Vicki Robusto, Danielle Moretti, Amy Duprey, Kathy

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Dec 2, 2014 - $2000 from Buffalo Bills Coaches' Award to Dave. *Dave would like to use this for a Silver Package Program by Next Level Sports; 4 90-minute.



MINUTES OPENING: Members Present: Vicki Robusto, Danielle Moretti, Amy Duprey, Kathy Lawson, Julie Cregin, Dave Marean -Last meeting minutes approved; -Treasurer’s report= $11,870.29 I.OLD BUSINESS A. Winter Fundraiser -Boosters decided to pass on a winter fundraiser & concentrate on helping Dave make the Coach’s Clinic a greater success -Clinic will be on March 7th -Dave will have more info at next meeting B. Thank You’s sent to program advertisers by Danielle


Review 2014 Budget from packet given out by Aimee *Discussion around following categories: 2013 expenses, wizards, general operating expenses, coach’s clinic, program enhancers, chicken BBQ (possibly May 19th of 2015), gameday program, community donations, player recognition, eagle cards, gameday concessions, homecoming expenses, wayne wear, banquet (may not be able to control bar situation; also book ahead of time) *Need to promote Wayne Wear on website. Kathy will send out email blast to encourage to people to use Website to purchase their spiritwear

B. Propose Budgets for each category *Begin new fund in booster account called “Hardship Account” =$1000 for team camp and boot camp on a need basis *Kathy will be in charge of Pink Socks; and will talk to Dave well in advance of when they are needed so that weight of sock is good for all players before ordering *Continue with subs for refs at concession stand

*Homecoming: -try to hand out light-up perks by hand to stands instead of at cart; Modified float for safety of boys ***After review of budget expenses from last year and looking at what’s to come next season, agree to use Expenditure Report for 2014 as a guide to whether we are on track. New Budget vote to take place at next scheduled Booster meeting on Jan 6, 2015 at 6:30 in High School Café’.

C. Vote on Coaches’ Wish List $2000 from Buffalo Bills Coaches’ Award to Dave *Dave would like to use this for a Silver Package Program by Next Level Sports; 4 90-minute training sessions by Coach Cox; ***voted to approve *Online Webinar/Powerpoints (Glacer Program) for next year, approx. $400; includes upgrades and thousands of resources, plus free tickets to coach clinics**voted to renew *HUDL program really seeing a lot of benefits across program; also, rep may include perks for Coaches Clinic in March; continue for next year *Field Level (like LinkdIn Account for coaches) account approved *Next Level Training Equipment $1295.65 for off season training equipment to compliment Silver Package Program***voted approve D. Scholarships –have $1000 allotted; vote to have two $500 scholarships this year


Officer Elections Votes: -Vicki as President; Unanimous -Julie as VP of Concessions: Unanimous -Danielle as VP of Programs; Unanimous -Kathy as Secretary; Unanimous -Aimee as Treasurer; Unanimous

NEXT MEETING: Tues., Jan. 6 at 6:30pm in HS cafeteria


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