Overall payment is less in the long run. Is your current cash flow needed to support day-to-day business operations? YES. NO. Will this property be right for.

To buy, or not to buy—that is the question. To determine the best option for your business, consider these factors.

Is your current cash flow needed to support day-to-day business operations?


NO Will this property be right for your business in five years?



Is your company in a high-growth stage?


NO Can your credit rating support a mortgage?



Do you like the geographical area?


NO Do you have time to take on additional responsibilities (like managing property and maintenance)?


• Asset appreciation • Fixed overhead costs • Tax deductions on interest • Sublease extra office space • Flexibility to modify space • Overall payment is less in the long run


• Initial upfront costs are less • More flexibility if your company is growing • More affordable in a prime location • Less time spent managing properties • Maintenance and repairs negotiable with landlords


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