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If the following operations" cannot rule out your failure, please ... This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. ... Standards .... Mountaineering buckle x1.

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15KLUX | 2: When the grade is 1", the light reaches over 15KLUX,the awning will fold, LED flashing. 2 grade 3OKLUX 3:When the grade is "2",the light reaches over 3OKLUX,the awning will fold, LED flashing. 3 grade 45KLUX 4.When the grade is "3",the li

Aug 27, 2014 - Una messa in funzione alternativa nonché informazionidettagliate sono disponibili nelle is truzioni per l'uso allegate. An alternative way of getting started, as well as more detailed information, can be found in the accompanying user

Restore to Factory Setting. APP Operation ------. Download Application. Connect WiFi to Alarm Panel. Disarm, Arm and Home arm. History. Wireless Siren Setup.

off the camera With a beep sound. b. Turn off the camera by Voice control When the. Voice control function is activated. Men UntrOCUCtion. Short press Power buttonto enter Video Mode,. Photo Mode, Play Back Mode. System Setting. Under standby, touch

Playing MP3/WMA To play MP3/WMA files, insert a data CD, SD card or USB. Files device containing MP3/WMA files. .... Connect an iPod/ I Toplay music from an iPod/iPhone device, connect the USB. iPhone Device (sold cable ... In no event shall the comp

Afte「starting the caf turnthe Steefing Wheeltoleft p「『ight、世hefrontwheelwillturn leftp『right. AdWanced Functions. 1. □. Thg Qpgrationfunction of GgarLgWg『 aflg『sla『Ing ... limits for a Class B digital dgwicg, pursuant to part 15 ã

Thank you for purchasing the Hype" Wireless Karaoke Mic. & LED Speaker. Please read all instructions carefully before using and retain this manual for future use and .... energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may

press OK and select. "Start Now" to enter indoor mode. y Go to Activities -. Activity Records to view. 3. your saved records. 3. Clamp the charging clamp to the watch, and the. (1) LAP1 BACK (3) UP X-PRO will automatically start charging. GOWatch X-P

(Bluetooth mode, TF card mode). USB interface: just for charging. -Reset Hole: When system halted, press the button via thin metal stick,force to reset and turn it off/on. TF card slot: Inserta TF card with music files, can play the audio files, conn

file lost or system crash due to improper operation. ... Tips: Some applications require mouse operation! Tips: Certain functions may be added or deleted due to ...