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are out of town, you can contact your Elder listed below. Elder ..... Quincy Park District – The Quincy Park District works every day to ...... Ralph Cleveland. 9/22.



Called to be a “Dirty” Disciple! “God is faithful, by whom you were called into the fellowship of His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.” ---1st Corinthians 1:9 The Greek term disciple (mathētēs) refers generally to any “student,” “pupil,” “apprentice,” or “adherent;” however, it is most often associated, with people who were devoted followers of a great religious leader or teacher of philosophy. In the first century, a Jewish boy who wanted to become a disciple of a rabbi (teacher) was expected to leave family to join his rabbi. The apostle Paul was an example of a Jewish boy who had left home (i.e., Tarsus) to study the Law under Gamaliel, a famous Rabbi in Jerusalem (Acts 5:34; 22:3). They would live together 24 hours a day—walking from place to place, teaching and learning, studying and working. They discussed and memorized the Scriptures and applied them to life. The disciple’s calling, as described in early Jewish writings, was to “cover himself in the dust of [the rabbi’s] feet,” drinking in his every word. He followed his rabbi so closely that he would “walk in his dust.” In doing so, he became a “dirty” disciple. The biblical call to discipleship is a call to be with, know and enjoy the Master. Discipleship doesn’t merely refer to believing in Jesus, it presupposes belief and summons one to follow Him. This kind of discipleship is so radically different than calls to follow others like Plato who stressed the freedom of the student from the teacher, Buddhists who follow a list of religious principles through selfdisciplines, or even the Jewish religious leaders who focused more on the Torah and steered their disciples away from themselves. Jesus, on the other hand, pointed people to Himself and still does. He calls each of us to a radical commitment of Christlikeness. Simon, Andrew, James, and John knew that this was the type of relationship to which Jesus was calling them (Mark 1:16-20). So immediately they walked away from their work and “went after Him” (v.20). For 3 years they stayed close to Him—listening to His teaching, watching His miracles, learning His principles, and walking in His dust. As Jesus’ followers today, we too can “walk in His dust,” by spending time studying and meditating on His Word and applying its principles to life. As we do, we too will become “dirty” disciples of Jesus Christ!



ELDER LIST Our church has eight Elders, and each Elder is assigned a portion of the congregation. The elders assist the Pastors in the spiritual life of the congregation. If you have a spiritual need or issue anytime or when Pastor Steve and Pastor Kendall are out of town, you can contact your Elder listed below.

USHERS: 8:00: 10:30: GREETERS: 8:00: Dale & Donna Koontz 10:30:

Elder Paul Johnson Steve Barteau Rustin Otney Matt Dietrich John Schonarth Tracy Hanlin Mike Happel Aaron Clark

ACOLYTE: 8:00am: 10:30am: ELDERS: 8:00: Aaron Clark 10:30: Rustin Otney ALTAR GUILD: Kathy Roderick, Kiki Backoff, and Lori Meuth

Phone Member Name 217-577-3669 (A-B) 660-349-8095 (C-E) 785-766-9776 (F-Hi) 217-653-0944 (Ho-K) 217-224-3375 (L-M) 217-656-3010 (N-R) 217-222-2858 (S-T) 217-209-1830 (U-Z)

The Lutheran Church of St. John


Phone number: 222-8579 Fax number 222-1182 Emails: Pastor Steve Hayden – [email protected] Pastor Kendall Meyer – [email protected] Marilyn – [email protected] Jan – [email protected] Website: Church office hours: Mon.-Fri.: 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Staff may be in the office before or after these hours; however you should call before coming. The church will be locked after the last staff person leaves for the day (unless there are evening activities.)

3 – Hugh Roderick 10 – John Schonarth 17 – Jim Waack 24 – Kim Rosevold If you need to call to request a ride or cancel a ride for Sunday mornings, call 222-8579 and leave a message at extension #408 for the Van Driver.

September Prayer Focus – Our mission prayer focus for the month of August is our Food Pantry Ministry. Each month we serve several hundred families with the food they need to help make ends meet. Pray that God would continue to raise up volunteers to serve this important ministry. Pray for the resources to continue to meet the needs of the community. Pray for the people that we serve that God would be present in their lives. But most of all pray for Gospel opportunities that our pastors and volunteers would have the opportunity to share the love of Christ is Word and deed.

September Communion Schedule Please note that the communion schedule for the 8:00am service will be different in the month of September only to accommodate Worship in the Park. Communion for September will be on September 3rd and September 24th at the 8am service. The schedule for 10:30 service will remain unchanged. 2


Confirmation Class Confirmation Class is beginning Wednesday, September 6th. . Confirmation instruction is open to all students in 7-8th grade as a way to grow in the faith of their baptism. A required special confirmation event for all the students is being planned for September 17th, to help us get to know one another as we begin our year.

We are all called to “FOLLOW” Jesus. But what does that mean and what does that look like. On September 17 we will start to explore the answers in the sermon and small group series. After hearing the message on Sunday you will be invited to follow us deeper by being part of one of the small groups that meets throughout the week. Plan now to be part of this exciting opportunity.


Sunday Worship Schedule 8:00am: Traditional Service 9:30am: Bible Class 9:30am: Sunday School 10:30am: Contemporary Worship

For the month of July 31, 2017: Income and Giving: $ 40,942.66 Total All Expenses: $ 32,927.30 Income less expense: $8,015.36

The Wednesday evening worship service begins at 6:00 pm in the Oasis. This is a casual worship about 40 minutes in length. The sermon is different than Sunday morning and more interactive. Child care is available for younger kids and the coffee is always ready. This service is a great opportunity to introduce someone to our congregation or invite someone who doesn’t normally come to church.

