use-cases features & benefits

winch system. ○ Data & power over Kevlar armored tether. ○ Simplified Ground Control Station. ○ Low Total Cost of Ownership. ○ Follow vehicle flight mode.

TETHERED VTOL DRONE ● Persistent flight, 8+ hours ● Operate in high winds, 20+kts ● Foul weather capable ● Human detection range, 5km

Watt 300 L2 payload: HD EO+MWIR


● Payload capacity at 500ft., 10lbs.



● Data & power over Kevlar armored tether

● Multi-rotor for safety and redundancy

● Simplified Ground Control Station

● Virtually unlimited flight duration

● Low Total Cost of Ownership

● Setup in less than 10 minutes

● Follow vehicle flight mode

● 500ft. / 150m operating altitude

● Quiet at operating altitude (-30db)

● Live video from mil-spec, stabilized, all-weather 2 axis, 3-gimbal turret

● Host GFE payloads; Communications range extension Electronic warfare, spectrum analytics Counter-sUAS

● Automatic tether tension control winch system

WATT 300 provides 80 of day/night ISR from 500ft. And up to 5,000 of communications coverage

USE-CASES ● Force Protection ● Pre-interdiction reconnaissance ● Communications range extension ● Counter-IED ● Counter-sUAS ● Missions requiring persistence from a mobile, tactical, unit-operated aerial asset

904.834.4400 [email protected] WWW.DRONEAVIATIONCORP.COM 11651 CENTRAL PARKWAY, STE 118, JACKSONVILLE, FL 32224

Watt 200

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