The Evolution of Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

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Introduction of EMR. 2. • The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical. Health (HITECH) Act. • MDs are incentivized for adopting and ...

The Evolution of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) How EMR has impacted healthcare Discussion Leader: Chris Rife, Vice President, Research Strategy - Healthcare Research & Analytics (HRA) Distinguished Panelists: Dr. Robert Herscowitz, Pulmonologists & Critical Care Specialist (Physician) Julie Martell, Usability Researcher at Cerner (EMR Company) Sean McElligott, Director, Global Disease Market Access, Janssen (Manufacturer) Mark Wiley, Senior Manager Market Research Strategy at Aetna (Payer) Lisa Rowe, Breast Cancer Survivor, Market Research Director - (HRA) Healthcare Research & Analytics (Patient) 1

Introduction of EMR

• The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act • MDs are incentivized for adopting and implementing a certified EHR or EMR and showing “Meaningful Use” • MDs not adopting by 2015 will be penalized 2

Meaningful Use Incentives

Stage 3 Stage 2 Stage 1 Data Capture & Sharing 3

Advanced Clinical Processes

Improved Outcomes

EMR Communication Doctor

Patient Hospital 4


What EMR promised... Streamlined Treatment Patient Privacy Patient Confidence More Information Better Outcomes Product Standardization Reducing Overall Costs 5

… what are the uses Market Research Outcomes Research Managing Population Health Contracting Clinical Trial Design Measuring Quality Metrics Marketing 6

… and we have lost


Doctor Productivity 7

… expansion depends on communication Nurses


Medical Claims

Lab Tests




Patient Portal

…#1 improvement needed is better experience


… additional improvements on the horizon EMR Talks Within & Across Systems Partnering with Payers Partnering with Providers Working with Healthcare Industry 10




• Warm up – Stand up

– Who currently had partnerships with EMR companies? – Who uses EMR data on a regular basis – Who knows what an EMR system is – Who wants to learn?

1. Exciting panel for you today – Introductions

2. Introduction of EMR – Rob/Sean – what caused all of the movement in EMR 12


3. Meaningful Use – most of us have heard the word but what does it mean for EMR – Rob/Mark 4. EMR – how do EMRs communicate today - ALL 5. What EMR promised – All – Cover patient privacy

6. What is it being used for today – Sean, Rob, Mark, Julie


Questions 7. What have we lost - Lisa, Mark, Rob – Treating a patient different than a population

8. What has to be done to make it work – All 9. Better Experience – Julie – enhancement, Lisa what does it mean 10. Other improvements – Julie, Sean, Mark – Ask Sean about the Epic article


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