St. Thomas Lutheran Church Lower Level

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St. Thomas. Lutheran Church. Lower Level. S = Storage. M = Mechanical / Maintenance. High School. Youth Room. Middle School. Youth Room. = You are here ...

S11 S12


St. Thomas Lutheran Church

Womens Restroom

103 1st Grade

Mens Restroom

Lower Level

112 100


3rd Grade

4th Grade

= You are here. 114


2nd Grade

5th Grade



Middle School Youth Room

High School Youth Room



M12 (Elev)



Family Restroom

Mens Restroom M14

Womens Restroom

M13 Kitchen

Room Dimensions: All measurements approximate. Drawing is not to scale. S14

Rm 100: 28½’W x 50’L Rm 103: 15'W x 23'L Rm 105: 15'W x 14'L Rm 107: 14'W x 15'L Rm 112: 14'W x 20'L Rm 114: 14'W x 20'L Rm 120/122: 22'W x 38½’L Rm 121/123: 22’W x 38½’L

Stage Community Life Center Capacity: 292 = with tables/chairs 626 = standing 41 = stage S15

CLC: 52’W x 84’L CLC Stage: 16’W x 33’L CLC Stage opening: 27’W

S = Storage


M = Mechanical / Maintenance


cr Sa t is y



S21 M21

Fellowship Hall


Capacity: 65 = with tables/chairs 140 = standing

Sanctuary Capacity = 256

Commons M23 Coat Closet

Coat Closet

Office M24

Mens Restroom Womens Restroom


St. Thomas Lutheran Church

Preschool 3 Womens Restroom

202 Nursery

203 Office S27 S26

= You are here.



Upper Level

210 S22


205 Office

S24 S25


Mens Restroom

212 Preschool 4/5

206 214

Room Dimensions: All measurements approximate. Drawing is not to scale. Fellowship Hall: 41½’W x 35’L Commons: 29’W x 29’L Sanctuary (main): 48’W x 49’L Sanctuary (overflow): 35’W x 16’L Rm 204/206: 18’W x 22½’L Rm 210: 14½’W x 13½’L Rm 212: 14½’W x 19’L Rm 214: 14½’W x 20’L Rm 220/222: 22½’W x 39’L Rm 221: 22½’W x 17½’L Rm 223: 22½’W x 26’L Rm 225: 29’W x 24’L

207 Office


208 Office


220 Music Room




S = Storage M = Mechanical / Maintenance



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