2017 Contributions to the General Fund: Contributions to the General Fund were $23,750 under budget through August 22nd and were $22,000 behind giving at the same time last year. To cover the expenses, we took $12,000 from the bequest in May. There is only $6,400 left in the bequest. We are so thankful for the overwhelming support for the debt reduction campaign, but we still need to cover our ongoing expenses. Please prayerfully consider increasing your level of support to the Church’s general fund through the rest of 2017.


Congregational Boards

The Oasis

Like plants that draw nourishments through their roots, the roots of our faith draw the strength we need from God’s Word. Rooted is an 8-week class that strengthens those roots by reviewing the basic teachings of our faith. Our next class will begin on Thursday, September 21 at 6 pm. Anyone interested in learning more is invited to come and at the end of the class those interested in membership will have an opportunity to join the church.


God desires a relationship with us. That’s why He created us in the first place. When we sinned and broke that relationship, God continued to pursue us. God sacrificed His only Son to make it possible for us to have a relationship with Him again. 3

Jesus demonstrated friendship in the most generous way possible. He showed us the greatest love when He laid down His life for His friends. He went to the cross, not on principle or for a cause, but because of love and wanting to be with us forever. Friendship is a reflection of the character of God. WEEK 1: Key Question: What makes someone a good friend? At this phase in their life, kids are starting to experience the ups and downs of friendship. That’s why we start with a foundational question to help them wrestle with what God says about having strong friendships with others. If they can recognize the qualities God desires for friendship, they’ll not only choose friends who exhibit those, but hopefully will put them into practice for themselves. We start the month with something Jesus said in John 13:34, I give you a new command. Love one another. You must love one another, just as I have loved you, (NIrV). Along with that, we’ll take a look at one of the most famous friendships in the entire Bible: David and Jonathan. These guys went through a lot together. From making a promise to help each other to escaping the dangers of Jonathan’s own father, King Saul, they showed us exactly what it meant for friends to love each other. Bottom Line: Friends love one another. WEEK 2: Key Question: What does it mean to accept a friend? Even kids will tell you that some people are easier to get along with than others. But just because we get along with some people better than others, doesn’t mean we ignore them or treat them poorly. We’ll help kids figure out how they can be friendly and accept others in a way that honors God. In Romans 15:7, Paul writes, Christ has accepted you. So accept one another in order to bring praise to God, (NIrV). We see this played out perfectly through Paul and Barnabus. Paul had a terrible reputation, one that was well deserved. But after his encounter with Jesus, Paul changed. Barnabus believed that about Paul, accepted him, and stood up for him as he introduced Paul to the rest of the apostles.

Bottom Line: Friends accept one another. WEEK 3: Key Question: When a friend hurts you, how do you respond? When kids are tweenagers, it doesn’t take long for best friends to become worst enemies. We hope to guide them through figuring out strategies for how they can respond when they get hurt by a friend. It’s inevitable that friends will get into an argument, but when kids are equipped with how to respond, forgiveness might be an easier option for building bridges in the broken relationship. In Colossians 3:13, Paul writes, Put up with one another. Forgive one another if you are holding something against someone. Forgive, just as the Lord forgave you, (NIrV). Towards the end of the book of John we see through Jesus and Peter. After denying Jesus three times, Peter was feeling guilty and ashamed. But Jesus still had plans for Peter. Jesus forgave Peter and restored the broken friendship. And when we put our faith in Jesus, Jesus offers that same forgiveness to us. In turn, we can offer forgiveness to others. Bottom Line: Friends forgive one another. WEEK 4: Key Question: How can you be a friend this week? At some point in a person’s life, he or she is going to need someone they can trust to help them through it. Kids know what’s happening in their friends’ lives. However, they don’t always know how to help. Through the discussion this week, we hope to help kids come up with simple ideas they can put into practice to encourage those friends no matter what they’re going through. We close out the month with something Paul said in 1 Thessalonians 5:11, So encourage each other with the hope you have. Build each other up. In fact, that is what you are doing, (NIrV). When Job experienced trial after trial, his friends decided to help. They didn’t bring meals or tell jokes. Rather, they came along side and grieved with Job. Now, we find out they didn’t always get it right, but for that first week, they let Job know that they were there for him. Bottom Line: Friends encourage one another. 4

This summer we have been blessed with many people bringing their garden "excess" into the food pantry for our people. They certainly enjoy the home grown fruits and vegetables. We have also received produce from the Harrison HyVee garden which has been a good blessing for our people. We also had a group of people go to Mt. Sterling for a morning to pick corn. This is always a nice experience and especially this year the weather was great as it didn't get hot until about the time we were leaving.

CRADLE ROLL There are twenty-nine children enrolled in the Cradle Roll. Children receive materials until age 3, that parents can share with them about God’s love. Additions in August: Micah Ann Neisen

Baptized on July 23, 2017 Birthdate: February 9, 2017 London Kristine Rakers Baptized on August 27, 2017 Birthdate: March 23, 2017

Since our last update we received a shipment from Dot Food to add to our pantry shelves. Our food pantry has been invited to participate in the "Souper Bowl of Caring" this year. You will receive more information on this as we receive it. If you would like to see what the pantry is doing, please volunteer on our fall service Sunday, October 1st. We also have had an abundance of clothes to distribute including many coats which will be distributed this fall.

September Birthdays: Levi Matthew Adam Stump – 3 yrs. old on Sept 18 Charlotte Jolene Johnston – 3 yrs. old on Sept. 25 Isaac William Lightfoot – 3 yrs. old on Sept. 26 Caleb Joseph Riutzel – 3 yrs. old on September 29 The Cradle Roll Bulletin Board is across the hall from the Nursery/Toddler Rooms. --Wilma Tieman, Nursery Roll Coordinator

The Food Pantry is looking for additional volunteers to help on a Monday or Thursday. Or, if you can help portion bulk items and restock shelves on other days, please talk with Jan. You can either sign up on the bulletin board by the office or let Jan know if you can even be a backup that she can call when shorthanded.

