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TLC showing a trace or ao detectable (R)-1,2-propanediol. The residue is fractionally distilled at 120°C and 10-17 mm Hg, to yield the title compound as a colorless liquid. The product purity is typically 96% or greater purity by GC analysis. In 3.

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production of our Seat Spring Assemblies, Checker Motors will fabricate same when present stock has been depleted. Completed Seat Springs will be interchangeable with the ... 64288. 64l285. 6286. Chassis fa. O505. Chassis #1408.8l. Chassis fly lll:0

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MAGNETIC NORTH. (FORT MOULTRIE). CONTOUR INTERVAL 5 FEET. DATUM IS MEAN SEA LEVEL. ROAD CLASSIFICATION 1940. Dependable hard-surface, heavy-duty road. Loose-surface graded, dry weather road. U.S. Route. Secondary, hard-surface, all-weather road. APPR

Heavy crude oil production is expected to decrease in the first years due to the decline of ... Heavy crude oil demand by SNR vs. national availability, outstanding ...

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Dec 1, 2017 - Liberty League: 0-0. No. Name. Yr. Pos. Ht. Wt. Hometown / High School. 3 Liam Ellis. Jr. G 5-11 165 Turner Falls, MA / Turner Falls. 4 Aidan Frank. Jr. G 5-10 165 ... 6-2 180 Buffalo, NY / St. Francis. 23 Drew MacInnis. Fr. G ... 6-3 1

Jordan Kingsley (Minnesota). 14. Maj 12-2. Zach Sy non (Missouri). 494. Z. Synon. Maj 12-3. By e. _. N. Megaludis. Bye. 139. Alfredo Gray (Kent State). N. Megaludis. Dec 10-4. Nicholas Megaludis (Penn State). 15. Maj 14-2. Page 3. Southern Scuffle 12

Feb 11, 2018 - "Shine, Jesus Shine". TFWS#2173. *Creed. #881. *Gloria Patri. #70. *Scripture Reading. Sermon. Rev. ... Janet Williams & Tom Whitney. Barbara Barringer (11 am). Carolyn White (8:30 am). Betty Bourne & Randy White. Ed Albright. Cindy Br