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Summer Stewardship “Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing…” (Hebrew 10:25). “Summer time and livin' is easy” the old song goes. Warm weather, vacations, no school, golf, tennis, fishing, hiking, swimming, relaxing, less hectic schedules…all seem to define summer time. Thankfully our Lord never takes a vacation from blessing us with His abundant love, gracious gifts, and providential care. The Psalmist writes about our Heavenly Father, “He who watches over Israel will neither slumber or sleep. The Lord watches over you—the Lord is your shade at your right hand.” (Psalm 121:4-5). The Lord’s care is ongoing. He never tires of caring for us. Summer presents God’s people with numerous opportunities to be good stewards of His manifold gifts. We care for the wonderful world He has given us when we are outdoors. We treasure the important relationships we enjoy as we spend time with loved ones. Also, we use wisely the material blessings He gives us. There is great temptation during the summer months to neglect the most precious of all our Lord’s gifts, His holy Word and Sacraments offered in worship. As many other responsibilities are taken more lightly in the relaxed atmosphere of summer living, so, too, are we tempted to take lightly the spiritual aspect of our lives. Vacation plans and recreational activities often replace worship. And we diminish in the stewardship of our Christian faith by letting worldly things take precedence over God in our lives. In response to our Lord for His grace and mercy, may we place Him first in all our summer plans and activities, allowing adequate time for worship, Bible reading, meditation, and prayer. May we be good stewards of God’s rich blessings. May we all continue to support the mission and ministries of The Lutheran Church of St. John with our regular tithes and offerings given from thankful hearts, even when we are away from home. In Him!

Pastor Kendall Meyer 1



USHERS: 8:00: 10:30:

USHERS: 8:00: 10:30:

GREETERS: 8:00: Jody & Jodie Mauck 10:30:

GREETERS: 8:00: 10:30:

ELDERS: 8:00: Aaron Clark 10:30: Jason Watkins

JULY ELDERS: 8:00: Matt Dietrich 10:30: Jason Watkins

ALTAR GUILD: Jan Fritz, Denise Pearcy, Linda Steinbach

ALTAR GUILD: Rhonda Johnson Julie Dietrich

VAN DRIVERS: 3 – Kim Rosevold 10 - Hugh Roderick 17 – John Schonarth 24 – Jim Waack

VAN DRIVERS: 1 – John Schonarth 8 – Hugh Roderick 15 – Kim Rosevold 22 – Jim Waack 29– Kim Rosevold

ELDER LIST Our church has eight Elders, and each Elder is assigned a portion of the congregation. The elders assist the Pastors in the spiritual life of the congregation. If you have a spiritual need or issue anytime or when Pastor Steve and Pastor Kendall are out of town, you can contact your Elder listed below. Elder Paul Johnson Steve Barteau Rustin Otney Matt Dietrich John Schonarth Jason Watkins Mike Happel Aaron Clark

If you need to call to request a ride or cancel a ride for Sunday mornings, call 222-8579 and leave a message at extension #408 for the Van Driver.

The Lutheran Church of St. John Phone number: 222-8579 Fax number 222-1182 Emails: Pastor Steve Hayden – [email protected] Pastor Kendall Meyer – [email protected] Marilyn – [email protected] Jan – [email protected]

Phone Member Name 217-577-3669 (A-B) 660-349-8095 (C-E) 785-766-9776 (F-Hi) 217-653-0944 (Ho-K) 217-224-3375 (L-M) 217-257-2345 (N-R) 217-222-2858 (S-T) 217-209-1830 (U-Z)

Website: Facebook: Church office hours: Mon.-Fri.: 8:00am-4:00pm.


Life to the Highest Power Starting on Sunday, June 3, this three week sermon series takes a look at one of the shortest books of the Bible, Jude. “Life to the Highest Power” takes a look at how we as chosen children of God live a life of overflowing generosity that seeks to give God glory in all things. Join us each week and learn how to take your life of faith to the highest power. June 3 – Starting from the Center June 10 – Living on the Edge June 17 – Crossing Over

The Oasis The Wednesday evening worship service begins at 6:00 pm in the Oasis. This is a casual worship about 40 minutes in length. During the month of June we will be studying the book of Colossians and talk about “A Life Worth Living.” Child care is available for younger kids and the coffee is always ready. This service is a great opportunity to introduce someone to our congregation or invite someone who doesn’t normally come to church.

A Day at the Lake Over the summer months many of us will spend time on the water at the lake, on the river, or at the pool. Jesus and His disciples also spent considerable time on or near the waters of the Sea of Galilee. Starting July 8, we will look at the Gospel stories that take place on and around the lake and consider what Jesus is teaching us as His disciples. Come join us for a Day at the Lake! And bring a friend!

June Prayer Focus – Vacation Bible School With a goal of over 120 children and only 50 of those from our own congregation, this is a significant opportunity to reach out to our community. Pray for those who will receive invitations, for the children who will be attending and for each of our volunteers that through this event we would be a living example of God’s love to our community. Watch for other ways you can not only pray, but also be a part of this important time in our congregation.