SUNDAY SCHOOL MISSION FOCUS FOR SEPTEMBER is the our support for school scholarship for TREE OF LIFE The Mission offerings will assist in purchasing gifts for those on the Tree of Life.

CLOSET OF GRACE –Cleaning your closets? We estimate that over 60% of the families that come to our food pantry also visit our closet of grace, in search of clothes. Make sure they are CLEAN and STAIN FREE and FREE of HOLES. We do not have dumpster space if we have to throw away stained and torn items. We always especially need clothes for babies, kids and teens. Spread the word to your family and friends too. If bringing in gently worn shoes, please make sure they are clean. If possible, bring in clothing items, Monday – Thursday, in order that volunteers have an opportunity to sort before Monday morning. Please contact Jan if you have household items before bringing them in.

BOARD OF CHRISTIAN CAREGIVING FOOD PANTRY In the month of July, our food pantry served 351 households, of which were 1400 individuals and of those 556 were children (40%). Thank you to all of the volunteers that help each day. And, a special thank you to everyone that helps each day the pantry is open and with the different shipments. 5

Recycle your plastic grocery/store bags with the Food Pantry. Please flatten them or fold them, which is then easier for the volunteers to use them for our clients.

projects which can be done by all ages so families can serve together if you desire. On October 1 there will NOT be a breakfast as has been done on the last few Service Sundays. Instead of the breakfast, we will gather together at 5:00pm for a dinner in the Family Life Center. This will be a time to share any experiences we had doing the projects earlier in the day. We hope to also have some people join us from the neighborhood and from those who receive food from our food pantry. In addition, you are encouraged to invite anyone you have contact with while performing the project. There is a separate sign-up sheet for the dinner and we hope everyone will be able to attend. The following are the projects available on Oct. 1:

MANNA MEALS - If you or a loved one could benefit from having a couple of home cooked meals a week during a time of illness or after being hospitalized, please let Jim & Janet Totsch, Jan Fritz or Marilyn know and these can be arranged for 2 or 3 weeks. If you would consider taking meals to a church member in need, please let Jim & Janet know via email [email protected] or call 7798603 or 779-3303. Each person usually makes 2-3 meals a year.

Gently Used Toys are being collected by the

BBQ For Veterans at the Illinois Veterans’ Home in Quincy – The Veterans’ Home in Quincy is home to almost 400 veterans who have served their country. We will have an opportunity to barbecue for and serve them a special lunch at the Veterans’ Home as a way of saying thanks to all of them for their service. In addition, we will also prepare a lunch for Quincy’s police and fire fighters and deliver the lunches to them. We will need about 25 people to work this project. Our volunteers will cook and serve the lunch. In addition, some veterans will need someone to push their wheel chair from their room to the lunch and then back. Also, some volunteers will deliver the lunches to the police and firefighters. This is a great project for families and volunteers of all ages. (coordinators – Steve O’Hearn and Bill Keller).

Board of Christian Caregiving for a Christmas Toy Give-a-way. Bring them to the office and place them in the box by the counter.

BOARD OF EVANGELISM SERVICE SUNDAY Our mission statement reminds us that we, having been filled with God’s love and grace, should let God’s love and grace flow out of us to the world around us. On October 1 we will have opportunity to outflow God’s love and grace as we release God’s people for service. We will not have a 10:30 worship service but will serve in different projects around the community. We hope families and all ages will participate. Immediately following the 8:00am worship service at approximately 9:15am, there will be a sending of all of our people to various projects which will take place throughout Quincy. The projects will start at approximately 9:30am and continue to approximately 12:30pm, but you can come serve for as long as you are able. We hope all of you will sign up for one of the projects below to be part of this exciting opportunity. Our goal is to have no less than 135 of our members serving in one of the projects set forth below. There are

Chaddock Chaddock provides quality treatment and education for children who deal with the after effects of trauma. We do not know now the service they will want us to provide. On prior Service Sundays, our group has provided some light landscaping and maintenance care, washing the exterior and cleaning the interior of the vans and cars owned by Chaddock, and some interior painting. Volunteers of all ages are welcomed. (coordinator – Jim Totsch ). 6

Quincy Downtown District – Volunteers will help the District and the community by picking up trash in Washington Park and around the stores in the District. Volunteers of all ages are welcome. (coordinator - ).

Sunset Home - For over 125 years, Sunset Home has provided a safe home for senior residents, some of whom are our own members. The group will help the residents with bingo and visit with them. In addition, the group will assist some residents going to and from the cafeteria and visit with them in the cafeteria. Families and volunteers of all ages are welcomed. (coordinator – ).

Quincy Park District – The Quincy Park District works every day to provide to the people of our city and county beautiful parks where families can picnic, play on playgrounds, bike, play softball and other activities. We will help on this day in some by cutting brush away from bike paths. This project will need up to 10 volunteers. (coordinator – Mick Gooding).

Illinois Veterans’ Home Memorial Garden - The Illinois Veterans’ Home serves almost 400 men and women who have served our country. They need assistance in their Memorial Garden . Volunteers will do some fall gardening, including weeding and mulching. Volunteers should bring shovels, rakes and hand garden tools (mark with your name to avoid confusion). (coordinator - Janet Enroth).


City Bus Stop Shelters - Many residents of Quincy rely on public transportation. We will brighten their time waiting for a bus by cleaning up the bus stop shelters around the city. This is a good project for families. (coordinators – Nathan and Schaenon Elbus).

Thank you so much for your overwhelming support to the Hearts Overflowing Debt Reduction Campaign. During the Impact (giving) Phase of the campaign, we will be using the Hearts Overflowing donations to pay down our mortgage on a monthly basis. Donations of more than $253,000 received through August have enabled us to reduce our mortgage principal from over $666,000 at the end of May to $407,000. If you need more green Hearts Overflowing envelopes to assist you in regular giving to the campaign, additional envelopes may be found on the information desk in the Church Narthex. Using these envelopes will help the Board of Stewardship keep accurate giving records. Thank you for your sacrificial giving to the Campaign…your hearts have definitely overflowed! Please continue to pray that God would bountifully bless the Lutheran Church of St. John through this Campaign.

