Unified School District 250

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Jul 14, 2014 - PCMS Truancy Officers – Terry Smith; Laura Eckler; Chris King l. Lakeside Truancy Officer – Courtney McCartney. George Nettels Truancy ...

Unified School District 250 Board of Education Regular Meeting Bevan Education Center July 14, 2014 6:00 p.m.

BEVAN EDUCATION CENTER 510 Deill, Pittsburg, KS 66762 620.235.3100

Pittsburg Community Schools Unified School District 250 USD # 250 – PITTSBURG COMMUNITY SCHOOLS REGULAR MEETING OF BOARD OF EDUCATION BEVAN EDUCATION CENTER JULY 14, 2014 – 6:00 PM VISION The purpose of Pittsburg Community Schools is to provide diverse learning opportunities for all students that inspire them to achieve excellence, both academically and socially, in order to enjoy success in post-secondary education, the workforce, and in life.

MISSION The mission of Pittsburg Community Schools is to provide a safe, orderly, student-centered learning environment that utilizes high quality staff to establish partnerships between home, school, and community that work cooperatively and collaboratively to empower all students to learn while promoting respect for self and others.


Call Meeting to Order


Pledge of Allegiance


Silent Roll Call

Marlene Willis

_____ Todd Biggs, Member _____ John Clark, Member _____ Joan Fields, Member _____ Kayla Joy, Member 4.0

_____ Michelle Hucke, Member _____ Al Mendez, Member _____ Marlene Willis, Member

Reorganization of the Board of Education – Election of Officers (Action) Commentary: The officers of the Board of Education shall be: 1. President 2. Vice President The election of officers is required by law. The president and vice-president shall be elected annually from its membership at the first meeting of the Board in July of each year. Recommended Motions: I nominate ________________________________________________ for President. Motion: _________________ Second: _________________ Vote: ______ I nominate ________________________________________________ for Vice-President. Motion: _________________ Second: _________________ Vote: ______


Pittsburg Community Schools Unified School District 250 5.0

Approval of the Consent Agenda (Action) 5.1 5.2 5.3

Approve Meeting Agenda Minutes of June 30th, 2014, Regular Meeting Financials

Commentary: Minutes of the June 30th, 2014, board meeting and financials are in the appendix. Recommended Motion: I move approval of the Consent Agenda. Motion: ________________ Second: _________________ Vote: ____ 6.0

Public Comments


Additional Reorganization Items 7.1

Adoption of Resolutions (Action) 7.1.1

Resolution No. 2015-01 Waive the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (Action)

Commentary: The board adopts this resolution annually to conform to state law. Kansas is a cash basis state (the district cannot borrow funds to operate) so the “Generally Accepted Accounting Principles” are not applicable for all financial activities. Adopting the waiver allows the accounting to be conducted more efficiently for cash basis operations. 7.1.2

Resolution No. 2015-02 Establish Home Rule (Action)

Commentary: This resolution states that the board may transact all school district business and adopt policies the board deems appropriate to perform its constitutional duty to maintain, develop and operate local public schools. This resolution is adopted annually. 7.1.3

Resolution No. 2015-03 Rescind Policy Statements Found in Board Minutes and Adopt All Current Board Policies Written in the Board Policy Manual (Action) 2

Pittsburg Community Schools Unified School District 250 Commentary: The Kansas Association of School Boards recommends that during the July organizational meeting, the Board should rescind all policy actions made in the previous year. Once the policies have been rescinded, the board should pass a motion to adopt all current written policies for the coming school year. According to KASB, by taking these two actions, the Board voids all policies which may have been inadvertently created during the previous year and ensures the written policies of the Board are those the administration is expected to implement. 7.1.4

Resolution No. 2015-04 KASB recommendation for permission to destroy old records and documents as necessary. (Action)

Commentary: This resolution states that the district board office may destroy old records and documents as necessary. Recommended Motion: I move to adopt Resolutions No. 2015-01, 2015-02, 2015-03 and 2015-04. Motion: _____________ Second: ______________ 7.2

Vote: _______

Designations and Appointments (Action) 7.2.1

Appointment of Clerk, Deputy Clerk and Treasurer a. Clerk – Vicki Horton b. Deputy Clerk – Ronda Fincher c. Treasurer – Lita Biggs

Commentary: The board shall appoint, at its first regular meeting in July, a clerk and treasurer for a term of one year, who shall not be members of said Board and who shall furnish bond as required by law. 7.2.2

Appointment of Local School Board Attorney a. Attorney – Bill Wachter

Commentary: The board appoints a local attorney to handle legal matters that involve the Board of Education and any local entity. KASB handles all of our education issues that require legal assistance. 3