Congregational Boards TREASURER’S REPORT

July Prayer Focus – Central Illinois District Our congregation is part of the Central Illinois District of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. July 8-10 our district will gather in convention to elect leadership and conduct business. Our congregation will be represented in that convention by Pastor Kendall and Lynda Keller. Pray that our district would continue focus on sharing the message of Christ with our communities and continue to support the mission efforts that happen with our district.

For the month of April, 2018: Giving: $ 37,389.97 Total All Expenses: $ 36,365.64 Total Giving over expenses: $ 1,894.56 BOARD OF CHRISTIAN EDUCATION END OF THE YEAR PARTY COME JOIN US JUNE 3rd FOR OUR ANNUAL SUNDAY SCHOOL PARTY, 9:30am in the DISCOVERY DEN We’ll have a movie and refreshments Come join in the fun! 3

Sponsor a Kid You can help to keep our VBS a free week of fun for the kids of our church and community by sponsoring a kid. A donation of $10 will help to cover the supplies for their activities along with allowing us to send them home with a music CD and t-shirt to help them continue what they have learned. You can sponsor a kid after worship the Sundays of June.

SUNDAY SCHOOL MISSION FOCUS FOR JUNE & JULY Ruth Angela Noemy Mendez Santos from Guatemala The donations help purchase school supplies and her uniforms to enable Ruth to attend school.

Decorating Creating a festive atmosphere is an important part of VBS. This year the church will be transformed into a desert island. We need your help on Sunday, June 24 at noon to help place our decorations around the church. Come eat at the cook-out after worship that day then stick around to decorate.

Vacation Bible School Register your kids today! Age 4 – Grade 6 Go to to register online. Venture onto an unchartered island where kids survive and thrive. Anchor kids in the truth that Jesus carries them through life’s storms. Join us for Shipwrecked Vacation Bible School! You can register your kids today! Invitations are also available at church to help spread the word.

CRADLE ROLL There are twenty-eight children enrolled in the Cradle Roll. Children receive materials until age 3, that parents can share with them about God’s love. If you have a child in this age range that has been baptized at St. John’s, watch your church mailbox for materials that are brought for them. If you find a note, the corresponding materials will be placed on the shelf in the coat rack area, with your name on it.

VBS Volunteers: We are currently recruiting volunteers to help make June 25-29 an amazing week. Check out the sign-up sheets in the Narthex – lots of jobs available

Two additions in May Caroline Christine Muehring Born March 8, 2018, Baptized May 13, 2018 Chloe Elice Leifheit Born December 27, 2017, Baptized May 27, 2018

June 25 – 29, 2018

June Birthdays: Serenity Nicole Nation Tatum Ryan Maas July Birthdays: Wyatt James Stark Eli Drew Hightower Micah Ann Neisen Venture onto an uncharted island where kids survive and thrive. Anchor kids in the truth that Jesus carries them through life’s storms.

2 yrs. on June 5 3 yrs. on June 16

2 yrs. on July 8 3 yrs. on July 15 2 yrs. on July 20

--Wilma Tieman, Nursery Roll Coordinator


meals to a church member in need, please let Jim & Janet know via email [email protected] or call 779-8603 or 779-3303. Each person usually makes 2-3 meals a year.

BOARD OF CHRISTIAN CAREGIVING FOOD PANTRY - In the month of April, our food pantry served 338 households. These households were comprised of 1274 individuals and of those 523 were children. Thank you to all that generously share monetary donations and/or donate items for the Food Pantry. Thank you to everyone that helps each day the pantry is open. And, especially to the men who haul and unload the different shipments and food deliveries and those that come in throughout the week to portion bulk items & restock the shelves. We wouldn’t have it prepared to distribute if it wasn’t for your hard work and service to others. We do appreciate you. During the month of May, we received 2,000 lbs. for non-perishable food items through the “STAMP OUT HUNGER” collection campaign with the US Postal Service. The Lord continues to bless us in order for us to better serve those in need in our community. Jan Fritz


The Evangelism Board will meet on June 28th, at 5:30pm. We will not meet in July.

Sign up now for helping in our Community on the Bulletin Board outside of the office. HORIZON’S – Serve meals. Volunteers are needed to help serve meals on every 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month. The sign-up sheet is on the bulletin board by the office. Sign up for June, July or August. Hot meals are served 11:30am – 12:30pm. Healthy Foods FOR KIDS!! Distribution! The upcoming next Healthy Foods FOR KIDS! Distribution will be Saturday morning of June 2. This distribution day is organized by the Horizon’s Social Services and will be held at the Senior Citizens Center at 639 York Street. Signup by the office. They ask volunteers to be there at 8:00am. We have agreed to have 15 members help distribute the produce and other food items provided by the Central Illinois Foodbank. This is a great opportunity for families to serve together with distributing food to families with children.

The Food Pantry is always looking for additional volunteers to help on a Monday or Thursday, even if for just a couple hours in the morning or afternoon. PLEASE, Sign up on the bulletin board by the office so that we know what time you are coming. It helps us to know we need to call someone in to help when we’re shorthanded. If you have questions, see Jan, Pastor Steve, or any of the members on the list. CLOSET OF GRACE –Cleaning your closets? We always especially need clothes for babies, kids and teens. Spread the word to your family and friends too. We have also received donations from local resale shops; and we thank them all for the donations. If you would like to help sort sizes and bring items up from the sorting room downstairs, your assistance would be most appreciated.

