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Sep 21, 1989 - Tue present document is a mimeographed version of the report of the. Economic and Social Council for 1989. The final report will be issued as ...

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(a) To comply with the Declaration on the Protection of All Persom frOD. Being Subjected to Torture and (ther Cruel, Inhuran or Dezrendling Treaternt Or. Punisharent (General AGE embly resolution 3452 (XXX), annex);. (b) To implecent, through legisla

the Mexico City (1975) and Copenhagen (1980) Conferences. l4. ... Women in the society had been demonstrated by the appointment of two women to ..... tradition always been not only places of worship but also centres of learning and craftsmanship. Tem

Poland, Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic Union of Soviet. Socialist Republics. 25 Draft ..... Intelligence Agency of certain toxic agents to destroy its Principal Crops and damage the health of its people. .... experts elected by the Economic and

ses Bion in order to facilitate completion of the work. 6l. Mrs. SIPILA (Assistant Secretary-General for Social Development and. Humanitarian Affairs) introduced ...

the Australian delegation was submitting some general ... in the Committee as to the meaning of the phrase "first reading". As here ..... List ly" the trxt of the draft cornians in their existing .... primitive indigenous peoples still lived under th

a body of preciples for a rollection of all persons Ender NRF. T of datention or irritorpent (atynia ited 10) (continued) ... Fish that Trrention "r other st Mihir to Pro theisults on this. "Et bauld be added after hards an" pirative paragraph ......

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Fuga 2 cre continued ey EEt,. :SG 3 Furt t C : d. T. It t. H. R. Fl. T. S. See. TAO in Soviet Sout. Repult rn ft. It. Rutle. H. R. United Single c. Gent Britan ru T. Ef At St. C. ... Casag and stee (contine):. Interton Federation of rty loot. H. thir

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