Neighborhood - We want to be good neighbors to those who live near the church, so to show our kindness we will share a battery for a smoke detector with many of our neighbors. You can help distribute the batteries with an invitation to attend one of our worship services. Families and volunteers of all ages are welcome. (coordinator – Alyssa Gooding). Letter writing to Shut-ins - The group will meet in the Family Life Center and write notes to our shut-ins. Supplies you will need will be furnished. (coordinator – ). Food Pantry and Closet of Grace - Each month the Lutheran Church of St. John serves over 1500 individuals with food and clothing. We will help to prepare by folding clothes, stocking shelves and portioning items to be given away. Volunteers of all ages are welcome. (coordinator – Jan Fritz ). 7


Leadership Retreat 2017:

Leaders – please mark your calendars for our Leadership Retreat on Thursdays, October 5th & 19th, at 7:00 p.m. in the Oasis. We will be reviewing our Mission, Vision, and Values and recreating Goals for the coming years. We will also be developing Action Plans to implement those Goals. The LCOSJ officers, all members of the elected and appointed Boards, and Presidents of the various clubs are invited to attend.

The third quarter meeting will be held on Sunday, September 17th at approximately 11:30am. Lunch will be served following late Service with a free-will offering. The meeting will come to order immediately following the lunch. You do not have to be a current Voter to attend the lunch or the meeting. Following the meeting, if you have attended two meetings, you may sign the Lutheran Church of St. John’s constitution and become a member of the Voters.


Class Opportunity – How to Make God’s House a Home

Senior High - join us on Sunday morning for Sunday school at 9:30am in the Youth Room with Aaron Clark as their leader Aaron has been known to stop by and pick up donuts every once in a while!

Why do people drop out of the life of a congregation? How can we go about understanding what their needs are? How can we invite them back without pressuring them? These are just some of the questions this course will answer. Beginning on Tuesday, Sept. 12th, the class will meet every Tuesday from 6:30pm-7:30pm for six-weeks in the Oasis. The class will be taught by Pastor Kendall. Each session will be a combination of lecture, discussion, and practical application. A registration fee of $15.00 covers the cost of the materials, refreshments, and other supplies. Call or talk to Pastor Kendall or the church office for more information or to register.

HY-VEE SCRIP - Members of the Teen LYF group sell scrip. Use these cards at the Hy-Vee grocery store and at their gas stations. It’s just like cash—Hy-Vee donates 5% of each card to our Teen LYF group. You can also buy Scrip during regular church office hours from Marilyn.

CONGREGATIONAL EVENTS Sunday, September 10th will be our

Stephen Ministry

annual WORSHIP IN THE PARK. We will

Did you know that the Lutheran Church of St. John is a Stephen Ministry congregation? That means that there are members of our congregation that have been trained and are organized to provide quality care and extend the caring ministry the pastors already do. We are looking for members who are interested in being trained as a Stephen Minister. Pastor Kendall will be holding an informational meeting on Wednesday, September 13th from 7:00pm-8:00pm in the Oasis. Please consider coming to learn more about how to become a Stephen Minister as we seek to care and encourage one another! Call or talk to Pastor Kendall or the church office for more information or to register.

meet at the large shelter house at WAVERING PARK – Large Shelter with worship beginning at 10 am. Please note we will only have one worship at the special time of 10:00 am. Following worship we will have a BBQ in the park about 11:30 am. There will be a picnic lunch with brats, burgers, hot dogs, buns & ice water provided. Please sign up or call the church office if you will be attending and to bring a salad, side dish or dessert, beverage (if you want something other than water) and lawn chair as limited seating is available. Call the office if you need transportation to the park. There will be games for kids and fun for all. Invite a friend to join us, so take the time to reach out to someone. 8

Jesus and what that looks like in our lives. We will kick it off with worship on September 17 and then dig deeper in the small groups that follow. We hope you can join us.

Visitation Care Ministry As we seek to be a place where grace overflows among us, this ministry is to provide an organized approach for members of the Lutheran Church of St. John to share Christ’s love within the church family. Members interested will be part of a rotating schedule to people who may not always be able to come to Sunday service, such as Shut-ins, people who are in the hospital, and people with chronic or short term illnesses. Pastor Kendall will be leading a two-week training session beginning Sunday, September 17th from 1:30pm-2:30pm in the Oasis, and the 2nd session on September 24th from 1:30pm-2:30pm in the Oasis. Call or talk to Pastor Kendall or the church office for more information or to register.

Small Group Opportunities Sunday, 9:30 am – Church meeting room, led by Pastor Kendall Sunday, 6 pm – The Oasis, led by Pastor Steve (childcare available) Monday, 7 pm – at the Keller home, led by Bill and Lynda Keller Monday, 7 pm – in the church youth room, led by Pastor Kendall and Lynn Tuesday, 9:30 am – Women’s small group in the Oasis, led by Lynda Keller

Connection Point Café Located in the OASIS

Wednesday, 10 am – The Oasis, led by Pastor Steve

Stay after worship, come early before Sunday School and Bible Class, or before worship and enjoy some coffee, tea, or hot chocolate along with some breakfast treats and a chance to meet and visit with fellow members. This is a great opportunity to welcome visitors. A sign-up sheet is on the counter in the office if you would be willing to provide some breakfast treats one week.

Wednesday, 7 pm – The Oasis, led by Aaron Clark Thurs, 6:30 am – Men’s Bible Breakfast in the Family Life Center led by Pastor Kendall Watch for more groups to follow. Sign-up today in the narthex or contact the church office.

