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May 31, 2017 - List any other college/university you have attended and dates: ... Signature (Please go to Business Office—JAR Basketball Arena Room 76):.

The University of Akron

Tryout Compliance Review

Compliance Office for Athletics

The student will return the form to the Head Coach who will forward the form to the Compliance Office for evaluation prior to the tryout. This form must be completed 1 WEEK prior to the tryout date—NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE PERMITTED!

Student must complete the following information, obtain the necessary signatures in steps 1, 2 & 3, and return this form to the Head Coach (or their designee). Name: Sport:



____________________ Phone #: ___________________________________________

E-mail: ________________________________________ Birthday: ____________________________________________ 1. Students must provide proof that they have had a physical within the previous 6 months from a licensed

medical professional. (Please go to Athletic Fieldhouse – Sports Medicine Suite) a. Proof of Physical (Trainer Signature):_________________________________________ b. Proof of Sickle Cell Testing: Yes_____ No_____ i. If no proof of sickle cell testing has been provided, a waiver has been signed by student (sickle cell testing waiver is applicable for tryouts only) (Trainer Signature):___________________________ 2. Proof of Insurance Signature (Please go to Business Office—JAR Basketball Arena Room 76): SIGN:_____________________________________ DATE:_____________________________

Students must provide proof of PRIMARY MEDICAL INSURANCE. Medical insurance through The University of Akron does NOT satisfy this requirement. 3. Your Educational Background Date of High School Graduation: _________________ Date of Initial College Enrollment: ___________________ Date of Initial Enrollment at Akron: _______________ List any other college/university you have attended and dates: __________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Have you registered with the NCAA Eligibility Center? Yes _______ No________ What is your declared/intended major? _____________________________________________________________

Academic Advising Signature (Please go to JAR Basketball Arena Room 175) Does student meet the minimum academic threshold for tryouts? Yes_______


Signature: ———————————————————-For Office Use Only————————————————————————— A. Full Time? ____________ B. Registered with E.C.? ___________ NCAA ID# ______________________________________________ C. Final Qualifier? _________ If no, what is missing? ___________________________________________ D. High school GPA? ______________ SAT/ACT sum scores: ____________________________________ E. Amateurism Certified? ____________ F. Akron Cumulative GPA? ________________ Meets GPA requirement? ________________________ G. Percentage of degree required? _____________ Meets %? ____________________________________ H. Meets 6, 18, 24 credit hour rules? _________________________________________________________ I. If four year transfer, is release on file? _____________________________________________________ J. If two year transfer, did they earn their associate’s degree? ____________________________________ K. Other notes: ____ Academic review completed ________________________________________________________ Academic Advising Signature

____ Not eligible to practice, pending completion of ____ Eligible to practice only until

____________. ____________________________________.

______________________________________________________ Compliance Signature Date

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