 20312











country of birth are: 11291 G-MABH (also at Norwich), 11293 G-MAMH (currently at Woensdrecht) and 11398 N898US (at Norwich). The fourth one 11286 needs to wait just a little bit longer as it was delivered to Sweden to fly for Air Express, see below for the details.

PIA, ex 4R-EXG Expo Air. Mihin Lanka is rumoured to get a second F27, and this is a likely candidate. The problem we have with this a/c is that apparently it never flew for PIA as AP-BHE, it might however be stored somewhere in Pakistan. AP-BHE was reportedly seen on a Citation 550 at Bombai in November 2005 while the 27 was delivered in July 2005. Answers on a postcard please! Expo Air per April 2007, ex AP-BHF PIA (leased from 5 April 2005), 4R-EXH Expo Air (registered 31 March 2003) and A4O-FC Oman Air. Expo Air, ex Mihin Lanka, ex 4R-EXF Expo Air. 4R-EXF was registered 26 March 2003 and on 20 February 2007 the Friendship transferred to Mihin Lanka with the inaugral flight on 4 March. The Fokker was only used for that first flight and also to speed up the AOC process. At the moment it is flying for Expo as 4R-MRA. The above mentioned msn’s are corrections we picked up in the 2007 Sri Lankan register. The 2005 register had the msn’s for 4R-EXF and 4R-EXH mixed up. Gotlandsflyg. Still operated by Skyways but has the Gotlandsflyg c/s which consists of a green cheatline and the skyline of Stockholm in the tail, also in green. Operates between Stockholm (Bromma and Arlanda) to Visby on the island of Gotland. Arik Air, ex VLM. Repainted in full c/s at Norwich and ferried back to Maastricht 21 August. Will have arrived in Nigeria when you read this. Arik Air. Returned to Maastricht 18 August, lease has ended? Alliance Airlines, ex B-12276 Formosa Airlines. Registered 9 August, update Scramble 339 – Page 47. In August the fuselage of a Fokker 28 Mk.4000 was seen on a trailer in the streets of a city somewhere in Indonesia. Unfortunately there were no marks on the aircraft to give away its identity, so for the moment we are clueless as to which airframe this might be... Air Express, ex G-FMAH Aravco. Cancelled from the UK 14 August and delivered 15 August to Halmstad, Sweden in a/w c/s and n/t. Seems like the Fokker needs to hold on for a while before if will return to the Netherlands (see intro story). Denim Air, ex G-MAMH Aravco. The Fokker had been stored at Norwich since 7 October 2005 and finally made a flight again on 27 July with destination Woensdrecht, probably for some much needed maintenance before delivery to Denim.

In March 1998 Aeromorelos parked this Fairchild F-27 XA-MOR at Oaxaca due to financial problems. About five years later the future looked bright again, as there was work in progress on the aircraft. However, the aircraft was seen Cuarnavaca on 26 May 2007, with the fuselage cut in two parts just in front of the tail section, so it is now really over and out. (Ivan Peña Nesbit) Scramble 340 - Page 45

This ZS-IJN registered Fokker 28 is the only Fokker in InterAir’s fleet. It was delivered in South Africa in April 2006 after a career in Ivory Coast as government aircraft between 1977 and 1991 and as passenger aircraft in Papua-New Guinee with Air Niugini between 1992 and 2006. (Lanseria, 4 August, Morné Booij-Liewes) -0100 11321 YU-AOM Montenegro Airlines, ex Master Airways. Back from the lease which lasted fourteen months. C/s is similar to ZA-ARC which is flying for Belle Air. -0100 11379 VH-FKK Alliance Airlines, ex N894US US Airways. Started its delivery flight from Mojave 5 August when it flew to Everett-Paine Field and onwards to Anchorage and Nome, both in Alaska. Will soon arrive in Australia to start flying as VH-FKK. -0100 11389 EP-CHO Chabahar Air, ex PT-MQE TAM Brasil. Arrived Tehran 20 August in very white c/s after a long journey which started in Brazil. -0100 11449 HK-4445 AVIANCA, ex HK-4445-X. Lost the X somewhere in June this year. Credits: Ger Buskermolen, Aad van der Voet/, Pieter van ‘t Hof / SG Woensdrecht, Skyliner.

Bizjets North American Jet Charter Group received FAA approval as the first U.S. Part 135 very light jet (VLJ) operator using an Eclipse 500. Operations are expected to begin on 22 August under the company moniker “Q,” for Quintessential Traveler service that offers an air limo at half the traditional charter rate. Pricing has initially been based on one-way fares with no daily minimums for aircraft usage or overnight charges. North BAe125


-731 -800B

25222 258037


-1000A 500 500 510

259017 0201 0249 0007

N517LR C-.... HA-JET N4FF

500 501 525 525 525 525

0312 0061 0090 0480 0502 0645


525 525A

0648 0083


525A 525A

0326 0358











American Jet claims that up to three travelers will enjoy all the benefits of first-class travel on their Eclipse 500s for about the same rate as a one-way first-class airline ticket. Hawker Beechcraft has appointed Jet Aviation in Dusseldorf as an authorised service center for Hawker 800 series. The first Learjet 60XR has entered service with Cloud Nine aviation of Los Angeles, six months later than first expected.

Avcom sold their former P4-AOB to the US. Another bizjet for the Isle of Man register. Seen at Farnborough on 15 August. We will miss this one of a kind Hawker ! Ex 7O-ADC. Elite Jets returned this bird to Hawker Beechcraft. Ex A6-ELA. F-GRCH was noted at Montreal on 3 July. Reported to be sold in Canada. Ex N1GG. Seen at Odense on 4 July. Slowly bizjets are appearing in Eastern Europe. Furth Frederick. This Mustang did a small European Tour during June. Could be seen at Luton on 9 June, Le Bourget on 10 June and Warsaw on 11 June. If you did not catch this one by now ...... Air Taxi. Ex F-GJDG. Moved to Spain early July. Viva Espana ! Another “classic” Citation was registered in “Paella” Country. Ex SE-RBZ. Ex N8288R of Huff Air. Registration cancelled per 20 July. Fix it. Ex N888SF. Operated by Hasi – Air. Mariebo Aviation AB.Ex N133CS of CitationShares ... This brand new airplane was delivered to Salzburg on 29 July. The aircraft is owned by Porsche Konstruktionen and replaces their OE-GPH with c/n 560-0590. Breed Aircraft Ltd. Registered in the UK per 7 August. Another aircraft for Air Charter Scotland. Seen inside Jet Netherlands hangar at Rotterdam Airport on 3 August undergoing maintenance. The aircraft arrived on 30 July with US markings. Ex N975DN. Brasfield & Gorrie. Ex OE-FXX. Ferried Reykjavik – Bremen on delivery on 3 August. Used callsign “EFD 301” for the ferry flight. Aircraft will be operated by Eisele Flugdienst and based at Stuttgart.. Nope not the new bizzer for Mr Fidel Castro. Noted at Wichita early June. Delivered to Scholz KG and operated by Atlas Air Service. Testmarkings were N5250P. This one is based at Schwaebisch Hall. Ex CC-CPS. Airjetsul from Portugal is the operator of this US registered bizzer. Delivery to Cascais went via Keflavik and Shannon. You might need this frame since she has flown quite a while in Chile !! Another bizjet for San Marino and only the second one in the register. Flew Keflavik – Rimini on 21 August. Scramble 340 - Page 46

680 750

0145 0262


750 Challenger 604 604

0273 5425 5660


604 604

5661 5662

N224N N868CC

604 605 605 50

5663 5703 5724 130








900EX 2000EX 2000EX 2000EX

188 32 58 116




2000EX 117


2000EX 118 2000EX 119


2000EX 123


5000 XRS

9190 9203


5000 XRS

9211 9215





123 177



208 214

N247AB N914KB

Gulfstream II

JetAlliance Flugbetriebs AG is the owner. Addition Scramble 339 – Page 49. Seen with its Greek registration at Wichita. Has the honours of being the first Greek Citation Ten ever.... Destined for Greek Government. Ex N262CX. Noted at Wichita end of July. Quicksilver Jet Sales bought this former Flexjets Challenger. Ex N320FX. MHS Consulting needs a Challenger to consult its clients.It arrived at its homebase St Louis on 14 June. NLC. Flew Portland – Boeing field on 12 July. Number two within a week for MHS Consulting ! This one being delivered on 21 June. Looks like a bargain “ buy two , get one free “. D3T. Already delivered to White Plains during may ! Visited Luton on 29 July. Aircraft is based in Nigeria. Ex C-FLGN. Test registration was C-GLWX. Registered per 25 July. Sears Canada sold its Falcon to Aruba. C-GSRS was noted end of June at Geneva. The airframe was seen again at Geneva on 3 August in the same colours but now wearing P4 registration. A Swedish Falcon moved to Finland. Noted at Helsinki on 1 August , operating for Airfix Aviation. Ex SE-DVE. Former HB-IGX was registered to Bermuda at Jersey on 7 August. Dasnair no longer needed her because of last months delivered Falcon 7X. Registered per 22 June. Ex F-WWFW. Ex N999BE. Noted at Biggin Hill early August . Sydney Jet Charter. Registered per 12 July. Ex VH-CRQ. American International Group. Replacement for their Falcon 900 c/n 18 which was sold in April. Arrived as F-WWMO at Le Bourget on 29 June. Registered per 10 July to GMR Aviation Pvt. Ex F-WWGC. Again a new serial number belonging to this typical Dassault registration. Ex F-WWGD. New addition to the Flying Group fleet. It arrived at home base Antwep on 9 August.. Owner of the aircraft is CMB which also owns the OO-SAV and which also is operated by the Flying Group . Brazil added a new Global to its register. It used to be known as N99XN. Exxon Mobil re-registered their N203XX to a more standard Exxon registration. Noted at Houston on 27 July. Ex C-FIPH of Bomardier Aerospace. Westfield Aviation. The replacement for last months sold Gulfstream IV with c/n 1132. Arrived at its homebase Luton on 14 June. Gulfstream 2 models remain very populair in Mexico. This oldie was registered mid July. Ex N899GA. Ex N368DS. Owner is still World Jet . This babe keeps operating out of Van Nuys. Nigerian G2 5N-AGV was seen making engine runs at Luton on 9 August. It has been hangered for over two years and finally looks as though it will fly again. Still wearing full Federal Republic of Nigeria titles and colours , with new nose cone in primer. BC Air of New Mexico slightly amended their registration on its G2. Ex N247AD. Alchemist Jet Air. Markings were upgraded from A to B per 18 July. Ex N914KA.

Although the weather was not so fine when Falcon 2000EX-EASy OO-PAP was delivered to Antwerp on 9 August, the colourful appearance makes it certainly worth taking a picture of. The bizjet is a new addition to the ever growing fleet managed by the Flying Group. (Antwerp, 9 August 2007, Walter van Brempt) Scramble 340 - Page 47

After spending more than two and a half years in Mexico as XA-RCM, this Gulfstream III came back to the United States in June. Then NC Aircraft became the new owner of the aircraft with construction number 312 and gave it registration N116AR. (Lanseria, 4 August 2007, Morné Booij-Liewes)

Unfortunately we do delivered in May. III IV IV IV IVSP IVSP IVSP IVSP G450 G450 G450 G450 G450 G550 G550 G550 G550 IAI


not know the operator of many German bizjets. This includes this new silver Learjet 40XR D-CVJP, that was (Stuttgart, 14 July 2007, Oliver Schmid) 317 N186PA C2D. Ex N90EP. 1121 N178MH Henn Leasing. Re-registered per 10 July. Ex N962SS. 1132 N7JM Joyce Meyyer Ministries. Ex N71NR. 1157 B-.... Deer Jet. Ex N157FQ. 1235 N17JK Transmeridian Aviation. Changed ownership per 19 July. Ex N500EP. 1241 N117MS Star Flight got rid of their smokey G3 which was registered N717MS last month. The replacement used to be called N843DF. 1305 N305GA Bank of America bought this Gulfstream IV SP from Sprint Management group. Ex N888SQ. 1442 N718DW Colleen Corporation.Ex N345LC. 4076 N779CS Copper Station Holding. Registered per 20 July. 4078 N310GJ Wells Fargo Bank. Ex N378GA. 4079 N450NS Delivered on 26 July from Savannah via Bangor to Luton. We suspect that this aircraft will be flying for National Air Services. 4080 N380GA Number two this month for Wells Fargo Bank. Arrived at Milan Linate end July. 4082 N451NS Registered per 7 July. Suppose this is number two for National Air Services this month. 5022 OE-ISS JetAlliance Flugbetriebs . Confirmation Scramble 339 – Page 50. 5043 VP-BGL Global Enterprises of Bermuda is the owner. Ferried to Palma ex Savannah on 13 July. Confirmation Scramble 339 – Page 50. 5142 D-ADCB Ferried Brunswick – Appleton on 12 July as N42GA. This should become the new toy of DaimlerChrysler Aviation. 5144 N515PL NBL replaced their Gulfstream 4 c/n 1092 with this new aircraft.. She arrived at Columbia early July. 004 N789AT Arrow Trading from Florida bought the former VP-CHW of Forbane Investments. They immediately changed the identity of this Galaxy into a Gulfstream 200. Scramble 340 - Page 48






40 45 45

2079 017 336





305 RB-160 RB-201




60 Raytheon 390 390 390

Ex 7T-VHP. After more than two years of storage at Geneva , the former Palestinian bizzer has found a new owner in Lebanon. Seen at Geneva, with its Lebanese markings and old Palestinian government colours, on 11 August. Air Executive Charter. Noted Nurnberg on 9 July. SMS Industrie. Seen Berlin Schoenefeld on 28 July. Ex D-CESH. Yoav Harlap. Ferried to Tel Aviv with US markings N45YH during 20-22 July. Seen already at Wichita with Israeli markings early July so we take it that the aircraft will receive this markings. The well known TC-MEK of Cukurova Havacilik moved to the US. Seen at Oberpfaffenhofen on 24 July with its new markings. Airlink Airways. Will use callsign HYR61A (Highflyer) during its stay in Ireland. We have got the registration but not the owner. Addition Scramble 339 – Page 51. Seen Nurnberg on 27 July with US registration but big Italian flag on tail.It was performing the last piece of its delivery flight coming from Edinburgh and heading for Milan Linate. This will probably be the first Premier to be registered in Italy. Visited Reykjavik on 11 August.

Credits: Airline list, Bizjet list, Dutch Spotters list.

Bizprops Beech







200 200

BB-983 BB-1522



200 200 300 208A

BB-1564 BB-1983 FA-204 00118

EC-KHR 9A-... A6-... A6-...








/B2-H4 /47

946 827


/47 /47

830 832


/47 /47 /47 /47 /47 /47 690B

837 838 839 840 843 845 11482


690C 850 850 850 850 850 850

11613 397 408 409 410 411 412




Ex G-BKFY. This King Air has been sold to Argentina. Marks were cancelled from the UK register on 6 July. Unfortunately Nigeravia sold their 5U-ABY to Worldjet of Delaware. Ferried to the US via Mulhouse-Wick-Reykjavik-Goose Bay and Bangor. The King Air required at least four days to fulfill this route Cloudscape. Ex D-ISAZ of Andreas Peter . Registered per early July. SOS Flygambulans has reserved this markings per early July for the previous ZS-OBB. We however have no reportings yet of ambulance flights with Swedish markings SE-MAZ .... This has become the new Spanish identity. Addition Scramble 339 – Page 51 The first King Air for Croatia. Test markings N70783 were cancelled mid July. Ex N65LW.Moved to United Arab Emirates per 11 July. The story of our Icelandic bird travelling to the desert continues !! TF-SEA was spotted at Umm Al Quwain end of June.The Icelandic registration has been cancelled in may already but the UAE markings are still not taken up. Addition Scramble 336-Page 52. Direction Provincial de Aviacion de Formosa. This superb Pilatus was spotted inside Pilatus factory on 2 August... ...her sistership was joining her inside this hangar. Both aircraft are destined for a German customer. Also noted early August at Buochs inside Pilatus factory. Ex HB-FMQ. Started its delivery flight out of Buochs on 3 August. Delivery to Australia took place via Exeter and Gibraltar. Strange routing if you ask me ... Pilatus PC-12 Centre UK. Registered per 27 July. PCH 832 was also delivered by the famous delivery route for the States of Pilatus being Buochs – Prestwick – Reykjavik. This one crossed the Atlantic on 26 July. Noted during visit at Pilatus factory on 2 August. } } Three future U-28As destined for the USAF were also spotted at Buochs. } Also seen during the above tour at Buochs. Soon to be delivered . Also being prepared for delivery at Buochs on 2 August. Ex HS-TFG. FM International of Helsinki. One would expect the aircraft to be registered in Finland? SG Finans AS Norge. Operated by Wermlandsflyg AB. Ex LN-FWB. Ex F-OIKI. Delivered to Bravo Capital Investments per June. } } Five new TBM aircraft were delivered via Prestwick and Reykjavik in July } and early August. } }

Credits: Airline list, Bizjet list, Dutch Spotters list.

Helispot RAF Wyton near St.Ives in Cambridgeshire has become a new base for the East Anglian Air Ambulance service covering Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire. In August 2007, “Anglia Two” began service in Bedfordshire and the crew will be able to reach any casualties in the area within 16 minutes and get patients to hospital within the “golden hour”. “Anglia Two” is currently operating a five day service and will move up to seven days as funds permit. The helicopters in use with East Anglian Air Ambulance are the Sterling Helicopters’ BK117C1 G-OEMT and G-RESC.

On 3 July 2007, the Sikorsky S-92 made its first revenue flight in Denmark for CHC Denmark. From their base in Esbjerg, CHC Denmark will operate three S-92 helicopters for Maersk Oil and Gas in Denmark. Maersk recently renewed its contract for five years. On 10 August 2005, the Copterline S-76C OH-HCI crashed outside the Estonian capital Talinn. The aircraft had two pilots and twelve passengers onboard. The helicopter crash that claimed the lives of fourteen people was caused by the loosened plasma coating covering the two servo pistons of

Scramble 340 - Page 49

the destroyed aircraft. The coating blocked the servo leading the helicopter to lose its steer ability, concludes an interim report by the Estonian board of inquiry. The final report about the fatal crash is expected to be published within about two months. Copterlines has issued a claim seeking millions of euros in compensation from the helicopter manufacturer Sikorsky. According to a Finnish newspaper report, the next kin of the twelve passengers who died in the helicopter crash are being paid considerable damages in an out-of-court settlement. The phase Charlie of the fire-season in Portugal lasts from 1 July-30 September. The fire-fighting combat force during this period includes 52 airplanes: twenty-eight mediumsize utility helicopters, six heavy Kamov helicopters, fourteen utility airplanes and four Canadair/Beriev water bombers. The Government owned Empresa de Meios Aéreos SA (EMA)

added for the fire-season four AS350B3 Ecureuil medium size utility helicopters to their fleet of Kamov KA-32 helicopters. The new Ecureuils are CS-HMG; CS-HMH; CS-HMI and CS-HMJ. Next to its own fleet, EMA leases forty helicopters during the fire-season. The Spanish government announced that it is moving forward with a plan to use speed camera-equipped helicopters in major cities to issue speeding tickets. A Wescam MX15 forward-looking infrared camera takes close-up photographs of the vehicle’s license plate while an airborne radar system generates a speed estimate that appears on the video image. In the near future, a fleet of speed camera-equipped helicopters will issue speeding tickets from the sky in cities like Madrid, Valencia and Sevilla. The system cannot be used in court prosecutions until the Ministry of Industry issues the expected paperwork declaring the system accurate.

On 30 March 2007, the 2007-built Eurocopter EC120 B Colibri c/n 1477 was registered F-HFLB with BNP Parisbas Lease Group, Puteaux, operated by Conseils Logistique Production – C.L.P., Levallois Perret, France. Conseils Logistique Production, was registered as owner on 11 June. The same day, the Colibri was transferred to Aero Management, London. The F-HFLB visited Groningen Airport Eelde in the Netherlands twice on its route from/to Denmark on 29 July. The registration F-HFLB was cancelled on 2 August. The Colibri was registered as G-DRLH with a private owner in the UK on 8 August 2007. (Groningen-Eelde, 29 July 2007, Bert Visser) Agusta

109C 109E 109E 109S 109S 119 119 119 119 119 206B3 139

7618 11176 11710 22026 22033 14015 14031 14047 14048 14520 8732 31041


139 139

31089 31099





316B 316B 330J

1630 5377 1454



Rusco Co, Memphis (TE), cancelled on 2 August 2007: exported to Seychelles. Barkisland (Development), Dublin, cancelled on 26 July 2007: exported to the USA. Titan Airways, Stansted, registered on 9 August 2007. Avion, Copenhagen, temp.registered on 13 August 2007. Elibombardia, Calcinate del Pesce, registered on 30 May 2007. FAASA Aviación, temp.registered in May 2007. Ex N119LF. Heliduero, Valladolid, temp.registered in April 2007. Ex I-CLMF. FAASA Aviación, temp.registered in May 2007. Ex N929CV. FAASA Aviación, temp.registered in May 2007. Ex N325BC. FAASA Aviación, temp.registered in May 2007. Ex N119JA. Wilson Aviation, Chelmsford, registered as operator on 27 July 2007. CHC Helicopters Netherlands, brought the new footballers of Feyenoord into Stadium de Kuip in Rotterdam on 1 August 2007. Helisureste Helicópteros del Sureste, temp.registered in July 2007. CHC Helicopters Netherlands, Den Helder, registered on 13 August 2007. On 15 August delivered at Den Helder via Freiburg and a nightstop at Milan-Malpensa. Heli Rezia / Rotor Gloor, Davide Bernasocchi, cancelled on 14 August 2007. DBR after crash in the region of Arvigo on 10 July 2003. Sécurité Civile, noted at Paris Issy les Moulineaux on 24 June 2007. HeliNord Norden, Arnäsvall, registered as owner on 17 July 2006. Bundespolizei, sold to HELOG. On 10 July 2007, delivered at Salzburg Airport, in basic green Bundespolizei colours, no titles. Scramble 340 - Page 50

On 26 July 2004, the MBB BK117C1 c/n 7554 was registered D-HNWQ with the Polizei Norrhein-Westfalen. The call sign of this helicopter is “Hummel 8”. (Düsseldorf, 4 August 2007, Gostar den Daas) 330J 1573 D-HAXS Bundespolizei, sold to HELOG. On 11 July 2007, delivered at Salzburg Airport, in basic green Bundespolizei colours, no titles. On 20 July noted at Salzburg all white. 332C1 2033 HB-XVY Helog-Heliswiss Helikopterflugbetrieb, was used in IJsselstein by the replacement of the old analogue tv-antenna from KPN on top of the Gerbrandytower by a new digital antenna on 3 August 2007. The next day, the Super Puma was used in Roermond for a similar job. 341G 1509 G-CDJT Simlot c/o Bentley Trust, Malta, registered as owner on 3 August 2007. 350BA 1536 F-GKYG Lixxbail, noted at Paris Issy les Moulineaux on 24 June 2007. 350B2 1707 HB-ZDN Heli Alpes, Sion, cancelled on 15 August 2007. Ferried to Knaus Helicopter in Austria on 31 July 2007. 350B2 2462 LN-ODH Heli Invest, Voss, cancelled on 23 July 2007. DBR in crash near Voss on 14 September 2006. The operator was Fonnafly. 350B2 2627 I-GLTS Elimediterranea, Catanzano, cancelled on 3 August 2007. The Ecureuil was damaged near Giano Vetusto on 10 July 2006 . 350B3 3475 LN-OVN B3 Invest, Voss, as owner and Fonnafly, Rosendal, as operator, registered on 12 July 2007. Ex HB-ZEA. 350B3 3484 F-GJPI Helicoptère Service, Turks and Caicos Islands, cancelled on 30 July 2007. The same day, imported in Canada. Was DBR in an accident in Peru on 26 January 2005. 350B3 3488 EC-IBB Heliswiss Ibérica, cancelled in May 2007. To I-GRED. I-GRED Airgreen, Robassomero (TO), registered on 31 May 2007. Ex EC-IBB. 350B3 3677 EC-KDO Helicsa Helicópteros, temp.registered in April 2007. Ex LN-OMA. 350B3 4079 SE-JJI Scandinavia Helicopter Group, Västra Frönlnada, registered as owner on 19 January 2007. Ex SEB Finans. Cancelled on 12 June 2007. HB-ZIJ Solerine Aviation as owner and Swift Copters, Genève, as operator were registered on 15 August 2007. 350B3 4088 SE-JJJ Scandinavia Helicopter Group, Västra Frönlnada, registered as owner on 29 May 2007. Ex SEB Finans. Cancelled again on 6 August 2007. EC-KJF TAF Helicópters, temp.registered in August 2007. Ex SE-JJJ. 350B3 4217 EC-KCD Spin Helicopters, temp.registered in March 2007. 350B3 4232 EC-KFO Coyot Air, temp.registered in June 2007. 350B3 4237 F-GIEL Fin Air Trade, Paris, cancelled on 5 June 2007: exported to Romania. 350B3 4239 I-AMVS Leasint, operated by Air Service Center, Voghera, registered on 7 May 2007. 350B3 4244 I-AMVT Leasint, operated by Air Service Center, Voghera, registered on 7 May 2007. 350B3 4246 CS-HMH Empresa de Meios Aéreos (EMA) noted at Cascais on 29 July 2007. 350B3 4251 EC-KFU TAF Helicópters, temp.registered in June 2007. 350B3 4253 EC-KGQ Coyot Air, temp.registered in June 2007. 350B3 4269 CS-HMJ Empresa de Meios Aéreos (EMA) noted at Cascais on 29 July 2007. 350B3 4278 LN-OXD Airlift Helicopter, Lysaker, registered on 2 July 2007. 350B3 4279 OY-HGT Helicopter Rental Group, Lysaker, Norway, operated by Air Greenland, Nuuk, registered on 30 July 2007. 350B3 4286 EC-KIE Helisureste Helicópteros del Sureste, temp.registered in July 2007. Scramble 340 - Page 51







350B3 350B2 355F1

4301 9087 5049


355F1 355F2

5300 5401





355NP 365C2 365N

5747 5055 6147








47G-3B1 WA/353


47G-3B1 206B2 206B3 206B3

WA/443 1162 3555 3850


206B3 206B3 206L3

4057 4393 51519










412EP 36433 412EP 36434 117B2 7164 105CBS5S-883




120B 120B

1077 1104





Scandinavia Helicopter Group, Västra Frönlnada, registered on 2 August 2007. Scandinavia Helicopter Group, Västra Frönlnada, cancelled on 16 August 2007: exported to Ukraine. McAlpine Helicopters, Oxford, registered on 7 August 2007. Airtransport, Tonsberg, registered on 10 July 2007. Heli-Holland, brought in three flights the new footballers of FC Emmen into Stadium Meerdijk in Emmen on 29 July 2007. Sky Select, Llanegryn, registered on 6 June 2007. Ex Helix Aviation, Llanegryn. Police Aviation Services, Staverton, cancelled on 10 August 2007: exported to Swiss. Piraeus Leasing, Athens, Greece, registered on 31 July 2007. Ex SILCOGE, Lisbon, Portugal. Brookview Developments, Maghera, Ireland, registered on 30 July 2007. Helicsa Helicópteros, cancelled. Ex PH-SSY. MAT Aviation, Toussus le Noble, registered as owner on 6 August 2007. Ex Citicapital Heliportugal/Trabalhos e Transporte Aereo, Cascais, registered on 4 April 2007. Ex (F-GNVU), JA9649. Cancelled on 5 June 2007: exported to Portugal. Noordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen – NHV, registered on 18 June 2007. Arrived the same day on delivery at Ostend a OY-HMO with the registration OY-HMO partly taped over and the registration OO-NHX visible behind a window. Ex OY-HMO. J.Bird, Huntingdon and R.Cove, Bedford, cancelled on 20 August 2007. This Westland Bell 47G-3B-1 was registered with serialnumber WAN-44. registered in July 2007. Ex CS-HDQ. Viatges Center Vol, cancelled. Aviation Group Denmark, Storvorde, registered on 29 June 2007. Ex N565M. T.C.Smith, Danbury, cancelled on 6 August 2007. DBR in a crashed at Barlow’s Farm on Dark Lane, Bredbury, on 30 April 2007. Heli Service Belgium, noted at Schaffen-Diest on 11 August 2007. Coffee and Tea Product, registered on 11 April 2007. Ex F-GMPL. Apple International, Blountville (TN), cancelled on 8 August 2007: exported to Poland. Trevor Corporation, Grayslake (IL), cancelled on 27 July 2007. To EI-TOM. Tougher’s Oil Distributors, Newhall, registered on 31 July 2007. Ex N5080N. De Tabakshoeve, Zandvoorde/Zonnebeke. Reservation on 19 June 2007. This helicopter is test flown as N40466. Atlantic Airlines, Faroe Islands, Vagar Lufthavn, Færøerne cancelled on 31 July 2007. Bristow Helicopters, Aberdeen, registered on 27 July 2007. Ex N6587U. Helisureste Helicópteros del Sureste, temp.registered in July 2007. Ex C-FMQC. Elilario Italia, Milan, cancelled on 7 August 2007: exported to Ireland. Polizeihubschrauberstaffel Thüringen, Erfurt, withdrawn from use on 31 August 2007. Used callsign “Habicht 10”. Offered for sale by VEBEG. BMI - Bundesministeriums des Innern. On 19 August 2007, noted in service as “Christoph 13” at the air rescue station in Bielefeld-Rosenhöhe. B.C.H.”Bormar” M Kozlowski, registered on 16 May 2007: Ex ZS-RLR. Executive Helicopter Maintenance., Galway, registered as the new owner on 9 July 2007. Helipass, Toulouse-Blagnac, registered as owner on 21 June 2007. Ex Bail Actea, Arras, operated by Helipass. Cancelled the same day: to EI-FAB. Billy Jet, Kildare, registered on 10 July 2007. Ex F-HIAN.

On 29 May 2007, the 1983-built Agusta A109A II c/n 7285 was registered as HB-ZIP with Mediair, Agno as owner and Heli-TV, Lodrino as operator. The Agusta was operated before as N3235A and I-GATE. (Lugano-Agno, 27 July 2007, Joost de Wit) Scramble 340 - Page 52

On 2 January 2007, Paramount Helicopters NV at Diest/Webbekom reserved the registration OO-PME in Belgium for the Robinson R44 Raven I c/n 1692. On 14 March 2007, the Robinson was registered OO-PME. The R44 OO-PME was operated by Paramount Helicopters on sightseeing tours during the International oldtimer fly-in at Schaffen-Diest airfield in Belgium. (Schaffen-Diest, 11 August 2007, Jack Wolbrink) 120B 1381 SP-HII Heli Invest, cancelled on 26 February 2007: exported to Russia. 120B 1410 F-HAUV Finadev, Chamalieres,registered as owner on 18 May 2007. Was owned by Natexis Lease with Finadev as operator Finadev, cancelled on 1 June 2007: exported to Kazakhstan 120B 1440 YR-MDI ªcoala Superioarã de Aviaþie Civilã (Romanian Civil Flight School), registered in 2006. Ex F-WWPU 120B 1442 G-LHMS Hadley Helicopters, Elstree, registered on 26 July 2007. Ex Giftdale, London. 120B 1477 F-HFLB Conseils Logistique Production – C.L.P., Levallois Perret, registered as owner on 11 June 2007. Ex BNP Parisbas Lease Group, Puteaux. F-HFLB Aero Management, London, registered on 11 June 2007. Noted at GroningenEelde on 29 July 2007. Cancelled on 2 August 2007. To G-DRLH G-DRLH R.L.Hartshorn, Matlock, registered on 8 August 2007. Ex F-HFLB 120B 1506 G-JJFB McAlpine Helicopters, Oxford, registered on 16 August 2007. 130B4 4211 EC-KDL Soko Aviation, temp.registered in April 2007. 135T2 0168 OE-XEI Helikopter Air Transport, Innsbruck, registered in July 2007. Ex Christophorus Flugrettungsverein, Wien. 135T2 0181 OE-XEJ Helikopter Air Transport, Innsbruck, registered in July 2007. Ex Christophorus Flugrettungsverein, Wien. 135T2 0182 OE-XEK Helikopter Air Transport, Innsbruck, registered in July 2007. Ex Christophorus Flugrettungsverein, Wien. 135T2 0187 OE-XEL Helikopter Air Transport, Innsbruck, registered in July 2007. Ex Christophorus Flugrettungsverein, Wien. 135T2 0196 OE-XEM Helikopter Air Transport, Innsbruck, registered in July 2007. Ex Christophorus Flugrettungsverein, Wien. 135T2 0199 OE-XEN Helikopter Air Transport, Innsbruck, registered in July 2007. Ex Christophorus Flugrettungsverein, Wien. 135P2 0203 SE-HPS Rikspolisstyrelsen, Stockholm, cancelled on 25 June 2007. DBR in a crash at Sisjön Shooting Range in Southern Gothenburg on 24 April 2007. 135T2 0205 OE-XEO Helikopter Air Transport, Innsbruck, registered in July 2007. Ex Christophorus Flugrettungsverein, Wien. 135T2 0210 OE-XEP Helikopter Air Transport, Innsbruck, registered in July 2007. Ex Christophorus Flugrettungsverein, Wien. 135T2 0220 OE-XEQ Helikopter Air Transport, Innsbruck, registered in July 2007. Ex Christophorus Flugrettungsverein, Wien. 135T2 0221 OE-XER Helikopter Air Transport, Innsbruck, registered in July 2007. Ex Christophorus Flugrettungsverein, Wien. 135T2 0285 F-HEAD Ixair, noted at Paris Issy les Moulineaux on 24 June 2007. 135T2 0347 G-EWRT McAlpine Helicopters, Oxford, registered as owner on 14 August 2007. 135P2+ 0501 G-WMAO West Midlands Police Authority, Birmingham, registered on 6 August 2007. Ex McAlpine Helicopters, Oxford. 135T2+ 0558 D-HZSE BMI-Bundesministerium des Innern, o/b Bundespolizei. Entered service as “Christoph 13” at the air rescue station in Bielefeld-Rosenhöhe on 20 August 2007. Ex D-HECJ 135P2+ 0561 SP-KOT Z.W.C. “Millano” K.Kotas, registered on 25 May 2007. Scramble 340 - Page 53




135T2+ 0574 135T2+ 0579 135P2+ 0580


145 145

9124 9133


145 155B

9137 6557


155B 155B1

6575 6764


F28A-UK 103 F28C 398





280FX 280FX 280FX 369A

2065 2077 2130 301376





369D 520N

1200879D SE-HLI LN052 HB-XYP

600N Robinson R22

RN055 3446

R22 R44 R44 S-76A

4239 0609 11905 760205




S-76C++ 760641 S-76C++ 760645


S-76C++ 760654


McAlpine Helicopters, Oxford, registered on 20 August 2007. Helisureste Helicópteros del Sureste, temp.registered in July 2007. SG Finans, Lysaker, operated by Norsk Luftbambulanse, Drobak, temp.registered on 31 July 2007. Gendarmerie, France. Ex D-HMBA Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee, Salt Lake City (UT), registered on 9 August 2007. Ex D-HMBV Eurocopter Deutschland. Eurocopter Germany, noted at Kassel-Calden on 19 June 2007. Ex Ex ZS-RLI Starspeed, Blackbush, registered on 1 August 2007. Ex (D-HLEY), C-FORE William Ewart Properties, Belfast, registered on 20 August 2007. Ex McAlpine Helicopters, Oxford. Helimove, Ipswich, registered as the new owner on 10 August 2007. D.A.Weldon, Dublin, Eire, cancelled on 16 August 2007. The helicopter has been completely destroyed by fire after it crashed outside Newtownmountkennedy in Co Wicklow on 2 August 2007. Fast Helicopters, Shoreham, registered on 30 July 2007. Ex Eastern Atlantic Helicopters. Skymedia, Dielsdorf, cancelled on 23 August 2007. B.Morgan, Cinderford, registered as owner on 26 July 2007. Himmelsbach, Cham, registered on 14 August 2007. Trafficopters, Guitman (GA). On 30 July 2007 noted at Groningen Airport operated by Ocean Helicopters, Ireland. This Hughes 369A started its career as OH-6A ‘69-16006’ with the US Army. In 1993-1994 it was operated by the US Border Patrol as N6187Y. K.Pinfold & M.Pinfold t/a Claremont Air Services, Newcastle-under-Lyme, registered on 2 August 2007. Malmskogens Aerocenter, Linköping, cancelled on 20 July 2007. To N765LD. Robert Fuchs, Schindellegi, was damaged when flew through two 16000V power cables on 26 July 2007. Sky Heli, Gross-Kreutz, noted at Herzogenaurach airfield on 6 August 2007. Ex B-2118. Crown Helicopters, Knokke, cancelled on 13 June 2007. To F-GXAD. Helidis, La Baule-Escoublac, registered on 5 July 2007. Ex OO-WBF. Star Airservice, Teuge. Reservation for owner Logges Beheer on 23 May 2007. Debusseré, cancelled on 5 June 2007: exported to France. Star Airservice, Teuge. Reservation for this Raven II on 23 May 2007. SILAG, cancelled in June 2007. To N80GH General Helicopters International, Wilmington (DE), registered on 15 June 2007. Ex D-HSLA. General Helicopters International, Wilmington (DE), cancelled on 18 June 2007: exported to Germany. registered in July 2007. Ex G-CEKP. Caledonian Helicopters, Redhill, registered on 8 August 2007. Ex Bristow Helicopters, Aberdeen. Caledonian Helicopters, Redhill, cancelled on 9 August 2007. To 9M-SPT. On 31 July 2007, already noted as 9M-SPT at Aberdeen. Caledonian Helicopters, Redhill, registered on 14 August 2007. Ex Bristow Helicopters, Aberdeen.

Credits: Austro Control, BCARG, John van Boven, Stefan Jongen, Jack Poelstra, Jos Stevens / Rotorspot, Bert Visser, Henk Wadman / Airnieuws,, Copters-list, Dutch-copters-list,,,,, Police Aviation News,,

Soviet Updates Due to several editors being away on holiday, a little section this month. We are sure we will pay back next month. An-2V An-2P An-2P An-2P An-2T An-2R An-2R An-2R An-2T An-2R An-2R An-2R An-2R An-2R An-2R An-2TP An-2 An-2

1G90-04 1G114-53 1G117-49 1G159-45 1G162-01 1G178-48 1G179-37 1G191-27 1G196-18 1G203-48 1G209-29 1G217-26 1G218-23 1G222-15 1G226-51 1G230-58 — —

no reg RA-35541 UR-02438 SP-FIT RF-00458 LY-AJG RA-62707 RA-84649 RF-00865 RA-17787 RA-81635 EW-305AB RA-33036 RA-40338 RA-33392 RA-01418 RA-3105K RA-01146

green c/s, n/t Orenair no titles Aviaeco ROSTO P. Kekys Orenburgskie Avia Aeroflot ROSTO Nizhni Tagil Aeroflot yellow c/s, n/t DOSAAF Aeroflot Orenburgskie Avia Aeroflot Radonezh ALCI n/t

Che Che BKY Che w/o Che Che Che Che Che Che Che Che Che ph.

23jul07 23jul07 2007 18jul07 23jul07 jan07 23jul07 23jul07 23jul07 23jul07 23jul07 23jul07 23jul07 23jul07 23jul07 2007 21jul07 06dec06

Scramble 340 - Page 54

for sale by Transavia in 2007 with t/t 13,438 wrecked on t/o off Narsarsuaq, veered off runway dismantled fuselage, CCCP- prefix bleeding through with Nizhnetagilski ASK ROSTO titles wrecked fuselage only in yellow c/s; ex EW-40986 dismantled in rework dismantled for sale by Transavia in 2007 with t/t 2,356 in flight near Morozovo, Moscow region at Novolazarevskaja, Antartica, overturned and wrecked after storm

Kamov Ka-32A RA-31090 of the Russian ministry of disaster relief was first noted in December 2006, but we still do not know its identity. On 16 July 2007 Eugène Gadet photographed it near Krasnaya Polyana, where the winter Olympic Games of 2014 will be held. It was there to support the installation of a ski lift. An-2 An-12 An-12TB An-12 An-24B

2 40 07 40 18 8 34 58 6 73 025

— 01 01 02 10

An-24B 7 73 035 10 An-24RV 2 73 079 06 An-26 36 10 An-26 105 04 An-26 — An-32B 31 05 An-72 365720 20 362 IL-14 1470 015 41 IL-18 — IL-76TD 00134 34018 IL-76TD 10334 14480 IL-76TD-90VD — IL-86 51483207066 IL-86 51483210097 IL-103 03 07 IL-103 05 12 Ka-26 76 056 12 Ka-32T 9101 Ka-32A11BC 9801 Ka-32A11BC 9901/03 Ka-32A11BC — L-410UVP-E20 87 18 11 L-410UVP-E9A 88 20 39 L-410UVP-E3 88 21 01 L-410UVP-E20 91 25 33 L-410UVP-E20 07 26 40 Li-2 — Mi-2 52 5750 098 Mi-2 54 6543 030 Mi-2 52 6842 100 Mi-2 51 7038 071

EL-ALS ST-APJ Air Magal UN-11012 (2) Mithras Cargo UR-DWF Aero Charter JU-1027 MUTIS MIS titles RA-46267 RA-46468 “19” red “04” black UN-26405 4K-48137 9Q-COB BL554 4R-EXJ ? UN-76006 UN-76024 RA-76951 RA-86095 RA-86142 RA-61919 unknown RA-24348 HK-4131 CS-H.. CS-H.. CS-HMF 5H-AES HI-698CT PR-VLA D4-CBL PR-NHD CCCP-N491 RA-15293 RF-00655 UR-20203 7038

BKY 18jul07 wreck KRT 29jun07 all white, small titles, badge on tail OST 15jul07 a/w, small titles and badge; l/n LUX 26jul07 KBP may07 n/t left Sofia 17may07; l/n LEJ 31jul07 2007 preserved between two buildings close to the main railway station in Ulanbatar UT Air VKO 22jul07 UT Air SCW 11jun07 Russian Air Force Ckl 23jul07 white/blue c/s Russian Air Force Ckl 23jul07 ex Kazak AF c/s ? IEV 09may07 all grey ex Air Force scheme; not UR- ! Azerbaijan Airlines BAK 08jul07 dumped without reg Aviatrade Congo FIH jul07 with titles, photographed 27 or 28 July Indian Air Force DEL aug07 in poor condition no external serial visible Expo Aviation FJR 23jun07 reg is a DC-8 c/n 46049 current on register East Wing ASK 27jul07 c/n checked; ex UN-76004 Asia Continental GKE 20jul07 l/n GKE 30jul07; ex EW-242TH Volga-Dnepr f/f 31jul07 delivery planned for late aug07 Aeroflot Rus. Al SVO 01aug07 b/u this date, cockpit will be preserved Tatarstan, n/t AYT 10jul07 l/n DME 24jul07; with Tatarstan logo BKA 23jul07 c/n checked; ex RF-00555 Luk 26dec06 del to Laos in 2007 BKA 23jul07 in a hideous scheme, no rotors Helitec no reports ex N40475 Bombeiros f/f oct06 d/d may07 Bombeiros d/d jul07 three choppers Bombeiros ph. 27jul07 at Cascais Air Excel rgd 17oct06 ex 5H-PAD ex Caribair c/s TMB 23apr07 logo overpainted Litoranes 20jul07 at Fortaleza Pinto Martins Cabo Verde Express no reports ex D-CLED NHT POA 24jul07 Polyarnaya Aviats. photo in dark green c/s Che 23jul07 no titles Tve 25jul07 Universal Avia CKC 07jul07 ex OK-KJJ Libyan Air Force photo Scramble 340 - Page 55

Mi-2 Mi-2 Mi-2 Mi-2 Mi-2 Mi-2 Mi-2 Mi-2 Mi-2 Mi-2 Mi-2 Mi-4A Mi-8T Mi-8T Mi-8T Mi-8T Mi-8PS-11 Mi-8PS Mi-8MTV Mi-8M Mi-8MTV-1 Mi-8MTV-1 Mi-8MTV-1 Mi-8MTV-1 Mi-8MTV-1 Mi-8MTV-1 Mi-8MTV-1 Mi-8MTV-1 Mi-8MTV-1 Mi-8MTV-1 Mi-8T Mi-8T Mi-8T Mi-8T Mi-8T Mi-8T Mi-8 Mi-8T Mi-8 Mi-8MTV-1 Mi-8MTV-1 Mi-8 Mi-8T Mi-8DS Mi-8T Mi-8MT Mi-8MT Mi-8MT Mi-8MT Mi-8MT

52 9017 124 52 9218 055 52 9407 095 51 9429 105 54 9638 026 53 10123 027 54 10318 077 54 10527 028 53 11120 020 53 11131 040 54 11142 060 06 173 28 26 49 55 74 52 81 16 83 28 84 17 9 3507 9 3521 9 5286 9 5481 9 5583 9 5658 9 5750 9 5864 9 5955 9 5958 9 6111 9 6156 9 82 06003 9 82 06821 9 82 06954 9 84 20030 9 85 22481 9 86 25233 9 86 25989 9 88 39925 — — — — — — 10987 223.. 223.. 223.. 223.. 223..


? ? ? ? ? ?

RA-23422 RA-23329 RF-14404 RA-15741 (2) RF-14005 RA-23202 RA-15717 (2) RA-14186 CCCP-14233 CCCP-14244 EW-225CC CCCP-02322 RF-20439 no serial RF-38352 ST-VAG “15” yellow UR-KIS ER-MGH RA-06152 (2) UR-PAR RA-25172 UR-25444 RA-25510 RA-25134 ER-MHD RA-27128 RA-27131 RA-27172 HK-3898 ST-VAM RA-25361 RA-25374 RA-24747 UN-24534 ER-MGU RA-24441 RA-24121 RA-25148 (2) RA-25828 (2) UN-27184 RF-28958 RF-49420 3X-GCN 12366 Z2979 ? Z3006 Z3007 Z3010 Z3088

Konvers Avia Aeroflot c/s Barkol ROSTO Samara Konvers Avia blue c/s, n/t blue c/s, n/t AFL/Tyumen AFL/Tyumen BelOSTO AFL/Magadan ROSTO unknown Kubinski ATSK, n/t AMIS Russian Air Force no titles AMIS SPARK Ukraïna United Nations Ukraine Taimyr United Nations AMIS United Nations United Nations AMIS Helistar AMIS Turukhansk Air Ent Polyarnyye Avial. Taimyr Beibarys Ayr Aviation Turukhansk Air Ent Taimyr Norilsk Nikkel, n/t United Nations Burundai Air Novosibirsk Police Veltal-avia Serb.&Monteneg. AF Indian Air Force Indian Air Force Indian Air Force Indian Air Force Indian Air Force

Che Che Che BKA r/r Che

23jul07 23jul07 23jul07 11jul05 jul07 23jul07 21jul07 16jun07 Che 23jul07 Che 23jul07 Msb 15jul07 sep06 Tve 25jul07 ABJ 30jul07 Kub 04aug07 ELF 02aug07 Kub 04aug07 KRT 29jun07 ELF 02aug07 08aug06 KBP 30jun07 FIH 17jul07 ELF 02aug07 trf 04jul02 BJM 01aug07 ELF 02aug07 ASK 27jul07 ASK 31jul07 ELF 02aug07 EOH 18jul07 ELF 02aug07 IAA 17may07 2007 lsd 06oct03 ph. jul06 ELF 02aug07 IAA 17may07 trf 13jan03 15jul06 GOM 17jul07 ph. jul07 Ovs 01aug07 Ovs jul07 FIH 16jul07 13jul07 BKY 19jul07 BKY 19jul07 BKY 19jul07 BKY 19jul07 GOM 17jul07

no titles, ex reg ‘23442’ in cockpit l/n Eng 25jul07; see c/n 2518 ex RA-15670(2) l/n Tve 25jul07 at Norilsk-Valek at Norilsk-Valek Aeroflot titles Aeroflot titles no code and DOSAAF titles preserved at Zaliv Kresta c/n again reported as 2628 !! c/n may also be 4355; Ivory Coast AF ? in green/brown camo c/s; ex RA-22407 opb Sudan Airways; in all-white c/s based at Kubinka, probably opb 226 osap same c/s as RA-24634 in all-white c/s Pyramiden, Svalbard, c/n not checked seen with additional small ‘AMIS’ titles f/n Norilsk-Valek 16jul06 in all-white c/s without UN code all-white c/s with additional Canadian flag all-white c/s; coded ‘UN 467’; ex ZS-RIU all-white c/s; coded ‘UN 463’; ex ZS-RIS all-white c/s with additional Canadian flag operational in all-white c/s for sale by Transavia in 2007 with t/t 12,333 f/n Norilsk-Valek 05may07 somwhere in Russia a/wm ‘AYR’ logo and small ‘AMIS’ titles f/n Norilsk-Valek 22jul06 at Norilsk-Valek also carries ‘UNO-895’; see c/n 4565 in action near Almaty opb aosn GUVD Novosibirskoi obl. at OVB orange c/s, no rotors; awaiting repair ? at Kraljevo-Ladjevci reported as Z2579; carries code ‘UN880’ carries code ‘UN881’ carries code ‘UN882’ carries code ‘UN883’ carries code ‘UN862’

RA-25531(2) is a new and great looking Mi-172 belonging to the Nizhegorodskaya oblast (Nizhny Novgorod region) and is now based at the airport of Nizhny Novgorod. The gold lettering on the blue/silver fuselage makes the titles hard to read. The original registration CCCP-25531(1) was cancelled a long time ago although the exact date is unknown. The position of the tail rotor and the shape of the nose show this is a different, more recent, model than the 1972-built straight M-8 CCCP-25531(1). (27 June 2007, Russian Spottr) Scramble 340 - Page 56

In Scramble 332 we already published a photo of a Boeing 737 of Aviaprad, but they are also adding Soviet airliners to their fleet. One of the recent additions is this Tupolev 154M RA-85795, that was painted in these redbrown colours in May. (Sochi, 17 July 2007, Eugène Gadet) Mi-8T — UR-CCI AMIS ELF 02aug07 a/w ‘SkyLink’ titles and Canadian flag Mi-24V 3532423319917 “03” red Russian Air Force 28jul07 at Pribylovo; opb 332 ovp at Pribylovo Mi-24P 3532433522158 “09” red Russian Air Force 28jul07 at Pribylovo; opb 332 ovp at Pribylovo Mi-24P 3532434318468 “06” red Russian Air Force 28jul07 at Pribylovo; opb 332 ovp at Pribylovo Mi-24V — 9T-HM11 DR Congo AF GOM 19jul07 Mi-24V — 9T-HM12 DR Congo AF GOM 19jul07 Mi-26T 34001212320 RA-06019 UTair CFU 29jul07 Mi-26 34001212521 “05” Russian Air Force no reports opb 344 TsBP at Torzhok Mi-26 34001212603 RA-31005 MChS Rossiï Vla 16aug05 ex RA-06282 Mi-34S — YR-XFB 22jul07 Tannheim, operating under Hungarian CofA W-3A 32 02 10 EC-JPJ Hispanica de Avn 14jul07 at la Guancha Heliport, large ‘Brifor’ titles W-3A 37 05 09 EC-KHB Hispanica de Avn rgd jun07 ex N649LH W-3A 37 05 15 EC-KGT Hispanica de Avn rgd jun07 ex HL9298 W-3A 37 08 05 EC-KHG Hispanica de Avn rgd jun07 ex N646LH W-3A 37 08 12 EC-KHF Hispanica de Avn rgd jun07 ex N647LH Tu-134A 46130 RA-65010 Kosmos VKO 17jun07 l/n BKA 03aug07; named ‘Yelena’ Tu-134A-3 49400 RA-65043 no titles SVO 06jul07 Volga-Avia logo on fin; l/n LED 06aug07 Tu-134A-3 73 49858 RA-65728 (2) UTair VKO 22jul07 l/n VKO 25jul07; ex LZ-TUG Tu-134A-3 60450 RA-65117 Orenair DME 04aug07 fcs Tu-134A-3 60627 RA-65127 UTair GOJ 04jul07 fcs Tu-134AK 13 63761 RA-65573 Russian AF, n/t Ckl 23jul07 ex «25»red Tu-134AK 66152 RA-65916 UTair VKO 22jul07 l/n VKO 25jul07 Tu-134B3 — RA-65737 (2) Russian flag c/s VKO 06aug07 Tu-154B-2 80A439 RA-85439 Ural Airlines SVX 19jul07 b/u around this date Tu-154M 89A825 RA-85667 Aeroflot Rus. Al SVO 27jul07 Tu-154M 90A863 RA-85069 (2) UTair VKO 22jul07 Tu-154M 93A951 RA-85769 Rossiya Russian Al GOJ 17jul07 with “Rossiya Russian Airlines” titles Tu-154M 93A957 EP-CPS Caspian Airlines BUD 31aug05 l/n DXB 01aug07; c/n from JP-07 Tu-154M 93A977 RA-85793 Airlines 400 VKO 22jul07 Yakutia c/s with small Avialiniï 400 titles Tu-154M 97A1008 RA-85819 (1) UTair VKO 22jul07 Tu-204-100 # 2564017 RA-64017 Red Wings BKA 01aug07 Tu-204-100 # 3164020 RA-64020 Red Wings BKA 09aug07 Tu-204CE # . . 64036 CU-C1700 Cubana Cargo DME 02aug07 h/o at DME 03aug07, del via SNN 04aug07 Yak-18T 5 20 02 10 VH-YAZ Yak Aircraft Sales rgd 31jul07 ex KAZAKHSTAN-44367 Yak-18T 22202050581 RF-00160 Tve 26jul07 ex RA-44504(2) Yak-18T 22202050972 RA-44281 (2) Barkol BKA 23jul07 ex RA-1155K SM-2000 — RA-0491G BKA 23jul07 Yak-18T — RF-00159 Tve 26jul07 Yak-40 9 42 10 34 RA-87418 Rus Jet VKO 22jul07 basic ex Perm c/s Y8 — 20042 Chinese Air Force phoyo probably taken aug07 at Hohhot Airport Y8 — 20048 Chinese Air Force 07aug07 at Hohhot Airport; weather research aircraft Y12 Mk.4 006 B-3829 CFGAC JJN 03nov06 c/n now known

PH Register Newly registered aircraft: PH-ALQ Fire Balloons G 1257 PH-ECM Eurocopter EC120B 1492 PH-GBH Cameron A-300 11049 PH-GGD Cameron Condom-105 11037 PH-GTM Ultramagic M-105 105/54 PH-KPR Beech A36 E-3012 PH-LMS Fokker 50 20196 PH-VHD Tecnam P2002-JF 064 PH-4B6 Zenair CH601XL Zodiac 69.860

Hoop, F. de Scharsterbrug 07110 23jul07 Heli Holland Holding BV Emmercompascuum 07109 19jul07 Rien Jurg Promotions BV Hengelo 07113 06aug07 Sky Promotions BV Tilburg 07111 24jul07 Ballonvaartcentrum Van Manen BV Barneveld 07105 16jul07 Koch, A.R. Amsterdam 07114 07aug07 K’Air BV Weert 07107 19jul07 Cantonair Holland BV Hilversum 07108 19jul07 Bovos Management BV Purmerend 20847 09aug07 Scramble 340 - Page 57

PH-4C5 CH-601 XL 2929398 PH-1396 Schempp StandardCirrus189 PH-1397 Schempp-H Ventus cT 144

Germain, A.R. Reyers, J.A. Tanis, M.C.

Tours (F) Aix-en-Provence (F) Amsterdam

20846 26jul07 07106 18jul07 20843 03aug07

Change of ownership: PH-AFK SOCATA TB-9 182 PH-ECC Pilatus PC-12/45 107 PH-GEN Piper J3C-65 12893 PH-JMS Cessna F182Q F182-00168 PH-KMS Soloy/Cessna P210N P210-00626 PH-MGJ Piper PA-28RT-201T 28R-7931139 PH-POM Colt 90A 1932 PH-RXB Embraer EMB145MP 145320 PH-WBW Robinson R44 0359 PH-1K1 American Aero Eagle XL 300357 PH-630 Eiri PIK-20E 20211

Schuetzle, S. Jacobus, H.H. Witte, A.C. Clairmont Services Ltd Wale, C.A. Piras, M. Met de Wind mee VoF SGI Technical Services BV Heynes, O.J.C. Zwierenberg, H.P. Sormani, D.

Köln (D) Aruba (P4) Werkhoven Folkstone (G) Bergshamra (SE) Gattico (I) Ede Almere Cirencester (G) Triemen Meda (I)

04181 05935 05295 03959 05782 05225 04292 05958 06607 20083 02854

Cancelled from register: PH-AEC Piper PA-28-181 PH-AIP Robin DR400/120 PH-ANG Cessna 172M PH-EHO Cessna 172M PH-PEB Cessna 210J PH-WBW Robinson R44 PH-1W3 HFL Stratos 300 PH-2T1 Rans S-6S Coyote II PH-2W1 MEA Mistral

Stg Vliegmaterieel Avia Noord Haarman, F.C.J.A. St. Vliegmaterieel Avia Noord Satir, O. Dabur Ayurveda SL Heynes, O.J.C. (correction) Stichting Men-Air Kalkman, F. Brederode, W.K.

To G-PALY. To Belgium. To Kazachstan. Transfer not in time. Sold abroad. To G-OPHA. CofA expired. Wfu. CofA expired.

05240 06aug07 03720 17jul07 04103 27jul07 05494 18jul07 05708 08aug07 06607 16may07 20232 27jul07 20523 18jul07 20437 27jul07

2843039 1797 172-67384 172-67148 210-59085 0359 008 0194717 126

20jul07 25jul07 07aug07 16jul07 07may07 26jan07 08aug07 17jul07 12mar07 27jul07 23mar07

Reservations: PH-FVD Robinson R44 11905 PH-GVH Lancair Super ES-DD 206 PH-RJL Robinson R22 Beta 4239 PH-RVJ Bensen B-8M Gyrocopter RJC 1 PH-RVK Rotorway Exec PH-SHP Agusta AW139 31099 PH-TMS Fire Balloons G 36/24 1264 PH-VYG Colt 120A 2479

Star Airservice VoF Gangelen, H. van Star Airservice VoF As, R. van As, R. van Capital Aviation Services BV Bommel, H. van Hoesel, J.L.M. van


“Toyota Valkema” advertisement. Ex F-WWXM. “Grolsch” advertisement. “Vrij Veilig / GGD” advertisement. “Gelderse Caravan Centrale” and “Top Deuren” advertisements. To LN-ODA. Ex D-EVWM, N10575. Ex JA8875, PH-LMS. To HB-ZII. To CS-DEU. To ZU-EOI. Correction: registered 22may07 (not 21may07). Change of type. Was registered as a FreshBreez Snap 120 untill 30jul07. To EC-JYS. Ex OO-ZLG, D-0704.

corrections and news: Fire Balloons G 1257 Eurocopter EC120B 1492 Cameron A-300 11049 Cameron Condom-105 11037 Ultramagic M-105 105/54 Eurocopter EC120B 1488 Beech A36 E-3012 Fokker 50 20196 Robinson R44 Raven II 10429 SOCATA TB-20 1857 Tecnam P92 Echo 195 Mosquito A-10 5359 FlyCastell Snap 100 6080730 Glaser-Dirks DG-200 2-32 Schempp StandardCirrus189

Ex N842J. Ex I-RAIA. Ex G-VYGR.

23may07 07may07 30may07 13jun07 13jun07 30may07 26apr07 26apr07

Credits: IVW, Airnieuws,

This Agusta-Westland AW139 of CHC Helicopters was added to the Dutch civil register on 13 August. It was delivered a few days later. See Helispot for more information. (Milan-Malpensa, 15 August 2007, Damiano Guladoni) Scramble 340 - Page 58

Wrecks & Relics

One of the large number of aircraft (operational and stored) that can be found at Szolnok is this MiG-21bisA 3745. It belongs to the technical school. (Szolnok, 12 August 2007, Cristian Schrik)

Netherlands Kessel The Islander B05 seen here in May 2007 was no longer noted outside in August. It was also not seen at Baarlo. Midden Zeeland Noted here were: E-42 S-11-1 PH-EUT, not ex mil 6198 jul07 (R-131) L-21B PH-KND, std 18-3821 jul07 R-161 L-21B N83GR, a/w 18-3851 jul07 R-170 L-21B PH-ENH, ex ALAT 18-2540 jul07 (T7748) Tiger Moth G-ALBD, std 84130 jul07 Gone have stored L-4H R-344/PH-LIK (to Gilze Rijen), L-21B (MM54-2389)/N87875 and the damaged M38 Messenger (RH378)/G-AJOE . Teuge B-39 Bo105CB4 dep 20aug07 S.239 B-68 Bo105CB4 dep 22aug07 S.268 B-75 Bo105CB4 dep 22aug07 S.275 B-78 Bo105CB4 dep 20aug07 S.278 All the stored Bo105s have been sold to a company at Neuhausen ob Eck, Germany. They are expected to leave within a month, with B-63, B-69, B-76 and B-80 already having moved outside their storage hangar. See for updates; Weert Damaged Jet Provost XM378/G-BWZE which was stored at Hoeve van Horne had gone by mid 2007.

Austria The last flight of an Austrian Draken took place on 22 December 2005. Time to see what happened to all the aircraft. 01 SAAB 35Ö to Sweden 02feb07, to be scrapped 02 SAAB 35Ö for museum Toulouse 03 SAAB 35Ö to Sweden 02feb07, to be scrapped 04 SAAB 35Ö stored Zeltweg (jul07), for museum Sinsheim 05 SAAB 35Ö to Sweden 02feb07, to be scrapped 06 SAAB 35Ö std Zeltweg (apr07), for Fachhochschule Joanneum, Graz 07 SAAB 35Ö pres Graz (jul07) 08 SAAB 35Ö pres museum Zeltweg (jul07) 09 SAAB 35Ö pres museum Zeltweg, outside (jul07) 10 SAAB 35Ö pres Linz (sep06), to go to Tulln

11 12 13 14 15


16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24


25 J35D 35513/13 J35J 35531 J35J 35596 J35J 35601/01 J35J 35607 J35J 35804/86 Sk35C * one to Graz and one

pres Linz (feb07) std Zeltweg (jul07) pres museum Wien (oct06) pres museum Zeltweg (jul07) std Zeltweg (jul07), for museum Kosice to Sweden 14feb07, to be scrapped pres Tulln town (apr05) std Zeltweg (jul07) to Sweden 14feb07, to be scrapped to Sweden 14feb07, to be scrapped pres museum Zeltweg (jul07) instr HTLBLA Eisenstadt (oct06) to Sweden 28feb07, to be scrapped std Zeltweg (jul07), for display Wien Schwechat pres Zeltweg, on pole (jul07) 35339 std museum Zeltweg, outside (jul07) std Zeltweg (may05) * std Zeltweg (jul00) * pres Salzburg (sep03) instr Linz (sep06) pres Graz (jun06) to Truppenübungsplatz Allentsteig.

The museum in Zeltweg was visited in July 2007, all EMOOS aircraft were noted with the addition of Drakens 09 an 35513. Safir 3F-SP is no longer in the museum.

France Marly Gomont (02) This very small village is near Guise. In July 2007 outside a barn named Les Pommes d’Or was a N1101 coded BO, this could be the former CEV N1101 161/BO (the last active military N1101). Montelimar - Ancone (26) 37/30-FR Mirage F1C pres may07 505/33-FE Mirage F1B pres jun07 The two expected Mirages finally arrived in the museum. German G91T/3 98+58 has been repainted as Italian MM6362/60-62. Toul - Domgermain (54) 1771/TLDGN Alouette 2 pres 1771 jun07 1094/BMSAT SA330B pres 1094 jun07 Both helicopters are at a storage site south of Toul (on the west side of the highway near Nancy-Ochey). The Puma is

Scramble 340 - Page 59

parked outside the gate and the Alouette 2 just inside.

