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this you can use for various activities in classes. Here are some resources that have great poems. Laura's Poems. Dr Zeuss Books. Chunk, Check, Cheer poems.

Below is a generic checklist that you will need to have organised Before school begins. I will go through the various things on this list in detail within this kit. 1. Class Treaty 2. Class Rules 3. Team Building Games 4. Visual Symphony of learning 5. Reading area 6. Writing area 7. Maths area 8. Papatuanuku Table (Science Table). 9. Art area 10. Science Items in the Planning ideas part - Weekly Plan (Weeks 1 - 2). - Reading Planning -Writing Planning -Maths Planning Resource Pack - Daily Timetable labels -Maths Labels - Worksheets - Literacy Posters

Poetry:  Collect  loads  of  different  poems  for  kids,  laminate  them  and   place  them  according  to  ability  into  snapback  bags.    Once  you  have  done   this  you  can  use  for  various  activities  in  classes.  Here  are  some  resources   that  have  great  poems.     Laura’s  Poems Dr  Zeuss  Books Chunk,  Check,  Cheer  poems Boys  absolutely  love  these  poems  below  as  they  are  funny  and   challenging. Tongue  Twisters  -  online Kenn  Nesbit  Poems  -   The  New  Zealand  A  to  Z  Alphabet  Alliterations  by  Roger  Twiname Activity  1:  Have  the  students  choose  a  poem.    This  make  take  up  to  5   minutes  to  choose  a  poem  (or  give  them  all  the  same  poem).    Have  the   students  individually  try  and  memorise  the  poem  ready  to  present  to  the   class.    This  helps  to  build  their  confidence  when  speaking  in  front  of  a   group.    Try  and  find  some  simple  ones  as  they  are  easier  to  memorise. Activity  2:  Have  the  students  in  small  groups  of  3  or  4  choose  a  poem.     They  are  to  present  it  in  an  original  way  e.g.  rap,  drama,  dance  etc.     Note  that  the  boys  enjoy  this  more  then  the  girls.    Make  sure  you  bribe   them  with  a  positive  card  or  free  time. Activity  3:  You  as  the  reliever  present  a  poem  in  your  collection  in  a   unique  way.  This  makes  the  students  feel  more  confident  to  present  it.     Have  the  students  work  as  a  group  of  4  to  memorise  the  poem.

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