BIBLE STUDIES SUNDAY MORNING BIBLE CLASS begins at 9:30 am in the Oasis. In September we will begin a study of different religions and denominations. If you have every had questions about what others believe this is a great opportunity to find out. Grab some coffee and/or donut/treat at the Connection Point Café and join us. There are lots of things we follow in life – Facebook, a blog, the stock market, in someone’s footsteps, or our favorite team. But there is only ONE we are all called to follow. You are invited to join us as we take a look at what it means to follow

KELLER MONDAY NIGHT STUDY GROUP This home Bible study group will begin Monday, September 18th at Bill & Lynda Keller’s home. Preregister for the FOLLOW small group study. 9

WOMEN’S BIBLE STUDY The Women’s group meets on Tuesday mornings at 9:30am in the Oasis. They will continue with “When God’s People Play” a book study by Jim Cymbala. On Tuesday, September 19th they will begin the FOLLOW small group study. All women are invited to join us.

If you missed the orientation meeting in August, contact Melissa Baker at email [email protected] or call her at 217-653-9963 for more information.. Do you want to improve your relationships with others? Do you desire to be physically fit? Are you tired of being tired? Would you like to know God in a more intimate way? The answer is coming!

WEDNESDAY MORNING BIBLE CLASS The Wednesday morning Bible class is meeting at a 10:00 am in the Oasis. They will continue their studies until Wednesday, September 20th, when they will begin the FOLLOW group study. Everyone is welcome to join us as we will have plenty of comfortable seating. Some of the group then goes out to lunch following the class.

A new COMMUNITY WOMEN’S BIBLE STUDY FELLOWSHIP, a satellite type of group study, will be available on Monday evenings from 6:30pm-8:00pm in the Oasis. The group will study the Book of Romans from September 18 th to May 14st, on Monday evenings. There is no cost to participate. A free-will offering will be accepted and applied to the cost of materials. An open house/signup was held in July, however if you are interested in joining this group, first call Susan Holzgraefe at 257-0857.

MENS BIBLE BREAKFAST This group of men meets on Thursday mornings at 6:30am in the Family Life Center, for Bible study and breakfast, and some of the best coffee in Quincy. We will be continuing the study of “Faces of the Reformation” as we meet the men and women who were passionate about the Reformation re-discovery of the Gospel. Beginning Thursday, September 21st, they will switch to the FOLLOW small group series. If you would like to join this group, either every morning or just a few, enter through the kitchen on the south side of the building.

SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS MEN’S CLUB The Men’s Club will not meet in June. They will be gathering at Reservoir Park at 6:00 pm, on August 21st. Les Kaufman and Dave Kleiboeker will be serving on the Social Committee. This is LADIES NIGHT, so remember to invite and bring your guest along. Join all your CILCA friends and fellow supporters in wrapping up the summer over Labor Day Weekend. A joint worship service commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Lutheran Laymen’s League will be at 10:30 with Rev Ken Schurb preaching. (Learn more about the founding of the LLL at:

First Place 4 Health groups will begin meeting the week of September 9th, 2017, on Saturday mornings from 9am-10:30am. First Place 4 Health, a Christ-centered total-wellness program, and will be offered to the Lutheran Church of St. John. They will meet in the Oasis on Sept. 9, 16 & 23; Oct. 7, 21, & 28; Nov. 4, 11, 18 & 25; and Dec. 9 & 16. They will take a break for Christmas and New Year’s and start back up in February.



(Lutheran Education Association of Parents) Meeting Now that the new school year has begun, LEAP families are encouraged to gather in the Oasis on September 24th following the 10:30 worship for pizza and a meeting.

Quincy Zone of the Central IL District LWML Quincy Zone LWML Diamond Celebration will be held on Monday evening, September 18th, 6:30pm to 8:30pm at St. James Lutheran Church. The Quincy Zone LWML Fall Rally will be held on Tuesday, September 19th, at St. James Lutheran Church. Registration is at 9am and the meeting begins at 9:30am. The registration fee, including lunch, is $8.00 per person and are due by September 9th.

MISSION OPPORTUNITIES 2017 – Thanks you for all the donations, prayers and support for the recent Guatemala trip. The thirteen servants had a wonderful experience and more importantly each of them was changed by God’s working in their lives. Many of them are looking forward to returning to Guatemala and hoping to be part of our next adventure in September of 2018.

Guatemala Mission

LADIES’ AID SOCIETY The Ladies Aid members are enjoying their summer break and will gather again on Wednesday, September 6th at 12:30pm for fellowship. Mary Tenhouse and Marilyn Humphrey are on the Cheer & Social serving refreshments. The meeting will begin at 1:00pm.

MARY & MARTHA GUILD The Mary & Martha members will meet on Tuesday, September 5th at 6:30pm in the Oasis. Pastor Kendall will be their guest speaker on “Leading a Life of Contentment”. All women of the congregation are invited to come. You do not need to be a member of the organization, or if you want to learn more about what the group does, we’d love to have you stop in.

MUSIC MINISTRY St. John’s Choir and One Voice are always looking for additional Singers and Musicians for their next musical offerings. If you are interested, see Denise Pearcy or Lynn Meyer with any questions.

Is your GARAGE, CLOSET, BASEMENT O V E R F L O W I N G?? Please consider donating gently used items in OCTOBER to the MARY MARTHA annual garage sale on Saturday, OCTOBER 7th. PLEASE items not accepted until MondayThursday, October 2nd - 5th. Contact Janet Enroth if you have any questions, 228-0111 or [email protected] Proceeds go to Mary & Martha Grace Overflowing Mission projects and to LEAP (No adult clothing, please)

Organist Needed The Lutheran Church of St. John has an Organist position open for our 8am Sunday morning worship service. All interested parties may contact Pastor Steve, Pastor Kendall or Marilyn at the church office at 217-222-8579 or by mail at 3340 State Street, Quincy, IL 62301.