Germany Aicha vorm Wald Unfortunately the MiG-21SPS 22+41 had gone from its location off the highway. According to a local at the gas station it had left some five years before to a town called Rottau. Aurich 44+08 Tornado pres, ex Jever 4108 aug07 The Tornado is displayed at the Blücher Kaserne along the B210 in Aurich (75km north west of Oldenburg). Borken- Hoxfeld Noted in august were: V58 SV-4C D-EBVV, ex Aachen 1200 aug07 (R-73) L-18C D-EBHV 18-2058 aug07 (R5086) Tiger Moth G-APIH 82981 aug07 Donauwörth - Genderkingen (56+82) Do27A-4 D-EDCV 390 jul07 (5064) Kl325D D-ECIC, ex Sweden 2013 jul07 (44-80693) L-4J D-ECAS 12989 jul07 These three aircraft can be found at the airfield east of Donauwörth (not the EADS factory), just north of the B16 road. The aircraft were listed in EMOOS as unknown location. Erding Pembroke 54+26 has been removed from the barracks at Lechfeld. It is now at Erding for restoration. Kempten (MM53-7751) L-21B D-EATS 18-3351 jul07 Another home base has been found for an aircraft with no location. Köln The Alpha Jet 41+29 with the Mudra Kaserne in the Kölnerstrasse 262 (in Westhoven, opposite the Citroen dealer) can be seen from outside, l/n August 2007. Leer On 8 August 2007 the Mi-2 94+61 was no longer noted outside the Famila Shopping Center. The entrances to the center seem to small to place the helicopter inside. Memmingen 99+04 G91R/3 restoration 343 aug07 The Starfighter Squadron will be restoring this former Lechfeld Fiat to its former glory as 30+81. Niederalteich 22+30 F-104G 24+49, pres, cockpit 8193 aug07 23+73 F-104G pres 8072 aug07 26+53 F-104G pres, no skin plates 7313 aug07 425 MiG-21M 22+77, pres, cockpit962308 aug07 1874 MiG-21bisAP pres, ex Pápa N75061874 aug07 The collection has been renamed as the Gerhard Neumann Museum (see The Hungarian MiG-21 is new to the collection as is the ex MTU/München Starfighter below. At the factory at Kainzacker 9 can be found: 20+54 F-104G std, ex München 2063 aug07 25+05 F-104G pres 8263 aug07 Pocking The Mi-2 at the Rottauer Museum für Fahrzeuge, Wehrtechnik und Zeitgeschichte has been checked. The Mi-2 is mounted on some poles and although there are several holes in the airframe it could not be identified. All the text in the cockpit was Russian. It was bought by the owners at a computer fair in Leipzig in August 2004.

Hungary Alsónémedi 0220 MiG-21F-13 std, ex Czech 560220 aug07 1320 MiG-21U-400 std 661320 aug07 20 red Yak-28 std, ex Soviet 7961004 aug07 As expected only three aircraft are left at the ‘Roncs Ranch’. All other aircraft are reported as scrapped.

Budapest - Budaörs Bulldog HA-TUK has been identified as the former Swedish Air Force 60135. It was seen here in August 2007. Kecskemét 06 SM-1 pres, ex Merseburg W05006 aug07 19 Let C11 pres aug07 076 Zlin z43 HA-FBK 0076 aug07 Some new wrecks and relics aircraft were first noted at the static of the air show at Kecskemét. Their home base is unknown, but as Kecel Yak-11 63 was away for restoration in the Kecskemét area this could be the 19 listed above. Also still preserved on the airfield is MiG-21F-13 915 (741915), it is parked near the MiG-29 area between some buildings. Pápa All aircraft were confirmed from the air as still being present, with the exception of MiG-21bis 1874 (to Niederalteich), 6305 (to Nahyatád) and MiG-23UB 15 (to Szolnok). Nagyatád 6305 MiG-21bisAP pres, ex Pápa N75046305 07 The MiG-21 is preserved outside the Haditechnikai Múzeum at the Hadipark. On, use the button Sattelite and Zoom in. Seregélyes 604 Ka-26 (HA-MRO), pres 7001604 aug07 This beautiful Kamov is parked in the back garden of a house on the Po Utca 127, south of route 62, the main road from Highway 7 to Seregélyes. Szolnok A recent base visit gives a good overview of the current W&R aircraft at this airfield: 8911 Mi-2 pres, on base 518911104 aug07 10417 Mi-8T pres, outside base 10417 aug07 118 Mi-24D pres, on base, K20118 aug07 577 Mi-24D pres, on airfield K220577 aug07 1951/1975 MiG-15bis pres, near tower aug07 724 MiG-15bis pres, on gate 31530724 aug07 The technical school was not checked although two of their aircraft were noted. 0465 MiG-21UM instr 04695165 aug07 3745 MiG-21bisA instr N75033745 aug07 Aircraft are stored in several places on the airfield. 96+41 Mi-24P std, ex Tököl 340331 aug07 96+42 Mi-24P std, ex Tököl 340332 aug07 96+44 Mi-24P std, ex Tököl 340334 aug07 96+48 Mi-24P std, ex Tököl 340338 aug07 2639 Mi-8S std 22639 aug07 6204 Mi-8T std 226204 aug07 10433 Mi-8T std 10433 aug07 10440 Mi-8T std 10440 aug07 10443 Mi-8T std 10443 aug07 10444 Mi-8T std 10444 aug07 10447 Mi-8T std 10447 aug07 704 Mi-17 std 104M04 aug07 581 Mi-24D std K220581 aug07 717 Mi-24V std K220717 aug07 15 MiG-23UB std, ex Pápa 12500338 aug07 Storage/dump compound has: 96+36 Mi-24D std, ex Szentkirálysz. 340275 aug07 036 Mi-8T std 201036 aug07 136 Mi-8T std 501136 aug07 330 Mi-8T std 0330 aug07 730 Mi-8S std 0730 aug07 10418 Mi-8T std, ex Szentkirálysz. 10418 aug07 10423 Mi-8T std 10423 aug07 10425 Mi-8T std 10425 aug07 10427 Mi-8T std 10427 aug07 10428 Mi-8T std 10428 aug07 10434 Mi-8T std 10434 aug07 10435 Mi-8T std, ex Szentkirálysz. 10435 aug07 10436 Mi-8T std 10436 aug07 10439 Mi-8T std 10439 aug07 10441 Mi-8T std 10441 aug07

Scramble 340 - Page 60

10442 338 808 824 2311

Mi-8T std MiG-15bis std MiG-21F-13 std MiG-21F-13 std MiG-21F-13 std

10442 aug07 aug07 741808 aug07 741824 aug07 742311 aug07

8604 9354 149

MiG-21bis std, ex Krzesiny 75078604 jul07 MiG-21UM std 516999354 jul07 MiG-23MF std 0390217149 jul07

SGTs are not adviced here due to the vicious dogs that are wandering around at the site.

It has been reported that Mi-8 10422 in the museum is really Mi-8T 628 (which suffered a crash landing on 29 January 1971) with only the tail from 10422. It is clear that fuselage and tail have different colors. All museum aircraft were noted in August.

Grajewo 3303 SBLim-2A pres, on pole 3303 jun07 The MiG-15 used to be preserved in the Muzeum Katynskie in Warszawa.

Szentkirályszabadja All the helicopters have left this airfield. Some have been noted at Szolnok. It has been reported however that the majority should have left for a military storage site near Mezofalva (west of Duaújváros).


Tököl Although Danubian Aerospace no longer exists, their Mi-2 (41)/HA-BCH and MiG-21F-13 313 were still noted from outside. The four ex German Mi-24P’s which were on restoration to flying status are now stored at Szolnok.

Slovak Republic

Vac Rumours say that a MiG-15/17 is preserved somewhere on the south side of this town. It should be in an industrial area between road 2 and the river. However another report states it is located in a local park. Various During August the following were confirmed as still being present; Bócsa (Li-2P 504), Börgönd (MiG-15bis 071), Csepel (Four instructional airframes), Dunaújváros (unknown MiG-15bis), Jakabszállás (MiG-15bis 657 and the two civil Yak-52s), Kecel (all aircraft except the earlier mentioned Yak-11), Solt (MiG-15UTI 202), Tapioszesco (MiG-21F-13 825). The Slovak Mi-8T 0817 was no longer at the airfield of Gödöllö.

Italy La Spezia - Cadimare (SP) MM80789/6 OH-13H pres, ex Lamezia Terme1057 jun07 A check at the location found four aircraft as listed in EMOOS. The fifth aircraft, the Bell 47 was logged as MM80789/6. This has apparenty replaced the AB47G MM80049. Milano MM54416/SA-116 G91T/1 pres 143 The Fiat which was last noted in the Bentivoglio Elio scrap yard in Roma is now used as an art object by Paola Pivi. See

Poland Buk 1978 1903 5016 5710 6910 7507 7902 8705 9105 9292 9311 457 412 0729 The above the rear. W1741 301 2002 1814 2533 5709

Lim-2 MiG-21M MiG-21UM MiG-21UM MiG-21PFM MiG-21UM MiG-21MF MiG-21bis MiG-21MF MiG-21UM MiG-21UM MiG-23MF TS-11 TS-11

(1229), std 1B-01229 std, cockpit 961903 std, cockpit 516905016 std 10695157 std 94A6910 std 07695175 std 967902 std, ex Krzesiny 75078705 std 969105 std 516999292 std, ex Krzesiny 516999311 std 0390220457 std 1H-0412 std, ex Nadarzyce 1H-0729

jul07 jul07 jul07 jul07 jul07 jul07 jul07 jul07 jul07 jul07 jul07 jul07 jul07 jul07

were noted near the house, the rest is in a yard at TS-11 MiG-15UTI MiG-21PF MiG-21M MiG-21R MiG-21UM

std, fuselage (805), std std std std std

jul07 08005 jul07 jul07 961814 jul07 94R022533 jul07 09695157 jul07

Bucuresti MiG-29 Sniper prototype 67 (ex Bacau) has been added to the collection of the Muzeul Aviatiei.

Košice 1973 L-39 pres, on pole aug07 0315 MiG-21F-13 pres 560315 aug07 The Slovak Military Academy is no longer in the northern part of the town. The barracks are now part of the Aeronautical faculty of the Košice Technical University and both aircraft are still on display. The still unknown L-39 is difficult to see from the outside.

Spain Antigüedad CR.12-48/12-57 RF-4C pres, ex Torrejón 1213may07 The Phantom is placed on display in this village on 16 April 2007. Aranda de Duero HE.7E-12/78-12 AB47G-2 pres 277 jul07 The Bell is still preserved in the town, but does now carry a different code. It was 78-03. El Pardo E.16-118/793-3 T-6G pres, ex Cuatro V. 168-584 aug07 In November 2005 this yellow Harvard was first noted in this town some 15km north of Madrid. It is preserved with the local Guardia Real HQ.

Switzerland Bern - Belp 42 red L-39ZA N39CV 332450 jul07 The L-39 has been noted flying from here in June and July. Buochs - Ennetbürgen/Stans R-2109 Mirage 3RS pres aug07 The Mirage Verein Buochs still keeps its Mirage in a cavern Kagerwil L-4Js (44-80571)/HB-ONA and (45-4602)/HB-ODH have both been noted here in August. Payerne R-2117 Mirage 3RS pres, ex std aug07 The Musée de l’Aviation Militaire has swapped their Mirages; R-2117 is now on display and the J-2012 has been moved to storage. Pieterlen Due to some new buildings Vampire FB6 J-1195 was no longer noted on its location at the Moosestrasse. What has happened to the aircraft is unknown. Stans R-2110 Mirage 3RS pres, black c/s aug07 R-2116 Mirage 3RS pres, white c/s aug07 Both aircraft are confirmed at the Mirage Center business complex in Stans center. Credits: Henrico Angerman, Wolfgang Birmes, Enrique Cortes, Ronny Jansen, Erik Kamphuis, Elmar Keetman, Wilfried Sorhagen, Alan Macey, Roy Wassink, MAR and the various internet forums.

Scramble 340 - Page 61

Dustpan & Brush

Stoffer & Blik Illustrating the various US Navy and USMC crash updates this month, Hornet F/A-18C 163450NJ-313 of VFA-125 that crashed on 26 June 2006. (NAS Lemoore (CA), 8 August 2005, Peter Steendam)

Additions & Corrections: 02jun92 88-0160/LF

F-16DG USAF/310th FS

1D-14 w/o

31jul99 321 Mi-17 Nicaraguan AF/Esc de Ala Rot. 419M35 w/o 31jul99 318 Mi-17 Nicaraguan AF/Esc de Ala Rot. 419M32 w/o EMB110P2 Sabinair 110186 w/o 08feb00 C9-AUH Not an L-410UVP but a Bandeirante crashed this day shortly after take-off from Maputo International Airport, Mozambique. In Scramble 254 we reported this Bandit as crashed on 19 February 2000. See also Scramble 339 and 252. 17jul00 N345KA DHC-2 Mk1 Ketchum 1306 rep This Beaver has been repaired at Lake Hood (AK) after initially declared an insurance loss. The wreck was sold as scrap. Parts of other Beavers came in handy during rebuilt and the aircraft started flying again but was again written-off 16 August 2007. See also Scramble 255. 14apr03 163940/SN-54 AH-1W USMC/HMLA-169 29222 w/o Fisty37 was with another Cobra shooting up a large number of ammo caches in revetments scattered all over Samarra airfield, north of Baghdad, Iraq. Initially their TOWs, Hellfire’s and 20 millimeter did not have much effect. At some point after firing 2.75 inch unguided rockets and pressing on with 20 millimeter one cache exploded in a bright flash and powerful blast. The helicopter was at about three to four hundred meters from the explosion and was caught in the huge blast. The canopy shattered and the engines stalled by the concussion. The crew somehow managed to control their ship that smashed level with its skids on the ground but with quite a bit of forward motion. The helicopter rolled onto the right hand side and eventually flipped over on its back trapping the aft pilot. The forward pilot managed to extract himself and help the other crew member set himself free. Luckily no fire started and the other Cobra landed to look after their lightly wounded comrades. Two Sea Knights and a Huey eventually came to the rescue but the Cobra was way beyond repair and blown up in place the next day. The details of this crash have been lifted from Hammer from Above, Marine Air Combat Over Iraq, by Jay A. Stout, worthwhile reading. See Scramble 291 en 288. 10feb04 N1276P Ce208B Grant Aviation208B-0852 rep This Caravan was repaired by Preferred Airparts by March 2007. It was purchased by MAF-Mission Aviation Fellowship on 17 May 2007. See Scramble 298.

24mar04 PA-31 unk w/o The aircraft carried the false registration “HR-272E”. See Scramble 300. 30mar04 103 Bell 212 GuatemAF/Esc de Heli. 30760 w/o 30mar04 helicopter w/o New information about the crash of the Guatemalan Bell 212 revealed it was actually chasing another helicopter, used by narcotraffickers. Its ten passengers were all agents of the Guatemalan DEA (SAIA) and were injured in the crash. Both helicopters crashed, but it is not known whether they collided or not. The helicopter of the bad guys was loaded with 173 kilo of cocaine. See Scramble 300. 11jul05 HP-1415 RC690 unk 11354 w/o The Turbo Commander, with most likely a fake registration, was identified on the 14th but crashed on the 11th. See Scramble 316. 19aug05 C-GUAY Ce208 Guay Incorporated208-00255 rep This float Caravan has been rebuilt at Québec City (Qué.) and was first noted active again on 27 October 2006. See Scramble 320. 24oct05 N1263Y Ce208B Bering Air 208B-0731 rep One more resurrected Caravan. After the crash near Unalakleet (AK) the aircraft was repaired and is now flying with Tanalian Aviation since May 2007. See Scramble 318. 18jan06 163495/203 F/A-18C USN/VFA-97 733/C051 w/o Recently Naval Aviation News published their yearly list with aircraft stricken in 2006. From this list we can confirm more than a few USN and USMC serials and write-offs from last year. The modexes however are sometimes from relatively old sightings in our database and not necessary the ones actually carried. See Scramble 321. 06feb06 164267/NJ-331 F/A-18D USN/VFA-1251030/D079 w/o See Scramble 322. 17feb06 161998/EN-10 CH-53E USMC/HMH-464 w/o w/o 17feb06 162495/EN-13 CH-53E USMC/HMH-464 See Scramble 322. w/o 21feb06 164235/DC-03 F/A-18C VMFA-122 See Scramble 322. P-110 w/o 03mar06162224/NH-500 EA-6B USMC/VAQ-135 See Scramble 324. 26jun06 163438/NJ-307 F/A-18C USN/VFA-125639/C010 w/o

Scramble 340 - Page 62

26jun06 163450/NJ-313 F/A-18C USN/VFA-125660/C019 w/o See Scramble 328. 02jul06 165005/YM-53 AV-8B See Scramble 328.


261 w/o

10aug06 71-1092/AF263 QF-4E USAF/82nd ARTS/Det 14266 w/o See Scramble 335 en 328. 07sep06157146/YH-24 CH-53D USMC/HMH-463 65-272 dam Although unconfirmed, it is thought likely that the USMC/HMH463 CH-53D coded ‘YH-24’ that crashed in Iraq was 157146, as this was stricken from the USN inventory on October 13, 2006. See Scramble 329. w/o 11dec06 164785 CH-53E USMC/HMH-465 This one has not been repaired since its emergency landing in Iraq and was stricken from the USN inventory on 16 December 2006. See Scramble 335, 334 and 332. 14feb07 5Y-BNN See Scramble 337.

Ce208B Stellavia

208B-0683 w/o

22feb07 64-13277/RA T-38C USAF/435th FTS N5706 w/o Not 560th FTS but the above squadron lost this Talon. During a 2-ship Offensive Basic Fighter Maneuvres the pilot inadvertently extended the flaps above the flap limit speed (around 390 knots). The left flap rod failed and the aircraft entered an unrecoverable condition forcing the pilot to eject. See Scramble 335. 20mar07 F/A-18C USMC/VMFA-323 w/o It was definitely not 164725/NG-202 that crashed as it was active as NG-204 in June 2007. See Scramble 336. 04apr07 156112 CT-156 CAF/15 Wing PF-12 dam Although the investigation is on-going, there are indications that a communications cord may have been routed through the student pilot’s ejection seat handle during the strap-in process. See Scramble 336. 18may07 114159/2 CT-114 CAF/Snowbirds 1159 w/o The interim report from the investigation says Captain Shawn McCaughey fell out of his seat and lost control of his Tutor jet as he rolled inverted. McCaughey never ejected and died when his plane hit the ground. A brief four-paragraph summary says the investigation is focusing on how the lap belt became unfastened. See Scramble 337. 04jun07 JA9826 See Scramble 339.

SA315B Toho Air Service 1421/31 w/o

18jun07 9Q-CIM See Scramble 339.

L-410UVP Cargo Bull Avn. 830935 w/o

20jul07 93-117 See Scramble 339.


KD-37 w/o

22jul07 C-FHLF AS350BA Phoenix Heli-Flight 1074 w/o The registration is not confirmed. See Scramble 339. 23jul07 F-7M Iran AF w/o The Chengdu F-7M is presumably from one of the squadrons at either Umidiyeh or Zahedan Air Base. See Scramble 339.

Recent Accidents: 09oct01 twin w/o On its way from Nicaragua to Guatemala, an unknown twin was tracked by the Salvadoran air defence as the flight was not reported in advance. Two A-37Bs of the Salvadoran air force were scrambled from Comalapa to intercept the aircraft, which tried to escape by landing on a beach near Golfo de Fonseca in the east of the country. Like most beaches, Salvadoran beaches are not level, and the aircraft was heavily damaged, thus becoming an easy prey for Salvadoran forces arriving on the scene with a scrambled Huey. 17oct02 twin w/o San José de la Landa, Honduras, was where the pilots of an unknown Honduran-registered twin choose to land concluding their illegal flight. The illegal strip appeared not wellprepared, causing the aircraft to make a crash-landing. Alarmed residents called the police, which arrived in numbers and arrested a Colombian and a Guatemalan citizen. No illegal substances were found in the wreckage.

24jun03 twin w/o On this date, parts of an unknown twin were found near Iriona, Colon, in Honduras. The aircraft seemed to have been there for quite some time and was probably involved in narcotics traffic. Traces of cocaine were found in the wreckage. 20sep03 N95HM Beech 65-B80 LD-318 w/o This Queen Air was deregistered as sold to Venezuela on 16 October 2003. Apparently, it left the US a few weeks before, as it crashed near Carmelitas, El Naranjo, Peten province, Guatemala. The wreckage of the Beech contained a mere 1.500 kilos of pure cocaine. The smugglers managed to escape, but the drugs were confiscated. 02nov03 twin w/o An unknown twin engine plane was found burnt near Playa Grande, Ixcan Quiche, Peten province in Guatemala. According to the local authorities, the aircraft had a Colombian background. Three men escaped and no illegal substances were found. 17feb04 twin w/o Near Tio Bareas in Colombia, a low wing twin was caught during an illegal flight, probably involving drugs. The aircraft was damaged beyond repair after its seizure and carried the false Brazilian registration “PT-IZI”. 22feb04 PT-JPL Beech B58 TE-1003 w/o This Beech was seized by the Colombian DEA when flying drugs from A to B. After its seizure, the aircraft was destroyed where is it was found, in Pacoa, Colombia. 08mar04 RC560F w/o A white Aero Commander, with a red cheat line, was written-off in a crash-landing near Waspam in north eastern Nicaragua. The aircraft was totally stripped by local residents for useful parts and scrap metal. When the police arrived, only 26.5 kilos of cocaine were found in the wreckage, of an estimated 500 kilos that could have been on board…. 02may04 Yak-40 w/o Using a loud jet as a platform for drugs smuggling is probably not the best idea. This unknown example was therefore impounded somewhere in Guatemala and subsequently rendered useless. 08aug04 twin w/o An unknown type low wing twin engine aircraft found Puerto Valencia in Colombia to be its last landing site. The aircraft was stopped by the Colombia DEA after suspicion arose about its cargo. The twin proved to be loaded with drugs and was therefore damaged beyond repair by Colombian forces. 24aug04 Bell 212 w/o Its not very common to use a helicopter for illegal activities in Latin America, but one can not deny the advantages it has over aircraft should you decide to commit criminal activities. This Bell 212 was seized near Taraza on a drug flight and was destroyed by Colombian authorities. Unfortunately Bell Helicopter Textron has no records of the write-off. 16sep04 twin w/o In Guatemala’s Peten province, in the Laguna del Tigre Park, near San Andres, the wreck of an unknown, white twin was found by Guatemalan DEA officers. The aircraft had 400 kilograms cocaine on board. Nobody was arrested in relation to the discovery. 15nov04 XA-SEX Beech 55 w/o You wonder how we could have missed this one. This Beech disappeared on a flight from Piedras Negras in the Mexican state of Coahuila in the Boquillas del Carmen mountain range. The aircraft was piloted by a well known Mexican TV journalist Mundo Gabriel and had two other passengers on board. Aeromisco was listed as the operator. 01jun05 N744JD RC690A 11135 w/o N744JD was the registration of this Rockwell Commander used to help traffickers to bring drugs into Mexican territory. The aircraft however, was caught on its flight over the state of Yucatan and damaged beyond repair by Mexican authorities. The aircraft was deregistered on 27 May 2005 as sold to Venezuela, but apparently the new owners had different plans.

Scramble 340 - Page 63

05jul05 N311G Beech B200 BB-1760 w/o Seventy year old pilot Jerry Noland survived a crash with this Super King Air, registered to Jet Sharing. The aircraft came down near Concepcion, Retalhuleu, Guatemala. As far as the investigation goes, the aircraft was not used in any illegal activities… 05sep05 twin w/o Flying without a visible registration is definitely not a good indication of your intentions. The Colombian DEA had the same idea and stopped this twin near San Felipe, Colombia, where it was written off following an illegal flight with an illegal load. 23jan06 XB-EBY Ce340 w/o Three Mexicans on board of this Cessna suffered serious injuries when it came down and burst into flames. The cause of the crash is unknown but the aircraft came down near Saltilla, in the Mexican state of Coahuila. The aircraft was involved in narco-related activities. 20jun06 XB-ISC RC690A 11145 dam A private Mexican Commander was damaged in an accident at Atizapan de Zaragoza airport, Estado de Mexico. The aircraft skidded off the runway after touching down and came to rest against the airport perimeter fence. No injuries were reported. In November 2005 this Commander was registered to Constructora Textor SAdeCV. 29jun06 HA-MDN An-2R 1G183-21 w/o During a heavy storm this Szemp Air Antonov was wrecked at Dunaújváros Airport, Hungary. The aircraft half-looped and crashed into the ground. 18jul06 RC w/o The remains of an unknown Rockwell Commander were found on this date on an illegal landing strip near La Trinidad, Nicaragua. As the aircraft was almost buried, it must have been there for quite a while. It took the authorities about ten days to excavate the entire wreckage of the Commander. The aircraft was probably used by narco-traffickers. 19sep06 twin w/o Guatemala’s Peten province was once again used for narcorelated activities. The burnt wreck of an unknown twin was found on an illegal landing strip in the Laguna del Tigre Park near San Andres. 22nov06 TG-NCN twin w/o The pilot of this unknown twin survived the ordeal, which was caused by some mechanical defect. The aircraft came down in Zona 13 in Quetzaltenango in Xela province, in Guatemala. . . jan07 LY-AJG An-2R 1G178-48 w/o During take-off at Narsarsuaq Airport, Greenland, this private PZL-Mielec built Antonov was hit by strong winds. The aircraft veered of the runway and was substantially damaged. Both occupants escaped without injury. The gear and much of the left wing collapsed. It is very unlikely this aircraft will be repaired at the remote location. The accident happened on an unknown date in January. 07feb07 Beech 300 w/o During an illegal flight from Colombia to Islas del Cine, Honduras, an unknown Beech 300 was tracked by American radar, possibly a US aircraft operating in the area. The Super King Air tried to escape in eastern Honduras’ sparsely populated La Mesquita region, which is only accessible by boat or plane. However, the Beech crash-landed near Yajurabila and part of its load of cocaine ended up on the local beach. Its two pilots tried to find shelter in the village. However, local residents collected the cocaine from the beach and the aircraft, and went on stripping the wreckage of the Beech for usable parts and scrap metal! When a few hours later naval and police forces arrived on the scene, the villagers pointed the police to the hide-out of the pilots, which were instantly arrested. Unfortunately for them, the villagers had to hand-over the cocaine as well…. 26mar07 5656 AMX A-1B w/o This 3°/10°GAv. AMX was written-off in unspecified accident

somewhere in Brazil. All is known is that the both crewmembers escaped unhurt. 07apr07 twin w/o The exotic town of El Zompopero, near La Isla in Guatemala’s Peten province, made the local headlines this day. The burnt wreckage of an unknown twin was discovered by the Guatemala authorities. The aircraft was probably used in drug trafficking. 30apr07 Ce414 dam Wearing false markings “N471L”, this Cessna 414 was found damaged on an illegal airstrip in Escuintla province, Guatemala near San Jorge los Magueyes. The Guatemalan DEA seized no less than 640 kilos of cocaine on board. The Cessna was equipped with a GPS which was thoroughly examined by the local authorities. The device revealed that the aircraft had visited no less than eight countries and had made a total of eighteen illegal flights in Central America. It visited Guatemala twice before, without being discovered. In relation to these discoveries, two Colombian citizens of 19 and 23 years of age were arrested. 24may07 N457AT IAI1124 270 w/o This Air Trek Westwind was damaged beyond repair when it ran off the runway during landing at Exuma Island, Bahamas. It took until 5 May 2007 to disappear from the FAA register. It was in use as an Air Ambulance. 07jun07 4K-AZ41 IL-76 dam This Silk Way Airways Ilyushin, loaded with military hardware from the Canadian Forces operation in Afghanistan, was inbound to the Canadian Forces Base in Trenton (Ont.). The weather was; visibility half a mile in fog, vertical visibility 500 feet, RVR 600, temperature and dew point 12 degrees Celsius. All in all barely good enough for an instrument approach. The crew tried anyway and the plane hit a perimeter fence, taking out 150 feet of it, touched down briefly 430 feet short of the runway and then managed to climb out, trailing part of the fence from its landing gear and peppered with damage to its belly. The crew climbed the airplane, still trailing barbed wire, to 3,000 feet and entered a hold for an hour for the fog to clear. When that did not appear to happen the crew decided to divert to Ottawa, about 100 miles away. The aircraft landed uneventfully and went directly to an FBO. There, with help from the local staff, the crew untangled the barbed wire and simply took off again for CFB Trenton where the cargo was unloaded. On the ground in Trenton, it was established that the aircraft had suffered substantial damage and the events were classified by the Transportation Safety Board as an accident rather than an incident. 14jun07 Beech 200 w/o The burnt wreckage of a Beech 200 with white, light blue and grey colours was discovered in Guatemala’s Peten province. The Super King Air was obviously used in narcotic smuggling, although no drugs were seized. Even more stunning than the wreckage, was the discovery of the illegal landing strip near Sabanas Ixpeto, where the Beech had landed. The strip measured no less than three kilometers in length and 15 meters in width and was fully illuminated to enable night operations…. 15jun07 90-0718/AK F-16C 1C-326 dam This poor 18th FS Fighting Falcon was blown over by a taxiing B-1B during Exercise Red Flag Alaska at Eielson Air Force Base (AK). The boss jet, with “18FS” on its tail, came to rest on its starboard wingtip. Damage appeared to be confined to the wingtip area. The wingtip launcher rail and missile detached, together with the ACMI pod and outboard under wing pylon. The Bone was spooling-up its four engines at the hold to taxi in position for departure when the unsuspecting F-16 pilot taxied behind it. The sad thing is this same Falcon was tilted over earlier at 6 February 2003 (see Scramble 309). A movie was posted at the following URL but no guarantees it still works: . . jul07 S-76A+ dam An unknown helicopter on charter to Phillips Oil, probably a S76A+ struck the sea early July whilst approaching a rig in

Scramble 340 - Page 64

Bohai Bay, north east China. The pilot reported they were hit by a strong downdraft on the approach and were driven into the water. They recovered to a ten foot hover and all seemed normal. This was followed by a slow transition forward and as everything was making the right noises they flew it slowly back to Tanguu. Back at base it was discovered that the helicopter was severely damaged. The helicopter had extensive damage to undercarriage, undercarriage doors, flotation gear, the landing light was torn off, water in the cabin and reportedly a cracked boom. 03jul07 Mi-8 w/o A Russian Air Force Mil helicopter crashed in the autonomous Yamal-Nenets region after the rotor blades struck the ground during take-off. The machine rolled over near the settlement of Chizh. One of the thirteen on board was injured. 12jul07 HB-ZBS Schweizer 269C dam This Schweizer, registered to the firm Robert Fuchs, made a sudden and heavy landing at Bergamo Orio al Serio, Italy, after a firefight survey mission. The aircraft suffered damage to the main and the tail rotors, the landing pads and the tail. 22jul07 N330P Bell 206L-3 51295 w/o This Air Logistics LongRanger was destroyed when it collided with the water following a loss of control while attempting to take-off from the High Island 138 offshore platform, in the Gulf of Mexico. The pilot and the two passengers were not injured. The newly-hired pilot was attempting to take-off from the 25 by 25-foot-wide offshore platform in gusty wind conditions, when the toe of the helicopter’s right landing skid collided with a solar screen that was attached to the heliport’s safety fence. The pilot lost control of the helicopter and subsequently descended approximately 70 to 100-feet and collided with the water in a nose-low attitude. The helicopter sank in 47-feet of water, and was later recovered to the operator’s facility near New Iberia (LA). 23jul07 N6748L DHC-2 Mk1 273 dam Nowadays a lot of Beavers are used for adventure flights, and that is exactly what the three occupants of this private DHC-2 got. Four hours in the flight from Skagit Regional (WA) to Lewiston Municipal (MN) the engine started to sputter and then quit. The pilot ran the emergency checklist but the problem persisted, so it was time to look for a landing spot. An open space was found, the landing initiated and on ‘touchdown’ the Dash landed on “rough” gravel, and went through water to an opposite rising gravel bar, where the airplane went up on its nose and came to rest upright on its landing gear. The spot they found was the Bob Marshall Wilderniss, about twenty miles west of Gibson Reservoir and two miles east of Big Salmon Lake (MT), only reachable by air or horseback! Luckily for the three crewmembers they were able to talk to another airplane flying nearby and after the crash this aircraft kept flying above the crashsite in order to direct the

emergency services. A rescue helicopter was dispatched and after some time all three were safely picked up with only minor injuries. 24jul07 1070 CL-215 1070 dam This Canadair of 355 MTM diverted into Kerkira at Corfu, Greece, with engine two on fire. The water-bomber was guided in by another Canadair. The aircraft remained at Kerkira until all problems were fixed and departed after a test flight on 2 August 2007. 24jul07 KC-137 dam An engine cover of an 2°/2° GT Boeing broke loose and fell in an uninhabited area of Cruzeiro do Sul, Brazil. The aircraft, which was carrying university students as part of Project Rondon, landed safely at the city’s airport. 25jul07 N553DM PA-34-200T 34-7670330 dam This Bellefonte Seneca was substantially damaged when during landing at Raleigh-Durham International Airport (NC) the gear collapsed. No one was hurt. 25jul07 N724HT Bell 214ST 28123 dam Whilst conducting long-line operations in a remote area twenty-two miles northeast of McCall (ID) this US Leaseco helicopter experienced a loss of control. The Bell sustained substantial damage when it impacted terrain. The pilot was making an approach to a lake in order to fill a 900-gallon Bambi bucket attached to a 150-foot long-line. Just prior to the bucket entering the water, the pilot reported that “he was encountering the onset of settling with power.” The pilot lowered the collective and initiated a 180-degree turn. Concurrently, the bucket entered the water and the 150-foot long-line pulled the helicopter while the pilot was maneuvering. Subsequently, the helicopter collided with terrain in a marshy area adjacent to the shoreline resulting in substantial damage. 26jul07 N586AC Bell 412 36009 dam Merci Air Service has to do without this Bell as it was damaged in a collision with a highway overpass somewhere in North Carolina. The helicopter was not flying at the time but on the bed of a truck on the way to Smith Reynolds Airport (NC) for maintenance. The maintenance scheduled will now include serious repairs. 26jul07 HB-XYP MD520N LN052 w/o This MD-helicopter registered to the company Robert Fuchs was damaged when it tried to fly through two 16000V power cables near Eglisau, Switzerland. The helicopter was used as a camera ship and the pilot was lucky to land safely in a field after the collision. 27jul07 N8082U P-51A 311 w/o 27jul07 N151RJ P-51D 122-40944 w/o The EAA AirVenture at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh (WI) was overshadowed this year by a fatal crash in front of the

ATRAN-Aviatrans Cargo Airlines flight 9655, An-12BP RA-93912 crashed 28 July 2007 shorthly after departure from Domdedovo near Moskow, Russia. (Domdedovo, 24 July 2007, Adrian Morgan) Scramble 340 - Page 65

watching public. After a mock five-aircraft air race during the showcase flights, Casey Odegaard touched down on runway 36 and kept his tail up on roll out. Gerry Beck, in his own built P-51A, was too close and collided with the tail of Odegaard’s P-51D. Most likely he simply did not see Odegaard with his restricted forward visibility caused by the nose up attitude of his plane in landing configuration. The propeller of the P-51A chopped in the tail and upper aft fuselage of the P-51D and wildly flipped up to the right. The P-51D’s tail was kicked up into the air pushing the nose onto the pavement. The P-51A flipped over all the way onto its back and crashed inverted on the side of the runway and exploded. Sadly, Beck was killed. Casey Odegaard skidded to a stop off the side of the runway in the grass, exited under his own power and tried to help his friend. The Beck built private Mustang was painted as air racer #57 “Precious Metal”. It performed earlier this year at Reno (NV) for the upcoming movie “Thunder Over Reno”. The P51D is an original North American Mustang and was built as 44-74404 and went to the RCAF as 9276. It is registered to Robert and Donna Odegaard Family and was painted as “Dazzling Donna”. 27jul07 N435A Beech 65-A90 LJ-229 dam Substantial damage for this Pleasure Leasing Beech as it left the runway at Kobelt Airport near Wallkill (NT). The landing is described by the FAA as a forced landing. 27jul07 N215TV AS350B2 3167 w/o 27jul07 N613TV AS350B2 2883 w/o While covering an ultra low speed police pursuit on live televi-sion in central Phoenix (AZ) a KNXV-TV Channel 15 helicopter collided with another KTVK Channel 15 helicopter. Both the two pilots and the two camera operators of N215TV registered to US Helicopters and N613TV registered to Mac America Com-munications were killed when the two helicopters tumbled down in the park near Central Avenue and Indian School Road and caught fire. Several helicopters were following the exploits of a man that stole a flatbed truck earlier. The police chased the man who had fled a traffic stop. The man was driving erratically, hitting several cars and driving on the sidewalk at times. Police shot the truck’s tires, and the man eventually parked it, then carjacked a pickup truck nearby. Christopher Jones abandoned the vehicle at some stage running away from the police as the news helicopters converged overhead. On a common radio frequency the following exchange was recorded: “Where’s 3? Like how far? Oh jeez. Three I’m right over you. 15’s right over you. Oh, jeez.” 28jul07 RA-93912 An-12BP 4341709 w/o ATRAN-Aviatrans Cargo Airlines flight 9655, an Antonov cargo aircraft, crashed four minutes after take-off from Domodedovo Airport near Moscow, Russia. The aircraft came down four kilometers from runway 32C in the woods adjacent to the Domodedovo cemetery and the village of Semivragi. The aircraft caught fire and all seven crewmembers were killed. It departed for Komsomolsk-na-Amure with nine tons of cargo during foggy conditions with around 100 meters visibility. It has been reported that both engine three and four failed simultaneously possibly after bird ingestion. The tape inside the flight data recorder was fully destroyed by fire. The investigation now focuses on the data from the cockpit voice recorder that survived the fire. 28jul07 N90AE Bell 206L-1 45544 w/o More than a few damaged Bell Rangers this month. This Air Evac Ems LongRanger was destroyed upon impact with the ground following a loss of control while attempting to take-off at night from the helipad at the Quitman County Hospital near Marks (MS). The pilot sustained minor injuries, one paramedic was seriously injured, while the patient and the flight nurse remained uninjured. The helicopter was supposed to take the female traffic accident patient from Quitman to a hospital in Memphis (TN).

28jul07 N846CM Beech 200 BB-18 dam This Beech Super King Air 200 had an unwelcome meeting with the runway at Memphis International Airport (TN) when the pilot forgot something. Yup, you got it, he landed gear up. The aircraft was registered to PFY Aircraft Sales and we guess the sale has been postponed now. 28jul07 N13060 Taylorcraft BF12-65 2786 w/o Witnesses reported that this 1941-vintage private Taylorcraft was in a climbing left turn approximately 100 feet above the water near West Linn (OR) when it abruptly pitched to a noselow attitude and impacted the water. One witness said one of the wings separated from the aircraft and the plane plunged into the river upside down against some trees. The two occupants, a flight instructor (owner and operator of the airplane) seated in the left front seat and a flight instructor seated in the right front seat, did not survive. The remains of 80-year old David Howard Wiley of Lake Oswego and another occupant of the float plane were pulled from the wreckage the same day. 29jul07 78-0673/DM A-10A A10-0293 dam During the Water Follies Air Show above the Columbia River near Pasco (WA) this Thunderbolt II of the 357th FS managed to clip a good sized bird with the right hand vertical stabilizers. Major Brian Willits was in the middle of his twelve-minute demonstration above the Columbia River when he broke off his routine and landed safely. On the ground, part of the bird was actually found inside the damaged tail of the plane along with a fish the bird was carrying at the time. 29jul07 N428MS Schweizer 269C S1424 dam LJ Air was practicing an autorotation at Three Forks (MT) but while the student began the cyclic flare the tail of the Schweizer struck the runway. The power recovery was initiated by the student and the instructor began to assist on the controls. There was very little tail rotor effectiveness and the aircraft then began to spin, made contact again with the ground and came to rest on its left side. Both remained unhurt. 30jul07 MQ-1B w/o The USAF lost two General Atomics Aeronautics Systems MQ-1B Predator unmanned aerial vehicles in Iraq within the space of two days. The first Predator crashed at the end of the runway while landing at Balad Air Base. We know 04-3127 P-127 and 04-3133 P-133 of 15th RS are the two victims but we still try to figure out on what day they crashed. 30jul07 164977/NF-403 F/A-18C 1280/C392 w/o VFA-195 lost this Hornet when it crashed during a night approach to the USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63). Pilot Lt. Chris Williams ejected safely and was recovered by an USN helicopter shortly after the incident, which took place about 400 miles southeast of Guam. 30jul07 N16757 Bell 206B 2145 w/o During landing at Anchorage (AK) this private JetRanger struck a light pole and suffered substantial damage. The pilot, who was alone, remained unhurt. 30jul07 N4YJ Bell 206B 4463 w/o While in cruise flight near Grand Prairie (TX) this private JetRanger experienced a loss of engine power. The traffic and news reporting helicopter was transiting from another location for an upcoming news story when it suddenly had to perform a forced landing. The pilot elected to perform an autorotation landing to a clear area and upon touchdown the helicopter rolled over and came to rest on its right side. The pilot and the two reporters were able to egress the aircraft through the left side doors. Damage was sustained to the helicopter’s blades, skids, tail boom, undercarriage, and cockpit. The accident site was a wooded area with soft soil on uneven terrain. They were working for a local television and radio station in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area and departed from Dallas Love Field (TX). 31jul07 HK-1149 DC-3C 15148/26593 dam This Aerovanguardia DC-3, operating on a combined passenger-cargo flight from San José del Guaviare to VillavicencioVanguardia in Colombia, experienced engine problems en

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Armed Forces of Malta Air Wing 2nd Regiment Bulldog T1 AS0020 at the Malta International Airshow 2005 edition. The aircraft crashed on 5 August 2007. (Malta, 24 September 2005, Henry Spiteri) route. The crew and eight passengers were forced to push the cargo through the main cargo door to enable the Dak to make an emergency landing in the province of Guaviare. After the load was dropped, the aircraft landed safely in a rice field near Puerto Concordia. The crew and passengers escaped unhurt, but the Dakota was conside-rably damaged and might be a write-off. 31jul07 MQ-1B w/o Another 15th RS USAF Predator came down off-base near Balad Air Base, Iraq. This one also crashed while landing. See the previous posting for a comment on the serial. In 2006 the USAF lost five Predator UAVs at a cost of more than four million dollar each. USAF investigations have found that most UAV losses in Iraq and Afghanistan have been due to either a technical malfunction or operator error. 31jul07 N9ZV Bell 206B 3793 dam This JetRanger from Triple S Hauling was substantially damaged when rolled over during take-off. During lift-off from Columbia (MO) the helicopter started sinking towards the ground. The pilot reported to the NTSB that he was over controlling the cyclic. The helicopter’s skids came in contact with tall grass and tipped forward. The pilot tried to level the helicopter with the cyclic, the tail fell rapidly, and the helicopter subsequently impacted terrain and rolled over on its right side. 31jul07 N2EA DHC-1B-2-S5 18043 w/o The pilot of this Aero Smith Classic owned Chipmunk had to perform a forced landing along Steamboat Island Road, eleven miles northwest of Olympia Airport (WA), after a loss of engine power. The pilot and passenger were not injured, but the plane was substantially damaged. The pilot stated that a few minutes after take-off, at 2,000 feet, the engine quit. During the landing the airplane snagged multiple power lines and came to rest partially suspended from the broken power lines. The pilot and his passenger cut their way out of the cockpit with crash axes that were stored onboard the airplane. A post crash fire ignited in the engine compartment but was extinguished by a neighbour who was present immediately after the crash. 31jul07 AH-64 w/o An unknown US Army AH-64 Apache helicopter went down after coming under fire in the Al Gedida district of eastern Baghdad, Iraq. The two crew members were safely evacuated. A jihadist website has posted a statement issued by the Al-Fatihin Army, in which the group claimed responsibility for downing an AH-64 helicopter that was flying over New Baghdad. From the posting we quote: “At 0745, a group from the Sa’d Bin-Abi-Waqqas Brigade downed an (AH-64) helicopter that was flying over Baghdad al-Jadidah [New

Baghdad], east of Baghdad city. It made an emergency landing after it was hit. Praise and thanks be to God.” 31jul07 VH-YJB RC500S 3299 w/o This private Rockwell Commander was en-route from Melbourne to Shepparton, Victoria State, Australia. In flight, the pilot lost control of the aircraft which crashed in a densely wooded area located near Clonbinane about 60 kilometers north of Melbourne. Both occupants were killed. 01aug07 N60801 PA-60-601P61P-0744-8063366 w/o This private Piper Aerostar was substantially damaged during a forced landing on a road in Fort Lauderdale (FL). According to the pilot, after departing runway 26 at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, he remained in the traffic pattern for a landing. As he turned the airplane onto the final approach, at an altitude of 1,000 feet, engine two began a violent vibration and started to lose power. The airplane was unable to maintain airspeed and altitude, and the pilot decided to perform a forced landing on a road parallel to runway 26. His airplane impacted a traffic light prior to landing on Cypress Creek Road just west of Powerline Road. After touchdown the airplane began to skid to the right and control of the airplane was lost. The airplane impacted several objects while skidding, and after it came to rest, a post crash fire ensued. Pilot Austin Brennan and his two passengers walked away from the burning wreck with minor injuries. 01aug07 N568TD Bell 206B 2976 dam This JetRanger owned by Vertical Lift rolled over to the right and struck the helipad while taking off from Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport near Broomfield (CO). Two passengers received minor injuries and the pilot and one passenger were not injured. They were departing for a sightseeing flight. 01aug07 N529R Beech B60 P-529 dam After aborting the take-off from Bismarc Municipal Airport (ND) this Aviation Enterprises Beech Duke ended in a field with substantial damage. The pilot was not injured. 01aug07 UH-60L dam An 10th Mountain Division UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter made a hard landing at Wheeler-Sack Army Airfield near Fort Drum (NY) after experiencing mechanical difficulties. The seven person crew, members of the 10th Combat Aviation Brigade’s 3rd Battalion, 10th Aviation Regiment, had participated in a static display before returning to Fort Drum. They had to be transported to hospital for evaluation but were not wounded. 02aug07 G-WSEC Enstrom F28C 398 w/o This private Enstrom has been completely destroyed by fire after it crashed outside Newtownmountkennedy in Co Wicklow, United Kingdom. The helicopter hit power lines and crashed but both on board escaped unhurt.

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03aug07 5N-BIQ Bell 412EP 36385 w/o British pilot Cleighton Brown was killed in a crash with this Bristow Helicopters (Nigeria) Bell at the Exxon Mobil Qua Ibom Terminal Airfield at Eket, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Witnesses reported observing the helicopter in a series of “torque turns” over the opposite end of the airfield before it crashed in a nose-down attitude. No passengers were on board when the helicopter went down about an hour after dawn. 04aug07 Mi-17 w/o Nine Colombian soldiers survived a crash with a Mi-17 of the army’s Batallon de Helicopteros (BAHEL). The helicopter was operated in support of the 4th Army Brigade, Nutibara Infantry Batallon, while battling guerrillas in the province of Antioquia. When it tried to land at the local airport in Urano, the Mil received a gust of wind on the tail and crashed on a nearby road. The nine crew and passengers managed to escape with injuries, but three of them were severely injured. No casualties occurred on the ground, but the helicopter burst into flames and was written off. 04aug07 163719/NG-303F/A-18C 786/C080 dam 04aug07 163737/NG-315F/A-18C 808/C096 dam During a mission from the USS John C. Stennis (VCN-74) above the Philippine Sea these two VFA-146 Hornets collided. The collision occurred while the Hornets were conducting an air defense training mission. The jets were able to continue flying after the collision but landed as a precaution at Andersen Air Force Base at Guam. 05aug07 N369CD Beech E90 LW-162 w/o South West Medevac crashed this Beech approximately four miles southeast of the Sierra Blanca Regional Airport near Ruidoso (NM). The flight crew Ricky Byers, Brian Miller, Deanna Palmer, fifteen year old patient Lilly Smith, and her mother Tracy Smith were all fatally injured. The aircraft departed runway 06 en-route to Albuquerque (NM). Witnesses observed the airplane making a left turn and disappear. When it failed to arrive a search was started. The area where the plane went down is marked by rugged, mountainous terrain. There were reports of nearby thunderstorms earlier in the evening, but it is not known yet if weather was a factor in the crash. 05aug07 AS0020 Bulldog T1 337 w/o This Bulldog from the Armed Forces of Malta Air Wing 2nd Regiment, crashed on the island Gozo near Malta, while performing dusk patrol around coast of the Maltese islands. While the Bulldog was flying along the coast of Gozo, something wrong developed during the flight and the aircraft tried to make an emergency landing but it hit the ground in an isolated field. The aircraft was badly damaged and is written-off. The two crew on board were very lucky and escaped with only minor injuries. This Bulldog was the former Royal Air Force XX691/G. At 9 August an Italian Agusta Bell 212AM lifted the wreck back to the airport.

06aug07 N35CX PA-46-350P 4636127 w/o During an instrument landing approach to the Sitka Rocky Gutierrez airport (AK) this Hendrickson Flying Service Piper Malibu collided with trees and a house and crashed in flames. The pilot and the three passengers received fatal injuries. An extensive post crash fire consumed the residence, and destroyed the airplane. Homeowner Tess Heyburn was not in the residence at the time of the collision. She had been sitting in a nearby restaurant when the plane went down. The Malibu departed earlier from the Victoria International Airport (B.C.). Witnesses on the ground in Sitka reported that the weather in the area included low clouds and reduced visibility due to rain. 07aug07 N968J Ce421B 421B0012 dam During landing at Oceanside (CA) this private Cessna Golden Eagle ran off the end of the runway and suffered substantial damage. The left gear collapsed. No one was hurt but the aircraft looks totalled. 08aug07 EP-903 F28F w/o The Peruvian Escuela de Aviación del Ejército (army aviation school) lost one of its Enstrom F28Fs near Moquegua airfield which is also the home base of the unit. According to eye witnesses, the helicopter simply fell from the sky from about ten meters of altitude. The pilot and co-pilot suffered no serious injuries although they were unconscious and had to be hospitalised. 09aug07 F-OIQI DHC-6-300 608 w/o

The worst-ever plane crash in French Polynesia cost the lives of twenty people, when this Twin Otter went down shortly after take-off from Temae on the island of Moorea. The Dash 6 struggled to gain height and soon started a descent which ended in the sea a mile and a half from the airport. After hitting the water the aircraft quickly sank in the deep waters surrounding the island. Air Moorea flight 1121 took off for the seven-minute flight to Tahiti, which is only eleven miles from Moorea. The Dash had received a major upgrade nearly a year ago and had two new engines making the cause of the accident a mystery.

223 lo of the Russian Air Force lost Tu-134AK RA-65573 on 10 August 2007 in a crash during landing at Vnukovo near Moscow, Russia. (Chkalovsky, 23 July 2007, Adrian Morgan) Scramble 340 - Page 68

China Airlines B737-809 B-18616 engulfed in flames at Naha Airport, Okinawa, Japan on 20 August 2007. 09aug07 ZA934/BZ Puma HC1 1622 w/o Pilot Flt Lt David Oxer Hanson Sale and crewman Sgt Phillip Anthony “Taff” Burfoot were killed in a 33sq Puma crash in a wood land on the west side of Garrison army base near Catterick, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom. Eight others were injured and 17-year-old Private Sean Tait of The Royal Regiment of Scotland later died of injuries sustained in the crash. The Puma had been one of a series of helicopters which repeatedly picked up and dropped off regular and recruit troops during an exercise. The RAF has been accused of low flying over the nearby farms several times. 09aug07 Bell 206L-3 w/o An unknown LongRanger from Custom Helicopters crashed in a remote area near Cranberry Portage (Man.). The two men on board, contracted to do some work for Manitoba Hydro, were killed in the accident. It has been reported the aircraft struck a power line, crashed and burned. 09aug07 L-39 w/o KVAI, the Krasnodar Air Force Academy of the Russian Air Force, lost an Albatros in a crash near the city of Maikop, about 1,700 kilometers south of Moscow, Russia. Both pilots bailed out safely with their VS-1 ejection seats after an engine failure. 09aug07 N734Q DHC-2 Mk1 1395 dam During landing at Kisaralik Lake (AK) this private Beaver on floats flipped over. The three on board magaged to escape without injuries. We suspect that the aircraft will be repaired even though it was damaged substantially. 10aug07 RA-65573 Tu-134AK 63761 w/o After a flight from Tyumen to Vnukovo, Russia, all main landing gear tires of this Tupolev from 223 lo of the Russian Air Force burst upon landing. The aircraft skidded off the runway, swung 180 degrees and the right main gear was ripped off. Fuel tanks in the right wing ruptured and about seven tons of fuel spilt out but luckely no fire broke out. All twentyfive occupants escaped unhurt. The aircraft was from the 8 ADON that also operates commercially under the name 223 Flight Group. This aircraft used to be flying as code 25 red in the old Sperenberg times. 10aug07 83-24123 CH-47D M3053 w/o 10aug07 CH-47D dam Two B/3-82nd AVN Chinook helicopters were damaged somewhere in Afghanistan during ground taxi operations. Possibly the location was Bagram Air Base. The aft pylon of the above helicopter was completely torn from the airframe. There were no fatalities but some injuries were reported during the postincident egress of the damaged helicopter. 10aug07 163783/ . . HH-60H 70-1621 dam This HCS-84 Sikorsky was en-route to support a planned mission when it made the forced landing in Youssifiyah, south of Baghdad, Iraq. Two of the six on board sustained non-life threatening injuries. A quick-reaction force and close-airsupport assets got to the site quickly to provide security for the downed troops and aircraft. An Iraqi army officer has revealed that the helicopter went down after hitting an electricity pole. He also said the helicopter was supporting a raid that was targeting a senior al-Qaida in Iraq leader in the agricultural area. 11aug07 N500ND Lj35A 35A-351 w/o When the brakes do not work you are only going one way: off the runway! That is what happened to the World Jet Learjet at

Melville Hall Airport, Dominica in the Caribbean. The first officer was the handling pilot on the sector and after touchdown on runway 09 asked for the spoilers to be deployed. He noticed that the jet was not slowing down and the captain tried to assist with the braking. The drag chute was also deployed but without any effect. The captain now took full control and applied maximum braking. However, the Lear continued to roll off the end of the runway, down an embankment, through a fence and came to stop on a road. Both pilots and the four passengers did not receive any injuries. 12aug07 HL5256 DHC-8-402 4141 dam Jeju Air flight 203 did not make it to the gate when after landing the left main gear left the concrete part of the runway at Gimhae International Airport, south of Seoul, South Korea. The left gear strut collapsed when it hit a drainage ditch causing serious damage. The propeller blades of engine one were reduced to scrap. Six passengers suffered minor injuries. The accident happened in windy conditions. 13aug07 Mi-2 w/o The Mexican Navy lost an unknown Mi-2 when it crashed at the heliport in Puerto Topolobampo, in the state of Sinaloa, Mexico. The helicopter was on a training flight as part of Operation Conjunta Sinaloa when something went terribly wrong. The crew of two escaped unhurt, but the helicopter, which belonged to the Segundo Escuadrón de Busqueda y Salvamento (the 2nd SAR squadron) was written-off. 13aug07 LQ-ZYR Bo105CBS-4 S-737 w/o The Policía Buenos Aires, part of the Min. Seguridad at Mar del Plata Airport, lost this Bölkow in a crash close to route 55 between Balcarce and Vivorata, Argentina. The helicopter was destroyed by fire and all four occupants were killed. 14aug07 89-00171 CH-47D M3325 w/o Bravo Company, 1-52nd AVN, part of Task Force Dragon, took a Chinook for a routine post-maintenance check flight from alTaqaddum Air Base outside Falluja, about 50 kilometers west of Baghdad, Iraq. Something went horribly wrong and the helicopter crashed. There was no indication whether it was shot down. Pilots CW2 Jackie L. McFarlane and Christopher C. Johnson and crewmembers SSG Sean P. Fisher, SPC Steven R. Jewell and SSG Stanley B. Reynolds were all killed in the crash. In different news clipping the unit has been named as B Company, 4th Battalion, 123rd Aviation Regiment. 14aug07 161775/NE-503 EA-6B P-98 nil This Prowler from VAQ-131 suffered an uncommanded loss of all external stores shortly after catapult launch from the deck of USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72). The jet safely got back on board but with way less stuff under the wings. 14aug07 N4235N SP-2H 7158 dam Tanker 10, this Lockheed with Neptune Aviation Services, was damaged during landing at Billings Airport (MT). A prop struck the runway somehow and the plane had to go in for serious repairs and care from mechanics for the next flight. 15aug07 163696/AD-6 . . E-2C A52-136 w/o During an exercise off North Carolina’s coast this Hawkeye with VAW-120 crashed into the Atlantic Sea. The three crew did not exit after the plane went down shortly after taking-off from the USS Harry S. Truman (CVN-75). The Navy ended the search for the crew after three days. Lt. Cameron Hall, Lt. Ryan Betton, Lt Junior Grade Jerry Smith are now presumed dead.

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The carrier was about 150 miles southeast of the Virginia Capes, where the Atlantic and the Chesapeake Bay meet. The Hawkeye was involved carrier qualification exercises, which involves taking-off and landing on the carrier deck. 16aug07 N345KA DHC-2 MkI 1306 w/o This former US Army Beaver (58-1984) crashed under unknown circumstances twenty-five miles north of Ketchikan (AK). Trees were found burning near the crash site, some sixty meters back of the shoreline (Ketchikan is on an island), indicating the SeaWind Aviation Dash 2 on floats might have hit them. Of the nine persons on board five were killed and four escaped. One of them was a two-year old baby and three were brought to hospitals to be treated for burns. 16aug07 N392NS AS350B2 4166 dam Northstar Trekking banged this Astar when a door opened on take-off from Juneau (AK). The helicopter landed hard and sustained substantial damage. No one of the five on board suffered injuries. 17aug07 HT453 Mi-8T 99357368 w/o

Peru suffered a heavy earthquake on 15 August and during the ensuing rescue operations this Escuadrón de Transporte Peruvian navy Mi-8T was lost when it crash landed on a small house in the town of Ica, Peru. It was carrying two tons of disaster relief goods and six passengers when it suddenly lost height and was forced to make an emergency landing. Firemen hurried to the spot and were able to prevent the helicopter from exploding. The pilot was wounded but the copilot escaped unharmed. 18aug07 glider w/o An unknown Dutch glider was damaged in a landing in an industrial estate next to the grass strip of Hoogeveen Airport, the Netherlands. One of the two pilots was injured and had to go for a checkup in the hospital.

18aug07 MD520MG w/o One pilot was killed after his helicopter crashed off Bubuan Island in Basilan province, Philippines. The 17th Attack Squadron MD520MG was returning to the 3rd Marine Brigade headquarters in Isabela City after reinforcing troops in a gun battle with the Abu Sayyaf in Ungkaya Pukan town when the pilot, Lieutenant Herminilo Calupiran, felt the aircraft vibrating. They tried to emergency landing procedures but they did not make it to land and crashed into the sea. Calupiran’s co-pilot died on the spot. 20aug07 B-18616 B737-809 30175 w/o China Airlines flight 120 never made it all the way to the gate. After arriving at Naha Airport, Okinawa, Japan, from Taipei, Taiwan, this Boeing somehow caught fire. On reaching its parking position a ground technician noticed fuel leaking from the aircraft, all on board was promptly evacuated via the emergency slides. A fire started that got out of hand quickly. Passengers and crew had to run away from the plane. The cockpit crew even used their window and escape rope to get away in time. Miraculously all 165 passengers and crew on board managed to escape the rapidly spreading fire and the explosion that followed. Only a few people suffered superficial wounds. It took a remarkable amount of time before the fire services showed up, so most of the aircraft was destroyed by the time they started putting out the flames. 20aug07 AH-64A w/o 1-211th Aviation Battalion of the Utah ARNG lost an Apache in a crash five miles south of Eagle Mountain west of Utah Lake (UT) while on a routine night training flight in the evening. At some stage the pilots were overdue, which prompted a search by Guard members into the isolated area. A medical helicopter with night vision capabilities responded to the site, but both men were declared dead at the scene. Weather does not appear to have been a factor in the crash. The pilots were both veterans of Operation Enduring Freedom and had served in Afghanistan with the First Battalion, 211th Aviation, in 2004-2005.

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China Airlines flight 120, B737-809 B-18616, caught fire on 20 August 2007 after arriving at Naha Airport, Okinawa, Japan. Miraculously all 165 passengers and crew on board managed to escape the rapidly spreading fire and the explosion that followed. (Hong Kong, 8 May 2006, Walter Heukensfeld) Scramble 340 - Page 70

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August presented a real deployment to Eindhoven-Welschap, althought it was just a Dutch one. For one week Dutch F-16 flew from Eindhoven to train new pilots for real exchanges with foreign forces. (Eindhoven, 21 August, Mike Schoenmaker)

Upcoming SIS Saint Dizier will be closed from now until 12 October 2007. For this reason the home based Rafale squadron, EC01.007 has moved to Luxeuil, sister unit EC02.007, flying the Alpha Jet E, has moved to nearby Reims. Both squadrons will operate from their temporary home base until the re-opening of Saint Dizier. Saxon Shield 2007, an RAF exercise, which was planned for 24 until 28 September 2007, is cancelled according a document from Eurocontrol. Deployed Operational Training 2007 (DOT) is the name for the exercise held at RAF Fairford from 1 September until 5 October. There were some strong rumours about an upcoming exercise at RAF Fairford, now we can present some details. Each year from now on the RAF will hold one or two exercises to train each of the RAF Expeditionary Air Wings. Known as Deployed Operational Training, the exercises seek to replicate the deployment of an RAF force, complete with a JFAC, aircraft and all supporting elements, to an austere location before fighting a simulated conflict. The DOT exercises are now the major exercise for training the RAF in operating with the Navy and the Army and are specifically designed to reduce the need for overseas training. During this years edition eight RAF Typhoons will be deployed to RAF Fairford for the period of 13 until 28 September. They will fly around twelve sorties a day from 10:00 until 23:00. There will be no flying during the weekends. Bückeburg’s main runway is closed for fixed wing aircraft from 6 August until 28 September 2007. Helicopters can still operate out of this helicopter base. Royal Netherlands Air Force exercises. Some NOTAMs gave us insight in upcoming RNethAF exercises in the south of the Netherlands, hereby an overview. Redskin Challenge Basic Windmill 07/03

11sep – 13sep 08oct – 12oct

Basic Windmill is a Dutch “Close Air Support” (CAS) exercise which will be held at the De Peel area. From 8 October until 12 October low flying can be expected around this Netherlands Air Force reserve airfield. Some extra flying activities is expected from nearby Volkel AFB. It is unknown if foreign fighter aircraft will participate. Base exercises Leeuwarden. In Scramble 339 we mentioned several base exercises at Leeuwarden because of a NATO inspection in November. More details are now known, during the base exercise twelve F-16s will deploy to Eindhoven. They will operate out of the former 314sq shelter area on the north side of the base. During their deployment they will fly four missions a day up to 23:00. On the same date as the base exercises there will be a TDY of Dutch F-16s to Neubrandenburg. Maybe this deployment is cancelled and the aircraft are now going to Eindhoven. It could also be another deployment, although it is the same date. SAR MEET 2007 will be held at the Belgian Air Force base Koksijde from 15 until 19 October. During the SAR meet a winch exercise will take place at the beach and a navigation competition wil be held. The following countries also accepted the invitation: Germany, the Netherlands and United Kingdom. The following countries are invited and have not responded yet: second team from Germany, Denmark and Italia. Unfortunately no spottersday will be organised. More info can be found on their website: NATO ministers meeting will be held in Noordwijk (The Netherlands) and the NATO headquarter in Brussels. On 24 and 25 October the NATO defence ministers will have an informal meeting in Noordwijk. VIP aircraft can be expected at either Rotterdam or Schiphol. Brussels will be the host of the foreign ministers on 6 and 7 December. During both events some VIP aircraft from NATO countries can be expected at the nearby airports.


