Stress Health Strategic Messaging Framework

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Debunk the myth that stress is a mental health issue only and not a physical health issue. Ignite and empower parents to recognize the power they have.

Stress Health Strategic Messaging Framework OPPORTUNITY


Debunk the myth that stress is a mental health issue only and not a physical health issue.

While parents perceived stress as a “mental” health issue, when asked to describe how stress manifests, all descriptors are tied to physical symptoms.

Ignite and empower parents to recognize the power they have for being the MOST powerful buffers for their children against toxic stress and potentially a life of social, emotional and physical health struggles.

Because of the false notion of ‘childhood amnesia’ parents dismiss and/or underestimate how stress can impact their children’s health now and into the future.




Educate parents on how children can internalize stress in ways that the parents may not know or see and that it can impact children’s long-term physical and emotional health — whether they remember things or not.

Is this happening to my kids?

What can I do about it?

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