BOARD OF STEWARDSHIP 2018 Contributions to the General Fund: Offerings for the General Fund through mid-May were $16,600 under budget year-to-date for 2018 and $19,000 behind where we were at the same time in 2017. Please continue to pray that our income will exceed expenses throughout 2018.

MANNA MEALS - If you or a loved one could benefit from having a couple of home cooked meals a week during a time of illness or after being hospitalized, please let Jim & Janet Totsch, Pastor Steve or Marilyn know and these can be arranged for 2 or 3 weeks. If you would consider taking 5

BOARD OF YOUTH & FAMILY MINISTRIES Thank you so much for your continued support of the Hearts Overflowing Debt Reduction Campaign. Donations of $409,778 received through mid-May have enabled us to reduce our mortgage principal from over $666,000 at the end of May 2017 to $264,211 after our April payment. We have reduced our debt by $402,000 since the Campaign started in May 2017! If you need more green Hearts Overflowing envelopes to assist you in regular giving to the campaign, additional envelopes may be found on the information desk in the Church Narthex. Using these envelopes will help the Board of Stewardship keep accurate giving records. Thank you for your sacrificial giving to the Campaign! Please continue to pray that God would bountifully bless the Lutheran Church of St. John through this Campaign.

JUNE 3rd - 4:00 PM You will be guided by Erica Perry-Broekemeier as you create your own painting of “Beautiful Grace”. Reserve your spot and panel by filling out a reservation card and dropping off with payment in the office or give to a Board of Youth & Family member. (Erin Dickhut, Julie Dietrich, Alyssa Hummel, Heather O’Hearn, or Michelle Soltwedel) Adult Panels: $15.00; Children Panels: $10.00 (smaller). Painting will begin at 4:00pm. Event is sponsored by the Board of Youth & Family. All proceeds will go toward event expenses and funding of future family events. There are still spots available so sign-up today!

2018 Stewardship Events: The Board of Stewardship is planning the following events for 2018: 

FAMILY SWIM EVENT!!! The Board of Youth & Family Ministries is planning a Family Swim Night at Sheridan. Watch your announcements for the Date & Time.

June 3-17 - With the first anniversary of the Hearts Overflowing Debt Reduction Campaign, we will be conducting a 3-week sermon series called “Life to the Highest Power.”

T-LO: Teen LYF Overflowing T-LO Youth Night Join us on Sunday, June 3 at 6 pm for “Messy Game Night.” Wear old clothes because you might just get dirty! Friends are invited to join us.

October 7-21 - We plan to combine the midpoint Recommitment and Re-Envisioning Event for the Hearts Overflowing Campaign with our fall stewardship emphasis. The sermon series and Bible studies will culminate with a single worship service at 10:00 a.m. on Consecration Sunday on October 21st followed by a catered luncheon.

Camp CILCA Retreat All youth are invited to join us at Camp Cilca, June 10-12. Remember the fun you had on the confirmation retreat? This will be another memorable event that will include a service project, team building, games and Bible study. Cost is only $30 each. Friends are invited. Have you reserved your spot ????? 6


GOLF SCRAMBLE Friday, June 8

Graduate Recognition Join us on Sunday, June 10 as we recognize the youth of our congregation who are graduating from High School and college. During each worship service that weekend we will celebrate their accomplishments and pray God’s blessing during their time of transition. If you have a graduate please contact the church office, even if you cannot attend, so that you can be acknowledged in our prayers.

Sign up your team or sponsor a hole along the course, in advance, for the annual GOLF SCRAMBLE – Our Youth will sponsor their annual Golf Scramble on Friday, June 8th to raise funds they need for upcoming activities and the 2019 National Youth Gathering. Watch for ways you can pray for and support our youth in this important activity. The Scramble is just a little more than a week away. On June 8th, registration at Arrowhead Golf Course in Camp Point is at 11:30am and TEE Time is 12:30pm. Sign up a team and enjoy a Friday afternoon on a sunny green putting for a great cause.

GRILLIN’ FOR CAMP CILCA The members of Mary & Martha and Ladies Aid will be grilling hamburgers and hot dogs following the second service on Sunday, June 24th (approximately 11:30am) for a fundraiser for Camp CILCA. They will also and baked beans, chips and desserts. Mark your calendar for lunch on June 24th and help Camp CILCA with some much needed funds for some repairs. Our Youth and Confirmation Retreats are held every year at Camp CILCA. Our members have been enjoying this beautiful camp setting with Christ-centered programs since before 1971. Check out the summer camp programs available at

This is for men and women!!!

Junior & Senior High - join us in serving others on Mondays or Thursdays by helping at the Food Pantry. You can help with distribution, re-stocking, or perhaps entertaining some of the children, with basketball or coloring, who are waiting with parents.

Connection Point Café in the OASIS Stay after worship, come early before Sunday School and Bible Class, or before worship and enjoy some coffee, tea, or hot chocolate along with some breakfast treats and a chance to meet and visit with fellow members and is a great opportunity to welcome visitors.