Redskin Challenge is a joint exercise between the Royal Netherlands Air Force and Army. Last year’s edition saw the participation of Dutch Apaches and Cougars and an Army battalion. Main goal of this exercise is to train the cooperation between the Air Force and Army units for upcoming deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq. Increased flying activity can be expected at Gilze Rijen airbase and low flying activities can be expected in the south-western part of the Netherlands near the Belgian border.

Operational Integration Exercise (OIE 07) was held from 16 until 18 July at Kleine Brogel. During the spottersday on 17 July the following could be seen. Not all aircraft flew during the exercise. The callsigns were heard during the arrival, other callsigns were used during the exercise. 6048, 6053 L-159A CEF360C/B 6054 L-159A CEF360A 9240, 9244 JAS39C CEF363A/C 9819 JAS39D CEF363B E-599, E-605 F-16AM RDAF DAF3261D/B

Scramble 340 - Page 71

E-608, E-611 F-16AM RDAF DAF3261C/A E23/314-UG Alpha Jet E EAC 314 FAF6415 349/4-BM Mirage 2000NEC01.004 FAF4210 104/7-HH Rafale C EC01.007 FAF7401A 318/7-HM Rafale C EC01.007 FAF7401B 2, 3, 5, 9 Rafale M 12F FNY5647A/B/C/D 38+54 F-4F JG71 GAF3814 45+91, 45+57 Tornado IDS AG51 GAFSW57A/B 45+28, 45+92 Tornado IDS JBG31 GAF4586A/B 45+04, 46+02 Tornado IDS JBG33 GAFBU81A/B 113, 119 F-16C 330 Mira HAF330A/B 01512, 01525 F-4E(AUP) 338 MPK HAF338B 160560 A-7E 336 MV HAF336A/B 156774 TA-7C 336 MV HAF336A/B MM55088/61-160 MB339CD 212°Gruppo I5086A MM55090/61-162 MB339CD 212°Gruppo I5086B MM7239 F-16A ADF 23°Gruppo Vepro21 MM7243 F-16A ADF 23°Gruppo Vepro11 MM7245 F-16A ADF 23°Gruppo Vepro12 MM7259 F-16A ADF 23°Gruppo Vepro22 15118 F-16B Esq201 AFP67B 15139 F-16BM Esq 01 AFP67A AE.9-010/23-04 F-5M Ala23 AME2303 T.19B-07/35-09 CN235EA02 Ala35 AME3536 93-0688 F-16C 192 Filo TUAF025A 93-0695 F-16D 192 Filo TUAF025B ZA937, ZA939 Puma HC1 230sq RRR7301A/B ZJ803/BA Typhoon T1 29(R)sq RRR7378A ZJ910/BV Typhoon F2 29(R)sq RRR7378B XV105 VC10 C1K 101sq RRR9224 A79 Alouette 2 SLV AYB379 AT10 Alpha Jet E 11sm Smoke11 CM02 Falcon 20E 21sm AFB631 CE03 ERJ145LR 21sm AFB627 FA69, FA98 F-16AM 10 w FA99, FA100 F-16AM 10 w FA101, FA131 F-16AM 1sm spec. c/s FA107/FS, FA133/FS F-16AM 2w FA111, FA118 F-16AM 10 w FA123, FA132 F-16AM 10 w FA134, FA136 F-16AM 10 w FB09, FB10 F-16BM 10 w FB15, FB20 F-16BM 10 w FB18 F-16BM 10 w spec. c/s FB23, FB24 F-16BM 10 w H22 A-109BA 17 sqn MRH H26, H30 A-109BA 18 sqn MRH AYB630Form LB06 L-21B Air Cadets M1 Alouette 3 40sm Navy401 MT35 CM170 33sm Diana12 RS02 S. King Mk48 40sm AFB91 ST35 SF260MB 5sm Lobo04 FU-188/8S-N F-84F 10 w, pres.


SV-4B SV-4B BN-2A PC-7

ex B-02 private 20 years OCU mks

Flying only/visiting: S-442, S-453 AS532U2 300 sqn Wildcat form 329/4-BH Mirage 2000NEC 1/4 11:29 FAF4211 647/33-NF (?) Mirage F1CR ER 2/33 FAF7830A/B 655/33-NG Mirage F1CR ER 2/33 FAF7830A/B The French’s performed a fly by “a la France”, at a very high altitude and very hard to read of. The F1CRs passed the field at 11:09 and 11:53. Hangar: FA49 F-16AM nn FA78 F-16AM 10 w FA82 F-16AM 10 w FB01 F-16BM destinedfor RJAF JY-RFA, JY-RFB Extra 300LP R.J. Falcons JY-RFC, JY-RFD Extra 300LP R.J. Falcons These could be seen in the large hangar next to the x-service platform. Elsewhere F-104Gs: FX02 ( tail from FX47) FX41 & FX61 Red Flag Alaska 07/03 was held from 16 until 26 July at Eielson AFB Alaska. Highlight were the Japanese Eagles. For the UK based spotters the Turkish contingent was the highlight of this edition, because they made a fuelstop at Lakenheath en-route to Eielson and home. The Spanish participants went straight to Alaska with some help of a Spanish tanker. The report is made at 19 July so no support aircraft were noted. Also two Spanish C-130s and a B707 should participate but those were not seen during the visit. The next Alaska Flag will be held in fiscal year 2008 and will run from 15 until 26 October 2008. 02-8915, 32-8943 F-15J 204 Hikotai 12-8074, 32-8941 F-15J 305 Hikotai 72-8963 F-15J 204 Hikotai 92-8913 F-15J 305 Hikotai C.15-45/12-03, C.15-48/12-06, C.15-53/12-11, C.15-59/12-17 C.15-69/12-27, C.15-70/12-28, C.15-72/12-30 EF-18A+ Ala 12 CE.15-08/12-71 EF-18B+ Ala 12 CE.15-10/12-73 EF-18B+ Ala 12 88-0035, 91-0017 F-16C 132 Filo 92-0005, 92-0008 F-16C 132 Filo 92-0015 F-16C 132 Filo 89-0042 F-16D 132 Filo 62-3567, 62-3539 KC-135R 101 Filo 80-0018/WA F-15C 65th AGRS 80-0024/WA F-15C 65th AGRS 82-0028/WA F-15C 65th AGRS

F-16C 119 of 330 Mira was another highlight of the Kleine Brogel event. Scramble 340 - Page 72

(Gerben van den Bosch)

The normal and well known Red Flag exercises are held in the Nevada desert, Nellis to be precise. Red Flag Alaska is a Pacific Air Forces directed field training exercise for US and coalition forces. (Eielson, July 2007, Erik Lenten) Défilé

80-0058/WA F-15D 65th AGRS 85-0129/WA F-15D 65th AGRS 85-0131/WA F-15D 65th AGRS 87-0196/SJ, 87-0199/SJ, 88-1671/SJ, 88-1673/SJ 88-1683/SJ, 88-1686/SJ, 89-0493/SJ, 89-0494/SJ 89-0496/SJ, 89-0502/SJ, 90-0232/SJ F-15E 335th FS 89-2077/AK, 90-0711/AK, 90-0714/AK, 90-0717/AK 90-0718/AK, 90-0723/AK, 90-0724/AK, 90-0733/AK 90-0735/AK, 90-0736/AK, 90-0742/AK, 90-0745/AK F-16CG 18th FS 89-2172/AK F-16DG 18th FS 90-0791/AK F-16DG 18th FS 59-1461, 59-1521 KC-135R 168th ARS 60-0334, 63-8015 KC-135R 168th ARS 63-8028, 63-8043 KC-135R 168th ARS 63-8876 KC-135R 168th ARS 61-0305 KC-135R 91st ARS 62-3520 KC-135R 906th ARS 62-3557 KC-135R 63rd ARS 63-8032 KC-135R 72nd ARS 59-1500? KC-135R 197th ARS 64-14830 KC-135R 319th ARW 64-14837 KC-135R 22nd ARW 160141/701 S-3B VS-22 160161/700 S-3B VS-22 Elsewhere 75-0289/AK 64-0905/FC 78-0052/AK 68-11003 53-6064

A-10A F-4C F-16A O-2A T-33A

Preserved Preserved Preserved Preserved Preserved


Observation flights: 5448/VR 5490/VY, 2x

EH03.067? EH03.067


Alpha Jet E


“In-flight refuelling” 736/93-CH 322/7-HU, 323/7-HT 324/7-HW, 325/7-HX 104/7-HH

C-135FR Rafale B Rafale B Rafale C

GRV00.093 EC01.007 EC01.007 EC01.007

“Detection and protection” 203/36-CC E-3F 59/2-EV, 76/2-EB Mir. 2000-5F 506/5-OD, 509/5-OK Mirage 2000B 514/5-OE Mirage 2000B

“354 FW”

Défilé militaire quatorze juillet is the national military parade because of the celebrations of Independence Day in France. Every year on 14 July a flypast will be held above the Champs Elysee in Paris. On 14 July 2007, the following formations were seen during this event. Some of the serials from the flypast were looked up (those are underlined), all serials and codes not underlined are photo proof and in order of appearance. Static at Les Invalides: 5368/UU AS555AN 1179/BRK, 1020/BRT SA330BA 4109/BPP SA342M 2001/ATA Tigre HAP 2640/BJS EC725AP

“Opening” 1 tm 9

EDCA00.036 EC01.002 EC02.005 EC02.005

“Deterrence” 738/93-CJ 304/4-CA, 312/4-CN 324/4-CX, 357/4-CO

C-135FR GRV00.093 Mirage 2000N EC03.004 Mirage 2000N EC03.004

“Reconnainsance” 605/33-CO 603/33-NU 624/33-NY 655/33-NG, 641/33-NI

Mirage F1CR Mirage F1CR Mirage F1CR Mirage F1CR

ER01.033 ER02.033 ER02.033 ER02.033

“Airpower” 602/3-XJ, 610/3-XX 623/3-XW, 629/3-XO 649/3-XY 243/30-SN 231/30-QK 262/30-QO 280/30-QD, 283/30-QI

Mirage 2000D Mirage 2000D Mirage 2000D Mirage F1CT Mirage F1CT Mirage F1CT Mirage F1CT

EC03.003 EC03.003 EC03.003 EC01.030 EC02.030 EC02.030 EC02.030

Le Marine National 3 2, 12, 13 6, 8 2, 62 4 36

E-2C 4F Rafale M 12F S. Etendard 11F S. Etendard 17F ATL2 nb Falcon 50SURMAR 24F

“Airlift” 5142/61-PE R15/61-MJ R157/61-ZW 045/62-IB, 123/62-IM 165/62-IT 054/YX, 072/YA, 080/YF, 098/YO 066/ZA

C-130H-30 C-160R C-160R CN235M-200 CN235M-200 EMB121AA EMB121AA EMB121AN

ET02.061 ET01.061 ET03.061 ET01.062 ET01.062 EAT00.319 EAT00.319 EAT00.319

L’Avation Légère de l’Armée de Terre 4145/CWO, ..../CXO SA342M 1RHC Scramble 340 - Page 73

4210/CXQ 3664/BWF, 4038/BWJ 4151/BYF, 4181/BYG .../BYL, 1x 4124/BMC 2012/BST 2006/ATD, 2004/ATE 2011/ATF 74+05, 74+07 1634/BZA, 1419/BZF 1214/BZT 2430/CZZ 2628/BJN, 2642/BJT

SA342M 1RHC SA342M 3RHC SA342M 3RHC SA342M 3RHC SA342M DAOS Tigre HAP GAM/STAT Tigre HAP EFA Tigre HAP EFA Tiger UHT D/F HFlgAusbZ SA330Ba 3RHC SA330Ba 3RHC AS532UL Horizon 1RHC EC725AP DAOS

Le Marine National 148 274, 275, 811 362, 452, 542

SA321G 32F Lynx HAS2(FN) 31/34F AS565SA 36F

Armée de l’Air 2461/SA, 2619/SC 5396/VD, 5466/VW 5511/WC, 5532/WI 1657/AX, 1671/AZ

EC725AP AS555AN AS555AN SA330Ba

F-15C F-15C F-15C F-15D F-15D EA-6B EA-6B EA-6B F/A-18E F/A-18E F-A-18E F/A-18E F/A-18E

65th AGRS 65th AGRS 65th AGRS 65th AGRS 65th AGRS VAQ133 VAQ-133 VAQ-133 VFA-31 VFA-31 VFA-31 VFA-31 VFA-31

Summary We would like to notice that the beneath information about: airshows, port visits, exercises, rotations and deployments is subject to change. Conformation is mostly given at the last moment.

EH01.067 FAF FAF EH01.067

c=conference d=deployment e=exercise p=port visit r=rotation s=special event v=visit

The Army and German helicopters flew from Cergy-Pontoise, spares noted here were: 4120/BWI, 4230/BXG SA342M 3RHC 4172/BMD SA342M DAOS 4187/ATZ SA342M EAALAT 1100/BZR SA330Ba 3RHC 1196/AZC SA330BA EAALAT 2003/ATC Tigre HAP EFA 74+08 Tiger UHT D/F HflgAusbZ 87+39 Bo105P1 KHR26 The Navy helicopters flew from Le Bourget. They were parked overnight inside the Douanes hangar, spares noted were: 160 SA321G 32F 355 AS565SA 36F 1x Lynx HAS2(FN) 31/34F The Air Force helicopters flew from nearby Chateaudun, spare noted here was: 1257/AA SA330Ba EH01.067 The following spares were noted at Evreux on 13 July. 667/3-JZ Mirage 2000D EC02.003 327/4-CJ, 360/4-CB Mirage 2000N EC03.004 Also Villacoublay and Orleans were used for the flypast. On 5 July there was a rehearsal for the flypast from Chateaudun the following was seen: 10x SA341/2’s, 2x Mirage F1, 7x SA330B, 2x Rafale, 2x EC725, 4x AS550, 1x SA321G,1x C-130H Maple Flag 40 consists out of two periods, period one was held from 22 May until 1 June and period 2 from 4 until 15 June. A base visit at Cold Lake during period one resulted in the following log. Unfortunately we did not receive any log from period 2. The dates for Maple Flag 41 are unknown to us. CA01 A310-222 FA71, FA89 F-16AM FA91, FA95 F-16AM FA102, FA104 F-16AM FA114, FA129 F-16AM FA121, FA101 F-16AM 604/33-CF, 645/33-CHMirage F1CR 641/33-NI, 662/33-NF Mirage F1CR R157/61-ZW C-160R R94/61-ZL C-160R 50+40 C160D 50+54, 1x C160D J-144, J-203 F-16AM J-366, J-868 F-16AM J-873, J-879 F-16AM 1x E-3D 71-1408/OK E-3B 80-0010/WA F-15C

80-0024/WA 80-0028/WA 80-0058/WA 85-0129/WA 85-0131/WA 161349/NL-532 163031/NL-531 163523/NL-530 166776/AJ-100 166786/AJ-112 166781/AJ-105 166777AJ-101 166783/AJ-107

21sm BAF BAF BAF BAF 1w spec mks ER01.033 ER02.033 ET00.061 ET00.061 LTG61 LTG63 323sq 322sq 323sq 8/23sq 964th AACS 65th AGRS

2007 28jul 28jul 28jul 13aug 13aug 18aug 27aug 01sep 10sep 03sep 03sep 07sep 09sep 10sep 14sep 15sep 24sep 24sep 24sep 26sep 28sep 01oct 01oct 01oct 03oct 08oct 08oct 08oct 08oct 15oct 15oct 21oct 24oct 29oct 05nov 06nov 12nov 12nov 12nov 12nov 19nov 19nov 19nov 26nov 26nov 26nov 27nov 10dec -

30sep 30sep 30sep 24aug 26aug 31aug 07sep 05oct 21sep 19sep 16sep 15sep 15sep 15sep 29sep 01oct 28sep 05oct 05oct 04oct 19oct 19oct 26oct 04oct 12oct 12oct 12oct 19oct 26oct 26oct 04nov 25oct 09nov 18nov 08nov 17nov 21nov 30nov 30nov 23nov 30nov 14dec 30nov 30nov 07dec 29nov 21dc

Scramble 340 - Page 74

Runway Closed 56sq Tornado F3 1x Sq Tornado F3 108th ARW Common Quest Red Flag 07/03 203rd ARS DOT 07 128th ARW Tactical Air Meet Bold Avenger Torgau Cooperative Sarex 12x EHLW F-16 Romanian Express Neptune Warrior 07/02 Arctic Tiger (Tiger Meet) Sky Lance 07 171st ARW Nordic Air Meet Fototag JG73 WK LtSt 6 WK LtSt 8 TLP 07/05 EMS 2007 Instrex 12x EHLW F-16 RNAF F-16 186th ARW Flotex Silver Red Flag Alaska 08/01 Red Flag 08/01 NATO Defence Ministers 197th ARS Chef de Mission NATO Foreign Ministers NATO Inspection 151st ARS WK LtSt 5 WK LtSt 7 DAPEX 07 CQWI 07/02 TLP 07/06 12x EHLW F-16 RNAF F-16 151st ARS Wycombe Warrior 190th ARW

s Leuchars d RAF Kinloss d RAF Leeming d Geilenkirchen e Romania e Nellis AFB d Geilenkirchen e RAF Fairford d Geilenkirchen e unkown e Ørland e Germany e Campia Turzii d Eindhoven e Romania e Scotland e Ørland eUnited Kingdom d Geilenkirchen e Lulea s Laage e Alpnach e Alpnach e Florennes e Reims e Portugal d Eindhoven d Neubrandenb. d Geilenkirchen e North Norway e Eielson AFB e Nellis AFB c Noordwijk NL d Geilenkirchen e South France c Brussel s Leeuwarden d Geilenkirchen e Payerne e Emmen e Central Spain e Scotland e Florennes d Eindhoven d Neubrandenb. d Geilenkirchen e Central UK d Geilenkirchen

Military News & Updates

The first NH90 for Norway passed through De Kooy on its way to the Rygge air show. It returned after the weekend on its way back to AgustaWestland at Vergiate. The Italian test registration is CSX81691 and CSX81591 as previously mentioned. (De Kooy, 24 August 2007, Christian Schrik) Because of our standardization we sometimes use type, unit and serial presentations that may strongly differ from those used by the manufacturer or user. It is therefore possible that the information sent by you can deviate from the information we publish. Because of the limited space in the magazine we also offer the military updates in electronic form. These always contain a little extra info, like exact arrival dates for AMARG, etc. The PDF-file can be downloaded for free from our website at http://


Europe Netherlands Koninklijke Luchtmacht (AF) KSGH = Springfield-Beckley (OH) LILG = Vergiate, Italy F-16AM J-145 J-510

306sq, KSGH, ex 322sq 306sq, KSGH, ex 322sq

6D-135 aug07 6D-149 aug07

Marineluchtvaartdienst (NY) The first Dutch NH Industries NH90-NFH made its first flight on 10 August 2007. During this 20-minute flight from the Agusta/Westland factory at Vergiate, Italy, preliminary tests were performed in the presence of Dutch representatives. The helicopter, wearing test registration CSX81697, is the first of twelve NH90 NATO Frigate Helicopters (NFH) and eight Marinized Tactical Transport Helicopters (MTTH) to be delivered to the new “Defensie Helikopter Commando” (DHC) or Defence Helicopter Command. This new air force unit, that will start operating in January 2008, will consist of the “MARitieme HELIkopters” (MARHELI) of the Royal Netherlands Navy and the “Tactische Helikopter Groep” (THG) of the Royal Netherlands Air Force and will be based at GilzeRijen as well as De Kooy. At the same time as the first flight, the newly developed European Navy Radar (ENR) for the NFH version completed a month of in-flight testing by its producer, Thales. The tests included the air-to-sea detection capability.

Luchtcomponent (AF) To celebrate the 65th anniversary of 349 Smaldeel of 10 Wing at Kleine Brogel, F-16AM FA94 received a special colour scheme. The new design looks very similar to the one they applied during the 60th anniversary and consist of the unit’s emblem and motto “Strike Hard Strike Home”. The newly decorated FA94 made its first outing during some taxi-tests after a major overhaul on 14 August.

Austria Östereichische Luftstreitkräfte (AF) On 17 July 2007 Major Werner Kriebitz undertook the first flight by an Austrian pilot from Zeltweg in an Austrian Eurofighter. Just five days earlier Eurofighter 7L-WA was delivered from EADS Manching to Zeltweg. Major Kriebitz also was one of the four Austrian pilots to fly the first former Swiss F-5s to Austria. EF2000 7L-WB as 98+41 EADS 5002/AS0002 jul07 30+34 ex Luftwaffe GS0022 30+36 ex Luftwaffe GS0023 On 9 July 2007, the second Austrian Eurofighter made its first flight from EADS Maching in Germany. It carried German serial 98+41. As assumed previously some aircraft from the German production line have been diverted to the Östereichische Luftstreitkräfte. As far as we know now, both 30+34 and 30+36 will not be built for the German Luftwaffe.

Belarus Voyenno Vozdushnyye Sily (AF)

Since the start of the NH90 project in 1991, it has suffered from delays in the production process that directly resulted in delays in the delivery schedule. For the Dutch NH90s initial deliveries now start in July 2009 (Scramble 337 – Page 79).

Yak-52 EW-127AM

NH90-NFH CSX81697/NNLN01

Flyvevåbnet (AF) Contrary to the information given to you in Scramble 332 of

f/f 10aug07 LILG






Scramble 340 - Page 75

January 2007 (Page 92) the Merlins that returned to AgustaWestland for use with the RAF consist of a mix of Tactical Troop Transport and SAR models. We assumed that the ones in the TTT role were earmarked for re-sale to the United Kingdom, but this turned out to be differently. Thanks to Per Thorup Pedersen for the correction. For more information, we refer to this month’s UK section. EH101 Mk512 M-501 to AgW 26jul07 M-503 to AgW 12jul07 M-505 to AgW 12jul07 M-506 to AgW 26jul07 M-509 to AgW 29jun07 M-511 to AgW 29jun07

50089/DEN01 50106/DEN03 50121/DEN05 50123/DEN06 50148/DEN09 50160/DEN11

Finland Ilmavoimat (AF) F-18C HN-441/41 HN-453/53

HävLLv 31 ex H.21 HävLLv 31 ex H.21

Hawk Mk51 HW-326/26/4

HävLLv 41 f/n with H.41

1456/FNC041 aug07 1489/FNC053 aug07 312223 aug07

France Armée de l’Air (AF) By September 2007, EC01.002 will be the only operational unit to fly the Mirage 2000-5. The unit will have some 20 aircraft on strength. By that time EC02.002 will have eight Alpha Jets, the first of which have already been noted at Dijon. They will be used for advanced training. As expected, EC01.005 Vendée at Orange has been disbanded. This happened on 29 June 2007 and many Mirage 2000Cs have now been withdrawn from service (some already before the disbandment). These aircraft will be scrapped or given to museums. Other former EC01.005 aircraft will be transferred to EC02.005. MAR also reported that Mirage 2000C 8 should be wfu, but this one was still seen flying as 5-OO last July.


= = = = = =

Montauban Châteaudun Solenzara Orange - Caritat Lanveoc - Poulmic Rennes - Saint Jacques

Alpha Jet E E11/2-FB E38/314-LH E85/8-MT E96/314-TC E128/314-TM E140/2-FA E149

EC02.002 EAC00.314 ETO01.008 EAC00.314 EAC00.314 EC02.002 nm

ex 312-RY ex 8-MQ ex 7-PZ ex 314-LC ex F-TERN ex 314-UD ex 8-MO

C-160R RA06 R52

wfu wfu

ex 61-ZB ex 61-MX

Mirage F1CT 260/30-QB


ex 30-QU


Mirage F1CR 658/33-CW


ex 33-CW


aug07 jul07 jul07 jul07 jul07 jul07 jun07 06 52

07 07

Mirage 2000-5F 52/2-EH EC01.002

ex 2-FC

240 jul07

Mirage 2000B 507 for Brazil 528/12-KS EC02.012

ex 5-OR ex 12-KO

31 416 aug07

Mirage 2000C 3 9 11/5-OF 14/5-OA 12 16 19 22 35 37 91/12-KL

ex 5-NN ex 5-NH ex 5-NJ ex 5-NW ex 5-NV ex 5-OX ex 5-NE ex 5-ND ex 5-NL ex 5-NF ex 12-YK

3 9 11 aug07 14 aug07 12 16 50 68 154 mar07 346 jul07

wfu std LFMO EC02.005 EC02.005 wfu wfu wfu for Brazil wfu std LFOC EC02.012

For many years the Alouette 3 is the backbone of the Austrian Air Force. This particular one is flying for the 2nd helicopter squadron from Aigen im Ennstal. (Aigen im Ennstal, 27 July 2007, Marco de Rijk) Scramble 340 - Page 76

markings. EC725AP 2642/BJT


c/n update

2642 jun07

SA330B 1214/BZT 1419/BZF


ex ADR ex ovh LFDB

1214 jul07 1419 jul07

Tigre HAP 2013/BHC 2015/F-ZKBF

5RHC ex Eurocopter Eurocopter new

2013 jun07 2015 jun07

Georgia Sak’art’velos Samxedro-sahaero Dzalebi (AF) Just like many other Mediteranean countries, Croatia flies the CL-415 to protect their forests against the every year increasing number of forest fires. The CL-415 normally operates from Zadar, but during the season there are several detachements. (Pula, 13 July 2007, Jeroen Jonkers) Mirage 2000D 612/3-JK EC02.003 653/3-ID EC01.003 668/3-IG EC01.003

not to 3-LM ex 3-XL ex 3-IE

Rafale B 321/7-HQ 324/7-HW 325/7-HX 327

EC01.007 EC01.007 EC01.007 EC01.007

ex ex ex ex

Rafale C 108



Wassmer WA30 179 scrapped

408 jul07 520 jul07 542 jul07

Dassault Dassault Dassault Dassault

aug07 jul07 jul07 jul07 jul07

ex std LFKS



ex 21F

Rafale M 16 17 18

Dassault Dassault Dassault

new new new

SA319B 237 268 309

22S 22S 22S

ex std LFRL ex 35F ex 35F

SA321G 101 102 106 120 122 150 164

dump LFRL scrapped scrapped scrapped scrapped scrapped scrapped

ex ex ex ex ex ex ex

std std std std std std std

Mi-24V 02 wh




Mi-8T 46 bl Tblisi f/n may07 These three helicopters were all noted during a military parade in Georgia’s capital which was held on 26 May of this year.

Ireland Irish Air Corps SA365F 247 to N365SH ex 301sq 6202 jul07 This Dauphin found its way to the, specially founded, 365 Sierra Hotel Corporation (NV) in the United States. It still carries its old serial 247 and has a camouflage livery.

2237 jul07 2268 jul07 2309 jul07

On 20 May 2007 G222TCM MM62118 made its last flight, ending G222 operations by the 46ªBrigata Aerea. Afterwards it was stored at Pisa-San Giusto. This leaves only three G222s operational, all at Pratica di Mare, which should be:

245 jul07



jun07 jun07 jul07

CAP10B 108 std LFRL ex 50S 108 jul07 Only the CAP 10s from 50S will be withdrawn from use in the near future. The MS893-100S’s will stay flying with the unit. ex 31F


Aeronautica Militare Italiana (AF) On 27 July 2007 Alenia Aermacchi delivered the last two SF260EA primary trainers to the Aeronautica Militare Italiana (AMI). The aircraft were delivered at Venegono in the presence of Tenente Generale Giampiero Gargini, Commander of the AMI Schools, of Colonnello Francesco Tinagli, Commander of the 70°Stormo SVBAE, and of senior Alenia Aermacchi executives. The delivery marks the completion of the contract signed in 2005 with the Ministry of Defence for the supply of thirty SF260EAs. They replaced the older SF260AMs at Latina. The SF260AMs should all have been withdrawn from use by now, but the 70°Stormo has a lone SF260AM on charge because it still has many hours left on the airframe. It will be withdrawn from use in 2008.

19 jun07

Lynx HAS4(FN) 801 34F



Marine National (NY) ATL2 19

Mi-24P 10 wh

101 jul07 102 106 120 122 150 164

Armée de Terre (AR) On 10 May 2007, the 6 Régiment d’Hélicoptères de Combat from Compiègne was disbanded and the military side of the airfield was closed on 8 June. 6RHC had 38 Gazelles and eight Pumas in their inventory. The Gazelles from EHAP2 (codes AEA/AEI) went to Phalsbourg while the other helicopters moved on to Etain. CeF406 0008 to F-WQUD ex LFRN F406-0008 0010 to F-WQAY ex LFRN F406-0010 Both aircraft were flown from temporary storagee at Rennes Saint Jacques to the Reims Cessna factory at Reims Prunay on 17 July 2007. Both aircraft were still in full ALAT

MM62107/71°Gruppo GE/14°Stormo MM62124/46-88 8°Gruppo RM/14°Stormo MM62146/RS-46 311Gruppo RSV/CSV LIBR LIRE LIRP

4012 4030 4089

= Brindisi-Casale = Pratica di Mare = Pisa-San Giusto

AMX MM7125/RS-11 std LIRE C-27J MM62217/311°Gr MM62217/(46-81)98°Gr CSX62218/46-82 98°Gr

ex RS-11/311°Gr

IX037 may07

ex CSX62217/- Alenia4116 may07 ex MM62217/- 311°Gr 4116 jul07 new 4130 jul07

G222TCM MM62118/46-24 std LIRP ex 46-24/2°Gr MM62146/RS-46 311°Gr ex RS-30/311°Gr

4024 may07 4089 may07

HH-3F MM80985/15-14 85°Centro ex 15-14/84°Centro 6212 jul07 MM81345/15-33 85°Centro ex std LIBR 6229 may07 MM80985 participated in RIAT 2007 and the Helidays 2007 at

Scramble 340 - Page 77

Weston-super-Mare with a ’30 ANNI HH-3F Pelican 150.000 f.h.’ anniversary scheme, but only on the left side of the fuselage. HH-3F Pelican MM81345 was noted operationally again at the Giornata Azzura at Pratica di Mare. It was previously stored rotorless outside the Agusta factory at Brindisi-Casale.


MB339CD MM55080/61-150 212°Gr

ex -/212°Gr

P180AM CSX62201/-

ex MM62201/-

On 25 July 2007, the few surviving Cessna 337s with Esq502 Elefantes were placed into storage at Sintra. On this date the type was officially withdrawn from active service during a ceremony, ending an operational era of 33 years with the air force. Several of the aircraft have been reported with or near the Museu do Ar in recent months. But as it appears now only one example was handed over to the museum during the ceremony (which one?). The other ex-Esq502 Skymasters will be disposed of otherwise.


216/CD019 may07 1053 may07

SF260AM MM54436/70-63 70°St

ex 70-23/207°Gr264/16-19

Tornado IDS MM7061/6-14

ex 6-01/154°Gr478/IS060 aug07



Malta Armed Forces of Malta (AF) Bulldog T1 AS0020

Air Wing

w/o 05aug07


Poland Sily Powietrzne (AF) F-16C 4049 4050 4051 4052 4053 4054 4055 4056

3.elt 3.elt 3.elt 6.elt 6.elt 6.elt 6.elt 6.elt

d/d, d/d, d/d, d/d, d/d, d/d, d/d, d/d,

ex ex ex ex ex ex ex ex

03-0049JC-10 29mar07 03-0050JC-11 29mar07 03-0051JC-12 29mar07 03-0052JC-13 24may07 03-0053JC-14 24may07 03-0054JC-15 26jul07 03-0055JC-16 26jul07 03-0056JC-17 26jul07

F-16D 4076 6.elt d/d, ex 03-0076 JD-1 24may07 4081 3.elt d/d, ex 03-0081 JD-6 29mar07 4082 6.elt d/d, ex 03-0082 JD-7 24may07 4083 6.elt d/d, ex 03-0083 JD-8 26jul07 Already 23 F-16s have already been delivered to Poznan. The next batch is due in September.

Força Aérea Portuguesa (AF) In September 2007, one month earlier than anticipated, the Portuguese Air Force will relieve the Romanians and take over the Baltic airspace control tasks in Lithuania.

Some other Cessna 337s that had moved to the company Avialsa (Valencia, Spain) in 2003, finaly appeared in the Spanish civil register. LPST = Sintra CeF337G 3721 3722 3724 13729

to EC-JGJ to EC-JGI to EC-JGH std LPST ex Esq502

0022 0023 0025 0030 jul07

CeFTB337G 13715

std LPST

0016 jul07

ex Esq502

Russia Voyenno Vozdushnyye Sily (AF) On 31 July 2007, the first Su-34 was planned to be ceremoniously transferred to the Centre for Combat Training Conversion of Aircrews, but due to some “small repairs”, it was decided to postpone departure from NAPO Novosibirsk. The tenth assembled Su-34 with code 02 was the airplane that was supposed to depart to Lipetsk. The ninth Su-34, coded 01, has been selected for state tests. Both were handed over to the air force on 15 December 2006. UUMU = Chkalovsky UWOI = Chebenki

Hopefully the pilot knows the formula's which are painted on the fuselage of this Phantom, otherwise he has to look over his shoulder during flight. This WTD-61 aircraft marks the 50th anniversary of this test squadron in the German Armed Forces. (Manching, 7 August 2007, Dietmar Fenners) Scramble 340 - Page 78

The aircraft with the former Soviet Republics are listed by type and then constructionnumber sequence. L-39C 21 wh f/n 433011 photo 41 wh f/n 433021 photo 90 wh f/n 834332 photo … to VH-KEE 834408 148 wh f/n 834543 photo 59 wh f/n 834528 photo All coded Albatrosses were noted operationally with an unknown training unit. Mi-8MTV 50 bl 535 OSAP f/n 95130may07 The Mi-8MTV, Mi-24V and Mi-26 were all noted during a recent air show at Rostov-na-Donu (URRR). Mi-8MTV-2 49 ye




Mi-24P 27 TsGB OVE f/n 3532433420549 89 12 rd ex 34 rd 3532433317120 jun07 06 rd 332 OVP f/n 3532434318468 jul07 09 rd 332 OVP f/n 3532433522158 jul07 RA-25419 UN f/n 12 rd used to be 34 rd with the 172 OVP. Mi-24P RA-25419 is coded UN-118 and is operating for the United Nations on peacekeeping missions in Sierra Leone. Mi-24V 10 ye 03 rd


f/n f/n

3532421319128 may07 3532423319917 jul07

Mi-26 25 rd 05

535 OSAP 344 TsBP

f/n f/n

34001212519 may07 34001212521

MiG-25R 40 41

47 OGRAP f/n 47 OGRAP f/n

0205SE01 0205SE04

933 IAP 933 IAP

84046147 84043008 84037504 84043205 84046180 84045211

MiG-25PD 18 37 … 77 87 68

933 IAP 933 IAP 933 IAP

f/n f/n f/n f/n f/n f/n

MiG-25PDS 04 bl pres c/n update 840AA04 jun07 At last we know the construction number of the MiG-25 at the Civil Aviation Board Museum in Ulyanovsk. MiG-25PU 60 rd

164 OGRAP f/n

MiG-25RB 024



MiG-25RBSh … … …

f/n f/n f/n

02024604 02029095 02024819

MiG-25RBT …



MiG-25RBV 77 … …

47 OGRAP w/o 10jun82 f/n f/n

02008094 02017745 02014171

MiG-25RU 55 60 05 …

933 IAP 933 IAP 786 IAP f/n

f/n f/n f/n

22021024 22030345 22034855 22040418

MiG-31 07 78

f/n 458 IAP

69700122203 174 GvIAP 38400173117

39002005 may92

Su-17UM-3 56 rd UUMU f/n 63002 apr07 This aircraft made the last flight of a Russian Air Force ‘Fitter’. It will be placed on display in the Russian Air Force museum at Monino in the near future. Su-24 02 bl 03 bl 611 bk 02 bl 35 bl 619 bk 34 bl 03 wh 09 wh 10 wh 05 wh 06 wh 07 wh 04 bl 03 wh 49 wh 09 bl 06 bl 05 bl Su-24M 09 wh 11 wh 74 wh 75 wh 21 bl 05 bl 09 bl … 37 wh 41 bl

0815302 0815303 0215301 0215302 0315305 0215307 0315304 2115306 2215329 2215330 2215340 2315306 2315307 0815304 1915313 1615324 0815309 0815306 0815305

559 BAP f/n 968 IISAP f/n 302 BAP ex 42 GvBAP/74 wh 302 BAP ex 42 GvBAP/75 wh 67 BAP ex 89 BAP/21 wh 67 BAP ex 89 BAP/05 wh 67 BAP ex 89 BAP/09 wh f/n f/n 67 BAP ex 89 BAP/41 wh

0915301 1141611 0815306may92 0815305may92 0715312may92 0715325may92 0715329may92 0115301 1141607may07 1141616may92

Su-24M2 44 rd




Su-24MP 18 wh …


f/n f/n

4160464201042 4160464201011

Su-24MR 48 wh 98 GvORAP f/n 0841606 jul05 06 wh 882 OGRAP ex 328 GvORAP 0841616 26 wh 511 ORAP w/o 26sep88 0215304 27 wh 511 ORAP w/o 20jun88 0215305 03 wh 47 GvORAP unit update 0615323 04 wh 47 GvORAP unit update 0615324 0615329 09 wh 47 GvORAP unit update 10 wh 47 GvORAP unit update 0615330 0615325 05 wh 47 GvORAP unit update 08 wh 47 GvORAP unit update 0615328 0841604 02 wh 47 GvORAP unit update 06 wh 47 GvORAP unit update 0841605 0841631 01 wh 47 GvORAP unit update 07 wh 47 GvORAP f/n 0615327 jun02 … 511 ORAP f/n 0115302 44 wh 11 ORAP ex 164 GvORAP 0515311 may92 26 wh 511 ORAP f/n 0115301 12 wh 47 GvORAP unit update 0841634 0841633 11 wh 47 GvORAP unit update 14 wh 47 GvORAP unit update 0841632 Being more or less a Russian Air Force tradition some of the above-mentioned Su-24MRs, in this case the ones operated by 47 GvORAP, were named after Russian WWII fighter aces. 05 wh was named ‘Evgeni Romanov”, 06 wh was named ‘Valentin Sokolov’ and 07 wh was named ‘Arsenii Morozhov’. Su-25 04 rd 07 rd


733 BAP f/n 733 BAP f/n pres Kharkiv f/n pres Kurgan f/n 733 BAP f/n Sukhoi OKB/LII, f/n 733 BAP f/n 959 BAP f/n 959 BAP f/n std UWOI f/n std UWOI f/n std UWOI f/n std UWOI f/n 733 BAP f/n 277 BAP f/n 69 BAP f/n 733 BAP f/n 733 BAP f/n 733 BAP f/n

Tu-95RTs … …

Scramble 340 - Page 79

f/n f/n 304 ODRAP f/n 304 ODRAP f/n

25508107084 jul07 25508110133 may07 66MRTs308 66MRTs309

… … … … … … … … …

304 ODRAP f/n 304 ODRAP f/n f/n 304 ODRAP f/n 304 ODRAP f/n 304 ODRAP f/n 304 ODRAP f/n 304 ODRAP f/n 304 ODRAP f/n

Tu-142MZ …


Yak-52 107 133 08 rd 62 117 bl … 33 ye 119 ye 101 ye 53 bl

to RA-3425K sold to RA-3405K sold to RA-3339K sold to LY-ASU sold to HA-HUJ sold to VH-RUZ sold to RA-3404K sold to RF-01049 sold to RA-2075K sold to RA-3429K sold


..MRTs405 ..MRTs407 ..MRTs410 ..MRTs501 ..MRTs502 ..MRTs503 ..MRTs508 ..MRTs509 ..MRTs510

located at Ladjevci, Nis and Ponikve. The 241st fighter bomber squadron ‘Tigers’ and the 714th combat helicopter squadron ‘Shadows’ remain at Ladjevci. In the new structure the 353rd iae was transformed to the 2nd reconnaissance flight (iao). The 712th pohe (Gazelle) and the 787th trhe (Mi-8), both at Nis, merged and now report as one unit (119th composite helicopter squadron) to the 98th AB although the unit remains at Nis. The 98th Avijacijska Baza now consists of the following aviation units:

4362 822605 822801 832908 833308 856002 856111 877506 878102 888914 9111503

J-22, NJ-22 IJ-22, INJ-22 SA341/342 Gazelle

Nis 119 mhe

Mi-8, SA341/342 Gazelle

The creation of the second AB, next to the 204th AB at Batajnica, completes the restructuring of the air force. The reshaping is in line with the military reforms to maintain a smaller but more efficient armed force.

MChS Rossii (GV) Mi-8MTV-1 RA-25815 MChS Rossii f/n This Mi-8 was noted at Krasnaya Polyana, Russia.

Ladjevci 241 lbae 2 iao 714 pohe


Mi-8T 302 rd

MChS Rossii f/n

Mi-26 RA-31005

MChS Rossii c/n upd. 34001212603 aug05


Serbia Ratno Vazduhoplovstvo i Protivvazdusna Odbrana (DF) On 13 June 2007 the 98th Aviation Base was officially inaugurated at Ladjevci, near Kraljevo. The 98 AB incorporates aviation units that were already based at Ladjevci and Nis, but incorporates also support units and anti-aircraft defense units

The new Lasta 3 (also referred to as Lasta 95) was displayed as a main exhibit at the Partner 2007 international defence fair in Belgrade on 26-29 June. The as-yet uncompleted prototype with registration number 64301 is one of two that have been ordered by the Serbian Air Force for evaluation. The first of the two should be completed by the end of the year. The Lasta project dates back to the mid-1980s, it was intended for pilot training to bridge the gap between the UTVA-75 and G-4 Super Galeb.Two prototypes and six pre-production series aircraft were completed, of which two were lost in accidents and the remainder being destroyed during the cruise missile strikes on the UTVA factory in Pancevo on 24 March 1999. The Lasta 3 is a re-design from 1995 with new wings and tail surfaces. The new Lasta 3 is intended for use as a primary training and pilot selection aircraft. Lasta 3 64301

f/n, prototype under construction


This old Super Galeb in a "new coat" and with a new roundel. The Serbian Air Force painted this G-4 for aerial displays at airshows. (Kecsksemet, 12 August 2007, Martin Greenman) Scramble 340 - Page 80



Ejército del Aire (AF) The Spanish Air Force has recently ordered two more EADS CASA C295Ms. With the ten examples already operational with Ala 35 and the one on order since December 2006, this new order will bring the total fleet to thirteen. During the RIAT at Fairford two thus far unknown construction numbers of operational aircraft were checked (see below).

Schweizer Luftwaffe (AF)

EF2000(T) CE.16-8/11-77, recently delivered to Ala 11 at Moron, was the last Tranche 1 Eurofighter to be delivered to the Spanish Air Force. Out of the twenty intended Tranche 1 aircraft, eighteen are now operational with Ala 11, one is with EADS CASA (C.16-20/11-91 IPA4), and one (c/n SS010) will be delivered to Austria. LEAB = Albacete LECV = Colmenar Viejo LERI = Alcantarilla LEVS = Cuatro Vientos LEZL = Sevilla San Pablo PdelR = Perales del Rio

F-5E J-3049 to US Navy ex FlSt1-badge L1049may07 J-3058 to US Navy ex no badge L1058 J-3066 to US Navy ex FlSt8-badge L1066 nov06 Again some delivery dates of F-5Es to the United States have surfaced. Tiger J-3049 went to the USA as F-5N 761574/AF-114 to VFC-111 Sundowners at NAS Key West (FL) and was noted as such May 2007. In its final Swiss days it carried the “Goodbye Turtmann 2003” badge. F-5E J-3058 went to the USA as 761583/AF-26 with VFC-13 Fighting Saints at NAS Fallon (NV), while on 10 November 2006 J-3066 departed from Emmen inside US Navy C-130T 165160/CW. PC-21 A-104 Pilatus f/n 106 aug07 A-106 Pilatus f/n 108 aug07 These were noted with Pilatus at Stans on 3 August 2007.


C101EB E.25-22/79-22 Ala 79 repaired 022 jul07 As far as we know, this is the first operational report of this aircraft after its collision with E.25-40 in June 2004.

Povitryani Sili (AF) An-26Sh 28 rd


5304 jul07

C-130H T.10-02/31-02 Ala 31 damaged 4526 jul07 The Hercules was noted in a hangar at Zaragoza without engines and with damage to its main landing gear and fuselage.

An-30 87 ye



An-72 02 bl



C212-100 T.12B-22/72-02 721 Esc ex Ala 37/37-06 30 jul07 T.12B-28/72-03 pres LERI ex 721 Esc 48 jul07 T.12B-56 pres PdelR ex std LEZL 114 apr07 T.12B-63/72-14 721 Esc ex Ala 37/37-14 122 jul07 T.12B-65/74-80 744 Esc ex Ala 37/37-09 127may07 T.12B-66/72-09 721 Esc ex std LEVS 129 jul07 Some of these notes are in line with the possible disbandment of Ala 37 (see Scramble 339 –page 93). C295M T.21-08/35-46 353 Esc T.21-10/35-48 353 Esc

c/n update c/n update

EF2000(T) CE.16-08/11-77 Ala 11


016 jul07 027 aug07 ST008 aug07

Mirage F1M C.14-08/14-08 std LEAB ex Ala14/14-04 086 jul07 C.14-14/14-08 dump LEAB ex Ala 14/14-08 jul07 C.14-16/14-10 dump LEAB ex Ala 14/14-10 jul07 C.14-34 dump LEAB ex std LEAB jul07 C.14-47/14-27 std LEAB ex Ala 14/14-27 jul07 Both stored C.14-08 and dumped C.14-14 were reported with code 14-08. Mirage C.14-08 was last reported operational as 14-04, so apparently changed code before it was put to storage. Armada (NY) Ce650-VII U.21-01/01-408 Eslla 004

c/n update


Fuerzas Aeromóviles del Ejército de Tierra (AR) CH-47D HT.17-02/ET-402 BHELTRA V new c/s B697 jul07 HT.17-09/ET-409 BHELTRA V new c/s B793 jul07 HT.17-12/ET-412 BHELTRA V new c/s M3512 jul07 Reportedly related to missions in Afghanistan, these Chinooks received a colour scheme like that of the Spanish Tiger helicopters. OH-58A HR.12B-6/ET-115 pres LECV ex CEFAMET HR.12B-14/ET-123 std LECV ex CEFAMET

42224 jul07 42232 jul07

UH-1H HU.10-49/ET-223 std LECV HU.10-75/ET-245 std LECV

13536 jul07 jul07

L-39C … For sale … For sale … For sale … For sale 39 to VH-LCJ … For sale … For sale … For sale The L-39s which are for sale are now stored Ukrainian Air Force base.

630709 630711 630719 132019 232155 232201 232208 232219 at an unknown

United Kingdom Ministry of Defence (GV) As previously reported, the Royal Air Force (RAF) Sea King HAR3 / HAR3A, Fleet Air Arm (FAA) Sea King HU5SAR and British Coast Guard S-61 fleets are to be replaced by one helicopter type under a civil contract. During mid June 2007 both Eurocopter (EC725R2 F-ZWTU (2626/SD) and AgustaWestland (AW139 I-REDY) demonstrated their possible replacement helicopters at RAF St.Mawgan (to RAF 203(R)sq) and RNAS Culdrose (to FAA 771sq). Royal Air Force (AF) On 26 June 2007 the first two former Danish EH101s (M-509/ ZJ998 and M-511/ZK001) arrived at Yeovil where AgustaWestland Ltd will convert them to RAF HC3A standard. The other four helicopters which have been purchased by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) also arrived during June and July 2007. In contrast to previous reports, the helicopters involved are not the six EH101-512TTT battlefield support variants. Four of the six are actually EH101-512SAR Search and Rescue variants. Serial details can be found below under the header “Merlin HC3A”. After installation of new rotor blades, which provide increased lift in hot and high conditions, and of a new self defence suite, the helicopters will be delivered to the RAF. On 31 July 2007 this first example was already handed over and a second example followed during the first week of August. The remaining four helicopters will most likely be delivered before the end of September 2007. At RAF Benson air and ground crews are currently working up to operational status on these new helicopters which have a higher specification than the 28sq Merlin HC3 fleet. Operational status is expected to be reached by early 2008 and by March 2008 the six Merlin HC3A helicopters are due for deployment to Iraq.

Scramble 340 - Page 81

On 26 July 2007, UK Defence Secretary Des Brown announced his intention to purchase a sixth C-17A for the RAF. This aircraft is to de delivered in either late 2008 or early 2009. Serials ZZ176 until ZZ180 were already reserved for possible future C-17A acquisitions. Given the fact that the four already delivered aircraft plus number five which was already on order were allocated serials ZZ171 until ZZ175 it is most likely that number six will be allocated RAF serial ZZ176. EGDR = Culdrose EGUB = Benson EGDX = St.Athan EGUW = Wattisham EGDY = Yeovilton EGVP = Middle Wallop EGNO = Warton EGXD = Dishforth EGOS = Shawbury EGXJ = Cottesmore EGQL = Leuchars EGYM = Marham EGQS = Lossiemouth Chinook HC2 ZA677/AF ZA684/AL ZA707/AO ZD575/DC ZD980/DD

18/27sq 7sq Fleetlands 18/27sq 18/27sq

ex 1310Flt/AF ex 1310Flt/AL ex 1310Flt/AO conf of unit ex Fleetlands

M7012 M7011 M7025 M7023 M7027

jun07 jul07 jul07 apr07 jul07

Griffin HAR2 ZJ703 o/h EGOS ex 84sq 36296 jul07 This very rare visitor arrived at RAF Shawbury on 10 July 2007. It will undergo maintenance after which it will be redelivered to 84sq at RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus. It is unknown if the other three Griffins on strength with 84sq will also undergo treatment at RAF Shawbury. Harrier GR7 ZD321 ZD467 ZD470/60


ex 4sq/02 ex 4sq/57 ex 20(R)sq/60

P2 jul07 P57 jul07 P60 mar07

Harrier GR7A ZD318 i/a EGXJ ex BAE EGNO DB1 jul07 ZD431/43A nb ex i/a EGXJ P43 jul07 ZD461/51A 1sq ex NSW/51A P51 jul07 Above-mentioned ZD431 is currently undergoing maintenance with SAM (Squadron Aircraft Maintenance) before it will be allocated to one of the JHF (Joint Harrier Force) squadrons. Harrier GR9 ZD330/11 ZD354/21

1sq 1sq


P11 jul07 P21 jul07

ZD435/47 ZG480/70 ZG858/90

1sq 1sq 1sq

ex NSW/47 ex NSW/70 ex NSW/90

P47 jul07 P70 jul07 P90 jul07

Harrier GR9A ZG479/69A ZG859/91A

4sq 1sq

ex 1sq/69A ex 1sq/91

P69 jul07 P91 jul07

Harrier T10 ZH664/112


ex 20(R)sq/112

Hawk T1A XX188 XX246/CE XX303/CM XX335/CR XX345

19(R)sq 100sq 100sq 100sq 100sq

ex 100sq/CF 312035 ex 100sq/312082 ex 19(R)sq/303 312128 ex FRADU/CR 312159 ex 208(R)sq/345312169

Jaguar GR3A XX112 XX970

i/a 1SoTT i/a 1SoTT

ex 6sq/EA ex 6sq/EH

TX012 jul07 jul07 jul07 jul07 jun07 jul07

S5 jun07 S92 jun07

Merlin HC3 ZJ118 MDMF ex 28sq/B RAF02 jun07 ZJ118/B 28sq ex MDMF RAF02 jul07 ZJ128/M 28sq ex MDMF RAF12 jul07 ZJ131/P 28sq ex MDMF RAF15 jun07 ZJ134 MDMF ex 1419Flt/S RAF18 jul07 ZJ135/T 28sq ex MDMF RAF19 jun07 Can anyone confirm when ZJ135 arrived at the MDMF (Merlin Depth Maintenance Flight) at RNAS Culdrose? Merlin HC3A ZJ990 ZJ992 ZJ992 ZJ994 ZJ994/Z ZJ995 ZJ998 ZK001

Westland, Westland, 28sq Westland, 28sq Westland, Westland, Westland,

Puma HC1 XW204 XW206 XW212 XW219 XW220 XW220

33sq ex 1563Flt std Westland, ex std EGUB EGUB ASF ex 230sq 33sq ex EGUB ASF Westland ex 33sq 33sq ex Westland

ex Denmark (M-501)50089 jul07 ex Denmark (M-503)50106 jul07 del 31jul07 50106 jul07 ex Denmark (M-505)50121 jul07 del aug07 50121 aug07 ex Denmark (M-506)50123 jul07 ex Denmark (M-509)50148 jun07 ex Denmark (M-511)50160 jun07 1074 jul07 1086 feb07 1111 jul07 1144 jul07 1148may07 1148 jul07

This British Jaguar is still going strong, but till when? After its operational life in different frontline squadrons the XX833 is now flying for QinetiQ from Boscombe Down. (Fairford, 12 July 2007, Evert Keijzer) Scramble 340 - Page 82

XW224 XW229 ZA934/BZ ZA935 ZA937 ZJ955

Westland 33sq 33sq 33sq 230sq 1563Flt

ex 33sq ex Westland w/o 08aug07 ex EGUB ASF ex 33sq ex 33sq

1166 jun07 1185 jun07 1622 aug07 1633 apr07 1643 jul07 1363 jul07

Sea King HAR3 XZ587 CHFMU ex 203(R)sq/C WA.853 jul07 XZ595/K 202sq/E Flt ex CHFMU WA.861 jul07 ZE370/T 202sq/D Flt ex 22sq/C Flt/T WA.949may07 ZE370 Fleetlands ex 202sq/D Flt/TWA.949 jun07 CHFMU = Combined Helicopter Force Maintenance Unit and is located at RNAS Yeovilton. Sea King HAR3A ZH540/U 22sq/B Flt


Squirrel HT2 ZJ243/43

ex 670sq/43


WA1006 jul07 2945 jul07

Tornado F3 ZE164/GD 111sq ex 43sq/GD 532 jun07 ZE288/HA 111sq ex i/a EGQL 617 jun07 ZE292/FE 25sq ex 25sq/YY 626 jul07 ZE907/DA 111sq ex 25sq/DA 765 jun07 ZE942/DF std EGQL ex 111sq/DF 790 jun07 ZG791/(HI) 111sq ex 111sq/D 863 jun07 ZG798/GQ 56(R)sq ex 43sq/GQ 920 jul07 Code HO is allocated to ZE164 and HK is allocated to ZE907 but both aircraft do not (yet) carry these. Tornado GR4 ZA367/002 617sq ex 14sq/002 161 aug07 ZA462/027 617sq ex 14sq/027 271 aug07 ZA553/(DI) 2sq ex TEF 070 jul07 ZA585/054 13sq ex 2sq/054 091 aug07 ZA591/058 EGYM Wing ex 617sq/058 104 aug07 ZA598/064 QinetiQ ex 15(R)sq/064 118 aug07 ZA601/066 617sq ex 2sq/066 124 aug07 ZD744/092 EGYM Wing ex 617sq/092 371 aug07 ZD747 TEF ex 9sq/AL 379 jul07 ZD790 TEF ex 15(R)sq/099 394 jul07 ZD790/099 617sq ex TEF 394 aug07 ZD793/101 15(R)sq ex EGQS Wing 405may07 ZD844 TEF ex std EGYM 429 jul07 ZD847/108 TEF ex 14sq/AA 437 aug07 ZD848/109 TEF ex 13sq/109 441 jul07 ZD850 TEF ex 9sq/AK 447 jun07 ZD890/(113) 617sq ex 13sq/A 452 jun07 ZD895/115 13sq ex TEF 477may07 ZG771/133 13sq ex TEF 893may07 ZG779 TEF ex 2sq/N 911 jun07 ZG791 TEF ex 13sq/137 913 jul07 ZG792/138 15(R)sq ex EGYM Wing 914 jun07 Shortly before being delivered to the Tornado Engineering Flight (TEF) at RAF Marham ZD847/108 was loaned to 15(R)sq. Damaged ZD844/107 was taken out of storage by July 2007 and was undergoing repairs with the Tornado Engineering Flight at RAF Marham. Tornado GR4A ZA400/011 ZE116/116 ZG709 ZG729

QinetiQ 13sq TEF TEF

Tucano T1 ZF137 ZF141 ZF141 ZF165 ZF172/MP-D ZF201 ZF239/MP-T ZF245 ZF267 ZF269/MP-O ZF319 ZF340

std EGOS ex 1FTS/137 S3/T3 std Bentwaters, ex std EGOS S7/T7 to USA ex std Bentwaters S7/T7 to N8093S, ex Sproughton S17/T17 1FTS see note S24/T24 Sproughton, ex Colsterworth S26/T26 1FTS see note S41/T39 Sproughton, ex Colsterworth S51/T46 std ? ex std EGOS S59/T51 1FTS see note S70/T53 std EGOS ex 1FTS/319 S100/T71 std Bentwaters, ex EGOS S104/T75

ex 617sq/011 204 jun07 confirmation of unit 502 apr07 ex 14sq/V 816 jun07 ex 13sq/M 836 jul07 jul07 jun07 jul07 jul07 jun07 jun07 jul07 jun07 jun07 jul07 jul07 jun07

ZF340 to USA, ex std Bentwaters S104/T75 jul07 ZF343/MP-S 1FTS see note S107/T78 jun07 ZF378/MP-W 1FTS see note S121/T92 jun07 ZF379 std EGOS ex 1FTS/379 S122/T93 jun07 ZF411 Bentwaters ex ColsterworthS130/T101 jun07 ZF411 to USA, ex std Bentwaters S130/T101 jul07 ZF450 to N8093Z, ex Sproughton S143/T114 jul07 Above mentioned ZF267 was sold to a Mr. Anderson at an unknown location, it left storage at RAF Shawbury by road on 6 June 2007. The MP-x coded Tucano trainers are painted in 76(R)sq markings. The old three digit codes are still applied to the tail and nose but the three letter codes are applied in WWII style, surrounding the roundel. During July 2007 ZF144 was also reported in 76(R)sq markings but as of yet without an MP-x code. Tutor T1 G-BYUX G-BYVH G-BYWI G-BYWN G-BYWW G-BYXA

CFS, ex Liverpool/Manchester CFS, ex E. of Scotland UAS Liverpool UAS, ex CFS CFS, corr not Liverpool UAS Southampton UAS, ex CFS Liverpool, ex Birmingham

Typhoon F2 ZJ910/BV ZJ914/DE ZJ921 ZJ939/DXI ZJ940 ZJ941

29(R)sq ex EGNO XI(F)sq, ex 17(R)sq/AC EGNO, ex 29(R)sq/BW XI(F)sq ex EGNO BAE EGNO f/f 05jul07 BAE EGNO f/f 24jul07

VC-10 K4 XV107/X ZD242

101sq EGDX

ex EGDX ex 101sq/P

Vigilant T1 ZH129/TQ ZH191/UD ZH196/UJ ZH247/US ZZ192/SQ


ex 635VGS/TQ ex 616VGS/UD ex 618VGS/UJ ex ACCGS/US new

82108E aug07 82118E aug07 82144E jul07 82149E mar07 82157E jul07 82161E jul07

0037/BS001 jul07 0051/BS005 jul07 0069/BS012 aug07 0123/BS032 aug07 0127/BS033 jul07 0135/BS034 jul07 837may07 866 jun07 6524 6540 6547 6560 6559

jul07 jul07 jul07 jul07 jul07

Viking TX1 ZE495/VA CGMF ex 615VGS/VA 33879 jul07 ZE499 std Syerstonex CGMF/VD 33883 jul07 ZE502/VH ACCGS ex CGMF/VH 33888 jul07 ZE528 std Syerstonex 614VGS/VQ 33897 jul07 ZE532/VU 614VGS ex CGMF 33906 jul07 ZE585/WQ CGMF ex 626VGS/WQ 33932 jul07 ZE592 std Syerstonex Hullavington 33939 jul07 ZE601/XA CGMF ex 611VGS/XA 33945 jul07 ZE602/XB ACCGS ex CGMF/XB 33946 jul07 ZE605/XE 626VGS ex ACCGS/XE 33949 jul07 ZE631/XV CGMF ex 662VGS/XV 33978 jul07 ZE636/XZ ACCGS ex CGMF/XZ 33996 jul07 ZE651 std Syerstonex ACCGS/YC 33999 jul07 ZE677/YM CGMF ex 621VGS/YM 34024 jul07 It is not sure if above mentioned ZE499 ever was delivered to CGMF. It had arrived at RAF Syerston by November 2006 and could very well have been stored since. Also mentioned above is ZE592 which we had down as last noted at RAF Hullavington as a travelling exhibit in March 2006. It is unclear if it no longer performs this duty or if RAF Syerston is its “homebase”. Anyway, it concerns the forward fuselage of the glider only. Fleet Air Arm (NY) In July 2007 the British government finally officially approved the purchase of two new large carriers for the Royal Navy. The two ships are to be named HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales and the first one is to enter service in 2014. This is two years later than the originally planned in-service date of 2012. Sea Harrier F/A2 ZH803/L-004 pres EGDR ex std EGOS Harrier GR7A ZD433/45A

Scramble 340 - Page 83


ex 1sq/45A

NB08 jul07 P45 jul07

Harrier GR9 ZG505/76 ZG506/77


ex 1sq/76 ex 20(R)sq/77

P76 jul07 P77 jun07

Harrier GR9A ZG510/81


ex 4sq/81

P81 jun07

Harrier T10 ZH657/105


ex 4sq/105

TX005 jun07

Hawk T1 XX160

std EGOS

ex FRADU/-

312006 jun07

Hawk T1A XX198


ex 100sq/(CS)

312045 jun07

Lynx HAS3S XZ250/635 702sq ex EGDY AMG? 084 jul07 ZD249 Fleetlands ex 702sq/636 243 jul07 After being replaced as 815sq/304 by October 2006 we lost track of XZ250. It is believed the helicopter received maintenance at Yeovilton AMG before resurfacing as 702sq/ 635 by July 2007. Confirmation however, is required. Lynx HAS3SGM XZ228 Fleetlands ex 815sq/407 XZ735/345 815sq ex EGDY AMG

002 jun07 217 jul07

Lynx HAS3S(ICE) XZ238/EE-434 815sq ex Fleetlands 026 jul07 XZ246 Fleetlands ex 815sq/EE-435 070 jun07 Above mentioned XZ238 was last noted at Yeovilton AMG in August 2006, according to our database. Since then it has been transferred to DARA Fleetlands. By July 2007 it was returned to 815sq. it must however also be noted that another Lynx HAS3S(ICE) coded EE-434 (serial XZ235) is currently deployed aboard HMS Endurance. Lynx AH7 XZ178

Fleetlands ex 847sq

044 jul07

Lynx HMA8 XZ725/412 815sq ex Fleetlands 190 jul07 XZ726/360 815sq ex EGDY AMG 195 jul07 XZ728/AW-326 pres EGDY ex std EGDY 200 jul07 XZ729 Fleetlands? ex 702sq/675 202 jul07 ZD252/318 815sq/LOEU, ex EGDY AMG 255 jul07 ZD262/417 815sq ex 702sq/674 297 jun07 ZD266/319 815sq/LOEU, ex EGDY AMG 305 jul07 ZD267 i/a EGDY ex Fairoaks 307 jul07 ZD268/317 815sq/LOEU, ex EGDY AMG 309 jul07 After being swept off the deck of HMS Monmouth on 25 February 1997 XZ728 was recovered. Initially it was used at DARA Fleetlands for glass cockpit trials but on 20 September 2004 it arrived at RNAS Yeovilton where it was restored for preservation purposes. Recently it appeared at the main gate (near the preserved Sea Harrier F/A2 ZD578/000 & 122) with fake code “AW-328” (ex MM-415). Lynx HMA8DAS XZ736 EGDY AMG?, ex 815sq/365 ZD565/365 815sq ex EGDY AMG