Pittsburg Community Schools Unified School District 250 7.2.3

Other District Appointments a. Food Service Representative – Susanna Thyer b. Coordinator of all State and Federal Programs – Ronda Fincher c. Homeless Children Liaison – Ronda Fincher d. KPERS Representative – Lita Biggs e. Family Resource Center Liaison – Destry Brown f. Hearing Officer - Free & Reduced Meal Application Appeals – Lita Biggs g. Freedom of Information Officer – Vicki Horton h. Title VI, VII, IX, Section 504 and ADA Coordinator – Destry Brown i. Student Due Process Hearing Officers – Destry Brown; Ronda Fincher j. PHS Truancy Officers – Jon Bishop; Chris Garzone; Rhonda White k. PCMS Truancy Officers – Terry Smith; Laura Eckler; Chris King l. Lakeside Truancy Officer – Courtney McCartney George Nettels Truancy Officer – Diane Jackson Meadowlark Truancy Officer – Becky Bedene Westside Truancy Officer – Ann Lee

Commentary: As a matter of operations, various persons need to be identified as representatives to conduct functions for the district. These appointments are made on an annual basis. 7.2.4

Designate Official Newspaper a. Official Newspaper – The Morning Sun

Commentary: At the first meeting in July of each year the Board of Education shall designate a newspaper to be the official district newspaper. The newspaper must meet the requirements of Kansas statutes. All legal notices or publications required by Kansas statutes shall be published in the designated newspaper. 7.2.5

Appointment of Board Members to Annual Committee Assignments a. Business & Education Alliance (BEA) Representatives – Michelle Hucke; Marlene Willis b. Classified Council Representatives – Michelle Hucke; Al Mendez c. Education Foundation Representative – John Clark d. Facilities Advisory Committee – John Clark; Joan Fields e. SEK Interlocal Board Representative – Joan Fields f. Leadership Council Representatives – Todd Biggs; Marlene Willis 4

Pittsburg Community Schools Unified School District 250 g. Negotiations/Interest-Based Bargaining – Todd Biggs; Al Mendez; Marlene Willis h. Policy Advisory Committee – Todd Biggs; Joan Fields; Kayla Joy Commentary: Each year, board members serve on various district committees. The list as presented represents suggested committee assignments for the 20142015 school year. Board members are asked to review and adjust assignments prior to approval. 7.2.6

Appointment of Local Auditor a. Local Auditor - Daryl Eagon, Deihl, Banwart and Bolton

Commentary: Each year, the Board of Education must appoint an outside firm to conduct an audit of the district, which includes the fiscal year ending June 2014. Recommended Motion: I move approval of designations and appointments as listed in Items 7.2.1 – 7.2.6. Motion: ______________ 7.3

Second: ______________

Vote: _______

Business Procedures (Action) 7.3.1

Adopt 1,116 Hour Calendar

Commentary: State law requires that students attend school at least 1,116 hours per school years. These hours have been accounted for in our adopted school calendar for 2014-2015. 7.3.2

Adopt Official Depositories a. b. c. d. e. f. g.

Arvest Bank Commerce Bank BMO Harris Bank University Bank Community National Bank & Trust Labette Bank First Federal Savings & Loan Association 5

Pittsburg Community Schools Unified School District 250 Commentary: At the first meeting in July of each year the Board of Education shall designate by official action, recorded in its minutes, the state and national banks, trust companies, and savings and loan companies which shall serve as depositories for school district funds for each fiscal year. The Board treasurer shall deposit funds only in such designated banks, trust companies, and savings and loan companies. In addition, the State Municipal Investment Pool (MIP) is used for investment of idle funds. 7.3.3

Adopt Early Payment of Bills Policy

Commentary: Each year the board authorizes early payment of certain bills that will enhance the operations of the district or financially benefit the district. Bills where discounts are applicable if paid by a certain date and bills that contain finance charges if not paid by a certain date are examples of situations where it is an advantage to the district to pay prior to approval by the board. The District business office is authorized on a yearly basis to initiate payments in excess of $20,000.00 for the following items without a separate pre-approval motion. These items will be reflected in the monthly financial check register for informational purposes. The exempted items include Utilities, Fuel, Food for School Lunch Program, Payroll, Insurance Renewals, Lease Payments, Flow-through Funds (i.e. Special Education and KPERS), Education Service Center Payments for Existing Programs, Licensing Renewals, Textbook Renewals and Related Consumables, Repair or Maintenance of Facilities and Equipment, District Shipping and Postage and any other expenses that if not paid timely will cause a penalty or fee to be assessed to the District. 7.3.4

Establish Mileage Rate for Reimbursement

Commentary: The current rate of mileage reimbursement is $0.56 cents per mile. The district’s rate of mileage reimbursement will reflect the same as the amount established by the state of Kansas. Should this amount change during the year, the district will automatically adjust the reimbursement rate accordingly.