HY-VEE SCRIP - Members of the Teen LYF group sell scrip. Use these cards at the Hy-Vee grocery store and at their gas stations. It’s just like cash—Hy-Vee donates 5% of each card to our Teen LYF group. You can also buy Scrip during regular church office hours from Marilyn. They are available in $25, $50, or $100 cards.

If you would be willing to provide some breakfast treats one morning a sign-up sheet is in the office or donations are accepted. Thrivent Action Teams have provided some funds coffee and supplies.


do list. If you would like to join this group, either every morning or just a few, enter through the kitchen on the south side of the building. They are currently studying the minor Prophets. They will meet on Thursday mornings, June 7, 14 & 21. They will take a summer break until August. Check the August Broadcaster for their start-up date.


SUNDAY MORNING BIBLE CLASS begins at 9:30am. Grab some coffee and/or donut/treat at the Connection Point Café and join us. During the month of June we will continue our study of 1 John.


Offerings collected on Sunday morning go toward the monthly Sunday School mission. Their mission for June is to help support Ruth from Guatemala so that she can attend school.

VOLUNTEERS for ALTAR SERVICE Volunteers assist with preparation for communion and washing & putting away communion ware, clean and maintain Altar linens, paraments and flowers. If you would like to serve your church by being a part of this group, or helping out for one or two Sundays, please sign up by the office. If you have any questions about what is needed done, see Marilyn in the office.

KELLER MONDAY NIGHT STUDY GROUP The Monday night Bible study group will meet at Bill & Lynda Keller’s home, beginning at 7:00pm, on Monday, June 4 and they take a summer break until September 10th.. WOMEN’S BIBLE STUDY The Tuesday morning women’s group has begun a book study of “Twelve Ordinary Men” by John MacArthur, “How the Master shaped His disciples for greatness and what He wants to do with you.” Join us one morning if you would like to check it out, we’d love to have you. They meet at 9:30am in the Oasis. We will not meet on June 26th during Vacation Bible School, however will continue on through June and July.

MARY & MARTHA GUILD Mary & Martha members will not be meeting in June or July. However, they are planning a fundraiser for Camp CILCA on June 24th. Bring your appetites and donations to Grillin’ for Camp CILCA, at 11:30am, following the worship service. All proceeds will go toward some much needed improvements and repairs at Camp CILCA near Cantrall, IL.

WEDNESDAY MORNING BIBLE CLASS Join us for this midweek morning Bible study. A new study will begin in June, you can jump in and join us anytime. Follow up with fellowship and join the group for lunch at an area restaurant. Everyone is welcome.

LADIES’ AID SOCIETY The Ladies Aid members will enjoy lunch and fellowship on Wednesday, June 6th at 11:30am at Tony’s too Restaurant. Wilma Tieman and Marilyn Humphrey will serve on the Cheer & Social Committee. Please RSVP to either of them by Sunday, June 3rd. You may bring a guest with you. The June LWML Mission devotions will be read and Mites will be collected. They will not meet in July.

MENS BIBLE BREAKFAST This group of men meets on Thursday mornings at 6:30am in the Family Life Center, for Bible study and breakfast, and some of the best coffee in Quincy. This group is usually finished around 7:30am to give you time to head to work or your to8

MEN’S CLUB The Men’s Club will not be meeting in June as they had their Servant event in May. Their next get-together is on Monday, July16th, 6:00pm at Reservoir Park. It is guest night, so don’t forget to bring your guest. Doug Allen and Glenn O’Briant will serve on the Social Committee. All men of the congregation are welcome to join them and learn how this men’s organization serves St. John’s and St. James’ and our community.

MISSION OPPORTUNITIES Guatemala Mission A team of 10 individuals from St. John will be joined by one individual from Seymour, Indiana as they travel to Guatemala September 1-9. In July you will have an opportunity to support the trip by purchasing in-kind donations or giving a monetary donation to support the ministry of Groundwork Guatemala.

OASIS Wednesday Evening Nursery – Allison Hollenstine is coordinating the volunteers to supervise the nursery during the 6pm-7pm worship in the Oasis. The nursery is right next door and has lots of toys and things to entertain the young children while their parents are in worship. If you would be willing to help one or more evenings, please contact Allison at [email protected] or 217-430-7844. Wednesday services will continue throughout the summer.

NEWS & NOTES WEEKLY ANNOUNCEMENTS can be found on under the NEWS tab.

MUSIC MINISTRY Pastor Harold Bender & Jo and their family will be in the area on Saturday, June 16th. They will be having an Open House from 6pm-9pm here at St. John’s so they can visit with members and friends they haven’t seen in a while. Everyone is invited to stop by and visit.

NEED VOICES - St. John’s Choir and One Voice are always looking for additional Singers and Musicians for their next musical offerings. If you are interested, see Pastor Steve or Denise Pearcy with any questions, or stop in the church office.

 Join in the next Illinois Veteran’s Home Singalong, Elmore Unit, on Wednesday July 18, beginning at 2:00 PM. If you would like to help the Veteran’s with the music instead of singing, they would be glad to have you. Everyone welcome!