222 jul07 316 jul07

Lynx AH9 ZF538 ZF538 ZF539

330 jul07 330 jul07 331 jul07

847sq ex 659sq Fleetlands ex 847sq 847sq ex 659sq

Merlin HM1 ZH824/(5)01 829sq ex Westland RN04 jun07 ZH824/(LA-457)829sq ex 829sq/(5)01 RN04 aug07 ZH832 QinetiQ ex Westland RN12 jul07 ZH849 MDMF ex 824sq/R-584 RN29 jul07 ZH851/(5)01 829sq ex 824sq/LA-457 RN31 aug07 ZH858/(5)84 824sq ex 814sq/(2)64 RN38 aug07 ZH862/581 824sq ex 824sq/589 RN42 jun07 Previous reports of ZH857 (RN37) as 829sq/(462) might be incorrect since this helicopter was confirmed as 829sq/WM415 again in June 2007. Sea King HC4 ZA291/(V)N 846sq, corr not 848sq/(W)N WA905 apr07 ZA313 CHFMU ex 845sq/(Y)M WA917 jul07

ZB507/(Y)B ZD476/WZ ZD479/WQ ZD627/(V)R ZD627 ZE426 ZF122/(V)L ZF122 ZF123/WW ZF124/(Y)L ZG821/(V)G ZG822 ZG822/WS

845sq 848sq 848sq 846sq CHFMU CHFMU 846sq CHFMU 848sq 845sq 846sq CHFMU 848sq

ex 846sq/WA928 jul07 ex 848sq/WU WA931may07 ex CHFMU WA934 jul07 ex CHFMU WA938may07 ex 846sq/(V)R WA938 jul07 ex 848sq/WX WA953 jul07 ex 845sq/(Y)B WA969 mar07 ex 846sq/(V)L WA969 jul07 ex CHFMU WA973 jul07 ex nb WA914 jul07 ex CHFMU WA1002 jul07 ex 848sq/WS WA1003 jun07 ex CHFMU WA1003 jul07

Sea King HU5SAR XV661/CU-826 Prestwick det., ex 771sq WA649 jul07 XZ578/PW-709 Fleetlands, ex Prestwick det. WA846 jul07 ZA137/CU-820 771sq ex CHFMU WA898 jul07 Sea King HC6CR XV700 CHFMU XV700/ZC 845sq XZ922 CHFMU

ex 845sq/ZC ex CHFMU ex 846sq/ZA

WA671 jun07 WA671 jul07 WA882 jul07

Sea King ASaC7 ZA126 Westland see note WA887 jul07 ZE422 Westland see note WA961 jul07 Since June 2006 we have not received any reports of the two above-mentioned helicopters. Conversion to ASaC7 standard is now almost completed and they will commence with the test-flying phase soon. Both are now with AgustaWestland. Army Air Corps (AR) The Ministry of Defence (MoD) recently ordered four Beech 350C ER aircraft from Raytheon. The planes are to be equipped with surveillance equipment (broadly similar to the US Army RC-12s) and will be operated by the Army Air Corps (AAC) in the Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) role. According to Air Forces Monthly they will most likely operate from Middle Wallop after a working-up period at RAF Wattisham. The Beech 350 has an increased performance and endurance compared to the AAC’s Islander/Defender. It is however not expected that the Defenders and Islanders will be withdrawn from use, the Beech 350s will most likely supplement them. In Scramble 338 we reported that 665sq/5Regt possibly handed over all its Gazelle AH1 helicopters to 655sq/5Regt on 1 April 2007. As it turns out this report is not correct. As a result of the troops reduction in Northern Ireland the MoD decided back in March 2006 to disband 655sq/5Regt by April 2007. Most of the Lynx AH7 helicopters of this squadron were transferred to sister unit 665sq/5Regt, which now operates a mix of Gazelle AH1 and Lynx AH7 helicopters. The total number of Lynx AH7 helicopters in Northern Ireland, however, was reduced with the deactivation of 655sq and it is expected that the remaining few will also be transferred to other units in the not too distant future. On Saturday 28 July 2007 a ceremony was held at Dishforth to mark the return of 9Regt from a year-long deployment to Afghanisthan. A second reason for this ceremony was to mark the departure of the Apache AH1 attack helicopters to Wattisham. It had already been announced previously that the entire operational Army Air Corps (AAC) Apache AH1 fleet was to be concentrated at Wattisham. In return, Lynx battlefield support helicopters will be based at Dishforth in the near future. Apache AH1 ZJ168 ZJ189 ZJ197 ZJ204 ZJ206

4Regt 4Regt 7REME 7REME Westland

Beech 350C ER ZZ416 on ZZ417 on ZZ418 on ZZ419 on

Scramble 340 - Page 84

order order order order

ex std EGOS ex std EGOS ex std EGOS ex 656sq ex 673sq ex N814KA ex N816KA ex N817KA ex N818KA

WAH3 jul07 WAH24 jul07 WAH32 aug07 WAH38 jul07 WAH40 aug07 FM-14 FM-16 FM-17 FM-18

The Indian Air Force is actively involved in UN operations in Africa. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo they have a detachment flying Mi-35s and Mi-17s. Mi-35E Z3134 is flying with UN code 888. (Goma, 19 July 2007, Roy Blewett) Gazelle AH1 XX379/Y 658sq ex nb 1261 feb07 XX380 ? ex std EGOS 1268 jul07 XX460 std EGOS ex GDSH 1484 jul07 XZ298 i/a EGVP ex std EGOS 1521 jul07 XZ337/Z 658sq ex GDSH 1677 jul07 XZ338/Y 671sq ex JSFAW 1682 jul07 ZA772 std EGOS ex 671sq/F 1814 jul07 ZA773 i/a EGXD ex i/a EGUW 1815 jun07 GDSH = Gazelle Depth Support Hub (at Middle Wallop) and JSFAW = Joint Special Forces Air Wing. On 30 July 2007 XX380 left RAF Shawbury by road. Its destination remains unknown so far, but it is believed to be with GDSH at Middle Wallop. In November 2006 XZ298 was reported inside the 6(TA)Flt hangar at RAF Shawbury. It was reported as damaged awaiting repairs which never took place. On 19 July 2007 the pod of this helicopter was transported to Middle Wallop by road where it will be used as i/a. On 29 June 2006 ZA773 left Wattisham on a low loader. As it now turns out it was transported to Dishforth. By 23 June 2007, however, the helicopter was again moved by road, this time to Catterick Camp. This last move however is believed to be temporary only since it was on display there during the “Meet the Army Day”. Lynx AH7 XZ171 dump Salisbury Plain, see note 011may07 XZ176 665sq ex 655sq 037 apr07 XZ179 665sq ex 655sq 047 apr07 XZ203 672sq ex 669sq 107 jul07 XZ211 665sq ex 655sq 127 apr07 XZ609 665sq ex 655sq 154 apr07 XZ669 665sq ex 655sq 230 apr07 XZ675 669sq ex 653sq 240 jun07 XZ677 665sq ex 655sq 242 apr07 ZD278 665sq ex 655sq 294 apr07 ZD280 665sq ex 655sq 302 apr07 After suffering an in flight emergency on 23 February 2005, XZ171 force-landed near Upavon. Two days later it was recovered as underslung load of Chinook HC2 ZH776 and flown to Middle Wallop. After damage assessment it was transported to Wattisham and we have not received any reports of this helicopter since. In May 2007 it was again reported as dumped on Salisbury Plain. Lynx AH9 ZE376 ZF540 ZG885 ZG889 ZG914 ZG917 ZG918

1Regt Fleetlands? Fleetlands 1Regt 1Regt 1Regt QinetiQ

ex Fleetlands? ex 1Regt ex 1Regt ex Fleetlands ex Fleetlands ex nb ex Fleetlands

320 jun07 332 jun07 347 mar07 352 jul07 353may07 356may07 357 jul07

Africa South Africa South African Air Force/Suid Afrikaanse Lugmag (AF) On 3 August 2007, an era ended when the final Alouette 3 in SAAF service made its last flight. The Alouette 3 in question, serialled 624, was one of the three survivors in the inventory of 22sq at AFB Ysterplaat (the others being 612 and 630). All three helicopters were transferred to the SAAF Museum at AFB Swartkop. Future plans for these helicopters are uncertain but it is hoped that at least one will be kept in airworthy condition. Meanwhile, 22sq took delivery of the last two Lynx 300s on 26 July 2007 and will operate all four of them in the near future. All Lynxes were flown out with An-124s from Yeovilton. Current inventory of 22sq is as follows: Lynx 300 191 192 193 194

22sq 22sq 22sq 22sq

d/d d/d d/d d/d

TP-1 Oryx 1202 1229 1231 1232 1234 1235 1236 1237 1238

22sq 22sq 22sq 22sq 22sq 22sq 22sq 22sq 22sq

rebuilt after crash

26jul07 26jul07 13jul07 13jul07

arctic c/s

458 459 460 461

jul07 jul07 jul07 jul07

02 oct05 29 aug07 31 nov01 32 jun06 34 dec05 35 aug07 36 sep06 37 sep06 38 sep06

Following the retirement of the Alouette 3, this might be a good moment to present an overview of the Alouette 3s that have served with the SAAF. The type first entered service in 1962, the last of 121 examples was delivered in 1975. Alouette 3 001 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34

Scramble 340 - Page 85


ex VDF-001 w/o 21mar75 w/o 23jun80 w/o 15sep87 to Swaziland as SDF-003 to ZS-RJY to Swaziland as SDF-004 pres Swartkop w/o 29dec81 dump Bloemspruit to ZS-RJX to ZS-RIG to ZS-RKJ

2353 1395 1403 1410 1459 1462 apr98 1463 1478 nov05 1010 1004 1005 apr98 1011 may97 1012 oct98

35 (1) 35 (2) 36 37 38 39 40 (1) 40 (2) 41 42 43 44 (1) 44 (2) 45 46 47 48 (1) 48 (2) 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 (1) 56 (2) 57 58 59 (1) 59 (2) 60 61 62 (1) 62 (2) 63 64 65 66 67 68 69

w/o 15oct63 wfu w/o 25dec79 w/o 23dec75 to Swaziland as SDF-002 wfu w/o 28dec69 dump Swartkop wfu hybrid, see 70 w/o 06feb90 w/o 16jul86 w/o 30oct70 wfu w/o 09jan80 to ZS-... wfu w/o 23nov67 w/o 25aug81 w/o 12jan78 dump Bloemspruit pres Swartkop to ZS-RKI to ZS-RIH wfu wfu w/o 08jan66 w/o 15apr90 wfu w/o 06jan78 w/o 03nov67 to ZS-RJW wfu wfu w/o 09sep75 wfu wfu std Bloemspruit w/o 21apr66 wfu to ZS-RJZ i/a 68 AS wfu

1020 1892 1022 1023 1026 1027 1028 1893 1033 1034 1035 1039 1919 1043 1044 1045 1046 1922 1047 1048 1049 aug03 1050 oct98 1051 may97 1052 1053 1054 1927 1055 1056 1057 1928 apr98 1062 1063 1064 1929 1147 1148 nov00 1149 1157 1158 apr97 1159 1479

70 71 72 73 74 75 76 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 611 612 613 614 615 616 617 618 619 620 621 622 623 624 625


hybrid with 41 w/o feb70

i/a 68 AS i/a Lyttleton Logistic Centre wfu wfu dump Snake Valley std Ysterplaat wfu wfu wfu to ZS-RYU std Ysterplaat w/o wfu to ZS-RYV wfu w/o 14aug74 wfu w/o 09jul88 wfu wfu wfu wfu wfu wfu wfu Museum HF ex N9835 std Swartkopex N8654 wfu ex N8261 wfu ex N9364 wfu ex N9703 w/o 02sep99, ex N6875 to N... ex N9363 wfu, NOTAR ex N4373 i/a 68 AS ex N8393 w/o 11jan91, ex N9836 wfu ex N6873 i/a 68 AS ex N6823 dump Swartkop, w/o 23apr92 std Swartkopex N8396 wfu ex N3047

1480 1491 1492 1493 1502 1503 1504 1604 1605 1627 1628 1652 1653 1354 1695 1696 1697 1719 1720 1828 1829 1844 1848 1846 1859 1860 1861 1629 1727 1737 1755 1807 1703 1746 1625 1866 1636 1681 1711 1680 1868 1782


dec05 jun03 dec05

nov05 nov05

Normally so far away but sometimes very close to home. This Brazil AF Mirage 2000, locally known as F-2000C, is still in France for training flights, but for how long? However we can still enjoy of this nice markings. (Orange, 7 August 2007, Martin Verkerk) Scramble 340 - Page 86

626 w/o 17mar05 2263 627 wfu 2264 628 wfu 2230 629 wfu 2235 630 std Swartkop 2282 631 w/o 02apr96 2284 632 pres Port Elizabeth 2287 nov04 633 wfu 2293 634 wfu 2300 635 to ZS-... 2305 636 to ZS-... 2311 637 w/o 15feb90 2316 638 wfu 2320 639 wfu 2325 640 wfu ex FAP9264 1137 641 wfu ex FAP9283 1357 642 wfu ex FAP9271 1250 643 to ZS... ex FAP9287 1384 644 wfu ex FAP9288 1385 645 wfu ex FAP9263 1136 646 wfu ex FAP9284 1368 647 dump Bloemspruit, ex FAP9294 1533 T200 wfu ex N6183 1659 T240 wfu 2360 Notes: parts of Alouette 3 serialled 70 were used to rebuild 41. Alouette 3 serialled 619 was used for NOTAR (NOTAilRotor) trials by Denel. Both aircraft T200 and T240 were acquired from the Bophuthatswana AF but never saw service in the SAAF.

version will be delivered to the armed forces in mid-2009. The entire next year will be used for trials. In Scramble 317 - Page 52 we already mentioned that the Army Aviation Corps started a study on an armed version of the Dhruv. With this variant, the Indian Army wants to establish six squadrons in the anti-tank and Close Air Support role.


Hawk Mk132 A3492/ZK133 A3493/ZK134 A3494/ZK135

Armenia Hayastani Otayin Udjer (AF) Mi-8M 81 bl



Azerbaijan Azerbaycan herbi hava qüvveleri (AF) MiG-29 01 bl

jun07 photo

MiG-29UB 20 bl

jun07 photo


Also shown to the press on Thursday 17 August 2007 was the first Dhruv powered by a higher-powered Shakti engine, designed and developed jointly by HAL and Turbomeca. The new engine develops about 30 percent more power than the Turbomeca engine currently in use. Bharatiya Vayu Sena (AF) The first Hawks will be delivered in 2007. Rumours are quite persistent that in total sixteen Hawks will be delivered to the Indian Air Force this year. There will be four flights of four aircraft each, the first flight is believed to be delivered by the end of September 2007, with the second flight planned for the end of October and so on. Flight Design CTSW ML105 f/n jun07 The CTSW is a Flight Design CT Short Wing, which is designed in Germany. Nowadays they are built in the Ukraine, but the final assembly is in Eggersdorf, Germany. Check out for further information. This small Indian ultra light aircraft started its round-the-world flight at Hindon AFS on 1 June 2007. After 80 days, the CTSW touched down again at Hindon AFS. More on the round the world flight can be found in this month’s issue. BAE BAE BAE

f/n f/n f/n

HT013 jul07 HT014 aug07 HT015 jul07

Jaguar IS JQ090 HAL primer jul07 The serial was stencilled on the side of the aircraft. It is unknown to us if the Indian Air Force earmarked a new range of serial numbers or this is some sort of HAL customer number. The Jaguar was noted engine running close to the HAL ramp at Bangalore early July 2007. Mi-17 Z2979 Z3006 Z3007 Z3010

flying flying flying flying

as as as as

UN-880 UN-881 UN-882 UN-883

in in in in

Congo Congo Congo Congo

223.. 223.. 223.. 223..

jul07 jul07 jul07 jul07

Army (AR)

People’s Liberation Army Air Force (AF) A small correction to last month’s report of a SAR version of the Chinese-built Super Frelon is that this version is now known as Z8K. From 9 until 17 August 2007 China participated in the joint Chinese-russian exercise “Peace Mission 2007” that took place in Russia. Additionally, the other countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan) also participated. The main theme was anti-terrorism warfare. China’s airborne contribution consisted of 16 JH7As (28th Div), 32 Mi-171/ Mi-17V5s (3rd Reg), WZ9Gs (8th Reg.) (all choppers from Xinjiang) and eight IL-76s. A total of 80 aircraft and helicopters was expected to participate. A big “first” occurred when two Chinese military helicopters were used to transport foreign troops (Tajikistan commandos).

India Bharatiya Vayu Sena (AF) On Thursday 17 August 2007 a new model of the Advanced Light Helicopter Dhruv was presented to the press. An armed version of the Dhruv made its maiden flight in Bangalore. The photo showed a helicopter painted overall blue, but unfortunately the serial could not be read off. It appears to be one of the prototypes, which was re-configured as an armed version. According to HAL chairman Ashok Baweja, the armed

Dhruv IA1122 HAL f/n aug07 IA1133 HAL c/n update CC/075/07 jun07 Dhruv IA1133 is destined for 203 AA sq. This unit will work up at Bangalore during the coming months. Indian Naval Aviation (NY) The Ilyushin company will have fulfilled the contract to deliver five IL-38SD Sea Dragon aircraft to India by the turn of 2007. According to Ilyushin Director General Viktor Livanov the third and fourth upgraded aircraft are ready for delivery to the Indian Navy. Work is in progress on the fifth and final aircraft, which is also expected to be handed over to India this year.

Indonesia Tentara Nasional Indonesia-Angkatan Udara (AF) In early July air force chief of staff Marshal Herman Prayitno announced that the TNI-AU is looking for a single replacement for its old fighters, the F-5E/F, Hawk Mk53 and OV-10F. A more detailed plan will be submitted after 2009. Potential candidates are the Aero Vodochody L-159 Alca, Chengdu K-8 and KAI KO-1B. Availability of the fighter fleet has been very low for years now. In July 2002, only 30 of 89 combat aircraft were operational and in August 2005 six of Indonesia’s ten F-16s were grounded due to technical issues. In September 2006, operational readiness was assessed to be below one third. Only two Sukhoi Su-27/Su-30 multirole fighters were capable of flight due to a shortage of spares from Russia. Also,

Scramble 340 - Page 87

fourteen C-130s out of a fleet of 22 were operational, although just four to six of these were actually capable of undertaking missions. On 23 July OV-10F TT-1014 was involved in a fatal crash and the seven survivors of sixteen delivered were grounded. Only four were operational at the time of the crash. Six Hawk Mk53s remain in service but only two are operational, and of eleven F-5E/Fs again only two are operational. Also the Fokker F27-400M needs to be replaced. Eight were received, and the seven survivors include only four operational aircraft. A contract for an additional six Su-27/30s will be signed this year with deliveries in 2008.

Kazakhstan Sil Vozdushnoy Oborony Respubliki Kazakhstan (AF) Su-24 03 wh 04 wh

f/n f/n

photo photo

Su-24M 01 rd 04 rd 04 wh

f/n f/n f/n

photo photo photo

Su-24MR 36 wh



pres Kosice f/n


Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan Air Force (AF) Mi-24D …

Malaysia Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia (AF) Russia has delivered four more Su-30MKM fighters to Malaysia. Two of the fighters, manufactured by the Irkutsk Aviation Plant, part of the Irkut Corporation (IRKT), were delivered to the Gong Kedak airbase in Kelantan state by An-124 on 26 July, and another two were delivered on 31 July. Four additional planes will be delivered in the fourth quarter and the final eight in 2008. They will equip 11 skuadron Golden Cobra (ex F-5) and 17 skuadron Bat (ex MiG-29). Also the first five of nine new PC-7 Mk2s on order were delivered during July and August. After another fatal Nuri crash on 13 July, the replacement of this venerable helicopter was again placed on the agenda.

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, who is also the Defence Minister, confirmed on 19 July that the S-61 Nuri helicopters will be phased out in three years. Najib said steps would be taken to open an international tender in the next few months for new transport helicopters. The cost of the replacement would be decided in due course. More than 20 Nuri helicopters are still in use. A319-115X 9M-NAA


PC-7 Mk2 M50-10 ex HB-HDG M50-11 ex HB-HDH M50-12 ex HB-HDI M50-13 ex HB-HDJ M50-14 ex HB-HDK M50-15 (HB-HDL) M50-16 HB-HDM M50-17 HB-... M50-18 HB-... The delivery dates are the Kerkyra-Alexandria.

on order for 2skn 2949 aug07 d/d 13aug07 675 aug07 d/d 13aug07 676 aug07 d/d 02jul07 677 jul07 d/d 02jul07 678 jul07 d/d 13aug07 679 aug07 Pilatus assembly line680 aug07 Pilatus assembly line681 aug07 Pilatus assembly line682 aug07 Pilatus assembly line683 aug07 dates for the ferry route Stans-

Su-30MKM M52-03 11skn d/d 26jul07 jul07 M52-04 11skn d/d 26jul07 jul07 M52-05 11skn d/d 31jul07 jul07 M52-06 11skn d/d 31jul07 jul07 The delivery dates are the arrival dates by An-124 at Gong Kedak. So far we assume they were delivered in serial order.

Philippines Pilipinas Hukbong Himpapawid (AF) From the local newspaper The Inquirer it was learned that at a new PAF Aerospace Museum has been opened at Villamor AFB in July 2007, in time for the Air Force’s 60 anniversary celebrations. Although the report does not mention the presence of any aircraft it states that on the third floor a viewing deck is prepared presenting an overview of the air base

Singapore Republic of Singapore Air Force (AF) ST Aero will lead a service life-extension programme for the ten K/C-130B/Hs in service with 122 squadron. Upgrades are planned for the autopilot, radar, cockpit displays, flight mana-

This BAe146 is stored at Southend since June 2003. In December 2006, former B-632L was painted in Bolivian Air Force colours and received serial FAB098. Time will tell if it will ever leave its storage. (16 July 2007, Melchior Timmers) Scramble 340 - Page 88

gement systems and communications and navigation equipment. Work should start this year and will be completed by 2010. Singapore’s defence ministry has confirmed on 23 April that it is buying four Gulfstream G550s modified with airborne early warning (AEW) equipment. The G550-AEWs will replace the four E-2Cs which have been in service with 111 squadron at Tengah since 1985-86. In mid-July Singapore has issued a long-awaited request for information for its advanced jet trainer (AJT) competition, with manufacturers given two months to clarify any doubts and respond to the requirement. According to Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) Chief Major General Ng Chee Khern this will be the last training system they plan to replace. There are four contenders for the AJT requirement, which aims to replace the sixteen T/A-4SU Super Skyhawks of 150 squadron: the Alenia Aermacchi M-346, Aviation Technology Group/Israel Aerospace Industries Mk30 Javelin, BAE Systems Hawk 128 and Korea Aerospace Industries T-50. The Skyhawks should be replaced in 2011 or 2012 and until then ST Aero will provide a support programme that started last March, and will run for another four years. On numbers, the suppliers should suggest how many aircraft are needed to produce the required number of flight hours. A decision will be made around late 2008 or early 2009. In the meantime, the first two of nineteen Pilatus PC-21 turboprop trainer aircraft for the Basic Wings Course were seen at the Pilatus assembly line in Stans in early August, see the Updates. AS332M 223


2409 jan07

AS532UL 274


ex Sing. Tech. Aero 2378 jan07

AS550U-2 211 212 214 215 216 217

Bankstown/Horizon Helicopters to Melbourne area, ex Horizon 2318 Bankstown/Horizon Helicopters2336 to Melbourne area, ex Horizon Bankstown/Horizon Helicopters2445 Bankstown/Horizon Helicopters2451

PC-21 … …

Pilatus assembly line Pilatus assembly line

jan06 nov06 jan06 nov06 nov06 jan06

109 aug07 111 aug07

South Korea Han Guk Gong Gun (AF) Correcting scramble 332, an order for 47 (not 50) Korean Aerospace Industry T/A-50 Golden Eagle jet trainers was announced by Lockheed Martin on 13 December last year. The order should comprise 25 T-50s (advanced jet trainers) and 22 TA-50s (lead-in fighter trainers). An initial order for 25 T-50s was placed on 19 December 2003 bringing the total on order at 50. A further 22 TA-50s are required for a total of 44. On 17 April the first student-pilots started their 34-week advanced training course with the T-50 at Gwangju, where the 1 FW/203 FTS operates at least thirteen examples. 203 FTS could be the former 203 FS that operated the F-5E/F from Wonju. In July the ROKAF selected for the go-ahead of the F/A-50 fighter-attack program. They hope to see it in service around 2011-2012. The $2.4 billion second phase of South Korea’s F-X fighter contest for twenty aircraft has yielded only one bidder at the deadline of 18 April, Boeing with their F-15. Earlier, Dassault and Sukhoi decided against entering the second round of bidding and now also the Eurofighter Typhoon was not offered. The latter companies claim Seoul is biased towards US military hardware. The competition was reopened for another three weeks, but by 10 May no more bidders submitted an offer. It now seems that contract negotiations with Boeing for a further batch of twenty F-15Ks could start soon. A contract is to be signed around February 2008 for deliveries in the 2010-12 timeframe. The first of three Sikorsky S-92 Presidential Transports, ordered in May 2005 under the VH-X program, was seen at Seongnam in July. They are known as VCH-92 in ROKAF service.

Latin America Argentina Fuerza Aérea Argentina (AF) The Argentinean Air Force has outsourced the overhaul of two of its Hercules to L3-Spar at Edmonton (Canada). The first to go was KC-130 TC-70; it had arrived in Edmonton by 7 August. Two second-hand Piper Navajos were incorporated int the fleet earlier this year. They are now in use with INAC: PA-31 PG-456 INAC ex LV-LNO 7400219 2007 PG-457 INAC ex LV-LET 7300116 2007 The construction numbers are prefixed ‘AR31-’.

Bolivia Fuerza Aérea Boliviana (AF) In a surprise move the state-owned airline Transportes Aéreos Bolivianos (TAB) has taken a DC-10 on charge costing $4.5 million with another being expected to arrive shortly. It arrived on 27 July 2007 at Sant Cruz-Viru Viru coinciding with the 55th anniversary of the local Colegio Militar de Aviación and sports a white colour scheme with blue TAB titles and logo. Moreover, the two Chinese MA60 transports, see Scramble 332 – Page 103, will be delivered before the 12th of October to coincide with the air force’s 50th anniversary. CL-66B (Convair580) FAB74 GAT71 ex HP-1468 c/n update 4 This is ex Canadian CC-109 109154 obviously. DC-10-10F CP-2489


ex N68044

46903 jul07

Brazil Força Aérea Brasileira (AF) A-29A (EMB314) 5709 EMBRAER f/n

31400049 aug06

F-103E (Mirage 3EBR) 4916 pres HQ VI COMAR, Brasilia F-2000B (Mirage 2000B) 4933 1°GDA at Orange, ex 507

jul07 31 jul07

F-2000C (Mirage 2000C) 4943 1°GDA at Orange aug07 These are the first sightings of the second batch aircraft that are due to delivered this December. Aviação do Exército (AR) HÁ-1 (AS350B) EB-1026 nb EB-1036

c/n update c/n update

2746 jul07 2784 aug07

HM-1 (AS565) EB-2008 EB-2012 EB-2016 EB-2021 EB-2031

c/n c/n c/n c/n c/n

6353 jul06 6367 aug07 6375may07 6383 aug07 6398 aug07

4°BatAvEx 1°BatAvEx 1°BatAvEx 1°BatAvEx

update update update update update

Chile Fuerza Aérea de Chile (AF) Airbus won the bid for two multi role tanker-transport aircraft. They will replace the B737 and need to have at least a feasible cargo-carrying capability along with air-to-air refuelling capacity because the venerable B707 is increasingly hampered by environmental regulations (see Scramble 333 page 76). After the A400M deal was cancelled the Chilean Air Force opted for an all-in-one solution which became the A310-300. The deal with EADS includes conversion of one of the two second-hand aircraft into the multi role configuration. It is unclear yet if the $104 million deal includes conversion of the second airframe into an Avión Multipropósito as well. Furthermore, the need for a replacement for the VIP B707 might now also be met by this acquisition.

Scramble 340 - Page 89

More Bell 412s have been ordered for the Air Force. Beating more modern competitors, the request for proposals set out this April saw Bell winning the bid. Four helicopters will complement the five already in service and there is an option for six more in this $45 million deal. The previous deal, dating back to 2000, had an option for eight as well. It is unclear whether this played any part in the recent decision. Just like Argentina, the Chilean Air Force has sent two Hercules, 994, and 997, to Canada for overhaul with L3-Spar. The difference being that the FACh examples had to be airlifted by An-124 because they could not make it under their own power.

Colombia Fuerza Aérea Colombiana (AF) The end is near for the OA-37B Dragonfly in Colombian service. On 18 August, Escuadrón de Combate 312 “Drakos” was formed at Barranquilla. The new squadron received its first two A-29B Super Tucanos which were greeted by OA-37B FAC2175. All remaining Super Tucanos will be delivered by March 2008, by which time the career of the FAC OA-37B will be history. Plans exist to display FAC2175 in a park in Barranquilla. Escuadrón de Combate 211 at Apiay, nicknamed Grifo, was the first unit to receive the A-29B. SR-560 (Ce560) FAC5762 N2500B f/n 560-0386 apr06 Our call last month for a sighting of this serial must have been heard by CACOM 3 at Barranquilla. The unit published a fairly recent picture of this aircraft on their webpage.

Ecuador Aviación del Ejército Ecuatoriana (AR) SA342L E-353 Guayaquil f/n jul07 Although it was a known delivery, this is the first actual sighting.

El Salvador Fuerza Aérea Salvadoreña (AF) The Air Force is considering the purchase of two light reconnaissance aircraft, like we reported in Scramble 335. One of the most likely candidates to fulfil this role is the Pulsar Super Cruiser. In January 2005, Pulsar set up a facility at Ilopango near San Salvador to manufacture kits for Pulsar homebuilts. The first aircraft from the line was flown in April 2006 and subsequently modified for reconnaissance missions. Delivery took place in full Israeli colours to IAI Elta in the last week of July 2007 so it might show up somewhere in an Elta booth soon.

Mexico Fuerza Aérea Mexicana (AF) Ce206H 5501



RC695 3963 c/n update 95010 Although lacking an external plate, this aircraft has now been confirmed with the above-mentioned construction number. RC695A 3958 to XC-HFV 3960 The first RC695A used to received confirmation it was

An-32B MP-316 MP-318 MP-320

3206 3005 3210

MP-317 MP-319 MP-321

3302 3006 3404

AS555AF MR-156 MR-158

5521 5531

MR-157 MR-159

5522 5551

Maule MX-7-180 ME-101 11077C ME-104 11080C ME-109 11086C ME-111 11090C ME-114 20060C ME-116 20062C Missing serials were either probably written off.

ME-103 11079C ME-106 11084C ME-110 11089C ME-112 11091C ME-115 20061C ME-117 20063C already known or not listed, so

Mi-2 MR-302 54 10319 077 The other three were already known. Mi-8MTV-1 MR-350 96033 MR-352 96041 MR-355 96031 MR-358 96020 MR-361 96027 MR-363 96042 MR-366 95740 Missing serials were either probably written off.

MR-351 MR-354 MR-357 MR-360 MT-362 MR-364

96034 96030 96043 96026 96070 95883

already known or not listed, so

RC695 AMP-130 c/n update AMP-131 c/n update And as far as regular updates are concerned, current and formerly serialled MT-221 respectively.

95046 95051 these two are and MT-224

Nicaragua Fuerza Aérea – Ejército de Nicaragua (AF) Following the example set by neighbouring Central American countries, the Nicaraguan Air Force has incorporated a Raytheon Beechcraft product. The aircraft in question is a former drug runner, hence its civilian style colour scheme. The serial suggests the aircraft might be used by government officials. In July, the Beech A200 underwent checks at La Aurora, Guatemala City. Beech A200 FAN-002 f/n, ex N391SA BC-37 jun07 On 27 November 2004, this Beech was seized in Nicaragua wearing false markings “N168D” on an illicit flight with an illicit load. It is the former USAR C-12C 76-22560. Mi-17 318 EdAR w/o 31jul99 419M32 321 EdAR w/o 31jul99 419M35 Finally, the serials of these two Hips that collided during an air show in Managua became known. EdAR = Escuadrón de Ala Rotatoria.

Peru c/n update 96056 c/n update 96061 wear serial ETE-1358 and we reserialled before its sale.

Armada de Mexico – Fuerza Aeronaval (NY) Recently, we received a lot of new construction number information about the aircraft of the Mexican Navy. As the information is based on the former serials –the navy started to reregister all its aircraft in 2003 -, we still lack the necessary tie-ups with the current serials. But at least we now know which aircraft have been delivered. As the list contains a lot of new information, we decided to publish all updates of current types with the former serials anyway, so you can at least update your sightings prior to 2003….

Fuerza Aérea del Perú (AF) Recently, more details have come to light on the overhaul project of the Peruvian air force front line fighter aircraft. The twelve Mirage 2000s are being modernized by AMD and effectively brought back to zero flight hours for $120 million. The work should be carried out in France but we await confirmation of that. Furthermore, the Russians are going to overhaul seven MiG-29s for $100 million and eight Su-25s for a mere $39 million. The whole programme should be finished in 2011, but with the recent earthquake government funds might be diverted to disaster relief instead. Su-22 163 under restoration Las Palmas may07 This Fitter-F used to be stored at Talara-Montes until early

Scramble 340 - Page 90

Sufa number 78 has just landed at NAS Fort Worth JRB – Carswell Field (TX) after another uneventful test flight. More than seventy have been delivered so far to the Israeli Air and Space Arm. (August 2007, Keith Robinson) 2003, it will be preserved in the Air Force museum at Las Palmas air base in the Surco suburb of Lima. Fuerza Aviación Naval del Perú (NY) Mi-8T HT453


Israel Heyl Ha’Avir (DF) One F-16D has undergone a modification program after which it now has almost the same electronics and avionics as the F-16I. The Air Force plans to upgrade 125 F-16C/Ds this way so they can remain in use until at least 2020.

w/o 17aug07 99357368

Ejército del Perú (AR) F28F EP903


w/o 08aug07


Uruguay Aviación Naval Uruguaya (NY) At last we know the identities of the six Bo105s that were acquired by the armed forces for the navy. As these words are read, they have already been delivered because they were taken on charge on 23 July 2007. Given the sorry state of their Wessex fleet; we hope they fare better with the Bölkows. They will be flown by the Escuadrón de Helicópteros (EdH) of the Grupo de Escuadrones (ESCAN) based at Base Naval Capitán Curbelo at Laguna del Sauce near Maldonado. The resurfacing of the prefix is curious since they abandoned that practice a while ago. Bo105P1 (de-modified) A-061 EdH/ESCANex A-062 EdH/ESCANex A-063 EdH/ESCANex A-064 EdH/ESCANex A-065 EdH/ESCANex A-066 EdH/ESCANex

Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany

Middle East

86+91 6091 86+94 6094 87+00 6100 87+33 6133 87+36 6136 87+42 6142

jul07 jul07 jul07 jul07 jul07 jul07

Another modification program involves the Black Hawks. In September one helicopter will go to Cyclone, an Elbit subsidiary, and act as prototype for an upgrade. The modified aircraft will carry control & command and electronic warfare equipment as well as the Rafael Spike ER air-to-ground missile. C-130H 436 F-16I Sufa 201 497 827 857 858 860 862 863 865

103/131sq not std Tel Aviv Lockheed 119sq 107sq


f/n exact unit ex Lockheed ex Lockheed ex Lockheed ex Lockheed f/n



G-V Nachshon Shavit 676 122sq

ex Elbit

Ejército de Venezolana (AR)

G550 Nachshon Aitam 569 122sq

ex Gulfstream

Bell 206B EV-0692

OH-58B 125

ex 125sq

Venezuela Helicópteros


Mi-26T EV-0683 Helicópteros jul07 This second Pemon was visible on promotional photographs, see Scramble 339 - page 102, it was subsequently reported as EV-0683. This is already allocated to a Mi-35 and EV-0693 is also allocated, to one of the four Bell 206s!


4686 jun07 YD-77 jul07 YD-49 apr07 YD-59 jun07 YD-72 jun07 YD-73 jun07 YD-74 jun07 YD-75 jun07 YD-76 jun07 YD-78 aug07 676 jun07 5069 jul07 42203 jun07

Super Cruiser 300 007 IAI ex Pulsar jul07 This is a Pulsar Super Cruiser 300 and built in El Salvador. The aircraft was delivered to IAI Elta who added some electronics, like a FLIR-pod. It now serves as a low observable intelligence platform.

Scramble 340 - Page 91

North America Canada Canadian Forces (DF) The first CC-177 for the Canadian Forces was handed over at Long Beach (CA) on 9 August 2007. From there the aircraft flew to Abbotsford to attend the air show. The official media presentation took place on 12 August after a cross country flight from Abbotsford (B.C.) to Trenton (Ont.). It will not be long before the aircraft will be a regular sight in Europe flying missions in support of Canadian troops in Afghanistan. The second CC-177 is scheduled for delivery in October, and the final two aircraft will touch down in Canada next year. On 3 August 2007, the replacement of Canada’s Hercules fleet took a further step with the official Request for Proposal released to Lockheed Martin. Three suppliers apparently responded to the solicitation of interest and qualification, of which Lockheed Martin was deemed to be the only supplier to meet mandatory requirements. A contract for seventeen C-130Js is expectedly to be awarded in late 2007, with delivery of the first example in late 2010. Meanwhile, one of the older models seems to have been withdrawn from use. Good news for an endangered species, the CP-140 Aurora. The purchase of long range UAVs for the Canadian Forces has been delayed. Earlier reports suggest the vehicles could be in use within the next few years, relieving the CP-140 Auroras from most of its current tasks. The CF is currently looking for an interim solution with a range of a mere 300kms and is hoping to reach initial operational capability of the interim system by June 2009. CYMJ = Moose Jaw CT-114 (CL-41A) 114013/5 431sq ex 431sq/1 1013 aug07 114035/431sq ex 431sq/15 1035 jul07 114058/12 431sq ex 431sq/9 1058 jul07 114078 i/a CYMJ ex AETE 1078 jul07 114081/9 431sq ex 431sq/1081 jul07 114085/11 431sq ex 431sq/4 1085 aug07 114104/3 431sq ex 431sq/1104 aug07 114109/10 431sq ex 431sq/14 1109 aug07 114161/9 431sq ex 431sq3 1161 aug07 114174/12 431sq ex 431sq/10 1174 jul07 It proves to be hard to keep track of the very frequent code changes of the Snowbirds, underlining the need to read the serials instead of going by the codes…

CC-130E (C-130E) 130317 wfu Trenton ex 8 Wing 4122 aug07 And as could be expected, the arrival of the first C-17 came at a price. The Herk is stored without props on Trenton’s north side. CH-124B (S-61A) 12437 443sq

ex 12 Wing

CH-146 (Bell 412CF) 146422 424sq 146424 403sq

ex 439sq ex 430sq

CC-177 (C-17A) 177701 429sq

d/d 11aug07

61-207 aug07 46422 jun07 46424 aug07 CA1

CF-188 (F/A18A) 188733 c/n correction 244/A194 After checking with the CF’s files we came to the conclusion that this is the right construction number of Hornet 188733. CF-188B (F/A18B) 188911 std ATESS

ex 410sq

97/B029 aug07

United States Joint US Forces (JF) Regarding Scramble 338 – page 118 we have to correct that PCN stands for Production Control Number and not Park Control Number. Thanks Martyn Swann for pointing out the mistake. United States Air Force (AF) The US Senate wants an independent committee to analyse the airlift need. For a couple of years now the preference goes from C-17 to C-5 upgrades to C-130J and vica-versa (in no particular order). The study, if approved in the 2008 budget, should be ready by February 2009. In the meantime an additional five C-130Js were ordered with Lockheed Martin as “Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) Supplemental”. On 31 July 2007 the contract was finally awarded for the multiyear procurement for 60 F-22s. According to a Department of Defence contract overview of 14 August 2007 Bell-Boeing was awarded a modification to a previously awarded contract for one CV-22. The Special Operations Command is looking into an “irregular warfare” wing. This wing will be dedicated to fighting insurgents and terrorists. In the current proposal the wing will operate 44 airlifters, 20 helicopters and 20 turboprop strike aircraft. Candidates for these aircraft are a mix of four heavy

The first of four brand new CC-177s for the Canadian Armed Forces. The CC-177 will be taken up in the inventory of the 8th Wing. (Trenton, 12 August 2007, David Lowry) Scramble 340 - Page 92

Delivery of the A-10C to the United States Air Force is going at a steady pace. The 104th FS MD ANG and 172nd GFS MI ANG had completely converted to the new type by April 2007. The 355th Wing received their first A-10C on 26 April 2007 and 80-0252 above was the first, of 48, ‘new and improved’ Thunderbolts to arrive for the 23rd Wing at Moody AFB (GA) on 7 August 2007. At the end of April 47 aircraft had been converted at the Ogden ALC at Hill AFB (UT). All 356 active are scheduled for conversion. (Tech Sgt Parker). C-130Js, twenty medium C-27Js and twenty light CASA 212s or Cessnas in the airlifter-role. For the strike aircraft a Douglas A-1 successor is being sought. One possible candidate is an armed Beechcraft AT-6B, Embraer Tucano or Super Tucano. United States Air Force Unit News Twelve 4th FS 388th FW F-16s were to deploy to Balad AB (Iraq) on 9 August 2007, however only six aircraft arrived at Moron AB (Spain). The other six were rescheduled for 10 August. The 33rd RQS 18th Wing deployed several HH-60Gs to Kandahar (Afghanistan) at the end of July 2007. On 9 August 2007, the 41st FTS Flying Buzzsaws 14th FTW at Columbus AFB (MS) flew their last T-37C mission. Sister unit 37th FTS Bengal Tigers will operate the aircraft until March 2008. After that one can only see the T-6A operate with both squadrons. On 20 July 2007, the final 56th AS Safety Through Knowledge 97th AMW C-5A Galaxy left the unit. In 38 years of C-5 operations the unit has trained more than 16,000 pilots, navigators and loadmasters. C-5 training has been taken over by the 433rd AW AFC at Lackland AFB (TX). The 73rd SOS, operating MC-130Ws, will be the first unit to transfer to Cannon AFB (NM) after the bases is handed over to the Special Operations Command on 1 October 2007. The second unit will be the 3rd SOS with MQ-1Bs out of Creech AFB (NV). It is further expected all AC-130s and CV-22 will also make the move leaving about 30 C-130s, in several versons, behind at Hurlburt Field (FL). The 76th HS 30th SPW at Vandenberg AFB (CA) was deactivated on 2 August 2007. Of the original four helicopters two had already left for the 40th HS at Malmstrom AFB (ND) and the other two will join the 37th HS at F. E. Warren AFB (WY). On 8th August 2007, the 90th FS Pair-o-Dice 3rd Wing officially moved from Langley AB (VA) to its homebase Elmendorf AFB (AK). The unit was working up on the F-22 Raptor in Virginia before it made the move up north. Six aircraft were present in the official arrival ceremony; two had actually taken off from Elmendorf while the rest were really new and came from Langley AFB (VA).

The last operational sortie of the 355th FS Falcons 354th FW was flown on 31 July 2007. Unmarked 79-0172 and 80-0259 were the aircraft involved. The first two A-10s arrived at Eielson AFB (AK) on 18 December 1981, the last three left on 15 August 2007 for Boise (ID) Yet another deactivation involves the 524th FS Hounds of Heaven 27th FW at Cannon AFB (NM). Their last mission was flown on 10 August 2007 and their deactivation ceremony is planned for 30 August 2007. For the last mission two F-16s took off and dropped some bombs on the Melrose Bombing Range. That leaves only the 522nd FS at Cannon. That unit will also leave the base before the Special Operations Command will take over the base on 1 October 2007. The 434th FTS Red Devils 47th FTW was reactivated at Laughlin AFB (TX) op 19 July 2007. It is now part of the 47th FTW and acts as the Introduction to Fighter Fundamentals (IFF) unit in the training wing, operating the T-38C. To complete our news in Scramble 337 – Page 90 we can report the official deactivation date of the 551st SOS at Kirtland, it was 30 June 2007. All their MH-53Js had moved to Davis Monthan by 21 May 2007. In October 2007, the first of twelve KC-135Rs of the 19th ARG, Robins AF (GA), will make the move to the 108th ARW NJ ANG at McGuire AFB (NJ). The 19th ARG will be deactivated in April 2008 and the sixteen KC-135Es of the 108th will be retired. On 30 July 2007, the 23rd Fighter Group was officially welcomed at Moody AFB (GA). The unit will bring two A-10 squadrons, 74th FS and 75th FS, from Pope AFB (NC). On 7 August 2007, the first A-10C was welcomed by the base. The last four T-38Cs were delivered to 80th FTW at Sheppard AFB (TX). The unit now has 126 Talons in its inventory. In our database we have 124 serials, but only 52 of them are T-38Cs. So please send in your report if you have seen one of these aircraft. A name change took place at Davis Monthan AFB (AZ) on 26 April 2007. The 355th Wing is now called 355th Fighter Wing. On 21 June 2007 the 479th FTG at Moody AFB (GA) was deactivated. All their T-6As and T-38Cs have been dispersed to four other AETC bases.

Scramble 340 - Page 93

United States Air Force Air National Guard Unit News The 113th FS 181st FW IN ANG will fly their last F-16 mission on 8 September 2007. The unit was axed by BRAC. As a result of BRAC (Base Closure and Realignment Commission) the 185th AS 137th AW OK ANG at Will Rogers AP (OK) will lose its C-130Hs. On 20 September 2007 the last C-130s are scheduled to leave the base. There will be a family day on 8 September 2007 to remember the C-130. The unit will move to Tinker AFB (OK) where it will become an associate to the 507th ARW operating KC-135Rs. All eight Hercules will go to the 911th AW AFRC at Pittsburgh IAP (PA). Two Guard units deployed to Balad AB (Iraq). Leaving from Burlington IAP (VT) for Moron AB (Spain) on 4 August 2007 were the following Vermont Guard Vipers: F-16C

134th FS

83-1136, 83-1165, 84-1220 84-1294, 84-1380, 85-1403

Two airspares returned to Burlington. Leaving from the same base a day later were aircraft of the Indiana ANG: F-16C 163rd FS 83-1130, 84-1236, 84-1238 84-1298, 84-1377, 85-1418 The 134th FS Vipers left Moron as Mazda11 on 6 August 2007, while the Indiana guardsmen left a day later as Mazda21. On 1 October 2007 the alert detachment of 186th FS 120th FW FS MT ANG will move from March JARB (CA) and the 194th FS 144th FW CA ANG will move in. The Montana unit is being relieved of its alert duties because of its transition to the F-15. United States Air Force Reserve Unit News The move of the 95th AS 440th AW AFRC to Fort Bragg (NC) has resulted in a new finband for the C-130s. We only saw a bad picture so far, but it looks like a golden band with a black stripe and the text Bragg Pope in black. The twelve ‘Rainbow Team’ F-16s mentioned in Scramble 337 – Page 91 arrived back at Homestead ARB (FL) on 14 August 2007. KCVS = Cannon AFB (NM) KFFO = Wright Patterson AFB (OH) KRIV = March JARB (CA) PAED = Elmendorf AFB (AK) A-10A 78-0652/DM 78-0684/DM 78-0706/DM

AC0492 ex DM/35th FS dep AMARG ex AC0483 AC0495* expected

0272 jun07 0304 0326

79-0121/KC 303rd FS ex NO/706th FS 0385 jul07 79-0168/DM AC0494* expected 0432 79-0172 190th FS ex 355th FS 0436 aug07 80-0149 118th FS ex AK/355th FS 0499 jul07 80-0167/DM AC0492 ex DM/354th FS 0517may07 80-0186/DM AC0493* expected 0536 80-0259 190th FS ex 355th FS 0609 aug07 81-0944 190th FS ex 355th FS 0639 aug07 81-0948/DM dep AMARG ex AC0484 0643 81-0950/DM AC0491 ex DM/355th FW 0645may07 81-0969 118th FS ex AK/355th FS 0664 jul07 Both new Connecticut Guard Thunderbolts arrived unmarked on 14 July 2007. All A-10s marked with an asterisk ‘*’ were given the assigned PCN in the June 2007 list. But all had disappeared from the July 2007 listing. The construction number is preceded by A10-. A-10C 80-0252/FT

75th FS

ex Ogden ALCA10-0602 aug07

C-5A 68-0219 69-0005 70-0452 70-0462 70-0463

445th AW 445th AW 167th AS 167th AS 167th AS

ex 439th AW ex 439th AW ex 97th AMW ex 97th AMW ex 97th AMW

500-22 jun07 500-36 jul07 500-66 jul07 500-76 jul07 500-77 aug07

C-17A 94-0065 58th AS ex 437th AW P21 apr07 98-0054 437th AW ex 62nd AW P54 apr07 00-0172/AK 517th AS ex 62nd AW P72 jun07 06-6167 3rd AS ex Boeing P167 jul07 06-6168 3rd AS ex Boeing P168 aug07 The third Alaskan C-17 arrived in August and the fourth is expected in September. By November 2007 all eight jets should have arrived at Elmendorf AFB (AK). C-21A 84-0064 84-0076

178th FS 178th FS

ex 375th AW ex 375th AW

35A-510 aug07 35A-522 apr07

C-40C 05-0932 73rd AS d/d 34808/2008 jul07 The difference between a C-40B and a C-40C is fairly obvious. The C-40B is an ‘office in the sky’ with all the necessary communication equipment. It has a couple more antennas than the C-40C and also has a the big round satcom antenna on the roof. The C-40C mainly is a transport aircraft.

A brand-new C-40C visited Portland IAP (OR) on 13 July 2007. The aircraft was delivered to the USAF on 1 August 2006, but spent some time at several locations for modifications. One of them was Georgetown (DE) for installing larger fuel tanks for increased range. The aircraft now operates with the 73rd AS out of Scott AFB (IL). (Paul Carter) Scramble 340 - Page 94

The C-130E of the 79th RQS on the above picture is banking hard to reach the centreline of the Portland IAP (OR) runway. Although the unit is based at Davis Monthan AFB (AZ) it sports the markings of the 23rd Wing Flying Tigers, which is the parent unit to the 79th. (20 July 2007, Paul Carter) C-130E 62-1816 CF0275* expected 3778 63-7804 CF0270* expected 3870 63-7809 CF0271* expected 3879 63-7846 CF0269* expected 3916 63-7850/YJ CF0253 expected 3920 63-7864 CF0277* expected 3934 63-7866 CF0268* expected 3936 63-7874 CF0274* expected 3944 63-7882 CF0266* expected 3953 63-7892 CF0263 ex 327th AS 3963 jun07 63-7899 CF0272* expected 3970 64-0504 CF0265 ex 43rd AW 3988 jul07 65-0980 std KRIV ex 105th AS? 4132 jul07 68-10947 CF0264 ex RS/37th AS 4327 jul07 70-1273 dep AMARG ex CF0224 4428 70-1274/RS CF0273* expected 4429 72-1291 CF0267* expected 4504 72-1296 CF0276* expected 4517 This is little proof of the mess we expected by handing out the Production Control Numbers (PCN) before the aircraft have reached Davis Monthan. CF0253 was handed out in January 2007 for 63-7850 but has since been taken over by 64-0538 which arrived on 7 February 2007. 63-7850 still sits at Yokota AB (Japan). Although the PCN should not change anymore 6810947 was CF0263 in June and has finally arrived from Ramstein (Germany) as CF0264 on 9 July 2007. All C-130s marked with an asterisk ‘*’ were given the assigned PCN in the June 2007 list. But all had disappeared from the July 2007 listing. I must hand it to the USAF, they have thought of a great new system….. MC-130E 63-7785 std KRIV ex 711th SOS 3991 64-0555 std KRIV ex 711th SOS 4056 64-0559 std KRIV ex 711th SOS 4062 64-0565 std KRIV ex 711th SOS 4077 Five C-130s (one C-130e and four MC-130Es) have removed from service and stored at March JARB (CA). C-130J-30 06-4633 KC-135E 55-3146 56-3593 56-3609 56-3638

41st AS CA0163 CA0166 CA0162 CA0174*

ex Lockheed ex 141st ARS ex 141st ARS ex 151st ARS expected

jul07 jul07 jul07 jul07 been

5588 aug07 17262 jun07 17342 jun07 17358may07 17387

56-3640 CA0170* expected 17389 56-3650 CA0168* expected 17399 57-1423 CA0164 ex 171st ARW 17494 jun07 57-1452 CA0169* expected 17523 57-1475 CA0171* expected 17546 57-1484 CA0172 ex 197th ARS 17555 jun07 57-1509 CA0165 ex 171st ARW 17580 jun07 58-0003 CA0167 ex 108th ARS 17748 jul07 58-0116 CA0173* expected 17861 59-1496 CA0161 ex 171st ARW 17984may07 61-0271 CA0160 ex 63rd AS 18178may07 All KC-135s marked with an asterisk ‘*’ were given the assigned PCN in the June 2007 list. But all had disappeared from the July 2007 listing. KC-135R 59-1448 62-3529 63-8011/ZZ

151st ARS ex 196th ARS 17936 jul07 319th ARW ex ZZ/18th Wing 18512 mar07 18th Wing ex 92nd ARW 18628 jul07

F-4E 72-0140 74-0645 74-0647

dep AMARG ex FP0564 dep AMARG ex FP0447 dep AMARG ex FP0445

4308 4796 4798

F-15A 75-0040 123rd FS w/o 26jun07 139/A120 76-0041 FH0164 ex 123rd FS 223/A193 jun07 76-0043 FH0168* expected 225/A195 76-0045 FH0169* expected 228/A197 77-0096/MA FH0165* expected 378/A308 77-0105/MA FH0161 ex MA/101st FS389/A317 may07 77-0108 FH0171* expected 392/A320 77-0118/JZ FH0152 expected 404/A330 77-0119 FH0166 ex 123rd FS 405/A331 jun07 77-0126 FH0167* expected 413/A338 77-0132 FH0170* expected 420/A344 77-0148/JZ FH0163* expected 439/A360 All F-15s marked with an asterisk ‘*’ were given the assigned PCN in the June 2007 list. But all had disappeared from the July 2007 listing. 76-0043 was listed as 77-0043. F-15B 76-0139 77-0165

FH0160 FH0162

ex 114th FS ex 114th FS

F-15C 78-0482 78-0518

123rd FS 123rd FS

ex ZZ/44th FS 462/C015 jun07 ex ZZ/44th FS 505/C051 jun07

Scramble 340 - Page 95

303/B041may07 422/B056may07

79-0048 114th FS 80-0040 114th FS 82-0036/ZZ 18th Wing 83-0031 114th FS 83-0042/ZZ 44th FS 85-0095/ZZ 44th FS 85-0098/ZZ 44th FS 85-0114/ZZ 44th FS 85-0119/ZZ 44th FS 85-0120/ZZ 44th FS 85-0128/MO 390th FS The 85-0128 was probably is with the 65th AGRS.

ex TY/1st FS 590/C117may07 ex TY/1st FS 701/C189may07 ex FF/71st FS 853/C267 jul07 ex TY/1st FS 881/C291may07 ex FF/94th FS 905/C302 aug07 ex AK/19th FS 947/C337 aug07 ex AK/12th FS 950/C340 jul07 ex AK/12th FS 969/C356 aug07 ex AK/19th FS 975/C361 aug07 ex AK/19th S 976/C362 jul07 not 65th AGRS985/C370 a mix-up with the 85-0129 which

F-15D 78-0510/JZ 122nd FS ex ZZ/44th FS 495/C043 jul07 78-0571/SL 110th FS w/o 30may07 516/D011 78-0572 114th FS ex TY/95th FS 523/D012 aug07 79-0011 114th FS ex TY/1st FS 604/D022 aug07 82-0044 114th FS ex TY/95th FS 827/D040may07 82-0048 114th FS ex TY/2nd FS 851/D044may07 Both Oregon Guard units have received new hardware in recent months. The guys and girls at Portland now have eight F15Cs while the Klamath Falls unit has twenty-two F-15C/Ds and their last two F-15Bs are on the transfer list to AMARG. F-16A 82-0993/AZ


ex AZ/162nd FW 61-586 jun07

GF-16A 79-0307/ST KCVS ex ST/82nd TRW 61-92 jul07 This F-16 came from Sheppard AFB (TX) and will join the other aircraft at the Cannon gate after some rework and a paintjob. F-16B 83-1166/AZ FG0554 ex AZ/162nd FW 62-116 jun07 83-1170/AZ FG0555 ex AZ/162nd FW 62-120 jun07 90-0948 to Pakistan ex Lockheed DH-1 jul07 Although confirmation of the identity is required we believe this Viper, together with one other F-16B, was delivered to Mushaf AB (Pakistan) via Lajes (Azores) on 10 July 2007. F-16B ADF 82-1027/AZ


ex AZ/162nd FW


F-16C 83-1144/AZ 83-1148/AZ 84-1216/AZ 84-1258/AZ

162nd 162nd 162nd 162nd

ex 194th FS ex AC/119th FS ex 194th FS ex 119th FS

5C-27 apr07 5C-31 aug07 5C-53 aug07 5C-95 aug07


84-1284/AZ 162nd FW ex AC/119th FS 5C-121 aug07 84-1288/AZ 162nd FW ex AC/119th FS 5C-125 aug07 84-1292/AZ 162nd FW ex AC/119th FS 5C-129 aug07 84-1299/AZ 162nd FW ex AC/119th FS 5C-136 aug07 84-1312/AZ 162nd FW ex AC/119th FS 5C-149 aug07 84-1318/AZ 162nd FW ex 194th FS 5C-155 aug07 84-1383/AZ 162nd FW ex AC/119th FS 5C-165 aug07 85-1408/AC 119th FS ex 150th DSE 5C-188may07 85-1411/AZ 162nd FW ex AC/119th FS 5C-191 aug07 85-1462/AC 119th FS ex TH/113th FS 5C-304may07 86-0212/AZ AATC ex FS/184th FS 5C-318 apr07 86-0224 119th FS ex 150th DSE 5C-330may07 86-0231/VA 457th FS ex VA/149th FS 5C-337 jul07 86-0232 194th FS ex LR/302nd FS 5C-398 jan07 86-0242/TX 457th FS ex VA/149th FS 5C-348 jul07 86-0273/WA 64th AGRS ex LR/302nd FS 5C-379 aug07 86-0280/WA 64th AGRS ex LR/302nd FS 5C-386 aug07 86-0299/WA 64th AGRS ex LR/302nd FS 5C-405 aug07 87-0249/SI 124th FS ex SI/170th FS 5C-510 aug07 87-0258/176th FS ex HI/466th FS 5C-519 jul07 87-0296 124th FS ex SI/170th FS 5C-557 jul07 87-0318/176th FS ex CC/523rd FS 5C-579 jul07 87-0349/176th FS ex CC/523rd FS 5C-610 jul07 Viper 86-0242 was noted operational again after six years of repairs at Hill AFB (UT with Ogden ALC. This is what our database reports on this frame: “Was returning to land from a Functional Check Flight 26dec00. Gear was lowered but on contact with the ground had an uncommanded gear retraction. Aircraft belly landed on its gear doors but there was also damage to the ventral fins, tail hook, block structural supports and to the airframe itself. Belly was severely damaged including damage to bulkheads 243.00 and 279.00. Pilot stayed with the aircraft and was uninjured. F-16N #163571 has been split in half at bulkhead 243.00 to replace the front of 86-0242. The aft end of the F-16N has been used to rebuild 85-1444”. 87-0249 was still in full 170th FS markings, including ‘183 OG’-commander markings, but is operated by the 124th FS. F-16CG 88-0548/WA 89-2045/OH

64th AGRS ex OK/125th FS 1C-150 aug07 112th FS ex 124th FS 1C-198 jul07

F-22A 05-4087/AK 05-4090/AK 05-4092/AK 05-4093/AK

90th 90th 90th 90th


ex i/a PAED ex i/a PAED f/n ex i/a PAED

4087 aug07 4090 aug07 4092 jun07 4093 aug07

Several Guard units are handing in their F-15A/Bs and receive F-15C/Ds in return. Many of these come from the 18th Wing at Okinawa. The 123rd FS OR ANG at Portland IAP (OR) received their first two on 5 May 2007. 78-0504 and 78-0538 arrived that day in full markings and Paul Carter was there for us. Scramble 340 - Page 96

Sheppard AFB (TX) was the last of the training bases to complete the conversion to the T-38C. 66-8367 is one of 126 T-38Cs being redelivered to the unit. (Fort Worth Alliance (TX), 9 August 2007, Curt Jans) 05-4095/AK 90th FS ex i/a PAED 4095 aug07 05-4096/AK 90th FS ex Lockheed-Martin4096aug07 05-4097/AK 90th FS ex Lockheed-Martin4097aug07 05-4098/AK 90th FS ex Lockheed-Martin4098aug07 05-4099/AK 90th FS ex Lockheed-Martin4099aug07 05-4087 and 05-4090 arrived at Elmendorf AFB (AK) on 20 April 2007. 05-4093 and 05-4095 arrived on 15 June 2007. These four airframes were in use as instructional airframe for the 90th FS maintainers. On 8 August 2007 the 90th FS officially moved in from Langley AFB and an arrival ceremony was held with six aircraft. 05-4090 and 05-4093 took off from Elmendorf at about 12:15 local and joined the four-ship from Langley. All came overhead at 13:42 local and landed. MH-53J 66-14429 66-14432 68-10363 68-10367 68-10923 69-5789

HC0042 HC0041 HC0037 HC0038 HC0039 HC0040

ex 551st SOS ex 551st SOS ex 551st SOS ex 551st SOS ex 551st SOS ex 551st SOS

65-044may07 65-047may07 65-169may07 65-173may07 65-219may07 65-244may07

Lim-2 205 MA0001 PCN update 1B01205 apr90 In a surprise move the MiGs, which have been at AMARC for a very long time, have entered the official registers. Lim-5 010 303

MB0001 MB0002

PCN update PCN update

1C1010 apr90 1C1303 apr90

MiG-21F-13 13


PCN update

742313 feb98

MQ-1B 04-3127 04-3133

11th RS 11th RS

w/o w/o

T-6A N209BA 98-3539/CB 99-3555/CB 00-3592/CB 00-3598/XL 05-3810/XL 05-6207/RA

std KFFO 14th FTW 14th FTW 14th FTW 47th FTW 47th FTW 12th FTW

ex Raytheon PT-3 jun07 ex MY/479th FTG PT-43 aug07 ex MY/479th FTG PT-59 aug07 ex MY/479th FTG PT-98 aug07 correc., not FY01 PT-113 f/n PT-365 aug07 f/n PT-351 jul07

T-37B 56-3524/CB 56-3531/CB 57-2329/CB 57-2344/CB

TE0385 TE0393 TE0389 TE0382

ex CB/14th FTW ex CB/14th FTW ex CB/14th FTW ex CB/14th FTW

P127 P133

40096 40103 40262 40277

jun07 jul07 jul07 jun07

58-1881/CB 58-1886/CB 58-1930/CB 58-1960/CB 59-0358/CB 60-0075/CB 60-0078/CB 60-0090/CB 60-0147/CB 62-5953/CB 64-13441/CB 68-7994/CB 68-8008/CB 68-8036/CB

TE0376 TE0383 TE0390 TE0386 TE0381 TE0379 TE0388 TE0384 TE0380 TE0377 TE0391 TE0387 TE0378 TE0392

ex CB/14th FTW ex CB/14th FTW ex CB/14th FTW ex CB/14th FTW ex CB/14th FTW ex CB/14th FTW ex CB/14th FTW ex CB/14th FTW ex CB/14th FTW ex CB/14th FTW ex CB/14th FTW ex CB/14th FTW ex CB/14th FTW ex CB/14th FTW

40306may07 40311may07 40355 jul07 40385may07 40520may07 40557may07 40560 jun07 40572may07 40635may07 40721may07 40856 jul07 41091 jun07 41113may07 41141 jul07

T-38C 63-8192/EN 65-13171/EN 64-13277/RA 65-10445/EN 65-10447/EN 66-4320/EN 66-4321/EN 66-4324/EN 66-4325/EN 66-4341/EN 66-4344/EN 66-4345/EN 66-4347/EN 66-4355/EN 66-4386/EN 66-4387/EN 66-8362/EN 66-8365/EN 66-8366/EN 66-8367/EN 66-8373/EN 66-8378/EN 66-8388/EN 66-8393/EN 67-14849/EN 67-14937/EN 67-14942/EN 68-8129/EN 68-8203/EN 69-7073/EN 69-7077/EN 70-1557/EN

80th FTW 80th FTW 435th FTS 80th FTW 80th FTW 80th FTW 80th FTW 80th FTW 80th FTW 80th FTW 80th FTW 80th FTW 80th FTW 80th FTW 80th FTW 80th FTW 80th FTW 80th FTW 80th FTW 80th FTW 80th FTW 80th FTW 80th FTW 80th FTW 80th FTW 80th FTW 80th FTW 80th FTW 80th FTW 80th FTW 80th FTW 80th FTW

ex T-38A ex T-38A w/o 22feb07 ex T-38A ex T-38A ex T-38A ex T-38A ex T-38A ex T-38A ex T-38A ex T-38A ex T-38A ex T-38A ex T-38A ex T-38A ex T-38A ex T-38A ex T-38A ex T-38A ex T-38A ex T-38A ex T-38A ex T-38A ex T-38A ex T-38A ex T-38A ex T-38A ex T-38A ex T-38A ex T-38A ex T-38A ex T-38A

N5539 aug07 N5600 aug07 N5706 N5864 mar07 N5889 mar07 N5895 aug07 N5896 mar06 N5899 oct06 N5900 oct06 N5918 mar07 N5921 mar07 N5922 feb07 N5924 feb07 N5980 aug07 T6017 mar06 T6018 feb07 N5932 jul07 N5935 oct06 N5936 oct06 N5937 aug07 N5943 jul07 N5948 sep06 N5958 aug07 N5963 aug07 T6045 oct06 T6078 oct06 T6083 oct06 T6134 mar07 T6208 feb07 T6223 oct06 T6227 sep06 T6247 oct06

Scramble 340 - Page 97

70-1561/XL 47th FTW ex T-38A T6251may05 70-1570/EN 80th FTW ex T-38A T6260 feb07 We reported 66-8393 earlier as being with VN/71st FTW. This was not correct and probably a mix-up with the 65-10393. U-28A … Pilatus f/n, as HB-FRY 838 aug07 … Pilatus f/n, as HB-FSA 840 aug07 Also present was HB-FRZ 840 as a possible candidate for the 319th SOS. United States Army (AR) Boeing announced on 16 July 2007 that it had received authorization for full-rate production and fielding of the CH-47F. Things are still not going very smoothly for the ARH-70A. Although the US Army has restored its confidence in the project, the Congress has not. The 2008 budget requested $550 million for 37 aircraft. This amount was totally stricken as Congress first wants to see improvements in the development of the replacement helicopter for the OH-58D. The latter helicopter has recently reached an incredible 300.000 combat hours, mainly undertaken in Iraq. In the meantime an agreement between the Army and Bell was reached to delay production to 2009. It has also been decided to move the final production from Mirabel (Canada) to Fort Worth Alliance (TX). The airframes will now be trucked from Canada and outfitted with the military equipment in the US. Buying new weapon systems is not easy. According to the Director of Operational Test and Evaluation the UH-72A ‘is not operationally suitable’. The main problem is the inadequate air conditioning which could cause problems to the cockpit electronics during operations in hot weather. It is also too small to handle two critical ill patients on stretchers. Eurocopter states that the airframe meets all the specific requirements laid down by the US Army. Carrying two patients on stretchers was not one of the requirements. It is working with the Army on a solution to solve the problems. The first General Atomics Sky Warrior Block 1 will make its first flight on 6 December 2007. This will follow the Block 0 variant which went up for the first time in June 2007. According to General Atomics the Block 1 version will be ready to go into combat in 2009.

