Study Guide Chapter 4

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What happened during the time of the Salem witch trials? 8. Flat land along the coastal regions is referred to this. 9. What are cash crops? List 3 cash crops.

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What is the Backcountry? What physical feature defines the Backcountry’s boarders?


The economic theory that the mother country was supposed to profit from its colonies is?


What were the navigation acts? List the 4 provisions we mentioned in your notes.


What is smuggling?


What is triangular trade? What goods went to Europe? Africa?


Who was Metacom? What war did he fight against?


What happened during the time of the Salem witch trials?


Flat land along the coastal regions is referred to this.


What are cash crops? List 3 cash crops.


Highest ranking in social class in the Southern colonies were referred as this.


People who watched over and directed the work on plantations were called?


Who introduced indigo to the Southern plantations? What was indigo?


What was Stono’s Rebellion? What happened as a consequence of the rebellion?


A groups of Protestant dissenters who founded Philadelphia, Pennsylvania?


What is tolerance? What were people trying to tolerate?


What are artisans? Give 3 examples of artisans.


Who brought with them the idea for Conestoga wagons? What was a Conestoga wagon? Why were they so useful?


These stretched from eastern Canada to the south of Alabama?


What is the fall line?


West of the fall line, a plateau at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains known as?


When did the Scots-Irish come to the colonies? Why did they come? Where did most settle at first?


Most Scots-Irish formed clans, what are they?

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