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Sculpture by the Sea COTTESLOE . Diamonds, like love, are ... When all the trees are gone we will pretend these are trees, according to WA artist. Peter Phillips.

Page 6 – POST, March 6, 2010

Sculpture by the Sea COTTESLOE rowds were already pouring on to the C beach during the official opening of Sculpture by the Sea, posing, taking photos, debating and discussing their favourites. Eighteen sculptures, large and small, had already been bought. The sixth annual Sculpture by the Sea exhibition features 64 beach and sea-inspired sculptures and is on show on Cottesloe Beach until March 23.

Sculpture Inside features 130 smallscale works displayed in the Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club. From Sunday, March 7, artists will be available at the club at 4.30pm each Saturday and Sunday of the exhibition to discuss their work. • Cottesloe sculptor: see TimeOut, page 62. • Pictures: Bonnie Christian

I Imagine the size of the magpie you would need to carry away this shiny gem in its claws. It is made of marine-grade stainless steel by Stuart Green (WA), $66,000. The sculpture in the background is a look at inner peace and harmony. It’s a centre of stillness surrounded by silence, according to Tim MacFarlane Reid (WA), who won the director’s prize in the 2007 Sculptures by the Sea. $28,000 I When all the trees are gone we will pretend these are trees, according to WA artist Peter Phillips. His man-made version of a tree uses commercial clothes line, pegs, leaves and sticks. $5500

I Walking on the sands of time. This installation, Counter, by Geoffrey Drake-Brockman (WA), records the number of people who walk through it. $22,000

I Watch out, legal eagles coming up. John Hutchinson (Because I said so) see page opposite.

I Diamonds, like love, are forever. WA artist Miik Green’s aluminium diamond causes a romantic outbreak. $25,000

2010 Attorney General’s

Community Service Law Award

The prestigious Attorney General’s Community Service Law Award recognises a legal practitioner who has provided outstanding pro bono legal services to the WA community. Nominations are invited for the 2010 award for practitioners who have demonstrated a commitment to providing legal skills to serve the needs of others. Community organisations, legal practices or legal practitioners who know of a standout legal practitioner who has provided invaluable pro bono legal services to the community are encouraged to submit a nomination for this award.

I There are “tree” things to remember about this sculpture. North, South and you figure out the other one. WA artist Kevin Draper has taken part in the Cottesloe Sculpture by the Sea every year since 2005. $30,000

Application forms are available at www.lawcompass.wa.gov.au For more information contact Richard Goodwin, Manager Public Affairs, Department of the Attorney General on 9264 1267 or [email protected] Nominations close: 5pm Tuesday, 6 April 2010 17 Lochee st Mosman Park /tel 9384 5697 open 7 days 11am-8.30pm / kitchen closed 2pm-5pm


I Tania Spencer’s (WA) Universal sees life as an interconnected circle. Each stitch is a person and a small number of stitches is responsible for decisions that affect many others in outer circles. $7700

I There is such a thing as too much warning. John Hutchinson's common sense exhibit makes the point.

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