United States Army Unit News On 7 August 2007, construction started of a new Minnesota National Guard facility at St Cloud Regional Airport. The new maintenance and repair facilities will be able to house six CH-47Ds and six UH-60 helicopters. Construction should be finished by 2009. A lot of Army National Guard facilities around the country have built new facilities or are in the building or planning process to do so. This means it is no longer the old barracks where one could knock on the door and ask to have a look around. Due to commercial protection companies and digitized fences it is very hard to get in these days. Due to delays in funding the move of the Aviation Technical Test Center (ATTC) from Fort Rucker (AL) to Redstone Arsenal (AL) has not yet even started. The move was directed by BRAC. Current plans will see the building of the HQ finished in the winter of 2010 and their hangar in September 2011. B/2-4th AVN at Hood AAF, Fort Hood (TX) received their first, of thirteen, CH-47Fs on 15 August 2007. By early 2008 the unit should be completely transitioned. On 18 and 19 August 2007 personnel from the B/1-131st AVN AL ARNG, operating UH-60As, returned home to Mobile (AL) after their deployment to Iraq. In February 2006 the 2-135th AVN CO ARNG moved to Fort Hood (TX) in preparation for their deployment to Iraq. On 12 August 2007 the men and women returned home. The CH-47Fs of the B/7-101st AVN Varsity at Fort Campbell (KY) are now declared combat ready. United States Army National Guard Unit News On 20 July 2007, the 190th FS 124th Wing ID ANG returned to Idaho after a two month deployment to Iraq. United States Army Reserves Unit News ETOR = Coleman (Germany) KENW = Kenosha RAP (WI) C-23C 94-00314

D1 H/171st AVN ex Det.2

CH-47D 87-00085 92-00308

B/2-10th AVN G/137th AVN

ex CCAD ex G/149th AVN

CH-47F 04-08702 06-08020

B/7-101st AVN B/2-4th AVN

f/n f/n

AK-028 dec05 M3204 jul7 M3449 jul07 aug07 jul07

This is the first CH-47F for the second operational unit to receive the beefed-up Chinook. B Company 2-4th AVN at Fort Hood (TX) received this example on 15 August 2007. 06-08020 is seen here at the birthplace of most US Army Chinook pilots, Knox AHP (AL), in July 2007. ( Scramble 340 - Page 98

OH-58C 69-16082/Dstd KENW

ex 1-212th AVN

40303 jul07

UH-60A 79-23278 C/1-137th AVN ex B/1-131st AVN 70-095 jul07 79-23343 C/1-137th AVN ex A/1-106th AVN 70-160 jul07 81-23547 1-137th AVN ex 3-142nd AVN 70-268 jul07 82-23720 Flight Company ex A/7-1st AVN 70-543may07 83-23885 ETOR 1st SB MFOs 70-710 aug07 85-24446 3-10th AVN ex 2-4th AVN 70-935 aug07 Long time no see for Black Hawk 82-23720. Our last report is dated October 1993 with the above unit. There also was an unconfirmed sighting in Panama City in April 2004. It now belongs to the Flight Company of the 197th Infantry Brigade at Fort Benning (GA). The 1st SB MO UH-60A arrived from Egypt at Ramstein AB (Germany) and went to Coleman Barracks for maintenance. UH-60L 04-27011

B/3-142nd AVN unit known

AH-64A 90-00319

7/6th CAV

ex 8-229th CAV

1-285th AVN

ex 61B/1-14th AVNPVD061

UH-72A 07-02006



9112 jun07

Mi-2 98-41532




AH-64D 98-05061 jul07

Sky Warrior N20231 General Atomics f/f 06jun07 N2025G General Atomics

mar06 PV715 jul07

WA-001 jan06 WA-002 jan06

United States Navy (NY) On 16 August 2007, Lockheed Martin Systems IntegrationOwego based at Owego (NY) received an almost $951 million multi year contract from the US Navy. The manufacturer is going to build 139 Mission Avionics Systems (MAS) which will be integrated into the MH-60R. Amongst other things, the MAS contains an acoustic sonar suite and a multi-mode, longrange search radar radar that can automatically detect and track an increased number of surface vessels. This contract is for MH-60R FY07 Lot V through FY11 Lot IX. The Mission Avionics Systems will be build at the Owego plant, and is expected to be completed in December 2013. Lockheed Martin is the prime air weapons systems integrator for the MH60R, the U.S. Navy’s newest submarine hunting and surface warfare helicopter. Once integrated by Lockheed Martin, each MH-60R helicopter is flown to the U.S. Navy’s Fleet Replenishment Squadron (FRS), HSM-41 Seahawks, at NAS North Island (CA) where pilots and crews learn to operate the new aircraft. The first MH-60R operational squadron will be the HSM-71 Raptors, which stands up in October 2007 at North Island, and makes its first deployment with an aircraft carrier strike group in 2009. United States Navy unit news Commander Naval Air Force U.S. Atlantic Fleet (ComNavAirLant) Fleet Units The MH-60S Seahawks of HSC-22 Sea Knights received tailcode ‘AM’. Early April 2007, two brand new Seahawks (166301/AM-02 and 166346/AM-13) were seen at Savannah IAP (GA). Carrier Air Wing 1, USS Enterprise (CVN-65), AB The ‘Big E’ entered the 6th Fleet (Mediterranean) area of operations (AOR) on 16 July 2007. The ship and its wing departed homeport NB Norfolk (VA) for a scheduled six-month Med/Gulf cruise on 7 July 2007. During the last weeks of July, the CVW-1 conducted flight operations over the Med. On 1 August 2007, the ship arrived in the 5th Fleet AOR (Red Sea) en route to the Persian Gulf. On 10 August 2007, the ‘Big E’ commences operations in the Gulf. Two days later, the first combat missions were flown over Iraq in support of OIF. Part of CVW-1 is Sea Control Squadron (VS) 32 Maulers (‘AB-7xx’),

flying the S-3B Viking. This squadron is deployed for the very last time as it will be disestablished after the cruise. Carrier Air Wing 8, USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71), AJ Five EA-6Bs of VAQ-141 arrived at MCAS Iwakuni (Japan) on 30 June 2007. The Prowlers arrived as part of the integrated US Marine Corps Unit Deployment Program. 164401/AJ-500, 161350/AJ-503,

163529/AJ-501, 158542/AJ-504


Commander Naval Air Force U.S. Pacific Fleet (ComNavAirPac) Fleet Units On 15 January 2007, twelve F/A-18Cs of VFA-94 Mighty Shrikes arrived for an UDP at MCAS Iwakuni (Japan). Mid July 2007, the squadron was relieved by VMFA-314. The US Navy took the opportunity to renew VFA-192 with some fresh Hornets as can be read in the note below the BuNo’s. The following fourteen uncoded Hornets were involved in the UDP. On 19 July 2007, the legacy Hornets departed for NAS Lemoore (CA). 164427/400, 164253/401, 164208/402, 164062/403, 164003/404, 164008/405, 163993/406, 164200/407, 164202/410, 164205/411, 164215/412, 164212/413, 164067/421, 164050/422 Note: 164062 arrived as modex 420 but was changed to modex 403 mid February 2007. 164067/421 was swapped with NAS Atsugi (Japan) based VFA-192 164003/NF-404 mid February 2007. 164050/422 was replaced by NAS Atsugi based 164008/NF-311 late January, early February 2007. Finally, 163993/423 changed modex to 406 somewhere late February, early March 2007. Carrier Air Wing 9, USS John. C. Stennis (CVN-74), NG On 7 August 2007, the John C. Stennis Carrier Strike Group (JCSSG) kicked off the eight days exercise Exercise Valiant Shield 2007 in the 7th Fleet Area of Operations, off coast Guam. The ‘JCS’ acted as flagship during Valiant Shield which tested the military’s ability to rapidly bring together joint forces in response to any regional contingency. The missions included air operations geared around surface strikes, air-toair combat and air space patrolling and protecting. Along with JCSSG, the USS Nimitz (CVN-68) and USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63) Carrier Strike Groups, and US Air Force, US Coast Guard and US Marine Corps forces are also took part in Valiant Shield. In total thirty ships and 280 aircraft were participating. Every day each CVW flew some hundred sorties. The JCS left homeport 16 January 2007 and will return to homeport NB San Diego (CA) after endex (end of exercise) Valiant Shield on 14 August 2007. The homeport cruise led via Pearl Harbour (HI) on 20 August 2007. Seven days later, the ‘JCS’ was scheduled to arrive back home after the nearly eight months deployment. VS-31 Topcats (‘NG-7xx’), flying the S-3B Viking, made their last operational cruise. The squadron, based at NAS North Island (CA) is slated for disestablishment in August 2007. But maybe this can take a little bit longer as the last deployment took extra time. Carrier Air Wing 11, USS Nimitz (CVN-68), NH The Nimitz/Nine team left its homeport NB San Diego (CA) on 2 April 2007. The team set off for a regularly-scheduled deployment and arrived in the US 5th Fleet AOR in May. While operating in the 5th Fleet, Carrier Air Wing Eleven flew more than 2,600 sorties and 7,332 hours in support Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) and Operation Iraqi Freedom (Iraq), before leaving the Persian Gulf in late July. The ship then left for Valiant Shield which took untill mid August. Before the Nimitz is sailing home, the ship arrived in Hong Kong for a scheduled portvisit on 20 August 2007. Commander US Navy Reserve Force (ComNavAirResFor) Tactical Support Wing, AF During 2004, a study was done to see if VFC-12 Fighting Omars (‘AF-xx’) could transform into a typical VFA unit. The thought behind this plan was that VFA-12, with a limited

Scramble 340 - Page 99

adversary support role besides the normal VFA-duties, better fits in the US Navy structure. At that time, most of the Hornets were repainted into a grey colour scheme. Late 2006, it was decided to keep the squadron as a VFC-adversary squadron due to the disestablishment of VFA-201 Hunters at NAS Fort Worth (TX) which also had a limited amount of adversary support. When the transformation of VFC-12 into VFA-12 was carried out, a shortfall of adversaries was then created. Currently, the Fighting Omars are flying twelve (former VFA-87) F/A-18Cs since they traded in their F/A-18A+ jets late 2006. They are expected to fly the legacy Hornet until 2013. VFC-12 is now assigned to the Tactical Support Wing (TSW), formerly known as Carrier Air Wing Reserve 20. United States Marine Corps unit news 3d Marine Air Wing (3d MAW) VMFA-314 Smokes (‘VW’) arrived with twelve F/A-18Cs at MCAS Iwakuni (Japan) on 16 and 17 July 2007. The MCAS Miramar (CA) based unit participates in a regular UDP and relieved VFA-94 at this location. Carrier Nieuws An US Air Force CV-22 Osprey used the flight deck of the USS Bataan (LHD-5) off coast Virginia during 13 and 14 August 2007. The 8th SOS from Hurlburt Field AFB (FL) aircraft and its crew carried out these exercises for pilot experiences. GDC KNPA KNZY

= Greenville/Donaldson Center (SC) = Pensacola NAS (Forrest Sherman Field) (FL) = San Diego/North Island NAS-Halsey Field (CA)

EA-6B 158801/AG-501 VAQ-140 158810/NJ-557 VAQ-129 161779/NK-502 VAQ-139 162224/NH-500 VAQ-135 163046

ex AC-502/VAQ-130 P-31 ex NL-533/VAQ-133 P-40 aug07 ex NK-500/VAQ-139P-102aug07 w/o 03mar06 P-110 nov05 ex AG-500/VAQ-140P-131 aug07

C-2A 162144/N718 162161/NH-35 162163 162164/NH-26

ex 41/VRC-40 24 apr07 ex NG-35/VRC-30 Det.441 jun07 ex 633/VAW-120 43 apr07 ex NF-26/VRC-30 44 jun07

KNZY VRC-30 VAW-120 VRC-30

The first Greyhound was with NADep for maintenance, while the second (ex Det. 4) and fourth are part of Det. 3. TC-12B 161323/G-323 VT-31

ex G-330/TW-4

UC-12B 161187 to NASA ex 309th AMARG The above UC-12B went to NASA as N528NA.

BJ-40 feb07 BJ-3 apr07

DC-130A 570497/497 2G0055 ex 497/VX-30 3204 jun07 309th AMARG received this old Hercules now it has been discharged of further duties. E-2C 163694/603 KNPA 163696/AD-... VAW-120 The first E-2C became CNATTC, while the second VAW-77 as AF-602.

ex AJ-603/-124 A52-134 apr07 w/o 15aug07 A52-136 aug07 an instructional airframe with E-2C was last noted serving with

E-2C-II 165301/NF-603 VAW-115 ex NF-600/VAW-115 may07 165508/E546 KNZY ex AC-602/VAW-126A174apr07 Maintenance is the reason why the second E-2C-II is with NADep. F-5E 160792/AF-02 VFC-13 162307/AF-06 VFC-13

ex AF-21/VFC-13 R1039 sep06 ex AF-25/VFC-13 R1191 sep06

F-5F 840456/AF-30 VFC-111

ex AF-30/VFC-13 IH1019may07

F-5N 761527/AF-44 761537/AF-41 761545/AF-42 761552/AF-51 761557/AF-106 761562/AF-27 761565/AF-47 761575/AF-46 761583/AF-26

f/n ex AF-02/VFC-13 ex AF-42/VFC-13 ex AF-51/VFC-13 ex AF-45/VFC-13 f/n ex AF-22/NSAWC ex AF-46/VFC-13 f/n

VFC-111 VFC-111 VFC-111 VFC-111 VFC-111 VFC-13 VFC-111 VFC-111 VFC-13

L1002 jan07 L1012 jan07 L1020 jan07 L1027 jan07 L1032 aug07 L1037 aug07 L1040 jan07 L1050 jan07 L1058may07

The Viking is an endangered species by now. Only two units are still operating this beautiful aircraft. The 160161/AA-700 belongs to VS-22 and joined the Red Flag Alaska exercise, formerly known as Cope Thunder in July. (Eieleson AFB (AK), July 2007, Eric Lenten) Scramble 340 - Page 100

Before the fifth F-5N received its AF-106 code it had been in service with VFC-111 as AF-45. F/A-18A 162856/42 NSAWC ex AF-203/VFA-201 387 aug07 163130/6 Blue Angels ex SH-226/VMFAT-101539 jul07 163146/RK-16 KNZY ex RK-14/KNZY 566 apr07 The second Hornet was serving with the NSAWC coded 46 at least during March 2007, before it went to the Blue Angels. The third Hornet has had a code change with NADep. F/A-18C 163438/NJ-307 VFA-125 w/o 26jun06 639 dec05 163449/AD-323 VFA-106 ex NH-423/VFA-81 659 apr07 163450/NJ-313 VFA-125 w/o 26jun06 660 apr06 163495/203 VFA-97 w/o 18jan06 733 oct05 163722/NH-405 VFA-81 ex AA-403/VFA-81 789 jun07 164029/NF-303 VFA-192 ex NF-300/VFA-192 915 mar07 164067/NF-310 VFA-192 code update 957 apr07 164197/RB-22 KNZY ex AC-406/VFA-105 960 apr07 164206/NK-400 VFA-25 ex NK-412/VFA-25 969 jul07 164217/NK-402 VFA-25 ex NK-400/VFA-25 980 aug07 164223/NK-401 VFA-25 ex AG-305/VFA-83 986 aug07 164230/AD-301 VFA-106 ex -/VFA-106 993 jun07 164664/NK-407 VFA-25 ex NK-403/VFA-25 1092 aug07 164977/NF-403 VFA-195 w/o 30jul07 1280 dec06 165205/RK-19 KNZY ex RB-19/KNZY 1364 apr07 Hornet number eight went for maintenance to NADep, while the last Hornet got a code change with NADep. F/A-18D 164058 164237/XE-400 164259 164267/NJ-331 NADep has the

KNZY VX-9 VFA-125? VFA-125 first Hornet

F/A-18E 166426/NH-... KNZY 166782/XE-161 VX-9 166789/XE-162 VX-9 Also this first Hornet maintenance.

ex NJ-344/VFA-125 948 apr07 ex SH-252/VMFAT-1011000 jul07 ex NJ-355/VFA-125 1022 apr07 w/o 06feb06 1030 oct05 with them for maintenance. ex NH-211/VFA-14 E071 apr07 f/n may07 f/n jul07 is currently with NADep for

F/A-18F 166660/AD-233 VFA-106 166680/XE-250 VX-9 166797/XE-261 VX-9

ex AD-220/VFA-106F138 jul07 f/n F158 apr07 f/n apr07

AH-1W 163936/XE-742 VX-9

ex XE-741/VX-9

MH-53E 162503/BJ-557 HM-14 162513/BJ-541 HM-14

ex BJ-561/HM-14 ex HC-45/HC-4

HH-60H 163784/NH-6 HS-6 164841/NF-616 HS-14 165122/AC-616 HCS-4

29502 jul07 jun07 jun07

ex NH-616/HS-670-1622 jun07 ex NF-6/HS-14 70-2275may07 ex NW-206/HCS-4 70-2286 apr07

MH-60R 166408/TS-.. HSM-41 ex Sikorsky This MH-60R was stationed at Stratford (CT).


MH-60S 165745/SA-00 HSC-3 165747/77 HSC-21 165757/NW-02 HSC-85 165763/NW-.. HSC-85 165765/SA-04 HSC-3 166301/AM-02 HSC-22 166305/VR-05 HSC-21 166311/SA-03 HSC-3 166317/SA-01 HSC-3 166341/SA-11 HSC-3 166346/AM-13 HSC-22 166354/HU-731 HSC-2

ex SA-../HSC-3 ex JA-61/VX-1 ex VR-60/HSC-21 ex VR-70/HSC-21 ex SA-06/HSC-3 ex HW-73/HSC-26 ex SA-../HC-3 ex VR-71/HSC-21 Det. 5 ex FW/SAR Wb. Island f/n f/n f/n

SH-60B 162103/TT-.. 162990/701

ex TT-31/HSL-43 70-393 apr07 ex TY-75/HSL-47 70-479 apr07

HSL-43 HSL-47

apr07 apr07 apr07 apr07 apr07 apr07 apr07 apr07 apr07 apr07 apr07 jun07

SH-60F 164079/17 164086/NE-614 164095/NK-612 164101/20 164456/13 164457/14 164612/AC-612

HS-2 HS-4 HS-10 HS-10 HS-10 HS-7

ex NH-611/HS-6 70-645 ex NE-613/HS-2 ex RA-../HS-10 ex NW-../HS-75 ex NK-614/HS-4 70-1693 ex RA-613/HS-1070-1694 w/o 07may07 70-1801

apr07 apr07 apr07 apr07 apr07 apr07 apr07

P-3C 158567/LA-567 VP-5 ex LF-567/VP-16 5576 jun07 158568/301 VX-30 ex 357/VX-30 5577 jan07 158924/924 ex LA-924/VP-5 5596 jun07 158925 VP-4 unit update 5597 may07 159320/320 VP-40 ex LC-320/VP-8 5610 mar07 159323/323 VP-47 unit update 5613 mar07 159507/RD-507 VP-47 ex YD-507/VP-4 5625 jan07 159512/LT-512 VP-62 ex 512/VQ-2 5630 apr07 161126/126 VP-26 ex 125/VP-40 5707 apr07 161132/132 VP-26 ex LD-132/VP-10 5724 apr07 161339/339 VP-26 ex YD-339/VP-4 5738 apr07 161404/404 VP-1 ex LL-404/VP-30 5740 apr07 161405/405 VP-8 ex ..-405/VP-40 5742 nov06 161414/414 VP-26 ex LA-414/VP-5 5753 may07 161415 VP-40 ex unknown 5755 feb07 161586/586 VP-10 ex LL-586/VP-30 5757 oct06 161593 VP-1 ex LL-593/VP-30 5767 aug07 161596/596 ex Greenville (SC) 5771 apr07 162314/314 ex RC-314/VP-46 5786 apr07 162315/315 VP-40 unit update 5788 mar07 162770/770 VP-40 ex ..-770/VP-? 5796 jun07 162998 ex YD-998/VP-4 5805 apr07 163000/000 VP-40 ex PD-000/VP-9 5807 may07 We assumed that the fourth, sixth and twentieth Orion were Assigned to VP-46 but this seemed to be wrong. Rumours say 161132 Orion is stored by now. EP-3E Aries II 156514/PR


ex PR-514/VQ-1

5508 apr07

S-3B 159732/AA-710 VS-22 ex AA-700/VS-22 3061 aug07 160161/AA-706 VS-22 not NG-705/VS-31 3143 jul07 The latter Viking was reported as NG-705 from VS-31 but this is 160601. It was AA-710 of VS-22 and now changed to AA-700. T-45C 165086/A-107 VT-7 167089/B-311 TW-2

ex A-187/TW-1/VT-7C007 apr07 f/n jul07

United States Marine Corps (NY) KNKT = Cherry Point MCAS/Cunningham Field (NC) KNPA = Pensacola NAS (Forrest Sherman Field) (FL) KNZY = San Diego/North Island NAS-Halsey Field (CA) EA-6B 160436/MD-01 VMAQ-3 163520/MD-04 VMAQ-3

ex MD-00/VMAQ-3 P-64 may07 ex NE-502/VAQ-131 P-147 may07

KC-130J 167923 f/n, for VMGR-152 5590may07 167924 f/n, for VMGR-352 5591may07 167925 f/n, for VMGR-152 5592may07 167926 f/n, for VMGR-152 5593may07 All of the four above Hercules were seen on the production line with Lockheed Martin in Marietta (GA). F-5E 741572/12 Cape May ex 12/VMFT-401 R1270may07 The operational life of the above Tiger has ended but the aircraft went to the NAS Wildwood Aviation Museum for preservation for the next generation. F/A-18A 162431/NH-303 VMFA-232 ex -/-232 A219 jun07 162438/DR-211 VMFA-312 ex MB-206/-142 A227 jun07 163094/VE-200 VMFA-115 ex VE-210/-115 A393 apr07 The former units of the above Hornets is prefixed by VMFA. F/A-18C 164235/DC-03 VMFA-122

Scramble 340 - Page 101

w/o 21feb06

C221 jan06

164648 ex MF-00/-134 C277 jul07 164725/NG-204 VMFA-323 ex NG-202/-323 C326 jun07 164895 ex MF-11/-134 C356 jul07 164972/11 KNZY ex WD-11/-212 C387 apr07 The former units of the above Hornets are prefixed with VMFA. The third Hornet was reported as written off 20mar07, but since it was seen active in last June this is obviously wrong. The last Hornet is currently stored with NADep. F/A-18D 164049/SH-200 -101 ex SH-267/-101 D054 jul07 164659/DT-10 -242 ex CE-07/-225 D088 aug07 164702/DT-12 -242 ex EA-11/-332 D104 aug07 164898/CE-08 -225 ex EA-02/-332 D126 jul07 164967/ED-20 -533 ex EA-12/-332 D139 jun07 The former and new unit of the first Hornet is prefixed with VMFAT, while the units from last four Hornets are prefixed with VMFA(AW). AH-1W 162543/EH-.. HMM-264 w/o 25may07 29170 165052/27 HMLA-773 ex MM-14/-775 26312 apr07 165053/WR-707HMLA-775 ex HF-02/HMLA-26926313jun07 The second Cobra is serving with Detachment A. UH-1N 159196/EH-.. 160454/TV-04 160459/TV-02

HMM-264 HMLA-167 HMLA-167

ex TV-11/-167 not VT-04/-367 not VT-02/-367

31672 may07 31746 apr07 31751 apr07

CH-46E 153347/YT-16 KNPA ex YT-16/HMMT-1642239 apr07 154819 KNKT ex ES-11/HMM-266 2426 may07 154832 ex YW-00/HMM-165 2439 apr07 154857 HMM-162 ex YR-13/HMM-161 2464 may07 2773 may07 155304/YM-06 HMM-365 ex ML-400/-764 155313/EP-15 HMM-265 code update 2482 jun07 156433/MQ-434 HMM-774 ex MQ-.../HMM-774 2503 jun07 156438 ex YQ-../HMM-268 2508 apr07 157698/YQ-08 AMARG ex YQ-08/HMM-268 2597 jan07 Just like the Hawkeye earlier on, CH-46E 153347 became an instructional airframe with the CNATTC. CH-53D 157146/YH-24 HMH-463 w/o 07sep06 65-272 The last time the above CH-53D was noted in our database it served with HMH-363 as YZ-06. CH-53E 161992/MT-404 HMH-772 ex MT-.../HMH-772 jul07 161998/EN-10 HMH-464 w/o 17feb06 jul01 162487/EN-26 HMH-464 ex EN-../HMH-464 may07 162495/EN-13 HMH-464 w/o 17feb06 nov05 162525/YJ-68 KNZY ex YK-68/HMH-466 apr07 162526/CJ-16 HMH-461 ex CJ-../HMH-461 65-538 may07 CH-53E 162525 is in maintenance with NADep. AV-8B 164148/WL-21 VMA-311 165005/YM-53 HMM-365

ex WE-21/VMA-214 221 jul07 w/o 02jul06 261 jun06

AV-8B+ 164545/CF-23 VMA-211 164553/WL-00 VMA-311 164569 VMA-542?

ex WE-22/VMA-214 230 jul07 ex WE-00/VMA-214 238 mar07 ex WH-07/VMA-542 254 apr07

AV-8B+(R) 165389/WF-03 VMA-513

ex WF-01/VMA-513 284 apr07

MV-22B 165850/YS-09 VMM-162 166496/EG-10 VMM-263

f/n f/n

6558 6595

Trav. City ex AR&SC Atlantic City ex AR&SC

HU-25A 2128


6238 jul07 6297 jun07

ex AR&SC

445 mar07

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (GV) UC-12B N528NA BJ-3 apr07 The above UC-12B is ex US Navy aircraft 161187.

Oceania Australia Royal Australian Air Force (AF) Last month it was decided that RAAFB Richmond will remain an Air Force station. For some years closure of this base, that currently houses the C-130, fleet was considered by the government.

Credits Dean Alexander, Patrick Allis, Bjarne Andersen, Henrico Angerman, Ernesto Bauer, Walter van Bel, Johannes Berger, Jan-Pieter Bergmans, Nick Birrell, Jürgen Börner, Roland van Bommel, Erik Bogaard, G.J.A. van Boven, Mike Bridge, JeanFrançois Brillant, Kjeld Burchard, Paul Carter, Matt Cawby, Tom Chee, Brian Cherry, Joe Cobb, Philip Cole, Paul Crew, Mike Day, Louis DePaemelaere, Tim Doherty, Stephen Edwards, Graham C Evans, Daniele Faccioli, Claude Fillet, Stuart Freer, Martin Greenman, Mark de Greeuw, Alex Hamelink, Dean Heald, Leendert Holleman, Jos Hoogland, Frits van Hout, Jason Hyatt, Bill Hyslop, Curt Jans, Ronny Jansen, Peter de Jong, Rolf Keller, Alan Kilham, Daniel Klein, Bill de Koning, Erik Krikke, Rene Kurzenberg, Tim Lachenmaier, The Lansing, Leo Larsen, Mark Lawley, Daniele Mattiuzzo, Marc Meece, John Meneely, Ken Middleton, Stephen Miller, Simon Mortimer, Craig Murray, Mark Nankivil, John Newton, Dave O’Brien, Masanori Ogawa, Tony Orr, Yucca Palm, Per Thorup Pedersen, Jeff Rankin-Lowe, Robert Reuver, David Riley, Esteban Rivera, David Robins, Ben Sampson, Robert Sant, Peter Schneider, A. J. Scholten, Mike Semrau, Michael Sharritt, Jonathan Somerville/, Rob Sowald, Geoff Sparrow, Henri Spiteri, Chris Taylor, Laurent Tellier, Roy Throughton, Javier Franco Topper, Thomas Urbild, Robert Verbrugge, Hans van der Vlist, Aad van der Voet, Chris Walker, Cory W. Watts, Colin Wells, Paul Williamson, Pista 18, SAOrbats

Abbreviations AF AG AR CG DF

= = = = =

Air Force Agricultural Aviation Army Coast Guard Defence Forces


= = = = =

Government Joint Forces Navy Police Survey

90036 aug07 90075may07

United States Coast Guard (CG) HH-65B 6543

Port Angeles ex Miami

6025 aug07

HH-65C 6506 6520 6522 6532

Trav. City Trav. City Detroit Detroit

6050 6160 6164 6178

ex New Orleans ex Detroit ex AR&SC ex Mobile

jul07 jun07 jul07 jul07

Black Hawk 96-26684 of A/3-158th AVN at Illesheim AAF (Germany) had received a fresh new paintjob just prior to this picture being taken. It also sports the latest modification for self defence and is ready to be deployed to Iraq again. (May 2007, Joris Heeren)

Scramble 340 - Page 102


One of the 733 Harvards the South African Armed Forces had is 7111, here seen at the air show at Hoedspruit. Its current owner is the South African Air Force Museum Historical Flight, that took it up in its inventory on 12 February 1996. This Harvard Mk.IIa is ex-USAAF 41-33241, and RAF EX268. (Hoedspruit, 7 July 2007, SG Alblasserwaard)

Additions and rectifications Langley AFB

28 April 2007

Hangar: 81-003(3)/FF F-15C 71st FS . . - . 209/F-15C 1st FW 03-4055/FF F-22A 27th FS These were not mentioned in the report published in Scramble 338 yet. Hangar 1: 84-0008/F-15C 1st FW The serial of this Eagle has now been confirmed as the bird was also seen being towed. Flightlines/flying: N6373Y N52033 N58224 N65370 N62382

Yak-9UM SNJ-2 SNJ-2 SNJ-2 SNJ-2



NAD hangar: 157681


bare metal

All above aircraft are additions to the list published in Scramble 338, except for the CH-53E that was already mentioned but without BuNo.

Pratica di Mare Static South: MM62149/14-02

27/28 May 2007 B707T/T

8°Gr RM

unit corr

Also, the translation of “Centro Addestramento Equipaggi” should be Centre for Crewmembers (not Equipment) Training and – of course – the Italian word for police is Polizia, and not Policia...

private ex 2040 ex 2553 ex .. ex 2039

Flying only: 82-1070 B-2A 509th BW The serial of the stealth bomber has now also become available.

MCAS Cherry Point

Hangar: 159583/MD-02 160436/MD-01 163406/MD-05 163520/MD-04

5 May 2007

Graf Ignatievo (Bulgaria) Children’s Day

1 June 2007

Static/flightline (* = also flying): 27, 29* MiG-21UM 3 IAB 114 MiG-21bis 3 IAB 119, 243*, 392, 427 MiG-21bis(SAU) 3 IAB 12*, 33* MiG-29UB 3 IAB 15*, 18*, 22, 24* MiG-29 3 IAB TZ-404 Mi-24D Mali AF

Static: 165606/A-164



Flightlines/flying: 161880/RM-01 163879/WP-14 164140/WH-14 164551/WH-00 165312/WH-09 166288/WH-05 166714 162526/CJ-16

EA-6B AV-8B AV-8B AV-8B AV-8B AV-8B UC-35D CH-53E

VMAQ-4 VMA-223 VMA-542 VMA-542 VMA-542 VMA-542 VMR-1 HMH-461

NAD Ramp: 154819



Preserved: 26 85 199 56 4 66 63 42

VMA-223 VMA-223

A small open day was organised at Graf Ignatievo to celebrate the annual Bulgarian ‘Children’s Day’. The static contained just three aircraft (a MiG-21bis, MiG-21UM and MiG-29), but the

Maintenance hangar: 165356/WP-12 164559/(WP)-02


Scramble 340 - Page 103

An-2 L-29 MiG-15UTI MiG-17F MiG-19P MiG-19S MiG-21PFM MiG-23BN Yak-23

as “96”

as “51”

flying display was a bit better with a MiG-21bis, MiG-21UM and MiG-29UB in the first wave and three MiG-29s and MiG-29UB in the second. All aircraft used the taxi-track in front of the public, so that was good for the photographers. The flying consisted of some touch-and-goes and a dogfight between two MiG-29s at high altitude. The Bulgarian aircraft were already enough reason to pay a visit to this small open day, but the show also had a very nice extra surprise: a Mi-24 of Mali. This chopper was moved out of one of the maintenance hangars and made a few engine runs, probably for a predelivery inspection.

Ålborg (Denmark) 10 June 2007 Static: FA101 H22 MT35 ST48 41 yw E37/8-NL 631/3-JO 45+92 57+01 110 27 04 bl 10101 1509 39823/823 ZG478/68A ZA585/054 ZD716 01-0076 92-1094 158924/924 22-265 C-080 M-508 P-288 R-825 T-423 OY-LSD

F-16AM 1sm spec mks A109BA nmks CM170 11sm SF260D 5sm An-2 EstAF 111747320 Alpha Jet E ETO02.008 Mirage 2000D EC02.003 Tornado IDS JBG31 Do228-212(LM)MFG3 An-26 MH 59.Sz.D.REB. MiG-29UB MH 59.Sz.D.REB. An-26B Transp Esk/LithAF An-26 13.eltr JAS39D F7 Harrier GR9A 41(R)sq Tornado GR4 9sq Tornado GR4 9sq C-37A 309th AS LC-130H 139th AS NY ANG P-3C nn Meteor T7 stored CL-604 Esk 721 EH101 Mk512 Esk 722 AS550C2 Esk 724 CF-104 stored T-17 FLSK L-29 as ‘09 rd’

Hangars: B-536 C-172 E-011

C-130J-30 CL-604 F-16AM

Esk 721 Esk 721 nmks

Flightline static side: RA02/61-MI LX-N90458 05-5142 58-0038 M-513 S-134 U-481 12825 AR-113 (22-)265 OY-ALD OY-ATF OY-ATL OY-ATM OY-ATO OY-ATR OY-BPB OY-FLV SE-DXS/5-50 SE-LBS

C-160R E-3A C-17A KC-135R EH101 Mk512 S Lynx Mk90B S-61A-5 CF-104 RF-35 Meteor T7 Chipm. Mk20 Chipm. T10 Chipm. Mk20 KZ-VII Chipm. Mk20 Chipm. Mk20 C-47A Chipm. Mk20 Vampire FB6 Yak-52

ET00.061 NAEW&CF 729th AS AFRC 77th ARS AFRC Esk 722 SHT Esk 722 stored stored, nose only stored ex P-147 ex RAF WD319 ex P-146 ex O-619 ex P-129 ex P-140 ex K-682 ex P-143 ex Swiss J-1196 private

Alpha Jets of the Patrouille de France: E135/1 E158/2 E75/3 E117/5 E160/6 E165/7 E162/9 E122/0

E41/4 E163/8

MB339As of MM54480/1 MM54473/5 MM54546/9

MM54487/4 MM54543/8

the Frecce Tricolori: MM54534/2 MM54539/3 MM54479/6 MM54500/7 MM54482/10 MM54551/0

TS-11s of the Polish Team Iskry: 2008/2 1015/7 2004/8


Revetments: T-420, T-431



Shelter area northeast: FA131 E-184, E-197

F-16AM F-16AM

2w nmks

spec mks

One of the two Antonov 26 transport aircraft on the static at the Ålborg air show was 04 bl, a B-model of the Transporto Eskadrile based at Siauliai-Zokniai. In former days the aircraft was registered CCCP-26014 with Aeroflot and LY-AAJ with Lithuanian Airlines before went to the Karines Oro Pajegos, the Lithuanian Armed Forces. (Ålborg, 10 June 2007, Coen Pasterkamp) Scramble 340 - Page 104

ET-613 J-018 J-055

F-16BM F-16AM F-16AM

F-5E Tigers of the Patrouille Suisse: J-3081 J-3082 J-3085 J-3088 J-3090 J-3091 Shelterarea southeast: 39179/179, 39192/192


nn 313sq 306sq

recce run spec mks



And NF-5A/B(#)s of the Turkish Stars: (70-3013)/13 (70-3016)/16 (70-3027)/27 (70-3036)/36 (70-3039)/39 (70-3042)/24 (71-3055)/55 (69-4005)/05# (71-4019)/19# Flying only (base attack E-006, E-070, E-189 E-192, E-195, E-198 E-200, E-597, E-610 ET-199, ET-204 4x

and formation fly-by): F-16AM nn F-16AM nn F-16AM nn F-16BM nn T-17 FLSK/Baby Blue

The Supporters of the Baby Blue team operated from Karup. The F-16s were flying from Skrystrup. All of them were logged during take-off from Skrydstrup and it is uncertain if all appeared over Ålborg in the base attack. The formation fly-by consisted of only nine F-16s. Elsewhere: 35420/49 DT-404 R-771 RT-657 S-196

J35F T-33A CF-104 CF-104D Lynx Mk80

dump Southwest at terminal pres North gate pres South side fuselage North gate

The fuselage of the Lynx has a green colourscheme.

Ellsworth AFB, SD (USA) Air show Static: 86-0102/EL, 86-0104/EL 86-0111/EL 86-0113/EL, 86-0118/EL 61-0034/MT 64-14845/OF 86-0043 92-0333/RA 05-3810/XL 68-7993/EN 67-14919/EN 81-23548 N44SN N5428V “CY-U” N27493 “327493” (N805DM) 256

23 June 2007 B-1B B-1B B-1B B-52H RC-135V F-16D T-1A T-6A T-37B T-38C UH-60A PT-17 P-51D B-25J CM170

37th BS 34th BS 37th BS 23rd BS 38th RS 175th FS SD ANG 99th FTS 84th FTS 89th FTS 90th FTS 1085th MedCo SD NG ex 41-25274 ex 44-73264 ex 44-29869 ex Finland FM-18

Flightline/flying: 85-0079/EL, 85-0084/EL B-1B

34th BS

Far side/flying: 78-0673/DM, 80-0168/DM A-10A

355th Wg “355Wg”

28th BW platform/hangar 85-0060/EL, 85-0083/EL 86-0093/EL, 86-0130/EL 86-0094/EL 86-0099/EL 86-0125/EL 86-0139/EL

34th 37th 37th 37th 34th 37th

area: B-1B B-1B B-1B B-1B B-1B B-1B


“28BW” “28OG” “28BW”

74+06 82+60 84+49 87+39 H2-31 HT.17-11/ET-411 2427/CZY 5537/AYG, 5593/AYM 5602/AYO 2631/BJP 1179/BNI 2011/ATF 139/ABS 9019/JBD F-AZMC F-AZTB F-AZVG F-AZVM F-GDPF F-GHIG F-GSCB F-ZBPA -

Tiger UHT EC135T1 CH-53G Bo105P1 Bell 412SP CH-47D AS532UL AS555UN AS555UN EC725AP SA341F Tigre HAP TBM-700B EC145 DHC-1-200 MS505 MD312 N2501F O-1E SO1221S L-18 EC145 NH90

D/F HFlgAubsZ HFWS HFWS KHR26 15.HEB BHELTRA V 1RHC EAALAT EAALAT DAOS stored EFA EAAT Gendarmerie ex Portugal 1321 ex 602/23 ex 189 ex 105/62-SI ex 24705 ex FR145 as “184577” Sécurité Civile 9006 NH Industries PT1

Pleasure flights: 5544/AYJ, 5608/AYQ 4118/AXN

AS555UN SA342M


Flightline near to entrance: 5606/AYP AS555UN 1229/AZA SA330B 3851/AXS SA342M F-GRIG SE3130


Main flightline: 74+05, 74+08 82+52 86+74 T-325 XZ338/Y, XX403/U XX448/S, ZA726/F1 XZ647/Z, XZ663/I E67/314-TB E101/314-TT 70/315-WM 132/315-YW 90/F-SEXG/0 101/F-SEXR/1 889/MCC 5496/AYC, 5539/AYH 1052/AZJ, 1236/AZK 1239/AZI, 1662/AZG 4214/AXC, 4222/AXD 4048/AXT, 4141/AXR 4171/AXU 115/ABQ 2004/ATE 2013/BHC F-AZDD F-AZEY F-AZHJ F-AZHK F-AZKM F-AZPY F-AZQQ F-AZYT F-BRPQ

D/F HFlgAubsZ HFWS nn nmks 671sq 671sq 671sq EAC00.314 EAC00.314 EPAA00.315 23only EPAA00.315 23only EPAA00.315 23only EPAA00.315 23only ECTM EAALAT EAALAT EAALAT EAALAT EAALAT EAALAT EAAT EFA 5RHC ex 216/319-DK ex 20 ex Swiss J-1159 ex Bu127002 ex Germany 99+24 ex Egypt EAF-710 ex Swiss A-864 ex 41-32360 as O-2A “80995”

Tiger UHT EC135T1 Bo105P1 AS332M-1 Gazelle AH1 Gazelle AH1 Lynx AH7 Alpha Jet E Alpha Jet E TB-30 TB-30 TB-30 TB-30 PC-6/B2-H4 AS555UN SA330B SA330B SA342L1 SA342M SA342M TBM-700A Tigre HAP Tigre HAP MD312 N3202 Vampire FB6 AD-4NA OV-10B Yak-18A P3-05 AT-6C CeT337

No sign of any other based B-1s around the field.

The two Alpha Jets departed on Sunday in the early morning.

Le Luc - Le Cannet (France)

Tent behind Tigers: (#) 5599/AYN +2



Hangar: 4232/AXH 3957/AXW

SA342L1 SA342M


Hangar: 5541/AYI, 5591/AYL 1196/AZC

AS555UN SA330B


23/24 June 2007 (#) = not visible from public area and/or not open to public Main static: A57 H30 73+74

SA318C A109BA UH-1D

Wing Heli Wing Heli nmks

Scramble 340 - Page 105

The first noted date of this Tigre HAP was during the airshow at Le Luc-Le Cannet in the South of France. The 2013 wearing code BHC is one of the first three Tigres HAPs for 5 Régiment d'Hélicoptères de Combat based at Pau-Pyrénés. (Le Luc-Le Cannet, 24 June 2007, Coen Pasterkamp) Hangar: 5491/AYB, 5529/AYF 1163/AZF

AS555UN SA330B


Hangar: 3458/AXY, 3853/AXM 3896/AXB, 4032/AXP 4096/AXX

SA342M SA342M SA342M


Hangar: 1057/AZB F-BIFH F-ZWRA

SA330B H-23A SA340

EAALAT ex 273 private


24 June 2007


Thanks to the open doors of this hangar, the codes of the AXJ, AXK, AXL and AWD could be read from the public area of the base. 4118/AXN was visible too, but this chopper also performed pleasure flights and was therefore already mentioned above and omitted here. To see the AXA, AXG, AXJ and AXO you had to do a bit of walking and look from the back side of the hangar. nn nn

Hangar Tiger compound (#): . . . . /ATT SA342 1x Tiger

nn nn

Hangar Tiger compound (#): 4083/A(X)Z SA342 1x Tiger

nn nn

Jet Azur Helicopt. de France Helicopt. de France

Quonset Point, RI (USA)

Hangar (Tiger compound, doors open all day): 1504/AWD SA341F EAALAT 3857/AXJ, 3870/AXG SA342M EAALAT 3920/AXO, 4022/AXK SA342M EAALAT 4065/AXA, 4114/AXL SA342M EAALAT

Hangar Tiger compound (#): 86+77 Bo105P 88+09 Bo105P

AS350BA EC120B AS350B3

spec mks

Static: 78-0647/MA 06-1437 83-0492 77-0103/MA 85-1551/NY 70-16345 86-24498 94-0126/VN 04-3739/RA 67-14951/XL 166437/NK-100 166448/NK-114 6028 2112

A-10A C-130J LC-130H F-15A F-16C UH-1V UH-60A T-1A T-6A T-38C F/A-18E F/A-18E MH-60J HU-25C

131st FS MA ANG 143rd AS RI ANG 139th AS NY ANG 101st FS MA ANG 138th FS NY ANG 1-126th AVN RI NG RI ArNG 71st FTW 12th FTW 47th FTW “87FTS” VFA-22 VFA-22 CGAS Cape Cod CGAS Cape Cod

The serial of the UH-60 was painted with fiscal year 88 instead of 86! Flightline areas: 78-0626/MA, 78-0644/MA 94-00308 99-1431, 02-1434 06-1438 89-0483/SJ 89-0492/SJ 95-0041/CB 164763 166623/AA-270

A-10A C-23C C-130J-30 C-130J-30 F-15E F-15E T-1A C-130T F/A-18F

131st FS MA ANG RI ArNG 143rd AS RI ANG 143rd AS RI ANG 335th FS 336th FS 14th FTW Blue Angels VFA-11

Plus one MH-60 with “31” on its nose and the Hornets of the Blue Angels. Finally, also some aircraft of the local museum could be admired.

Parked close to the preserved airframes: (#) 1252/AZR SA330B EAALAT Preserved on base: (#) (FR107) 251 2066/BBD 1703/LJY

H-21C MH1251M SA318C SA341F

preserved preserved preserved preserved


Bell 205A1 C-47A AS350BA

Agrarflug Air France/KLM c/s Aviaexess

Quonset Point Air Museum display: 75-0408/AZ A-7D 66-15317 AH-1S 70-15530 AH-1F 67-16627 OH-6A 61-12692 OV-1C 01215 XF15C-1 155629/AG-501 A-6E 136792/792 EC-1A

Scramble 340 - Page 106

pres pres pres pres pres pres pres pres


162591/AC-160 149738

F-14A SH-3H

The Patrouille de France were also taking part in the flying program, but were operating from another airfield. They appeared with the following codes over Koksijde: 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9 and one uncoded.

pres pres

Koksijde (Belgium) Defensiedagen

30 June 2007

Static: E88/314-LL 304/4-CA 887/MCA 45+94 46+39 82+52 86+90 033 LX-N90458 R-01 284 693 69-7458, 69-7522 80 yl 0608 XS728/E XX265/CK ZH848/CU-582 ZJ273/73, ZJ274/74 ZA462/027 ZA546/AG A79 AT05 CH05 CM01 FA05 FA100 FA127/FS FB14 G14 H16 H39 M2 PL78 RS02 ST16, ST35 B4/OT-ZKD OO-MMM G-BCEN

Alpha Jet E EAC00.314 Mirage 200N EC03.004 PC-6/B2-H4 ECTM Tornado IDS JBG33 Tornado ECR JBG32 EC135T1 HFWS Bo105P1 nmks T-6A 361 MEA E-3A NAEW&CF AB412SP 303sq F-16AM FLO F-16BM FLO RF-4E 113 Filo An-30B 10 OAE/UkraineAF Dominie T1 55(R)sq Hawk T1A 100sq Merlin HM1 824sq Squirrel HT1 DHFS Tornado GR4 15(R)sq Tornado GR4 14sq 9sq mks SA318C Wing Heli Alpha Jet 1B 11sm C-130H 20sm Falcon 20E 21sm F-16A i/a, travel exhibit F-16AM 10w F-16AM 2w F-16BM 10w MD520N Federale Politie A109BA i/a, travel exhibit A109BA Wing Heli SA316B 40sm Grob G102 Luchtcadetten Sea King Mk48 40sm SF260M 5sm HSS-1 pres BN-2A-21 ex B02 BN-2A

Flightline: T-404, T-405, T-407 T-420, T-425 70+65 J-055 J-514 C.16-28/11-08 C.16-29/11-09 A53, A57 CE03 CH11 FA86, FA111 FA101, FA131 FB24 H02, H06, H07 H23, H30, H38 M1 MT35 RS01 RS04 , RS05 F-AZGU G-BKOU G-BWGS G-CBSS G-HUEY/560 G-PBYA “433915” G-RORI G-TIMM “XS111” N707TJ N74189 PH-PBA

T-17 FLSK T-17 FLSK UH-1D LTG63 F-16AM 306sq spec mks F-16AM 313sq EF2000 Ala 11 EF2000 Ala 11 SA318C 16sq MRH ERJ145LR 21sm C-130H 20sm F-16AM 10w F-16AM 2w spec mks F-16BM 10w A109BA Wing Heli A109BA Wing Heli SA316B 40sm CM170 11sm Sea King Mk48 40sm in hangar Sea King Mk48 40sm Vampire T55 ex Swiss U-1229 Jet Provost T3 ex RAF XN637 Jet Provost T5 ex RAF XW310 Yak-52 as “121” UH-1H ex Argentina AE-413 PBY-5A ex Canada 11005 Gnat T1 ex RAF XR538 Gnat T1 ex RAF XP504 A75N1 ex USN 3173 PT-17 ex 41-00957 DC-3C DDA

Elsewhere: ID123/7J-P B8/OT-ZKH

Hunter F4 HSS-1

pres gate pres gate

Nancy - Ochey (France) Meeting National Static: 44+26 4122 909 939 ZG472/62A ZA592/059 ZE810/GG 84-0084 E144/7-PJ 627/33-NT 57/2-ET 342/4-BA 605/3-XD 647/3-IO 660/3-JF 317/7-HO 19

30 June/1 July 2007 Tornado IDS JBG33 C-27J 354mira TA-4SU 150sq/SingapAF A-4SU 150sq/SingapAF Harrier GR7A 1sq Tornado GR4 13sq Tornado F3 43sq C-21A 76th AS Alpha Jet E EC01.007 Mirage F1CR ER02.033 Mirage2000-5F EC01.002 Mirage 2000N EC02.004 Mirage 2000D EC03.003 Mirage 2000D EC01.003 Mirage 2000D EC02.003 Rafale B EC01.007 Sup Etendard 11F

Maintenance hangar behind static: 613/3-XG, 680/3-XM Mirage 2000D 617/3-IS, 644/3-IU Mirage 2000D 618/3-JW Mirage 2000D 650/3-IA Mirage 2000D 671 Mirage 2000D

EC03.003 EC01.003 EC02.003 EC01.003 nn

Hangar display behind flightline: 627/3-JP Mirage 2000D EC02.003 Flightlines: 4146/CXC 90/F-SEXG/0 101/F-SEXR/1 102/F-SEXS/2 141/F-SEZF/4 Alpha Jets of the E135/F-TERX/1 E41/F-TERA/4 E163/F-TERB/8 E160/F-TERC/-

SA342M TB-30 TB-30 TB-30 TB-30

1RHC EPAA00.315 EPAA00.315 EPAA00.315 EPAA00.315

Patrouille de France: E158/F-TERF/2 E75/F-TERW/3 E130/F-TERP/6 E165/F-TERE/7 E162/F-TERJ/9 E31/F-TERK/0

Team Breitling with the following L-39Cs: ES-TLB ES-TLC ES-YLF ES-YLI ES-YLR ES-YLX And the Extra 300s of the Royal Jordanian Falcons: JY-RFA JY-RFB JY-RFC JY-RFD Parking behind flightline: E101/314-TT Alpha Jet E EAC00.314 634 Mirage 2000D nn 2118/JCV AS350BA Gendarmerie Far side/flying: R214/64-GN 610/3-XX, 629/3-XO 649/3-XY, 659/3-XR

C-160R ET00.064 early am Mirage 2000D EC03.003 Mirage 2000D EC03.003

Shelter area: E67/314-TB R96/61-ZN 36/5-OC +1 614/3-JU

Alpha Jet E C-160R Mirage 2000C Mirage 2000D

EAC00.314 ET00.061 EC02.005 EC02.003

Playing field: 5382/UV



Elsewhere: 498/3-EC

Mirage 3E

pres near tower

Scramble 340 - Page 107


T-6G LET C11 Yak-3UTI Fw44J MS733 P-51D Klemm KL35D F4U-5NL MS317 SV-4A MH1521M MS406 PT-17

ex 115113 ex Egypt nn ex Finland SZ-15 ex 63/TB ex Canada 9592 ex Sweden 5020 ex Bu124541 ex 6527 ex 1125 ex 6 ex Swiss J-143 ex 40-1766

Waddington (United Kingdom) Air show 2007 Static: 45+25, 46+14 RK3452 SB043 SB107 LX-N20000 LX-N90442 Q-24 U-05 J-868, J-876 688 689 78-0701/SP 81-0951/SP 01-2001/LN ZK452/L ZA705/AN WK518/K XS727/D XX411 ZB684 ZB686 ZJ708/K XW924 ZG508 ZG859/91 XX178/178 XX345/345 XX351/CQ ZH885/885 XZ117/ES

30 June 2007 Tornado IDS IL-78MKI Su-30MKI Su-30MKI-3 CT-49A E-3A AH-64D Fokker 50 F-16AM F-16AM F-16BM OA-10A A-10A F-15E Beech B200 Chinook HC2 Chipmunk T10 Dominie T1 Gazelle AH1 Gazelle AH1 Gazelle AH1 Griffin HT1 Harrier GR3 Harrier GR9A Harrier GR9 Hawk T1W Hawk T1A Hawk T1A Hercules C5 Jaguar GR3A

AG51 78sq/IndiaAF 30sq/IndiaAF 30sq/IndiaAF NAEW&CF NAEW&CF 301sq 334sq 322sq FLO FLO 81st FS 81st FS 494th FS “48OG” 45(R)sq 18sq BoBMF 55(R)sq pres, SYAM i/a Air Mov. School i/a, cabin only 60(R)sq pres 41(R)sq 1sq 19(R)sq 208(R)sq 100sq LTW QinetiQ 6sq mks

XX484/CU-566 XZ721/306 ZJ137/W XV246/46 XV497 XW235 XT626/Q XV656/185 XZ580/ZB ZH101/01, ZH106/06 ZH102/02, ZH103/03 ZE158/FF, ZE168/FA ZE254/FD, ZE728/FZ ZE734/JU ZE838/GH ZE887/FX, ZE982/FR ZG731 ZG780/XXV ZA564 ZA609 ZD748 ZF243/243 ZJ811/AZ ZJ916/QO-U XM602 XM607 XS481 G-BWXN, G-BWXU G-BYUC, G-BYXN XP902 VP293 G-AHUF G-AJXV G-AOIY G-ASYG G-BDFH G-BEPV G-BKGM G-BLPG G-BMSB G-BUHA G-BVEZ G-BVWC G-BWUV G-BXKW G-BYHL G-BZDI G-BZNW G-ETPS

Jetstream T2 750sq Lynx HAS3SGM815sq/HQ Flt Merlin HC3 28sq Nimrod MR2 51sq PhantomFGR2 pres Puma HC1 230sq Scout AH1 AACHF Sea K. ASaC7 849sq Sea King HC6 846sq Sentry AEW1 8/23/54(R)sq hang. Sentry AEW1 8/23/54(R)sq Tornado F3 25sq Tornado F3 25sq Tornado F3 111sq spec mks Tornado F3 43sq Tornado F3 25sq Tornado F3 41(R)sq Tornado F3 25sq spec mks Tornado GR4 31sq spec mks Tornado GR4 41(R)sq Tornado GR4 2sq spec mks Tucano T1 1FTS Typhoon T1 17(R)sq Typhoon F2 3sq Vulcan B2 nose only hangar 3 Vulcan B2 pres Wessex HU5 pres, SYAM T-67M-260 JEFTS Tutor T1 CFS Scout AH1 nose only hangar 3 Shackleton T4 nose only hangar 3 Tiger Moth II ex T7997 Auster AOP4 ex NJ695 Auster nn Terrier 2 ex VX927 Auster AOP9 ex XR240 S11-1 ex Netherlands 174/K Beech 3NM as “HB275” Auster J1N as CAF “16693” Spitfire TR9 ex MJ627 Venture T3 ex ZA634 JetProvost T3A ex XM479 Canberra B2 ex WK163 Chipmunk T10 ex WK640 T-67M ex HKG-13 Chipmunk T10 ex WG308 L-39C Isaacs Fury II ex K2048 Hunter FGA9 ex XE601

Eighty percent of the present PC-7s of the Langebaanweg based Central Flying School at the Hoedspruit Air show is shown on this picture. The highlights of the show were the supersonic flight of the Mirage F1AZ, and the flyby of the Mirage 3BZ, 3CZ, and F1AZ. (Hoedspruit, 7 July 2007, SG Alblasserwaard) Scramble 340 - Page 108

One of the military helicopters present was this Agusta A109, the 4004. It was the first ever built A109LUH (Light Utility Helicopter) based on the A109E Power. It was first noted at the Air Salon at Le Bourget in 2003, and wore shownummer 350. (Hoedspruit, 7 July 2007, SG Alblasserwaard) G-FLYY G-FRAT G-LNAA G-SOAF G-TYAK G-UVNR G-VETA LY-BIG

Strikemstr 80A Falcon 20C MD900 Strikemstr 82A Yak-52 Strikemstr 87 Hunter T7 An-2T

ex Saudi 1112 FR Aviation L+N Air Ambulance ex Oman 425

Flightline/Flying: K2663 RK3451 SB041, SB042, SB044 SB103 ZA680 ZA726/F1 XX205 XX248/CJ XX285 XX307 XV221/221 ZH881 XZ647/Z ZF562/670 XZ254/631 XW665 XW226 ZJ690 ZH104/04, ZH105/05 ZH107/07 ZJ277/77, ZJ278/78 ZA401XIII, ZE116/116 ZD792/100 ZE161/GB ZE200/DB ZJ801/BJ ZJ920/BX ZF295/295 ZF347/347 G-AMPY G-APRS G-HHAC G-IIDI, G-IIZI, G-IIEX G-IIIS, G-IIIZ G-OFFO, G-ZEXL G-ZXCL, G-ZXEL

IL-76MD IL-78MKI Su-30MKI Su-30MKI-3 Chinook HC2 Gazelle AH1 Hawk T1A Hawk T1A Hawk T1A Hawk T1 Hercules C3 Hercules C5 Lynx AH7 Lynx HMA8 Lynx HAS3S Nimrod R1 Puma HC1 Sentinel R1 Sentry AEW1 Sentry AEW1 Squirrel HT1 Tornado GR4A Tornado GR4 Tornado F3 Tornado F3 Typhoon T1 Typhoon F2 Tucano T1 Tucano T1 C-47B Twin Pioneer 3 Hunter F58 Extra 300L Su-26M Extra 300 Extra 300

44sq 78sq 30sq/IndiaAF 30sq/IndiaAF 18/27sq 671sq 208(R)sq spec mks 100sq 100sq spec mks 208(R)sq spec mks LTW LTW 671sq 702sq (Black Cats) 702sq (Black Cats) 51sq 33sq 5sq 8/23/54(R)sq 8/23/54(R)sq DHFS 13sq 13sq 43sq 111sq 29(R)sq 29(R)sq 1FTS spec mks 1FTS ex KK116 ex XT610 ex Swiss J-4021

ex Botswana OJ10 ex XL600 Air Unique

Red Bull The Blades The Blades

Visitors: ZA683 ZE438/76

Chinook HC2 Jetstream T3

Flying only: ZJ518/18 G-FRAS, G-FRBA

Nimrod MRA4 BAe Warton Falcon 20 FR Aviation

18/27sq 750sq

Plus the Red Arrows that were operating from another airfield. Helicopter pleasure flights: G-HVRZ, G-LHMS EC120B G-LIMO Bell 206L-1 G-RAMY Bell 206B The annual RAF air show at Waddington was expected to be a highlight in this year’s airshow season, due to the presence of six Indian Flankers on the base. However, things turned out different. The weather had been awful in the weeks before the show, submerging large parts of the United Kingdom and making no exception for the surroundings of Waddington. On Saturday the show went on, although the weather really spoilt the air display. The Red Arrows had to knock-off after ten minutes of display, and the RAF role demo was also cancelled, leaving two Tornado GR4s only the opportunity to do some passes. The pyrotechnics on the ground did put off a bit of a show though. Due to heavy rain Saturday night, the base and its surroundings became a big pool of mud, which left the air show organisation no other choice than to cancel the show early around eight o’clock in the morning. The people who went on Saturday were treated with two Indian Flankers in the static display, as well as three in the flying program.