Pittsburg Community Schools Unified School District 250 7.3.5

Establish Petty Cash Limits a. Petty Cash Limit for Board of Education Office - $1,500

Commentary: The Board of Education may authorize the establishment of petty cash funds from which to make needed expenditures for school district purposes in emergencies. The petty cash fund is administered and maintained by the Board Treasurer in an amount, not to exceed $1,500. The Board Treasurer shall keep a record of all receipt expenditures from the fund. 7.3.6

Designate Cafeteria Plan 125 Provider a. Cafeteria Plan 125 Provider - OFG Financial

Commentary: Each year, the district works with a Cafeteria 125 Plan provider to establish a system of enrollment for benefits provided to the employees of the district. OFG has been providing this service to the district for several years. 7.3.7

Establish Textbook Rental Fees

Commentary: USD 250 charges the following fees for textbook rentals: $25 for elementary textbooks, $35 for middle school textbooks, and $45 for high school textbooks. 7.3.8

Establish Board of Education Meeting Dates, Times and Places

Commentary: Meeting dates are required by law to be set at the first meeting of the year. Regular board meetings are scheduled for the second Monday of each month with an optional meeting on the fourth Monday of each month unless those dates conflict with holidays. This optional meeting is generally a work session. However, action items may be considered at the pleasure of the board. All meetings will begin at 6:00 p.m. and will be held at the Bevan Education Center unless otherwise announced. There is only one meeting scheduled in December due to Winter Break. July 14, 2014 (Regular Meeting) August 11, 2014 (Regular Meeting) September 8, 2014 (Regular Meeting) October 13, 2014 (Regular Meeting) November 10, 2014 (Regular Meeting) December 8, 2014 (Regular Meeting)


July 28, 2014 (Optional) August 25, 2014 (Optional) September 22, 2014 (Optional) October 27, 2014 (Optional) November 24, 2014 (Optional)

Pittsburg Community Schools Unified School District 250 January 12, 2015 (Regular Meeting) February 9, 2015 (Regular Meeting) March 9, 2015 (Regular Meeting) April 13, 2015 (Regular Meeting) May 11, 2015 (Regular Meeting) June 8, 2015 (Regular Meeting) *= Tuesday following Memorial Day.

January 26, 2015 (Optional) February 23, 2015 (Optional) March 23, 2015 (Optional) April 27, 2015 (Optional) May 26, 2015 (Optional) * June 29, 2015 (Optional) ** **= Monday, fiscal year end.

Recommended Motion: I move approval to establish business procedures as presented in Items 7.3.1 – 7.3.8. Motion: _______________ Second: _______________ Vote: ______ 8.0

Leadership Reports (Information/Discussion) 8.1


Superintendent’s Report 8.1.1

Career & Technical Education Center (Goal 1 – Student Achievement)


Budget Update (Goal 2 – Resource Management)


Former Social Security Building Update (Goal 2 – Resource Management)

Assistant Superintendent’s Report 8.2.1


Old Business


New Business 10.1


Community Eligibility for Free and Reduced Meals (Goal – Customer Service)

Washington D.C. Trip – Gary Wolgamott (Goal 1 – Student Achievement)

Other Business – Personnel (Action/Goal 4 – Staff Development) 11.1

Executive Session – Personnel (Action/Goal 4 – Staff Development)

Recommended Motion:


Pittsburg Community Schools Unified School District 250 I move that the board go into executive session for the purpose of discussing Personnel Matters for Nonelected Personnel and that the board return to the open meeting at ______ p.m. in this room. Must include one of the following statutorily approved reasons in motion: 1. Personnel matters for nonelected personnel 2. Consulting with an attorney 3. Negotiations 4. Confidential data relating to financing affairs 5. Matters relating to a student 6. Acquisition of real property 7. Matters relating to the security of the board, the school, facilities Motion: _______________ Second: _______________ 11.2

Vote: _____

Open Session – Action on Personnel

Recommended Motion: I move that the resignations and employments, pending the successful passage of the applicants’ background check and physical capacity test, be approved as listed. Motion: _______________ 12.0

Second: _______________

Vote: _____

Adjourn Recommended Motion: I move approval to adjourn. Motion: _________________ Time: ________________


Second: _________________

Vote: _____

Recommend Documents
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