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May 23, 2017 - 59, Radio and TV transmission towers which are set back from any lot line at a distance ... maximum height of the tower above ground level;.

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Section 9-4091; Part 9, Chapter 4, Article I, Section 9-4093 (3). ... Bed and breakfast inn, subject to the requirements of § 9-4083 i. Mobile units, subject to the ...

Jan 14, 2016 - County of Santa Barbara Residential Building Record (Supplied by Property Owner) lllllll .... Fire Department for any code related questions. 8.

May 15, 2014 - Unit size Ground Floor Upper Floor. Studio: 100 sq. ft. 60 sq. ft. l-Bedrm: 120 sq. ft. 72 sq. ft. 2-Bednn: 140 sq. ft. 84 sq. ft. 3+-Bedrm: 160 sq. ft.

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Portable Signs Regulations. (Adopted by Florence County Council on December 9, 2010-Effective Date. July 1, 2011). • Discussion to amend Florence County Code, Chapter 30, Zoning Ordinance,. Article X, Section 30-311, Definitions to revise residenti

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The applicant is proposing a medical marijuana dispensary located at 475 W. Pennsylvania Avenue, formerly the site of a gas station. The property is approximately 0.65 acres, zoned EC Employment Center and is within the. FWVD Forth Washington Village

To recognize that the slow weathering of the granites and quartzites has left only a ... C. Open Space Development Option, in compliance with Section 13.06.

A BMS system together with programmable thermostats would allow better control of the HVAC system, including night and weekend setbacks and setting an ...... 564. 1178. 359. 0. 359. 4. 1. Office. Recessed. M. 4'T12. 4. 4. 40. S. 8. 261. 24. 736. 1,53