Hoedspruit (South Africa) 7 July 2007 Flightlines/flying: 4004 405, 406 3011 7111 2002, 2003, 2013 2036, 2055 1223 277 ZU-DMD ZU-DME ZU-IMP

Scramble 340 - Page 109

A109 C-130BZ Ce208A Harvard MkIIA PC-7 Mk II PC-7 Mk II TP-1 Oryx Vampire T55-2 Mirage 3BZ Mirage 3CZ MB326M

19sq 28sq 41sq Swartkop Mus. HF CFS CFS 19sq Swartkop Mus. HF ex 817 ex 800 ex 479

ZU-TEE 233150 Z.-...

L-39 Mirage F1AZ

ex 37 yl/UkraineAF ex 233

Flying only: 377 259, 261, 268

Cheetah C Hawk Mk120

2sq 85 CFS

the main sponsors and demonstrate their products prominently. Pictures, with a beautiful background, can be taken from several places alongside the shore. It is advisable though to have 400 to 600mm available. Nevertheless, the smart ones will rent a little boat to make pictures from…

This was a perfectly organised air show with beautiful weather, temperatures around 25 degrees Celsius and some great aircraft. Rather unique was the formation of the Mirages 3BC, 3CB and F1AZ. The Mirage F1 also brought a bit of joy by creating a sonic boom (at 10 km altitude) earlier that day and by displaying with full afterburner at dawn.

Besides seaplanes, there are also several helicopters to be seen. On their website ( the organisation shows, among others, the AH-1 and other interesting (Red Bull) aircraft. However, due to other obligations, the author could only attend the last day. Therefore, this report is probably not complete.

Sankt Wolfgangsee (Austria)

Edenvale, Ont. (Canada)

Scalaria Air Challenge

Gathering of the classics


13-15 July 2007

Lake L-4-200 Buccaneer DHC-2 Beaver Dornier CD-2 Seastar TM-3H (Autogyro) Dragonfly Red Bull TM-3H (Autogyro) Lake LA-250 Renegade PA-18-150 Maule M-7-235 UC-1 TwinBee DHC-2 Beaver R22 Lake LA4/200EP Ce208 Red Bull Mi-8T Aerocentrum Do-24ATT

From 13 to 15 July, the Scalaria Air Challenge 2007 took place on the scenic Austrian lake in front of the village Sankt Wolfgangsee. This is a regular event (yearly since 2005) and for those who are interested in water planes, this is a “must”. The airport of Salzburg is nearby and also Vienna is only three hours by car. The good part is that St. Wolfgang and its surroundings are beautiful and have a lot to offer, also for the non-aviation interested visitors, from golf to sailing, shopping and many other activities. This is probably interesting information for those among us who frequently have to justify their hobby and particularly the trips to their family members and/or partners. With this event you can bring them along and turn it into a (small) holiday. Besides hotels and a camping, also chalets at the waterfront are available for an enjoyable stay. The event is mainly aimed at owners, pilots and “wannabees” of water planes. Furthermore, Breitling and Aston Martin are


Beech A65 DH82C Finch II Finch II Auster VI CT-120 DH82C DH82A PT-17 DH82A

4 August 2007 ex Canada 3932 ex Canada 4419 ex Canada 4496 ex Canada 16671 ex Canada 12026 ex Canada 4882 ex R4833 ex 42-17152 ex NM200

Gatineau, Que. (Canada) Open House

4 August 2007


Hurricane Mk4 Harvard 4 Lysander 3A Swordfish II Hurricane XII DHC-2 Mk1

ex Canada KZ321 ex Canada 20236 ex Canada 2365 u/r ex Can. HS554 u/r ex Canada 5447 u/r VWC


DH82C Harvard II Harvard II Harvard II Harvard IV Chipmunk 2 Mustang IV Spitfire Mk16 CJ-6A

ex Canada 8869 ex Canada 3222 ex Canada 2918 ex Canada 3039 ex Canada 20451 ex Canada 18025 ex Canada 9575 ex Canada SL721 ex China

The third Open House of the season of local warbird operator

During the air show at Waddington Slingsby T-67M-200 G-BXKW could be found on the static. The Firefly was formerly operated by the Hong Kong Auxilary Air Force as HKG-13 in these colours. (Waddington, 28 June 2007, Evert Keijzer) Scramble 340 - Page 110

Neighbour Serbia took J-22A 25207 to the Kecskemét airshow. The Orao flies with 252 lovacko-bombarderska avijacijska eskadrila based at Batajnica. (Kecskemét, 12 August 2007, Niels Quist) Vintage Wings of Canada was themed “Trainers”, but lacked any real surprises. Their newly acquired Corsair was still in Oshkosh (WI) and there were even less trainers than with the previous edition. The public was not contained to VWC’s premises and numerous light aircraft and homebuilts were displayed on Gatineau’s main apron as well. The gates were open from 10.00 am to 02.00 pm and the entrance was free. Flying activities could be viewed with perfect weather conditions.

Lethbridge, Alta. (Canada) Alberta International Air Show

4 August 2007

Static: 65-0971 158810/NJ-557 165821/NK-603 114 . . . 140118 142803 144614 146417 155208 156123 188913 C-FMCS CF-PST C-GSWS N27493

MC-130P EA-6B E-2C CT-114 CP-140 CT-142 CC-144B CH-146 CT-155 CT-156 CF-188B L-39ZA Harvard II Expeditor 3NM TB-25K

550th SOS VAQ-129 VAW-113 i/a front fuselage 407sq 402sq 412sq 417sq NFTC NFTC 410sq as Romania 121 ex Canada 3776 ex Canada 2382 ex 44-29869

Flightlines/flying: 155219 156101 188719 N97TR

CT-155 CT-156 CF-188 SNJ-4

NFTC NFTC 410sq spec c/s ex Bu27851

Snowbirds/431sq CT-114: 114009/1 114019/2 114013/5 114172/6 114161/9 114109/10

114104/3 114145/7 114085/11

114131/4 114051/8

Abbotsford, B.C. (Canada) International Air Show Static: 61-0017/BD 68-0225 79-1951 96-7323 06-1467 93-2106 59-1474

B-52H C-5A KC-10A C-130H C-130J-30 HC-130H KC-135T

11-12 August 2007 93rd BS 337th AS 60th AMW 731st AS AFRC 115th AS CA ANG 210th RQS AK ANG 314th ARS AFRC

82-0006/OK E-3C 87-0199/SJ F-15E 87-0206/SJ F-15E 85-0836/HO F-117A 94-0148/CB T-1A 68-8150/HO, 68-8177/HO T-38A 158815/NJ-565 EA-6B 164200/407 F/A-18C 164227/400 F/A-18C 140101 CP-140 142806 CT-142 15004 CC-150 155213 CT-155 156105 CT-156

“552ACW” 335th FS 334th FS “334FS” 9th FS 48th FTS 7th CTS VAQ-129 VFA-94 VFA-94 407sq 402sq 437sq NFTC NFTC

Flightlines/flying: 88-0457/HL, 88-0521/HL 85-0833/HO 69-6653 159732/AA-710 160141/AA-701 166673/NJ-133 166675/NJ-134 6543 12437 130337 144614 177701 188719 188913 N151AF N190FS +1 N260X

388th FW 9th FS nn VS-22 VS-22 VFA-122 VFA-122 CGAS Port Angeles 443sq 8 Wing 412sq 429sq Sat only 410sq spec c/s 410sq ex 45-11525 ex Spain C.6-45 ex Australia WH587

F-16CG F-117A UH-1N S-3B S-3B F/A-18F F/A-18F HH-65B CH-124B CC-130H CC-144B CC-177 CF-188 CF-188B P-51D AT-6D Sea Fury FB11

Plus the CT-114 Tutors of the Snowbirds: 114009/1 114019/2 114104/3 114131/4 114013/5 114172/6 114145/7 114051/8 114161/9 + /10 and /11. Definitely one of the better air shows held at Canada’s west coast, the 2007 edition of Abbotsford provided the aviation enthusiast with a nice mix of old and brand new. Nearly extinct S-3B Vikings and F-117s, teamed up with brand new F/A-18Fs and with Canada’s new pride: the CC-177. The latter flew in directly from Long Beach (CA), where it was handed over a few days earlier. The delivery flight led to Abbotsford, where it was presented to the Canadas Minister of Defence. The Globemaster III flew cross country to Trenton (Ont.) for the official media presentation at its new home base on Sunday. Fences were placed very close to the static aircraft, which was not ideal for photography. Much better conditions were in place for the air show as well as the flight lines. Also present were the Snowbirds and the storage line of S-2 Trackers, which were not read off.

Scramble 340 - Page 111

Kecskemét (Hungary) 11 August 2007 (301) 915

MiG-21F-13 MiG-21F-13

pres as “25” pres , near dispersal

Dump far side: 47 (002) (684) 805

IL-28 SBLim-2 MiG-15bis MiG-21F-13

dump dump dump dump

Static: 9235 6054 6073 ZD470/60 ZG472/62A ZE961/FO ZA469/029 35 115, 120, 131, 133 10430 578 04 03 19 06 HA-FBK HA-PAO OK-ATS OK-JZE

JAS39C L-159A L-159B Harrier GR7 Harrier GR7A Tornado F3 Tornado GR4 JAS39C L-39ZO Mi-8T Mi-24D+ MiG-29B Yak-52 Let C.11 SM-1 Zlin Z43 CSS-13 L-29 Let C.11 Aero 20(R)sq 1sq 25sq 9sq spec mks MH 59. Sz.D. REB. MH 59. Sz.D. REB. std std MH 59. Sz.D. REB. MH 59. Sz.D. REB. pres pres ex 076

Static East: 3G-EK 9799 E154/8-NR 38+74 44+34 86+57, 87+50 D-661 508 62 6196 0844 T.21-10/35-48

PC-6/B2-H2 FlRg1/4.St Mi-171Sh 232.vrl Alpha Jet E ETO01.008 F-4F JG71 Tornado IDS AG51 Bo105P1A1 KHR26 CH-47D 298sq Su-22UM-3K 8.elt IAR330 SOCATBaza 90 Av.d.Tr. MiG-21MF-75 Baza 71 Aerian Mi-17 3.VLK 2.Bvl “SFOR” C295M Ala 35

as ‘1951’ as ‘1977’

ex 3238 ex 1511

C.15-53/12-11 73-0991/12-991 ZD405/34A ZD435/47 ZG752/129 ZG780/XXV 89-2009/AV 89-2018/AV 406 26 43 D-HTDM N11FX YU-YAB YU-YAA

EF-18A C-130E Harrier GR7A Harrier GR9 Tornado GR4 Tornado F3 F-16CG F-16CG An-26 MiG-29UB JAS39D Bo105 TAH-1F G2A Galeb J20 Kraguj

Ala 12 222 Filo/Turkish Stars 1sq NSW Marham Wing 25sq spec mks 510th FS 510th FS MH 59. Sz.D. REB. MH 59. Sz.D. REB. MH 59. Sz.D. REB. Red Bull Red Bull ex 23170 ex 30136

Storage area: 122, 124, 125, 126 130, 132, 134, 137 138, 140 10426 10431, 10437/SFOR 23

L-39ZO L-39ZO L-39ZO Mi-8T Mi-8T MiG-29B

std std std std std std

Flightline West: 054, 058, 061 063, 065, 066 T-402, T-412 T-426, T-427 LX-N90449 100006/006 30, 31, 32, 33, 34 36, 37, 38 42

PC-9M PC-9M T-17 T-17 E-3A mod S100B JAS39C JAS39C JAS39D


tail/parts only

There was some moving around with the Gripens between here and the large hangar. In the early afternoon we saw two Gripens in the hangar (candidates are 32, 36 and 37), but in the early evening the hangar was empty. Dispersals near flightline West: Row 1 06 01, 12

MiG-29B MiG-29B

MH 59. Sz.D. REB. std

Row 2 08 20

MiG-29B MiG-29B

MH 59. Sz.D. REB. std

29(R) Squadron Typhoon T1 ZJ801 took part in the flying display during the air show at RAF Waddington. This Typhoon was retained by BAE Warton and used for EMC ground tests ("lightning tests"). After carbon fibre sections were damaged it was rebuilt and flew for the first time after rework on 1 October 2004. On 29 October 2004 the aircraft was officialy delivered to the RAF, but retained at BAE Warton to take part in 'Case White'. This was a programme to let the aircraft enter service smoothly, and any technical issues that arose could be dealt with. The first time it was noted in 29 Squadron colours and coded BJ was on 7 December 2004, delivery to Coningsby took place at 4 May 2005. (Waddington, 29 June 2007, Geert Meeuwis) Scramble 340 - Page 112

Like it or not, this L-39C is a real crowd pleaser at US airshows. Painted as Angel 7 to resemble the A-4 Skyhawk the Blue Angels flew in the 80s. (Niagara Falls ARS, NY, 12 August 2007, Wim Sonneveld) 24, 25 05, 07, 14

MiG-29UB MiG-29B

std std

Row 3 11, 03 19, 22

MiG-29B MiG-29B

MH 59. Sz.D. REB. std

Row 4 16 28, 29

MiG-29B MiG-29UB

MH 59. Sz.D. REB. std

23736 25207 C.15-60/12-18 39136/136, 39183/183 27 HA-LIX N996DM OE-ESA/’BA-8179’ YU-YAG/1 YU-YAK/2 YU-YAF/3 YU-YAD/4

G4 Super GalebVOC J-22A Orao 252.lbae EF-18A Ala 12 JAS39A F7 MiG-29UB MH 59. Sz.D. REB. Li-2P ex 209 DC-6B ex GMB-110 T-28B ex USA 138179 G2A Galeb ex 23194 G2A Galeb ex 23154 G2A Galeb ex 23180 G2A Galeb ex 23187

QRA: 09 10, 18 15 21

MiG-29B MiG-29B MiG-29B MiG-29B

MH 59. Sz.D.left shed MH 59. Sz.D. outside MH 59. Sz.D. rig. shd MH 59. Sz.D.mid shd

And the NF-5A/B(#)s of the Turkish Stars: (70-3013)/13 (70-3015)/15 (70-3036)/36 (70-3039)/39 (70-3042)/42 (71-3051)/51 (71-3066)/66 (69-4005)/05# (71-4029)/29#

Fying only: 110, 407 6206 707 335, 336 718 02, 05, 11 1x

An-26 Mi-8T Mi-17 Mi-24P Mi-24V1 Yak-52 H369E

MH 59. Sz.D. REB. MH 86.HE MH 86.HE MH 86.HE MH 86.HE MH 59. Sz.D. REB. Rendorseg

Flightline in field: H05 H07 0833 10446 703 714

Although the forecast was terrible the weather turned out rather well. The flying started at around eight in the morning and lasted until the early evening. With a bit of effort one could see all the surviving MiG-29s (26), all L-39s on the base (19) and the eleven Gripens delivered so far. Combined with a couple of very pleasant Balkan visitors this gave a great day out.

The distinction between stored and operational is based on the colour scheme and markings. The stored ones looked weathered and had the old red codes while the operational ones had recently seen a paintbrush and wore the new blue codes. They were parked in a long row of seven, one of four and two of three. With a bit of effort they could all be read from the nearby parking lot and from across the runway. Flightline near hangars: 5301 2421 L9-61/61 114, 119, 128, 135, 136

L-39CM L-410UVP-E PC-9M L-39ZO

A109BA A109BA Mi-24V2 Mi-8PS Mi-17 Mi-24V1

Flightline in front of crowd: R3/61-MC C-160R RA04/61-MS C-160R

1.SLK SDoLt LETS MH 59. Sz.D. REB.

17BnMRH/nmks 16BnMRH/nmks 3.VLK 1.Bvl MH 86.HE MH 86.HE MH 86.HE spec mks

Niagara Falls ARS, NY (USA)

ET00.061 ET00.061

Thunder over Niagara

And the Alpha Jets of the Patrouille de France: E135/F-TERX/1 E158/F-TERF/2 E75/F-TERW/3 E41/F-TERA/4 E117/F-TERI/5 E130/F-TERP/6 E165/F-TERE/7 E163/F-TERB/8 E162/F-TERJ/9 E31/F-TERK/0 Flightline East: FA101, FA131 9242 6062 J-635, J-643

F-16AM JAS39C L-159A F-16AM

1sm 313sq

spec mks

Static: 12417 146424 188748 79-0145/BD 70-0463 92-3281, 92-3284 98-1932 58-0023, 63-8036 85-1566/NY 85-24446

Scramble 340 - Page 113

CH-124A CH-146 CF-188 A-10A C-5A C-130H EC-130J KC-135R F-16C UH-60A

11-12 August 2007 12 Wing 403sq 425sq 47th FS AFRC 167th AS WV ANG 328th AS AFRC 193rd SOS PA ANG 136th ARS NY ANG 138th FS NY ANG 3-10 AVN 70-935

69-7077/EN 163918 162018/E-54 162019/E-55 164863/BJ-554 158222/LL-222 160974/G-404 N17SP N464FE N793VS N907DM N935FE

T-38C E-6B TH-57C TH-57C MH-53E P-3C T-44A Bell 407 B727-225F NC-131H CM170R Ce208B

90th FTS “90FTS” VQ-3 TW-5 3697 TW-5 HM-14 VP-30 VT-31 NY State Police FedEx ex 53-7793 245 ex Belgium MT12 Fedex

Flightlines west of static: 01-0194 C-17A C-GFLR Sk16A N45GC C-45H NC582 Beech GB-2 N3703G VB-17G N24927 Liberator Mk1

437th AW ex Sweden 16074 ex 52-10539 ex Bu32876 ex 44-83546 ex Canada AM927

Flightlines east of static: 92-3282, 92-3288 C-130H 96-1005 C-130H 58-0104, 59-1466 KC-135R 87-0181/SJ F-15E 89-0485/SJ F-15E 166623/AA-270 F/A-18F 166662/AC-275 F/A-18F N186FS Sabre Mk6 N52033/6 SNJ-2 N58224/5 SNJ-2 N52900/3 SNJ-2 N60734/2 SNJ-2 N62382/4 SNJ-2 N65370/1 SNJ-2

328th AS AFRC 109th AS MN ANG 136th ARS NY ANG 336th FS 333rd FS VFA-11 VFA-32 ex South Africa 352 ex Bu2040 ex Bu2553 ex Bu2010 ex Bu2032 ex Bu2039 ex Bu2562

Fying/elsewhere: 92-3286, 92-3287 +1 60-0358, 63-7981 N139PJ N922BB

C-130H KC-135R L-39C HA200A

The Thunderbirds with F-16C/D(#)s: 86-0039 # 86-0041 # 86-0281 87-0319 87-0323 87-0325 Preserved (at gates): 43-48957 22105 64-0660 56-2993 56-0185

C-47J C-119G F-4C F-100D RF-101C

328th AS AFRC 136th ARS NY ANG ex Russia ex Spain E.14A-22

allowing checking some construction numbers. The air show had to be viewed from the north side of the runway as well. As light conditions were far from ideal after 10.00am, our local reporter left the base to a private spot along Walmore Rd, which runs east of the base. Although a bit close to the centreline of the main runway, this proved to be a good choice. Weather conditions deteriorated considerably Sunday afternoon, forcing the Thunderbirds to cut off their afternoon performance in a downpour.

Köln-Bonn (Germany) 50 Jahre Luftwaffenkaserne Wahn 12 August 2007 Static: LX-N90444 10+24 12+02 30+18 37+85 45+21 51+03 71+64 82+01 84+79 87+91 -

E-3A NAEW&CF A310-304MRTT FBS BMVg CL-601.3A FBS BMVg EF2000 JG73 F-4F JG71 Tornado IDS JBG33 C-160D LTG63 UH-1D LTG63 AS532U2 FBS BMVg CH-53GS MTHR15 Bo105P1 MTHR15 NH-90 NH Industries PT-1

In Kasernecomplex: 31+29 38+30 40+43 43+61 “43+00” 44+35 70+43 72+77

G91R/3 F-4F Alpha Jet A Tornado IDS Tornado IDS UH-1D UH-1D

On platform/in hangar: 10+21, 10+22 10+26 10+2. 12+03, 12+04 D- . . . .

A310-304 FBS BMVg A310-304MRTT FBS BMVg A310-304MRTT FBS in hangar CL-601 FBS BMVg EC145 ADAC dep am

Mudra Kaserne, Köln-Westerhoven 41+29 Alpha Jet A

87-0313 87-0331 as 43-15851 as 51-2680 preserved preserved east gate preserved west gate

To celebrate the base was removed from the initial BRAC list, as well as “USAF at sixty”, Niagara Falls opened its gates to the public, which came in vast numbers. The main apron north of the main east-west runway was used for both static display and flight lines. Static was typical with no fencing at all,

pres, nmks pres, JG71 pres, JBG43 TSLw 3 AG51 mrks pres, JBG31 pres, nmks TSLw 3


Credits Showreports: Kevin Bailey, Cheryl Baumgärtner, Derek Boland, Gianandrea Bussi, Geoff Cook, Tim Doherty, Robert Erenstein, Ian French, Kevin Hall, Peter Hambelton, Erik van Helvoort, Ronny Jansen, Alan Kilham, Rene Liebe, Eric van Lisdonk, Steve Lowe, Simon Lydiate, Alan Macey, Dave Mills, Patrick Moonen, David Moore, Klaas van Os, Robert Reuver, Dirk Jan de Ridder, David Robins, Ronald de Roij, Mark Rourke, Nigel Sadler, Oliver Schmid, Dimitri Schmidt, Andreas Schoen, Rob Sowald, Dave Stock, John Varley, Gijs ten Velde, Paul Williamson, Paul Witty, Tony Wood, Spottersgroep Albasserwaard

Scramble 340 - Page 114

Oshkosh - EAA Air Venture 2007

Erwin van Dijkman Main flight line view, many Harvards are visible behind T-34B N816DB ‘DB-150’ and sister-ship N816JB ‘JB-176’. (Geoff Dryden) What can I tell you about Oshkosh? This short impression below, of Thursday until about 14.30, is not doing the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) or its members, justice. In fact, I should probably elaborate on the history of the association, the numerous categories in which prices can be won by participants, bash you with the numbers of attendees etcetera. Instead, being a military aircraft spotter who is also interested in Warbirds, I chose to give ‘just’ a report on aircraft with some sort of military pedigree and bore you with some cursory remarks and jottings that went through our heads on the long, long trod past all the aircraft present. We obviously already knew about this event, but always thought it was predominantly a light and kit airplane venture. Well: it is. Driving up to the perimeter in the early morning, no traffic jams encountered, you can see that the airfield is turned into a gigantic camp site! Each stretch of land bordering the west side taxiways and ramps is absolutely crammed with light aircraft of participants that set up their tents right next to their aircraft. It is bordering on the impossible to log all of these in one day and we basically ignored most of these areas unless we saw something that looked vaguely familiar and could have some military history, a Piper Cub or Beech 17, for example.

Lay out Apart from the aircraft camp and parking areas, there are some major static and flight lines that form the centrepiece of the air show. The airfield has two runways laid out in a Tshape. The northern one runs 09/27 and the southern one is offset and runs 18/36. Two smaller runways form a cross at the junction of the T-shape, 13/31 and 04/22. The north side holds the terminal of Wittman Regional Airport and various companies. The southwest ‘quarter’ of the field has the museum and is the area open to the public during the air show. The southeast part holds no ramps, only a taxiway to Basler’s site. We have divided our report in nine main parts, some of which are in fact one large area but chopped up for this log for convenience. The first area is called ‘Fighter town’. As the name suggests, it contains mainly warbirds falling into that category, most of the Mustangs were parked here, for example. Between that area and the flight line, and not clearly divided, is a sector that holds mainly training aircraft. The flight line itself is a stretch of tarmac, in fact runway 03/31, and adjacent grass land, where jet and larger prop aircraft were parked. Actually, I should point out that all these areas above doubled as flight lines! You are allowed to walk between all these aircraft in the active areas and should be very aware of taxiing aircraft. This is quite a relaxed experience and a far cry from the fenced off and out of bounds policy mostly encountered in Europe. In fact, health and safety regulations probably forestall such events being held in the same way over here. In the middle of the western land side area is the main static, most of the modern military stuff sits there. The

western part of this consists of exhibition chalets of small aircraft manufacturers, nothing ex-mil there though. The north side of the northern runway contains another flight line and holds visiting biz jets. The sixth area is the stretch between the main static along the taxiway, where you can pick any spot, by the way, to the southern threshold of runway 18/36. This contains some separate areas with small helicopters, ultra light aircraft, WWI trainers, vintage Beech, Cessna and Waco types and more camp sites. We collated this into one section. Near the southern threshold you can hop on a bus for a $2 ride to the Seaplane base that is on Lake Winnebago, a ten minute drive from the airfield itself. Again, the atmosphere here resembles that of a camp ground or barbeque site. Most of the attending aircraft on floats are moored here. Two other sections of this report are dedicated to the residents at Oshkosh. First, there is the EAA Air Adventure museum. Some of its aircraft were among the static display but the museum itself can be visited as well. This is well worth the bus ride. Both this bus ride and the entrance to the museum are included in the ticket price of the air show; just show your wrist band to attend. Lastly, the infamous Basler Company of turbo Dakota fame sits on the eastern outskirts of the airfield. Yes, that treat is here too and you can easily navigate around it by car after exiting the airfield. It was much smaller than we expected beforehand, but we made good numbers there. We have omitted all the serial prefixes like ‘NX’, ‘NC’, and ‘NL’ and listed those as just ‘N’. If there is no previous operator listed, it used to be a USAF or USN aircraft. When there is nothing in the remarks column, the serial carried is the real deal. Also, if the US serial that is carried is correct but was superseded by a more recent serial from another operator, this last serial is listed in the remarks column and the former US serial is not placed between quotes, since it is technically a genuine s/n! In all other cases the ‘fake’ serial that is carried, is presented between quotes. Only construction numbers that were actually read off are listed.

Fighter town static: 148609

‘NP-685’ ‘FT-749’ 51-2740 ‘FU-740’ 05-3814/CB N15MG ’4115’ N21MG ’4326’ N25YK N30FF ’415459/B-HL’ N51HY N51PE 413551/K-FT N55JL ’414937/P-B6’ N139TS N151HR 474524/YF-M N151MW 511633/J-CS N151W 4511540/PE N170HF 17005 N308WK ’TE308’

Scramble 340 - Pagina 115

A-4A F-80 F-86E T-6A MiG-15bis MiG-21PF Yak C11 P-51D P-51D P-51D P-51D L-39C P-51D P-51D P-51D TH-13T Spitfire TR.IXc

ex 142112, museum EAA museum EAA museum 14th FTW ex China ex Hung 1603 1603 ex Egypt 25III25 ex Bolivia FAB523 ex 45-11439 ex 44-74230 ex Russia

FY67 ex Ireland 163

N314BG N401WH N439NA N451D N582H N599HF N611JR N826LT N1157H N1451D N3430B N4103T N4996M N5428V N8064D N61013 N79123 C-FPTR C-GSWS

’414151/HO’ 210256 ’414790/HO’ ’82’ 22599 ’WB188’ ’12FTW/RA’ ’40 wh’ ’11’ 144010//S A-823 ‘286142/142’ ’U-CY’ 140020 ’X’ 140012/’283' 2382

P-51D P-40K L-39C P-51D N3N-3 TAH-1P Hunter F51 P-3-05 Yak 9U-M P-51D T-34B P-3-05 AT-6D P-51D T-28B PT-19 P-38L T-28B Expeditor 3NM

ex ex ex ex ex

Canada 9567 Russia Russia 44-73260 Bu2003

ex Denmark E-418 ex Swiss A-826 replica 04700402 ex 9223 Canada ex Swiss ex Spain C.6-30 ex 44-73264 also ‘KD-301’ ex 42-27231 ex Canada

Most of the Mustangs had nicknames, as follows (same order as above): 415459/B-HL N51HY 413551/K-FT 414937/P-B6 474524/YF-M 511633/J-CS 4511540/PE 414151/HO 414790/HO N5428V/U-CY

Lovely Lila Quicksilver Little Horse Gentleman Joe Long Island Kid/Dakota Kid II Lady Alice Excalibur Petie 2nd Sweet and Lovely Gunfighter

Training aircraft area: 82-0043/N39AF 87-0763/N763AF N52BN N52XS ‘Av8or’ N60DJ ‘AI-101’ N82YK N88RT ‘88’ N95WM 7549 N101VT ‘101/VN-308’ N121BC ‘0123’ N129GC 46/’HB’ N194TX ‘23139’ N201SS 1-4871 N212TC ‘21’ N246Z 7246 N305AB JG-1096 N391RV MM57237 N420RB N502A 97617 N504WR 04 ye

TG-7A TG-7A Yak-52 Yak-52W Harv.IV/’Zero’ Yak-52 Harvard II Harvard IV SNJ-4/’SNJ-2' T-34A/’T-34B’ IAR823 O-1A O-1A SNJ-5 Harvard IIA O-1A SM1019E CJ-6A O-2A Yak-52

94th FTS 94th FTS ex Russia? exRussia? 9912203 ex Canada 20473 ex Rus. 114 822612 ex Canada 2780 ex SAfrica 88-15597 ex Bu27768 ex 53-3362 ex Romania 55 ex 51-12684 23129 FY51 ‘20188’ ex Bu90946 ex SAfrica 88-10676 ex Japan 21290 ex Italy E.I.444 ex China 2132049 FY69 ex Russia 812104

N524RP N701WL N744S N802A N823DC N823W N848AD N934JT N2256B N2697S N2879G N3238G N3687F N3706C N4995P N5022K N6315T N6984C N7055C N7213J N7692Z N8272R N9011M N9164W N9279H N9325H N9743N N21740 N29963 N40480 N47217 N48233 N48608 N52518 N56878 N58307 N60512 N62700 N62724 N64408 N64669 N64712 N65693 N66332 N67789 N73402 N75016 N75964 N87534 N90425 C-FUSY CF-VFG C-GBDT C-GNAN

Yak-52 CJ-6A PT-13D 6685 O-2A IAR823 23 IAR823 A-848 P-3-05 ‘JT-9’ SNJ-4 88 N3202 ’69-0997' Ce337D ’44-WM’ T-6G 112348/’TA’ SNJ-6 SNJ-5 ‘41753’ L-5E 93401/’TA-401' T-6G 0-1524 O-1A CJ-6A ‘00’ AT-6D/’SNJ-5' ‘369/VF’ SNJ-5 Yak-52 ’88-9831/DG’ SNJ-4 Sk16E Yak-52 ’02 rd’ CJ-6A 42-65876/’70' PT-26A 7807 L-16A BT-13A ’27 wh’ CJ-6A 85077 T-6G L-5 20217/217 Harvard IV ‘11108’ O-2A 41-20696 PT-22 ‘518’ PT-17 ‘428’ PT-17 ‘305226/ED44’ PT-19B 43 IAR823 19616/’202' BT-13A ‘724’ SNJ-5B 15103 T-41B 298319 L-5 PT-17 ‘88’ N2S-3 45-4594 L-4J ‘03125/89’ BT-13/’SNV-1' 241372/’557' BT-15 PT-17 ‘9830/44’ SNJ-4 866/HV281 O-2A 71148 L-16A Yak-18T 20404/404 Harvard IV MM57216 SM1019E ’04 wh’ CJ-6A

Painted to resemble an IDF/AF Cobra, TAH-1P N2734D sits on the far side of the flight line area. Scramble 340 - Pagina 116

ex Rus. 24 833014 ex China 3051215 ex 42-17569 FY68 337M-0174 ex Romania 57? ex Romania ex Swiss ex Bu27522 ex France 88 not ex-mil ex 49-2996 ex Bu43817 ex 44-17574? ex Spain E.16-115 ex Japan JG-1051 ex China 2332045 ex 44-81468 ex Mexico 718 ex 140 ye 878214 exSAf 7692 88-9831 ex Fv 61049 164 ex Rus. 38 822111 ex China 2851264 FY47 ex 41-10990? ex China 3932005 ex Spain C.6-185 ex 42-98276 ex Canada ex 68-11018 ex 41-25614 ex 41-8153 ex42-34560 Rosalie ex Romania 52 FY41 ex Bu43724 FY67 ‘Guinea short lines’ ex 41-0904 ex Bu07362 41-1605 Bounce’nB FY42 ex ? (75-3418) ex Paraguay ? ex 68-10866 FY47 Rus. 22202032418 ex Canada dep ex Italy, E.I.423 ex China 4032004

(Geofff Dryden)

The Air Venture was plagued by rainy weather necessitating some creative camping! Dakota N737H, that was not noted on Thursday by the way, doubles as a shelter. (Geoff Dryden) Some problem cases here. Bird Dog N194TX was read as c/n 23129 but should be 23139, N210SS had c/n 20188 (or maybe 20185), but it should be 21756! The N2697S poses as an O-2B in full military markings. In this area, many other pseudo military aircraft were parked. Notably, the newly built tail wheeled Aerostar Yak-52TW was present in abundance. We jotted them down as Yak 18 at first, but wait a minute, there can not be that many original tail wheel Yaks around.... We started checking the c/ns, and indeed they were built in Romania from 2002 onward! Also, about a dozen Ryan Navions were present here, some in full USAF c/s. Although a couple might actually have been L-17A, we did not record them so they are omitted from this log. The IAR-823’s were nice of course; they solved a serial to c/n tie-up problem in our dbase as well! Lastly, two civil SF260D were noteworthy. We proceeded quickly to a field full of T-34, more Harvards and rows of L-39 and T-28 on the flight line before the threatening rain clouds would spoil our writing efforts!

Main flight line area: N1XP N7CN N15S N20MD N21BA N28CU N28XT N29HW N33VW N34AX N39P N40PE N45DT N45SK N47DA N48JC N53JA N54RF N57XX N66WP N98FP N100ZP N128BS N134DR N134HC N134RV N139TB N139US N149HF N152XX N158JC N179PT N188RL

‘140770/770’ WJ288 WG655 220 138231 ‘TL-339’ ‘320401’ ‘474850/47’ ‘76’ ‘226641/S-2M’ 112229/’P-OO’ ‘TD-340’ ‘140140’ ‘TN-01’ ‘447695/089’ ‘3404’ 138240 ‘85464/RS’ 14262 ‘J-2443’ Swiss 24149 ‘122179’ 24986/FU-986

C-47 T-34A SeaFury FB11 SeaFury T20S SNJ-6 T-28B T-28B L-39C C-47A T-34A L-39C Kittyhawk I T-34A C-45H P-47D AT-6G/’SNJ-7' T-34A T-34A L-39C T-6G AT-6G T-34B T-28B T-34B T-34A RV-1D L-39C L-39C C-7A L-39C L39ZO F4U-5N F-86F

ex ex ex ex ex

41-38630 ye c/s 52-8272 UnitedKingdom UnitedKingdom Bu112220

ex Bu138339 ex Ukraine ex 43-15935 ex Chile 177CG-141 ex Russia ex Canada 1052 ex 55-0228 G-785 ex 52-10715 ex Peru 532 ex S.Africa 7703 ex 53-3340 G-101 ex 53-3379 G-140 ex Russia ex 51-15105 ex Paraguay 0118 ex Bu140670 BG-4 ex 140835 BG-169 exChile 187 CG-207 FY64 ex Russia 119 wh ex Russia 77 ye FY62 ex Ukraine 14 ye ex Libya 8201 ex Honduras 603 ex Argentina C-125

N194RR N214MB N224RD N226GR N228TS N240CA N240CG N244GR N245Z N285DB N289RD N311H N342DB N365SH N375VU N390HC N393WA N400FS N433RD N455TM N462NA N600DM N631HF N636MG N645DS N653B N666GR N728G N757K N791MH N816DB N816JB N919W N991GM N1328B N1974M N2734D N2805J N3265G N3267G N3774 N3931R N4209 N4213Z N5190G N5259W N5588N N6380L N7090C N7132E N7462C N7705C N7958C

138194 ‘214/MB’ 121748 138351 97359 146240 481920/’TA’ 144095 138216 140576 ‘5472’ ‘141400/2S’ 247 51242 ‘6039’ Czech 143575 ’52-1579' ‘1116’ 140570 59-2631 ‘AA+636/4’ 90645/’DS’ 140653 140581 140647 ‘2’ ‘DB-150’ ‘JB-176’ 82 ‘5’ ’55-’138354 481252/’TA’ 734 ‘IDF/AF’ ‘43770’ 91049 ‘1’ ‘33634’ 84923/’WB’ 16026 140778 ‘22452’ 10831 ‘370’ B-675 ‘3’ 437510 122619

Scramble 340 - Pagina 117

T-28B SNJ-5B F8F-2 HU-16E AT-28D F4U-4B T-28C AT-6F T-34B T-28B AT-28D T-34A T-34A SA365F SNB-5 L-39ZA L-39C FJ-4B CT-133 L-39ZO T-28C L-39C OV-1B T-6J SNJ-5 T-28C T-28C C-47 T-28C T-6G T-34B T-34B L-29L AT-6D T-28B AT-6D TAH-1P C-47D SNJ-5B SNJ-5 Mitchell II SNJ-5 OH-6A T-34B TO-1A O-2A F2G-1 L-39C SNJ-4 T-34A AT-6F B-26C F8F-2

ex Bu43732 ex USCG 2132 ex Philippine FY44 BG-402 ex Zaïre FG-576 ex 53-3311 G-72 ex Urug. 642 G-107 ex Ireland 6202 ex Romania 137 ex Ukraine 05 ye ex Canada 133579 ex Germany 28+24 ex Russia ex Mozamb. 1788

ex 41-7860 ex France 114791 ex 140816 BG-150 ex 140842 BG-176 ex Russia ex Mexico 781 FY44 ex 77-22734 ex 43-16369 ex Bu51971 ex Canada KL148 FY69 BG-112 ex 51-12138 FY68 ex Bu88457 ex Russia 45 wh ex Bu27754 ex Indonesia G-761 ex 44-82489 FY44

N8124N N8226E N8574 N8704 N8994 N9022N N9643C N12252 N27775 N28100 N28941 N41776 N43722 N52424 N62143 N65491 N92778 N92879 N99184

144072 138291 476716 ’66-2814/JS’ 140666 ‘3’ ‘550704’ ‘13391’ ‘BP’ 140553 16435 28 09 137789 138245 ‘114799/TA’ 83589 21098

L-39C T-34B T-28B TC-47B Harvard IIb T-28C TB-25K T-34A SNJ-4 T-28A T-28C OH-6A L-39ZO T-28B SeaFury T20S T-28B T-6G SB2C-5 T-33AN

ex Russia BG-379 FY44 ex Netherl. B-174 ex ex ex ex

44-86758 55-0147 G-704 Bu27775 49-1703

FY67 ex Germany ex UK WG652 ex France 14794 ex Canada

red c/s

Again a sizeable fleet of vintage aircraft! Especially the flight line filled with Trojans and Albatrosses was a nice sight. During the last part of logging these, the rain set in. Hence the lack of details in markings recorded with these... We took shelter under the wings of one T-28 at a time and worked our way towards one of the food courts. I must say that these are perfectly arranged on US shows. They come in sorts, this was one of the ‘dining hall’ type, basically a large tent with two neat rows of people lined up for a large buffet-like counter. Unfortunately, there was one row for breakfast and one for lunch. We were unwillingly in the breakfast one, but craving for a lunch after 3 hours of non-stop aircraft logging. They decided to switch our row into a lunch row just before us and wanted to close down the row alltogether! Luckily, the lady behind the counter did indeed not expect us to start over again in the other row and handed the necessary hot dog and burger to us, thanks gal! Other food booths were more convenient with a separate counter for each sort of food or beverage, so if you want a hot dog get in line at the hot dog counter etcetera. This works fine and somehow the European chaos and queuejumping is never in evidence at stateside shows, ever. Some remarks on the aircraft in this area, although most are self-evident. The Uruguayan T-34 has never taken up the serial 642, it is former Spanish E.17-18 and was last noted stored in Uruguay in 1996; it was sold stateside after that obviously. The Irish Air Corps Dauphin was in some sort of camo and was parked next to the Cobra that was in Israeli markings, complete with snake markings and roundel! Indonesian Mentor B-675 was painted in full colour scheme, nice as well. Four of the Harvards, coded 1, 2, 3, and 5, formed a demo team and were in a grey and red c/s with ads plastered all over them. The Honduran Corsair is a composite

airframe that happened to assume the identity of Bu122179/ FAH604, some parts of which were indeed used; the main chunk however belongs to former Bu123168/FAH603. Two more Beech 18 were present, N26PL, and N55638 as well as Cessna T-50 N1238N all of which might have a military pedigree, but not one that I know of.

Main static area: 70-0448 88-4401 58-0130 72-1494/TD 75-0745 87-0278/WI 71-20016 71-20658 87-24610 59-0275/CB 64-13301/BB N34 N44V N79FS MM57256 N151RJ ‘474404/BC-H’ N333RW ‘02344’ N500EJ N805MB 80503 N846NA NASA 846 N1053 N3172G 93172/TA-172 N3451D 44-75007 N8082U Precious Metal N17630 17630 N24927 ‘27’ N44953 23603 N61827 329459 N63850 1649

C-5A C-130H KC-135R QF-4E F-16A F-16C UH-1V OH-58A UH-60A T-37B T-38A R4D-7 C-47 SM1019E P-51D TB-25N C-54R F7F-3P F/A-18B L-20A T-6G P-51D P-51D P-38F Liberator I U-10A L-4H J2F-4

89th AS AFRC 95th AS AFRC 126th ARS WI ANG 82nd ATRS travelling exhibit ‘115th FW’ WI ANG 832ndMedCoWI NG nn in hangar nn 14th FTW 1st RS ex Bu99856 wh/or ex 41-38596 ex Canada 9276 ex 44-86734 ex 44-9144 ex 53-3720 FY49 museum, ‘Paul I’ ex 44-73518 FY41 ex UK AM927 FY62 FY43

When we left, the Galaxy was moved to make room for the U-2 that had just arrived. Mustang N151RJ was named ‘Dazzling Donna’ and slick metal finished N8082U wore ‘Precious Metal’. Technically, the Liberator never was military because the RAF did not take it up; it became a civil owned RLB-30 instead. Not much of a static, but more modern aircraft were due to arrive later on the Thursday and throughout Friday; and after all you go to Oshkosh for the old stuff!

North side flight lines / moving a/c: 94-7320/2 87-0181/SJ 89-0483/SJ 04-4067/FF 05-4084/FF 05-3812/XL

C-130H F-15E F-15E F-22A F-22A T-6A

731st AS 336th FS 335th FS ’94th FS’ 94th FS 47th FTW

dep arr arr arr

How about that, a Swiss L-39! With over 150 Albatrosses in the USA, there are bound to be customers that apparently want to underline their roots. (Geoff Dryden) Scramble 340 - Pagina 118

This Beaver was for sale and parked near the bus stop for the seaplane base. 65-10342/BB 80-1074/BB 165385/WF-01 165417/WF-05

T-38A U-2S AV-8B+(R) AV-8B+(R)

1st RS 99th RS VMA-513 VMA-513

arr dep dep

South western part: N56EF N101CB N241D N450SH N556DM N600ZE N744G N1042B N4497N N7835B N12731 N44562 N45035 N45261 N45265 N49571 N49674 N52969 N53040 N58756 N60418 N72___ N78691 N90504


CT-120 L-20A C-45H N2S-3 ‘424’ N3N-3 JRF-5 J4F-2 ‘29710’ VB-25N ‘486’ N2S-3 ‘711’ PT-17 A17-491 DH82A GB-2 ‘282’ N3N-3 4448 N3N-3 2685 N3N-3 L-4B PT-22 ‘743’ PT-13D PT-17 ‘24’ N2S-3 ‘337/4-N-3’ PT-23A ’40-1827/384' PT-13 UC-64A 18049 CT-120

ex Canada 12056 ex 58-2066 ex 52-10920 ex Bu38383 ex ? ex Bu84805 ex Bu37764 ex 44-30823 ex Bu07109 ex 42-16424 ex Australia ex Bu23743 ex Bu4421? ex Bu4448? ex 43-0742 ex 41-15367 ex 42-16919 ex 41-25310 ex Bu07715 ex ? ex 40-1827? ex 44-70372 ex Canada 12049

Many biplanes of yester year were found here. More Beech 17, and 18, Piper 18 and some N3N-3 were present, but again no mil history has popped up so far for those.

Seaplane base: N9028 N31357 C-GBUL

L-20A L-20A L-20A

ex 54-1672 ex 56-0394 ex 53-2797

There was a fourth DHC-2 that was moored head on and escaped identification; it was in a silver c/s. Moreover, about five Piper Cubs with floats were present as well, we forgot to note those, sorry!

EAA museum: Inside: 97259 41-038

F4U-4 P-51A

N121R N3800L ‘2103993’ N9658H Outside: 43-2014 47-1498 52-1993 53-2536 51-8627 53-5250 93292 N10V N840 N1196N RS712 N8R

(Geoff Dryden) PT-13D P-38M L-5E

ex 42-17347 ex 44-53087 ex ?

‘223835’ ‘FS-292’

C-47 F-84C F-86H pole F-89J TR-627 T-33A pole ‘35073’/TR-250T-33A TA-292 T-6G B-25H ex 43-4432, pole P-64 J2F-6 ex Bu36976 F-EG Mosquito TT.35 MJ772 Spitfire TR.IX ex Ireland 159

Part of the museum aircraft were moved outside to make room for one of the award ceremonies. Also, some were parked among the static aircraft. The status of the majority is airworthy, so that is why we did not call them ‘preserved’ above. The aircraft outside were logged as our bus passed, we had a long drive ahead to Ohio so we did not bother waiting around for a later one, since we still had to do part of the static and Basler as well.

Basler: Inside: TZ391 N471DK

BT-67 BT-67

Mali ex IDF/AF 017

There were two more aircraft inside. One was in the streetside hangar part together with the two above and was bare metal, just like the N471DK. The Mali AF example was in full colour scheme. The other hangar contained another example in a white colour scheme marked ‘Steffi’ on the nose. Outside: ‘HEMS 39’ 28683 N21BF N36AP N56KS N100BF N300BF N683LS N907Z N8187E N61981

Scramble 340 - Pagina 119

C-117D H-21B CC-129 C-47A C-47J C-117D Dakota IV DC-3C Dakota III C-47A C-49E

Stored, ex 17216 Stored, FY52 Stored Stored Stored Stored Stored Stored Stored Stored Stored


C-47B DC-3 C-49H

Other side of the road (in a field): N115NA C-53D

Stored Stored Stored

N55JL N151HR N151MW N151RJ


North American SNJ/T-6 Texan/Harvard [42] N3172G T-6 93292 T-6 MUS N3238G SNJ CF-VFG Harv TAS N3265G SNJ N21BA SNJ MFLL N3267G SNJ N48JC T-6 MFLL N3687F SNJ N60DJ ‘Zero’ TAS N3931R SNJ N66WP T-6 MFLL N4995P T-6 N88RT Harv TAS N4996M T-6 N98FP T-6 MFLL N6984C T-6 N95WM Harv TAS N7055C SNJ N101VT SNJ TAS N7090C SNJ N212TC SNJ TAS N7462C T-6 N214MB SNJ MFLL N7692Z SNJ N244GR T-6 MFLL N8272R Sk16 N246Z Harv TAS N8994 Harv N636MG T-6 MFLL N27775 SNJ N645DS SNJ MFLL N29963 T-6 N791MH T-6 MFLL N47217 Harv N934JT SNJ TAS N62724 SNJ N991GM T-6 MFLL N75964 SNJ N1974M T-6 MFLL N92778 T-6 N2879G T-6 TAS


North American T-28 Trojan/Fennec [21] C-FPTR B FTS N666GR N28CU B MFLL N757K N28XT B MFLL N1328B N128BS B MFLL N8064D N194RR B MFLL N8574 N228TS D MFLL N9022N N240CG C MFLL N28100 N285DB B MFLL N28941 N289RD D MFLL N52424 N462NA C MFLL N65491 N653B C MFLL






52 CJ-6 CJ-6 52 52 CJ-6 CJ-6


This example lay there with four other hulks and they were partly over grown. As you can imagine, a lot of time went into researching the correct identities of most of the above. Most helpful was the Warbirds Worldwide Directory and the website proved to be very helpful as well. Lastly, we made extensive use of FAA’s USCAR online registration inquiry facility. We realize that many warbirds have a rather mottled history consisting of hazy paper trails, identity swaps and composite airframes. This report will therefore surely contain some mistakes, do not hesitate to comment on them if you find one! All in all, our main purpose was to get a taste of one of the greatest shows on earth and although Americans tend to exaggerate every now and then, I must admit they are probably right with this one!

Cross reference of main types Where was that particular Harvard or P-51 parked? To aid in navigation through this vast list and to provide some indication of the quantity of some of the specific types present, we compiled a cross reference. It only contains the most numerous aircraft present (at least ten, excluding the Dakotas). FTS = Fighter Town Static MFLL = Main Flight Line MS = Main Static MUS = EAA Museum SW = Southwest part TAS = Training Aircraft Static Aero L-39 Albatross [16] N29HW C MFLL N39P C MFLL N57XX C MFLL N139TB C MFLL N139TS C FTS N139US C MFLL N152XX C MFLL N158JC ZO MFLL

N390HC N393WA N439NA N455TM N600DM N6380L N8124N N43722/


Stearman 75/PT-13/PT-17/N2S Kaydet [14] N121R 13 MUS N53040 17 N450SH N2S SW N56878 17 N744S 13 TAS N58756 N2S N4497N N2S SW N64712 17 N7835B 17 SW N65693 N2S N52518 17 TAS N72___ 13 N52969 13 SW N75016 17 North American P-51 Mustang [15] 41-038 A MUS N151W D N30FF D FTS N314BG D N51HY D FTS N451D D N51PE D FTS N1451D D




N3451D D N5428V D N8082U D

N245Z N311H N342DB N816DB N816JB N4213Z N7132E N8226E N12252

Yakovlev Yak-18/52 / Nanchang CJ-6 [14] N524RP C-FUSY 18T TAS N701WL C-GNAN CJ-6 TAS N6315T N52BN 52 TAS N7213J N52XS 52 TAS N9011M N82YK 52 TAS N9164W N420RB CJ-6 TAS N21740 N504WR 52 TAS

Part of the Trojan line-up on the main flight line.


(Geoff Dryden) Scramble 340 - Pagina 120

The Romanian Tour

With some hundred operational MiG-21s officially on strength, Romania is the European country to see Soviet built fighters. Lancer A 3003 belongs to the 711Esc based at Câmpia Turzii. (Câmpia Turzii, 25 June 2007, Jaap Dijkstra) Earlier this year it was announced on one of the internet aviation forums that the Romania Air Force would held a Romanian Air Force Press Tour 2007. Everyone with credentials or with his aviation related photos/articles published somewhere could apply. Sunday - 24 June 2007 Bucuresti - Otopeni 405 IL-28B stored A quick check at the international airfield revealed that only the Il-28 was still present at the old museum site. Movilita YR-PMD An-2R Just south of this village a crop spraying An-2 was parked outside a farm. This was along the main 2/E60 road. Ianca town 766 MiG-15 preserved This MiG is pole mounted along the main road through town. Ianca 2546 MiG-15 preserved We could not find the right track to go near the hangar/ flightline side of the airfield. Some hangars were seen but no aircraft. The only aircraft noted was the MiG-15 behind the gate. Boboc 35, 37 An-2R SApFA 53, 55, 57 An-2T SApFA 60 An-2TP SApFA Twelve An-2s were noted in rows which all looked operational. Not all could be read due to faded serials and heat waves. Also seen were six Yak-52s. Next to it were three wingless An-2s. (30), (32), (38) An-2R stored Several more stored aircraft were noted at the northern end of the apron, including ten/twelve Alouette 3s, three MiG-21s and six L-29s. Another MiG-21 was parked before the hangar with the operational An-2s. Ploiesti - Strejnic YR-DAF, YR-PMY An-2 The local airfield is on the eastern side of town. Pucioasa 204 MiG-15 preserved YR-BMC An-24RV preserved It took some time to find these aircraft as we were looking for an airfield. The Muzeul Aviatic is however based at a former

military complex where the courtyard is used as a heli pad. From a hotel at the northern end of the main road through the town centre, go up the hill and after a few 100 metres the museum is on the left side of the road, a bit hidden from view. Brasov town (152) IAR316 preserved (51) IAR823 preserved (51) L-29 preserved (139) L-39ZA preserved The military academy is at the Boul Grivitei street. The Alouette was seen through the gate, while the others were seen from a small chapel next to the gate (this is listed in EMOOS as a church). Brasov - Ghimbav YR-PAX An-2R stored YR-YMP An-2 stored The search for the preserved MiG-17 near the tower did not reveal it. Only noted were two derelict An-2s. Monday - 25 June 2007 Câmpia Turzii This was the first base visit. After a welcome by the base commander and some of his officers, there was a briefing about the airfield and its operation. This was done at the airfield barracks some 500m away from the airfield. From here we went to the base, which is a “bare base”, just a runway and parallel taxi track. The MiGs are parked along the taxi track at both ends and the Pumas are at helipads next to the tower. There are very few buildings on the base, including two new small hangars and a new tower. The operational flight line is at the eastern side and had the following: 172, 176 Lancer B Baza71 Aeriana 3002, 3003, 6002 Lancer A 711Esc 6003, 6421, 6801 Lancer A 711Esc 6105, 6196, 6607 Lancer C 712Esc 9810, 9615 Lancer A 711Esc Next to it was another line with some more MiG-21s, including two armed QRA Lancer C aircraft. 5917, 6499, 6840 Lancer C 712Esc 8104, 9612 Lancer A 711Esc The 713 Escadrila area has some ten helipads. Puma 49 was towed from the hangar to a pad in the morning. 02, 49, 91, 98 IAR330L 713Esc The two hangars are quite new and can each accommodate three Lancers or Pumas at a time. Noted in that area were: 6203, 6518, 9611 Lancer C 712Esc

Scramble 340 - Page 121


Lancer A


At the north end of airfield was another line with (temporary stored) aircraft. The Puma had no engines and rotors. 83 IAR330L stored 3001, 8102, 9607 Lancer A 711Esc 9541 Lancer B Baza71 Aeriana 9608, 9702 Lancer A 711Esc 9705, 9808 Lancer A 711Esc Tuesday - 26 June 2007 Bacau Via a very nice road through the mountains, where the passage with overhanging rocks was not wider than the road and a small river, we went to Bacau for our next visit. During the briefing it became evident that the MiG-21s would not fly today as a number of them were based at Mihail Kogalniceanu for the French-Romanian exercise Chasse Accompli 07. This was compensated by the nearly constant flying by the trainers from Ianca. These aircraft are based here while the runway at their home base is being overhauled. Preserved outside the HQ building are two MiGs and a small civil training aircraft. 253 MiG-15 preserved 23 MiG-21F-13 preserved The Romanians have two types of IAR99. The old standard type and the Soim, the modernised version with the digital cockpit. This version can be identified by the blade antenna under the nose. Noted at the active flight line (all did fly) were: 701, 708 IAR99 SApFA 715, 716 IAR99 SApFA 711, 719 IAR99 (Soim) SApFA 145, 146, 149 L-39ZA 201Esc Parked on a line nearby were: 704, 707 IAR99 712, 722, 724 IAR99 (Soim)


Between this line and the stored MiG-21s several aircraft were seen. The L-39 was in a revetment behind IAR99 line and the An-2 was stored nearby. The An-2 had parts of its canvas missing. Lancer 5912 was inside the maintenance hangar, 5910 was outside and 5705 was towed into that hangar from the Aerostar area. Sad news from there is that all four H-5B/ HJ-5s have been scrapped earlier this year. 34 An-2R stored 140 L-39ZA stored 5705, 5910, 5912 Lancer A Baza95 Aeriana

Eighteen MiG-21s are stored in one line on the grass, Lancer 9536 is parked next to them on a concrete pad and should be an active aircraft. 211, 215, 301 Lancer A stored 305, 711, 713 Lancer A stored 714, 715, 801 Lancer A stored 803, 806, 810 Lancer A stored 815, 908 Lancer A stored 6956 MiG-21UM stored, grey c/s 6693, 8103, 9809 Lancer A stored 9536 Lancer B Baza95 Aeriana Opposite of this are the operational MiG-21s of the based training unit and the Pumas. IAR330 75 arrived during the visit. 67, 75, 103 IAR330L 952Esc 071, 327, 9516 Lancer B 202Esc 901, 907 Lancer A 202Esc Next to this is a line of the based fighter unit. Most of its aircraft were at Mihail Kogalniceanu for the exercise 061, 177 Lancer B 951Esc 9610 Lancer A 951Esc The Aerostar facilities are even more to the north, these were not visited. Several aircraft were noted outside with some MiG21s inside on overhaul. 706 IAR99 SApFA 35 L-29 stored 134 MiG-15UTI stored 165 MiG-21bis stored 6901, 6926, 6961 MiG-21UM stored 67 MiG-29 Sniper stored Bacau town Opposite the main gate of the Aerostar facility is a technical school. A MiG-15 is parked outside. 2199 MiG-15UTI preserved Focsani Along the ring road at the eastern side of the town are some military training grounds on the western side of the road. On the eastern side, a bit hidden by buildings, is a Mi-8 on another training ground. 721 Mi-8T instructional Wednesday - 27 June 2007 Fetesti For the Wednesday base visit we went to Fetesti. Outside the base HQ is a MiG-21F. 801 MiG-21F-13 preserved

Only three operational L-39s are left in Romania like this L-39ZA 145. A few are still stored in the country, but most have been sold to the United States. (Bacau, 26 June 2007, Jaap Dijkstra) Scramble 340 - Page 122

At the air show at Mihail Kogalniceanu only a few Romanian aircraft were on static display. If you were early and with the help of the local security the aircraft could be photographed without crowds. (Mihail Kogalniceanu, 28 June 2007, Otger van der Kooij) Starting from the east side of the airfield, the hangar held: 904, 906 Lancer A 862Esc 9526 Lancer B Baza86 Aeriana Parked outside the next hangar were: 6503, 6581, 9806 Lancer A stored Sadfly also at Fetesti they have scrapped H-5s. Five aircraft were scrapped earlier this year, leaving the 707 preserved near the hangars and the 402 on its belly at the range just outside the airfield. 402 IL-28 instructional 707 H-5B preserved A small static near the flight line was arranged with several more aircraft noted nearby. Those marked “flight line” did fly and to take pictures of the flying aircraft we went on a military flat back truck outside the base parameter fence in order to take these photos with the sun in our back and over the two meter high fence. 304, 913 Lancer A 862Esc, flight line 712, 808, 902 Lancer A 862Esc 804 Lancer A 862Esc, in shelter 812 Lancer A 862Esc, static 5788 Lancer C 861Esc, static 5801, 6487 Lancer C 861Esc 6010 Lancer C 861Esc, flight line 6207, 6707? Lancer C 861Esc, in QRA shelter 6907 Lancer B Baza86 Aeriana in shelter Fetesti town (8011) MiG-21PFM preserved, as 2004 The MiG-21 is vertically mounted on a pole along the main road through town. Mihail Kogalniceanu There was still some time left and we went to MK to watch the arrival of the Thunderbirds. A full show report has appeared in Scramble 339. It was the last day of the French-Romanian exercise Chasse Accompli 07. The French were still flying, but the Lancers had returned to Bacau that morning (so we missed them here and at Bacau). 242/30-QA Mirage F1CT EC02.030 280/30-QD Mirage F1CT EC02.030 317/4-BP Mirage 2000N EC02.004 327/4-CJ Mirage 2000N EC03.004 603/3-IM Mirage 2000D EC01.003 612/3-JM Mirage 2000D EC02.003

630/3-XU 641/3-JW 02-1106 84-0109 99-00102 808 1105 EW-205PA YR-HRS YR-MIA TZ-BSB

Mirage 2000D EC03.003 Mirage 2000D EC02.003 C-17A 62AW C-21A 76AS UC-35A 6/52AVN An-26 902Esc An-30 902Esc B737-524 Belavia BAC111-488GH Mia Airlines BAC111-492GM Mia Airlines BAC111-401AK Mali Gvmt


BN-2A-27 Mi-2 Wilga An-2R Yak-52M Ka-26 Ka-26 Wilga An-2R An-2

preserved ex DOSAAF c/n 7806414, for sale c/n 7705912, for sale ex 104/Poland

Thursday - 28 June 2007 Mihail Kogalniceanu Today was mainly for the open day here. Bucuresti - Baneasa A drive around the airfield found an industrial estate on the south side of the airfield next to the Romaero hangars. In here a dismantled IAR93 that used to be stored at Craiova can be found near the airfield fence. 204 IAR93MB stored Grupul Scolar de Aeronautica Henri Coanda is on the eastern side of the Romaero facility. Noted were; 735, 744 MiG-15 instructional 1526 MiG-15UTI instructional, inside 18 MiG-21F-13 instructional 73 Yak-18U instructional YR-ANN An-2 instructional YR-AMC An-24RV instructional These were in a small compound in the centre of the School. Inside one of the School buildings was a sectioned MiG-15UTI, the fuselage was unmarked, but on a number of panels 1526 was visible.

Scramble 340 - Page 123

Friday - 29 June 2007 Bucuresti - Otopeni The last offical visit was to the military side of the international airport. The Puma area had: 06, 38, 41, 46 IAR330 SOCAT Baza90 Aeriana 53, 56, 59, 60 IAR330 SOCAT Baza90 Aeriana 55 IAR330L 903Esc 62, 64, 66, 69 IAR330 SOCAT Baza90 Aeriana 79, 90, 102 IAR330 SOCAT Baza90 Aeriana Next to it were the 808, 809, 810 1104 1105 5927, 5930 6150 6191 YR-ABB YR-BEA, YR-BEB YR-BRE, YR-BRI

lines of the transport units. An-26 902Esc An-30 stored An-30 902Esc C-130B 901Esc C-130B stored C-130H 901Esc B707-3K1C Romavia BAe146-200 Romavia ROMBAC111-561RC Romavia

Hangar: 65, 94

IAR330 SOCAT Baza90 Aeriana

Hangar: 63, 86 96, 106

IAR330SOCAT Baza90 Aeriana IAR330L 903Esc

These were seen during a visit with the Police unit, noted the day before was; 107 Mi-17 USdA Parked next to the Police area were: YR-ANT An-2R derelict, fuselage YR-PAF An-2R Air Ambulance c/s YR-PBX An-2R derelict, fuselage YR-PMC An-2R yellow c/s YR-PVF An-2R Air Ambulance c/s Noted at the airfield were: 3D-MDJ MD81 stored, ex Rwandair Expr. 5N-BEG B737-256 stored, ex Dasab Al 5N-BEI B737-244 stored, ex Earth Al B-2108 MD82 stored, ex China Eastern CP-2274 B727-23 stored N702CT DC-9-34F stored, ex Iberia N707LG B707-3M1C stored, ex A-7002/IndoAF N806US MD81 stored, ex US Air N933AS MD83 stored There were at least three more China Eastern MD80s and two ATPs in Air Europe colours. There is lot building activity at the western side, moving the fence of the airfield back. The DC-9 and MD81 are now outside the airfield, between the houses. No operational airliners were seen as the runway is closed for upgrades for a few months.

The storage line had: 1801, 1802, 5022 An-24RT stored 1912 An-24TV stored 207, 706, 707 An-26 stored 723 Mi-8T stored YR-BRH ROMBAC111-561RC stored

Bals YR-DAN An-2 c/n 1G20-843 YR-PSA An-2R YR-YAV An-2R ex 47/Romania These An-2s were on a grass strip on the western side of a town named Bals, along the main 65/E574 road to Craiova.

