Woodstock Public Schools Vocabulary K – 8 Language Arts

Prediction. Summary. Main characters. Setting Plot events. Author. Illustration. Blend digraphs. Vowels. Dipthong. Schema. Theme. Biography. Autobiography.

Woodstock Public Schools Vocabulary K–8 Language Arts Grade 1 Prediction Summary Main characters Setting Plot events Author Illustration Blend digraphs Vowels Dipthong Schema Theme Biography Autobiography Genre Level 1.1 Are I Jump Run The Time And Cat Dog Fast One Two Three Went A Baby Have My Our See We

With But For Is It Hot You Will Am Came He Me Said Too In Out Plant Put Six Then Level 1.2 Do Here Its Need So This Was Where Go Long Many Of On People Walk Call Eat Fish Say To As Be Big Could Tree

Under When Yours truly, at Back Her House How More Over Down Had Him His If She Level 1.3 Before Can Each From Good Like Made They Day Did Help Little Make There Were Who Get Great Look Them Us Again No Off Some Sun Try Very Any Much

How Than That Way After Are By Other Side Thought Why Level 1.4 Door Has Ran Stop Then Even Just Never Or Saw Sleep Thing Ask Give Mother Old Show About Always Build New Read Take Care Work Brother Father Found Home Play Room Water Because Bring

Grade 1 Vocab Continued Find Friend Morning Start Level 1.5 Children First Gave Lived

Next Together Would Afraid Every Heard Right School Throw Turn Hand Keep

Kind Sister Want Air Hard Only Same Tell Until Which Around Know

Must Surprise Took Wait What Away Happy Own Place Think

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matters with: Office for Civil Rights. Boston Office. U.S. Department of Education. 8th Floor. 5 Post Office Square. Boston, MA 02109-3921. Tel. (617) 289-0111.

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Congruent. Quadrilateral. Parallelogram. Rhombus. Trapezoid. Prism. Pyramid. Cylinder. Cone. Volume. Area. Surface area. Perimeter. Integer. Absolute value.

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English/Language Arts Curriculum Committee Members: Arline McCullen – PVMS (Kindergarten). Ruth Friess – PVMS (1st Grade). Lisa Clark – PVMS (2nd ...

Connecticut General Statutes §17a-101, as amended by Public Acts 02-138, ... The Board of Education will post the telephone number of the Department of ...