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“This year I will be running (walking) my fourth half-marathon. There are two reasons I am doing this. First and foremost, to support St. James Lutheran School. I can’t say it any better than John in 3 John verse 4: “ I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth”. I can think of no greater blessing than having God’s Word planted into the hearts and lives of our children. My commitment to Lutheran education is evident in my willingness to train and to run a half marathon at age 64. I’m also not ashamed to ask for your support. Second, it gives me a reason to exercise and to stay healthy. Should you choose to give, 90% of your funds would go to the school to be used where needed most. The other 10% would go to Mission Central to bring God’s Word to others in our world. Any size gift would be welcome. You can make a difference as we share God’s wisdom. And I encourage you to send this to your family and friends asking for even a small donation. The hymn “Let Children Hear the Mighty Deeds” (LSB 867) says, “Let children hear the mighty deeds which God performed of old, Which in our younger days we saw, And which our parents told. To teach them with all diligence the truths of God’s own Word, to place in Him their confidence, To fear and trust their Lord. To learn that in our God alone Their hope securely stands, That they may never doubt His love But walk in His commands.” Any gift you choose to give to accomplish the above will be greatly appreciated. Please drop it by the office or mail your gift to : St. James Lutheran School, 900 S. 17th, Quincy, IL 62301. Checks should be made payable to St. James Lutheran School.” In Christ, Pastor Rempfer

St. James Lutheran School New

THE 2017-2018 SCHOOL YEAR began last Thursday. We are blessed with 157 students and 10 teachers. The teachers are being rededicated this morning at St. James Lutheran Church and include Amy Means, Jennifer Altgilbers, Kristi Scott, Jennifer Huntley, Denys Stark, Renita Mohr, Hayley Harvey, Debbie Bowles, Johnna Fuqua and Sarah Gierstorf. May God bless the efforts of our teachers and families as we begin a new school year of Seeing Jesus and Causing Him to Be Seen! CAR MAGNETS - St. James Lutheran School Magnets are available in our church office. These 51/2” diameter magnets can be displayed on your car/truck/SUV or any metal surface to show support or advertise for the school. See Marilyn in the office if you would like to purchase one for $5.00. The proceeds go to St. James Lutheran School. MIDDLE SCHOOL TENNIS CLUB – This newly formed club is open to 6th, 7th and 8th grade parochial/private and home schooled students and includes students from public schools. The season will run from Wednesday, September 13th to Thursday, October 5th. Email [email protected] if your child might be interested. BOXTOPS AND UPC LABELS – Please continue to save General Mills Box Tops, HyVee UPCs and Tyson A+ labels throughout the summer. They help support our school library! Thank you!

Pastor Marlin Rempfer, retired Pastor from St. James Lutheran Church and School will be participating in the Great River Road Run on Saturday, October 7th, a Half Marathon from Hamilton to Nauvoo – to raise funds in support of St. James Lutheran School. 12



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ RESERVATION DEADLINE --- September 30, 2017 NAME:________________________________________ _______________________________________ ADDRESS:_____________________________________ _______________________________________ PHONE:_________________________EMAIL_________________________________________ ______ ROOMMATE CHOICES: 1.____________________________________________ 2.____________________________________________ 3.____________________________________________ 4.____________________________________________ SPECIAL DIETARY NEEDS________________________________________

The LWML logo has changed but the mission remains the same…. “Serve the LORD with Gladness” The Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML) is the official women’s auxiliary of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. For 75 years, the LWML has focused on affirming each woman’s relationship with Christ, encouraging and equipping women to live out their Christian lives in active mission ministries and to support global missions.

FEE --- $40 for Friday Night and Saturday or $30 for Saturday, only --- LATE FEE -- $50 Please make checks payable to: LWML CID Enclosed is my check for: $___________________Mail all roommate reservations & checks in one envelope. In memo at the bottom of check, write “RETREAT”. Mail Reservations & Checks to: Michelle Clevenger 6315 Old Columbus Road, Quincy, IL 62305 Call or e-mail after Sept. 30: 217-430-1667 [email protected]

WOMEN’S FALL RETREAT October 13 - 5:30 p.m. Registration followed by evening meal 7:00 p.m. Program begins October 14 - 8:00 a.m. Registration & Breakfast Camp CILCA Christian Growth Center 4124 Camp CILCA Road , Cantrall, IL 62625 “THE ROCK AND YOUR ROLE”: Bible Studies will begin at 7:30 on Friday evening based on I Peter 5:6-7 which says “Humble yourselves, therefore, under God's mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” We ask that each of you bring a small rock with your name on it. We will be doing several “rock activities” and using the Camp CILCA campground worship areas. Breakfast and lunch will be served on Saturday with more Bible studies and entertainment. This retreat is sponsored by LWML CID and all women are invited to participate. You do not have to be an LWML member.

For more information on the Central Illinois District LWML go to

ATTN: PARENTS of RECENT GRADUATES Please supply the church office with your recent high school graduates’ fall plans, whether that is beginning a new job, attending a trade school, community college, or university. We would like to send them words of encouragement as they begin this next chapter in their lives. 13

reforms have had tremendous and lasting effects upon the Western world, both in the church and in other secular arenas. This institute will examine the long term effects of Luther's influence in three areas: religion, politics, and society. This event will be held at Camp CILCA where lodging is available at 217-487-7497 (not included in the $20 registration fee). The cost of $20 will include a noon meal. Please register by Sept. 4 so adequate food is prepared. This event is sponsored by the CID LLL. Register with: Deloris Blessman by Monday, Sept. 4, 2017, 24204 ECR 1850N, Topeka, IL 62665, 309-361-1461, Email is [email protected]

St John's is the host church for the 2017 Operation Christmas Child activities! Their Countdown Event was held this past month. Next month we will be receiving 600 boxes that will need to be assembled before Oct. 28th. If your group or organization would like to organize a box assembly day or evening in October, please let me or Cheryl Kestner know. The next big Operation Christmas Child event will be held on Sunday, October 29th when a “Packing Party” will be held in the Family Life Center. Watch the weekly announcements and the October Broadcaster for more information.