Care Net’s Baby Bottle Blitz! There is still time to take home an empty baby bottle from the laundry basket in the Narthex. This is CareNet Pregnancy’s biggest fundraiser . This organization helps women who are experiencing crisis pregnancies in our community. Please consider putting a donation or spare change in the bottle and return it to the basket on Father’s Day, June 17th.

 9


St. James Lutheran School News

The Altar Flowers, each week, are a welcome offering to our worship. Flowers are alive. They are of God's creation. They are a symbol of new life in Christ. Altar flowers can be and are more than mere ornaments. They are the expression of our love for God as well as a means of glorifying His name in all the earth. Altar flowers may be dedicated to commemorate a special event, like a birthday or anniversary, or in remembrance of a loved one. Donations of $17.50 covers the cost of one vase and $35.00 covers the cost of both vases. For all of these reasons, we give thanks to everyone who is moved to give toward flowers on a particular Sunday. You can sign up on the Flower Chart on the bulletin board outside of the Sanctuary, or notify Marilyn in the office. Dedications are listed in our worship bulletin.

BOXTOPS AND UPC LABELS – Please continue to save General Mills Box Tops, HyVee UPCs and Tyson A+ labels throughout the summer. They help support our school library! Thank you!

The Camp CILCA Lowdown "Behold, a king will reign in righteousness, and princes will rule in justice." (Isaiah 32:1) Summer Camp 2018 Camp CILCA is a great place to get away from the ordinary & experience God’s grace in His creation. Campers can get involved in a variety of activities like: hiking, games, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, archery, creek walking, crafts, basketball, softball, volleyball, disc golf, fishing, & more. Campers also have opportunities to grow in their Christian faith through Bible studies, campfire singing & devotions. A list of the different CAMP Weeks is posted on the bulletin board in the hall or pick up a pamphlet on the Information Center.

Vicar Kevin Bender sent us a letter sharing his experiences of Call Day and the warm welcome he received from his vicarage congregation at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Washington, MO. He also shared the exciting news that he and his wife Mollie will be waiting for their first child to be born in mid-October. You may read his full letter that is posted on the bulletin board in the hallway.

Register by clicking on the logo above at Find information about all CAMP CILCA summer programs by exploring the Summer Camp FAQ'S tab. Family Camping within the Christian outdoor atmosphere at CILCA can be a refreshing and strengthening experience for the family consisting of perhaps one day, a long weekend or a full two week vacation spent in a tent, camper or a cabin, or in a room at the Christian Growth Center. Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend are especially geared for families. For more information on our facilities go to CAMPING at Bring your friends!!

Jeremiah Jording, from St. James, will be ordained into the office of the Holy Ministry on June 10th, at 3:00 pm at St. James Lutheran Church in Quincy. Dr. Jeffrey Gibbs, New Testament professor from Concordia Seminary is scheduled to be the preacher, our choir will be singing, and our Circuit Visitor, Rev. Mike Burdick will perform the ordination rite. He has accepted his first pastoral call to Immanuel Lutheran Church in Spirit Lake, IA. 10

GRANT # 10 -

Christian Eldercare Home in Haiti - $100,000

L. E. R.T. Lutheran Emergency Response Teams

Ministry in Mission

As you know, on May 18, 2018, a student walked into Santa Fe High School and killed nine students and one teacher. Lutheran Church Charities deployed their comfort dogs to the school on May 21st to give comfort to the affected students, parents, and teachers. Please keep them in your prayers.

Haiti is a nation in need of special attention. Since the earthquake in 2010, Lutheran baptisms in Haiti have been multiplied beyond expectations and Lutheran church attendance is increasing. However physical and spiritual needs of our brothers and sisters in Christ are left unmet. A center for the elderly people who have outlived their families, and some of whom are currently living in tents and deplorable conditions, is planned to be built on the same property where an orphanage was constructed in 2014. The children will have grandparents and the elderly will have children to make them smile. The center, built with funds supplied by this grant, would result in a dwelling with clean water, suitable waste containment, beds, food, and care for these forgotten people. Ministry in Mission desires to fulfill the intent of creating a true community for Haitian Lutherans by providing a safe living environment for all Haitians in the surrounding area and particularly the forgotten elderly society. For more information, go to “Serve the LORD with Gladness”

On May 5th, Pastor Tom Heren trained and certified 22 new members at Trinity Lutheran Church in Auburn, Illinois. These new members join the team and will be deployed to disasters in the district. Comfort dog Dinah gave everyone a companion during the training. LCOSJ, St. James, & Our Redeemer has several LERT volunteers, but we could always use more for if we have another flood, windstorm or other disaster. Your opportunity to become a LERT trained volunteer is coming up in July. If you have any questions, see Marilyn in the office and she can direct you on how to register. Anyone over 18 can sign-up.

