Student Gifts and Solicitations

No project will be allowed that will involve servitude of an individual. A categorical, itemized accounting of money raised at school or in connection with the.

Harrisburg School District NEPN Code: JL Policy Manual

STUDENT SOLICITATIONS AND FUND-RAISING SOLICITATIONS The solicitation of donations and contributions from students will be restricted to fundraising drives approved by the Board or designee. Any outside organization desiring to distribute flyers or other materials to students in connection with fund-raising drives may do so only with the approval of the Superintendent or designee. FUND-RAISING Money drives will not be encouraged unless there is justification for purpose and the need is adequate. Justified fund-raising will be permitted for school classes or groups of students, under the sponsorship of a faculty member, provided they are approved by the Board or designee and the benefits derived will be made available to all members of the group. No project will be allowed that will involve servitude of an individual. A categorical, itemized accounting of money raised at school or in connection with the school other than money deposited in the extracurricular account will be submitted by the advisor with principal verification to the business office.

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regulations about selling and soliciting in the campus buildings (including the residence halls). Solicitors are not allowed under any circumstances to canvass in the residence halls or campus buildings, and never from room to room, office to office,

student programs or activities sponsored by charitable organizations. ... Material which advertises or promotes for-profit entities, their products or services.

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