Make plans now for the annual The Chicken Fry & Auction, Sunday, Sept. 3rd. Join all your CILCA friends and fellow supporters in wrapping up the summer over Labor Day Weekend. A joint worship service commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Lutheran Laymen’s League will be at 10:30 with Rev Ken Schurb preaching. (Learn more about the founding of the LLL at:

100th Anniversary of LLL/Lutheran Hour Ministries Church Service – Yes, the Lutheran Layman’s League and Lutheran Hour Ministries is 100 years old. We will celebrate this annivery with a church service September 3, 2017 at Camp Cilca, Cantrall, IL in the Indoor Chapel at 10:30am. Rev. Ken Schurb will be the speaker and the offering will go to Camp Cilca Outdoor Ministries. Please stay after the service for Camp Cilca’s Annual Chicken Dinner and Auction.

Lunch will be served from 11:30-2:30. Tickets are $8 for adults, $5 for children ages 4-12. The menu includes fresh fried chicken, baked beans, coleslaw, & dessert. The live auction will begin at 1:00! A silent auction will also run during lunch. Looking for an easy family getaway over Labor Day Weekend? Join your brothers and sisters in Christ for a weekend of camping, swimming, games, devotions, and fellowship. Activities led by CILCA staff are scheduled Saturday afternoon through Sunday evening. Campground space, cabins (air conditioned or not), & Christian Growth Center rooms (hotel style) are available.

“The Lasting Impact of Martin Luther's Reforms" will be held on Saturday, September 9, 2017 from 9 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. This institute will be led by Dr. Erik Herrmann, Director of the Center for Reformation Research and chairman of the Department of Historical Theology at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. As we celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation join us as we begin with the 95 Theses. Martin Luther's religious 14

leader, swaying the masses. He was, instead, Martin Luther’s closest friend and colleague. He shared Luther’s fiery personality and possessed a strong command of Greek, Hebrew and Latin. His translation skills and ability to think theologically made him a unique combination of Luther and Philipp Melanchthon. While teaching at the University of Erfurt (1519–1521), Jonas began to correspond with Luther through a mutual friend, John Lange. Lange followed Luther while Jonas was a devotee of Erasmus of Rotterdam, the great Humanist philosopher. At the beginning of the Reformation, the two sides were in agreement that the church needed to be reformed. Erasmus was more interested in a gradual reform focused on changing the atmosphere of moral decay in the church, while Luther was adamant that the focus be centered on the immediate need to preach the Gospel in its purity. Jonas was won over by Luther’s theology, much to Erasmus’ consternation at having lost such an able disciple. Jonas literally began to follow Luther as the reformer traveled through Erfurt on his way to the Diet of Worms in 1521. Frederick the Wise had suggested that Jonas, who held a doctorate in canon and civil law, might be a good counselor for Luther at Worms. Shortly after the Diet ended, Jonas left the University of Erfurt to join the faculty at the University of Wittenberg, but he was hired as a teacher of law. In a letter to Frederick the Wise, he asked to be relieved of these duties to be free instead to teach God’s Word at the university. The Gospel had fully captivated his heart and mind and it could belong to no other discipline. A few months later, Jonas was granted a doctorate in theology. Jonas shared Luther’s strong resolve and steadied Melanchthon in Luther’s absence at the Diet of Augsburg, as well as during Luther’s exile at the Wartburg. These three men were close both professionally and personally, but it was Jonas who was Luther’s closest companion. He was at Luther’s side when he stood up to the Emperor at Worms, he was one of the few witnesses to Luther’s marriage, and he was at Luther’s bedside as the reformer took his last

Camp CILCA's Whippoorwill Classic Golf Scramble Outing will take place on Friday, September 22, 2017. Come and enjoy a relaxing round of golf with your friends in support of Camp CILCA. The format is a 4 man scramble, bring your own team. So organize your own team of four or just come and be put on a team. The cost is $55 and that covers your golf, cart, meal, and prizes and will be held at The Rail (Springfield) on Friday, September 23rd. Check-in & warm-up will begin at 11:30 with shotgun start at 12:30 p.m. (Lunch is on your own). Supper with awards will follow. The event is meant to be a fun(d) raiser to draw attention to Camp CILCA, our local CID Lutheran Camp. The CILCA Golf Outing is growing in popularity. We had 92 last year and hope to get 100 this year, so be sure to reserve your spot. For details or to register contact: Rev. Daniel Smith - Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church [email protected] 309-342-7083 For more information about CAMP CILCA go to or call 217-415-2311 4124 Camp CILCA Road, Cantrall, IL Director: Pastor Joshua Theilen

The month’s focus is on Justus Jonas Born: June 5, 1493 | Nordhausen, Germany Died: Oct. 9, 1555 | Eisfeld, Germany

A teacher of God’s Word: this was the life’s work of Justus Jonas. He is not famous for prolific writing, nor does history remember him as a great 15

with God?” Included are insights and commentary from LCMS theologians and historians.

breath in 1546. The framework of the church underwent a seismic shift because of the Reformation. Both bread and wine were now given at Communion. Priests could marry. Parishes were no longer dependent on the hierarchy of the Catholic Church. Jonas’ abilities to organize and think logically about these and other reforms, along with his gifted preaching and teaching skills, were used mightily by God to assist churches during this time of transition. His dedication to the cause of the Reformation never wavered — even when he was forced to become a wandering preacher from 1546 until his death in 1555 — because of Jonas’ faithfulness to the gracious Christ rediscovered by Luther in the Holy Bible.