LERT (Lutheran Emergency Response Team) Volunteer Training Events 8:00am-4:30pm: Registration begins at 8:00 am Sessions begin at 8:30 am Saturday, July 28, 2018 Concordia Lutheran Church 316 South Oakwood Avenue, Geneseo, Illinois 61254 - 8:00 am to 4:30 pm The registration fee ($35.00) includes your disaster response training manual, disaster response vest, Certificate of Completion, I.D. badge, breakfast, and lunch. Please register at least one week before the event, if at all possible. Walk-ins are welcome. Please pay with check made out to the host church. This 6-hour training event will equip you to be an effective volunteer should a disaster strike your community. Download the Registration Forms at

A missionary, pastor's wife, Carol Hill spending time with two elderly church members after church. The lady with the crutches walks miles to church on crutches, every Sunday to worship. 11

Dates to Remember: Now you can hear a message of hope when you need it. Podcasting is a easy way to listen to your favorite Lutheran Hour Ministries programs and resources when you want. Podcasts are audio files you can download automatically, free of charge, to your computer or portable devices. Sign up for FREE Daily Devotions from LHM are based on everyday topics and will help strengthen and encourage your faith as you do the same for others. e=20180424

June 2 – Healthy Food FOR KIDS! Distribution June 3 – Sunday School Celebration June 3 – Paint Night June 3 – Messy Game Night June 14 – Flag Day June 17 – Father’s Day June 25-29 - Vacation Bible School July 4 – INDEPENDENCE DAY July 8-10 – CID Convention

June Anniversaries Wedding Date Years Jarred & Kimberly Mauck Brad & Kayla Neisen Howard & Rayleen Holzgraefe Scott & Dawn Nierman Brian & Lori Schenck Jim & Janet Totsch LB & Hila Waterkotte Jason & Emily Watkins Matt & Julie Dietrich Seth & Elizabeth Campbell Scott & Tina Koontz Steven & Heather O’Hearn Craig & Leah Heming Roger & Kim Brown Greg & Teresa Daggett Mike & Kathy Flowerree Frank & Lana Huber

Don’t have a log-in for MyThrivent online? No problem, we can help you help others. Speak to one of the LCOSJ Thrivent Action Team Committee members listed below Thrivent Action Teams may be able to help your group, organization. If you are a Thrivent Financial member or have a Thrivent Member in your group, you can apply for Thrivent funds to help with a fundraiser or to finance an event. It’s easy and fun! Go to and simply APPLY. Thrivent will provide resources to help you plan the event, promotional items, and a Community Impact Debit Card loaded with $250 of seed money. To learn more you can speak to a member of the LCOSJ Thrivent Action Team Committee; Steve Barteau, Jan Fritz, Marilyn Humphrey, Denise Pearcy, Michelle Soltwedel, or Jim & Janet Totsch. It’s a great way to help financially many of the activities that we have here at the Lutheran Church of St. John, St. James Lutheran School, or other groups that you may be involved in. Gather your “Team” and hit APPLY.

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If your name is not on the Anniversary or Birthday list, or if you wish your name removed, please contact Marilyn at the church office. If a date is incorrect, please let me know. The deadline for submitting an article in the June-July Broadcaster is Monday, July 24.

COMMUNITY EVENTS The 8th annual FISHING FOR FREEDOM event will be held on Friday, June 1st, Saturday, June 2nd and Sunday, June 3rd, 2018. If you are willing to help at Fishing for Freedom for our veterans, please SIGN UP. They need volunteers for all aspects of the event. Friday June 1st from 4:00pm to 9:00pm Saturday June 2nd from 12:00pm. to ?, Sunday June 3rd from 6:00am to 4:00pm They still need boats & operators. They also need people to shuttle warriors Sunday morning (possibly at 5:00am) from their hotel to their fishing spots – whether that is Mark Twain Lake, Keokuk, or the Quincy riverfront. Contact Mindy Goehl (217) 779-3811, Email: [email protected] if you can help even if for only an hour. 14

Fishing for Freedom continued….. Stop down at Clat Adams Park on Sunday afternoon and cheer for the VETS as they bring in the catches of the day. Refreshments and activities for the kids are available.

recognized folk musician Chris Vallillo. During this theatrical performance Lincoln will talk about his favorite speeches and Vallillo will perform period music. Lincoln Days is an Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area Signature Event that includes Union and Confederate artillery, cavalry, infantry, naval and civilian encampments; full battle reenactments; craft demonstrations; period baseball games; period vendors, food and music. (The canons can be loud, so maybe take some earplugs). The Abe Lincoln Project is a proud partner of the Looking for Lincoln/Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area. FREE ADMISSION to this event about a period in our area’s history.

GERMANFEST The fifth annual family-friendly festival, sponsored by the Quincy Sister City Commission, is slated for June 1 and 2 in South Park, 3PM – 11PM. The Heidelberg Dutchman Band will be playing Friday, 4-8 PM and the Waterloo German Band will be playing on Saturday, 4-8 PM. The toasts with beverages from Wine on Broadway, great food from the Butcher Block, polkas, and other dances make for a fun evening. Saturday festivities begin at 3 PM with a family oriented atmosphere featuring a "Kinderplatz" with activities aimed at children under 12. Bring your friends and lawn chairs and enjoy South Park and this German tradition, celebrating the heritage of some of LCOSJ’s founding church members. You can also visit with some citizens of Herford Germany, who will be visiting Quincy and the Germanfest. “Raised on Radio” providing live music from 8-10 PM on both evening. Proceeds benefit German classes at Quincy Senior High, Quincy Notre Dame, and QU Soccer quadrennial trip to Germany.

