WooCommerce Mobile App Builder by Knowband

Knowband's WooCommerce mobile app builder is the perfect solution to take your web store mobile. Enhance your business reach with flawless Android and iOS apps.

WooCommerce Mobile App Builder by Knowband Configure your own native app with ready to go solution

As the name suggests, we are here to discuss about Mobile App Builder plugin for WooCommerce stores. If you want to develop eCommerce apps for WooCommerce websites, you should go for WooCommerce Mobile App Maker solution for exemplary results. Mobile app maker for WooCommerce stores offers seamless app creation process with the following steps: 1. Purchase WooCommerce Mobile App Builder module from the Knowband store and install the same on your WooCommerce website. 2. Share all the specifications and requirements with us through the questionnaire issued by us. 3. We will get back to you with the featured Android and iOS apps. Along with easy installation, WooCommerce Android and iOS mobile app creator has various beneficial features and functionalities: 1. Custom themes and fonts A bunch of themes and fonts are offered by WooCommerce mobile app creator. You can easily configure the look and feel of your app as per your desire. 2. Handheld device optimization

The apps developed by mobile app maker for WooCommerce comes with multiple screen size support along with eye-retina display. This makes the apps work flawlessly on all the handheld device. 3. Real-time synchronization The mobile apps and web store are synchronized with each other in real time. This allows the store admin to manage the app and store simultaneously. Any change made in the store inventory will automatically revert on the mobile apps. 4. Multi-lingual and RTL support The WooCommerce mobile apps comes with multilingual and RTL language support and thus allows you to take your business global. 5. All sorts of product support Mobile app creator for WooCommerce stores supports all types of products i.e. Single, bundled, virtual and configurable etc. on the mobile apps. 6. Multiple shipping and payment method support WooCommerce Android and iOS mobile app maker supports different shipping and payment methods in mobile apps. 7. Quick social login The WooCommerce Android and iOS mobile apps comes with Facebook and Google login options for easy user login and registration. Social sharing of products could even benefit your store in multiple ways. 8. Clutter-free navigation The eCommerce mobile apps by WooCommerce mobile app builder has layered navigations which makes product search easy for the users 9. Voice search Advanced voice search functionality is also available in WooCommerce Android apps. 10. Zopim chat support 24/7 live chat support is provided in WooCommerce apps with Zopim services. All the app users can chat directly with the admin and solve their queries.

11. Simplified checkout The checkout screen of WooCommerce mobile apps is simplified. This makes the product purchase simple and easy for the users. 12. Unlimited push notifications Push notifications are the handy marketing tool of WooCommerce mobile apps. You can market the products wherever you want with push notifications. Get to know more about WooCommerce Mobile App Builder with WooCommerce Android and iOS mobile app builder user manual WooCommerce mobile app maker admin demo WooCommerce Android app front demo WooCommerce iOS app front demo Watch the functionalities of plugin in video tutorial.

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