Arriving that morning was a French tanker which was parked at the civil side. 471/93-CB C-135FR GRV00.093

Craiova town The Facultatea de Electrotehnica at the Bdul Decebal 107 is at the eastern side of town and is near the first major junction of the 65/E574 road. At the junction go south on the Bdul Decebal and the Facultatea will be on the east side of the road. An An-24 is parked outside between the trees and the MiG is in the building directly behind it. 16 MiG-21F-13 instructional (YR-AMX) An-24B preserved, as YR-FEL

After this visit the group split-up. Some had arranged a visit at the Police based at Baneasa, while others headed west to see what could be seen from outside at Craiova and Deveselu. Bucuresti - Baneasa 49, 106 Alouette 3 334 EC135T2 108 Mi-17 110 Mi-17-1WA 716 Mi-8T 730, 736 Mi-8PS


A few blocks to the west into town is the Traian Vuia College at the Rovinari 1. This school has a MiG-15 in the front yard, this has still the old star type Romanian markings. According to the school the second aircraft, MiG-15 225 which was parked at the rear, had gone. It was not seen during a quick dash around the school.

Alouette 3s are still used in Romania. The Scoala de Aplicatie a pentru Fortele Aeriene at Boboc uses them for training, while of the Politia unit (the Unitatea Speciala de Aviatie) at Bucuresti-Baneasa also has a small numbers of them. (Bucuresti-Baneasa, 29 June 2007, Paul Gross) Scramble 340 - Page 124

In the past years the aircraft collection at Bucuresti-Otopeni has moved to a new site at a former airbase, just south of Baneasa airfield, in Bucuresti town. In July the museum was officially opened. The Muzeul Aviatiei has two display hangars and 30 aircraft on outside display. The collection is still expanding. After the visit in June MiG-29 Sniper prototype 67 (which was stored with the Aerostar at Bacau) had joined the collection. (Bucuresti, 30 June 2007, Otger van der Kooij) 746



Craiova 115, 117, 118 IAR93A stored 119, 154, 162 IAR93A stored 208 IAR93MB stored 216, 222, 224 IAR93B stored 408 MiG-21PF stored 507 MiG-21M stored 1907 MiG-21R stored 3517 MiG-21U-600 stored Over 100 IAR93s and MiG-21s are stored as this base. A large number can be seen from the opposite side of the runway. Faded serials and heat waves (it was 42 Celsius earlier that week in Bucuresti) prevented that more serials were read. Deveselu At the northern side 26 stored MiG-21s were seen in the distance. This is the same number of aircraft as mentioned in EMOOS as being stored on the base. Saturday - 30 June 2007 Bucuresti town Two museums were visited on this final day. First was the Muzeul Militair National, a military museum with lots of armour, guns, etcetera. It is open daily (excluding Monday) between 09:00 and 17:00 (last admission 16:00). Noted at the aviation hall were: 51 Fleet 10G preserved 42 IAR80 preserved, replica 153 IAR93A preserved 23 IAR316B preserved 20 IAR330L preserved, outside 01 IAR823 preserved, outside 244 MiG-15bis preserved, outside 802 MiG-19P preserved 87 FN305 preserved 47 Yak-11 preserved Next was Muzeul Aviatiei. This is located south east of Baneasa. It was officially not yet open to the public, this would happen on 20 July. With the help of the friendly military guards and the curator it was possible to visit the facility. There are two

hangars at this former airfield. Inside the first one were: 112 IAR80 preserved, replica 2713 MiG-15bis preserved 14 Yak-23 preserved The second hangar was closed and still in the process of being set-up. Inside a range of MiG types should be on display. On outside display were: 130 BN-2A preserved 105 IAR28MA preserved 002 IAR93DC preserved 112, 114 IAR93A preserved 86 IAR316B preserved 47 IAR330L preserved 15 IAR823 preserved, at gate 01 IAR828 preserved 15 L-29 preserved 03 Mi-8T preserved 05, 709 Mi-8PS preserved 2543, 2579 MiG-15UTI preserved 727 MiG-15bis stored 442 MiG-17F preserved 444 MiG-17F preserved 502 MiG-17PF preserved 018 MiG-19PM preserved 711, 714 MiG-21F-13 preserved 1120 MiG-21U-400 preserved 2007 MiG-21R preserved 15 Zlin 526F preserved 35 Yak-52 preserved After a week in Romania it can be said that it is a very nice country to visit. The main roads are very good and people are very friendly and helpful. Hotels are not that difficult to find, specially in the more touristic western (mountain) part of the country. The eastern side is flat and horse carriages are common in the country-side of Romania. This in contrast with the busy (traffic jams) capital of Bucuresti where we have been overtaken by big Mercedes and Hummers. Special thanks to Captain Commander Liliana Tanase and her staff and the personnel of the Romanian Air Force who have made this tour a great success.

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Airfield Guide

Piet Luijken Prestwick is frequently used by US Armed Forces aircraft for a much needed fuel stop on their way to CONUS, just like this C-20E 87-00140 of the US Army unit called Operational Support Airlift Command (OSACOM/PAT). (Prestwick, 12 April 2007, Piet Luijken)


Prestwick (EGPK/PIK) Located between the cities of Prestwick and Monkton, in the western part of Scotland, overlooking the Firth of Clyde, is the airport of Prestwick. Although quite a drive by car, there are possibilities available with the Transavia and Ryanair flights into this airport. Expect the usual Boeing 737s from these companies, the bigger cargo planes from most of the cargo companies and a wide array of military aircraft and a wonderful spot to view and photograph all this action.

History The first remark in the annals of history about an airport nearby Prestwick could be 1913. From 1934 a couple of aircraft used this piece of land nearby the coastline. Scottish Aviation started out as a flying school in 1935 and built a tower, hangar and a office on this field. The Second World War proved to be important, both for the airport and to Scottish Aviation. The airport was used for the arrival of the Lend-Lease aircraft flying in from the States, while Scottish Aviation prepared these aircraft for the flights to their final destination. Up to 300 aircraft used this airport on their way to the battle front. After the war, Scottish Aviation started to built their own aircraft in a new factory on the airfield. First there was the military STOL transport plane Pioneer and the successor Twin Pioneer. After acquiring the rights from the bankrupt Handley Page Aircraft Company, it started building the Jetstream commuter aircraft and the Bulldog military trainer. In 1988 the production of the Jetstream halted never to return again. Meanwhile, the airport had to adapt to its growth and planned a major extension in 1958. A new control tower, terminal building, freight apron and runway extension were all planned and executed. In 1964 Queen Elizabeth opened the new terminal building and the airport was ready for three million passengers annually. In the sixties the airport was growing steadily with its based BAA and USAF MATS aircraft until in the seventies BA ceased all passenger operations and the USAF moved out. At that time Prestwick was mainly used as a training facility, including the BA Concorde, or as the gateway to America via the northern routes. The decline of this airport stopped in 1994 with the opening of the adjacent railway station running towards Glasgow and the start of flights to Dublin and London by the low cost carrier Ryanair.

At this moment the airport name has changed into Glasgow Prestwick Airport, to emphasise its close location (45 km) to the city of Glasgow which has more than 1 million inhabitants. Ryanair serves 22 destinations while other low cost carriers like Transavia, Aer Arann and Wizz Air also use it as a destination. Of course, also many holiday charters are flown from and into the airport. Increasingly, freighter transport is becoming more present as many cargo companies fly into Glasgow Prestwick Airport with Polar Air also having a maintenance facility on this airport. Glasgow Prestwick handles more airfreight than all the other Scottish airports put together with more B747 freighter operations than any other UK airport. It is still used by many military aircraft as a fuel stop for their leg across the ocean but there is also a fair amount of general aviation. In 2006, the airport was used by 2.3 million passengers on 19,928 movements.

HMS Gannet Prestwick airport also has a naval detachment, based at the east side near the city of Moncton. With the decommissioning of 819 squadron on 1 November 2001, the HMS Gannet SAR Flight is located here. 819 squadron had been equipped with different types of Sea King anti submarine helicopters, a role no longer needed with the end of the cold war. It had been stationed here from 27 October 1971 till 1 November 2001 with six Sea King Helicopters. Four of these airframes were transferred to the newly introduced HMS Gannet SAR Flight. This unit was introduced to provide 24-hour military and civilian search and rescue across a large area of Scotland, Northern England and Northern Ireland, covering approximately 81,000 square miles. It stretches from Ben Nevis in the north, south to the Isle of Man and the Lake District, east to Edinburgh and the Borders, west to Northern Ireland and even further west out to 200 miles west of Ireland over the north Atlantic. The flight operates three Sea King HU5SAR helicopters and consists of 16 officers, 55 ratings and 32 civilian staff. Tasking is varied and ranges from recovering fallen climbers in winter snow to rescuing injured fishermen up to 200 miles offshore. Additionally, Gannet SAR provides an important medical evacuation service to the many island communities on Scotland’s West coast. Its range of tasks is six fold. First there is the air-sea rescue which consists of recovering injured sailors from their ships,

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Helicopters for the UK under one contract, through a private finance initiative.

Lay-out Prestwick has two runways: runway 13/31 which is 2987 meters long, and runway 03/21 which is 1829 meters long. North of runway 13/31 is the apron of HMS Gannet next to several civil maintenance hangars. South of this runway is the main terminal, cargo terminal and general aviation aprons. The control tower is positioned at the crossing of both runways.

Around the Airport Spot 1 Main Spot at South Side

This venerable Sea King HU5SAR is one of three based with the HMS Gannet SAR flight. It has just returned from a forensic team transport mission. (Prestwick, 12 April 2007, Piet Luijken) searching for missing divers or men-over-boards and rescuing crew from damaged or sinking ships. Secondly, and not surprisingly with the vast mountainous areas around Prestwick, the unit is tasked with mountain rescue, like recovering climbers or walkers from remote areas, including the transport of mountain rescue teams to inaccessible spots. The unit is also needed for air lift, to transport patients from one hospital to another or patients assisted with a specialists medical team towards a hospital. Also military SAR is one of the tasks, mainly to recover a fast-jet pilot who made a ejection or crash. Finally, the unit takes also part in the major accident response, attending at the scene of a large scale accident to provide an air ambulance facility for critically injured causalities. Each member of the back seat crew is trained in immediate emergency care, with the aircrew man normally being advanced trained in this area. This enables medical care to be given at the scene and during transport to the medical facility. The crew are able to administer some basic drugs, use heartstart machines, resuscitate in most conditions, administer fluids through a drip and treat hypothermia, burns, fractures and head injuries. This wide variety of mission has to be performed by all pilots and crewmembers. During our visit, one of the helicopters was on a mission towards a hill at the east end of Loch Scamadale, nine miles south of the town of Oban. It had a forensic team on board as a PA-28 had crashed there the day before, scattering a wide area with its debris. Throughout the area there are several refuelling points to extend the range or mission time of the helicopters. The isle of Arran has some dedicated training areas. According pilot James Bullock there is one procedure every pilot has to train and perform. It is a low level ingress route towards the hospital of Glasgow. The route is via the mount of the river Clyde and has to be low enough to stay below a bridge. The Sea King HU5SAR in use with the unit has been stripped of all the previously installed anti submarine gear, saving weight and increasing its performance. It has retained the Thorn-EMI (MEL) Sea Searcher radar which is frequently used during its missions. However due to its location behind the rotor shaft, the frontal zone is blocked. Making a radar fix onto a location will need a two step procedure; it has to turn sideways to make the radar sweep and check the returns before moving forward again to this location. Another remain form it past is the autopilot which also has a hover mode. It is no longer used to drop the dipping sonar, but is quite useful sometimes during a rescue using the hoist. Nowadays, a GPS receiver has been installed. The three helicopters in service are proving to be robust workhorses although their age are showing at times. From 2012, the Sea King will be replaced. At this moment the UK government is seeking to put in place a harmonised SAR helicopter capability for the UK for the future which will bring all RAF, RN and Coastguard SAR

This is the best location for day round spotting. The spot is slightly elevated and gives a almost unrestricted view onto the taxiway and the runway 13/31. Furthermore, you can position yourself along the taxiway suiting your position to your photographic preferences. The spot has a large parking lot and all aprons except the terminal apron can be overseen. From the terminal you can reach this spot by driving to the south, to the city of Prestwick. At the first turnabout, take the second left onto the Shawfarm Road. Take a left at the next crossing with traffic lights onto the Shaw Road. Follow this to the end to reach the spot. Park your car and get into position. Along this Shaw Road there are some spots to have a look at the general aviation apron.

Spot 2 Landing for runway 31 This spot is located near the landing lights of runway 31. From the terminal, take a right to the north, at the first roundabout, take the first left to continue onto the A79. At the next roundabout take the second left to drive towards the A77. On the A77, after a few miles, at the next roundabout, take the second left onto a small road leading towards the runway. Take a left at the crossing and find a decent parking spot near the farm because the road is quite small.

Spot 3 Landing for runway 31 early morning This spot is located close to spot 2. Follow the same route but at the last crossing, go to the right. This position is good only in the early morning.

Spot 4 View onto Apron HMS Gannet This spot will show you the apron of HMS Gannet, the Royal Navy part of this airport. From the terminal, go right onto the A79. At the first roundabout, take the second left onto Station Road. Drive into Monkton and at the second crossing go right onto Tarbolton Road. The gate towards this part of the airport will give you a view onto the apron.

Spot 5 Overview of the Terminal To have a look of the aircraft parked at the terminal, drive towards spot 5. From the Terminal, take a right onto A79, at the first roundabout take the second left onto Station Road and

Another country on the other side of the pond is Canada, so it not without surprise to see this CC-150 15003 of 437sq at Prestwick for a refuelling stop. This military version of the A310-300 has been nicknamed Polaris by the Canadian Forces. (Prestwick, 12 April 2007, Piet Luijken)

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stop near the beginning of Monkton. From here you will be able to spot the aircraft parked at the Terminal.

Spot 6 Between the aprons As a last resort to any missing number you could drive around this spot. From the Terminal take a left towards Prestwick and at the first roundabout take the first left onto Monkton road, the old road leading towards Monkton across the runway. Drive around to have a peek at the aprons.

Frequencies ATIS Prestwick Tower Prestwick Radar Prestwick Approach

121.125 118.150 121.800 120.550 119.450 120.550

Based Military Operators HMS Gannet SAR Flight : XV699/CU-823 Sea King HU5SAR XZ578/PW-708 Sea King HU5SAR XZ920/PW-707 Sea King HU5SAR

More Info Prestwick Airport Movements:

Movements 12 april 2007 15003 CC-150 XZ690/IR-404 Lynx HMA8 ZD259/KT-425 Lynx HMA8DAS 87-00140 C-20F YL-RAA An-26B N486EV B747-212B N769NA B767-304ER N523MC B747-2D7B(F) G-CEJM B757-28A G-TAMF Bell 206B G-XXEA S-76C+ G-SASA EC135T1

437sq 815sq 815sq OSACAM/PAT RAF-Avia Evergreen North American Atlas Air FlyGlobespan Royal Flight SAS

View12 RCH966 RCH505 GSM113P Rainbow1R Helimed5A


A320-233 Wizzair A320-233 Wizzair B747-228B(SF) Air France B737-7K2 Transavia B747-4R7F Cargolux B747-2D7B Atlas Air B747-230B(SF) Eva Air

Ryanair B737-800s: EI-CSH, CSS, DAJ, DAM, DHK, DHO, DLE, DPJ, DPK

Dutch Spotters Convention Saturday 10 November 2007 - 10.00-16.00 hours - Rotterdam Airport On Saturday 10 November 2007, Airnieuws Nederland and Dutch Aviation Society will return to Rotterdam Airport to organise the aviation convention that is known for years as the Dutch Spotters Convention (DSC). The Dutch Spotters Convention will be held in the terminal building of Rotterdam Airport, like in April 2007. In the terminal building dozens of booths will be put up with slides, photos, videos, books, ma-

gazines, DVDs/CDs, postcards, aircraft models and many other aviation related collectables. Also other aviation societies and aviation companies will be present. Tables can be reserved with Piet Meijerink for €20,- per table. Admittance is free! For more information: - call +31-6-21551359 - e-mail [email protected] - visit

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Airfield Guide Javier Franco Topper

Go well-prepared, is the main recommendation for those considering visiting Villavicencio. Access to the ramp and control tower can be obtained with proper preparations and some luck, as can be read in this airfield guide. Sadelca Dakota HK-2494 was photographed from the latter, as described under spot 1. (20 April 2007, Javier Franco Topper)

Villavicencio-Vanguardia (Colombia) (SKVV/VVC) Villavicencio is the capital city of the Colombian state of Meta. It is located approximately 400 meters above sea level and acts as the gateway to Colombia’s eastern valleys and jungle, generally known as “Los Llanos” (literally, the plains). The city is a real tourist attraction, with a beautiful centre, some very nice parks, friendly people, great weather, with some humidity most of the time and with really heavy, but short tropical downpours from time to time. The food is great, especially the delicious meat. But the best thing about Villavicencio is, besides its great ambience and its people, Vanguardia airport, well known for its numerous propliners. Unfortunately, as part of Colombia’s east, the area where Villavicencio is situated is known because of the civil war. The state of Meta and many places to its south and east are very dangerous due to the conflict between the Colombian government and various guerrilla movements. The city itself however, is a very safe place and not more dangerous than a city anywhere in South America. Villavicencio is also the home of a large police force, an army battalion and the second Combat Air Command of the Colombian Air Force, operating from nearby Luis Fernando Gomez Niño air base in Apiay, just south of Villavicencio. Once you arrive at Vanguardia airport, the great atmosphere comes to you: Lots of DC-3s, Antonovs and many small props can be seen on the ramps. Some of the companies operating Antonovs and DC-3 are Selva, Air Colombia, Sadelca and Aerovanguardia. If you are coming from Europe or North America to see the aircraft, you will generally be welcomed by the airport authorities, which are used to the hobby already. It is recommended to have some kind of reference letter in Spanish from an aviation organization to request ramp tours and other privileges. If you have the opportunity send a letter to the local authorities before your trip, it will be even more appreciated. Of course, Colombian spotters are very happy to help you prepare your trip….

Getting There The city is located four hours by car from Bogotá, Colombia’s capital. There is a new road connecting the two cities which is advertised as the “ninety minutes road” but it will surely take you longer. You have to go through an Andean mountain range to reach Villavicencio from Bogotá, so the road is very long with a lot of curves and high precipices. The newly constructed road has a lot of tunnels and long bridges so it is more comfortable by car now, but not in ninety minutes…. Anyway, the road trip is very spectacular because you go from the high Andes Mountains to the Colombia’s eastern plains. If you opt to take a flight, it will take about thirty minutes and it is very nice too because you have a huge valley on one side and the mountains on the other side. One of the possibilities is to make a day trip from Bogotá to visit Vanguardia airport; the flight from Bogotá leave early in the morning and departs from Villavicencio in the late afternoon. Usually flights are scheduled to depart from Bogotá at 7:00 am and leave Villavicencio between 3:00 and 5:00 pm. Making a day trip you can stay all day at the airport and, whether you wrote the letters or not, do all the talking with the airport authorities to do the ramp tour in the morning, go to the airlines hangars and try to do spotting from different places, take your lunch in the restaurant and stay there the rest of the afternoon. If you have more time you can stay overnight in the city. There are many taxis running between the airport and the city, which should not be expensive. Villavicencio has also very nice hotels. The advantage of a multiple day trip is that you can catch a flight in a DC-3 to wherever you want in the jungle. Make sure to ask where to go because there are some places with guerrilla activity where you do not want to go…

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Layout Vanguardia airport is not a large airport, but really nice. The ramps as well as all hangars are situated to the west side of the single 04/22 runway. Commercial flights from or to Bogotá are flown by Aires and SATENA along with other civilian and charter airlines. But, of course, the main attractions of the airport are the flights going to the east and south of the country. This is the old, and risky, aviation in Colombia. Most flights go to the Amazon jungle and to the small villages in the middle of nowhere in the Colombian plains. Most of these flights are flown with the precious Douglas DC-3.

Around The Airport Spot 1 Ramps & hangars If you have a letter in Spanish with you, or sent in advance, go to the airport manager, talk with the right person and you will easily get a ramp tour. If you do not have a letter, try to talk with the airport manager and, if you are lucky, he will let you go on a little ramp tour. Once there just have fun watching a lot of DC-3s, DC-4s, Antonovs, Beavers and a single Catalina parked there as well as lot of small props and abandoned aircraft. If you are not allowed on the ramp, try to get permission to spot aircraft from the terminal offices. Talk to the airport manager or with the manager of the control tower and ask for permission to take some pictures from the office window leading directly to the ramp. These places are under spot 1 just where the main offices are to request ramp and office tours. Another good option is to talk directly with the airlines, go to the hangars and ask for permission to take some pictures. Go directly to the airlines’ hangars which can be found alongside the main apron. Just ask around where these are located.

Spot 2 Restaurant Tagua Finally, if none of the options under spot 1 work, you can go to a local restaurant named Tagua. It is located to the south of the terminal next to Tagua’s hangar, and the waitress is familiar with aircraft enthusiasts from abroad. You can spend a whole afternoon there just drinking sodas, beers, eating, enjoying the great weather and spotting the old prop liners. The restaurant has some kind of an observation deck, a small place that leads directly to the ramp and all the traffic goes in front and a few meters from you. Some DC-3s are parked next to you; it is a great spot to spend the afternoon, when the sun is in your back.

Spot 3 Approach 22 For the even more adventurous among us, the road to La Bodega leads under the northern approach. Although many trees obstruct your views, you might want to try to take some landing shots from the road. Be sure to have your letter with you to explain your hobby to authorities travelling by car….

Additional tips & tricks Apart from having travel insurance, some particular tips and tricks apply for those considering visiting Villavicencio:

The main recommendation is to go with a Colombian aviation enthusiast. The Villavicencio ambience, the local dialect and local people are very Colombian and, especially in the airport, very different from Bogotá or other Colombian cities. To go with a person familiar with the local culture and fluent in Spanish is strongly recommended. Send a letter to the airport manager in advance, and also bring several copies of this letter with you. Try to get an official letter of your local spotting organization, clearly explaining in Spanish who you are, where you come from as well as explaining your interest in aircraft and photography. Bring some old prop liner magazines and/or pictures of prop liners with you, to present these to the airports authorities. These certainly express your good intentions and make great gifts as well. When staying in the city for a few days, try to make an arrangement with a taxi driver to bring you to the airfield and back to your hotel at the end of the day for a fixed price. It saves you to find a taxi daily and do the bargaining over and over again ….

Frequencies Tower Approach

118.700 119.300

Based ADES – Aerolíneas del Este Aerolíneas de la Paz Aerovanguardia Aerupia – Aerotaxi del Upia Air Colombia Aliansa – Aerolíneas Andes Arall - Aerolíneas Llaneres Sadelca – Sociedad Aérea del Caqueta Selva – Servicios Aéreos del Vaupes TAR – Transportadora Aérea Regional Transporte Aéreo Regular Sec. Oriental Viarco - Vias Aéreas Colombianas

DC-3 DC-3 DC-3 BN2, PA-34 DC-3, DC-6 DC-3 DHC-2 An-32, DC-3 An-26, An-32 Ce208, Ce441 Do28 DC-3

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Spot 2 at airport restaurant Tagua provides very decent opportunities without the need to get permission in advance. Antonov 32 HK-4117 is operated by Selva, showing it is not just DC-3s that can be seen at Villavicencio. (20 April 2007, Javier Franco Topper)

Taken during a ramp tour as described under spot 1, this VIARCO DC-3 perfectly illustrates what Villavicencio is all about…. (20 April 2007, Javier Franco Topper)

Another great Dak, taken from the viewing area at the restaurant while enjoying a cold beer…. (20 April 2007, Javier Franco Topper) Scramble 340 - Page 131

Building B1

LM-serial 5589, a USAF C-130J-30 for the 41st AS undergoes customer inspection, called the Air Force Shake. This is the 153rd J-model and was leading the assembly line at the time of our visit. (2 May 2007, Marco Pennings) Lockheed Martin is one of the biggest and best known defence contractors in the world today, with approximately 140,000 employees worldwide. It is a company with a long and rich history, and its stable of aircraft designs includes renowned types such as the P-38 Lightning, P-80/T-33 Shooting Star, F-104 Starfighter, U-2 Dragon Lady, SR-71 Blackbird and F-117 Nighthawk. Its most recent fighter designs, the F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II are world leaders. But another breed of iron birds may well be the best known of them all, the C-130 Hercules. Since 1955 this workhorse has been assembled in Building B1 of the Lockheed Martin USAF Plant no.6 in Marietta, on the north-west side of Dobbins Air Force Base near Atlanta (GA). Some 64 operators around the world received over 2300 C-130s delivered so far. Building B1 has seen them all except for the two YC-130 prototypes constructed at Burbank in California. It is now the longest continuously operating military aircraft production line in history. Construction of the huge building, 600 meters long and 300 meters wide with an area of 305,367 m2 including the offices and storm shelters underneath the assembly line, started on the Cobb County Airport site a mere three months after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour. It began operations in 1943 and from early 1944 the Bell Aircraft Corporation manufactured the mighty B-29 bombers in Marietta (known as BellAtlanta). The first of 357 B-29s appeared on the production lines in February 1944 followed by all 311 B-29Bs. Production ceased in 1945 and for six years the plant was used for machine and tool storage. Even today a touch of World

War II is still visible as small parts of the old wooden floor, black from oil and dirt, have not yet been replaced by a modern concrete floor. In 1951, the plant was reactivated and used by the Lockheed Aircraft Corporation to modify the B-29. Since then, Lockheed has operated the plant to manufacture, modify and maintain the B-47, C-130, C-140, C-141, and C-5. From 1951 to 1955 the plant experienced a surge in production, with employment rising to 20,000 employees. By 1960 production declined and employment levels dropped to about 10,000. During the 1960s with the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Vietnam build-up, the workforce increased again to 33,000. In the late 1980s the plant supported the C-5B and C-130 production programs and supplied spare parts and kits for the C-130 and C-141. Today the highly-skilled workforce of 8000 man and women is in their senior years. Just recently, the longest

All good things come in parts. Cockpit sections of two future USMC VMGR-152 KC-130Js await mating to their fuselage and tail sections located nearby. Visible on the nose are the LM-serials (5592 and 5593) and type (72J numbers 13 and 14). (2 May 2007, Marco Pennings) Scramble 340 - Page 132

serving employee, C-130 Production Chief Test Pilot Bob Hill retired at the age of 73 after 56 years with the company. The first C-130 he worked on was no.8. But the Hercules remains as youthful as ever. The version currently in production is the K/C-130J Super Hercules, a model vastly superior to all previous models. For example, the maintenance hours required for every flight hour have dropped from 20 hours to a mere 1.5 hours. Fuel efficiency has increased, modern avionics were added and their performance in the harsh desert conditions of Iraq and Afghanistan has been outstanding. But, compared to 1964 when a record number of 139 C-130s were assembled here, today only twelve aircraft a year exit through the large old hangar doors. This number will probably increase in the near future as C-130 users worldwide prepare to replace their fleets of ageing aircraft. At the time of our visit five bare-metal aircraft were in various stages of assembly, with one complete aircraft (c/n 5589) being inspected by its customer the USAF. This is called the Air Force Shake. The four others were KC-130Js for VMGR-152 at Futenma and VMGR-352 at Miramar. Apparent on these aircraft was the orange colour of the heat-treated aluminium panels. Only the rudder is coated before assembly because the weight of the coating will influence the balancing. A sign on the fuselage lists the LM serial, model, version, serial customer, tail number, J model produced and customer unit and base. Lockheed Martin can deliver a C-130 within thirty months of signing the contract, with the actual assembly taking about a year. Sharing the same space is another instant classic, the F-22 Raptor. On 8 February it was announced that the Lockheed Martin Corporation-led F-22 Raptor aircraft team is the recipient of the National Aeronautic Association (NAA) 2006 Robert J. Collier Trophy, considered America’s most prestigious award for aeronautical and space development. Having witnessed the second and third full Raptor demo at Langley just three days earlier, the sight and sound of this predator will certainly have a lasting impression on any spectator. It is therefore strange to see the relatively modest fenced-off assembly line located in the south-west corner of the building, with rollout facing west, while the C-130 rolls out to the east. Unfortunately security restrictions prevented us from taking any pictures of the line. Six AK coded examples for Elmendorf in Alaska were almost complete with Raptor

no.100 (AK 05-100) to be rolled-out in June. A further four aircraft were in various stages of fuselage and wing mating, with the sub-assemblies coming from a number of Lockheed Martin plants all over the US. Apparent is the use of many different metals and composites on the airframes, giving them a nice mix of colours. It seems a fitting tribute to the legacy of Building B1 that the world’s premier fighter aircraft is assembled next to the world’s premier transport aircraft. Noted in Building B1 on 2 May 2007: serial


C-130 06-4634 167923 167924 167925 167926

44J024, -J-30 #24 72J011, K-J #11 72J012, K-J #12 72J013, K-J #13 72J014, K-J #14

customer LM-serial J-no 41st AS VMGR-152 VMGR-352 VMGR-152 VMGR-152

5589 5590 5591 5592 5593

153 154 155 156 157

F-22A 05-4100/AK complete for 90th FS 4100 05-4101/AK complete for 90th FS 4101 05-4102/AK complete for 90th FS 4102 05-4103/AK complete for 90th FS 4103 05-4104/AK complete for 90th FS 4104 05-4105/AK complete for 90th FS 4105 05-4106 fuselage assembly 4106 05-4107 fuselage assembly 4107 05-4108 fuselage assembly 4108 06-4109 fuselage assembly 4109 Note: All the construction numbers, and fiscal years for the last four Raptors, were not noted during the visit. A visit to the Lockheed Martin flight line on the south side of the airfield was not possible due to very strict security measures that day, but noted from the outside were: 01-1461 C-130J-30 115th AS CA ANG 06-1437 C-130J-30 143rd AS RI ANG 97-5306 WC-130J 53rd WRS B-583 C-130J-30 for RDanAF The Rhode Island Hercules was the 150th J-model delivered. Our thanks go to Peter Simmons, Communications Manager for Lockheed Martin Air Mobility Programs who made this visit possible.

Before delivery to the Air Force every aircraft is being thoroughly checked. This also means it will fly a couple of missions, being chased by an F-16, to check out all the systems. 05-4091 was caught on one of these flights by Augustin Anaya. It is approaching the Marietta runway in February 2007. Scramble 340 - Page 133

USAF Deployments to the Netherlands

Jan van Waarde Photography outside the air base at Gilze-Rijen always yielded spectacular results, the ‘Coronet Scout’ deployment in 1987 was no exception. This photo shows F-15A 77-0116/HO of 8th TFS/49th TFW over the runway’s threshold, just moments before touch down. (1 June 1987, Jan van Waarde)

Introduction An important part of the strategy of the USAF is the ability to deploy large numbers of fighters all over the world. Today this is clearly evident with the number of deployments taking place to Southwest Asia as part of ‘Operation Iraqi Freedom’. The first experiments in large-scale fighter deployments took place in July 1948 when sixteen F-80s were flown from Selfridge AFB (MI) to RAF Odiham in the UK using the code name ‘Fox Able One’. This evolved in the movement of 180 F-84Es to Germany in the autumn of 1950 (Fox Able Three). These epic deployments still took place without the aid of aerial refuelling. In the late 1950s and early 1960s USAF deployed entire tactical squadrons to Europe where they operated from bases in countries like Turkey, Italy and Germany for periods of up to six months before being relieved by other TAC squadrons. In the middle of the 1960s attention shifted to a real shooting war in Vietnam which required regular movements of units to and from the theatre of operations as well. In the 1960s the Cold War was still very hot and a dual-base concept was initiated. This concept implied that US-based units had predetermined European bases assigned to them where they would deploy in times of war. Regular deployments to Europe would then be made to make crews familiar with European weather and operating procedures. The first such deployment took place in October 1968 when eighteen RF-4Cs of 67th TRW from Mountain Home AFB (ID) deployed to Ramstein. This, incidentally, was the very first ‘Coronet’ deployment, a codename (followed by a unique designator) assigned to European deployments from 1975. The real first ‘Coronet’ deployment, Coronet Rino, brought eighteen F-4Es of 58th TFS/33rd TFW to Spangdahlem in August 1975. In 1969 ‘Crested Cap I’ took place, which brought no less than 112 F-4Ds of four squadrons of 49th TFW to Hahn and Spangdahlem between January and April 1969. The ‘Crested Cap’ deployments were to be a yearly occurrence until 1992, when events in Bosnia and Iraq caused a shift in operational requirements. The ‘Coronet’ deployments ceased a few years later. The article below lists all ‘Coronet’ deployments which brought various USAF units to the Netherlands between 1977 and 1993.

CORONET ANTE - Gilze-Rijen 6 September 1977 – 26 September 1977 On 6 September 1977, the first ‘Coronet’ deployment arrived in the Netherlands, from Rickenbacker ANGB (OH), consisting of eighteen A-7Ds drawn from two ANG squadrons. The units were welcomed by 32nd TFS personnel that had made various preparations to ease their arrival. While in Holland, they participated in the large NATO exercise ‘Cold Fire’. Other USAF assets that deployed to Europe for the exercise were F-4Es from Seymour-Johnson AFB to Lahr AB, RF-4Cs of 67th TRW to CFB Baden-Sollingen and F-4Ds of 49th TFW from Holloman AFB to Ramstein. At Gilze-Rijen the A-7s

A typical deployment scene: A-7D 72-0237 of 188th TFS in front of a HAS at Gilze Rijen. (photographer unknown)

Scramble 340 - Pagina 134

Two more A-7Ds that participated in the 1977 Gilze-Rijen deployment: A-7D 71-0359 of 188th TFS NM ANG (above) and A-7D 72-0196 of 120th TFS Co ANG (right), taxiing out for another mission. (both Johan Tjallingii) operated from the newly-erected HAS complex (Hardened Aircraft Shelter) on the south-eastern part of the base. These were actually built with A-10s in mind, and two A-7s (with wings folded) could be fitted inside a single shelter. In practice each A7 operated from its own shelter. All A-7s returned home on 26 September. Both units later received various commendations for the good results achieved during the deployment and the exercise. 120th TFS Co ANG: 70-0970, 70-0986, 71-0341, 72-0170, 72-0196, 72-0243, 72-0248, 73-0992, 73-0996 188th TFS NM ANG: 71-0301, 71-0302, 71-0359, 72-0202, 72-0224, 72-0228, 72-0237, 72-0245, 72-0263 Support: 29aug C-141A 66-0135 63rd MAW 02sep C-141A 67-0011 63rd MAW 05sep C-141A 66-7957 63rd MAW 06sep C-141A 65-0256 60th MAW C-141A 65-9398 60th MAW C-141A 67-0031 60th MAW

CORONET SANDPIPER - Soesterberg 13 September 1978 – 20 December 1978 In the second half of the 1970s it was common practice for new F-15 units to convert to the Eagle in the USA instead of their home base and, upon completion of the conversion course, deploy to their new home base en masse. This had happened before with the Eagle units at Bitburg and when 32nd TFS was about to convert from F-4Es to F-15As it happened again. Later the example was followed by 18th TFW at Kadena as well. Anyway, In the summer of 1978 the first personnel from Soesterberg had gone Stateside to receive their training. However, with the Wolfhounds being the single squadron at Soesterberg, the departure of the pilots would mean that the 32nd would have to relinquish their QRA (Quick Reaction Alert – the ‘Scramble’ from which this magazine derives its name), which was unacceptable. To alleviate the problem 1st TFW from Langley would step in for a few months and take over the QRA. It was to be the first so-named ‘Rapid Global Deployment’. Two Eagles (75-0020 & 75-0039) arrived a week early, on 6 September, in order to get maintenance crews acquainted to the aircraft and to review procedures. On 13 September sixteen F-15As of 1st TFW as well as the first two F-15As for 32nd TFS (77-0074 and 77-0075) arrived at Soesterberg, these Eagles were all flown by 71st TFS pilots. According to contemporary reports, the aircraft were greeted by ‘enormous crowds of aircraft spotters’. Following a few weeks of familiarization flying and participation in NATO exercise Cold Fire (which took place between 18 and 28 September), 1st TFW pilots started standing alert on 29 September. On 27 October the 71st TFS was relieved by crews from 94th TFS. The aircraft at Soesterberg, however, remained the same; only the crews changed. The 94th is also known as the ‘Hat in the Ring’ squadron and dates its ancestry back to World War One. While in Holland, the opportunity was taken to set up a meeting with JG-71 ‘Richthofen’ from Wittmund. The unit deployed a few Eagles to Germany and several DACT missions were flown against the German Phantoms, probably to get even! The memories of the big party that followed are still fresh to this day! Following a mass delivery of ten new F-15s for 32nd TFS on 18 December, 1st TFW was relieved of its QRA duty; 32nd TFS crews took over with immediate effect. The final group of F-15s left for Langley on 20 December but immediately following take-off two aircraft returned with problems while a third suffered a severe fuel leak and, after four hours, returned to Soesterberg and took the barrier upon landing. According to the pilot, fuel leaked almost as fast as it could be pumped into the aircraft! All three departed a few days later. Scramble 340 - Pagina 135

71st TFS/1st TFW: 74-0087, 74-0096, 74-0098, 74-0106, 74-0126, 74-0131, 75-0019, 75-0020, 75-0033, 75-0038, 75-0039 94th TFS/1st TFW: 75-0024, 75-0032, 75-0034, 75-0046, 76-0056, 76-0058, 76-0059 All were F-15As and coded ‘FF’. 71st TFS aircraft carried red fin-tips, 94th TFS aircraft blue fin-tips.

CORONET SIDEWINDER I - Gilze-Rijen 17 May 1982 - 4 June 1982 On 17 May 1982 twelve F-15As from Langley AFB (VA) arrived at Gilze-Rijen and participated in NATO exercise ‘Central Enterprise’. After an uneventful deployment, all aircraft departed for home on 4 June. 27th TFS/1st TFW:

74-0103, 75-0019, 75-0077, 76-0091,

74-0125, 75-0027, 76-0073, 76-0102,

74-0130, 75-0058, 76-0084, 76-0116.

All F-15s coded ‘FF’ with yellow fin-tips. The aircraft departed using call signs HH-01 to HH-12. Support: 10may C-141B 66-0167 437th MAW 13may C-141B 67-0023 63rd MAW 14may C-141B 66-0161 63rd MAW 17may CT-39A 60-3483 58th MAS 18may C-141B 65-0266 437th MAW 04jun C-141B 64-0613 437th MAW C-141B 64-0623 437th MAW Both Starlifters on 4 June arrived from Soesterberg where they had just supported the arrival of Coronet Sidewinder II.

CORONET SIDEWINDER II - Soesterberg 7 June 1982 – 28 June 1982

F-15A 75-0058/FF of 27th taxiing to the active runway at Gilze-Rijen AB on 5 June 1982. (Jan van Waarde) Following hot on the heels of the deployment to Gilze-Rijen was another deployment of the 1st TFW, but this time from 71st TFS to Soesterberg. At that very moment the 71st was busy converting from the old A-model Eagles to brand-new F-15Cs and they took a mix of these types with them when they arrived in Holland on 7 June. The aircraft returned to the USA on 28 June. 71st TFS/1st TFW:

F-15As: 75-0022, 75-0060, 75-0067, 76-0071, 76-0093, 76-0095, 76-0105, F-15Cs: 80-0049, 80-0050, 80-0052, 81-0020, F-15D 80-0059 All were coded ‘FF’ with red fin-tips. 76-0071 was marked ‘71st TFS’. The following callisgns were used during arrival: Benzo 51-56: 071/095/050/020/059/052 Benzo 61-66: 060/093/049/105/067/022 Support: 04jun C-141B 64-0613437th MAW C-141B 64-0623438th MAW 25jun C-141B 64-0618437th MAW C-141B 65-0269437th MAW C-141B 65-0276437th MAW 28jun C-141B 66-7955437th MAW The support aircraft included two interesting Starlifters: 64-0618 was one of the first camouflaged examples flying around while 65-0276 had just been converted to C-141B. The fuselage plug had yet to be painted and was still bare metal. Both Starlifters quoted on 4 June flew to Gilze-Rijen to support the Brand-new F-15C 81-0020/FF upon arrival at Soesterberg in the early evening of 7 June. (Jan van Waarde) return of ‘Coronet Sidewinder I’.

CORONET HAWK - Soesterberg 1 June 1984 – 29 June 1984 71st TFS returned to Soesterberg after two years; twelve Eagles arrived at Soesterberg on 1 June. This arrival did not quite actually go as planned. Initially the deployment was planned for 30 May, but due to bad weather in the USA this had to be postponed for 24 hours, and the aircraft crossed the Atlantic on 31 May. However, this was Ascension Day and this is a bank holiday in the Netherlands and Soesterberg was closed for all traffic. In the meantime one aircraft declared an in-flight emergency following a collision with the KC-10’s boom and diverted to Keflavik AB, escorted by a wingman (these two aircraft were 800051 and 81-0026. The other ten aircraft diverted to RAF Lakenheath and flew over to Soesterberg on 1 June, followed the next day by the two stragglers from Keflavik. During the aircraft’s stay at Soesterberg they were joined by another Stateside unit for a few days when the Thunderbirds, on their first European tour with F-16s, operated from Soesterberg between 12 and 14 June. All F-15s departed again on 29 June Illustrating the support aircraft involved: C-141B 66-0167 of 437th AW 1984. just moments before touchdown on 29 June. (Jan van Waarde) Scramble 340 - Pagina 136

Two F-15Cs in a dramatic take-off pose at Soesterberg: 80-0048/FF led by 80-0051/FF on 29 June.

(Jan van Waarde)

71st TFS/1st TFW: 80-0040, 80-0043, 80-0048, 80-0049, 80-0050, 80-0051, 81-0020, 81-0021, 81-0026, 81-0029, 81-0032, 81-0053. All were coded ‘FF’ and carried red fin-tips. 80-0040 was marked ‘71st TFS’. Support: 23may C-141B 66-0209 437th MAW MAC60209 01jun KC-10A 82-0192 2nd BW Drip12 KC-10A 83-0075 2nd BW Drip13 02jun C-141B 64-0620 438th MAW MAC40620 28jun C-141B 66-0167 437th MAW MAC60167 C-141B 66-0187 437th MAW MAC60187 29jun C-141B 65-0275 437th MAW MAC50275 C-141B 66-0167 437th MAW MAC60167 01jul C-141B 66-0173 438th MAW MAC60173

CORONET APACHE - Soesterberg 20 May 1986 – 20 June 1986 1986 brought the Netherlands another double deployment to both Soesterberg and Gilze-Rijen, but this time the units had changed: 49th TFW from Holloman AFB (NM) had taken over from 1st TFW as the dual-based unit; this also implied the return of F15As to Dutch soil as they were still flying the older type. On 20 May, only six F-15As of 9th TFS/49th TFW arrived at Soesterberg. One of the other six Eagles had had a boom collision with their tanker over Michigan and the entire cell diverted into K I Sawyer AFB (MI). These six arrived at Soesterberg two days later, on 22 May. Both cells were supported by a KC-10A, but these landed at RAF Fairford in the UK instead of Soesterberg. The KC-10As involved were 83-0081 (White 21, arrived at Fairford on 20 May) and 85-0028 (White 11, 22 May), both with 2nd BW from Barksdale AFB (LA). Another incident happened on 18 June when 77-0091 lost a wing pylon over Nijmegen and damaged its wing quite heavily in the process. This aircraft landed safely and was eventually repaired and finally departed Soesterberg on 30 October 1986. The other eleven aircraft all returned home on 20 June but again the group encountered problems and two aircraft (77-0071 & 77-0082) had to divert to RAF Lakenheath, finally crossing the Atlantic on 25 June. 9th TFS/49th TFW: 77-0063, 77-0071, 77-0077, 77-0082*, 77-0091*, 77-0095, 77-0105*, 77-0106*, 77-0109*, 77-0113, 77-0151*, 77-0153.

One of the participants of ‘Coronet Apache’ was F-15A 77-0095/HO, seen here taxying over Soesterberg’s sorely missed taxitrack. (22 May 1986, Jan van Waarde) Scramble 340 - Pagina 137

All were F-15As coded ‘HO’ with red fintips. 77-0109 was marked ‘9th TFS’. The six aircraft marked * were those that arrived on 22 May. Arrival callsigns were Man21-26 (063/071/077/095/113/153) and Alogy 11-16 (109/105/082/151/091/ 106). The latter group originally carried ‘Man’ call signs as well, but these were

changed following their diversion. Departure call signs were ‘Butch 11-16, 21-25’, tie-ups unknown . Support aircraft: 01may C-141B 65-0221 438th MAW 06may C-5A 69-0026 436th MAW 13may C-141B 67-0021 438th MAW C-141B 67-0022 63rd MAW 14may C-141B 66-0179 63rd MAW 15may C-141B 66-0181 63rd MAW 20may C-141B 65-0257 62nd MAW 21may C-141B 63-8080 438th MAW 22may C-141B 66-0165 62nd MAW 23may C-141B 65-9399 62nd MAW C-141B 66-0205 63rd MAW 27may C-5A 69-0019 436th MAW 16jun C-141B 65-0239 60th MAW C-141B 66-0148 60th MAW 19jun C-141B 66-0172 63rd MAW C-141B 67-0023 63rd MAW 24jun C-141B 63-8076 438th MAW C-141B 66-0174 443rd MAW 25jun C-141B 65-0223 438th MAW C-141B 67-0019 438th MAW Only two call-signs are known: MAC70021 and MAC70022 on 13 May. These support aircraft also took care of the support required for Coronet Mescalero at Gilze-Rijen

CORONET MESCALERO - Gilze-Rijen 27 May 1986 – 24 June 1986 Following immediately after and coinciding with ‘Coronet Apache’ at Soesterberg was ‘Coronet Mescalero’ that arrived at Gilze-Rijen on 27 May. The unit involved was 7th TFS from Holloman AFB. All Two shots from Soesterberg: (top) C-141B 66-0165 of 62nd MAW from support aircraft landed at Soesterberg (see Coronet McChord AFB (WA), supporting the arrival of ‘Coronet Apache’ and Apache for details) due to the condition of the (bottom) F-15A 77-0109/HO carrying special markings for the 9th TFS (top: Jan van Waarde, bottom: Roel Reijne) runway at Gilze-Rijen. One incident worth commander. mentioning is that 77-0138 was damaged when it received a bird strike during landing at Gilze-Rijen on 13 June. This caused an engine fire and the aircraft ran off the runway. The aircraft was dismantled and trucked to Soesterberg the next month, where it was picked up by a C-5 and flown back home on 3 September. The other eleven Eagles flew back home on 24 June. 7th TFS/49th TFW:

F-15As: 77-0078, 77-0099, 77-0119, 77-0122, 77-0130, 77-0132, 77-0133, 77-0134, 77-0136, 77-0137, 77-0138, and F-15B 77-0165

All aircraft were coded ‘HO’ with blue fin-tips. 77-0137 was marked ‘7th TFS’. The following call signs were used during arrival: Sanyo 11-16 (137/130/133/078/132/122) and Sanyo 21-26 (119/099/138/165/136/134).

Gilze-Rijen has always offered unparallelled opportunities to take great photographs during deployments due to the proximity of the taxitrack to the airfield’s perimeter fence. The photograph shown above was taken outside the base on 29 May and shows F-15A 77-0132/HO, one of the ‘Coronet Mescalero’ participants. (Jan van Waarde) Scramble 340 - Pagina 138

CORONET SCOUT - Gilze-Rijen 29 May 1987 – 24 June 1987 1987’s deployment went to Gilze-Rijen; on 27 May twelve F-15As of 8th TFS/49th TFW arrived at the Dutch base, two days late as the supporting tankers could not take-off due to heavy tornado activity in Kansas. Initially the deployment was planned to consist of eighteen or even 24 aircraft but this was later scaled down to just a dozen. Again, as in 1986, all support aircraft landed at Soesterberg. The squadron participated in various exercises like ‘Central Enterprise’ and ‘Grey End’ (between 10 & 12 June) and a Taceval; on 4 June alone 47 missions were flown! All aircraft returned home to New Mexico on 24 June. 8th TFS/49th TFW:

77-0081, 77-0110, 77-0111, 77-0114, 77-0116, 77-0117, 77-0118, 77-0120, 77-0126, 77-0143, 77-0144, 77-0145

All were F-15As with‘HO’ codes and yellow fin-tips. 77-0118 was marked ‘8th TFS’. The aircraft used the following call signs upon arrival: ‘Dent 11-16’ (118/110/126/116/081/120) and ‘Dent 21-27’: (114/143/144/145/117/111). Oddly enough ‘Dent 26’ did not arrive; this aircraft aborted and was replaced by one of the air-spares, ‘Dent 27’. The aircraft departed using call signs ‘Ash 11-16,

The commanding officer of 8th TFS ‘owned’ this F-15A, 77-0118/HO, which is seen here taxiing back to its shelter after a mission from Gilze-Rijen on 1 June. Below: 77-0081/HO landing on the same date. (Jan van Waarde) 21-26’ (tie-ups unknown). Support aircraft involved (all landed at Soesterberg): 21may C-141B 65-9410 62nd MAW 26may C-141B 65-0220 437th MAW C-141B 65-0231 60th MAW C-141B 66-0138 437th MAW 29may C-141B 66-0139 unit nn 11jun C-141B 66-0152 437th MAW 17jun C-141B 66-0209 437th MAW 22jun C-141B 65-0237 62nd MAW 23jun C-141B 67-0017 437th MAW 24jun C-141B 65-0237 62nd MAW C-141B 67-0014 437th MAW 25jun C-141B 65-0217 437th MAW

MAC18011 MAC50220 MAC50231 MAC60138 MAC60139 MAC60152

CORONET TRIGGER - Soesterberg 31 May 1990 – 25 June 1990 1990 marked the first year that 33rd TFW from Eglin AFB (FL) was involved in deployments to the Netherlands. On 31 May ten F-15Cs and two F-15Ds arrived from Eglin. After an uneventful deployment, they left for home again on 25 June. 60th TFS/33rd TFW: F-15Cs

85-0117, 85-0118, 85-0123, 86-0145, 86-0156, 86-0165, 86-0166, 86-0175, 86-0176, 86-0177, and F-15Ds 85-0132, 85-0134.

All were coded ‘EG’ and had red fin-tips. 85-0118 wore markings for the 33rd TFW commander and carried the name ‘Gulf Spirit’. While operating from Soesterberg the aircraft used ‘Cagey’ and ‘Duke’ call signs, upon departure they used ‘Total 11-16, 21-26’ but tie-ups remain unknown.

F-15C 85-0118/EG was the wing commander’s aircraft; it is seen here at Soesterberg on 7 June. (Jan van Waarde)

Scramble 340 - Pagina 139

A 400mm lens was needed to catch this F-15C, 85-0117/EG, during landing at Soesterberg on 7 June. Support aircraft were as follows: 29may C-141B 30may C-141B C-141B 01jun C-141B C-141B 11jun KC-135E 25jun C-141B 26jun C-141B C-141B C-141B

65-0228 67-0011 67-0014 61-2778 66-7953 58-0041 64-0610 64-0612 64-0613 67-0014

62nd MAW 437th MAW unit not noted 438th MAW 438th MAW 72nd ARS AFRES 438th MAW 438th MAW 437th MAW 437th MAW

(Jan van Waarde)


CORONET BULLET - Gilze-Rijen 12 June 1990 – 9 July 1990 In June 1990 Gilze-Rijen was the scene of a double deployment. Both 7th TFS and 8th TFS deployed to Holland around the same time, but both deployments had different names. ‘Coronet Bullet’ was the 7th TFS deployment. The arrival on 12 June did not go entirely as planned as 77-0096 suffered a hydraulic failure and asked for the barrier to be put up. The pilot thought the cable would be at the approach end of the runway while in fact it was on the other end of the runway. Thinking he had missed the barrier he applied full brakes shortly after touch-down following which the brakes locked and a tyre blew. The aircraft then ran off the runway, causing four aircraft (089/091/102/152) to divert to Soesterberg. These aircraft flew over to Gilze-Rijen on 14 and 15 June. Only ten aircraft flew back home on 9 July; 77-0089 and 77-0091 stayed behind and acted as air-spares for the re-deployment of the ‘Coronet Shooter’ deployment on 11 July. As they were not needed they landed at Soesterberg and departed for the USA on 12 July together with four ex 32nd TFS F-15s which were being reassigned. 7th TFS/49th TFW:

F-15As 77-0078, 77-0086, 77-0089, 77-0091, 77-0096, 77-0097, 77-0099, 77-0100, 77-0102, 77-0148, 77-0152 and F-15B 77-0159.

Part of the ‘Coronet Shooter’ deployment was this F-15A, 77-0120/HO, seen here crossing the threshold at Gilze-Rijen AB on 22 June. At Gilze-Rijen, the public road is so close to the airfield’s fence that traffic has to be stopped to allow planes to land! This usually allows for some great photo opportunities. (Jan van Waarde) Scramble 340 - Pagina 140

All aircraft were coded ‘HO’. 77-0086 had a multi-coloured fin-tip and carried marks for the 49th TFW commander; the aircraft was named ‘City of Alamogordo’. All other aircraft had blue fin-tips, but 77-0097 also carried special markings for the 7th TFS C/O. The following were the call signs used during arrival: ‘Devon 11-16’ (097/148/086/099/078/159) and ‘21-26’ (?/?/?/096/102/100) followed by the departure call sign ‘Birdie 11-16’ (097/099/100/?/096/102) and ‘21-26’ (086/148/078/152/?/?). For support aircraft see under Coronet Shooter.

CORONET SHOOTER - Gilze-Rijen 14 June 1990 – 11 July 1990 On 14 June another twelve F-15s arrived at Gilze-Rijen, this time 8th TFS was involved. This meant that for a few weeks in June, Holland housed 36 Eagles on deployment! Other deployments in Europe at the end of June included twelve A-7s of 174th TFS to Brustem in Belgium and seven more ANG A-7s at Spangdahlem. All these aircraft participated in NATO exercise ‘Central

8th TFS flew the squadron’s flagship over to Holland; the aircraft is seen taxying to the active runway at Gilze-Rijen on 22 June 1990. The markings only differed slightly from the aircraft’s previous visit. (Jan van Waarde) Enterprise’. Only eleven aircraft departed for home on 11 July; 77-0142 (call sign Kosin 66) diverted to Soesterberg on that day (together with two aircraft from the ‘Coronet Bullet’ deployment; it finally left for home on 19 July together with some former 32nd TFS F-15s that were being redeployed. 8th TFS/49th TFW: 76-0064, 77-0081, 77-0088, 77-0098, 77-0114, 77-0118, 77-0119, 77-0120, 77-0142, 77-0144, 77-0149, 77-0151 All were F-15As coded ‘HO’ and carried yellow fin-tip colours. 77-0118 carried special marks for the 8th TFS C/O. The following call signs were used during arrival: ‘Konac 51-56’ (118/081/114/088/151/142), ‘61-63’ (144/119/149) and ‘66-68’ (064/120/098), the presence of 67 and 68 would suggest that these were air-spares. The following were the call signs used during th departure: ‘Kosin 51-56’ (118/114/098/119/151/149) and ‘61-66’ (144/088/120/064/081/142). Support: 08jun C-141B 64-0643 60th MAW MAC40643 11jun KC-135E 56-3623 336th ARS Red67 12jun C-141B 66-0182 63rd MAW 13jun C-141B 65-0231 60th MAW MAC111VS C-141B 66-0201 445th MAW MAC107VS C-141B 66-7957 63rd MAW MAC106VS 14jun C-141B 65-0268 60th MAW MAC112VS C-141B 65-9398 63rd MAW MAC59398 09jul C-141B 66-0159 62nd MAW MAC205VS C-141B 67-0018 62nd MAW MAC206VS 10jul C-141B 66-0165 62nd MAW MAC207VS 11jul C-141B 65-0258 62nd MAW MAC208VS C-141B 65-9398 63rd MAW MAC215VS F-15C 84-0030/EG at Soesterberg during the small spotter’s day on 12jul C-141B 65-9404 63rd MAW 10 June 1992. Although no fin-stripe is carried, the 60th FS 14jul C-141B 65-0264 62nd MAW MAC207VS squadron badge is located on the intake. (Jan van Waarde) 16jul C-141B 66-0198 63rd MAW MAC218VS

CORONET VOLUNTEER - Soesterberg 9 June 1992 – 1 July 1992 On 9 June Soesterberg was host to the second deployment from Eglin AFB (FL), and again the twelve Eagles involved were from 60th FS. However, not all carried full 60th FS markings on arrival and those that did not, were actually repainted during the unit’s stay at Soesterberg, a first for a deployment to the Netherlands. Both 85-0099 and 85-0104 carried a MiG-kill below the cockpit. Capt Lawrence E Pitts shot down a MiG-25 over Iraq in 85-0099 on 19 January 1991 and Capt Anthony E Schiavi shot down a MiG-23 on 26 January 1991 while flying 85-0104. Both pilots used a Sparrow missile to achieve the kill. A low-key spotter’s day was organized at Soesterberg on 10 June. The small static display contained both Battle Damage Repair Training airframes present at Soesterberg at the time: F-4C 63-7453 (still in 171st FIS marks) and F-15A 73-0091 (no mks), as well as F-15Cs 79-0030/- of 32nd FS (departed Soesterberg on 23 June, for reassignment to Tyndall AFB) and 84-0030/EG. Other aircraft placed on the static were Alouette III A-514 (in an all-white scheme) and CL13B Sabre N30CJ of CJ Inc, which was at Soesterberg for target-towing duties. All 33rd FW aircraft returned home on 1 July. Scramble 340 - Pagina 141

60th FS/33rd FW:

F-15Cs 84-0030, 85-0095, 85-0097, 85-0099*, 85-0104*, 85-0111, 85-0113*, 85-0116, 85-0120*, 85-0123, and F-15DS 85-0132, 85-0134.

All aircraft were coded ‘EG’; upon arrival the aircraft marked * still carried 58th FS marks, but these were changed to 60th FS marks within a few days. Interestingly three of these (except 85-0113) reverted to their old 58th FS marks again shortly after returning to Eglin AFB. 85-0099 and 85-0104 carried a MiG-kill. The call signs used during arrival were: ‘Craw 171-176 (099/097/116/104/030/ 132) and 181-186’ (095/113/123/111/134/120). Call signs used during the return flight were ‘Retro 11-16’ and ‘21-26’, but tie-ups remain unknown. Support aircraft present during the deployment were: 04jun C-141B 66-0194 437th AW 09jun C-130H 74-1673 463rd AW Reach1629 C-141B 65-0218 437th AW MAC103CE C-141B 67-0002 437th AW MAC105CE 01jul C-141B 66-0201 63rd AW Reach60201 02jul C-5B 84-0061 436th AW

CORONET HAVOC - Gilze-Rijen 8 June – 7 July 1993 The final USAF ‘Coronet’ deployment was also one of the more interesting ones: in 1993 415th FS/49th FW was equipped with the F-117A Nighthawk, and at the time this stealth aircraft was still very much of an enigma and created an enormous amount of interest amongst the media, and not only the aircraft spotters fraternity. This was evidenced by the fact that, upon arrival of the aircraft on 8 June, the roads near the base’s approach were absolutely jam-packed with hundreds of spectators all coming to see the ‘Stealth bomber’. An enterprising Dutchman had even taken the opportunity to set up a mobile snack bar in order to make some money out of the whole event! Anyway, the F-117s took part in NATO exercise ‘Central Enterprise’ during their stay. During the first week of their deployment the F117s flew during the daytime in order to get acquainted to the Dutch weather and operating procedures, after that they started flying from the late afternoon until early in the night, with the final aircraft usually landing around 0200 hrs. Towards the end of the deployment 83-0808 had suffered a bird strike and was not able to depart with the other aircraft; it was kept company by 83-0807. The other six aircraft departed for Khamis Mushayt AB in Saudi Arabia on 7 July, for another tour of duty in the Middle East (they would finally return to New Mexico in February 1994). The two stragglers flew to RAF Lakenheath on 20 July (as Slip 83 & 84), from where they continued to Khamis Mushayt as well on 21 July. 415th FS/49th FW: 81-10797 83-0807 83-0808 84-0812 85-0830 85-0836 86-0823 86-0839 All were coded ‘HO’ but did not wear any fin-tip colours. The call signs used during arrival were: ‘Clan 51-56’ and ‘61-66’. The call signs used by the six aircraft that departed on 7 July were ‘Slip 71-74 and 81-82’ but tie-ups remain unknown for these as well. Support: 07jun 08jun 09jun 24jun 28jun 07jul 08jul 09jul

C-141B DC-8-62 C-141B C-141B C-141B C-141B C-130E C-130E C-141B DC-8-63 C-141B C-141B C-141B C-141B

65-0251 N772CA 65-9411 66-0160 63-8086 65-0220 ? 69-6583 65-0276 N4935C 66-0182 66-7944 65-0230 66-7947

60th AW Rich International 438th AW 60th AW 62nd AW 438th AW 86th AW 86th AW 438th AW Rich International 63rd AW 60th AW 60th AW 438th AW

Reach50251 Reach218 Reach120CE Reach60160 Reach38086 Reach122CE Reach42119 Reach617 Reach520CE Reach519CE Reach50230 Reach518CE

Two F-117s taxiing to the active runway at Gilze-Rijen on 9 June, clearly showing off the unmistakable stealthy shape of the Nighthawk. (Stephan de Bruijn) Scramble 340 - Pagina 142

Around the world in 80 days

Sometimes called the Ferrari under the microlights, the CTSW is the latest version of the Flight Design CT family, with shorter wings than its predecessor the CT2K, hence the SW suffix. Currently, it is probably the most popular type in its class, especially in the USA where it is the best selling aircraft in the newly established LSA (Light Sports Aircraft) class. At the moment over 900 of the type have been sold worldwide, but as far as we know this ML105 is the only military example. (all photos Münster-Osnabrück, 6 August 2007, Jurgen van Toor) This year, on 8 October, the Indian Air Force commemorates its 75th birthday. Part of the celebrations for this Platinum Jubilee was a Round the World Microlight Expedition, with the attempt to set a new record in this FAI class (class R). Up until then, the record was held by Briton Colin Bodill, who set it at 99 days in 2000. Especially for this expedition a two-seat Flight Design CTSW was bought. The choice for this type of aircraft was mainly that it had the longest range for a microlight. But apart from the standard range, this particular aircraft was modified by the manufacturer especially for this record attempt. They made it lighter, while it was also equipped with a different propeller and special equipment. The aircraft was now designated as a ‘CTSW Advance 207’ and registered as ML-105. It would fly the complete expedition using call sign IFC407. After a preparation of over three years, the aircraft left Hindon Air Force Station in the early morning of 1 June 2007, heading eastbound. The crew consisted of two persons, Wing Commander Monga, normally flying the Mi-25 and Lama, as commander and pilot, and Wing Commander Kumar, in daily life a MiG-21 jock, as navigator. The schedule at this point, though admittingly rather optimistic, was for a trip of 64 days.

was lost and later again in Dalian and Shenyang. Major problem in China was that local authorities did not allow them to take another route to bypass the bad weather. The only exception was eventually made when heavy cross winds prevented them from landing at Changchun after which they were allowed to divert to Shenyang, but only after the crew officially declared an emergency. Finally, on 23 June, they reached Russia where they landed at Khabarovsk. Due to not taking up the scheduled rest days in China, they were only seven days behind schedule at this point. But from here the crew would split, with Kumar flying on commercial airlines to Alaska, as the Russian ATC only speaks Russian and it is mandatory to have an interpreter on board while flying above Russian soil. But again the weather played up, including very heavy snow, forcing longer stays than planned at Nikolaevsk (3 days) and Magadan (4 days). But the hospitality in Russia was great as they discovered later when in northern Russia - in the absence of any hotels - they were invited to sleep with local families and fishermen.