Dates to Remember: September 4 - Labor Day September 10 - WORSHIP IN THE PARK September 17 – Voter’s Meeting September 18 – Quincy Zone LWML Diamond Anniversary Celebration September 19 – Quincy Zone LWML Fall Rally October 1 - Service Sunday

SEPTEMBER ANNIVERSARIES Rustin & Gigi Otney Scott & Lisa Hamilton Bill & Marilyn Humphrey Rick & Sandy Patterson Stephen & Amy Bangert Jerry & Sue Downs Kyle & Ashley Otten Casey & Brenda Hill Casey & Erin Kline Jeff & Tracy Grott Dale & Donna Koontz

“Martin Luther: The Idea that Changed the World,” the full-length feature film that premiered in selected theaters in February, is set to air nationally on PBS on Tuesday, Sept. 12, at 7 p.m. Central time. *Check the local listing for the correct Daylight Savings Time. Congregations still may arrange screenings of the film at their local theaters. Visit for information on how to host and promote a screening, as well as resources including a sample bulletin insert, poster, artwork and the movie trailer. Funded by Thrivent Financial, the film dramatizes the events that shaped Luther and examines the questions he wrestled with, such as “Who am I?,” “What is my purpose?” and “How do I get right

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If your name is not on the Anniversary or Birthday list, or if you wish your name removed, please contact Marilyn at the church office. The deadline for submitting an article in the October Broadcaster is Friday, September 22.


9th Annual “Free” Frontier Settlement Day Saturday, September 9th, 11am – 4pm Lincoln-era Log Cabin Village, Quinsippi Island Park (Accessed via All America Park on the Riverfront). View the interior of five of the 6 historic 1800’s structures to see how Pioneers in this area lived. Lunch available, American Legion Auxiliary Tentative Activities for the whole Family! * Take a “selfie” with President Abe Lincoln * Play Pioneer Games conducted by Qcy Park Dist; 17

* See Demos on: Wool Spinning, Chair Caning, Blacksmithing, Felt Hat Making, Rug Making, etc. * Write on slates & learn how school was taught in the 1800’s * See the Village Herb Garden, learn what Herbs were used in 1800's * Visit Hull Log Cabin - set up like 1800s Home by Sullivan Antiques * Hear how Religion was practiced in 1800s * Visit Clat Adams Cabin 1800s Store, set up by Quincy Museum * See Ice Cutters used on Quinsippi Bay in Herleman Log Cabin * Visit Stone Smoke House, used to preserve foods before refrigerators * Visit with a Civil War Nurse & Civil War Soldier * Visit with a Pioneer as he sets up camp while visiting village * See what Farm Animals were grown, provide by the JWCC Ag Program

The Great River Genealogical Society’s September 14, 2017 meeting, will begin at 7:00pm. Ms. Arlis Dittmer will present “The WWI Era Thru a Nurses Viewpoint”. Come join us to hear about this aspect of World War I and the years following it. The meeting will be held at the Lutheran Church of St. John Family Life Center, 3340 State Street in Quincy at 7:00 pm. Refreshments will be served following the program. Go to for more Society information and resources.

GERMAN RESEARCH INSTRUCTION Saturday, September 30, 2017, 9:00 am-3:30 pm: The Great River Genealogical Society invites you to A Day of German Research Instruction at the Quincy Public Library. Teresa SteinkampMcMillin, CGSM will lead an all-day Lecture Series. Topics include:

Bring the family out and enjoy a bit of local history. Map and Info at: or

1) Oh Where, Oh Where are My Ancestor From? 2) Hunting For Henry: A Case Study Using Collaterals 3) Untangle the Web of Germanic Websites 4) Demystify Ancestry and FamilySearch

Events Continued…..

GRGS Members: $30 – Non-GRGS member: $35 Register after September 20: $40 Optional Box Lunch: $10 Return completed form before midnight Sept. 20. Direct questions to (573) 221-9132 or email to [email protected] For more info or to download the brochure/form go to and click on “What’s New?” Space is limited, register soon.

Fall Storytelling Event on September 20th Have a fun-filled evening in September with stories by the campfire at this free event at Moorman Park large shelter with refreshments. Fall Storytelling will feature a regional storyteller. Fall Festival: Join us for the 2017 Fall Festival! We will be having tons of fun in Upper Moorman Park and The Batting Cage for this FREE event. There will be a bounce house, fun activities, displays from local emergency services and so much more! All the fun runs from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. on Saturday, September 23. For ALL AGES.


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sheet is on the bulletin board by the office. Sign up for April ..... music and audio equipment for the Sanctuary and the Family Life .... communities are still hurting.

volunteers to help on a Monday or Thursday. Or, if you can help portion bulk items and restock shelves ..... KELLER MONDAY NIGHT STUDY GROUP. This home Bible study group meets on Monday evenings at Bill .... Countdown Event was held this past month.

not only pray, but also be a part of this important ..... you to be an effective volunteer should a disaster strike your ..... Return completed form before midnight Sept.

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Oct 7, 2017 - The Mary & Martha members will meet on. Tuesday, September 5 th and observe the 500 th. Anniversary of Reformation. They will meet in the.

It's the most wonderful time of the year. It's time to trim the tree and deck the halls. It's time for roasting chestnuts and cookie decorating. It's time to make plans to travel to grandmother's house and schedule the Christmas party. Soon the stock

string angels available for purchase that evening. If you haven't .... Customize Quick Access Toolbar and click on More Commands, or go to the File Tab, click on ...

Aug 20, 2010 - August 10. Fort Myers Chapter Monthly Meeting. August 19. Fort Myers Chapter Board Meeting (all members welcome). September 10-11 Leadership and Education Forum (LEC), Cocoa Beach, FL. September 18 Coastal Cleanup (contact Stacy Schmit