Enjoy an OLD FASHIONED SCHOOL PICNIC - Sunday, June 3rd, Immanuel Lutheran Church, West Ely, MO – Fish Fry starts at Noon (Free will donation), following their Sunday School (9:30am) and Worship (10:30am). Located at 6510 County Road 263, Hannibal (West Ely), MO 573221-7051 Activities for all ages, including Pony Cart Rides and Petting Zoo. Co-sponsored by Immanuel School Restoration Committee and Thrivent Financial.

SATURDAY, JUNE 2 - LINCOLN Days The Abe Lincoln Project/Looking for Lincoln in Pike County and the City of Pittsfield are hosting the 17th annual Lincoln Days Civil War Reenactment at the 480 acre recreational Lake Pittsfield. Featured this year is the H.L. Hunley Traveling Exhibit from Charleston, SC. The first time a submarine was used as a military means to sink a vessel from beneath the surface of the ocean happened in 1864 when the Hunley sank the USS Housatonic. The H.L. Hunley Traveling Exhibit is an exact life-size iron replica. Also featured this year will be the premier of "Abraham Lincoln:The Great Communicator" by noted Lincoln presenter George Buss and nationally

ICE CREAM SOCIAL Good Shepherd Lutheran Church 103 E Morgan Street, Clayton, IL Tuesday, June 19th: Serving begins at 5:00 PM Menu includes: Barbecues, Hot Dogs, Cake, Pie and Homemade Ice Cream Free Will Offering It will be well worth the drive!


Watoto Children's Choir Signs & Wonders Concert on June 19th! 7:00 PM, Vermont Street Methodist Church, 818 Vermont Street The Watoto Children’s Choir, whose members are orphans and other vulnerable children, present worship music from Watoto Church in Uganda and invite audiences to expect an encounter with God. Through song, dance and stories the children proclaim the good news of the salvation that is available for all. They share testimonies of how their lives have been changed, and how they have been called into a life of purpose to transform their communities.

What is 4-H?? 4-H empowers young people to lead for a lifetime. Programs in science, healthy living, agriculture, photography, geography, and citizenship with help of 100 public universities and a community of 4-H volunteers and professionals. Through hands-on learning, kids build not only confidence, creativity and curiosity, but also life skills such as leadership and resiliency to help them thrive today and tomorrow. Were you in 4-H in the area or in some other county or state? Is so, you know kids in the community will be busy working on projects in June & July, or more likely the latter half of July. Make plans to make the trip to the Adams County Fair and check out the projects on display as well as the livestock. For a 4-H show schedule, go to The days of the week should be correct, the exact dates are off by one.

Summer is HERE and we cannot wait to celebrate with you! Some of your favorite downtown stores are going to host a summer series. Each participating store will be open late until 8PM. 6th Street between Maine and Hampshire will close in the evening for LIVE entertainment, games and kids activities. Free entertainment and a chance to support local business! Seating will be available, or feel free to bring your own. THURSDAY, JUNE 21st

The 77th Annual Adams County Fair kicks off another great year July 25-July 31st, 2018. Make new family memories with us! Go to for opportunities under EVENTS FOR YOU with Baby, Little Miss & Master, Junior, Miss Teen, Mr. AC, and Miss Adams County contests and Kids Day contests. New this year is the Funnel Cake 5K on Sunday, July 29th hosted by the YMCA You can register online; $20 for individual & $60 for family of 4.

JUNE 22-24 Celebrating art, music and food that will be held in and around Washington Park. The event features new and familiar artists and activities including a fine and fresh art festival, street concert & Q-FEST Food Court. Presented by Knapheide & Knapheide Truck Equipment: Friday: 5:30p-9:30p; Saturday: 11a-9p, Sunday: 11a-4p MUSIC: Friday: 5:30p-9:30pm - Blues in the District with James Armstrong Band. Saturday: 5:30p-11p | Street Concert | Presented by Adams Fiber: 6pm - The Gentlemen, 9pm - Griffin and the Gargoyles. Sunday: 11a-4p, TBA FINE & FRESH ART SHOW | Presented by Quincy Medical Group: Friday: 5:30p-9p, Saturday: 10a-7p, Sunday: 11a-4p

The Oak Ridge Boys “Star Concert”will be on Saturday, July 28th at 8:00 PM. - Track Tickets on Sale - Saturday, June 2 for this concert. Sunday, July 29th will have a Christian Concert - Wanda Mountain Boys beginning at 7:00 P.M. For the complete FAIR schedules go to 16

The MEALS on WHEELS program is needing Volunteers to deliver meals to seniors. The Meals on Wheels program is located at the Quincy Senior & Family Resource Center, 639 York St. To volunteer or for information, call 2245031.

