11 characteristics of Happy People

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11 Characteristics of Happy People. Health, Georgia Tech class 10/5/2016. #1 Love. Yourself. ✓ Spiritual Wellness. How? ✓ Feed it right (nutrition). ✓ Give it ...

11 Characteristics of Happy People Health, Georgia Tech class 10/5/2016

How? ü Feed it right (nutrition) ü Give it sleep (8-10 hours) ü Exercise (increases self esteem, relieves anxiety, elevates mood) ü Not abusing substances.


MIND ü Positive self talk

Rogers & Hammerstein

#2 Love Others

#1 Love Yourself

#3 Believe They are in Control of their Life

7 Principles that govern whether people like each other 1. Like people 2. Smile 3. Know their name 4. Self disclosure 5. Be a good listener 6. Talk in terms of the other person’s interest 7. Affirm them (“pat on the back”)

9 Behaviors that High Performing College Students Do 1. Never cut class 2. Do 90-100% of homework 3. Study 2 hours during week for each hour of class 4. Use college helping sources 5. Have perfected time mgt skills 6. Follow their calendar 7. Task Management 8. Avoid computer-aided distractions 9. Sleep at least 7.5 hours each night.

How to Be a Good Listener q Eye contact q Interjection (response with verbal contact) q Nonverbal (facial, body movement, gestures) q Make a comment about what they said (self disclose) q Ask a question.

MEANING #6 Search for Meaning Until You Find it! ü Spiritual Wellness

#8 Laugh and Smile A Lot

#9 Avoid Self Defeating Behaviors A: Anger B: Blaming C: Complaining G: Guilt W: Worry

#10 Take Time to Waste Time

#11 Be Grateful and Thankful for Friends and Family

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