Young Professional Request for SNAME Annual Meeting & Expo 2011

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Young Professional Request for SNAME Annual Meeting & Expo 2011 Financial Support. Applicant Name. (Last, First). Phone. Company. E-mail. Title/Position.

Young Professional Request for SNAME Annual Meeting & Expo 2011 Financial Support Applicant Name (Last, First) Company


E-mail DOB Title/Position (mm/dd/yyyy) Supervisor Information Phone Supervisor Name (Last, First) E-mail Membership Information Associate Member Membership Level (Check One): Member Member Since (Year Only): 1. Briefly describe your activity (past and present) in SNAME. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 2. Have you attended the SNAME Annual Meeting in the past? If so, indicate what year(s) and in what context (student, author, sent by company, etc.). ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 3. Why are you requesting funding to attend the Annual Meeting? If you will be receiving partial funding (either self or employer sponsored) please indicate this amount below. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 4. Why is attending the SNAME Annual Meeting important to you? Is there anything in particular about the upcoming Annual Meeting that sparked your interest? If so, what? ____________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Please submit all applications to Stefan Wolczko at [email protected] DEADLINE: OCTOBER 15, 2011 Questions - Contact Alana Anderson at [email protected] *** Limited funding is available – The Committee will determine all funding decisions***

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