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Oct 18, 2018 - SDSU ATHLETICS COMPLIANCE. Agent Registration Form. Updated 5/18, Original: Agent Registration File ... Sport(s) Handled by Agent ...

SDSU ATHLETICS COMPLIANCE Agent Registration Form INSTRUCTIONS: This form must be completed annually and submitted to the SDSU Athletic Compliance office prior to an agent contacting any SDSU student-athlete. Return completed form/attachments to [email protected] __________________________________________ Name of Agency (Management Firm)

__________________________________________ Name of Agent

______________________________________________________________________________________________ Sport(s) Handled by Agent _______________________________________ ________________________ Agency’s Street Address City __________________________________________ Agent Phone #

________ State

_______________ Zip Code

__________________________________________ Agent Email Address

The following information must be completed and include necessary attachments when returned to the Compliance Office.   

Confirmation of Letter of Agent Registration with the California Secretary of State (include attachment) Verification of Certification with appropriate Player Associations (include attachment) List of all current and former clients (include attachment)

1) What services do you provide for your clients?_______________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2) What is your fee structure? Are your fees negotiable?__________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3) Have you ever been sanctioned by a Player Association? If yes, attach a detailed explanation.______________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4) Have you ever been found in violation of any state’s Agent Law(s)? If yes, attach a detailed explanation.______________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5) Please list any intermediaries or associates that you utilize in Southern California.______________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ 6) Please list any former SDSU student-athlete(s) you currently represent or have represented:______________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ 7) Please list any current SDSU student-athlete(s) you plan to contact in the upcoming year:________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ By signing this form, I affirm that I have knowledge of, and agree to abide by the NCAA regulations and CA State Law regarding sports agents. I also affirm that the responses I have reported in this registration form and questionnaire are true and accurate. __________________________________________ Agent Signature

__________________________________________ Date

SDSU Compliance Office:



Updated 5/18, Original: Agent Registration File



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