What are the Essential Supplies & Tools For Hand Embroidery Work?

Here are some required supplies & tools for hand embroidery work which I think are great for beginners to start with when first getting started with hand embroidery. Know more here: https://www.embroiderymaterial.com

Embroidery Material More info at https://www.embroiderymaterial.com/

About Us Embroidery Material has been in the beading and embroidery material outsourcing service since 2013. We have been working as a one-stop solution for outsourcing each and everything for embroidery and beading purpose. We offer a wide range of products which includes adornment components like Swarovski hotfixes, raffia ribbon, sequins, beads, rhinestones, exotic metallic wires, and tools like different kinds of embroidery needles, embroidery frames, electrical hotfix machines, and silk thread shade-charts. More info at https://www.embroiderymaterial.com/

At Embroidery Material, we make sure to source our products only from trained artisans from India as they are highly qualified. We are good at delivering high-quality products to our customers and also believe in customer satisfaction. Being one of the leading wholesale bead suppliers, our forecast team and superlative research ensure that we are having the most innovative materials for jewelry or craft project. Any pre and post service queries are most welcomed. We understand customer expectation and that’s why we guarantee timely delivery of our products.

Essential Supplies & Tools For Hand Embroidery Work

More info at https://www.embroiderymaterial.com/

Embroidery Frame or Hoop 1

The thing that plays the most prominent role in embroidery is embroidery frame hoop. They help to keep the fabric in place and give it a nice stretch which in turn makes embroidery work extremely refined and eye-pleasing.

More info at https://www.embroiderymaterial.com/

Fabric 2

Another most important thing that plays a major role in embroidery is fabric. The type of embroidery project you are interested in will decide the kind of fabric you would require. If you are a newbie, you might want to start with cotton fabric as it is easy to handle and needles can smoothly pass through it.

More info at https://www.embroiderymaterial.com/

Embroidery Needles and Embroidery Hooks


Needles are the basic tools in any embroidery project. There are various types of needles that are specifically designed for different types of embroidery work. Using the right type of needle will make your embroidery work quite effortless.

More info at https://www.embroiderymaterial.com/

Cutter or Scissors


Apparently, you would need cutter or scissors to cut the thread. You can choose any scissor for the same purpose, however, the cutter that we sell are highly affordable and easy to use.

More info at https://www.embroiderymaterial.com/


Tracing Paper and Pinning Machine You can transfer any design/pattern to a fabric with the help of tracing paper and pinning machine. Just draw the pattern on tracing paper and pin it with the machine. No matter the size of your design, pinning machine can help you pin the design in no time.

More info at https://www.embroiderymaterial.com/

Embroidery Floss


No embroidery project is complete without the use of embroidery threads. If you are new to embroidery, you can always start with anchor cotton threads which are available in lovely colors. The reason you might want to start with them is that they are highly convenient and easy to use.

More info at https://www.embroiderymaterial.com/



Last but not least, embellishments. With different types of stitches, you can adorn your designs with sequins, stones, crystals, studs, rhinestones, beads, laces, buttons and more. It will not only make your designs unique but also exhilarate your designs.

More info at https://www.embroiderymaterial.com/

These were all the basic supplies that you would definitely need while doing any type of embroidery work and they are must-have for every embroiderer. At embroiderymaterial.com, you can buy all these supplies online at best prices.

More info at https://www.embroiderymaterial.com/

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More info at https://www.embroiderymaterial.com/


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More info at https://www.embroiderymaterial.com/

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