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QUALIFICATIONS: As set by state certification officials. REPORTS TO ... Participates in faculty meetings, National Vocational Education Week, Job. Opportunities ...

File: GCAA-R-4

Vocational Teacher Construction Trades, Consumer Home Ec, Auto Mechanics, & Business QUALIFICATIONS: As set by state certification officials REPORTS TO:



Only those designated by the Board or the superintendent.


To help students learn subject matter and skills that will contribute to their development as mature, able, and responsible men and women.

PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Will adhere to policies and procedures adopted by the governing board. 2. Will assume responsibility for keeping on file current vocational credential and Colorado Department of Education teaching license as required by law. 3. Works with school personnel in developing the criteria for selection of students. 4. Instructs in citizenship, basic communication skills, and other general elements of the course of study as specified in state plan, administrative regulations, and policies of the school. 5. Introduces and demonstrates proper use of equipment, tools, occupational materials, and processes using standard or teacher-prepared models, mockups, sketches, and other instructional aids. 6. Develops lesson plans and organizes class time so that preparation, instruction, lab work, and clean-up activities can be accomplished within the allotted time. 7. Provides individual and group instruction appropriate to the needs of the pupils and the requirements of the activities being performed. 8. Instructs in the appropriate safety precautions and the safe operation and use of tools, machinery and equipment. 9. Cooperates in the storage, maintenance, and use of materials and property to prevent damage, loss, or abuse. 10. Establishes and maintains standards of student conduct. Plateau Valley School District 50, Collbran, Colorado Page 1 of 3   

File: GCAA-R-4 11. Maintains contacts with the business community to keep informed of changing requirements which should be reflected in the curriculum. 12. Communicates with employers, parents, and school counselors on individual student progress. 13. Identifies student needs, and cooperates with other professional staff members in assessing and helping students solve health, attitude, and learning problems. Makes an effort to secure counseling and support services for those students who are educationally disadvantaged or physically handicapped. 14. Provides assistance to students in seeking employment on full or part-time basis by working with the job development specialist and/or the business and industrial community. 15. Supervises students during out-of-classroom activities during the assigned working day when applicable, i.e., VICA, FFA, PBL, etc. 16. Participates in development and revision of curriculum, VE-120’s, and other special programs. 17. Attends and works with advisory committees in the development and implementation and revision of instructional programs. 18. Participates in faculty meetings, National Vocational Education Week, Job Opportunities Day, and other school sponsored activities. 19. Shares and participates in supervision and advising of student activities. 20. Coordinates student schedules at work stations, and when applicable, at off-campus locations. 21. Assists in school follow-up studies and evaluations of programs and graduates. 22. Evaluates each student’s performance, knowledge, and skills in course being taught; prepares progress reports; and maintains grade and attendance records. 23. Assists with the development of a yearly budget; selects and requisitions books, instructional aids, equipment, tools, materials, supplies and parts as required, working under established budget and procedures. 24. Performs other duties as assigned by the head teacher and administration as related to the instructional field. Plateau Valley School District 50, Collbran, Colorado Page 2 of 3   



School year calendar established by Board.

Performance will be evaluated by formal and informal observations of administration.

Date of manual adoption

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