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The new Simplytrak Camera completes the ... etc. the added benefit of the camera now provides ... Live vehicle tracking, journey history, trip data, video request ...

INTRODUCING THE SIMPLYTRAK CAMERA The most advanced VEDR/FNOL camera available

1080P HD video with 150° wide angle lens | Real-time video sent to your tracking software Instant notification of events & live GPS location tracking | Up to 166 hours of local storage

Add cameras to your vehicle tracking to get the full picture The Simplytrak vehicle tracking system already allows you to monitor driver behaviour, immobilise vehicles in the event of theft and help drive down cost associated with driving. The new Simplytrak Camera completes the picture.   On top of the standard features of the Simplytrak system i.e. incident reports such as harsh acceleration, braking and speeding, etc. the added benefit of the camera now provides fleet managers with the context behind each event – removing the need to discuss each event with the driver (often a time-consuming process).

Video evidence provides accurate context. What might appear to be unnecessarily sharp braking may have been in response to a child stepping out into the road. It’s also useful in the case of an accident. There is hard evidence to show what happened. The system uses forward-facing cameras, installed on the front windscreen or dashboard to see what the driver is seeing. Footage is then stored for the 10 seconds before and 10 seconds after each event and uploaded to the cloud storage, accessible via the Simplytrak portal.

KEY FEATURES: Includes all standard Simplytrak system features

Remotely configurable

Superfast 4G data transfer

Inclusive 24/7 event monitoring

1080p HD


1080p resolution

2 year warranty


HOW CAN IT HELP MY BUSINESS? Improve claims handling with the availability of visual data; Improve and measure driver behaviour; Improve risk management strategy and analysis; Receive less data with our intuitive tech – filtering out irrelevant information, providing you with clean usable data; Camera health check ensures less time is spent on camera maintenance – alerting you to issues before they happen.

BENEFITS Proactive event identification Maintenance analysis A faster FNOL response Customisable user-friendly interface Savings on fleet monitoring and data analysis operational costs Better decision making with Simplytrak's analytics and event reporting

Live vehicle tracking, journey history, trip data, video request, geofencing, instant alerts, setting and more... ...all included with the Simplytrak system




Up to 166 hours of local storage on a 128GB SD card

Automated crash detection and filtering technology

Instant FNOL notifications

Real-time driver behaviour scorecard

Track and trace in real time

Full data management and reporting portal

4G, Bluetooth and wi-fi connectivity

Fully encrypted end-to-end data management SSL connection

Camera health check

Speed overlay mapping and alerts

Instant event video upload and video request

Parking mode ensures camera stays active while parked

For more information about our services, visit or call 01430 879197

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