The expedition The first legs of the journey were rather uneventful, reaching Myanmar on the second day, but on the third day the first setback came along when bad weather forced the crew to turn back to Yangon, Myanmar. In general, every day two legs would be flown, each around 500 to 600 kilometres although longer distances were flown later on. The next days some distance was made again, making stops in Thailand and Vietnam before landing at Haikou in China on day 6. Here the heavy rains forced a delay of four days before they could continue to Guangzhou. But again the weather played havoc, forcing an unplanned stay of another four days before they could continue to Fuzhou where another day

The crew of this record breaking expedition; Wing Commander Monga on the left and Wing Commander Kumar on the right. Scramble 340 - Page 143

With a delay at that time of twelve days, Wing Commander Monga crossed the Bering Strait on the morning of 6 July and reached Nome in Alaska, where he was joined again with Kumar. And again weather conditions worsened, forcing the crew to stay at Anchorage for five days before they could continue into Canada and mainland USA. The remainder of the expedition through the USA went relatively smooth, although a completely different route was taken than planned to evade more bad weather, flying close to the Mexican border before turning north again towards New York state, leaving the USA again on 25 July, when they landed at Toronto in Canada. From here the weather worsened again, especially by the time they had reached Iqaluit in the far north, flying extremely low sometimes to keep below the overcast. In Iqaluit the crew would split for a second time. Kumar would use commercial airlines again to fly to the UK to make room in the aircraft for extra fuel and survival equipment for the Transatlantic crossing which Monga would fly solo. The first leg was to Nuuk in Greenland on 1 August, which Monga flew alone, despite a trio of French helicopters that flew the same route on the same day. The next day a cross-country flight to Kulusuk, on the other side of the island, was undertaken. This became a real adventure, as the aircraft had to fly up to 11,000 feet to keep clear of the mountains. But when you have no vision as the windows are completely covered with ice, and even your airspeed indicator is frozen, with the knowledge the mountains around you are only some 500 feet below you…..

Scamble goes India! Well... at least this Scramble sticker is going to make the journey to the far east after being glued to the aircraft by Wing Commander Kumar. again, with the next stop, Friedrichshafen, only being reached on Sunday, 12 August. To make up for some of the lost time, the next leg on the 13th, would be non-stop to Rome-Ciampino, skipping Samedan in Switzerland. On the 14th the aircraft departed for Greece, but due to some minor mechanical problem, the aircraft had to divert to Latina, just south of Rome, but was able to continue to Kerkyra at Corfu, Greece after a couple of hours.

At Halton ML105 was parked inside the hangar of the local aeroclub, where it was in good company of another CT standing right behind it. (Halton, 6 August 2007, Mike Jefferies) But nevertheless on the same day the expedition was continued to Reykjavik, Iceland. Here the weather prohibited a departure on the 3rd again, but the next day Monga left Reykjavik for the Vagar, Faroer Islands but was forced by bad weather to divert to Hornafjordur in the remote south west of Iceland. By this time the expedition was running 16 days behind schedule. On Sunday, 5 August the CTSW left Hornafjordur again, but now for a flight which would bypass Vagar and head straight for the UK. This flight, which included some 900 kilometres overseas was largely flown in formation with the French helicopter trio which were travelling to Wick, whose crew apparently had become a bit wiser compared to a few days before. Monga himself continued to Lossiemouth. Here Wing Commander Kumar joined the expedition again, which departed 1.5 hours later for a 750 kilometres flight down to RAF Halton where they stayed for the night, this way skipping Norwich which was on the original planning. Next day they continued to Germany where, after a stop at Münster-Osnabrück, they arrived at Eggersdorf near Berlin late in the afternoon. Eggersdorf is home to a Flight Design maintenance facility - and also all test flights of new-built aircraft are done here. Technicians from the company were awaiting them in order to have the aircraft serviced overnight, so they could continue their journey on Tuesday. This was not to happen; the servicing took more time than expected. Also bad weather in southern Germany delayed the expedition

The remainder of the journey through Greece, Turkey and Iran was uneventful, giving the opportunity to make up some of the lost time. This was even further uplifted as permission from the Pakistan government was received to fly over Pakistan territory, avoiding the need to fly south to Muskat and cros the Indian Ocean to India - which would be another 1000+ km overseas flight. Karachi in Pakistan was reached on 18 August, and the same day the first stop on Indian soil was made when they landed at Bhuj. On the 19th they concluded the expedition when they landed at Hindon AFS at 16:21 local time. A new world record was set, now standing at 80 days, a nice but probably unintentional tribute to Jules Verne.

New plans But the crew already has new plans; next year they are trying to get another expedition started, this time to set a new record for a pole-to-pole flight, although they understand the CTSW probably is not the type of aircraft suited for that. But plans are to aquire another two to three CTSWs, mainly for desk personnel to stay current.

Leaving Münster-Osnabrück again for another leg....

Scramble 340 - Page 144

Muzeum Lotnictwa Polskiego Krakow

Alex Hamelink Hans Hoogers One of only three built, the PZL MD-12 was meant to be a successor to the Lisunov Li-2 with LOT, but development stopped after the first prototype crashed in 1963. The MD-12F on display in the museum is fitted out for aerial photography and was the third aircraft built. (Krakow, 9 June 2007, Hans Hoogers) With more and more low cost airlines flying directly to Krakow, Museum layout it becomes very interesting to pay a visit to this beautiful town The museum is situated on the southern part of Rakowice on the Wisla river in southern Poland (not yet discovered by the airfield, with the entrance from the Al. Jana Pawla II (John Paul large tourist crowds). Apart from the town itself, in the II Street). When entering the museum the first aircraft you will neighbourhood more tourist attractions can be found, like the see are the stored Lims behind one of the hangars. After you Auschwitz concentration camp, the salt mines in Wieliczka or pass the counter you have the main outside exhibition in front Zakopane village in the Tatra mountains. And last but not least of you. The aircraft here are arranged in a triangular form the Polish Aviation Museum (or Muzeum Lotnictwa), an absoaround a grass field, generally allowing for decent lute must-visit for the military aviation enthousiast, which is photography. From the entrance turning left you have a small located in the suburb of Nowa Huta, just to the east of Krakow hangar which houses the WWI collection. Behind this hangar centre, on the grounds of Rakowice-Czyzyny airfield (see is another small hangar, in use as a workshop, with the last frame on the next page). hangar in this row used by the police detachment whose The museum was helicopter flies from the small grass field just in front of the founded during 1963, opehangar. When larger helicopters are visiting they generally ning its doors for the first use the grass field in the middle of the outside exhibition. time in 1964 and has been To the right of the entrance is the main hangar which houses expanding ever since. But the WWII and 1950s collection. In the back of this hangar a as with most museums small door will lead you to another building. In one part of this money is the major issue building the engine collection is housed, while the other part here, especially since it is is used for the pre-WWI collection. Like with most museums, no longer funded by the national government or the air force, space is scarce, but in Krakow the aircraft in general are more now relying on funding from local governments and entrance seperated then in most major museums, so even inside fees. But in contrast to most other ‘national museums’, the photography is possible. Only in the pre-WWI hangar it is ratMuzeum Lotnictwa does not limit itself to aspects of Polish her dark so you need a good flashlight here. aviation, but considers itself as a ‘generic aviation museum’. As such it is glad to have the Saab Draken and Viggen on Leaving the large hangar you turn right again for the last stored display, but also a large collection of civil aircraft and gliders, aircraft, though you need permission the enter these grounds and it has some more western types like the Phantom and to see them all as some are obscured by trees and buildings. Starfighter on its wish list. And besides the list of aircraft below, For opening times and ticket prices, check their website at it also has a large collection of around 200 aeronautical engines on display, ranging from the 1908-vintage Antoinette The following log was from a visit early June 2007; V8 to the more modern jet turbines. Currently the museum attracts around 40,000 visitors every year, which is boosted by Outside another 40,000 during the yearly Aviation Picknick. 35520/14 J35J Swed AF 35520 36954/54 AJSF37 Swed AF 36954 Malopolski Piknik Lotniczy 87916 A-37B VPAAF 43063 Every year the museum organises the “Little Poland Aviation 00852 F-5E VPAAF R.1033 Picknick”. This picknick, including a small airshow, is usually “6” Mi-4ME LMWprob ex 617, 06175 held the last weekend of June at the north western part of the 2004 MiG-15UTI LMW 27004 former airfield, using the western part of the old runway. 018 SBLim-2M LMW 1A-06018 Smaller aircraft, up to the size of the L-410, even land here, but 72 IL-28R WLOP 41909 apart from these sometimes larger aircraft take part in the S3 IL-28U WLOP 69216 airshow itself. For more info please check 027 Li-2T WLOP 18439102 712 Lim-1 WLOP 1A-07012 1230 Lim-2 WLOP 1B-01230 1023 Lim-5 WLOP 1C-1023 Scramble 340 - Page 145

Rakowice-Czyzyny The history of Rakowice airport can be traced back to the late nineteenth century when a balloon detachment from the Austro-Hungarian army was based here, strategically located near the border between the Austrian and Russian empires. In 1912 the first 'real' aircraft could be seen here with the headquarters of the Flugpark 7, an Austrian unit, making it one of the oldest permanent airfields on the European continent still in use as such. During the First World War it was heavilly used, first for the defence of Krakow castle and later as a training and repair facility. After the war, the Polish Military Authorities took control of the airfield on 31 October 1918, making it the first official airbase in the newly created Polish republic. And a week later the first Polish aviation unit was formed here, the '1 Eskadra Bojowa' (1st Combat Squadron). In the inter war years it was also used commercially, already starting in 1917 when it became a staging point for the airmail route between Vienna and Kiev/Odessa, the first such scheduled service in Europe. After the Germans occupied this part of Poland in 1939, they enlarged the airbase and used it for moving supplies to the eastern front. After the war it was returned to the Polish military, although it was again used as a combined airfield with LOT flying scheduled services from here. But for political reasons a steel mill was erected on this side of Krakow, including a complete new township (Nowa Huta, litteraly 'New Steel Mill'), so by the early 1960s the airfield was completely surrounded by residential areas, making it neccesary for both the military and LOT to move operations to the newly created Balice airport, west of Krakow, with the last LOT aircraft leaving Rakowice in 1963. This made room for the new museum taking over some of the hangars on the southside of the airfield. Today, besides the museum, the police uses a hangar right next to the museum where it has one Kania based, while part of the old runway still exists a couple of hundred meters north of the museum, which is occasionally used for light aviation, especially when the yearly aviation picknick is organised by the museum. 1414 105 606 618 0216 6048 511 304 905 809/C 9204 2003 6504 9107 1901 2004

Lim-5R Lim-6bis Lim-6M Lim-6MR Mi-2 Mi-2Ch Mi-4A MiG-15UTI MiG-19PM MiG-21F-13 MiG-21bis MiG-21M MiG-21MF MiG-21MF MiG-21PF MiG-21PF


1C-1414 1F-0105 1D-0606 1D-0618 530216116 516048049 15114 3404 650905 740809 75089204 962003 966504 969107 761901 762004

01 1125 1217 9349 4401 120 4242 3005 304 806 06 116 0730/1 1007 3078 037 SP-LHB SP-PBL “0603” SP-PRC SP-PRD SP-KFB SP-PCB SP-PCE

MiG-21PFMN MiG-21R MiG-21U-400 MiG-21UM MiG-21US MiG-23MF Su-20 Su-22M-4 Su-22UM-3K Su-7BKL Su-7BM Su-7U TS-11 bis B TS-11 bis B VEB-14P Yak-40 Tu 134A MD-12F PZL M-15 PZL-105 PZL-105 PZL-106A PZL-130 PZL-130TC-1


Grigorovich M.15 Albatros C.1 Albatros H.1 Aviatik C.III DFW C.5 Halberstadt CL.II LFG Roland D.VIb LVG B.II Camel F.1 Albatros B.II RWD.13

Imp. Russ. Ny R11C.262 Lw fus only Lw fus only, 10114 Lw fus only, 1996 Lw 473 Lw fus only, 1046 Lw fus only Lw fus only RFC fus only PWL 10019 283

94ML01 94R021125 661217 516999349 01685144 0390217120 6602 23005 17532368304 7806 5306 2116 1H-0730 1H-1007 14803078 9510238 3351809 0004 1S006-01 0089002 0091003 07810131 003 00930011

Small hangar 262 C.197/15 10114 C.12250/17 C.17077/17 CL.15459/17 D.2225/18 B.350/17 B7280 B.1302/15 SP-BNU

Storage compound 014 035 1508 415 1910 2009 6513 6614 807 01

SBLim-2 SBLim-2 Lim-5 Lim-5 Lim-5R MiG-21PF MiG-21PFM MiG-21PFM Su-7BKL Su-7BM


1A-06014 1A-06035 1C-1508 1C-0415 1C-1910 762009 94A6513 94A6614 7807 5301

Maintenance hangar “012”

TS-11 bis DF

WLOP probably 2012

Spitfire LF.XVIe DH82 L-5

as TB995, CBAF.IX3495 ID not confirmed frame only, 76-884

Main hangar SM411 “T8209” 42-98643

On display in the far corner of the so-called “MiG Alley” is this MiG-21F-13 809. Scramble 340 - Page 146

(Krakow, 9 June 2007, Hans Hoogers)

On display in the main hangar is a Curtiss Hawk II from the Luftwaffe. Two of these American airplanes were purchased by the Germans and than used to test dive-bombing for the Stuka’s. The aircraft on display wears markings for the Olympic games held in Berlin in 1936. (Krakow, April 2007, Manolito Jaarsma)

The German collection In June 1936 the 'Deutsche Luftfahrtsammlung' was opened in Berlin in the Moabit district. This museum was based on an aircraft collection from Stuttgart that had moved to Berlin. Sometimes it is also named "The Goering Collection", refering to Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering, but whether this was only for propaganda purposes or Goering was really involved is still debated. By the late thirties it probably was the largest aviation museum in the world with somewhere between 110 and 125 aircraft and around 200 engines on show, including the large twelve-engined Dornier Do X, the original red Fokker DR I flown by Manfred von Richthofen, the original glider made by Otto Lilienthal and a large collection of other pre-WWI and WWI aircraft. After the war started, these were augmented by aircraft from the conquered countries. During the Second World War, the museum at first largely escaped from the bombing raids on Berlin conducted by the allied air forces. But it was only a matter of time before the museum would be hit, so in June and July 1943 the Germans evacuated around 100 of the aircraft, moving them to Pomerania in current Poland and hiding them on different locations in the Treptow area, usually three to five aircraft per location. This was only just in time as during November 1943, a raid on the nearby Lehrter railway station destroyed the museum instead and with it all remaining aircraft (including the Do X). After the war only 24 aircraft were recovered by the Poles in some train wagons (one of probably three trains used for the evacuation), the remainder probably being destroyed or "collected" by locals, although some people believe parts may still survive in barns or even on the bottom of a lake near Prechlau. The surviving aircraft were then stored somewhere in the Krakow area, hidden even for Polish communist authorities, probably saving them from destruction, only surfacing again in the 1980s. Shortly thereafter in a bizarre, some say illegal, deal the worlds only surviving Jeannin Stahltaube was brought to Berlin, with the Germans restoring the Albatros BII which was then returned again to Krakow. Also the remains

of a 1913-vintage Fokker Spin, captured by the nazis in May 1940 in Amsterdam, was returned to the Netherlands were it was restored. It is currently on display in the Aviodrome in Lelystad. Another aircraft from this collection is the PZL.11c which actually belonged to the 121st Fighter Squadron of the 2nd Air Regiment based at Krakow-Rakowice when the Germans invaded Poland in September 1939 and was later taken to Berlin for inclusion in the Luftfahrtsammlung. But during the last decades the Germans - up to the level of national governments - have been pressing Poland to return the remaining aircraft (at least those with a German background) to Berlin for inclusion in the collection of the Deutsches Technikmuseum. But so far the Polish have refused this, stating "the aircraft were not taken from Germany, but brought to Poland by the Germans themselves" and that "they are considered as compensation for all Polish aeronautical collections destroyed by the nazis". This probably will stay food for heated debate for years to come.

Strange place to have a Vietnamese A-37B on display, but this aircraft - together with the F-5 - was presented to Poland by the Vietnamese government after the Vietnam war. It was used for for examination, but the Polish technicians were only interested in the engines and electronics and the fuselage was barely rescued by the museum from being demolished after those were removed from the airframe. (Krakow, 9 June 2007, Hans Hoogers)

Scramble 340 - Page 147

51-14728 4 4/29 4316 8.63/2/K 81-123 0309 14 36 02 19 16 D-IRIK SP-AFO SP-AFP SP-ARM SP-ASZ SP-AKG SP-FWH SP-FXA SP-GIL SP-GLC SP-LXH SP-NXA SP-PAK SP-PBB SP-PHN SP-SAD SP-SAP SP-P600 SP-447 SP-167 SP-322 SP-552 SP-985 SP-1213 SP-1220 SP-1335 SP-1358 SP-1391 SP-1477 SP-1463 SP-1506 SP-1640 SP-1697 SP-1726 SP-2371/12 SP-2292

T-6G Po-2LNB Avia B-33 Mi-2URP P.11c PWS.26 TS-8 TS-9 Tu-2S Yak-11 Yak-17W Yak-18 Yak-23 Curtiss Hawk II Bü131B L-4A Z-26 Yak-12M RWD 21 PZL 104-35A L-60 Gil BZ-1 Cessna T50 Aero 145 L-200D PZL M-4P PZL S-4 Pieniazek Kukulka SM-1/300 SM-2 Swift S-3 WWS bis WWS-2 IS-A IS-1 IS-B IS-C SZD- 6X SZD- 8bis SZD- 9bis IS-4 SZD-10bis SZD-12A SZD-17X SZD-18 IS-3 SZD-15 SZD-19 SZD-22B

as "49-2983”, 168-87 VVS 641-646 WLOP 3061 WLOP 564316105 WLOP 562 81-123 WLOP WLOP 1E-0309 WLOP 13-9578 WLOP WLOP 64236 WLOP 3120132 WLOP 9732 WLOP 1216 H.81 113 as "329233”, 10524 640 5013 as “SP-BPE”, 331 20890887 150723 1 5765 172011 171408 1/3 02 T-026382 S101003 S202016 P-03/XP as “SP-127”, 127 003 011 144P GD-009 069 114 P-231 017 124 W-89 179 211 270 299 P-405 F-607

SP-2356 SP-2499 SP-2635/31 -

SZD-25A SZD-21 SZD-43 Janowski J-3 Eagle

F-740 W-286 X-103 “experimental”

Shed behind main hangar MT141/12 D-EFRI D-EKYQ D-INJR D-OMIP SP-AAA SP-GLB SP-590 SP-2463

Geest Möwe IV Rumpler Etrich Taube FW Albatros L.101 Me209V-1 Heinkel He.5F LWD Szpak 2 LWD Zuraw HWL Pegaz SZD-27 AEG Wagner Eule Levavasseur Antoinette Zurakowksi B2.4

4 245 ID not confirmed 001 026 1 fuselage only

Storage compound next to main hangar 5705 An-2T WLOP 1G157-05 1909 Lim-5R WLOP 1C-1909 SP-LXC Aero Super 45 03002 SP-TNA Aero 145 172006 The An-2 was later seen in the maintenance hangar, where at that time a temporary exhibition was put up. Not in the log is Me109G6 “red 3” (c/n 163306), which is rented from the White Eagle Foundation in Warsaw from time to time, but was not present during our visit. Thanks to Piotr Lopalewski for his hospitality.

Pride of the pre-war Polish aviation industrie was the PZL P.11c. (Krakow, 9 June 2007, Hans Hoogers)

The SBLim-2 was the Polish licence built MiG-15UTI but with the engine of the MiG-15bis. Some, like this 2004, were later converted to SBLim-2A for use as an artillery-reconnaissance aircraft. (Krakow, April 2007, Manolito Jaarsma) Scramble 340 - Page 148

AMI SF260s

Melchior Timmers Thijs van der Laaken With the introduction of the new grey SF260EAs, the bright orange SF260AMs are being sold to private owners worldwide. The last SF260AM will be phased out by the end of 2008. (Latina , 29 May 2007, Melchior Timmers) Since the mid 1970s, the SIAI - Marchetti SF260 has been responsible for the screening and primary training of pilots on single-engine aircraft for all military aviation units in Italy. These Marchettis are flying with 70º Stormo of the Aeronautica Militare Italiana (AMI), and are based at Latina. After more than thirty years of service it was decided to replace the ageing AM-models with newly-built updated examples. This is a good reason for us to have a look at the past and the future of the SF260 within the AMI, and present a brief history of Latina as the home base for the flying school

Latina airbase The story of Latina Airbase began on 28 March 1938 when the airfields of Cisterna, Sezze and Terracina closed. Because of these closures there was a requirement for a new airfield south of Rome. The new base was named after Enrico Comani, an Italian aviator who died on 2 February 1938 above the Atlantic Ocean, between the island of Natal and Brazil during his attempts to fly around the world. From 1938 until 1943 “Scuola Volo Senza Visibilita” (S.V.S.V.), school for flying without visual range, was based at Latina. For this role the Savoia-Marchetti 79, a three engined bomber plane, was used to train pilots for missions with good and poor visibility. In 1943 the role of training base was relinquished and fighter squadrons were based here for operations in World War II. After the war, the base did not house any operational unit until 1955. In that year, the airbase reverted to its original role, the training of pilots. This time, the main mission was multi-engine training on the Beech C-45 Expeditor and the Douglas C-47 Dakota. The pilots who attended the “Scuola Adestramento Plurimotori” (S.A.P.) came from the basic flying training school at nearby Frosinone. In 1962 the name of the training squadron was changed from S.A.P. to “Scuola Volo Basico Avanzato Elica” (S.V.B.A.E) or Advanced Propeller Flying School. The main reason for this change was that the pilots, just as today, were trained for all

military aviation units within Italy. For this new task the two Dakota variants were outdated and newly-built P166Ms entered service with 70º Stormo to replace them. The main mission of 70º Stormo changed from advanced flying training to basic flying training and selection of new pilots for the various aviation units in Italy. To better accomplish the mission, the P148 entered service in 1974 and the P166Ms were transferred to other units within the Italian Air Force. This change was only short lived as in 1976 the SF260AM touched down at Latina for the first time. From 1976 onwards this model of the SF260 was used for the screening of pilots and for basic flying training. Nowadays the old SF260 models have been withdrawn from use and the newer model, the SF260EA, is used for these tasks.

F260 The first prototype of what was to become the F260 was known as the F250, it was designed by Ing. Stelio Frati. This aircraft was equipped with a 250 hp Lycoming engine and was built by local aircraft manufacturer Aviamilano. Because of the 250hp engine, the aircraft was called F250 and its first flight was on 15 July 1964. The design was very modern for that the time, featuring a low wing, good visibility from the cockpit and a retractable undercarriage. Despite a successful first flight, the original design was changed and the original engine was replaced by a more powerful 260 hp Lycoming engine, resulting in a better powerto-weight ratio. This new engine prompted the aircraft to be redesignated F260. Because no orders were placed for the aircraft, Aviamilano decided to sell the licences to SIAI Marchetti, who changed the designation to SF260 where the “S” stands for SIAI Marchetti and the “F” refers to Ing. Stelio Frati. Another two prototypes were built and various countries evaluated the aircraft for possible acquisition, including the AMI, who temporarily included one in their inventory in 1968. Although some countries, like Belgium, placed orders, the AMI returned their only aircraft, serial MM91006, to the factory.

Scramble 340 - Page 149

In 1975 the AMI again evaluated the SF260 for possible replacement of their ageing Piaggio P148s and this time the evaluation resulted in an order for twenty aircraft. When the first aircraft entered service in August 1976, the SF260 partly replaced the Piaggio P148s flying with 207ºGruppo, part of the 70ºStormo, based at Latina airbase. After the first batch of twenty SF260AMs in 1976, a second batch of thirteen aircraft followed in 1980, while the final batch of thirteen aircraft was delivered in 1987. After the last Marchetti deliveries, the final P148s were withdrawn from service and stored at Latina. In the years that followed, the SF260 proved itself as an excellent trainer for basic flying, night flying, aerobatics and formation flying. There is also the capability of adding a third seat in the cockpit, but in this configuration the aircraft is not suitable for aerobatics.

SF260EA After almost 30 years of service, the ageing SF260AMs needed replacement by an aircraft that came closer to aircraft standards of the twenty-first century. After a study by the Italian department of defence, the decision was made to order an all-new version of the SF260, presented by Alenia Aermacchi, who had acquired SIAI Marchetti in 1997. The purchase of a similar aircraft as replacement had various advantages, no changes to the infrastructure at Latina were needed and support equipment like engine stands, tow bars, tools etc could still be used. Maiden flight of the SF260EA was on 21 October 2004 and lasted over 70 minutes. This aircraft was the first of thirty that were part of the contract that Alenia Aermacchi and the Italian Air Force had signed earlier that year. After type certification, first deliveries started in 2005 and were completed in the summer of 2006. The first aircraft were used to train the instructor pilots on the new trainer, and feedback from these pilots resulted in some changes to the aircraft, like the flap position during take-off, that initially was full flaps down. This position resulted in unbalance during formation take-offs, and was changed to a setting of 25 degrees flap angle. Although the new aircraft looks almost the same as the old model on the outside, it is an all new aircraft on the inside. Biggest changes were in the cockpit, with a whole new lay-out, with extra warning indicators in a more logical sequence and mounted on a more logical place, and the re-arrangement of all primary instruments in the so called “basic T” lay-out. This means that indicators like airspeed, attitude, altitude and

The badge of the 70º Stormo consists of an image of a mother Eagle teaching her youngs to fly. The globe in the background shows the world to discover when you can fly. The squadrons statement “Pro Omnibus Unus” means “One for all, all for one” in English. horizontal situation are in a basic arrangement. This lay-out is one of the two standard arrangements that can be found in all new-build aircraft worldwide. This makes transition to other aircraft easier since the primary lay-out is the same. Part of the modernisation of the aircraft was the addition of navigation hardware for ILS (Instrument Landing System) and IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) flights. IFR flights make it possible to fly through bad weather and at higher altitudes. The original SF260s were only certified for VFR (Visual Flight Rules) flights which means that they flew at a lower altitude and only when visibility was good. This was one of the reasons that the Italian SF260AMs were not seen outside Italy very often. For a better communication inside and outside of the aircraft, a new radio system was included. The final big advantage is the air-conditioning system for a better controlled cockpit ventilation. On the outside, the SF260EA is recognizable by its grey colour scheme and two airconditioning outlets on both sides of the rear part of the fuselage, just beneath the AMI roundel. The new navigation

Like the old models, the new Marchetti's are wearing big squadron codes for better recognition. In 2007 the last two of a total of 30 were being delivered to Latina. (29 May 2007, Melchior Timmers) Scramble 340 - Page 150

Compared to the SF260AM, the SF260EA can be recognized by its small white antenna in front of the cockpit and the airco outlet on both sides of the rear fuselage, just below the roundel. (Latina, 29 May 2007, Melchior Timmers) hardware resulted in a small white antenna just in front of the cockpit and one on the right-hand side of the lower rear part of the fuselage. With the introduction of the SF260EA, the SF260AMs are being taken off charge and sold back to either Alenia Aermacchi or private owners worldwide. During a visit to Latina in May 2007, the first aircraft had already left and many more were seen dismantled and without AMI markings, ready for transport to their new owner. With the phase-out of the last operational SF260AM, MM54436, this characteristic Italian bright orange trainer will leave the Aeronautica Militare Italiana late 2008.

Serials SF260 MM91006

ntu, returned


This SF260 was evaluated by the AMI from 1968, but was returned to SIAI Marchetti in 1969 without further orders.

SF260AM MM54418 MM54419 MM54420 MM54421 MM54422 MM54423 MM54424 MM54425 MM54426 MM54427 MM54428 MM54429 MM54430 MM54431 MM54432 MM54433 MM54434 MM54435 MM54436 MM54437 MM54520 MM54521(1) MM54521(2) MM54522 MM54523 MM54524 MM54525 MM54526

70-25 70-02 70-03 70-04 70-05 70-06 70-07 70-10 SP-11 70-12 70-13 70-14 70-15 70-16 70-17 70-20 70-21 70-22 70-63 70-24 70-26

std Latina std Latina dism Latina std Latina std Latina w/o 01dec80 w/o oct82 w/o 20oct88 w/o 25nov88 std Latina std Latina std Latina 207°Gruppo std Latina

w/o 21mar83 70-27 w/o 20jan00 70-30 w/o 22jul94 70-31 70-32 70-33 dism Latina 70-34

208/16-01 216/16-02 217/16-03 223/16-04 236/16-05 241/16-06 242/16-07 245/16-08 246/16-09 255/16-10 256/16-11 257/16-12 258/16-13 259/16-14 260/16-15 261/16-16 262/16-17 263/16-18 264/16-19 265/16-20 678/40-001 679/40-002 664/40-002 680/40-003 681/40-004 682/40-005 683/40-006 684/40-007

may07 may07 may07 mar05 may03 may07 aug04 may07

sep03 may07 aug03 may07 may07 sep06 may07 may07 dec06

sep06 dec94 may07 dec06

MM54527 MM54528 MM54529 MM54530 MM54531 MM54532 MM55012 MM55013 MM55014 MM55015 MM55016 MM55017 MM55018 MM55019 MM55020 MM55021 MM55022 MM55023

70-35 70-36 70-37 70-40 70-41 70-42 70-43 70-44 70-45 70-46 70-47 70-50 70-51 70-52 70-53 70-54 70-55 70-56

dism Latina w/o 20jul87 dism Latina dism Latina

to N26XD dism Latina std Latina to N260DX dism Latina std Latina

685/40-008 686/40-009 687/40-010 688/40-011 689/40-012 690/40-013 736/40-014 737/40-015 738/40-016 741/40-017 742/40-018 743/40-019 744/40-020 745/40-021 746/40-022

dism Latina

may07 sep06 may07 may07 dec06 feb06 aug04 jul06 may07 feb03 jul06 may07 sep06 may07 mar05 may07 sep06

SF260EA MM55098 MM55099 CSX55100 MM55101 MM55102 MM55103 MM55104 MM55105 MM55106 MM55107 MM55108 MM55109 MM55110 MM55111 MM55112 MM55113 MM55114 MM55115 MM55116 MM55117 MM55118 MM55119 MM55120 MM55121 MM55122 MM55123 MM55124 MM55125 MM55126 MM55127

Scramble 340 - Page 151

207°Gruppo 70-02 207°Gruppo 311°Gruppo 207°Gruppo 207°Gruppo 207°Gruppo 207°Gruppo 70-10 207°Gruppo 207°Gruppo 207°Gruppo 70-13 207°Gruppo 207°Gruppo 207°Gruppo 70-16 207°Gruppo 70-17 207°Gruppo 70-20 207°Gruppo 207°Gruppo 207°Gruppo 70-23 207°Gruppo 207°Gruppo 70-25 207°Gruppo 207°Gruppo 207°Gruppo 207°Gruppo 70-33 207°Gruppo 207°Gruppo 207°Gruppo

6965/2060/EA001 6966/2061/EA002 6967/2062/EA003 6968/2063/EA004 6969/2064/EA005 6970/2065/EA006 6971/2066/EA007 6972/2067/EA008 6973/2068/EA009 6974/2069/EA010 6975/2070/EA011 6976/2071/EA012 6977/2072/EA013 6978/2073/EA014 6979/2074/EA015 6980/2075/EA016 6981/2076/EA017 6982/2077/EA018 6983/2078/EA019 6984/2079/EA020 6985/2080/EA021 6986/2081/EA022 6987/2082/EA023 6988/2083/EA024 6989/2084/EA025 6990/2085/EA026 6991/2086/EA027 6992/2087/EA028 6993/2088/EA029 6994/2089/EA030

may07 may07 may07 may07 may07 may07 may07 may07 may07 may07 may07 may07 may07 may07 may07 may07 may07 may07 may07 may07 may07 may07 may07 may07 may07 may07 may07

Super Etendard Combat Missions

Juan Carlos Cicalesi & Santiago Rivas (edited by Erwin van Dijkman) An Argentinean Super Etendard banks away over the south atlantic. This year sees the 25th anniversary of the Falklands/Malvinas conflict. In commemoration of this, we can give you an inside story about the missions of 2° Escuadrilla Aeronaval de Cazay Ataque, the most feared enemy of the Royal Navy fleet during this South Atlantic conflict in 1982. Please bear in mind that this is an Argentinean account of the proceedings. In November 1981, the Comando de Aviación NavalArgentina/ Argentinean Naval Aviation Command (COAN) received the first five planes out of a batch of fourteen Dassault Super Etendards. These were acquired to replace the ageing Douglas A-4Q Skyhawk as the principal ship-borne combat aircraft. Following the commencement of training with the Super Etendard on 30 March 1982, the main question was when the unit would be able to use the AM-39 Exocet missile operationally. The aim was to have the system operational within one month, including fitting of weapons systems and crew training. The visit of a specialized crew from Aerospatiale, to take place by mid April, was taken into account in this estimate. On 2 April, Operation “Rosario” , the landing at the Falkland Islands/Malvinas, was accomplished. Meanwhile, the study of new tactics to be used and briefings of mission profiles with and without air refuelling also began. Take off and landing distances were carefully studied, contemplating possible operations from short runways such as the one in Puerto Argentino/Port Stanley. A week later, training missions were flown to study and train tactics against the Argentinean destroyer “Hercules” (D-A) of the “Sheffield” class. It was decided to fly training missions in pairs in order to minimize communications, so pilots were grouped in the following way: 1st

Frigate Captain (FC) Colombo and Frigate Lieutenant (FL) Macheteanz, 2nd Corvette Cap.(CC) Bedacarratz and FL Mayora, 3rd CC Agotegaray and FL Mariani, 4th CC Curilovic and Lieutenant (LT) Barraza, and 5th CC Francisco and LT Collavino. On 10 April, the first air refuelling test was done, working with an Air Force KC-130H. The next day, the Weapon Cargo and ANS (Attack and Navigation System) people finished the verification and tests, following which the Exocet missile was deemed operational.On 12 April, FL Mayora boarded the ARA “Hercules” as anattack tactics observer. Three days later, the second pair flew a complete attack practice after refuelling with a KC-130H located 250NM off the Espora Naval Aviation Base (BACE), attacking the ARA “Santísima Trinidad” (D-2) –

(Cicalesi & Rivas collection)

sister ship of the “Hercules”- whose position was being relayed by an S-2 Tracker. Following this successful test, the Super Etendard’s Exocet weapon system was completely operational in only 15 days and without French support, instead of the 30 days as originally envisaged. Regarding the French support, the French suspended the delivery of spare parts both for the missiles and the aircraft following the commencement of hostilities. The Argentinean pilots only had received “the minimum of training on this plane, with only 50 hours flown in France” as CC César Bedacarratz recalls. On the 18th, a section of Super Etendards was transferred to Río Grande Naval Aviation Base, as did a second one on the following day. A fifth plane (0751/3-A-201) remained in Espora to be used as a spare. Two days later, training flights were resumed, and the pilots started flying daytime familiarization missions to recognize Port Stanley /Puerto Argentino airport and its approaches.

In combat On 1 May 1982, British ships attacked Port Stanley / Puerto Argentino. An aerial attack was decreed for all aviation branches of the Argentinean armed forces. The COAN ordered the Super Etendard unit to get ready. The first pair, (Colombo-Macheteanz) was assigned a target at Lat 52°20´S and Long 50°20´W which was situated south of the San Carlos strait. The second pair (Bedacarratz-Mayora) was assigned two different targets at the same time, but they were finally ordered to attack the same ships as the first pair. At 16:03 the first section took off and a rendezvous for refuelling with a Hercules tanker was planned, but a fuel leak was discovered on 3-A-204 and the mission was aborted. Meanwhile, as the pilots of the second section were going through the pre-take off checklist, they also cancelled the mission as they did not have a tanker available at that time.

The “Belgrano” revenge On 4 May, at 05:07, a Neptune with serial 2-P-112 took off from Río Grande on a reconnaissance mission. It used the call sign “Mercurio” and facilitated the arrival of three Air Force C-130s to the Falkland islands. During the entire mission, a continuous search was done with the MAE (Medida de Apoyo Electrónico/Electronic Support Measures) and with the aircraft’s radar, which was not working properly. However, this did not cause a suspension of the flight. At 07:10 there was a radar contact, so it was turned off and an aerial alert signal of Marconi 965 equipment belonging to a Type 42 Destroyer was detected by the MAE. The Naval Aviation Command ordered

Scramble 340 - Page 152

two Super Etendards to be readied. They carried one Exocet missile each and received the call signs “Aries” (3-A-202) and “Liebre” (3-A-203). Meanwhile, the reconnaissance mission of Neptune 2-P-112 continued, keeping contact and permanently actualizing the target’s position. At 08:43 a new radar emission was sent and three contacts were received, plus the radar emissions on the MAE. At 09:25, the Neptune’s radar was out of service, making its crew work hard to get it back online to guide the Super Etendards, which had already taken off at 9:45. At 10:30, the 2-P-112 managed to Atlantic Conveyor on fire after taking an AM39 hit. (Cicalesi & Rivas collection) send a new radar emission information on the result at all.” and acquired three targets at a distance of sixty miles, deducting they were two middle-sized ships, possibly two As a result of this attack, one of the Exocets sunk the Type 42 destroyers, and a large one, possibly an aircraft carrier. Due to Destroyer HMS “Sheffield” which was doing picket radar tasks the problems the radar had, the search was done quite close for the English Navy. This information was heard on British to the enemy, within their radar range. The targets were drawn radio, as it was impossible for the Argentineans to know if the on the screen with a marker, enabling the crew to turn off the system had worked properly and had hit the target. Following radar after a single sweep and descend to get out of range this action, the Argentinean Navy managed to strike back after from the British radar. The position of the British vessels was the submarine HMS “Conqueror” sunk the Argentinean quickly relayed to the Super Etendards that were already in the cruiser ARA “General Belgrano” (C-4). vicinity. CC Bedacarratz (3-A-202) remembers: “When we Second Mission received the call from the Neptune updating the exact position of the detected targets, I informed LT Mayora (3-A-203) to head After the attack to the “Sheffield”, the Neptunes remained out of towards the larger ship. We flew at an altitude of 100 feet (30 service, reducing the reconnaissance capabilities of the meters). When we reached the planned position that was set COAN. Therefore, on 23 May, the planners used the path of the during our briefing, we turned on our radar to check the targets British aircraft that operated from carriers to estimate its that should appear on the screens, but we detected nothing. position. The third pair was ordered to attack. After refuelling,at We immediately turned them off, descended and continued 15:45 and flying an approach to the estimated position of Lat flying, now at maximum speed because once being spotted, 52°00´S and Long 55°30´W, they found no targets and had to we needed to decrease our gap to the target. I decided to return to Río Grande. Two days later, a new position of the continue 25 more miles, always with complete radio silence. carrier was estimated and the COAN decided to attack once We ascended again and repeated the procedure, this time again. This time, CC Curilovic (3-A-203) remembers: “We took detecting both radar contacts, a medium-sized ship ahead of off at 12:30 and an hour later we refuelled to start the attack us and the carrier some 30º to our right, escorted by two smalmanoeuvre some 330 miles off the target. We flew in ler ships. When we reached the shooting distance point, we complete electronic silence and our radar warning receivers both fired our missile with a gap of 5 seconds. It was exactly found nothing special. This made us think we were not being 11:04. We began a maxspeed escape flying as close to the detected.” water as we could to fly out of their radar range and headed “At 16:28 I performed the first radar emission, in which I found back to Rio Grande wherewe landed at 12:15 with no some echoes. We continued the penetration at 500 Knots and at an altitude of 30 meters. We started to prepare for the launch. On a new radar emission, we selected the larger target while flying 39 miles from the target.” LT Julio Hector Barraza (3-A-204) recalls: ”when reaching 39 miles, Curilovic told me ´I´ve got him locked´ and I answered ´OK 39´ and he agreed. At 16:32 and Lat 50°38´S Long 56°08´W, we launched our missiles, and had no signal on our radar warning receivers, so we were sure we had taken them by surprise. We headed back to base and landed safely at 18:30." The result of the attack was the sinking of the container ship ”Atlantic Conveyor”, carrying helicopters, weapons and spares. It was a blow to the British Task 4 May 1982, a direct hit on the Sheffield with two out of the five available Exocet missiles. (Cicalesi & Rivas collection) Scramble 340 - Page 153

Not the best shot, but the real deal; Super Etendard 3-A-202 being refuelled on its way to HMS Invincible on 30 May 1982 to make a disputed hit. The AM39 Exocet can be clearly seen, mounted under the starboard wing. (Cicalesi & Rivas collection) Force’s logistic forces, besides being the second largest ship to be sunk during the war. On 26 May, a section of Super Etendards flew back to Espora to safeguard them from a British attack on the islands. Only one Exocet missile was left.

“Invincible” Mission On 28 May, the light carrier HMS “Invincible” was detected 100 miles east of Puerto Argentino/Port Stanley. The COAN immediately decided to attack it with the last of the five Exocet missiles. The Air Force requested to participate in the mission to increase the fire power against the target. The 1268 Fragmentary Order was given: “Four A-4Cs, call sign ”Zonda”, armed with three 250kg Parachute Retarded Bombs, with two tankers. Departure from GRA (Río Grande) – Attack the carrier at Lat 51º38´S Long 53º38´W – Return to GRA”. The Air Force pilots who flew the mission were 1° Lieutenants Vázquez, Ureta and Castillo and Second Lieutenant Isaac, on the COAN side, with call sign “Ala” CC Alejandro Francisco (3-A-202) and LT Luis Collavino (3-A-205) flew the two Super Etendards. The mission started on Sunday the 30th, at 11:25, when two KC-130s took off to rendezvous with the aircraft participating in the mission They would need two refills, one while flying towards the target, and one when flying back. After the first refuelling, the combined pack of Super Entendards and A-4Cs started the target approach flying at an altitude of between ten and twenty meters and at a speed of 850km/h. Once the Exocet missile was fired, at a distance of around 20 miles from the target, the A-4Cs followed the missile’s contrail, guiding them towards the target. Only two of the four A-4C returned safely. Once docked to the tanker, Lt. Ureta tells of the mission: ”I could see the Invincible full of smoke after the Exocet impact, Isaac’s three bombs and cannons.” Second Lieutenant Isaac, remembers: “at 900km/h I clearly saw the carrier’s deck, I fired the 200 20mm cartridges and launched my bombs, but they did not hit the ship. I saw a big fire on board the carrier, so I started to fly away.” The British always denied that the Invincible had been hit. As from 30 May, a change in the direction and quantity of the Harrier attacks showed they might be operating only from the HMS “Hermes” carrier. The

”Invincible” was retired from the combat zone and returned to base three months after the end of the war with major repairs needed. On 1 June, the two Super Etendards flew back to Base Aerea Comandante Espora and the next day, the possibility of flying night missions in case more missiles arrived was studied. On the 3rd, training began, and a week later it was suspended as they had to be ready at Río Grande base to fly some guidance and ground attack missions. However, the next day the forces fighting in Falklands/Malvinas, agreed to a cease fire, and the Super Etendards were sent back to their home base. The Argentinean Navy achieved to press their newly acquired Super Etendards and five exocet missiles into service and use them to great effect. Bedacarratz summarizes: “The French did not clear the AM39 to be fired from an airplane, they were only testing it on a firing range. We found out after the conflict that they had fired two Exocet missiles, and they both missed their target.” This shows the remarkable feat that the Argentinean technicians pulled off and the relative vulnerability of the British fleet, against this new weapon system that was officially not fully operational yet. The same aircraft as above after the hostilities and marked with a kill mark for the attack on HMS Sheffield 4 May 1982 and the damage done to the HMS Invincible on 30 May 1982. (Cicalesi & Rivas collection)

Scramble 340 - Page 154

Air Force Overview - Belgium

Since 1973, the Dassault Falcon 20 is used for VIP transport on short and medium distances. To keep the two aircraft in service for at least another ten years they were totally refurbished to meet current aircraft technology standards and passenger convenience. (Koksijde, 4 September 2005, Melchior Timmers)

Order of Battle Like almost every country within Europe, Belgium went through a series of restructuring measures for its armed forces after the fall of the "Iron curtain" in 1989. For the Belgian Air Force this restructuring consisted of disbanding operational units, while aircraft, like the Mirage 5 were taken out of service. Main objective for these measures was the transition of the air force into a meaner and leaner organisation, resulting in only 90 of the original 160 F-16s to undergo the Mid Life Update program. After the first series of changes, the biggest change came in January 2002, the independent Belgian Air Force gave way to a new structure consisting of components and, therefore, was referred to as the Belgian Air Component (COMOPSAIR) comprising of all aircraft and helicopters of the air force, army and, after 1 July 2004, also the navy. Further reductions came in 2005, when another eighteen F-16s were taken out of service, leaving only 72 F-16s active. A new reduction is planned for 2015 when only 60 Fighting Falcons will remain to equip the four squadrons of the two wings. Today, the Air Component operates in national and International missions in former colonial countries in Africa and for the UN in countries like Afghanistan. Also, the Belgian Air Component has participated several times in policing the airspace over the Baltic states Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, since these countries do not have an air force capable of defending their own territory. The frontline fighter is the F-16AM/BM operating in two wings, both consisting of two squadrons, so called "smaldelen". For SAR duties the Westand Sea King has been operational for more than thirty years now. Besides the ageing Sea King, also the Alouette III used by the navy needs replacement. Early 2007, the government finally decided to replace both the Sea Kings and the Alouette III helicopters with four NH-90TTHs for troops transport and four NH-90NFHs for naval and SAR operations. Another ageing aircraft in service is the C-130H Hercules. In 1972, twelve C-130s were acquired by 15 Wing at Melsbroek for tactical transport. Because of the loss of two aircraft in recent years, a second hand Hercules was purchased last year, which is now undergoing an update to Belgian C-130 standard before delivery. Replacement for the C-130 is expected in 2018, when the first of seven Airbus A400M transport aircraft will enter service. For transporting VIPs, 15 Wing operates the Embraer 135/145, the Airbus A310 and the Dassault 20 and 900. For transport and support of army units, Belgium uses the

Agusta A109 helicopter and ten of the original 95 Alouette II training and observation helicopters. Both types are used with the Heli Wing at Luik-Bierset. Of the original 46 A109s, only 32 remain active. They are used in a diversity of roles like observation, anti-tank, tactical support, armed reconnaissance, MedEvac or transport. To simplify maintenance each individual helicopter has a fixed role. The "Dienst Luchtsteun Federale Politie" was established as an operational part of the Federal Police after its reorganisation in the nineties. It was a continuation of the airborne part of the "Rijkswacht", without the control and support of the Ministry of Defence. Currently it operates three twin-engined MD900 Explorers that were acquired in 1998, two MD520N helicopters acquired in 1999, and a single Cessna 180Q and two Cessna 182Rs. The No Tail Rotor (NOTAR) helicopters are fully IFR equipped and have specialised law enforcement equipment like a powerful searchlight. The fixed wing aircraft were acquired as they flew faster and more economical than the helicopters and could also fly at night and in adverse weather. The fixed wing aircraft are used for traffic and environment control, while the helicopters are also used for Special Forces operations. The twin engined helicopters can also operate above cities.

Luchtcomponent (AF) Beauvechain (EBBE) 1 Wing 5 Smaldeel

SF260M SF260D 11 Smaldeel Alpha Jet 1B+ CM170R The Alpha Jets actually fly from Cazaux in France, where they are assigned to ETO02.008 “Nice”. Bertrix (EBBX) Air Cadets

Various gliders

Bierset (EBLG) Wing Heli 16 Sqn MRH 17 Sqn MRH 18 Sqn MRH OCTU

A109BA/Alouette II A109BA/Alouette II A109BA/Alouette II A109BA

Brussel-Melsbroek (EBMB) 15 Wing 20 Smaldeel C-130H 21 Smaldeel A310-200 ERJ135/145 Falcon 20/900 Ops & Training Squadron all types

Scramble 340 - Page 155

Elsenborn (EBLB) 80 UAV sq


Florennes (EBFS) 2 Wing 1 Smaldeel 350 Smaldeel Air Cadets

F-16AM/BM F-16AM/BM Various gliders

Goetsenhoven (EBTN) MCVZ/CMVV Air Cadets

L-21B Various gliders

Kleine Brogel (EBBL) 10 Wing 31 Smaldeel 349 Smaldeel OCU


Koksijde (EBFN) 40 Smaldeel Weelde (EBWE) Air Cadets

OPS & training

Air Cadets 80 UAV

Sea King Mk48 SA316B



Various gliders

Dienst Luchtsteun Federale Politie (PO)

Luchtcomponent (AF)

Brussel-Melsbroek (EBMB) Dienst Luchtsteun Federale Politie MD520N MD900 Cessna 182Q/182R

Agusta A109 Hirundo H01 A109BA 0301 H02 A109BA 0302 H04 A109BA 0304 H05 A109BA 0305 H06 A109BA 0306 H07 A109BA 0307 H21 A109BA 0321 H22 A109BA 0322 H23 A109BA 0323 H24 A109BA 0324 H25 A109HA 0325 H26 A109BA 0326 H27 A109BA 0327 H28 A109BA 0328 H29 A109BA 0329 H30 A109BA 0330 H31 A109BA 0331 H32 A109BA 0332 H33 A109BA 0333 H35 A109BA 0335 H36 A109BA 0336 H37 A109BA 0337 H38 A109BA 0338 H39 A109BA 0339 H40 A109BA 0340 H41 A109BA 0341 H42 A109BA 0342 H43 A109BA 0343 H46 A109BA 0300

1 Wing

2 Wing

10 Wing

15 Wing

Wing Heli

1 Smaldeel

18sq 18sq 16sq 17sq 17sq 16sq 18sq 17sq 17sq 17sq 18sq 18sq 18sq 18sq 18sq 18sq 17sq 18sq 18sq 17sq 17sq 18sq 17sq 17sq 18sq 18sq 17sq 17sq 17sq


may07 may07 may07 may07 oct06 may07 may07 jul07 may07 may07 may07 jul07 may07 may07 may07 jul07 mar07 may07 may07 mar07 dec06 may07 dec06 may07 nov06 jun07 may07 may07 may07

Some A109s are stored at Zutendaal barracks, while unconfirmed sources state a sale of five A109s to Benin. 5 Smaldeel

21 Smaldeel

349 Smaldeel

11 Smaldeel

31 Smaldeel

350 Smaldeel

20 Smaldeel

40 Smaldeel


Airbus A310 CA01 A310-222 CA02 A310-222

372 367

21sm 21sm

may07 mar07

Sud Aviation Alouette 2 A49 SA318C 1989/616C-A66 A53 SA318C 1995/622C-A72 A55 SA318C 1998/625C-A75 A57 SA318C 2009/636C-A85 A65 SA318C 2057/676C-A133 A66 SA318C 2064/682C-A140 A68 SA318C 2068/684C-A144 A69 SA318C 2072/688C-A148 A78 SA318C 2133/737C-A209 A79 SA318C 2138/742C-A214

Wing Wing Wing Wing Wing Wing Wing Wing Wing Wing

Sud Aviation Alouette 3 M1 SA316B 1812 M2 SA316B 1816 M3 SA316B 1817

40sm 40sm 40sm

jul07 jul07 jan07

Breguet Dornier Alpha Jet AT01 Alpha Jet 1B+B01/1013



Scramble 340 - Page 156

Heli Heli Heli Heli Heli Heli Heli Heli Heli Heli

may07 may07 may07 nov06 feb06 dec06 may07 may07 may07 jul07

AT02 AT03 AT05 AT06 AT08 AT10 AT11 AT12 AT13 AT14 AT15 AT17 AT18 AT19 AT20 AT21 AT22 AT23 AT24 AT25 AT26 AT27 AT28 AT29 AT30 AT31 AT32 AT33

Alpha Jet 1B+B02/1014 Alpha Jet 1B+B03/1015 Alpha Jet 1B+B05/1018 Alpha Jet 1B+B06/1020 Alpha Jet 1B+B08/1024 Alpha Jet 1B+B10/1030 Alpha Jet 1B+B11/1032 Alpha Jet 1B+B12/1036 Alpha Jet 1B+B13/1039 Alpha Jet 1B+B14/1043 Alpha Jet 1B+B15/1051 Alpha Jet 1B+B17/1061 Alpha Jet 1B+B18/1067 Alpha Jet 1B+B19/1071 Alpha Jet 1B+B20/1076 Alpha Jet 1B+B21/1080 Alpha Jet 1B+B22/1091 Alpha Jet 1B+B23/1097 Alpha Jet 1B+B24/1104 Alpha Jet 1B+B25/1110 Alpha Jet 1B+B26/1117 Alpha Jet 1B+B27/1112 Alpha Jet 1B+B28/1131 Alpha Jet 1B+B29/1139 Alpha Jet 1B+B30/1145 Alpha Jet 1B+B31/1142 Alpha Jet 1B+B32/1149 Alpha Jet 1B+B33/1155

11sm 11sm 11sm 11sm 11sm 11sm 11sm 11sm 11sm 11sm 11sm 11sm 11sm 11sm 11sm 11sm 11sm 11sm 11sm 11sm 11sm 11sm 11sm 11sm 11sm 11sm 11sm 11sm

jun06 jun06 jun06 jun06 jun07 jun06 jun07 jun06 jun07 may06 sep06 oct06 dec06 feb07 jun07 mar06 jun06 jun07 mar06 may07 jul06 sep06 mar06 feb07 jun07 apr06 jun07 may07

All Alpha Jets are stationed at Cazaux, France for the combined Advanced Jet Training School (AJeTS). For maintenance the Belgian aircraft return to Beauvechain. Fouga CM170 Magister MT35 CM170 292



This is the last operational Fouga Magister within the Belgian Air Component. It will fly until september this year. EMBRAER ERJ135 / EJ145 CE01 ERJ135LR 145449 CE02 ERJ135LR 145486 CE03 ERJ145LR 145526 CE04 ERJ145LR 145548

21sm 21sm 21sm 21sm

mar07 apr07 jul07 may07

Dassault Falcon 20 CM01 Falcon 20E 276 CM02 Falcon 20E 278

21sm 21sm

may07 jul07

Dassault Falcon 900 CD01 Falcon 900B 109



General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon FA56 F-16AM 6H-56 10w FA57 F-16AM 6H-57 2w FA67 F-16AM 6H-67 2w FA68 F-16AM 6H-68 2w FA69 F-16AM 6H-69 10w FA70 F-16AM 6H-70 10w FA71 F-16AM 6H-71 2w FA72 F-16AM 6H-72 2w FA77 F-16AM 6H-77 10w FA81 F-16AM 6H-81 2w FA82 F-16AM 6H-82 10w FA83 F-16AM 6H-83 2w FA84 F-16AM 6H-84 2w FA86 F-16AM 6H-86 10w FA87 F-16AM 6H-87 10w FA89 F-16AM 6H-89 10w FA91 F-16AM 6H-91 2w FA92 F-16AM 6H-92 2w FA94 F-16AM 6H-94 10w FA95 F-16AM 6H-95 10w FA97 F-16AM 6H-97 2w FA98 F-16AM 6H-98 10w FA99 F-16AM 6H-99 10w FA100 F-16AM 6H-100 10w FA101 F-16AM 6H-101 2w FA102 F-16AM 6H-102 10w FA103 F-16AM 6H-103 2w

aug06 sep06 mar07 feb07 jul07 jun07 may07 jun06 feb07 aug06 jul07 mar07 mar07 mar07 may07 may07 may07 feb07 apr07 may07 mar07 jul07 jul07 jul07 jul07 may07 jun06

FA104 FA106 FA107 FA108 FA109 FA110 FA111 FA114 FA115 FA116 FA117 FA118 FA119 FA120 FA121 FA123 FA124 FA125 FA126 FA127 FA128 FA129 FA130 FA131 FA132 FA133 FA134 FA135 FA136 FB02 FB04 FB05 FB09 FB10 FB12 FB14 FB15 FB17 FB18 FB20 FB21 FB22 FB23 FB24

F-16AM F-16AM F-16AM F-16AM F-16AM F-16AM F-16AM F-16AM F-16AM F-16AM F-16AM F-16AM F-16AM F-16AM F-16AM F-16AM F-16AM F-16AM F-16AM F-16AM F-16AM F-16AM F-16AM F-16AM F-16AM F-16AM F-16AM F-16AM F-16AM F-16BM F-16BM F-16BM F-16BM F-16BM F-16BM F-16BM F-16BM F-16BM F-16BM F-16BM F-16BM F-16BM F-16BM F-16BM

6H-104 6H-106 6H-107 6H-108 6H-109 6H-110 6H-111 6H-114 6H-115 6H-116 6H-117 6H-118 6H-119 6H-120 6H-121 6H-123 6H-124 6H-125 6H-126 6H-127 6H-128 6H-129 6H-130 6H-131 6H-132 6H-133 6H-134 6H-135 6H-136 6J-2 6J-4 6J-5 6J-9 6J-10 6J-12 6J-14 6J-15 6J-17 6J-18 6J-20 6J-21 6J-22 6J-23 6J-24

Lockheed C-130 Hercules CH01 C-130H 4455 CH03 C-130H 4461 CH04 C-130H 4467 CH05 C-130H 4470 CH07 C-130H 4476 CH08 C-130H 4478 CH09 C-130H 4479 CH10 C-130H 4481 CH11 C-130H 4482 CH12 C-130H 4483 (CH14) C-130H 4047

10w 10w 2w 2w 2w 10w 10w 10w 2w 10w 2w 10w 10w 2w 2w 10w 10w 2w 2w 2w 2w 10w 2w 2w 10w 2w 10w 2w 10w 2w 10w 2w 2w 2w 2w 10w 10w 2w 10w 10w 2w 10w 10w 10w

may07 feb07 jul07 jun07 mar07 feb07 jul07 may07 jun07 jul07 jan07 jul07 mar07 jun07 may07 jul07 apr07 mar07 feb07 mar07 feb07 may07 sep06 jul07 may07 jul07 jul07 mar07 may07 jun07 jul07 jun07 jul07 jul07 mar07 mar07 jul07 mar07 jul07 jul07 sep06 nov06 feb07 jul07

20sm 20sm 20sm 20sm 20sm 20sm 20sm 20sm 20sm 20sm o/o

may07 jan07 may07 may07 mar07 may07 may07 may07 may07 may07 apr07

The newly acquired CH14 is still under conversion at Brussels Airport. Piper L-21 Super Cub LB01 L-21B 18-3603 LB02 L-21B 18-3607 LB03 L-21B 18-3842 LB05 L-21B 18-3844 LB06 L-21B 18-3864


Sikorsky S-61 Sea King RS01 S. King Mk48 WA831 RS02 S. King Mk48 WA832 RS03 S. King Mk48 WA833 RS04 S. King Mk48 WA834 RS05 S. King Mk48 WA835

40sm 40sm 40sm 40sm 40sm

jul07 jul07 mar07 jul07 jul07

To keep the Sea Kings airworthy, spare parts are taken from the aircraft mutually.

Scramble 340 - Page 157

SIAI Marchetti SF260 ST02 SF260M 10-02 ST03 SF260M 10-03 ST04 SF260M 10-04 ST06 SF260M 10-06 ST12 SF260M 10-12 ST15 SF260M+ 10-15 ST16 SF260M+ 10-16 ST17 SF260M+ 10-17 ST18 SF260M 10-18 ST19 SF260M 10-19 ST20 SF260M 10-20 ST22 SF260M 10-22 ST23 SF260M 10-23 ST24 SF260M+ 10-24 ST25 SF260M 10-25 ST26 SF260M+ 10-26 ST27 SF260M 10-27 ST30 SF260M 10-30 ST31 SF260M 10-31 ST32 SF260M 10-32 ST34 SF260M 10-34 ST35 SF260M 10-35 ST36 SF260M 10-36 ST40 SF260D 840 ST41 SF260D 841 842 ST42 SF260D ST43 SF260D 843 ST44 SF260D 844 ST45 SF260D 845 ST46 SF260D 846 ST47 SF260D 847 ST48 SF260D 848

5sm 5sm 5sm 5sm 5sm 5sm 5sm 5sm 5sm 5sm 5sm 5sm 5sm 5sm 5sm 5sm 5sm 5sm 5sm 5sm 5sm 5sm 5sm 5sm 5sm 5sm 5sm 5sm 5sm 5sm 5sm 5sm

may07 may07 may07 may07 may07 may07 jun07 may07 may07 may07 may07 may07 may07 jun07 may07 may07 may07 apr07 apr07 may07 may07 jul07 may07 apr07 may07 may07 may07 may07 may07 may07 apr07 jul07

At the moment the SF260s undergo an avionics update. Aircraft that are updated have a + mark behind the two digits of the serial on the tail. Also the type designation has a + mark added to it. UAV 271 272 273 274 276 278 280

B-Hunter B-Hunter B-Hunter B-Hunter B-Hunter B-Hunter B-Hunter

80 80 80 80 80 80 80

BH271 BH272 BH273 BH274 BH276 BH278 BH280

80 UAV sq 80 UAV sq 80 UAV sq 80 UAV sq 80 UAV sq 80 UAV sq 80 UAV sq

mar04 sep04 may07 sep05

281 282 283 284 285 286 287 288 289

B-Hunter B-Hunter B-Hunter B-Hunter B-Hunter B-Hunter B-Hunter B-Hunter B-Hunter

80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80

Glider PL31 PL41 PL42 PL43 PL44 PL54 PL71 PL74 PL75 PL76 PL78 PL79 PL81 PL84 PL85 PL86 PL87 PL88 PL89 PL91 PL92 PL93 PL94

DG300 DG505 DG505 DG505 DG505 Ka-8B Grob G102 Grob G102 Grob G102 Grob G102 Grob G102 Siren C30S Grob G103A Grob G103A Grob G103A Grob G103A Grob G103A Grob G103A Grob G103A Grob G103A Grob G103A Grob G103A Grob G103A

BH281 BH282 BH283 BH284 BH285 BH286 BH287 BH288 BH289

80 UAV sq 80 UAV sq 80 UAV sq 80 UAV sq 80 UAV sq 80 UAV sq 80 UAV sq 80 UAV sq 80 UAV sq

sep06 sep04 sep06

75/55 5E222X60 5E224X62 5E231X69 5E233X71 8366 2141 2104 2002 2051 2070 39 03147 03240 03287 03288 03613 03616 03617 34015 03611 03636 3734

Luchtcadetten may06 Luchtcadetten may06 Luchtcadetten aug05 Luchtcadetten sep06 Luchtcadetten may06 Luchtcadetten sep04 Luchtcadetten sep06 Luchtcadetten may06 Luchtcadetten aug05 Luchtcadetten may05 Luchtcadetten jul07 Luchtcadetten jul04 Luchtcadetten sep06 Luchtcadetten may05 Luchtcadetten may06 Luchtcadetten aug05 Luchtcadetten aug05 Luchtcadetten aug05 Luchtcadetten aug05 Luchtcadetten sep06 Luchtcadetten sep06 Luchtcadetten may06 Luchtcadetten aug05


Dienst Luchtsteun Federale Politie (PO) Cessna 182 Skylane G01 Ce182Q 182Q-67696 G03 Ce182R 182R-67742 G04 Ce182R 182R-67844

Fed. Pol. Fed. Pol. Fed. Pol.

jul07 jul07 jul07

McDonnell Douglas MD520 G14 MD520N LN086 G15 MD520N LN087

Fed. Pol. Fed. Pol.

jul07 jul07

McDonnell Douglas MD900 G10 MD900 900-0034 G11 MD900 900-0045 G12 MD900 900-0038

Fed. Pol. Fed. Pol. Fed. Pol.

feb07 jun07 jul07

Just recently, the Belgian MoD decided to order the NH90 as replacement for the Sea King Mk48. After more than thirty years of service, the airframes are almost worn to their limits and some are used for spare parts recovery. Here RS02 is pictured during the Belgian National Holiday flypast above the capital Brussels on 21 July 2007. (Geert Meuris) Scramble 340 - Page 158

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