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architectural vocabulary that makes it a visually important part of the campus fabric. Architectural vocabulary ... architectural style. These include a Palladian five.

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Problem Statement: Consistent with most public higher education campuses

throughout Ohio, student enrollment at Ohio University (OU) has been increasing since the Fall of 2014, while higher education funding has been decreasing. This has resulted in student housing shortages. To remedy the problem, OU embarked on a three phase, 10-year campus redevelopment plan to address deteriorating student housing that lacked a sense of connection to the main campus. Jefferson Hall was one of the existing dormitories that required such attention. The building is a readily identifiable destination point with a soaring cupola and associated Collegian Georgian architectural vocabulary that makes it a visually important part of the campus fabric. Architectural vocabulary had to be maintained while infrastructure and interior spaces were modernized to produce a successful project. Housing options, spaces for living/ learning activities and a combined retail food market/cafe to support Jefferson Hall residents and students throughout the campus community were included in the program.

Project Description: Built in 1956, this four-story, 140,000 SF building is located

on OU’s East Green. The existing first floor included the main building entrance, an unused dining hall, a small retail food market, and a variety of support spaces. The upper three floors contained 140 student rooms and associated support spaces. This project included the renovation of the entire building and replacement of all building systems. The former first floor dining hall was converted to a retail food market/cafe operation. The remainder of the floor became academic and leisure support space. Jefferson Hall serves as the cornerstone for the East Green, providing a central place to gather, to find quiet study space, and to attend events.

Design Intentions & Distinguishing Factors: The Jefferson Hall

renovation presented the design team with an existing structure adorned with several primary elements of the Georgian architectural style. These include a Palladian five part massing composition, a prominent decorative cupola capping the gambrel profile roof at the central block, and a corniced pediment with Ionic and Doric pilasters. The design for the exterior focused on the restoration of these existing components utilizing matching materials to maintain the original character of the building and in some cases the removal of previously installed modifications not compatible with that style. The design of the interior reinforces the campus-wide vernacular while incorporating modern mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems to support the University’s emphasis on student living and housing as an integral part of the living/ learning community.

Core Principles

Vary Transportation Options. Consideration of existing campus elements, terrain, pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular traffic, and accessibility create opportunity for interactions along East Green pathways. Surface contours have been adjusted and steps eliminated to accommodate both bicycle and accessible traffic. A significant number of bicycle, motorcycle, and vehicle parking spaces are provided at the ground floor parking area.

Build Vibrant Public Spaces. Above all, this residence hall and marketplace/café is implicitly a place that is welcoming to all East Green residents in the heart of the OU campus. Jefferson Hall also boasts a game room, complete with pool and ping pong tables, and a theatre-esque screen for movies and gaming systems. Unused front and rear patio above the parking area were enhanced with landscape seat walls and a green roof system providing space for students to gather. Create a Neighborhood Identity. Jefferson Hall is located on a direct path between a large sector of off-campus housing and the University’s academic core area. Because of this strategic location, the marketplace is a destination point and community anchor. The varied marketplace dining options include a grocery, allowing students to pick up a quick meal, salad or snack while on the way to or from classes. Additionally, common spaces located on the first floor accommodate a variety of informal and formal activities that the entire East Green community can enjoy. Protect Environmental Resources. Renovated based on LEED Silver design requirements, Jefferson Hall is an energy efficient building estimated to be optimized by 26 percent, with 94 percent of the waste generated during renovation diverted from local landfills. Water-efficient fixtures are estimated to improve water efficiency by more than 33 percent.

Conserve Landscapes. Conservation efforts included reinforcing existing gateways, protecting tree cover, improving physical and programmatic accessibility and preserving “yards” for informal play. Stormwater management techniques such as bioswales and natural planting areas were integrated into the landscape as engaging features and existing trees surrounding the building were integrated into the overall site plan. The creation of numerous exterior landscaped pods and a courtyard provide informal spaces for relaxing, play and enjoying the outdoors.

Design Matters. The Jefferson Hall renovation combined design requirements to support the restoration of a campus landmark and create modern living/learning spaces for students. The design team established goals that honored both the campus vocabulary informed by the past and student lifestyle that looks toward the future.

Project Description Page: Ohio University, Jefferson Hall Renovations

BEFORE: New Marketplace / Cafe


BEFORE: Student Bedroom


BEFORE: Bathroom


Project Description Page: Ohio University, Jefferson Hall Renovations

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