Winchester Schools lead testing results 2019

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Apr 25, 2019 - 67461, Winchester School District, Winchester School, Winchester, NH ... Samples will be analyzed as quickly as laboratory operations allow.

RP190425148 NH ELAP Accreditation #NH1005 Maine State Certification #NH01005

490 East Industrial Park Drive Manchester, NH 03109

Vermont State Cerfication # VT1005

Maine Radon Certification # ME17500


Report of Analysis Customer: Client Sample ID: Laboratory ID: Sample Matrix : Sample Location:

Date Collected: EAI Analytical Labs Collected By : 67461, Winchester School District Date Received : 119040735.01 Temperature Rec'd °C: Drinking Water 67461, Winchester School District, Winchester School, Winchester, NH SB247 (Room 111 Sink)

03/27/2019 07:30 AM Customer 04/05/2019 12:00 PM #20.5



Acceptable Level


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