Saturday, September 29, 2018, 9:00 am-3:30 pm: The Great River Genealogical Society invites you to A Day of German Research Instruction at the Quincy Public Library. Teresa SteinkampMcMillin, CGSM will lead an all-day Lecture Series. GRGS Members: $30 – Non-GRGS member: $35 Register after September 20: $40 Optional Box Lunch: $10 Return completed form before midnight Sept. 20. Direct questions to (573) 221-9132 or email to [email protected]

FOOD SAFETY in the SUMMER Summertime holds the promise of lazy days, plenty of sunshine, and food on the grill. Yet summer is also the peak season for food poisoning. Warmer temperatures create ideal conditions for foodborne germs to grow, and perishable foods must be refrigerated more quickly than during cooler weather – within 1 hour if temperatures are above 90°F. CLEAN - Wash your hands and food-preparation surfaces often. Rinse fresh fruits and vegetables under running water. SEPARATE - Don’t cross-contaminate. Even after you’ve cleaned your hands and surfaces thoroughly, raw meat, poultry, seafood, and eggs can still spread germs to ready-to-eat foods,unless you keep them separate. COOK - to the right temperature. Use a food thermometer to ensure that foods are cooked to a safe internal temperature: 145°F for whole beef, veal, and lamb, and fresh pork and ham and for fin fish. 160°F for ground beef, veal, pork and lamb, and for egg dishes. 165°F for all poultry, including ground chicken and ground turkey, and stuffing, leftovers and casseroles. CHILL - Keep your refrigerator below 40°F and refrigerate foods promptly. Germs can grow in many foods within 2 hours unless you refrigerate them. (During the summer heat, cut that time down to 1 hour.)

Go to to download a registration form or see Marilyn Humphrey for a copy, to signup this summer. For more Society information and resources for you family history search. DON’T BE BORED DURING THE SUMMER!

SERVE THE LORD BY SERVING OTHERS CHANGE THE WORLD: PUT YOUR TIME AND TALENTS IN ACTION GET INVOLVED: SEEKING TO SERVE? If you are seeking a meaningful volunteer opportunity and are uncertain of how you would like to serve, contact Marilyn in the church office or one of the Pastors and we can explore the various opportunities for you to make a difference! Email to [email protected] or call 217-222-8579. There are numerous ways to serve here at St. John’s and many are listed in this newsletter.


has so many other things besides the Ten Commandments and the Lord’s Prayer,” Mark said. “It also has things like Luther’s Morning Prayer. We asked them, ‘Do you pray in your schools?’ They do, but this gives them a little more insight into what to pray for. Catechism teaching will continue to be an important component of future HLMP mission trips, Sue emphasized.

The Holy Spirit works through the Small Catechism in Haiti For over 15 years, Sue Gross has led the Haitian Lutheran Mission Project (HLMP) in its many short-term mission trips to Haiti, where they have provided a great deal of physical care for the people, including eyeglasses and meals for Lutheran school children. Then one day, Sue had an epiphany. “Our mission society had been concentrating on the people’s physical needs,” she reflected. “All of a sudden, I realized that we’ve been neglecting their spiritual needs.”

Visit us on FACEBOOK Haitian Lutheran Mission Project c/o Christ Lutheran Church 14700 S 94th Ave Orland Park, IL 60462

For the HLMP’s next project, Sue took a different approach and contacted the Lutheran Heritage Foundation for Haitian-Creole language Small Catechisms. She made plans with a Haitian Lutheran pastor she’d adopted, Pastor Isaac, to teach the catechism to Lutheran school teachers in the remote villages of northern Haiti. “The catechism was an ideal teaching platform with its statements, and then questions about those statements,” Mark said. “What does this mean? Who can benefit from this? We went through all of that. These Lutheran school teachers had never seen the catechism in their own language. They were just overjoyed to have it and gobbled it up!”

Don’t drive, ride, or walk while texting! Wear sunscreen and insect repellent. Have a blessed and safe summer!

REMINDER: The Church office will be closed on Wednesday, July 4th.

“We were taking it for granted that these Lutheran schools and their teachers were getting a Lutheran education,” Sue said, “but they weren’t! In Haiti, they just don’t have the same level of education we do here, so hopefully this will help.”

Wednesday Worship services and a BBQ are being planned for the July 4th evening before you head to the Fireworks Celebration on the Riverfront.

Mark and the school teachers spent their time going through the 10 Commandments, the Lord’s Prayer, the Apostles’ Creed and more. “They really liked studying the meanings of the 10 Commandments,” Mark said. “For example, what does it mean that you shall not kill? The teachers said they’d thought it was just like stabbing someone, but they learned it’s so much more. It was like a light going on in their heads.”

Celebrate it safely, and may God continue to bless America!

In addition to a better understanding of the faith, the catechisms have also given the teachers a practical resource they can use every day. “The catechism 18

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So training in those disciplines of prayer, devotion, worship, and others becomes an important ... high as for curling, but the rewards are out of this world.

Oct 7, 2017 - The Mary & Martha members will meet on. Tuesday, September 5 th and observe the 500 th. Anniversary of Reformation. They will meet in the.

It's the most wonderful time of the year. It's time to trim the tree and deck the halls. It's time for roasting chestnuts and cookie decorating. It's time to make plans to travel to grandmother's house and schedule the Christmas party. Soon the stock

string angels available for purchase that evening. If you haven't .... Customize Quick Access Toolbar and click on More Commands, or go to the File Tab, click on ...

Aug 20, 2010 - August 10. Fort Myers Chapter Monthly Meeting. August 19. Fort Myers Chapter Board Meeting (all members welcome). September 10-11 Leadership and Education Forum (LEC), Cocoa Beach, FL. September 18 Coastal Cleanup (contact Stacy Schmit